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The Grey Fox [VHS]
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A pastoral turn of the century Western, The Grey Fox tells the story of an old-time stagecoach robber who, after 30 years locked away in prison, is released to a modern world he doesn't quite understand. He resumes his life the only way he knows how, by robbing, but since the days of the stagecoach are gone, he concentrates on holding up trains. Pursued by the private security force the Pinkertons, the elderly man known as the gentleman bandit develops a lore and a following all his own. Richard Farnsworth (The Natural) plays the lead, based on a true-life account, as a kind and thoughtful man who sees honor in what he does. Featuring some incredibly vivid cinematography of the Pacific Northwest and the classic steam engines that traversed its mountains, the film is an elegiac homage to a simpler time when honor and gentlemanly pursuits (even train robbery) were important. --Robert Lane

Customer Reviews:

  • Just okay - not a great flick
    This is an art film, and as such would be best enjoyed in digital format on a large screen. The action is at times tedious, even flat. I'm not sure what the rave reviews are about. I bought this primarily because of the reviews and the claim that the soundtrack was by the Chieftains. NOT SO! I was quite disappointed to hear the same tune played 3 (yes, three) times during this movie. Not only that, but it's available on CD! So don't be mislead like I was. A good movie? Yes. Worth the scalpers' price of $30? I don't think so....more info
  • 7 Years of Rave Reviews and Still No DVD
    This situation is a travesty. Richard Farnsworth, Hollywood stuntman for decades, advances his career through prominent character roles and finally is cast in the lead of the Grey Fox and the Straight Story and upon his death the copyright owners cannot see their way clear to release a DVD of the Grey Fox?
    And this is the same film industry that vociferously defends its property rights against copyright pirates?
    The breath-taking cinematography, a riveting storyline and the surging rhythm of The Chiefton's score mentioned in nearly all past reviews make this work an obvious candidate for anyone's Top 100 Films.
    If you have not done so already, check the box at the top of the page and hopefully Amazon can convince the studio to release a DVD. ...more info
  • The Grey Fox
    This should be required viewing for anyone who appreciates a wonderfully made film with a literate, intelligent screenplay.
    Former Hollywood stunt man, Richard Farnsworth, gives a terrific performance as Bill Miner an outlaw of the Old West who emerges into the bewildering, early years of the 20th century after three decades in prison. He tries to resume his former "trade" but it is clear that those days are gone for ever.

    Farnsworth is so believable in the role, which is studied and beautifully underplayed. He is supported by a flawless cast and the burgeoning romance between Miner and feminist Kate Flynn - another great performance, this time by Jackie Burroughs - is both tender and credible.

    The wole thing is played out against the rugged splendour of the Canadian Rockies and is topped off with a jaunty score provided by the Chieftains. Listen out for the haunting melody played over the closing credits.

    After a number of years searching, I recently managed to get hold of an ex-rental video of the film The quality is not too good, but it will do for the moment.

    This gem of a movie is crying out for DVD release - NOW!...more info

    To Anchor Bay Entertainment: If you release The Grey Fox on DVD we'll buy it!

    This is truly a great film.

    Five stars is as good as it gets. Can you ask for more incentive than that? ...more info
  • Grey Fox
    Product sent to me was defective vendor did not respond to my request for adjustment...more info
  • Incredible art and acting
    I own a copy of this film and I am anxious to purchase the DVD version. It is by far one of the most beautifully filmed movies I have ever seen. It is pure art. Richard Farnsworth is unforgettable and the Irish soundtrack is brilliant. The pacing is perfect and allows the viewer the time to appreciate the settings and scenery without seeming slowed down. This is one of those perfect combinations. No where will you see steam train action and scenery like this. Lets not forget the beautiful horses on the Canadian land, the costumes, the light, the town, the time period. I agree that owning a copy is a must. It will be sitting there for you when you crave the sounds, colors and scenes. Bliss!...more info
  • At last, I can replace my bootleg copy
    Cannot wait for this movie to be released in DVD format. My VHS tape arrived quickly and in good order. This is a great story about making ends meet and following your bliss. Richard Farnsworth plays a character that reminds me so of my own kin. ...more info
  • Whither DVD?
    Many before me have praised this splendid little film, so I don't need to add my words to theirs. However, I want to add my voice to those who wonder why on earth The Grey Fox is still not available on DVD. I feel fortunate to have a fine VHS copy and a good VHS player so I can watch this fine film on occasion, but neither item will last forever. I look forward to the day when Amazon tells us that the gentleman bandit has escaped again, but this time onto DVD so he and his portayer, the wonderful character actor Richard Farnsworth, can be recaptured by future admirers....more info
  • The Grey Fox
    A truly great movie. Why is it not available on DVD?...more info
  • Still Waiting and Wondering Why?
    It is close to 25 years since this great film was released. I know it was issued on VHS but it hasn't made it to DVD, and I am clueless as to why. What could be keeping it from the world? There are enough reviews already to give you a sense of the experience of seeing this wonderful film. This note is a plea and a vote: Please release it on DVD! ...more info
  • Excellent work from Farnsworth.
    After serving 33 years in San Quentin Prison for robbing stagecoaches, Bill Minor is released in 1901 to a world that has left behind that out-dated means of transportation for the locomotive. With no useful skills, and at an age where manual labor would drastically reduce his last remaining "twilight" years, he falls back on the only think he knows. Robbing. A blundered train robbery attempt, however, sends him fleeing across the U.S. - Canadian border to a small town where he can remain anonymous until the "heat" dies down. It is here that he meets a middle aged independent woman and falls in love. Here he befriends the local Police authority. Here where he reinvents himself as George Edwards, a new man with no past - just a future. But the past refuses to forget and when a persistent Pinkerton Detective agent arrives in town, past and future become inseparable and the "Grey Fox" must flee the chicken coup once again. Beautifully photographed in the rugged Pacific Northwest, this is a reflective piece of work that is graced with a touching and very sympathetic performance from Richard Farnsworth...more info
  • not enough pressure on the studio to release
    This is a travesty! This movie should be re-mastered into dvd format for future generations to enjoy.How long are they going to wait! The fans of Richard Farnsworth are tired of waiting for this beautiful film to be released from the bondage of Hollywood legalism. I'm beginning to think it will take an act of God to get it done!...more info
  • Farnsworth: A Great Choice For The Role
    What's not to like about Richard Farnsworth? He was one of the few actors that received nothing but compliments during his acting days, an extremely likable "old man." Hey, few people every remember seeing this guy as anything but old, since he spent his younger days as a stuntman, rather than as an actor.

    So, he was a very good choice to portray a likable thief: Bill Miner, the last of the stagecoach and train robbers. "The Gentleman Bandit," I believe, was his label. This is a nice low-key adventure, with almost no bad language and the British Columbia and Washington state scenery is absolutely gorgeous. It would look great on widescreen DVD. What's the holdup? (pun intended)

    The only bad news of this tale is the usual filmmakers' twisted message to root for a man who simply was a crook, nothing else. The film also - especially to get the younger audience - needs more action. It will be too slow for them, but I liked it, if for no other reason that I can listen to Farnsworth's voice all night. What a "cool" guy he was, and it''s always a pleasure to see him on screen.
    ...more info
  • Truly a Work of Art
    The Grey Fox is one of the most thoughtful and beautiful westerns ever committed to film. Richard Farnsworth enjoyed a very long career, first as a stuntman and later as a character actor, and this performance is the pinnacle of his work. He is magnetic as the historical outlaw Bill Miner, and his portrayal presents a complexity of character rarely achieved by any actor in any generation. His remarkable face and expressive blue eyes convey with incredible subtlety both the innate tenderness and temperamental cruelty of a man whom progress has left behind, a man struggling to understand the world he finds upon his release, from over thirty years in prison, into a new century. This is one of the finest westerns of all time, and to this day percolates at the back of my mind. I cannot recommend this film highly enough and I'm scratching my head as to why it hasn't been released in DVD format yet....more info
  • The Grey Fox
    It arrived in excellent condition and in a timely fashion. We have already watched it and it works perfectly. Thank you......more info
  • Farnsworth Shines in this Turn of The Century Subtle Western
    Richard Farnsworth (The Natural) had the great ability to play endearing believable characters and this is his best and most notable staring role as a former stage coach robber who is just released from prison and is plunged back into a much more modern society. He sees his very first film, the silent film, "The Great Train Robbery" and you can see the wheels turn in this gentlemen's head as seems to be inspired by what appears to be a new opportunity. Moving to Canada, he develops a love interest and some in town bcome slowly aware of his past. This is not a shoot them up western but a carefully crafted sensitive film, loyal to the period, where Farnsworth plays a likeable, well mannered and kind individual who would be the last person one would suspect of being a criminal. Of course, eventually a very dramatic crime is committed and Farnsworth is suspected by the local Police yet he seems elusive. Nicely done fim with an ending that leaves one wondering. Primarily for a mature audience that enjoys a western with a good story and told in subtle fashion. ...more info
  • one of, if not the best western
    It is a shame that this terrific western has not yet been brought out on dvd.
    This is perhaps the most realistic western film ever shot. Farnsworth seems like he is a 1900's cowboy brought back to life. The background scenery is exquisite.
    As a whole, this film should have strongly competed for an Oscar in the year it was released....more info