The Christmas Attic
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Fans of Andrew Lloyd Webber will discover he has a soul mate in one Paul O'Neill, the "conductor" of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. A dyed-in-the-wool sentimentalist, O'Neill presents this pop-rock tale from 1998 with all the glitz and glory of a Lloyd Webber Broadway show. Playing to the common themes of the season through a tale about a little angel sent to Earth to leave behind a gift, O'Neill creates a big-sounding production heavy on lead guitars and orchestral filigree. There are pieces of familiar Christmas carols and hymns and a handful of unembellished acoustic numbers to offset the brighter parts of the musical melodrama. While his singers and players are all professional sounding, O'Neill often mistakes sentiment as a grand gesture when it needs to be something less ambitious or noticeable. Nonetheless, there's a TV special or Broadway show wrapped up in this attic and it won't go away until it gets done. --Martin Keller

Customer Reviews:

  • Dynamite for any season
    Been wanting TRO matertial for many years. Decided to complete the collection and not at all sorry that I did! Good music for all seasons!...more info
  • One good one
    I bought this for "Christmas Canon" and that one selection made the purchase worthwhile. I was disappointed that there were no others on the album that I really enjoyed. I don't know why. I guess they just weren't Christmassy enough....more info
  • One of our favorites
    This is so great that it is staying in my car the rest of 2009!...more info
  • TSO rocks my world anytime of the year
    TSO is probably the best classical era rock group out there. They are pure genious with their electric violins and beautiful medleys:) I have all four albums and I recommend them to all people of all ages. ...more info
  • Wonderful Christmas Music
    I sooo enjoyed this CD. My favorite song on the CD is Christmas Canon. It is my favorite Christmas song of all. A second favorite is The Ghosts of Christmas Eve. I would highly recommend this CD to anyone for the Christmas Season. Enjoy. ...more info
  • Powerful Orchestra, Weak Vocals
    I found this CD a major disappointment. I've heard the orchestral music before and liked it a lot. I found the synth and guitars powerful, but at least half this CD features vocals that just don't measure up. I'd prefer a whole CD with no vocals at all....more info
  • Who says hard rock and orchestra's don't mix?
    The Trans-Siberian Orchestra continues to make wonderful music. With the success of Christmas Eve And Other Stories, you'd think it would be hard for TSO to top it, but they have. From the inspiring words of "World That She Sees" to the soothing violins on "Christmas Canon", this album is a must-have for anyone who loves Christmas music. Listening to this album, it is clear that TSO could take any Christmas song out there and make it sound even better. These are not all traditional Christmas songs either. There are a few original songs like "The Snow Came Down" as well as the vocals of the magnificent Joe Cerisano on "Dream Child". TSO doesn't just do rock and roll. Anyone who likes jazz music can appreciate the song "Three Kings And I (What Really Happened)" or just soothing R&B with the song "Music Box Blues", both sung by the incredibly talented Daryl Pediford. "Angel's Share" will give you a good idea of just how powerful this group is. "Boughs Of Holly" is just Deck The Halls taken to a whole new level. You can't go wrong with this album....more info
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra is great but Savatage is better
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a side-band of a band called Savatage. If you like Trans-Siberian Orchestra I highly suggest that you check out Savatage. Savatage's "Dead Winter Dead" and "The Wake of Magellan" cds are pure masterpieces. They are much better then the Trans-Siberian Orchestra cds in my opinion....more info
  • Wonderful & Uplifting Holiday Music
    This is a great CD for modern music listeners, or for old time music goers! It is a wonderful blend of classical music with strong rock beats. It is not to slow the modern rock listener and not too hard for the classical music listener. The songs tell a great christmas story and the the CD Jacket has added literature that expands on the story. I highly encourage choosing this CD for your holiday collection!...more info
  • Better than ever
    Absolutely incredible. It takes all branches of music and mixes them to a brilliant level that has to be heard to enjoy....more info
  • Making Christmas, Making Christmas
    In my younger days I used to love buying concept albums. Jethro Tull, Yes, The Who, ELP, Genesis etc. I have always loved all kinds of music, including Christmas music. This is a superb combination of rock opera and Christmas music. It harks the Xmas standards and creates new music that definately hits the holiday spirit. I stumbled on this one and i am very happy I did.

    There is no point trying to compare this to Mannheim Steamroller etc....more info

  • sequel
    This album, while still musically sound, tries way to hard to duplicate the "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" album. There's another touching story woven thgoughout the songs, but the instrumentals simply lack the power of the first album. Worth buying, worth listening to more than once, but I don't jam to it in the car like I do with "Christmas Eve and Other Stories."...more info
  • Glad for Amazon's "Song Sampler's"
    I heard "Christmas Canon" on the radio and loved it so I thought I would buy the CD. When I heard the sound tracks, though, I changed my mind....more info
  • Awesome stuff
    This album does not have the "anthem" song like Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12:24 (which is simply a very high bar to match) on it, but it still has some great orchestral songs that sound amazing.

    Definitely a much better alternative to the Christmas "fluff" one hears at malls during the christmas season....more info

  • Headbangers Christmas
    I saw a snippet of them in a TV commercial for their Christmas CD's and they made it sound like they sounded similar to Mannheim Steamroller but in no way do they sound like the joyous Mannheim Steamroller not even close, they make a joyful noise and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra just makes an angry noise, the guy singing (screaming) the track The Three Wise Men and I, What Really Happened sounded angry and that does not represent the Christmas spirit for me....more info
  • Powerful and powermaking music
    This is the Xmas CD for people who are sick and tired of the same old versions of the same old music. It really brings a new dimension to the genre. My only negative point is that a couple of the songs are too close to each other in sound and sense. What makes this CD stand apart is the sense of POWER that it seems to deliver! Pump out the sound and forget that it is Xmas music....more info
  • Incredible!
    This is a masterpiece. period! Outstanding work, well known classics, and some new and interesting stories. This CD is everything music should be. Nothing fancy, just plain and simply fun and enjoyable for all. Everyone can find something in this that they like. It's not just another Christmas CD....more info
  • Skip it.
    There are a Few Rather good songs on this album, Christmas Cannon is quite beautifuly done, however the rest of the album is more like hard rock with a christmas theme. certainly not more of the same....more info
  • Trans-Siberian Orcestra and Savatage
    For those of you who do not know this, TSO is actually a band called Savatage that has been out since the early 80's. This is indeed an awesome album, their first album "Christmas Eve and Other Stories was rated in the top 5 of all time for christmas albums.

    If you like this style, I strongly urge you to check out these albums by Savatage, Dead Winter Dead (a concept about the war in Sarejevo), Streets (a rock opera), The Wake of Magellan (this album helped out a man to reach his family), Gutter Ballet. All albums I give a 5 star rating to. They have many more, but those are in the vain of thier project Tran-Siberian Orcestra.

    Let me remind you that TSO, is a side project by Savatage. You can purchase their CD's at this site....more info

  • Not bad, but could be better
    This album wasn't as half as desent as their first album and I would choose the first one over this. The reason I like the first album is because their instrumental songs are the greatest I have ever heard. There are only a few songs I like on this album, but on their first album I like all of them with the exception of one or two songs....more info
  • Ditto V.C. Hofmeister
    Same scenario for me as for V.C. Hofmeister... heard Christmas Canon, loved it, and so went right out and bought the CD. I thought for sure I was gonna love it.

    It was a mighty short love affair. Partly because of the unexpectedness of it being a rock-infused Webber-esque production, but mainly because I don't think it is well done -- the songs are not enjoyable, nor are they performed well. The singing, uh, make that squawking, is atrocious: voices are streaky and straggly and lack all finesse. The voices, as far as sounds go, are right up there with nails screeching on a blackboard -- yes, face-flinching squeaks that will cause spine-shivering chills and creepy goose flesh. Tones so shrilly and shrieky it'll make your teeth twang. This hair-raising caterwauling has got to be one of the most irritating things ever to be recorded.

    Considering the sweet and homey cover art, which visually leads you down a traditional White Christmas path, the actual musical style comes as quite a jolt, like when you discover you grabbed the wrong food item at the grocery store -- *baked* potato chips instead of classic, or *low-fat* cream cheese instead of creamy, wonderful, full-on regular, and then you take your first unassuming bite, then quickly realize something ain't right and yell, "What the H*** is...THIS?!". Listening to The Christmas Attic is similar to the unsavory surprise: the appalling discovery brings both regret and loathing. (And maybe looking for a barf bag, if you've got a delicate constitution.)

    And although I like the rock-opera genre (somewhat) because it's big and bold in sound and concept, this Christmas rendition is unappealing because the songs simply aren't joyous. They just don't do what all the good ones do -- move you into that comfy, cozy zone that kindles the Christmas spirit, where you're not only *singing* the songs, but you're *feeling* them, too.

    Some things mesh well together ("Hey, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter!"), but not this mish-mash. This isn't your Grammy's Christmas Attic full of familiar favorites. These songs remind me of avante-garde couture: interesting in an out-there sort of way, but nothing you want to bring home.

    If, however, you've already made that mistake, fret not, as there are practical uses other than your playlist: door stop, pooper scooper, coaster, and the thing you shove under short table legs. The music itself is a powerful pest repellent. Got house guests that won't leave? Just play The Christmas Attic -- that'll make 'em scram! Substitute this for your home security system to scare off intruders. After hearing your rigged TSO home alarm, they'll probably volunteer to turn themselves in to escape cruel and unusual punishment. Is a neighbor's dog ruining your lawn? Return the insult - put this in a paper bag and leave it on the offender's front porch. Also a useful tool for behavior modification: "If you don't stop that this minute, I swear I'll make you listen to The Christmas Attic! I mean it! And any backtalk, I'll put it on loop!" Or you could do like we've done in our house and adopt it as a symbolic metaphor where TSO/CA = anything stinky, vile, foul, unpleasant, repulsive, horrible, frightening, grotesque, unfortunate, or all around just plain tacky, e.g., "Well, here's another nice Christmas Attic you've gotten me into!" or "That's sooo TSO...." et al. Creatively, you could use this as an instrument of torture in a Fright Night Chamber of Horrors to guarantee shrieks of terror and pleadings for mercy.

    Joking aside, these are some of the most euphonically-challenged arrangements ever concocted. Just. Awful.

    Tags: door stop, instrument of torture, ultimate home security system, pooper scooper, coaster, rotten tomatoes, pest repellent, gag gift, possible health hazard
    ...more info
  • my favorite TSO album
    absolutely love this cd. i think music box blues is one of my all time favorite songs--this whole album is really good. i have all of TSO's albums and this is by far and away my favorite, it's in my car stereo a good percentage of the time from november to january!...more info
  • uh huh...
    well, like a lot of people i heard "christmas cannon" played over the radio and i loved it so much i had to buy the cd. i'm sorry i did. And i actually don't mind the songs. what bugs me though is the lead males voice. it's painful to listen to him because he is so bad. if you like christmas cannon just download that song. the rest isn't worth it....more info
  • Another Excellent Album
    This was the last TSO album I bought, and as such, I wasn't quite as impressed when I listened to it as I could have been if I hadn't seen how amazing TSO can be in their other albums. Compared to their other albums, Christmas Attic is slightly harder to get through, mostly because it is slower and is a bit more repetitive than TSO's other albums. However, it is still a very worthy follow-up to the amazing Christmas Eve and Other Stories. My personal favorite song is "The Three Kings and I (What Really Happened)", because it is a style that TSO doesn't explore very often. I wish they would write more songs in the same vein. Another excellent song is "The March of the Kings/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing". It is a very up-tempo song and extremely fun to listen to. The album falls short on a couple of its instrumentals, which are occasionally a bit repetitive. However, overall, The Christmas Attic, while maybe being slightly less innovative than Christmas Eve and Other Stories, is still a delight to hear, and is consistent all the way through in that respect. ...more info
  • Good overall
    I love the TSO, and this CD is no exception to the rule. I was a bit disappointed by some of the tracks (not their best work), but overall it is enjoyable. My favorite is the Ghost of Christmas Eve and there are about 5 other really solid songs on there. If you love the TSO, you'll love this CD....more info
  • Review
    That is an absolutely amazing CD. We purchased it for the Christmas Canon song. My now wife used it as the entrance to our wedding, so this CD will always hold a special spot in my heart....more info
  • The Christmas Attic
    Beautiful music of the season. My favorite Christmas Canon, with those beautiful childrens' voices....more info
  • Electronic Christmas
    This album is a masterpiece, the use of keyboards and the voices was amazing. I listened to it everyday at least once when I received it....more info
  • Excellent CD
    Loved this CD very much. Trans-Siberian does an excellent job in interpreting it's works. ...more info
  • Christmas CD
    I was disappointed after hearing the most common song played from this CD (CANON) and loved the song that the rest of it was disappointing. Don't listen to it.
    JOHN...more info
  • waterlooker
    Just purchased this cd and I am returning it. If you like symphony Christmas music - don't buy it. I could only listen to 1/2 the tape before I was so angry at myself for buying it that I had to turn it off. The quality is poor and the music is not comfortable listening music. Give it as a gift to someone that you don't like....more info
  • TSO Christmas Attic
    I was disappointed in this album. I bought it for one song I heard on the radio - Christmas Cannon. I thought the rest of the music would be similar. It was nothing like the one song. Electric guitars and rock music do not belong in an orchestra....more info
  • Oh, Gack.
    Hey, I can get as sentimental as the next person, but this CD has taken treacle and turned it into tripe. Send me an e-mail if you want this thing, and I'll mail you my copy as a present....more info
  • This CD is an abomination.
    Last Christmas season I was tormented by repeated plays of this disk on the office CD player. Finally, in self-defense, I stole it and took it home, so I wouldn't have to endure it again. But because misery loves company, I then inflicted it upon anyone who dropped by the house. Right up through New Year's Day. At this point I have memorized some of the lyrics.

    Let's see, how to describe it? If Andrew Lloyd Weber and some hair-metal 80s band met at Santa's North Pole Xmas Party, had drunken relations amidst the presents and finally vomited eggnog all over the Christmas tree... that would be hecka more fun than listening to this CD.

    Pompous, strident, bombastic, overwrought, overblown, overproduced?
    A tacky piece of garbage? This must be some kind of vanity project. I couldn't be bothered to Google these losers, I really don't wanna know the details....more info
  • A great holiday story...
    I'm definitely a fan of the "rock opera"....whether it be The Who's "Tommy" or "Quadrophenia"...or "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Hair" ! So...although I discovered the "Trans Siberian Orchestra" only this holiday season...I immediately became comfortable and hooked when I bought and listened to "Christmas Eve And Other Stories".As a result...I promptly ordered "The Christmas Attic" and "The Lost Christmas Eve" ! I haven't listened to "Lost" yet....but "The Christmas Attic" is absolutely INCREDIBLE ! I LOVE traditional holiday music...but TSO's work is a Christmas adventure...musically and's Christmas music...but it's fresh and different ! If you like metal AND broadway musicals without the "corniness" some had...order any or all of TSO's Christmas CD''ll feel a new kind of holiday spirit and they'll become a part of your holiday enjoyment Christmas after Christmas. Turn on the Christmas lights...mix a holiday drink and enjoy "The Christmas Attic" ! Happy Holidays everyone ! ...more info