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Many action games begin with a catastrophic event, but none matches the intensity of the opening level of Half-Life, a first-person shooter published by Sierra Studios. Utilizing a heavily modified Quake 2 engine, the game follows a day in the life of Gordon Freeman, a mild-mannered scientist who inadvertently opens a portal to an alien dimension.

As Gordon, you'll battle a variety of hostile alien creatures and some not-so-friendly government soldiers while you attempt to escape from the underground--and heavily ravaged--testing facility. Featuring both an engaging, atmospheric single-player experience and frenetic multiplayer action (supporting both local network and Internet play), Half-Life is currently one of the best games of it type.

What makes Half-Life special is its combination of crisp 3-D graphics (supporting many 3-D hardware accelerators), creepy ambient sound effects, and nail-biting action, which creates an immersive, movie-like experience. In moments reminiscent of the movie Aliens, creatures leap from behind desks, drop down out of air vents, and pounce from dark corners--nowhere is safe, and you'll often feel overwhelmed and outgunned. Speaking of weapons, Half-Life features an imaginative offensive and defensive arsenal, from a simple crowbar to the explosive heat-seeking rocket launcher and crafty crossbow. If you're looking for an action-packed, story-oriented game that continues to impress after many hours, check out Sierra's Half-Life. --Doug Radcliffe

As Gordon Freeman, a young research associate in the Anomalous Materials Laboratory of the Black Mesa Federal Research Facility, your mission is to investigate a strange crystalline being. You find yourself battling not only the alien monsters but also the government troops sent in to keep the crisis under wraps. Sophisticated monsters and creative technologies make this game a winner.

Customer Reviews:

  • Best FPS ever
    This is a truly excellent game. The game seems so absolutely real. I have never feared turning corners and hearing sounds as much as I do with this game. The story is excellent, the graphics are good, the sound is good, and the AI is so amazing it's scary. I can't say anything that hasn't alreay been said. Half-Life is the greatest FPS ever, and its only rival for the best game ever is The Sims....more info
  • Great game! Best First Person Shooter to date
    Based on the Quake 2 engine Half life is a first person shooter with a great sci-fi story, loads of expandability, excellent graphics, and intense internet multiplayer modes.

    You play gordon freeman, a researcher at the Black Mesa science compound, when an experiment goes wrong the base is overrun with aliens! And the government wants a quick cover-up, so don't expect any help from those commandos! So it's up to you to stop the aliens, save your fellow scientists and avoid the commandos sent in to wipe out anything that moves!

    The multi-player is great especially with add-on games like Jailbreak, and Team Fortress (capture the flag) A definite must have for anyone into computer gaming....more info

  • The best first person shooter ever.. this game started it all!!
    Mention first person shootears and this is probably the first game that will come to your mind. its' tht damn good!

    i first played this game in 2000.. asked my sister from american to get it for me. was so excited after playing uplink(the half life demo) that i just could'nt wait..and as soon as i installed it onto my computer.. i was hooked.. i had never seen anything like this.. i mean, duke nukem and doom 2 were appetisers compared to this baby!!

    okay.. about the game :

    WEAPONS : you start off with a crowbar and slowly move on to advanced guns like the machine gun,RPG,M-16(aaaaah)magnum,gauss,etc. But the RPG is my all time fav. Guiding missiles with ur mouse controls.. i mean.. how cool is that?
    i used to mess around with the missiles half of the time.. just for fun:)
    unlike doom or duke nukem. guns ARE'NT Just lying somewhere. You're supposed to collect most of them from the dead enemies, which makes it so real. i was surprised when i got the machine gun after killing one of the soldiers. i was expecting it to be lying somewhere, waiting for me to pick it up.. or a miracle! You might find it funny but these are just some of the minor details which earlier games did'nt have.. guess the guys at valve were taking this a little seriously,which is a good thing.

    ENEMIES : the best AI ever. the soldiers, the crabheads, the 'oh so cool' apache helicopters, the huge monsters at the end of the game.. ooooh(drooling)..!!!
    every enemy was detailed and hit back at you. they don't wait for you to make a move. If the see you coming, u better be prepared. a slight noise and they're gonna come back at you with everything they've got. they reload and use ammunition in the same way tht u do.

    STORY : wow!! breathtaking.. this game is totally story driven. right from the beginning. You're probably thinking wht's so good about the story.. every game has a story,probably even better than this one. But i dont think any game out there allowed you to be a part of the story like this one did. it is so intense and it just sucks you in.
    There is this one part of the story called APPREHENSION, where the kidnap gordon freeman. I've showed this scene to my friends over and over and over again. These 2 soldiers are carrying you and you have no guns with you nothing.. You just wait for their coneversation to get over. You have no idea what they are going to do to you, what's coming next.. It is one of the coolest scenes ever. And it's not CGI. It's actually the game. You're in it..
    You actually would want to complete the game just to know what happens at the end. I knew that the moment i defeated the final monster, there was something bigger coming. And that is exactly what happened.. One of the BEST and the coolest ENDINGS for an FPS EVER!!!

    To sum it up.. i would give this game 5 stars all the way for its cool factor and its originality. I have'nt played half life 2, quake 4,F.E.A.R. and doom 3 yet.. but my new PC is on the way..should have it in a week.. an athlon 3500, 1 GB ram and a 6600 nvidia geforce.. have already bought the games and cant wait to play half life 2.. it has been rated game of the year and i'm sure they already have a platinum edition out for it yet. They are just taking games to the next level!!
    Thank you valve. We'll never forget this game.. It is a classic!!...more info
  • An old game still worth buying...
    Made in 98, but still better quality, play, and design than most games on the market in '05. Good storyline, great AI and graphics, not-overly aggressive system requirments, tons of add-ons available. Incredible single player mode, good weapon selection, and arguably one of the best FPS online games of all time. If you like HALO, you will like Halflife. Very similar, but no limit on how many weapons you can carry, and the levels aren't as repetative. (My biggest complaint about Halo, though it's obvious why, many of the levels and hallways are exact copies of one you've seen dozens of times a feeling of being lost, and even fed up at times.) Halo does have the edge as far as cars and what not though. I also recommend Halflife 2, the sequel to what I'm talkin about here... INSANE graphics and gameplay....more info
  • a dawn of a new era of 1st person shooters
    To all of you who think this is just your standard, run-of-the-mill doom/quake clone, you are dead wrong. This game has great AI, beautiful and realistic graphics, and varied levels. The Team Fortress Classic add-on you can download is also very fun for playing online....more info
  • Why Half Life is the best computer game
    I think that Half Life is the best computer game thats ever been made. If you likeed Goldeneye for Nintendo 64 you will like Half Life much better. It has meany diffrent levels and has meany diffrent weapons, it also has multiplayer over the internet. If you don't like the graphics on Half Life you should get a 3DFX Card (witch has in the electronics section). You don't half to take my word for it, but if you do you will be vary pleased (note : this game contanes violance such as blood and guts)....more info
  • One of the best PC games I've seen in years.
    It's brilliant. What more is there to say? It's a fun imaginative shoot 'em up with endless posibilities, kill evil aliens and government agents or for some humour, kill some scientist with almost endless fun and ways in this amazing and detailed game. Half Life is so popular there are thousands of addons, and don't forget its brilliant multiplayer game (deathmatch and team). But, don't take my word for it! For a little peak, download the demo, I'm sure you'll want more. A well earned 5/5...more info
  • not compatible with Windows XP
    I hate to say this? but this game is not compatible with Windows XP OS, so owners of newest Dell computers have to install compatible OS....more info
  • The game is best of this year, it realy shows hard work.
    This game will leave you on the tip of your seat for hours and still for many more hours.It has real thinking enemies horrifying monstrosities and exccelnt graphics, and thats just for first player mode. The game has easy multiplayer acces to internet or network play.Just a few click and your shooting.It really does deserve the GAME OF THE AWARD 1999!!!...more info
  • This is by far the best first person shooter i ever played..
    This game plain and simple is very fun. I enjoy using the magnum to the heads of all the scientists in the starting of the game. This is bye far the best AI i have ever played........more info
  • Trembling, the best single player 3d shoot game
    I usually turned off all lights and played game in deep night after a whole-day work, even on bloody Quake I or Doom II, it is ok. And I was for a long time a Quake II fan, esp. in single player mode. With numerous add-on levels distributed on the web, I thought the 3D-shooter game has reached the limit in Quake II. But alas, what a game the Half-Life is! I DARE NOT played it in the deep night alone with all lights off. With a very good storyline and excellent atmosphere, the game is horrible! You never know what the next step will be. The monsters are not stupidly standing there waiting for your bullets, instead they are chasing and hunting you. It is simply the best single player 3d shoot game so far....more info
  • Source of all modern FPS games
    I bought the original when it first came out in 1998. In late 2004 Valve rereleased Half-Life with the update source engine used in Half-life 2. There is no new content though. I decided to play source to coincide with the 10th anniversary of this amazing game. Source just has more realistic water, a better physics engine, ragdolls, some better lighting effects, cleaner mapping and new 3D skybox. I am happy I have played source but the differences between this and the original may not be enough to justify the costs. The differences are not really noticeable. So if you want to play Half-Life just know that there are two versions of the game out there. Half-Life standard and Half-Life: Source.

    Now, to the story so far... In the Beginning... There was nothing new much in the Half-Life game engine which was essentially just a modern hack of the Quake game engine, so how could a game that based itself on software that others developed succeed in becoming the biggest selling game of all time? When Half-Life first came out it did a couple of things right that most other first person shooters failed to do... (1)Story, (2)Story and (3)Story. Valve created Half-Life in a period of our lives when Area 51 was a hot topic among UFO buffs and the X-Files was to become mainstream family television viewing. Alien based entertainment media was a craze in the mid and late 1990's, unprecedented since the 1950s. Smack in the middle of what could be considered the most influential era for UFO enthusiasts came HALF-LIFE where YOU get to play as Gordon Freeman, a physics researcher who witnesses a freak accident in an Area 51 type facility. All hell breaks loose and YOU have to survive. No cut scenes. No initial story. No explanation. You where just there and you had to escape. Cue interactive characters that could follow you around and say a few things, maps rich in objects that you could break eventually leading up to rapid action shootouts with monsters and marines.

    Playing HL again was simply reliving that experience all over. Yes games have improved but this offering still destroys a lot of the competition. Valve just did it right and there is no reason not to want to load this up and give it a whirl again. Let's face it, this is gaming history. Half-life changed the FPS scene in ways other games have since tried but failed. Has there ever been a revolution in FPS quite like Half-life? Some may have come close but not nearly as far. That is how important this game is....more info
  • Half-life,deemed one of the best games of '98, is incredible
    i enjoyed hours of alien blasting fun while playing one of the most realistic and challenging games ive ever played...Half-life. i liked the intricate movements and particle effects of this award winner. i was also intrigued by the interesting and scientific story line that was acommpanied by great mood changing music.Although rather violent, i found it to be rather educational and i learned a few things, about physics and material decomposition.I still believe that Half-life is the best game i have ever tried....more info
  • Unbelievable Game
    Half-Life is simply UNBELIEVABLE. This game will keep you at your PC for weeks and months. The AI is unchallenged by any other game, and the realism is amaizing. I bet the first time you play it you would not even believe the realism....more info
  • Oh. My. God.
    Revolutionary. This is one of the best games I ever played. The skeletal movement system and A.I. make for a very awesome time. It's long and kind of boring in some parts, but its really fun. I recomend Blue Shift and Opposing Force, as they add to the fun and tie together nicely with the story. The High-Def models that come with BS are ok, but I found out that the ones at were better because they have moving eyes, 5 fingers, and a much higher poly count. BUY THIS GAME...more info
  • It is a way of life!
    The only bad thing about this game is that it will destroy the fun from every game you will ever play again. Every game that I have played since will always be compared to this. It is the Michael Jordon and Tigger Woods of PC games....more info
  • The best thing since Wolf 3d!
    This game is the best shoot 'em up game I have ever played. I don't like Quake I & II due to the fact that they lack the tacktics ex. "Run in here and press an over button while holding down the fire..." ICK! This game has suspense, thrill, strategy, and graphic that will knock your socks off. Once you beat the single player missions enter in a game room with gun's a'blazin'...more info
  • (XP User) A series of unfortunate incidents...luckily
    Fans of dedicated single-player "first person shooter" games who've never played this game before should definitely not pass it up. HL takes an utterly unoriginal idea for either games or movies and crafts an utterly unstoppable gaming experience. You play Gordon Freeman, who works in the bowels of an ultra-secret, underground research facility called "The Black Mesa". (Having played the game yet I'm still not sure what's supposed to be going on in BM - it's what happens that matters.) Oozing high-tech, the facility is host to another dimension when you/Freeman something that tears a whole in the fabric of our own - allowing beings from that other world to enter ours.

    Now, if you think that these otherworldly denizens are peaceful beings intent on fostering cross-dimensional love, or that your fellow human beings will enter the Black Mesa unarmed intent on warmly welcoming these beings to our world, I'm afraid you've picked up the wrong game entirely. For in the bowels of "Black Mesa" you'll confront howling dog things, flying crabs, alien-zombified versions of your colleagues, gigantic aliens that breathe fire through their fists, aliens that hang from ceilings (and entrap their victims using these vine-looking things) and squads of human special forces troops intent on killing everything that moves. If the above attracts you because you think it may be the setting that elevates the nobility of the human existence, I should warn you to look elsewhere - for in "Half Life", you'll find yourself acting indiscriminately with a 9mm automatic, a submachine gun, grenades and (most regrettably of all) a nasty crowbar; you'll make few friends and find yourself (for the most part) alone and (not infrequently) exiled to ventilation ducts (again with the ducts!!) to avoid getting shot at by humans, or burned, bitten, bolted or tongue-bathed by aliens. Complex problem solving skills (as much as marksmanship or bullet-saving) are crucial in this game - in which your enemies have above-average levels of AI. There are unfortunately times when a level may be hung up by the failure to achieve some specific mission-goal, but this is on the whole a game in which the goals are sufficiently complex to make you feel cool for achieving them, yet not so complex as to be impossible to solve. The settings are fantastic - from the vast to claustrophobic. The game is long - uncommitted gamers may find it tedious - but the scope of design here rewards those who keep up with it.

    I ran this game on an XP-equipped P4, with a 64MB AGP card, and had no problems (other than those involving the evil aliens and homicidal fellow humans). Graphics and sound were smooth, and I suffered no CTD's....more info
  • Good for gameplay for a long time
    This game is, without a doubt, one of the best on the market today. Not only does it set the standerd for one-player gameplay, but it also provides much multiplayer fun as well. It does so not only with main-game multiplayer action, but "Team Fortress Classic", included with the game, my personal reason for buying several copies for me and my friends. This is a game played over the internet with many other people, allowing features, weapons, and fun galore for he who seeks it. So work extra jobs or pawn jewelry to buy this game, you won't be sorry....more info
  • A very fun and exciting game.
    Half-life is the best pc game I have ever played. even though it is rated mature, I(a twelve year old)have purchased this game and I feel that Half-life is over-rated.

    I have read other reviews and I do not see why people would say this game is educational. I have beaten Half-life and from Black Mesa Inbound to End Game, I do not recall very much education. That's probabably because it's all made up.

    As I said, I have beaten Half-life and every level is extremly exciting except the first one(it's more of an intro). It is a very good level, but the more you play it, the more boreing it gets....more info

  • A Dark and Brilliant Thrill Ride
    Gordon Freeman is a scientist assigned to the secretive, subterranean bowels of a desert research facility. An experiment in particle physics goes awry, space is ruptured, and through the breach comes all manner of alien nasties.

    The plot sounds cliche, but that's only because so many games have since imitated (or tried to) what Half-Life pioneered. The game is a FPS of great quality and unusually effective storytelling (it demonstrates a classic show-don't-tell technique) and weaves an unsettling atmosphere that is tough to shake. As Freeman tries to escape from his labyrinthine workplace to the promise of upper ground, a spectacular pace is set as he confronts nightmarish enemies... not all of which are alien.

    If you don't have Half-Life as part of your gaming collection, here's why you should:

    1. A paranoid, oppresive claustrophobia is built quickly and skillfully. There are no cut-scenes to break the spell. Once you begin playing, you're locked inside an unfolding nightmare. Few games (and fewer films) have ever managed to craft such a relentless atmosphere.

    2. The AI is chillingly realistic. This is all the more impressive when you realize this isn't a new game. Enemies demonstrate intelligence, tactical planning, and behave as few video game creations do.

    3. As mentioned above, Half-Life pulls a challenging story-telling stunt. As Gordon Freeman, you never get all the answers. No book with The Solution falls into your lap, and no omniscient character fills in all the blanks. Instead, the plot unfolds with nuance and implication... allowing a player to draw his/her own conclusions. This could easily have backfired. Instead, it works.

    4. The alien creatures are masterfully depicted. Two of them are so disturbingly realistic that I can completely believe somewhere in the universe they actually exist: the "ceiling barnacles", and some creepy things that emit an ear-splitting sonic attack while convulsing their malformed bodies.

    Enough said. Half-Life is an own-it experience....more info
  • A great game! Possibly the greatest game ever made.
    This is a great game! Worth every penny. ValvE did a good job on their first game. It was made with a vastly improved Quake II enigne, and the improvements show. The lighting, graphics, and some other features are slightly better, not to mention a kick-butt storyline. It has awesome capabilities with scripted scenes. I usually don't give anything away, but I have to give this part to show you how much detail ValvE has put into it. Anyway, towards the beginning of the game, I talked to a security guard and got him to follow me around and open doors and shoot enemies. We were walking down the hall, and all of a sudden he says, "Do you hear that?". I look around and (this part scared the living heck out of me) part of the ceiling cracks and falls down (you can even see the little fragments of the floor), and four headcrabs jump out and try to latch onto my face, the security guard killing one of them and then getting killed by one. After I finish them off, I've got to climb up into the complex air ventelation system to get to my next destination (the security guard is dead and the door is locked). Anyway, you NEED to get the game that won over forty Game of the Year awards....more info
  • The only shooter I've ever finished
    Being mostly an RPG player, I wasn't too interested in Half-Life when it came out, but after reading all the rave reviews I had to get it. It was worth every penny. My only complaint was the pause to load levels which would interrupt gameplay somewhat, but other than that it was excellent....more info
  • Half-Life
    Great game. Old now of course, but still fun to play. Good gameplay and pretty good graphics, not the best but good. Fun shooter. The Half-Life series is really successful and this is the game that started it. You dont have to have a great computer to play this game and thats the plus of it. I never beat this game, but got close to it, I just got stuck lol. If you are new to the Half-Life series, then this is the game to get. Check it out!...more info
  • Gameplay that keeps going, and going.
    Half life is an excellent game, and with an great storyline it feeles like your fighting your way through a sci-fi movie. Whether its the hordes of aliens that attack in mass, or the small groups that, if detecting you, will either attack you, or stalk you until the advantage swings to them. With a decent 3d card, this game will hypnotise you with its great special effects and smooth gameplay. With 3d audio(and the lights turned off) it feeles like you are in the game. Also, there are no cut scenes to slow down gameplay, when you come up to a scientist he will tell you a critical plot point, or if you are hiding near a couple soldiers, they will discuss their plans to trap you with each other. Thats not all... with internet access you can download more levels to play from planet half-life. Not only that, but many developers and home tinkerers are making total conversions of half-life, that will basically make it a totally different game when they are done! all together I think half-life was great, though the ending was farely dissapointing, but an addon pack in the making supposedly will close the open-ended ending....more info
  • The ending sucks!
    This game is THE BEST PC GAME EVER, bar-none. Awesome story, great graphics, etc.... Sorry, though, the ending is very disappointing. From Xen on, the story turns stupid. It's like pitching a brilliant perfect game for 8 1/3 innings, then cheesin' out to the number 8 and 9 hole hitters and giving up homers on 0-2 fat fastballs down the gut... Still, the previous 12 or so levels make up for it. AWESOME!...more info