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Twisted Metal III
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Combining the road rage-inspired dark fantasies of Mad Max with a twist of campy black humor, Twisted Metal III is a worthy addition to the emerging car combat genre. Though the game is sure to be a hit with newcomers of the series, fans of the previous Twisted Metal games will find that TM III doesn't quite fire on all cylinders.

The story runs somewhere between Mortal Kombat and your wildest dreams of demolition derbies. But the paper-thin plot doesn't matter: you have a rad car and aren't afraid to use it. Whether you choose to control the monster truck driven by the little old lady, Mr. Grimm's motorcycle o' death, or what is quite possibly the coolest ice-cream truck ever, you'll speed and skid around the asphalt-covered levels, grabbing power-ups and blowing up your opponents with a wide array of vehicle-mounted weaponry.

In a game like this, several things are key: physics, control, and level design. Twisted Metal III departs from the previous games in the franchise. The levels are smaller and the physics and controls conspire to make the vehicles handle oddly. The bottom line: car-smashing fun that doesn't quite live up to the glories of the prequels. --John Cocking


  • Cool vehicles
  • The London level
  • Knocking your foes off the rooftops in Tokyo
  • Driving in reverse using the analog controls
  • There are some small, small levels
  • Car combat mayhem
  • New weapons, contestants, and multiplayer options
  • Improved enemy AI
  • Thrash metal soundtrack featuring Rob Zombie
  • For 1 to 4 players

Customer Reviews:

  • 989, more like bore-89, but TM3 is still the best NEW...
    vehicular combat game. Vigalante 8 is such a fake slow moving (due to graphics) hippy remake of TwistedMetal which is an insult to the psx's SingleTracs' TM2 which by far is above the competition...however TM3 shocked me...989 did a piss poor job of 'making improvements'. To my knowledge they are the makers of all/most of the psx's top games which is bad for game dynasties such as TM but good for new series such as Grand Turismo. Playing Vigilante 8 is much like Twisted Metal 3. However, you Twisted Metal fans will agree with me that TWISTED METAL WILL ALWAYS RULE for vehicular combat games even though 989 blew it much like the NFL's refs of the 98' season.. hint hint Packers recover a fumble...anyway all you Twisted Metal FANS visit my latest creation (a TWISTED METAL 1, 2, + 3 WEBSTIE) and vote your fav game/ players and find anything related to Twisted Metal... Layta all, and buy this game...-=)...more info
  • Twisted Metal 3 is a great PS1 game for all
    Twisted Metal 3 is a game I played for a very long time back in the day. It has a great soundtrack, quite a few levels, many characters, and unique enviroments. I deffinately reccomend this game to anyone who plays video games, new or seasoned.

    -willh09...more info
  • The newest and the best of the Twisted Metal generation!
    Twisted Metal Three is the best of the Twisted Metal Generation. Twisted Metal Three has smoother better graphics, better and more creative cars, larger boards with more secret passage ways, and secret weapons. One of the best features on the game besides everything that I said above is the creativeness of the game. This game is not like the first two. This game has cool paint schemes, creative cars, and creative specials. My favorite part on this game is the creative boards and smooth graphics. Although at first the boards look small you must use your eye and look for sigh's. Almost all the boards have secret passage ways. I know you will like the smooth creative graphics. Another feature that I found that me and my friends like is the fast loading between boards. Other cool feature include special cars, secret boards, plus supports codes. On a final note, Twisted Metal Three is the best of the Twisted Metal generation. This game is worth the price that Amazon. Com is asking for!...more info
  • They just messed up with the 3rd Twisted Metal
    989 Studios has made a bad mistake of making Twisted Metal 3. First of all, it's the same damn thing! Second, the controls suck! It's too sensitive and does not respond accurately. Other than that, the graphics are really awesome and the FMV sequences are great! 989 has put a lot of effort on this game, but not enough cars and tracks....more info
  • It's above-average, somewhat different
    Twisted metal 3 is different from the previous 2 versions. The controls were awkward when I first got it the day it came out, and still are today 2 months later. The vehicles just don't feel "solid", like you turn over way too easy. The boards are kind-of ho-hum. They have added new characters and weapons which I really like. They have also removed a few that sucked on the last game (characters). On some boards there may be almost too many weapons sitting around. And if I think about it Twisted 2 was alot harder to beat!!?? I still like it though. I am not easily impressed by games so me still keepinig it is good. I do not own rogue trip or vigilante 8, so I can't give you a comparison. I will rent these games though, after reading reviews on both. If you like the Twisted series, you will like the game. Areas for improvement: Control- make it more real, not sooooo touchy Boards- have some imagination, multi-levels, more hidden areas, more treacherous obstacles, hills, bombs etc. Look- Looks a little to "grainy" and dark, brighten it up....more info
  • good game
    If you've made it to this point in your life without playing a Twisted Metal game, that's all right, we'll explain it to you. The trilogy is probably best described as a vehicular version of Midway's Mortal Kombat or else a James Cameron's Terminator take on a demolition derby. In it, a horde of over-the-top characters compete against each other in cars and trucks armed with missiles, freeze rays, and other assorted weapons of destruction. This time out, there are a few new cars and weapons, and you have an option to have a computer-controlled ally aide you in the tournament, though he always seems to be the first one blown up in the fight. The biggest change to the series though is that its developer has changed from SingleTrac (who've started a new, but like-minded, auto-combat series under the moniker Rogue Trip for GT Interactive) to 989 Studios, a Sony-owned development studio. This affects the game on nearly every level. Graphically, the game appears much differently from the previous titles in the line, though it's not necessarily improved. There are various shading and lighting effects at work, but the end result is somehow grainy and washed out. The title's soundtrack, which is comprised of songs by Rob Zombie and Pitch Shifter, is very fitting, but the supporting sound effects are very weak. For example, the machine gun sounds like a cap pistol and driving through water inexplicably sounds pretty similar to that.
    The game's much-touted new physics engine turns out pretty strange in function. The cars will now dip and roll upon collision, which sounds fantastic in theory, but in practice is fairly questionable since vehicles will often flip over after hitting a small curb or even a snowman. The collision detection is also highly suspect, as instances where you'll find yourself stuck on a ledge or halfway into a wall are frequent. It's very nice to have analog control this time, but the physics engine really works against it.The main downfall of Twisted Metal III though is its lackluster level design. Most of the stages are, if not modeled after, extremely reminiscent of levels from the first two games, and those that aren't are even more uninspired. The Washington level, for instance, is a long rectangular courtyard with a ramped area on one end and teleportation sphere (which sends vehicles to the ramped area) on the other. Snore.
    In the two player modes, the default horizontal split-screen runs into the same problem found in SingleTrac's Rogue Trip. Since the levels are no longer as flat as in the previous TM games, having half you horizon cut away makes it hard to see in hilly or ramp-heavy levels. Fortunately, the designers had the foresight to include a wide variety of split-screen perspectives, such as a vertical cut and variations on a four-way split where the other two boxes are filled with radar, speedometer, and weapons info (these are the best since you view the world through a smaller version of the full screen). In the three- and four-player modes, the perspective is similarly cornered. Both appear to cut into the frame rate and increase the visible seams between surfaces, but not majorly. Multiple views aside though, the game is as much fun in multiplayer mode as it is in single player. As there, you'll be struck with the feelings of "Why am I here?" and "Why am I playing this" after a level or two. There are a few good ideas at work within Twisted Metal III (such as the multiple perspectives), but they're not nearly enough to counter the fact that improvements to the gameplay are pretty slight and the level design is a big step backwards, making the game a real lemon overall. If this is the direction the series is taking, it should probably stop right here. Take a look at Activision's Vigilante 8 or GT Interactive's Rogue Trip instead....more info
  • the greatest tm game ever!
    i really love the game! tm2 to me seem like a failure...IT WAS TO HARD! this one is much more easy...and its slightly better than tm4. if u like powerful moves like lighting or minions special, or if u like codes,then i just have to words for yaGET THIS GAME (my bad thats 3)....more info
  • Twisted Metal III a dud? I think so.
    First of all, I do not think they should have went with a new company (989 Studios) even though 989 Studios have turned out some nice games. I do not think this is one of them. The 'real life' controls do not allow for accurate turning, and sluggish turning all around for most of the cars. Also, the levels; are look kind of bad. They (989 Studios) could have made this game BETTER THEN WHAT THEY MADE IT, AND I'M DISSAPOINTED....more info
  • 989? Doesn't compare to Vigilante 8
    Single trac is gone 989 now run the TM .It's fun but mediocre . Cars flip over . YOu drive find weapons shoot and that's it. What about depth? IN v8 you are limited to weapons and can shoot special attacks by pressing combinations .

    Spectre and thumper in this game

    Cons: Car flips
    TM:SB abd TM2 are better

    Score: 7...more info

  • TWIII is straight savage
    The multiplayer is furious, with diffenent diffulty setting. Many of my favorite cars are back, with thumper as my favorite. There is nothing like toasting your enemies and hearing them scream!!!-Peace out playas...more info
  • Number two was better
    Twisted metal one was good. Two was awesome but now three isn't very good. Sure there are new people and new levels but it's not any better. If you like the series then get this. If you're not a fan rent it!!...more info
  • This game's pretty cool!
    This is a very fun game. But one of the cons is the poor level design. 989 Studios really sent this game to hell in a handbasket. Singletrac was the ultimate Car-Combat-Company. 989 is really screwing things up. You would probably want to buy this game if you are a Twisted Metal collector. The graphics are great, and the soundtrack by Rob Zombie is Excellent. What you need to do is crank up the music and turn down the cheesy sound fx. Overall this game brings out the psyco clown spirit, and is fun to play with your buddy. Most people hate this game, becaus it's so different from Twisted Metal 2 and 1. Hey, I like it, so rent it before you buy it. And remeber, it's not what other people think, it's what you think, and I think it's worth a rental. Sincerely, Timothy Moreno...more info
  • An educated, well thought out review...

    This is not just another review that says "OH THIS IS TEH COOLEST GAME EVAR!!!..." or "THIZ GAME [isn't that great]!!!", this is a serious review, which is few and far between to be found in the Video Games section. If you want the straight facts and clear, coherent opinions, here 'tis.

    I remember putting the game in for the first time, and choosing between the vehicles taken and modified from the earlier parts in the TM series, and about 5 new ones. I think I chose Spectre first because of his new sleek look with the new GTO that had been released in '98. The LA Level was pretty neat, and I thought the graphics were exceptionally well detailing the broken roads and the cutoffs, etc. The other levels were great too, but I often found some of them to be VERY small (Washington, Area 51), and not as appealing and colorful as other levels from the previous games.

    I have come to favor this game the most out of the rest of the series, because of it's unique gameplay and the compatibility. The cars glide smoothly, and they don't look like speeding rectangles as in TM1 or TM2. The specials are great, yet some of them lack definition and power. There are 8 levels - LA, Washington, Area 51, North Pole, London, Tokyo, Egypt, and Calypso's Blimp. Area 51 and the Washington level are exceptionally small, and are just like tiny arenas (TM1 fans, think arena level).

    In Area 51 you basically just drive and fight around a huge UFO, although the level can expand if you can break all of the sensors on the wall and find your way to it.

    The London level is very fun, but I must say that if you're playing 1 Player, the vehicles get smart. This is when it seems beating the game isn't so easy anymore.

    Tokyo is a large level, but it's nothing special.

    Egypt is a toughy because you find yourself driving over numerous hills and falling into crevices, so it's very difficult to control your vehicle here. The "eye" is a nice feature.

    The Blimp is the final level, and if you've made it this far, then you can call yourself an avid Twisted Metal fan. Pat yourself on the back. ... Interesting level. Primeval is a bastard though.

    The cars are very unique and different from the previous series, but yet they are one in the same. I always thought the idea of placing an old lady in charge of driving the monster truck seemed a little prepubescent and immature for 989, but I guess we need to amuse the children too.

    I have often confused Roadkill and Warthog, because they are both identical in color, and they are both somewhat square-ish. The soundtrack on this game is a little different, but I guess back then Rob Zombie was popular (I remember buying Hellbilly Deluxe in '98...hardly listen to it anymore), and Pitchshifter wasn't a bad choice either.

    All in all, this game kicks the other games' out of the least in my opinion. The gameplay is great, and most of all, the player control and driving manueverability is wonderful. Many diss this game because they're [mad] Sony sold the TM label over to 989. ... If you're looking for a good car combat game, look no further. Here 'tis, Twisted Metal III....more info

    Twisted Metal games are almost the same.Twisted Metal 3 is great,I mean it has a few flaws,but all of them do.Twisted metal 3 has wicked levels,songs,and guys.I'll give a summary:Welcome to our twisted world where the drivers are insane,the explosions are apocalyptic and weapons are hard core.Now get on the battlefeild and make your momma proud.Theres cheat codes and 1-4 players too.

    P.S. You cant be Primeval and Darkside.BOO HOO!...more info

  • The Truth About Twisted Metal 3
    This game might get some nasty reviews but it is a good game. It has good music (Which you can turn off if you don't like it), new characters, and a new company that makes the game. The controls are for the most part good with the exception of sweettooths. Sweettooth does have a new special though. This game is good and for [the money] it is hard to go wrong. Also Darkside returns as a boss and you can't play as him although there are rumors that you can. PrimeEvil is the boss of the game and he is pretty cool although you can't be him either. I will aadmit thought that it is worse than Twisted metal 2. You can't turn on a dime and the video endings have worse graphics than the Twisted 2. Overall it is a good solid game that I like a lot....more info
  • Don't buy it.
    Buy Vigilante 8. Forget Rouge Trip also. They had a chance to compete, but don't be fooled. This game sucks just as bad as Twisted Metal 3....more info
  • Twisted Metal III has been Improved!
    Twisted Metal III is a hell of a lot better then all the others! One reason would be because 989 studios made it! The cars are more realistic and the stearing is real touchy like a real car. The explosions are realistic too. there is only one reason I don't give it 5 stars, because there aren't any people to run over like in the first 2. If you have this game and you are stuck e-mail me. They should have the codes you are looking for. And if any of you out there have the code for darkside or primevel e-mail it to me A.S.A.P please! but overall I think this game is worth your money. In my oppinion no PSX would be complete without it! P.S. remeber to e-mail me if you have any comments what-so-ever.

    bye...more info

  • Twisted Metal 3
    Ah, the game that temporarily destroyed the Twisted Metal franchise... Don't buy this game. Any of the other Twisted Metals are far, far, far, far, far better! Go with one of them....more info
  • Classic
    How can anyone not like this game? I don't know about you guys but i still like to play this as weel as twisted metal 2, even though i just got an 360, i will still play this whenever...more info
  • Better then most
    I have played all of the TM series including TM4. Considering all of the games out there. This is a GREAT BUY. TM and the entire series are fun games TM3 has great music, infact I bought the sound track Rob Zombie "music to strip to" or something. PS seems to process this game a little slowly, it might be better on PS2 but it is still a great game. I will have to admit TM2 is the best game I ever played and that is why you are probably seeing mixed reviews. People had a grand expectation for this game. It is a good game and TM3 has a fun final board. I would not by TM4, that one was a waste of money....more info
  • It's the best
    Hey if u dont buy it then u should. I got it and I play it all the time it is so nice u would like it to. See ya Jimmy.I beat u will like it.I got it 5 months ago.I still play it....more info
  • Classic
    Recieved just as described brand new an still sealed! Fast shipping as well, even though the tracking was late! Said it was in California the morning my package was delivered! Lol, but got it in 4 days!...more info
  • TM3 is awful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    989 studios did an awful job they make better sports games sony should have stuck with singletrac the 1st and 2nd were awesome but this one awful.The cars flip over too much and the backround is bad.Don't buy this game get the 1st or 2nd....more info
  • A Major Disappointment
    I would have to say that Twisted Metal 3 is one of the bigger flops in recent memory. Twisted Metals I & II were fun, exciting and innovative. Twisted Metal III is none of that. While it is a fact that the producers of Twisted III did not create I or II, there is no excuse. It seems like the new producers of this sequel are relying on past history to sell games. The boards designs aren't half as interesting as Twisted II. Their boring. If you take too long to kill all your opponents, the cars regenerate. What the hell is that? This is a strategy game. You have to wear your opponents down, especially if you are a faster, quicker vehicle with little armor. What the hell happened to Twister? You just don't take a car like that and remove it from competition. Mr. Slam is also absent. There are other major flaws. EVERYTIME you turn right sharply, the car your driving jumps, thinking you hit up,up right. I mean EVERYTIME. It's pathetic. Worst of all, the cars tip over too easily. I don't remember cars tipping over in Twisted I or II. They were obviously shooting for a touch of reality. If I wanted some reality, I'd plug in my nintendo and fire up Rad Racer. Reality should be out the door when you have a character who's arms are harnessed to two gigantic tires firing missles all over the place. Do not buy this game. This is especially true if you think Twisted I and II are incredible games. Twisted Metal III is a major bust....more info
  • New developer takes over the series
    In 1998 Twisted Metal 3 was released for PS1 the sequel to 1996's Twisted Metal 2 and the original Twisted Metal released in 1995. A new developer 989 Studios took over for SingleTrac who developed the first games in the series. This game uses a entirely new engine built from the ground up since it was a new developer working with the series. I have personally played this game and will say that its garbage and not even worth being mentioned as apart of TM series. The cars control bad plus the graphics look realistic like the first game rather than cartoonish like the second game. Its basically the same as TM2 where you travel around the world to places like Tokyo, London, Area 51, Egypt, Hollywood, just to name a few levels. A few characters from the previous games are in the game like Darkside, Hammerhead, Sweet Tooth, Thumper, Outlaw, Mr, Grim, Specter, Warthog, Minion, as well as new characters. The endings for the characters are really cheesy unlike TM2 which was pretty dark. The game also allows you to hook up a multi-tap to play with four other friends well three but four if you include yourself. ...more info
  • The worst Twisted Metal game
    In my opinion, "Twisted Metal 3" is the worst game of the Twisted Metal series. It's the only one of the four that I played for only a few minutes and got tired of. The reason I didn't like it is because the control isn't good at all. You can't turn on a dime like you can in "Twisted Metal 2." And worst of all, just about everytime you even get bumped or fall off a building, you'll end up upside down. That can get frustrating after awhile because you stay upside down for a few seconds and it seems like if you don't drive perfectly, it happens.

    The only reason I didn't give "Twisted Metal 3" only one star is because I thought some of the graphics were cool. I would recommend getting any of the other Twisted Metal games before you get this one....more info