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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
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A combination of explosive action and real-lifestrategy!Product InformationYou have been recruited by John Clark to be a member of Rainbow the most elite counter-terror team in the world with members from all over the world even Russia and Israel. You sta

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is a classic Clancy-style story where you lead an elite multinational task force battling international terrorism in highly realistic settings. Game play is organized around a series of missions in which you must plan and execute precise assaults on terrorist installations. As your mission advances, you uncover a larger and more sinister conspiracy, where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. And unlike other games, if you make a mistake, you're gone--because in the real world, one shot counts.

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing Covert Ops game!!!
    Rainbow Six incorporates all the elements of a strategy game coupled with the very best of a first-person shooter. Forget about running around obliterating enemies like quake or unreal. This involves careful planning, with enemies as quick and sharp as you'll hope to be. Die, and your operative is gone for the remainder of the game. Ultra-realistic, there are no fancy over the top weapons, but actual firearms used by special forces such as NATO and the CIA. The missions are nail-biting action all the way, with exotic locations never similar to the others. You have the option of playing it 1st person ala Quake, or a 3rd view perspective from behind, which is awesome. If you've got a graphics accelerater card, the graphics and speed bring you even closer to the action. This game sets the benchmark for all other games in its camp. GET IT...more info
  • Rainbow Six provides a good mix of action and strategy....
    The first thing you will notice about Rainbow Six is it's graphics. While they are impressive the first time around, it will soon become second nature as you get pulled into the addictive gameplay. Offering a great mix of action, strategy, and espoinage, Rainbow doesn't disappoint. After playing through it and beating it, however, i have to admit it has some major flaws. The frame rate can get really grouchy at times, and the action (which is supposed to be very good), is extremely confusing if you haven't studied youre attack plan. A worthy game, though nothing to write home about....more info
  • Great Game
    this game is good good try playing the game after a few years of not playing it an it's as exicting as when you played the first time u oppened the box...more info
  • A shame to our civilization
    this game depicks people being brutaly murderd by swat teams. I think that this is not just only the most violent game i half ever played, but its full of bugs that have crashed my computer a few times. I recomend that parents keep their kids away from them getting use to killing people....more info
  • VERY very cool`
    This is one of the best games i have ever played in my life. It has graphics equal to N64, and somehow it combines planning and the actual execution of each mission so that it is like two games that work together. Working out the best plan and then going out there and doing it is amazing. The gameplay is so good that even when you know perfectly well that you won't die right where you are, there could be death lurking right around the corner, and your heart keeps beating fast. The only drawback is that fact that on my computer R6 crashes 3 times every level I play (but the fact that I go through this just to play it stands by my assertion that this is very cool) GET THIS....more info
  • Game is great. Challenging and fun.
    I knew I would like this game when I first started playing it. The detail is amazing and well thought out. Only thing is the enemies are kind of dumb. You can shoot one guy. and a guy standing right next to him will just stand there smoking his cigarette. (until he sees you) The missions are fun to plan out and picking your team and equipment gives you a lot of freedom and responsiblity. Training modes help out a little. Over all this game is one that I am happy to have....more info
  • Two thumbs up for "Rainbow Six"!!!
    One of my favorite games of all time! The other reviews said it all... The graphics and playability are first rate, and the emphasis on good planning, encourages brains more than brawn.

    One thing not stressed enough in my opinion though, is the great multiplay to this excellent game. The fact that players don't respawn when killed encourages players to play toughtfully and work as a team with other players.

    It's THE ONLY multiplayer game I have really ,really liked!...more info

  • Rainbow Six: What I think of it.
    One day my friend brought the demo over, and we started playing it. Within 5 mins, I knew what game I wanted to get next. The day I got the game, I didn't stop playing it for a few months. Online gaming is fun, the single player missions are great, and the terrorists aren't stupid. They know when you are around for them. I highly recommend this game!...more info
  • A new gender in games
    allows both the active participation or a global command position...great missions... realistic... absobing and engaging.......more info
  • Hasn't stood the test of time.
    When the game Rainbow Six came out, it was praised for being so revolutionary, realistic, and grondbreaking. Unfortunetly, not only were these claims exaggerated, but the game does not look nearly as good now as it did in 1997.

    Frankly, the graphics weren't terribly good in 1997 either. Games like Half-Life and Total Annihilation were coming out at the same time, and they still look great today. Moreover, there never was much semblance of a plot, and the AI (both friendly and enemy) is abyssmal.
    However, the game is still enjoyable, the levels still unique and well-designed, the weapons (although with the notable exception of the shotgun they all function essentially the same way) fun to use.
    Although the original rainbow six pales in comparison to essentially every game that has followed it, it isnt a bad thng to pick up in a bargain bin for some quick entertainment. 5/10...more info
  • ALMOST perfect
    This Game is Awesome in every way except it only has 5 Mguns 1 Sgun and a few pistols, and the storyline moves toooo quickly but the graphics and stealthy music make up for the minor loss quickly. iF You beat R6, and Eagle Watch (like me) then get Rouge Spear...more info
  • Rainbow Six/----->
    Rainbow Six really brought me into computer gaming. Before I never played games on computers. Now that I've played and owned this I play this and Rogue Spear, (the sequal), all the time. The game really brought a new setting to all gamers. Your free in the enviroment, the action is intense and challenging, the terrorists are out and dangerous. Everything is perfect. It's like your there. The game has great graphics and non-stop action. It's intense and you sit on the edge of your seat the whole time. The weapons in this game don't have the great collection like Rogue Spear does, but once your in the setting your weapons don't matter that much. If you like first person shooters or any swat team type of games than you'll like this. It's a classic. BUY IT!...more info
  • Awesome
    This is an amazing game. I have always loved Tom Clancy and to get the chance to be "Ding Chavez" and go get the terrorists is just too cool. The graphics are top-notch and I have never played a more realistic game. I'm not overly impressed with the internet options of the game but the one player options are fantastic. A must have for any serious gamer....more info
  • The complication makes it an extraordinary game!!!
    I just bought Rainbow Six a few days ago, even though I have only begun the training missions, It is the best game I have ever played. It's so realistic, that it is scary!!!!!...more info
  • Too Much Planning -- Not Enough Game Play
    This was more boring than fun. It took too much time to plan out the missions. And the actual game play with action did not last very long. I thought this game was pretty boring. If you like to plan out your missions it might be fun. But I prefer going straingt to the action....more info
  • You gotta get this game!
    This game is it! If you have ever wanted to be on a S.W.A.T. team without the boot camp work this game is for you. First you must carefully pick you team, weapons for your team,armor for your team, and much more. Then you must plan your mission strategy. Then you execute the mission. Now this game is so reaistic because if you get hit in the head your dead and if you get hit somewhere else you probably won't survive more than 2 shots unlike other games where you can just walk around getting shot and not die for a while. And that's why planning your strategy is so improtant. Also once your freind dies hes dead the whole game. So get the game cause if you don't you are missing out on far to much fun....more info
  • Rainbow six is the bomb
    With sweet graphics go codes and everything else when it all adds up you'll like it with all kinds of training missions and real missoins when you play Rainbow 6 you give the go code your in command you kill tankos you rescue ambassidors in this game its one shot kills in less you know codes but with you saying "tanko down" you in command its the real thing u also pick the teams sellect the weapons plan teams and routes then exacute with blood (can turn off ) it all looks real and u play goldeneye on nitendo 64 you get shot 10 times or so and then you die but in this its real if you have been to best buy or else were looking for the perfect gift this is it Rainbow 6 Tom Clancy and Red Storm enterainment put the puzzel together or they did the best job but whatever its rating in graphics 10 perfect10 theys are they best graphics i've ever seen i'm not kidding this hs real life action 1 shot kills graphics gives it a perfect ten

    thanks for reading play Rainbow 6 and remember "tanko down" and "delta go alpha go charlie go" "get down get down" you the commander of the best special ops of the team called Rainbow Six "escorting preshis cargo"

    think of it as captane __________<-- whatever your name is see ya updated every month...more info