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GoldenEye 007 has been a huge success for Rareware, and it's easy to see why. More than a simple movie translation, this has earned its top-seller status on its own. Fans of Doom and Quake will recognize the first-person shooter perspective, but there the similarity ends. James Bond 007 has too much style to simply blast everything in sight and move to the next level. No, as 007, the player has a variety of different missions to perform, each with its own specific objectives. Each mission follows the film closely, and so James must use stealth and cunning as much as brute force. But if you see a Kalashnikov rifle lying around, by all means pick it up.

Controls are easy to master, which is impressive considering the variety of actions the onscreen hero can perform. James can run and walk at variable speeds, duck, pivot, hide, attach mines to enemy helicopters, block doors from opening, and more. The optional auto-aim feature is especially nice. Of course, James Bond is proficient in a wide variety of weapons. You get to use them all, from the trusty Walther PPK (with silencer) to double sets of full-auto machine guns.

The game's faithful tribute to the Bond legacy includes briefing dossiers on each mission, complete with wisecracks from Q and flirtatious comments from Moneypenny. And the 3-D representation of locations and characters from the movie is very impressive. The Rareware team spent time on the set with digital cameras, and it shows.

One of the distinguishing features of the game is the outstanding artificial intelligence of the enemies. When attacked, squads will rush to hit the alarm. If they make it, reinforcements come running. Enemy soldiers respond to being shot or blown up with chilling realism. According to Rareware, there are over 30 different animation routines that come into play, depending on where the soldier is hit. For those who prefer the challenge of human opponents, there are six clever multiplayer modes where up to four players can shoot it out, as teams or solo agents.

With excellent gameplay, intelligence, and style, GoldenEye 007 is a first-person shooter that'll keep you coming back for more. --Jeanne Uy


  • Built-in save capability for up to 4 players
  • Auto-aim feature helps novice players feel like a sharpshooter
  • Rich, complex game world filled with detail and variety
  • Great bonus missions
  • Sometimes cinematic scenes for fulfilling mission objectives are a bit anticlimactic

Customer Reviews:

  • Though its 2004 i still play this
    Goldeneye is the best game for 64 and is one fo the best games out there. though it does not have the best graphics or can sometimes be unrealistic it is neverending fun. random guys just keep coming and do stupid things and thats very entertaining. you can get in a take and nfinate numbers of guys come after you and you can just blow them up. and there are mysterys like on the dam and you look across the water and see that guard tower can you get there? whats in there? no one knows but me and my friends alwasy tell each other are theories. anyways this game is better then alot of gamecube and ps2 games. it is second to only Halo. if you like this game get Perfect dark also but you have to get that gay expansion pack. o ya and multiplayer. thats fun to because you can beat all your friends and make fun of them. buy this game....more info
  • goldeneye 3 stars
    i have this game for my nintendo 64. i think it's worth 3 stars...more info
  • The best shooter. No questions asked.
    Often, a game will have good single player mode but not good multiplayer mode. Or vice versa. I would have to say that this game is outstanding in both single and multiplayer modes.

    The single player missions can be tedious sometimes, running back to an area, trying to figure out which switch you have yet to throw-- or getting lost in a large level (There are no maps) but for the most part, they're always fun and have a great deal of replay value(often unusual for FPSes).

    As for the multiplayer, I think that anyone who plays First person shooters knows about Goldeneye Multiplayer. This game was released with technology and gameplay ahead of its time-- especially in multiplayer. There are a number of multiplayer levels, each having strongpoints for certain types of weapons to use on them... and depending on how many players.

    All in all: Excellent gameplay, even better multiplayer, and it's still a heck of a lot of fun after having its graphics and technological aspects be antiquated by newer games....more info

  • The Best shooter game ever!
    Ever since I purshased GOLDENEYE 007 on the old N64, I became highly addicted to it, like many other gamers around the world. I also have to thank this game as well, because it made me a hardcore James Bond fan.

    This is the best first-person shooting game ever! Although dated, the detail of this game is amazing. There's over 14 levels of shooting! My favorite missions are the first level, the Silo mission, the Train mission, and the very last level.

    Highly recommended game; it fuels the senses! If you like James Bond, or any type of video game, get it! Mostly all of you have....more info

  • One of my favorite games of all time!!!!
    When I purchased this game the graphics were obviously amazing with the new nintendo 64. I used to play this hours on end, doing the single player missions over and over and also having some friends over to play multiplayer. After the playstation 2 came out I pushed the nintendo 64 over for a few weeks but I found my self slowly returning to some goldeneye along with a few other great nintendo 64 games.

    Now that I have a 360 I rarely play goldeneye anymore. But with the recent purchase of a n64, i have again, found myself playing goldeneye with all the wonderful, fun cheats that it offers. This game changed the way we play games, totally. It is still one of the best games I own, right next to the newest xbox 360 games....more info
  • Quite challenging and fun
    ...BR>This game, more than any other for the Nintendo 64, is what will come to mind when most ppl think of the N64. Mainly because, this was one of the first shooter games to require the gamer to use his brain to solve puzzles and get thru the nasty surprises the game will throw at you. Not following the bloodlust of previous first shooter games like Doom, Heretic, Turok, etc. this game is in a class of its own. It gives you objectives to complete however, unlike Perfect Dark it adds to the challenge by giving you deadly surprises that are NOT mentioned in the mission breifing, these will make at least restart a few levels over and over until you figure it out for yourself. Its a much better game than any other First shooter Ive played since it stresses Stealthy behavior, and intelligence on the part of the player to succeed.
    Granted it does not have the extras in the Multiplayer section that Perfect Dark has but it has an element of challenge that Perfect Dark will never have....more info
  • This is a great game, who cares what others say.
    You people who say this game is to easy and fun are probably those sissy people who do nothing in their lives except play video games and smoke pot all day. Then you get on here and whine about every little thing and wonder why the world isn't the way you want it. And you, the guy with the 13 your old kid, get a life kids used to play cowboys and Indians all the time 30+ years ago. So quit pushing your PC crap on other people.
    By the way this was a great game and still is....more info
  • This is a cool game.
    This is a cool game. You complete every mission on 00 agent and you unlock the 007 difficulty level. You don't need a memory pak or card to play this game....more info
  • A classic in its own right! B-
    I came upon this game in the late 90s/early 00s. Me and a couple of friends would play it religiously and I must say that although the characters are better and more original in this game, Perfect Dark (if you haven't had a chance to play that) is the superior shooter.

    They both are fun in their own right though. They were both made by Rare which did WONDERS for the N64 gracing us with the aforementioned games and also Diddy Kong Racing which I played for hours on end with friends also.

    Fun levels to play in and the music was pretty damn good too. Like I said, I liked the characters, Natalia being my absolute favorite and I kept coming back to this game.

    Even the single-player mode was fun. Just not nearly as fun as the multi-player mode.

    Fun: Single-Player: C+ Multi-player: B+
    Sound: B-
    Characters: B+
    Controls: A-

    Overall: B-...more info
  • Goldeneye is "smashing"
    Goldeneye lookes like just another shootem up game, but it is more than that. Goldeneye takes James Bond to the next level.

    Pros: graphics are great
    4 player is fun
    lots of cheats to make the game even better
    alot of characters to choose from

    Cons: a little to easy to beat
    no voices during game play
    not alot of multiplayer levels

    In the end Goldeneye is a great game and I recommend it to anyone....more info

  • Why are people still reviewing this?
    Ok, this game was good when it was released. It is probabley still better than most shooters today. The game is not that violent, just a typical shooter. The graphics were good at the time. One of the best shooters ever made!...more info
  • One of the first great bond games
    This game goldeneye was one of the first games ive played when i was little.My siblings don't play it anymore so now its mine
    Although it is a nintendo 64 game it is very challenging. O.K. graphics but very very fun. It does also have blood in it. Overall it is a great game. Buy it right now!...more info
  • The Father of FPS!
    Even for a Gamecube and PS2 owner, for me this is the game that started it all. And while old, Goldeneye is still exhilerating. I was stupid enough to trade in my Goldeneye copy for a nwer but NOT better game. Don't make the same mistake that I did, please! It is hard to get your hands on a good copy of Goldeneye these days. Protect your Goldeneye games! This game lives up perfectly to the movie, and for a 1997 game, the graphics and sound are excellent! Sure, Nightfire's fun, but it never revolutionized the gaming world like Goldeneye did. Goldeneye shoots TWINE and Agent Under Fire out of the sky. Nightfire can't even hold its ground against this solid and superb N64 title. In Goldeneye, you will encounter all of the characters and locations from the Goldeneye film, and the single player campaign holds its ground. But multiplayer is where the game really shines, and it is so much better than Timesplitters or Timesplitters 2 even. I have not played Goldeneye for over a year, but the music rings in my head and I have the levels memorized perfectly. Even if you worship your Perfect Dark copy, I believe that Goldeneye is better, and I have a strong debate on that. The bottom line is that Goldeneye is the BEST FPS EVER CREATED!! It boils down to this:if you own an N64, please play your Goldeneye copy or if you don't even know what this wonderful game is about, buy it now! Hey, all X-Box owners, Goldeneye is even better than Halo! There's no debate on that. Buy the game that started it all!My Rating:9.9!!...more info
  • Bond, James Bond
    This is one of my favorite FPS's of all time. It stands right alongside Halo, and Battlefield 1942. The single player missions are done wonderfully, the enviroments are great, and the multiplayer is the best I have ever played.

    BUY THIS!...more info
    If you have never played this game buy an n64 and play through the whole thing now. THe multiplayer is fun as well. When i first played this when i was like 7 years old I was addicted i played it for years and still play it today. ...more info
    I didn`t first play this in `97 when it fired onto shelves,it was the best game i ever played with 25+ levels i nevaer made it to the very last level,i`m stuck on the Cuban mission thats right after the "Jungle".When i 1st played this back when i was 6(You can considder that too young to play it then) and my brother traded 1080:SnowBoarding game for it in senior school and when we turned it on i was really proud i didn`t realise that he was only swapping for a couple of months i was sad when it left every time i went into a game shop i would surch for it but they never had it! when i was 8 i had made up with 2 guys who had N.64s and i traded my WWF WarZone for Mission Impossible But it was good but not as good as my thoughts on GoldenEye i soon gave up my interests on my N.64 because we had put it into the attic and i got a blue GameBoy:Color i still dreamed of getting 007 Goldeneye and complete it i then got a PS2 and none of the games matched Goldeneye,it was still on top even after 3 years until i played GTA:Vice City and Driver 2 but i still wanted 007 GoldenEye(I Know it sounds more storyish).But one day i came up with a idea to get 007 GE. my friend who still has his N64 had goldeneye i traded Turok:Rage Warz for it and now i have it but im still styck on "UnderGround facility" level,but i still have the determination 2 complete it my self.I can not play my n64 bcos my GameCube has took its place cos i only have place for 2 consoles.Goldeneye is worth 100/100 points for it fun factor as u know you play James Bond and is set on the Movie and you get a good number of guns and the gore is good you can set bombs and use your watch as a lasergun 2 cut down metal locks and also to kill a Russion Soldier you also get a magnet 2 steal jail keys of the russian guard and make your escape before they send out the "Firing Squad" to gun you down as your Death Penalty in the game you will meet the Russian Soviet Union Army as enemies,Natalya and 006 Travalyen(face) as allies,secret agent scientist(in a disguise) to give you a key and Ourimov and Travalyan Janus(This time the enemy) and Onnatopp as boss enemies.This game will go down as a video game classic along with GTA3/VC/SA,Driver,1,2,3 and others it will be a Legend.
    Bye(my review is loing)...more info
  • Excellent Action-Packed Game
    The movie "Goldeneye" was a box-office hit and now it comes to nintendo. Every wonder how James Bond found Natalia, how Xenia died, or how Bond killed Trevalyn. Now you get to do it yourself. You travel to Siberia to recover blueprints, go on a battleship to save hostages, launch a space shuttle, and shoot all the bad guys you want with over 30 weapons from Gernades, lasers, all handguns, machine guns and rocket and nuclear bombs. Try out the game to see what you would do if you were Bond. Here's your chance to be 007....more info
  • 007 did not do it for me.....
    i find the game play corny at times, it's very challanging but not realistic the speed some of the enemies move at isn't fun! and what with the sparks when the enemy is shot?????? well you will now understand why perfect dark is an all time classic i can't knock 007 because it revolutionized FPS games but i really never liked this game, maybe it's just me the flavour wasn't sweet and thats a major ingredient to keep me focus and motivated. all in all its worth a play some of you will like it and others will say it sucks i say it's not special to me and that is that laterzzz folks / gamers............more info
  • Favorite Game
    I bought this for my fiance and he loves it. He says it's his favorite game of all time. ...more info
  • Great game, but...
    ...but Perfect Dark is better! Goldeneye was the greatest game ever, and I totally loved it, until Perfect Dark cam out. It's pretty much the same thing as goldeneye, but with better characters and the weapons are SO much kewler and better!...more info
  • A good experience
    For remembering those good ol times and a game that is still fun to play...more info
  • Best game ever? It's possible, very possible.
    What can be said about Golden Eye 64 that hasn't already been said? Probably very little, however, I still feel the intense need to give my two cents.

    Graphics - 10/10

    Superb would be an understatement when describing this title's graphics, especially for a FPS. Every mission, every friend and foe, every weapon, shall I continue? It's all beyond bewildering with it's appearance given the limited DPM (dots per matrix) the N64 has to offer.

    Finger Friendly - 10/10

    Easily the best finger friendly game that's ever been on the market. No debate here.

    Ear Pleasing 8/10

    Great, but not exactly flawless. The mission sounds are nice, and the weapons sound effects are perfect. All in all, the music and sound effects coincide the game's theme pretty well.

    Theme/Fun - 10/10

    With or without a fellow playmate, good luck coming across a single game with a higher level of enjoyment. This classic of classics will easily withstand the test of time, and still to this day, it's the best game I've ever played. Enough said.

    Storyline - 10/10

    Another flawless aspect of the game. If you've played and beaten the game through the Cradle stage, don't waste your time watching the movie if you haven't already.

    Freshness - 10/10

    Today, I still play this game. Golden Eye 64 was releaed fresh, and still to this day it's fresher than 50% of the games on the market for the next gen systems.

    Challenge - 10/10

    Golden Eye 64 can be enjoyed by beginning gamers, up to the more elite video game enthusiast. The different settings of agent modes make this possible. One of the more challenging games in video gaming history.

    Multiplayer - 10/10

    The best multiplayer game ever. If you've played the game with competitive players, you know exactly the extent of my claim.

    Replay Value - 10/10

    A Greenlander who owns the only N64 console on the island with no friends could suck more replay value from this game than one could TheSims. Yes, it's that damn intriguing.

    Overall - 10/10

    Read above....more info

  • Time of My Life
    Simply put, Goldeneye is the best video game of all time. I haven't played it in years and I was about 10 when it was at it's peak, but my god, god bless that little game. Sure, it doesn't meet today's standards, but this game is so good. When it came out back in the day (1998, lol), nothing came close to it. It was basically Goldeneye or Mario 64; and Goldeneye easily beat Mario. Goldeneye had 20 missions, dozens and dozens of guns and characters, and it actually sort of followed the movie's plot. I rented some low budget PS2 game about a week ago, and compared to Goldeneye, it was trash (it even had a 6 year tech advantage). The only other multi player game to get onto Goldeneye's level, is Counter-Strike for PC. Otherwise, even Halo loses to Goldeneye. Every person who has a remote interest in videogames probably started with Goldeneye. I will never forget those little Goldeneye niches: The RCP 90, odd job's advantage, proxy mines, and the KLOBB. God bless Goldeneye, may it remain forever in the minds of my generation....more info
  • This game is da-bomb
    At first it was a little hard to understand but once i got use to it i had so much fun just going arround and blowing aneything up that i could. If you like shooting and a good story behind all the violence i reccomend aney James Bond game. once you get into the multiplayer the mines are really quiet fun for a perfect sneek attack. (ps) get rocket launchers!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • The origin, of the madness
    Golden eye, games that are coming out now owe their controls to golden eye. Based on the movie, the game is truly hard hiting gameplay action that is super fun. This game is a very great shooting game. One of the best shooting game of all time, golden eye has a great story, and goes along with the new 007 games that are coming out. Redifine the origin by playing this game if you haven't. Sure the graphics aren't that great but dude, its nitendo 64. They should remake this game and other classic 64 games for nitendo gamecube. If you still play 64 (god have mercy) you will also love perfect dark.

    If your buying this game, for some reason you should add perfect dark. Same game play action, but for some reason I love "Perfect Dark" better. But thats me........more info

  • Still a Classic after all these years
    007 came out in the late 90's, and here we are approaching the late 00's....and it's still one of the best shooters ever! Some people say games like Doom or Quake revolutionized the 1st Person Shooter, i COULDN'T DISAGREE MORE! Goldeneye was def. the first groundbreaking shooter title. Maybe those games came out years earlier, but they lacked in originality! 007 will forever be remembered and known as the first GREAT shooter! No arguements w/that....more info
  • A complete revolution
    This is the one game that I would play day in and day out, for more than a year. The one game where I discovered something new almost every time I played. It was the one game which brought me and my friends together religiously at least 3 or 4 times a week. Somehow it just wouldn't die, no matter how hard we tried.

    At first, it just seemed so standard and bland. Playing muliplayer for the first time, I had problems finding guns and felt confused and bored running through the Temple level. soon, somehow, something clicked, and me and my friends ended up playing it for about 4 hours straight. Towards the end of that introductory marathon Goldeneye session, we took our first stride out of the standard Deathmatch restriction- increasing my character's health to its highest limit and my friends fighting against me. Thus we coined the "God" mode, and we played this variant to death in the coming months.

    It didn't end there. We had fests where we would do nothing but attack each other with punches. We bought a bunch of video cable and conected three televisions together to form a sort of splitscreen, LAN-type mode, covering up other player's screens so we wouldn't know where the other players were. We playedthe Team mode constantly, refining our knowledge of the levels and our marksmanship. Fed up with auto-aiming, we turned it off and further honed our skills. I began to be able to play the Complex level in my sleep. Proximity mines soon became an addiction. We pushed the game to its limits, learning that we could move the ammo boxes, shields, and guns around by shooting them, thus reworking their positions and creating large stockpiles in team games. We began to use Gameshark to unlock multiplayer maps that weren't intended for the final version, as well as increasing the limits on two and three player maps to four players. We discovered a code that turned one player invisible, and proceeded to do hunter-hunted scenarios over splitscreen.

    Basically, it was the first game to really show limitless possibilities. It was a revolution for first-person shooters, and so many have overlooked this fact. It was the first to have targeting of individual body parts, over 20 weapons to choose from, realistic glass, shooting out of lights, and bullet holes, and for its time fairly revolutionary AI. All in all, it was an experience that defined video games for me, and few if any have matched it with a similar addictive experience....more info

  • Terrific Game!!!
    This is the best shoot em up on the N64. I was very impressed with the game play, the graphics, the action, the multi player fun, everything.... the only downfall about the game is I wanted more, more, more. The cheats are great when you unlock them and the best thing is you dont need a memory card, everything saves on the cartridge. RARE actualy managed to compress a game that was too big for the N64 into this game somehow, and it suprises me that it does not even use the N64 Expansion pack to do that!!! This game is not just hoursand hours of fun, but days, weeks, years . i still play this cool game even today!...more info
  • Classic game. 'Nuff said.
    In 1997, Rare released what has become in my opinion the best game for the N64. Goldeneye is a great first-person shooter with 18 levels that mostly stay true to the movie's story. Also there are 2 bonus levels, which you can only unlock by beating the first 18 levels on Secret Agent. On top of that, you have the graphics and controls which are nothing short of amazing. Rare put a lot of time and effort in this game, just like they did with Killer Instinct and Donkey Kong Country and the later Perfect Dark. This is essential for any gamer's collection and especially owners of the now-defunct N64....more info
  • best video game ever
    This vidoeo game is the best ever. Now all games are complicated, and it can take a week to just learn. Goldeneye took only a few minutes to learn how to play it well, but many many hours of multiplayer to master. It kept me and my friends busy for years. Four years after it came out it is still my favorite game . All of my friends and myself at college still play multiplayer almost everyday....more info
  • years later, still good as it was
    We now have games like True Crime, Gran Theft Auto 3/Vice City and James Bond: Everything or Nothing, and yet no matter how many games that come out that feature good graphics and bullet time and slow motion and all of that stuff, goldeneye still ranks at the top of my favorite all time shooter list. I mean face it. It revolutionized the way games were made. I still have my copy of goldeneye. Although i don't play it a lot anymore, that doesn't mean i don't think very highly of it. Yeah there are a lot of pretty good games out there, but goldeneye set the standard. Let goldeneye live on like the bond legacy itself....more info
  • Sucks!!!
    This game is boring get the one for GameCube if you can that is much more fun....more info
  • Great
    I bought this game for my boyfriend and he loves it. The game works great- no problems at all. ...more info
  • Great game, great condition
    This is one of the most fun games I've ever played. I bought it used and it came out of box, however the shipper said this so it was just like the shipper said. It worked perfect, no problems, nothing. Great condition, great game!...more info
  • Difficult
    I had to use a Gameshark to get the extra levels on this game. It's tough. It shows you just how hard it would be to be a secret agent.

    There are two features about this game that I really like. The first is what I'd like to call maim-ability. If you shoot someone in the leg, they'll hold onto their leg, same with the arm, the head, and even the groin. Before this game, the most you could hope for was that characters would bleed when they were shot and fall down when they'd die.

    Still maim-ability doesn't mean that when you shoot them in the leg they won't be able to run again. They'll limp for a few seconds and then be as good as new, except take a lot less shots to kill.

    Some of the tougher characters take a lot of hits before they're even to the point of getting to maim-ability. You have to shoot the boss of the game 10 times in the head before he even shows signs of weakening.

    The second thing I like about this game is the spy feel of it. You go on missions, and you work with gadgets (although some are indeed lame). But the cool thing is, on some missions, you've got to be really quiet and sneaky. You sneak down halls and pick off unsuspecting guards one by one with well-aimed shots. Of course, if you get bored of that, you can always make a lot of noise, have a bunch of guards come after you, and blow everyone away.

    This game is pretty realistic. There may be better games now, but during its time, this game was cutting-edge stuff. It's worth remembering, even though it was hard as heck. I usually just like playing the easy levels and maiming bad guys quietly....more info
  • The best game on N64
    Goldeneye 007 is the best game for the Nintendo 64. Its an amazing game, and its still fun to play today. There was a game called Perfect Dark that was similar to this and came out later, but this is the far better game. Tons of great guns and gadgets are here, and the gameplay is awesome. Its not the best first person shooter ever(Halo for Xbox is), but its still one of the best. The graphics arent the best ever right now, but at the time, in 1997 or so, they were real great. The music is good. It has a mysterious sound to it for some reason. This game has some of the best levels in any game, and it controls great. Multiplayer in this game is some of the most addictive ever. At the time it had the best multiplayer around. It might not now, since there are games like Halo and Diablo II, but like I said, it was the best at the time. There arent really any negatives. All hail to the best game on N64, and one of the best games ever....more info
  • Nobody Does It Better- The Defining Console Shooter
    I have fond memories of this game, and still get together to play it with friends.
    Before GoldenEye, first person shooters were primarily PC affairs, played with a keyboard and mouse, and multiplayer required either internet or network capabilities, which, at the time, I didn't have. GoldenEye changed this. Just like Mario Kart, you could get four players hooked in. Except instead of bumping Bowser off a race track, you were running around and laying down the heat as Bond, or one of his allies/antagonists. There are plenty of modes, arenas, and weapons to choose from, ranging from deathmatch to 'flag tag'. And once in a while you have to play with "slappers only."

    In addition to the Multiplayer aspects, it has an excellent Single-Player mode. It's mission objective based (meaning that failure is entirely possible), and as difficulty increases, so do the number of objectives and conditions you have to fulfill.

    The music is also notable. Sure it's entirely synhtesized/MIDI, but in those days, that was the state of the art. The music fits the scenes pretty well, mostly being varied riffs on the classic John Barry Bond theme, some being a little different.

    The game contains a nice variety of weapons and plenty of secrets to unlock ( by speedrunning levels while fulfilling all objectives).

    Whether you've never played this classic or you're looking back on the 'good old days', you should play it. This
    is Rare's N64 Masterwork ( Perfect Dark is pretty sweet, too)....more info
  • The Ultimate First Shooter
    Games don't get better than this. This is the greatest First Person Shooter ever created for N64. The controls are easy and the levels are fun, the Multiplayer option is especially fun to play....more info
  • One of the best, most innovative shooters of all time; A Must Have!
    GoldenEye 007 is not only the best movie tie-in game of all time, but it is perhaps the most influential first-person shooter ever to hit the gaming-console market. If you aren't aware of the plot of this game that's not a problem, because essential it is the same as the popular James Bond movie, GoldenEye, which was released in 1995- two years prior to this game's release.

    This is a game that is filled with techniques and styles that would be mimicked in many future games to come, and it gives the player a wide variety of objectives, and difficult challenges. The A.I. is smart (especially on higher difficulty settings) and the environments are complex enough to provide entertainment, as well as difficulty to any gamer.

    The introduction of logical hit-points on your enemies is a great feature. Even bosses in this game can be taken down with a well-aimed shot to the head. It is this type of realism that really makes you feel like your James Bond and that you can sneak in, sneak out, covertly taking out henchmen as you go, or springing alarms and having to go through massive shootouts. Because of this there are many ways to beat the game, and limitless possibilities for how you accomplish your tasks. AKA: You can take easy ways or hard ways of beating levels...and if you don't have a strategy guide you'll have to find out those paths by yourself (which, I might add, is incredibly fun if you want to waste a day away).

    This is one of those games that the more you play it the more you're able to value its contributions to the gaming industry. Each time I play it I notice aspects that have been replicated in many following FPS games. So if you have a Nintendo 64 go ahead and dust that sucker and order a used copy of GoldenEye 007, because trust me, as a Bond fan, and a casual gamer I can say that this game is highly recommended for all those who want to step into the shoes of James Bond, or just have an awesome, intense gaming experience.

    (Also make sure to look out for its sister game, Perfect Dark, which is also on the N64, following the same controls, and very similar weapon uses.) ...more info
  • The Best FPS Game To Ever Reach Consoles!
    Best FPS...unquestionably. Best James Bond game...absolutely. Best console game...bold statement with few exceptions.

    This game doesn't even need the James Bond label to it, though that certainly adds a favorable punch to the game. The shootouts are intense, the gadgets are plenty, the A.I. is still smart (though dumb in some ways), the missions all have high replay value, and the simpler Multi-Player still holds some fun in it.

    Graphically, this game doesn't look as pretty as it once did. But the frame rate is very smooth with no slowdown (except for some nearby explosions). The blood smears on any part of an enemy, or friend, that you shoot. The guns look nice, and the levels' environments retain the same dark, moody feel that established the "GoldenEye" film as its own.

    Sound effects are fantastic. Eric Serra's techno-bent on James Bond music plays in every level (except for the Jungle, which is the correct choice). The music is never frustrating or displeasing, but gets you ready for both the intense action and the quiet suspense. There are no voiceovers, but only CDs were capable of such feats back then. I actually like that because the lines that you read are open to your interpretation. I enjoy imagining that Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean are speaking the dialogue, instead of risking poor imitator-actors. The guns blaze, each with their own effects, and touches like doors opening and the grunts of fallen enemies add more to this amazing game.

    The default controls are dead-on and not clumsy. If you don't like them, there are 3 alternate options. In addition, there are 4 more options should 2 players feel like playing through the Missions. That's actually nice if you've got kids who don't play games much and want to enjoy this one, or if you want to have a buddy's strategies merge-or-clash with your own.

    Replay value is high, as the levels are never a bore. Each difficulty even changes your strategies to the game, because the A.I. is tougher and the objectives you have to acheieve are more difficult. The Multiplayer has been outdone by today's standards, but simple-minded fun is still here. There are even Cheat Codes to "earn" (YES!). Unlocking these options will test your skills, and patience, like few N64 shooters do.

    There are a couple of sore spots. First off, the enemy A.I. has a couple of shortcuts. I won't reveal them, but for the gamer who plays this game enough, you'll sure enough find them. The biggest problem with this game is the "Height Issue." I'll give you an example. In Level 5 (Severnaya Bunker), the place to end the level is a short, not so wide hallway that leads to a staricase going upward. Suddenly, gunfire came at me, but I couldn't see the guards for a couple more steps. In other words, there are moments when the enemies can see you with inexplicable skill if you're at a different height than they are. I kind of believe in the "If I can't see you, you can't see me" theory, and the A.I. cheats sometimes.

    Nevertheless, this is gaming greatness! Do not pass this one up at all! This is a piece of history that has aged very well!

    ONE MORE NOTE --- Don't be afraid buy this game Used. You can delete the saved cartridge data, letting gamers like me start from the very beginning....more info
    No doubt, the best Nentendo game ever created up till this day. This game is better than all the Nentendo games for all it's systems. It has the best multi player game ever for any system, and a A- single player game. The only thing about the multiplayer game is that it could use a bit more weapons. And the single player game is up there with Metal Gear Solid (the original). It's game has lots of levels, and is very challenging, but in a good way. It's cheat options are really hard to get, but once you do, it makes the game even more awsome. So overall, you only need one word to describe this game: spectacular....more info
  • Golden Eye
    Golden Eye is widely considered one of the best FPS ever made. It is a great solid game, and I recommend this game to everybody....more info