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Goodnight Moon Game
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Product Description

Briarpatch Goodnight Moon Game

From the well-loved children's classic by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd comes the perfect first game for every child. Goodnight Moon has been every family's favorite bedtime story and now it's a game. Beginning players match identical pictures while memory versions are included for advanced players. The Goodnight Moon Game contains 4 playing boards printed on both sides, 1 Goodnight Moon Room game board, and 24 matching cards. No reading required 1-4 Players Ages 2 1/2+.

The Goodnight Moon Game is a collection of six matching and memory skill-building activities of gradually increasing difficulty featuring charming illustrations from the children's book classic. At the beginner's level, children match cards to identical images on the game board. They then graduate to games involving memory skills, while also matching images that are similar but not identical. Once you've matched and memorized to your child's content, cuddle up together to read Goodnight Moon. No reading is required to play the games. Includes four playing boards, 24 matching cards, and the rules. Winner of the Parents' Choice Gold Award and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Best Toy Award. Goodnight Moon Game is for one to four players. --Elizabeth Ward

  • 4 double-sided playing boards
  • 1 Goodnight Moon room game board
  • 24 matching cards
  • 2-6 yr

Customer Reviews:

  • Another great way to experience a great book.
    I loved this book as a child and now my daughter loves it too. This is a great way to experience the book in other ways, and to show you (as a parent) how to teach certain aspects of the book. ...more info
  • love this game
    I have a 4yr old and a 2 yr old. And they love this game. It makes my 4yr old happy i can sit and play a game with her and it's a game that my 2yr old can follow. The fact that you can adjust the "challenge" level helps make it more interesting for the older kids, and the familiar picks are attention keepers for little guys....more info
  • great game
    we've had this game since my son was 18 months - and we're still playing with it at almost 3. it's basically a memory game, but you can play it competitively, or not, with colors, or with black and white. if you love the book, this is a nice addition. the only problem is the cards - with a toddler, it's kind of hard to keep them on the table together, much less in the right "spots". but if your kid is kind of orderly, this is a great game to play with them....more info
  • Favorite Christmas Present
    My son got this for Christmas this year and he won't stop asking us to play! He's two and very into matching and it only adds to the fun of one of his favorite books (i'm even noticing details from the book that I've read evernight for the past 24 months! Did you know the cover of both Goodnight Moon & Runaway Bunny appear in the room!?) Anyway, it's definitely been a hit. The only negative thing I have to say is that the box has already started to tear- he wants to take it with us EVERYWHERE! Several of the classic games from when we were little are now in tin boxes- I think that's a great idea for toddlers & preschoolers & wish more manufacturers would do that. However, no reason to give any less than five stars....more info
  • My kids were instantly bored
    We love the book in our house so I assumed this would be a GREAT game for the kids. We have played it twice and the second time I could tell the kids were not interested in playing. Pretty boring and disappointing for the $18 or so I paid for it....more info
  • My kid loves this.
    He's two and we played for an hour today. He laughed a lot....more info
  • 2.5 year old loves it!
    My daughter loved the book as a baby, and she loves the game now. She enjoys I-Spy books and the card game as well. Finding and matching images is a lot of fun for her. The fact that this ties into the book makes this even more fun....more info
  • Good Item Kids Enjoy
    My family loves this game because there are several different games you can play with it and it goes along with the book, so the kids like to compare it.This product is very durable and will last....more info