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Breath of Fire III (PS1)
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  • Great game!
    First, I'd like to start out by saying, this is one of the best games I have ever played! Second, don't listen to anyone that gave this game 1 or 2 stars, because this game isn't as low as to get a poor rating. The main character, Ryu, is one of the dragons. The dragons, can take on a human-like appearance, but a little different (Example: Ryu from BOF 1 had fangs). The plot starts when Ryu is looking for 2 of his friends, who all got separated due to an accident. But later, the plot completely turns around and blocks off the 2 friends. But anyway, this game is REALLY FUN!!! The battle system is turn-based, and you can learn certain abilitis from enimies by using the "Examine" command. There are a total of 6 party memebers, and there only one thing I hate about this game. I like it when you can access to all of your party members in the menu, and that they all would get experience points (Like BOF 4). But I HIGHLY recdomend this game, and trust me, you won't regret buying it....more info
  • It's an RPG.
    Over the years the genre of role-playing games has been so rigidly defined that dubbing a game an RPG often describes it completely (if it adheres to those rules), and causes more than a few people to become rather angry if it doesn't. Of the stadard features of the standard console RPG, Breath of Fire III features: a party of three characters; turn-based battle engine (that allows little strategy); minigames (that add little to the game); an epic quest to save the known world; numerous magic spells and abilities; numerous items that serve a variety of purposes; a complex menu system.

    From the list above you can tell that Breath of Fire III is not terribly original. The game's central plot, the key feature of the RPGs as a genre, does not enter development until well into the game (although not as late as that of Legend of Dragoon), and by itself lacks the involvement to propel the game. What propels the game is the large, pretty overworld filled with cities and other special locations, the large selection of spells, and an equally large number of foes for you to battle.

    The graphics are pretty despite being simple, although the two-dimensional characters do not blend too well into the 3D pre-rendered surroundings. The ability to (slightly) rotate the camera is appreciated, especially since the game takes an incredible advantage of the feature through the great nmber of secret things that can only be seen from a certain angle. Nevertheless, the sprites rotate poorly, and you will be able to see exactly what makes those trees appear 3-dimensional.

    The combat system is simple and intuitive, and will be instantly familiar to you if you've ever played a console RPG in your entire life.

    BoFIII is solid, long, well-developed (for a console RPG), and unique in its own sense, however small of a sense that might be. Those who follow the series will be enchanted to see the characters from earlier games make cameo appearances. The game is addicting, probably because there is so much to explore, although casually purchasing newer and better equipment becomes a chore from the get-go. Breath of Fire III has its share of interesting puzzles, some of them rather absurd, some infuriating (althogh I was able to solve all of them after I thought about them for a while).

    BoFIII will have you pressing buttons on gravestones in no time if you aren't looking for something exzceptional....more info

    Being someone who loves RPG games, but sucked terribly at dexterity, I was always frustrated with never being able to find a game I could complete -- lack of coordination. This game is more of a thinking game, and while there are some dexterity/coordination parts, it's not constant keypad movements and doesn't frustrate you so much to want to quit. Needless to say, the humor, the clever puzzles and the story line itself is great and I highly recommend this game. There are so many places to explore ... once through is not enough!...more info
  • greatest RPG for the playstation
    Breath of Fire 3 is the greatest rpg I have ever played next to The Legend of Zelda For the N64.It has the greatest 2d graphics ever.The game is very addicting because of the great but twisted plot.It is the longest single cd game I have ever played taking me nearly 53 hours to beat.It starts out as a young boy/dragon Ryu is found abandoned in the woods by 2 kind hearted thieves named Rei and Teepo.I dont want to give too much away but over time they become very close and go on little mini quests with each other until... (the rest is up to you to find out).Ryu has a strong desire to find out about his destiny and his ancestors.Throughout the game you meet up with several new people who join your party who are very reliable in battle.There is a lot of dialogue in the game which is better than no talking at all.The only thing I did not like in the game was the high enemy encounter rate.But this game still deserves 5 stars and is a game you must buy if you're a fan of rpg's....more info
  • Dragon powers, quest for destiny, it's all here!
    A yong boy set out to discover his true destiny and the hidden power within him of an ancient dragon race that has the power to destroy the world. As with all RPG's the battles can get annoying and the graphics may not be as hot as other RPGs, but once you discover your hidden dragon powers you'll soon forget about all that. Also as you travel you pick up a myriad of characters, from a mutated onion to a battle champion guardian who all join you on your quest. The story line is great and easy to follow and there are a lot of puzzles and mini-games along the way. This one is a must play for everyone!...more info
  • Something Compelling....
    Well. What can I say. The graphics in my opinion are very good, sice I don't put a lot of stock in visuals. I liked the soundtrack very much. The story is good, but not THAT great. This game is starting to sound mediocre, isn't it? For some reason, I LOVE this game! Maybe it's just because I'm an RPG *FREAK*, but this game really had me hooked. I highly reccomend it....more info
  • Basic RPG
    I have never played any of the games from the Breath of Fire series before, but I would never buy another one if they were anything like this one. It is and okay game over all but is missing some key elements of a good RPG. It's story line wasn't that great. I found it a little hard to follow in the beginning and the characters were not that great. The main character doesn't even talk. But I did like how the battle mode was controlled. It was easy to learn and fun to fight enemies. I would recommend a few games before it but if you are looking for a fun and easy RPG to pass some time, I recommend it....more info
  • It lives up to the original!
    This is one of the best RPG's I have ever had the privalige of owning. Aside from the utter lack of FMV's, this game has a wonderful story, coulerful characters, and the plot twists even threw me off track! Plus, the game lasts about 60 hours, average for an RPG, but on only one disk! This one is worth buying!...more info
  • Still a great RPG
    This game is still a great RPG game even though it was released in the late 90s ('98?). I'm a seasoned RPG enthusiast, but I never had a chance to play any of the BOF series so I decided to order this game on amazon about a month ago. So far, I've played over 50 hours of this game (I think I'm almost finished!) and I can say that this game is as good (if not, better) than some of the BEST RPGs that ever existed, Final Fantasy and Zelda series included.

    Stuff that I really like about this game:

    * Story seems mysterious enough to keep your attention to what's gonna happen next. It's about Ryu, the dragon boy and a mission to find out how/why he became a dragon and where he's from.

    * Very interesting characters you'll meet like Rei, Ryu's partner who can transform himself into a tiger. There's also Nina who was a kidnapped princess who ended up travelling with Ryu. There's Garr, a monster-bull looking thing that was supposed to hate Ryu's race, but ended up befriending Ryu. And there's also Peco, a mutated vegetable-looking thing that ended up with the gang.

    * Fairy village that you can "customize" that will sell you items/weapons and/or build your village by giving jobs to fairies, and you can even allocate a fairy to find items for you. With your good (or bad) management, fairies can be born or die...

    * Lots of little "minigames", puzzles, or mini-strategy quests that move the game along and keep it from getting boring. For example, you have to find items to create a dish to feed a mayor of a town (don't ask!), or you have to control a crane and move boxes around to create a bridge to proceed to the next door, or pull a box with another person rhythmically to find an "item" awashed on the shore, etc.

    * you can learn monsters spells/skills through the "examine" feature while fighting them. It's a great addition, especially if you want to learn a very good skill that some monsters use. Not all skills can be learned, though.

    * you can find different types of people that can enhance your stats/skills by going under their apprenticeship. For example, one of them can help you gain more power or defense, while another may make you more intelligent, etc.

    So far, I have no complaints except for the "desert quest" that seemed to go on and on and get the point. But, like anything, it requires strategy and it's not as hard as some people think it is once you find out that there is an easier way to finish it.

    Overrall, this game exceeds my expectation for a very good RPG game. It's hard enough that it will keep you thinking of ways to proceed to the next level, but not too hard that it'll make you just quit it....more info
  • Its the best
    Aside from the last boss being practically impossible, this game is the best RPG for the Playstation. If you don't see the light try it for your self. It is worth it....more info
  • This game is cool
    Breath of Fire 3 is a game where you play the role of Ryu and on your adventure you learn to transform into a dragon and you meet strong allies and strong enimies during the quest, the plot makes it pretty cool and you get to build your own city sound cool try it...more info
  • Lovein It
    I love this game. Changing into dragons is awesome and some of the characters are to die for (Like Rei and Ryu). The story really pulls you into the character and even the graphics aren't that bad. they're better than most PS one games ^_^ I suggest getting your hands on it if you like classic playstation games....more info
  • Very good & cool
    Breath of Fire 3 is the third installment in the BOF series. Great story with dragons, humor, and good all RPG goodness....more info
  • One of my favorite video games
    This is probably one of my favorite, if not my favorite, video game. I've played it all the way through three times.

    The battles are you typical, turn based battles, which I like. The camera view is not the least bit confusing or difficult to follow. The storyline is incredibly interesting, and keeps you in the story where you're playing it as much to find out what happens next as you are for the fun of it.

    The side games, fishing and such, are enjoyable, and you get helpful items from them.

    The characters are likable, and that's a bit plus in my book when it comes to video games....more info
  • Amazing, Fantastic Game
    Hands Down, my favorite video game. I first played nearly 10 years ago, when I was 9 years old, I was at a relatives friends house, and he let me play. I am so glad he did, When I was about 10 or 11 I had been looking for this game forever, when I found it in a discount bin at Walmart (THE FOOLS!) Of Course, this was before it became a sought after gem. I have still never finished it!Ha, but I pretty much know what happens. Funny story (I'm boring you all...) My first save file which was about 75% done, was lost along with the memory card it was on when my brother borrowed my ps1. After a heartbroken couple of years of being stubborn, I started a new game...which I accidently overwrote while saving my girlfriends game for her. I was at the same exact point as my first game. A little over a year ago I started a new game. I'm not sure I want to finish. lol. (btw, I don't just suck that much, I just go a bit slow at every game I play. Plus I tend to stop playing a game, and pick it back up months later. I figure I don't have to start over to get the full effect of the story, since I basically know it inside out.)Sorry, I'll talk about the actual game now.
    Breath of Fire III is AMAZING. The Story is so captivating and 3 dimentional. I think it really pulls off modern japanese storytelling and places it in a mostly western inspired setting. The story is really beautiful, Breath of Fire and Legend Of Zelda are what made me see video games as works of fiction alongside books and films, rather than just mindless entertainment with a story thrown together.
    I think the graphics are perfect, they did what they wanted to do with it, and produced in my opinion what people would want to see. 2D in a three dimentional world, Not 2D like the 16bit graphics of BoF2, and while in a 3-dimentional world, there were no unsightly polygons that bosses and some characters were rendered in in BoF4, as well as what made up so many whole games of the time, such as Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario 64, and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While the latter two, are in my opinion, brilliant games (not that the first two are particualarly bad), the graphics were undeniably a little attrocious. I don't think any 3D game on the n64 or Playstation looked good, and while some of the best video games of all time were made in this period, and I wouldn't change a thing, I still think I would have waited for the capabilities of the gamecube, PS2, or X-box to make a game like that. Anyway, back to BoF3, I think this game triumphed in the graphics depatment because it had the technology for 3d landscapes and movement, but used 2D sprites and backgrounds, which could be ued at a far more sophisticated level than on a 16 bit console.
    Gameplay is great. I'm not very good at describing that, but yeah, I think it has a great battle engine or whatever. (I'm kind of tired from writing about the graphics lol). I'm rather fond of the upper world map (which is less of a map, and more of a simply simplified world), versus the actual areas. The three quarters view is a bit strange, but I love it, probably better than it it were just front facing for some reason....Don't really have much to say about that...sorry.
    Now, the most underrated part of this game, the music. I LOVE the music. Akari Kaida and Yoshino Aoki, they have done beautifully. I listen to this on my mp3 player. Everyone says it was the worst part of the game, but seriously, I think it is the best video game music ever. I love the opening and prolougue tracks especially, and the tracks For the Dragons (which I believe is the BGM for Dragnier) and Ending. The credits song Pure Again is lovely as well.
    If you like RPGs, this is a must have. Probably one of the best video games of all time. So damn underrated....more info