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The Very Best of Supertramp
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Product Description

In the midst of the late 1970s punk/new wave revolution, England's Supertramp tore a page from the Genesis playbook, suffusing their previously overwrought prog-rock influences and bittersweet hippie optimism gone sour with muscular pop hooks. They eventually became one of the world's foremost rock acts--and later a rich source for contemporary TV commercial music. But while Supertramp peaked quickly, they nonetheless spawned at least two bona fide classic albums--Crime of the Century and Breakfast in America--and a slate of FM radio staples, all of which are included on this near 80-minute anthology. Fully three-quarters of Crime is represented, and rightly so. That 1974 album both stripped down and reinvented the band's sound, centering it around the songs of Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, pulsing electric piano chords, and distinctively reedy vocals on tense, spare songs like "Bloody Well Right" and "Dreamer." But by the time of the multiplatinum Breakfast, they had refined their edgy prog sensibility to virtual extinction with well-crafted pop hits like "The Logical Song" and "Take the Long Way Home." This well-chosen collection spans a decade, but focuses intently on the five great years that cemented Supertramp's reputation. --Jerry McCulley

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Stuff
    An absolutely excellent mix of the best Supertramp songs. A must buy....more info
  • Go with a compilation or not...
    Let me start with the basics.

    Is this a phenomenal record? Yes.
    Are the major hits here? Yes.
    Will you like this album? If you have heard any of the major Supertramp hits on the radio, and have liked them, then almost surely you will love this CD.

    Can you get away with this being your only Supertramp album? Well, that's the rub.

    I always approach a greatest hits package like this the same way. Are an artist's/band's best songs scattered across many records that contain a lot of filler or is there clearly a record or two that encompasses the most vital aspects of the band/artist.

    I want the best songs, regardless of whether I've heard them on the radio. I want to understand the "essence" of an artist. for older bands, ones that might have been before my time, ones where I am kinda "going in blind", the collection or individual records question is the one I need the most help with.

    So to wit, should someone buy this record or go with a couple of individual Supertramp records? After spending time with this CD and having some background with Breakfast in America in my youth, IMHO, I think the better choice with Supertramp is to go the individual records route.

    I say that for two reasons, after spending some time with this CD I noted that the songs I remember and enjoy the most basically came from two records, Breakfast in America and Crime of the Century. The other songs *generally* comprise single selections from their other records. Additionally, I remember really liking Breakfast in America front to back when I was younger.

    So in this case, I would recommend starting with Breakfast in America as a starter and then moving on to Crime of the Century. And then possibly deeper into their discography depending on your newfound affinity for the band. If I had to do it again, I would have gone this route.

    Enjoy....more info
  • Music Like This Gives Me Chills At Times
    While I don't really like most of the songs all that much,(In fact I can't remember their names) the several that I love give me a feeling of euphoria. This hits collection is worth its weight in gold just to have great songs like Take The Long Way Home and Give A Little Bit.(The Logical Song is cool, too) I guess what really turns me on about these kinds of songs is that they get you high. They just seem to have such a positive vibe. Driving home from work is one wild experience when you crank those tunes. I can't can't keep the speedometer under 80mph and I can't keep the volume under 120 decibels.

    The sound is similar to perhaps a band like YES and if you are interested at all in that kind of 70s rocking sound then this is way more than a worthy purchase. ...more info
  • A Super Compilation, but...
    CONSUMER ALERT: A prior review by Terrence J Reardon claimed that this compilatation has the full length versions of the songs. THIS IS NOT TRUE ON ALL VERSIONS, that is there are at least TWO BEST OF's on the market. I purchase a copy from E-Shops on Amazon and received a South American printing. The tracks are the same as on the the 25th Anniversary classics edition. Goodbye Stranger still has a whole verse missing and the outro is dramaticly shorter. Same is true on Take The Long Way Home as the end fades out much too soon. All the other tracks run the same time as the albums they originally appear on. Only the US printing seems to have the full length versions. Both printings include includes School, a good track but you wouldn't miss it. If you don't have any Supertramp recordings, then you should defenitely get this (you really should have "Crime Of The Century" and "Breakfast In America" anyway as they should be heard in their entirety, truly classics). If you have the 25th A&M Anniversary copy of Supertramp Classic, then it's worth replacing. Just make sure you're getting the right version of The Very Best Of Supertramp. If the timing on "Goodbye Stranger" is under five minutes, then it's the bad one (It should run 5:40). "Cannonball" should be over 7 minutes too....more info
  • great hits
    Best compilation hits of Supertramp. This CD is so great I listen to it over and over. If you like Supertramp, this is for you....more info
  • The logical compilation of Supertramp tunes
    I remember listening to Supertramp when I was just a little boy in the early eighties. I didn't know the name of the band. I just knew the famous catchy tunes and the signature BeeGees-type voice of its singers. It's Raining Again and Give A Little Bit are the songs I really remember getting hooked on. I just love the theme and sound of those songs...and more.

    This compilation is probably the best Supertramp greatest hits album they can come out with. Its got all the big hits, the highlights are: Breakfast In America, a sweet little pop song; Goodbye Stranger, another sweet pop song that the lyrics of will play back in your head everytime you read the title (ok, you can stop now!); The Logical Song, a logical choice, this song was one of Supertramp's biggest singles and it is possibly their best written song; From Now On, a nice sing along; Its Raining Again and Give A Little Bit, for the reasons listed above.


    A-...more info

  • best service 5 star
    i recommend if you look at the items she sells she backs her product and offers great service, i will buy from again if i have the opportunity... thank you again... jim...more info
  • Not very best, but still good.
    This isn't too bad of an intro for Supertramp, and although they are one of my favorite bands, this gets three stars. Why? Because they are missing a lot of really good songs (maybe not popular ones, but still good ones). They could have easily focused on the three other Hodgson-era albums (Crisis? What Crisis?, Even in the Quietest Moments, and ...famous last words...), with songs like 'Fools Overture', 'C'est le Bon', or 'Sister Moonshine', and less on the Crime of the Century album. But hey, Supertramp has too many 'good' (all right, too many I like) to make a best of. If you like this, check out Crime through Quietest Moments, you won't be disappointed. And if you like that, check out the remaining A & M years; Just trust me on this one!...more info
  • Complete Collection
    Nicely remastered and all you could ever want from Supertramp. however a bit pricey so 4 stars....more info
    Un album (best of) Supertramp, que je consid¨¨re comme le meilleur du groupe. La voix du chanteur "Roger Hogdson" est mythique. Les m¨¦lodies sont harmonieuses, sublimes.

    Absolutely Brilliant !!!
    ...more info
  • Bloody Darned Right Buddy
    Man, this is so good. . .and I claim to not even like Supertramp. Not liking Supertramp, though, is like not liking The Beach Boys or ABBA- - -anyone who claims not to like them invariably finds him or herself singing and tapping their uncontrollable toes right along with them when no one's looking and is careful never to admit it to anyone. This is a pretty intelligent compilation, too, even though it completely ignores SUPERTRAMP and INDELIBLY STAMPED, the bands first two LPs with a different lineup. That's okay, though, as they had quite a different sound on those first albums and pretty much anything from them would sound a bit jarring here. Check 'em out anyway, they're pretty good. Anyhoo, VERY BEST OF contains all (okay, both of) the big hits, of course, and some astonishingly great LP tracks as well- -yes, "Take The Long Way Home" is superlative (that beautiful harmonica intro! that sax break!), and so is "The Logical Song", but it's nice to have tracks like "School" (another great harmonica intro!), "Goodbye Stranger" and "Breakfast In America" here along with them. They were semi-hits of their own anyway, and do rate among the band's best material. It's amazing how consistent these guys were- -the compilation is hardly chronological, yet all the songs follow one another seamlessly. And while Supertramp makes no effort to hide their influences- -"Take The Long Way Home" quotes the Bee Gees, and "Goodbye Stranger" nicks Boz Scaggs' "Dina Flo" virtually note for note- -at least they are decent enough influences. My Complaint Department admonishes, however, that while what the liner notes claim is in fact true- -i.e., that "at least one representative track from each" of the band's "top-selling" albums is present- -they are a little too literal in their representation of most of the albums themselves: CRIME OF THE CENTURY is represented no less than a whopping six times and BREAKFAST IN AMERICA four (heck, the first nine songs here are from those two albums). But EVEN IN THE QUIETEST MOMENTS is represented only twice, and by what in my unhumble opinion are not even the best songs from that album. And poor little CRISIS? WHAT CRISIS, FAMOUS LAST WORDS and BROTHER WHERE YOU BOUND hobble in with only a paltry one song each. Ah well, that's what VOLUME TWO is all about, I suppose. See you there....more info
  • Esperava mais...
    Diferentemente dos CDs da s¨¦rie "THE SUPERTRAMP REMASTERS", essa coletanea "DIGITALLY MASTERED" n?o causou tanto impacto ao ser comparada com minha vers?o brasileira antiga. Apresenta sens¨ªvel melhora, mas n?o se compara ¨¤ qualidade alcan?ada na remasteriza??o dos outros ¨¢lbuns.
    Melhor do que adquirir essa coletanea, ¨¦ comprar cada ¨¢lbum da s¨¦rie "THE SUPERTRAMP REMASTERS"....more info
  • The BEST of Supertramp!
    'The Very Best of Supertramp' is by far the best Supertramp compilation on the American market. Almost identical to 'Classics, Vol. 9,' only this set features the full-length album versions, and adds my favorite song from the 'Crime of the Century' record, 'School.'

    Mostly every single Supertramp hit is here. 'Give A Little Bit,' 'Take The Long Way Home,' 'Breakfast In America,' 'The Logical Song,' 'Cannonball' and 'Rudy' all appear on this set for your listening pleasure. And, A&M gets tons of credit for remastering these tracks beautifully. In translation, the sound quality is excellent!

    And, album cuts like 'Crime of the Century' and 'Ain't Nobody But Me' also appear on this set.

    Overall, if you buy it with 'The Very Best of Supertramp 2,' than you'll have all of Supertramp's important songs. But overall, this is highly recommended for the new or casual fan.

    Highly recommended. ENJOY!!!...more info
  • Supertramp's music is timeless
    This is my second copy of this CD. My first one is so worn out that I wanted a replacement before it gave up the ghost. My daughters, 18 and 15, enjoy Supertramp's music as much as I do. ...more info
  • Classic Jams
    i have always dug the smoothness and directness of Supertramp's Music. take the long way home was a catchy cut that still is tight. Dreamer and the classic the logical song was and is still happening. i dug there arrangements and the vocals were real cool. this is a must have collection for other Supertramp fans. this is a great value for there hits. ...more info
  • redefining classic
    My God. Supertramp. How could I have missed out on this and so much classic rock, having to instead be subjected to the sonic nightmares of today? Ok enough melodrama, this hits album is greatness. Crime of the century is definitely Supertramps best, followed by Breakfast in america. Appropriately a great # of songs from both albums are here, including my favorites: The logical song, Bloody well right, Take thel ong way home, Crime of the century, Dreamer, and Hide in your shell. They can only be called masterpieces. pop perfection if you will. However on a critical note, the lyrics just dont fit the music. The music is catchy, happy, melodic. The lyrics dark and often brooding and apocalyptic. Still, dont let that sway you, this album is very lcose to musical perfection in my humble little 21 yearo ld opinion....more info
  • Get the original vinyl...if you can
    Actually, I ran across my dusty "Breakfast in America" album recently. Ordered a new Grado cartridge for my Technics turntable and ripped it to MP3. But nothing beats the original analog recording with all the pops and cracks of dirty vinyl. Nothing missing from the originals....and no download or CD compares.

    I LOVE WITH VINYL AGAIN!...more info
  • Pure Pop Rock Heaven
    Supertramp was definitely an anomaly in the late 70's musical landscape. They were really too pop to be considered rock, too rock to be considered pure pop, too mainstream to be considered progressive, too quirky and avant garde to be considered mainstream, not quirky and avant garde enough to be considered new wave or punk. And like any great band with a signature sound, they experienced their peak popularity at a time when they were TOTALLY out of place with the predominant music of the time (disco). Now that over 20 years has passed since "Breakfast In America", we can conveniently classify them as "classic rock", but they definitely defied categorization in their heyday. Listening to the tracks from "Crime of the Century", you can definitely sense a jazz and R&B influence woven into their take on progressive rock that made them stand out from the more arty and guitar rock trappings of bands like Genesis, Yes, and King Crimson. Their style evolved over the course of several albums to become something purely their own, a sound which thankfully was never ripped off by a slew of wannabes. One reviewer of BIA classified their sound as almost "carnival-like", which makes sense even though it's not a conventional description. But then few things about Supertramp were convenitional. From the vocals of Roger Hodgson (the nasal-y voiced one) to the viscous sax of John Halliwel, to the jazzy-staccato electric piano work of Rick Davies (also their other lead vocalist - the deeper voiced one), this was a band that had several distinct trademarks.

    This collection does indeed copy the running order of the previous best-of "Classics Vol. 9", but ups the ante three different ways:

    (1) It adds the track "School"
    (2) It digitally remasters all the songs ("Take The Long Way Home" in particular sounds absolutely pristine)
    (3) it includes the full-length versions of all songs.

    The anemic "Classics Vol 9" included shamelessly edited versions of "Take The Long Way Home" (the intro is what really made the tune cool) and "Goodbye Stranger", which upset me so much I immediately carted it off to the second-hand CD store. I bet on the fact that a better compilation would come along eventually, and my wish came true. There's hardly a hit missing here. If you're a fan of 70's rock, your collection is incomplete without "The Very Best of Supertramp"...more info

  • Now, THIS is the crime of the (new) century
    What a rip-off.

    This disc opens with "School", then proceeds to mirror - RIGHT DOWN TO THE RUNNING ORDER - the previous compilation (A&M 25th Anniversary Series "Classics" volume 9)

    This band had fewer than 10 top-40 hits. It's inexcusable to leave ANY one of them off. It's downright criminal that the beautiful ballad "My Kind Of Lady" from the "Famous Last Words" album is left off this and the previous collection.

    I know the band wasn't all about singles and chart hits, but this track deserves to be on any "best of" or retrospective of the band....more info

  • a classic compilation
    this is absolutely a musical delight.each and every song on this great cd is a gem and i give this terrific cd my highest possible recommendations and rating.a must in every rock fans collection....more info
  • Excellent collection if you can find it!
    I picked this gem up at Sam the Record Man in downtown Toronto, and was it a good choice! Every song on this disc rocks. Supertramp may have been dissed by the critics and the general public, but they do have talent! Just check out "The Logical Song" and "Dreamer." I look forward to getting the second volume of the series....more info