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Stratego-Milton Bradley Board Games
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The game board is your battlefield. You have an army of men at your disposal and six bombs. Your mission is to capture your opponent's flag and protect your own. Using the majestic fortress screen as a shield, you and your opponent secretly place your men, bombs and flag on the game board. Once the armies are in place, advance your men. When you're one space away from an enemy, attack. You and your opponent declare ranks. The lower-ranking man is captured and placed out of play in the display tray. Move with caution and courage. The next piece you attack could be a bomb. And when attacked, it could "blast" your man off the board and out of play. The first to capture the enemy's flag is the winner! For 2 players. Contents includes: game board, fortress screen, 40 piece red army, 40 piece blue army, display tray, label sheet and instructions.

To arms! A harsh and lonely battlefield is the setting for Milton Bradley's newly redesigned Stratego board game. A removable fortress barrier sequesters your army from prying eyes whilst ye prepare yourselves for a most lengthy and glorious conflict. Utmost care must be taken as you place your men. From the lowliest scout to the highest-ranking marshal, all must make ready to encounter enemy bombs, defend the flag, and steel themselves to triumph over the foe. Skillful planning, a keen memory, and sleight of hand will be your allies. Onward, for King and for Country! Spanish and English instructions are included. Stratego is for two players. --Julie Ubben

  • Your mission is to capture your opponent's flag and protect your own
  • Move with caution and courage. The next piece you attack could be a bomb
  • Contents includes: game board, fortress screen, 40 piece red army, 40 piece blue army, display tray, label sheet and instructions
  • For 2 players
  • Note: This new, updated version of Stratego is slightly different than the original, though the gameplay is the same.

Customer Reviews:

  • it is cool
    it is a awsome game i could play i for a year and not get bored!!!...more info
  • best game ever!
    This game is awesome. Its easy to learn how to play, but like chess, it is hard to master. the peices are numbered 2-10 (atleast on the version i played) with 3's as the only ones who can defeat bombs. Spys, though powerful, are actualy weak at the same time. They defeat everything, but they also lose to everything. if it attacks, it wins. If it defends, it loses. bombs, which should be placed to protect your flag, defeat everything but 3s. They are immobile, though. The first time i played, although i lost, i figured out how to play. This game is very good, but takes patience. This is one of the most strategic games, so the playing and the setting up of pieces are both very important....more info
  • Great game but why did they change the pieces?
    I think Stratego is a great game. It really is like veiled chess and it's an excellent challenge to place between two people -- so many board games improve with three or more people but this one is head-to-head combat.

    But recently I bought a new copy of the game and learned that not only did they recently a) switch the ranking system from low to high numbers [which makes perfect sense for younger players] but that b) they've changed the pieces so that now tiny adhesive stickers must be applied to each individual piece.

    That means that before the first game can start, the players have to put 80 STICKERS on the pieces. Not only is this an extreme drag but now the pieces are more vulnerable to wear and tear and moisture than they were before, and the stickers are lame portraits. I was always partial to the iconic silver-and-gold emblems used in the past.

    To be sure, it's a quibble, and the game is just as much fun as it always was. But if you buy a new copy just remember that before the fun starts there's a little matter of a sheet full of tiny adhesive stickers than have to be applied to every single gamepiece. Doesn't Hasbro have, like, machines that can do that?...more info
  • Strategic, Unpredictable, and Easy
    Stratego is a war game, but involves hidden ranks, unlike most others. The goal is to get the flag. Both players set up their army of 40 pieces, hidden from their opponent's view. Players move, battles being one by the higher ranking man. There are bombs, which can only be diffused by miners. Spies can defeat marshalls. There are 12 ranks / things in all. The set up allows for several strategies. You can create a decoy flag, put your higher ranking men in front, whatever. This game is unpredictable because of the various strategies and easy to learn. I suggest this for anyone who likes strategy board games....more info
  • Must own.
    A game for all strategy fans. I first played this game at the wee age of six. Easy to learn, but continually enjoyable....more info
  • AWESOME!!!!!
    I've loved Stratego since I was a kid....just got the classic Nostalgia version for my kids - they picked it up in a matter of minutes....if you enjoy playing strategy as opposed to luck games - this is the game for you - without a lot of complicated rules.......more info
  • Great Classic, Never goes out of style!
    I grew up playing this game with my six brothers (I was the only girl!) and loved it then. I got it for my 7 yr. old son for Christmas and he loves it just as much as we did. A friend in his 50's was over Christmas evening and he just went crazy when he saw it. He couldn't wait to play again as it brought back so many great childhood memories. This is one of "those games" that you never forget. Great for kids and adults, you get to use your brains but a little luck never hurts!...more info
  • The Original Stratagy Game
    This is a great starter game for anyone interested in the world of stratagy board games. Simple, easy to learn two-player action. Lots of variety in strategies. For anyone who likes to flex there mental muscles., I recomend it....more info
    Combine the simplicity of checkers with the suspense of clue and the moves of chess, and you have Stratego.
    This is an awesome game, and I am normaly not a board game finatic.
    The object is to capture an enemy's flag.
    You have different ranking pieces (10 beats a 9 etc. only a spy beats the 10)
    Which you attack the enemy pieces with.
    Have a good setup, or just good strategy, and you might get past your opponent's bombs and avoid their powerful pieces ( Namely the 10 9 and two eights)
    And you might just capture the enemy flag.
    This game is incredibly easy to learn, but hard to master.
    Overall, it is one of the best games I have ever played....more info
  • Excellent game
    This game is fun, requires a good amount of patience and strategy, and, at least to me, is easily comparable to chess. It never really gets old, as the game almost never starts out the same, and everything is open to the management of the player, from setup to attacks. Some players may be put off by the fact that you can't see the rank of your opponents' pieces, but that rule is, like any other, one that can be accepted. 12 dollars is an absolute steal for this game. Highly recommended....more info
  • A strategy game classic!
    Just as the name implies, Stratego is one of the great classics in strategy games. I've been playing this game for many years and have never gotten tired of it. The fun part is that there are two stages to the game: setting up the board and actually playing the game. Both give you the chance to implement your own strategies. This almost guarantees that no two games will be the same. END...more info
  • A great strategy game
    Stratego is a classic strategy game for two people which takes place on a single battle field with you commanding a set of troops against your an assortment of pieces that must be arranged to thwart the enemy. Offensive or defensive? It's your call. Each piece has a ranking that is used to determine who wins when two pieces meet in battle. There are some pieces which have special properties and rules. For instance Bombs cannot be moved and win in almost any confrontation EXCEPT for the Spy which can unearth the bomb and disarm it before detonation.

    And unlike many of the other strategy games, such as Risk, you can quickly get into a game and finish without spending hours at a time....more info

  • Stratego Rocks!
    If your like me and played strartego from way back where the best piece was number 1 and not number 10 as it is in this version. All kid shall enjoy this game and this plus checker can be fun begining way to learn strategy before you teach your kid chess....more info
  • Stratego's old style pieces
    This version has stickers to add to the pieces indstead of already engraved pieces. Also for those that grew up with Statego this new version has reversed ranking order (ie the General is number 10 instead of number 1).

    Unlike this boxed version of Stratego, the "book" Statego game from Target (available thru Amazon or Target) is the old style Stratego with the Scouts as number 9, Miners as number 8, etc. and the pieces have the ranks engraved on them like they used to. It doesn't cost much more than the boxed version and stores in less space. I am very happy with it.
    ...more info
  • Great game for all ages!!!!
    This game gets all of the fun and world conquest feeling as "Risk" but it adds a strategic aspect and isn't all luck. This game is easy for all ages to learn. END...more info
  • A classic war game for kids.
    I loved this game when I was a kid. Played it all the time. The strategy is basic, but complex enough to keep it interesting. The only lacking problem there is that after a few years of playing it you can really master it. Also, the pieces just look totally cool....more info
  • phenominal
    Stratego is an awesome game it's a lot of fun and very intense i normally lose but i still have a lot of fun...more info
  • Great game but they've changed it
    The game is timeless. However, they've changed to a cheap construction from when I was little - big plastic pieces with stickers. also, the order of player values has been reversed. If you remember this from your childhood you might be better off buying it through auction....more info
  • Outstanding game, hours and hours of fun
    Most board games are horrible. Yes, they have that nostalgic feel, but most of them just cannot compete with today's forms of electronic interactive entertainment. There are some classics: chess, checkers, and Go, for instance, but games made in the past few hundred years tend to be horribly simplistic, low quality toys not worth more than a child's passing fascination. Stratego, however, is a great strategy game - a thinking game suitable for older children up to learned adults.

    Success in this game depends on the ability to plan very far in advance, to analyze risk given incomplete information, solve puzzles, and remember important facts. Unlike most board games, pure chance has very little to do with success in Stratego, but there is an element of risk and surprise which keeps players on their toes. It is the combination of battle strategy, comprehensive planning, memory, and risk that make Stratego a truly great board game. It is, to use a cliche, very easy to learn but difficult to master.

    Granted, the game has its shortcomings. It is only playable by two people, and watching the game is frustrating and long. It is not the best game for the whole family to sit around and play, but tournaments can be fun. Several strategies may not work against the same player several times: it is unlikely that you could play Stratego against the same person for years like you can in Chess. Also, the board and pieces are somewhat flimsy, and if any of the pieces are lost, you will have to buy an entirely new Stratego set (not the best for young children to play unsupervised). However, these concerns are trivial for the most part.

    Buy a copy of this game, it really is one of the best. Learn how to play and teach others how to: its a great way to have fun, challenge your mind, and spend time with friends and family. Its also a great value, and makes a terrific gift....more info

  • Wonderful gift for kids and adults!
    My husband and I bought this game while stranded for three days in Cleveland with a worn-out clutch . He has fond memoried of playing the game when he was young. I had a good time with it, too, even though I have yet to win a game against him! You can play with as much or as little strategy as you'd like! END...more info
  • Like chess but in secret
    What I like about this game is that it's got the same kind of strategy and logical thinking that chess takes, but adds an unpredictable dimension by allowing the players to set up their pieces differently at the start of each game with the rank of pieces hidden from the opponent.

    Like chess or other two player games based upon moves only, this one isn't as fun when the skill level difference is too great as there is no getting lucky with dice or other random events. However, it can still be a fun adult/child game and helps build memorization skills.

    This is a fun game and I recommend it....more info

  • Ultra fun for strategy lovers
    If you love strategy games this is the best thing after chess. And this game, unlike chess, is easy to learn (Altough it will take time to master). This is one of the best two player games you can find. Once you start you will not want to put this game away. All you have to do is setup your army in a way that you can protect your flag while trying to capture your oponent's. Higher ranking soldiers capture weaker ones. It's that simple. Once you master this game you will want to try the four player Stratego. And if you really like a challenge you must get the Fantasy Stratego. There is also the Star Wars version... Well I will not bore anymore. Just buy this game, you will not be sorry....more info
  • Still great after all these years
    No, it isn't a game to bend your mind with deep strategies, but it isn't tic tac toe either. So what do I still like about this game after all these years? It is a short game. There is the element of surprise. It is easy to learn. It is inexpensive. Kids and adults can play against each other. It is all you want in a simple board game. And it is fun. I see comparisons to Risk, another fine game. But there are no comparisons anymore than one can compare checkers to chess or Monopoly to Life....more info
  • The greatest game ever !!!!!!!!!!!!
    This game is a must have in every household! It not only alot of fun it is also very strategic and makes your brain move. This game is easy to carry around....more info
  • Beware of where you buy this...
    Stratego is a very cool game that I remember from my youth. I was going to
    buy this online for my son and I to play since he is just now getting old enough
    to understand and like these types of games. However, I decided it might be faster
    if I bought it from the local toy store. I went to one and saw the box and the game
    board didn't look like the one I remembered playing as a kid (didn't have pictures of
    the soldiers and their ranks on it) and the playing pieces looked different. Then I went
    to Target and found the Bookcase version or Vintage collection as they call it and sure
    enough the gameboard was exactly as i remembered it and the game pieces are stamped
    gold on the red pieces and silver on the blue pieces and are the same numerical order as
    they always were. I am very happy with this game and don't know why they changed it in
    the first place as the reviews that I have read are of people who don't like the new version.
    If you are going to buy this game look around first....more info
  • The Best Game Of All!
    Stratego is an exciting game that my babysitter introduced to us. I play against my ten year-old sister and seven year-old brother all the time. The point is to find a flag, which your opponent has hidden. But to get to the flag, you have to get through bombs and other soldiers. Each type of soldier(General, Marshall, Scout,etc.) has a rated number. The lower the number, the better. But watch out for bombs because anyone can die by those, except soldier type #8- the miner. This teaches good strategy skills while having fun in a challenge that anyone can win!...more info
  • Great game
    I grew up playing this game and I loved it! Now my son is enjoying it as well. It makes them think and learn how to strategize and is also fun, especailly for kids into the military and all that or into history. I like the updated version of the game pieces. The board was split on one side to make it fold into quarters to fit in the box...we'll see how long that lasts. Overall, great buy....more info
    Stratego is a very fun game to my 5 year old step daughter.I play this game with her all the time...she is only five, still she knows the strategy. She just laughs so hard everytime we play.. We don't play with all of the peices. This is helpful for younger kids, as they get bored easily. making the game faster....more info
  • A game for the upcoming General
    This game is amazing. I would say the strategy is up there with chess, because you can't see your opponents pieces, and thus you can feint attacks with low ranking pieces, causing the enemy to retreat. Or you can leave a high ranking piece standing still the whole game so your enemy will think it is a mine, and then BAM, you've got him. There are so many possibilities, it is a game of deception, and also of trying to read your opponent. Every game is different because you can set up the board however you wish. If you love detailed strategy, you will love this game....more info
  • The best board game available!!
    Stratego is by far the best board game on the market. I have enjoyed Stratego since I was a little boy, and I still enjoy playing this game. This game is a mixture of chess and checkers. It is not as difficult for children to learn it, but there is still strategy involved. I have no doubt that you will enjoy it!!...more info
  • Grandson loves this game!
    I could not find this game in local stores. I was so glad to find it at Amazon. It was shipped to my grandson's home for his birthday. Great service! Thank you....more info