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Trouble Board Game
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Product Description

It's the classic race-and-chase game with the PopoMatic die-rolling bubble! Pop the bubble and hop your pegs around the track. Land on an opponent's peg to bump it back home! But don't you get bumped back, or you're in Trouble! Keep poppin' and hoppin' to get all 4 of your pegs to the finish line first, and you win! Trouble includes plastic game unit with PopoMatic die roller, gameboard, 16 plastic playing pegs, and 4 rubber feet.

Trouble is a board game with a simple concept: Be the first player to send your four game pieces all the way around the board, moving spaces determined by rolls of the dice. The "trouble" of the title comes when an opponent's piece lands on a space occupied by your piece, thus sending yours back to the beginning. Parents will likely remember the game from their youth, or at least remember the game's signature gimmick, the pop-o-matic dice roller. The Pop-o-matic is a dome-shaped clear plastic housing for the dice in the center of the board game that automatically tumbles the dice when pressed down and released. This feature, plus the board's plastic slots that hold the game pieces in place, make Trouble a perfect travel game--car or boat motion won't upset the game's progress. It is indeed satisfying to press, slap, or pound the pop-o-matic. It's strong enough to withstand the frustration of the losing player(s). The game's simplicity makes it easy to jump into without elaborate explanations or practice games for new players, but it's utter lack of strategy will likely limit interest to just a few rounds. --Porter B. Hall

Need an icebreaker? Want to work out some aggression without shin guards and helmets? Popomatic Trouble, Milton Bradley's classic race-and-chase game, is guaranteed to bring out your competitive side. Try to outstrip your opponents as you race your pawns around the colorful plastic board to safety. Should you have the good fortune to land on a space occupied by another player, you can send him reeling back to start, where he must wait for a six to pop up (literally) on the capricious dice bubble in the center of the board. Once liberated, your foe is free to reciprocate--now you're in Trouble.

The crystal ball on which the fates of all rest, a.k.a. the Popomatic Dice Bubble, is the genius behind this game, and is one reason it has become a classic. Encased in its bubble, the die never goes flying, rolls off the table, or gets lost. Simple to learn and exciting to play, Popomatic Trouble is a game that never loses its thrill. Popomatic Trouble is for two to four players. --Julie Ubben

  • Board game for 2 to 4 players
  • Be the first player to send your four game pieces all the way around the board
  • Pop-o-matic automatically tumbles dice when pressed and released
  • Ideal travel game
  • Game's simple design makes it easy for new players to jump right in

Customer Reviews:

  • Jane's Scoop
    This is a great children's board game and lots of family fun! I must confess, we "bend" the rules a little when only two of us are playing.....! This way we get to play "lots" more games!

    This board game helps with finger dexterity plus it a great beginner counting game. In addition, it teaches patience. I reccoment this game to parents with children 3 and above.

    The design of the game board itself could be improved, needs to be sturdier. The plastic bubble that holds the dice is very sturdy. ...more info
  • Fun with a purpose!
    Though I grew up with Trouble and loved it, I now use it in play therapy. It is a great tool for working with kids who have difficulty stopping and thinking before acting....more info
  • Energizing
    Purchased this for my daughter at age 2 1/2. She enjoyed the colors, trying to pop the dice, & understood counting. The chase is fun too. She is now age 14 & we are excited about buying it a 2nd time (X-mas) for my son; however, we will be competing. 1 of my favorite games that can go on. ...more info
  • Trouble! Trouble! Trouble!
    I got this game for Christmas, and I have been playing it with my family on and off since. It's kind of hard to "pop" the dice, but I think that's a great idea. You hop from space to space, going around the board. But watch out or you'll get in "Trouble"!...more info
  • Loved it as a kid, my kids love it now
    This was a favorite game of mine when I was little, and now my kids love playing it. It is a great first game, since the kids love to pop the popper. It is great for learning how to count....more info
  • Trouble Game no Trouble
    We bought this to keep in our house when my 6 year old granddaughter visits. She already has this game at her house. She loves the game and it is an excellent one to teach children the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat of board games. Simple to learn. Fun for all to play for two to four players. Self-contained, portable and Inexpensive. ...more info
  • Fun Family Game
    My son love playing this game. For weeks that all he want to do. It a good game for the whole family....more info
  • They sure do make them like they used to.......
    My (6 year old) daughter received this classic for Christmas and we played the game that evening. Suffice it to say, the instuctions are the same and the fun of the game is the same as when I received it as a gift MANY years ago, however the durability has gone down hill big time. I cannot believe how cheap it is now, from the cheesy cardboard used with the graphics under the board, to the cheaper feeling plastic used for the pegs. The popomatic dice keeper even feels cheap and 1/2 the time my daughter pops it, it remains on the same number on the dice. Aren't there any companies out there that take pride in their products anymore? It seems not. I can't wait to open the Connect Four game - hopefully it won't fall apart before we play it. ...more info
  • My kids LOVE Trouble!
    What a hit this game is with my kids! We purchased it for my son, age six, and he can play endlessly. Concept is not difficult to grasp, nor are the rules. His four and a half year old brother can also play without difficulty, and they delight in sending others back to the beginning. It teaches my older son strategey, and helps the younger one with his counting. What a blast!...more info
  • Great Fun for the family
    THis game is gret for the whole fun. YOu don't really get to role the dice like in this game. i relly enjoy this game. WHen I just want to play a game with my brother I pick trouble....more info
  • Great for preschool/kindergarten aged children
    My 5 1/2 yr old loves this game. It is really not complicated, yet holds her attention. Yes, the box hasn't held up well, but I simply put all of our little pieces in a baggie so they don't fall out. We highly recommend this game!...more info
  • Hours of fun
    My five-and-a-half year old son received this game as a Christmas present and, hands down, it beats anything else that he received. He wants to play it night and day. To stir things up a bit, we've created our own new rules, such as "you have to move backwards for 2's," or "you can switch places with another player for 4's" and it makes the game even more fun and interesting.

    Trouble ... it's an oldie but a goodie!...more info
  • Blast from the past!
    We got this game for our 5 year old daughter, partly for nostalgic reasons, since we remember playing this when we were kids. She LOVES Trouble, and it is one of the few games I actually don't mind playing either! Sometimes the game can go on for a long time, which can be good thing when you want to keep the kids occupied for a while. I highly recommend this game for wholesome family fun....more info
  • Pieces came deformed, game looks very cheap
    After reading some of the great reviews, I got this game as a gift for my step-brother in-law who is five years old. I remember playing this when I was young and I had really enjoyed the popping dice.

    The game arrived quickly, but several of the little plastic pieces came misshapen and deformed out of the box. It appeared that the plastic was melted (they are very hard pieces of plastic, so this could not happen easily). The game board also seemed very flimsy and cheap, like it will soon fall apart. It felt too delicate for a child to really play with. I am pretty sure the one I had growing up was a much better quality (it survived four crazy, wild, competitive siblings playing on it for years).

    Because of the misshapen pieces only three people can play this game. Altogether a great embarrassment for me, as I am sure it looks like I got my step-brother in-law a gift from a dollar store.

    I recommend buying this game from another store with higher standards and easier in store returns; try Kids R Us or Target. ...more info
  • Could be made a lot better...
    I'm a 27 year old mother of 3. I remember loving this game when I was a kid. I was so dissapointed when I opened this game. I couldn't believe how cheesey it is. You can barely 'POP' the dice. And when my kids POP the bubble all the game pieces fly around. Plus the bottom of the game has a pop in piece of cardboard. Shouldn't the bottom be covered with hard plastic??

    I also wish there was something to hold all the pieces because my kids (like many others) abuse the box and all of the pieces fall out and get lost.
    ****Can't the board game makers start making harder cases or Tins so we all don't have a stack of smashed boxes and missing pieces.

    The game itself is fun...but I ended up throwing it away because pieces got lost way to fast. ...more info
  • Why do toys these days all have to be made like crap?
    The box was smashed, the popper hardly pops and is totally cheap--in order to get it to pop you practically have to use a sledge-hammer. Certainly my very strong four year old son cannot push the popper down--when one can actually get it to pop, the tactile experience is extrememely unsatisfying and the noise is not pleasant either--more like a 'bang' than a pop. Thoroughly unsatisfying. I would rather pay a few more dollars and get a game that is decently made and comes in a real box that could actually store the toy....more info
  • Fun game
    I got this for my 5 year old this Christmas (2003). One problem we had was pushing the button and she got frustrated on first but I managed to get it working. We had a blast playing it....more info