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Never Say Never
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Brandy has a lot to prove. She's had five Grammy nominations; she's won one Billboard Music Award, one American Music Award, and several Image and Soul Train awards; and she's sold over 4 million records--all by the age of 19. Never Say Never enters the scene after four years of sophomore jitters and plain old fear. And it enters with a bang. Brandy's voice suggests serious vocal training from her father, and strong songs--some written by her now-19-year-old woman-child self--attempt to take R&B back to its proper plateau. The album's first single, "The Boy Is Mine," and the Mase duet "Top of the World" serve as proof that Brandy still has the chops, determination, and cuteness to take a record to the top. --Asondra R. Hunter

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Album In Time Of Great Music
    The years 97/98/99 were interesting musical years. In 97 all good hiphop basically died with Biggie and the earlier demised Tupac Shakur, in 98 a group of rnb superstars began to really shine (Aaliyah came out with the single "Are You That Somebody", Usher with the album "My Way", and Monica with the album "The Boy Is Mine") and in '99 boyband pop took over the airwaves and with the old millennium ending so did the last bit of all good hiphop/rnb/pop music (with a few exceptions). I still remember the first time I saw 'The Boy Is Mine' video with the sexy mehkiki pfeifer two-timing Brandy and Monica. It was probably the biggest single of the year and also one of the biggest singles ever. The other songs on the album are also great. She does a song with mase (Sittin On Top Of The World) who she was rumoured to be dating at the time. This album is probably Brandy's peak (it was followed 4 years later by the disasterous 'Full Moon') and the in between Aphrodisiac. I still have to get Brandy's first album, but I would say if you don't have this album GET IT NOW!!! And while you're there buy Usher's 'My Way' and all the Monica and Aaliyah albums....more info
  • This cd is still in my cd player today!
    Brandy's sophomore album Never Say Never is simply amazing. It's almost perfect but of course most of everything has its hits N' misses. Brandy second cd displays maturity and very heart-felt songs such as; "Tomorrow" & "Have you Ever". It is without a doubt that I label this album as her BEST and honestly the best of contemporary R&B, yet.

    It is very exciting to know that Brandy penned most of the album's song, so not only is she a gifted singer, actress but she's a gifted songwriter as well. This cd will forever remain in my ipod and disc changer.

    Top Tracks:

    Tomorrow (My favorite R&B ballad-vocally she's amazing on this song)
    Angel in Disguise
    Have you ever
    U dont know me (Like you used to)

    This cd needs to be in every Brandy and R&b lover collection
    ...more info
  • You should Never Say Never.
    It's true, that you should never say never. Some critics thought Brandy's second album wouldn't make a big splash as her debut album "Brandy" did. But they were wrong, this album entitle album "Never Say Never" was even bigger. Even though her voice was actually maturing at the time, Brandy managed to make a masterpeice agian. The album starts of with fun, hip-hip and acoustic songs such as, Angel in Disgise, Boy is Mine, Learn The Hard Way, and Almost Doesn't Count. Through the next half of the album, Brandy shows off her expertise vocals by singing the power house ballad written by Diane Warren "Have You Ever?". And ending the album with rock/gospel-oriented songs such as Everything I do (do it for you), Tommorrow, One Voice, and Truthfull. Honesty, if you get up and walk away from this album, you will miss everything it has to offer. This album can be listened to over and over again, all the way through, without getting tire. This album, should be purchased....more info
  • Just listen to the cd.
    Brandy has a very beautiful soft voice. I have never been much of a fan of her show in fact I only watched an episode and gave up after the first 5 minutes. I'm very glad she is coming out with a new cd hopefully she'll continue with her singing career for a couple years. She is a very talented young woman and I can't help but love the songs on this album.
    The songs deal with things such as being in love with someone who worships someone else and doesn't notice she is playing with him, being played, being seen the wrong way, loving someone, and so on. Brandy is such a great singer and I'm glad she's back in the studio again. I missed her!
    I do wish she hadn't sung the song 'The Boy Is Mine' with Monica, I really don't think she's talented and singing it with her was kind of a waste....more info
  • Brandys Best Yet
    I just bought Full Moon and have to say that it dosen't compare to NEVER SAY NEVER. I was so impressed with this cd when it came out about 3 years ago. This cd is jam packed with overlooked hits. I would definetly suggest this cd to anyone. It's filled with good beats, lyrics and Brandys sultry voice. You cant go wrong with Never Say Never. One Love...more info
  • i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu brandy
    i love u so much . i have written a lot of things i love about you but i discovered that it didn't go but i'll love it if you find time to mail me back coz i'm one of the best fan& girlfriend you can ever imagine.
    see ya...more info
  • The Best CD of It's Time
    When Never Say Never came out, all of my peers were listening to it. Not only that but adults and children had an ear for it as well. Never Say Never is probably the best CD that she has ever or ever will make. All of her songs were something that someone could relate to. It was some serious lyrical genius work put into this album. Brandy showed how talented she could be, not to say her future projects were not just as good. More so that this CD was the begining of something great. I think Brandy proved that she will be a powerful force to be reckoned with in R&B even if it is to get into production or song writing, Im sure we will always hear something from this lady....more info
  • Great album...
    This is brandys third best album. Afrodisiac & Full Moon being the first 2. Well this album has great production. The calloborations are very highlightive.
    Best Songs:
    Angel In Disguise
    The Boy is Mine (shows that brandy is better than
    Learn The Hard Way
    Almost Doesn't Count
    Top of The World (great collaboration with mase)
    U Don't Know Me (this beat drives me crazy i love it)
    Never Say Never
    Have You Ever (beautifully written)
    Tommorow (a ballad to cry for)...more info
  • Well done Brandy!!!!
    Well I loved her new album so much that I bought Never say never and Full Moon, both by the way are excellent albums. She co-writes really good songs. The production is excellent and displays Brandy's raspy vocals at her best. Songs also have some entrancing beats such as 'Angel in Disguise", 'U dont know me like you used to' and "Learn the Hard Way", this album is great. If you get this album make sure to buy a copy of Full Moon and Afrodisiac....more info
  • I love this CD!
    I had this CD back in the 90s; when I was in middle school. I haven't been able to find it anywhere and then I looked it up on amazon and boom there it was! This is a must have for any true brandy fan and even if you're not it's still a very good CD....more info
  • Too bland and unoriginal plus horrible vocals
    Brandy wasnt bringing anything new to the MI when she released this album back in 1998. Its got some ok songs but could have been better. But then again she was only 19 and this was here sophomore album. What makes the CD worse is her bad vocals. Can u understand what shes saying in 'the boy is mine'? She should have took more singing lessons but then again that wont help if u just cant sing. Actually I dont see how she got a record deal in the first place but anyways. Save your money and buy mya's CD instead....more info
  • brandy rules
    I love all 4 of her albums and this one has exceptionally fresh and original r&b music co-written with hit songwriter rodney jerkins. My top 5 never say never picks are:

    the boy is mine
    learn the hard way
    have you ever
    you don't know me like you used to
    almost doesn't count...more info
  • Great CD to own
    I gotta say i think this is the best Brandy CD out there. It's got great up beat type songs and a few slow ones. It's really worth buying.
    ...more info
  • good album!
    Brandy's second album was 10x better than the first! I can listen to each song without skipping and I rarely do that. of all her albums, this was by far her best work ...more info
  • Awesome!
    This is one of my favorite R&B Albums. I enjoy every single song on this record. My favorite songs are: Almost Doesn't Count, Top Of The World, Truthfully and One Voice. 5 stars to this album!...more info
  • Brandy: An Angel in Disguise
    I can't give this album enough compliments. It is a masterpiece. Many would not expect Brandy, the girl with the braids from Moesha, Miss "I Wanna be Down" herself, to be capable of creating a masterpiece, but she has done it with "Never Say Never."
    Brandy gives you a taste of hip-hop, a taste of r&b and even a taste of gospel with this album. It has the right amount of songs, the right lyrics, the right music, wow! I can guarantee everyone will find something they enjoy on this album. Brandy's single, "The Boy is Mine" was a smash hit. The song featured songstress Monica. The song went straight to No. 1 and helped Brandy Norwood to create history: This song stayed at number one longer than any other duet in history! The radio stations could not play it enough. "Almost Doesn't Count" was also released. I like this song's message: If something is done halfway, it doesn't count, you have to complete it. The song is mid-tempo and has a nice video. "Truthfully" is an excellently written and produced song. Some have said that it's tempo is extremely slow, so slow that it takes from the enjoyment of the song, but I disagree. The tempo helps convey the songs message. The message is since your ex lied to you so much I am going to make sure I always tell you the truth. It is a message that many relate to. "Have You Ever" is such a nice ballad. This song was also released. Many people got something from this song because they have been through what Brandy is talking about. Rodney Jerkins really did his thing on this album. It's probably the best work he will ever do.
    Anyone pondering on whether or not they should give this one a listen, GIVE IT A LISTEN! Don't be fooled by Brandy's voice, she has skills and can easily lure you in. What did you say B-Rocka? NEVER SAY NEVER!

    Mikeisha's Top 5
    1. Put that on Everything
    2. Have You Ever
    3. Truthfully
    4. Angel in Disguise
    5. One Voice
    ...more info
  • Great album, 1 of my favorites!!!!
    This album takes you on a roller coaster! Many of the songs are beautifully written and tug at the heart strings! There are also great beats. This is one of my all time favorites! ...more info
    I just downloaded some songs from Brandy's most recent album FULL MOON and I must tell you all it does not compare to this musical masterpiece also known as NEVER SAY NEVER. This CD has so much meaning for me and I listen to it often all the way through. It's a great album! It incorporates Pop, R&B, Hio-Hop, Synth Pop and some Gospel. The best songs on the album are...well Everything! But my personal favortes are: "One Voice", "Truthfully", "Everything I Do" (Great cover of the Bryan Adams classic!), "Almost Doesn't Count" and the title track "Never Say Never" isn't too bad either. This album in case you didn't know includes the hits "The Boy Is Mine" the world famous duet with Monica, "Angel in Disguise", "Top of the World", "Have You Ever" and "Almost Doesn't Count." Wow...6 hits from just one CD! And the rest is Fabulous, each one of great merit. "Happy" is a DarkChild produced song that is fun to dance to and "Tomorrow" shows off her vocals very well (but could be considered filler). Overall I highly reccomend this CD. I am so glad I bought it and you will be to once you do. Overall grade: A+...more info
  • Best Brandy Album, A True Classic.
    I've been listening to this CD since I was in the 2nd grade and I still love it to this day! Brandy really showed her skills on this album. Songs like "Angel in Disguise", the teen favorite "Boy Is Mine" with Monica, "Learn The Hard Way", "Almost Doesn't Count", the hit "Top of The World" with my man Mase, "Never Say Never", "Truthfully", the classic song "Have You Ever", "Put That On Everything", the party starter "Happy", and "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" are all my personal favorites on this album. I recommend this for ANY R&B fan. BKLYNBABYLON signing off... ...more info
  • Excellent, Classic, the essence of Brandy
    What can I say about the CD? It's great, its great, its great. This is an unbelievable sophmore album. There is not a bad song on the cd.. not one.
    This album makes me remeber so many memories of middle and early high school!
    Brandy vocals are smooth and Darkchild produced some great songs.
    Brandy came out with a new style and fresh songs which with her innocence and ability propelled her into a superstar.
    I thing Brandy sound her best in slow soulful grooves and there are plenty here.
    My favs are: Boy is Mine, Angel in Disguise, SOTOTW, Have U ever, Put that on everything, Truthfully, and my favorite song of all time Truthfully!
    As you can tell this album is special to me. If you love R&B music this is for you...more info
  • Brandy's best
    I bought this cd about 3 years ago and never listened to it fully until recently. I was blown away - this is one of the best r&b cds in my collection. It's a NSR (no skipping required) for me - I just pop it into the player and press "play". I think the rapport between Brandy & Randy Jerkins is incredible and that created a disc that simply flows from one song to the next. It's a good balance between dance tracks, mid-tempo ballads and full on ballads.

    The standouts to me are..... why front, the entire album stands out but the songs that definitely spoke to my heart are:

    Angel in Disguise (10/10)

    The Boy is Mine (10/10 - deserves all accolades received. Bran & Moni tore this song up)

    Almost Doesn't Count (9/10)

    Have You Ever? (10/10 - beautifully sung & arranged)

    One Voice (8/10)

    Tomorrow (10/10 - first time I heard this I cried)

    Everything I Do (10/10 - excellent remake)...more info

  • Brandy
    This CD is really great! Brandy is a great singer and I suggest you buy this CD if you like R&B music or Brandy because you will not be upset with your purchase.The Boy is MIne,Almost Doesn't Count,Top Of The World,U Dont Know Me ( Like U Used To),and Have You Ever are all really great songs! This CD is definately worth the $15 or so to buy it!...more info
  • Never Say Never
    I know its kinda stupid to just now be buying this cd. I had listened to it when i was young, and i was really feeling it. I think this cd is great, a classic. Although it is somewhat high school level. The whole cd is really good. Even though it sounds different then what i heard when I was 13. This cd is a lot less mature then her newest cd. My fav sone actually is "never say never". I think its good to listen to....more info
  • great r&b CD
    this CD brings back a lot of memories. It came out at the end of my freshman year at high school and a lot of youthful memories. I clearly remember the Boy is Mine being a summer smash you couldn't get away from, as well as the dance jam sitting on top of the world featuring mase when puff daddy(excuse me, p.diddy) and the bad boy crew were at the height of their popularity. Have You Ever(written by diane warren who was also successful around the same with aerosmith's don't want to miss a thing and my heart will go on) was a song that helped me get over a death in the family and last but not least, the music. This is the CD that introduced the music listeners to the rodney jerkins sound and it's incredible. Learn the Hard Way, Almost Doesn't Count, Angel in Disguise, Never Say Never and You Don't Know Me Like You Used To all had a fresh new creative sound that paved the way for the sound of r&b and hip hop music in the late 90's/early 00's that we take advantage of hearing nowadays. Everything I Do the bryan adams remake was also done beautifully. Brandy may not write all her songs though she has a hand in co-writing sometimes, but she definitely knows how to make a song and it's sound her own with her beautiful voice and the emotions that lie behind it. Definitely check this CD out if you want to check out great contemporary r&b music, and also check out Full Moon which is also produced by rodney jerkins but even edgier. ...more info
  • A Special Place
    "Never Say Never" is my all-time favorite album. From start to finish, beautiful from beginning to end.

    I came to review this today because I was talking to a complete and total stranger that I just met today and told them about my love for this woman. And the very last thing I said was "she has a special place in my heart".

    Then I thought about it. Wow...a special place? I am not family nor friend. Nor have we ever even spoke face to face. But Brandy's music speaks loud. And this album is what started my appreciation for great music.

    It is not common that I throw out the word classic, but this is one of those times where you will see me say it..."This album is CLASSIC!" And from the looks of it, people coming back to review it after years of its release, they obviously believe so also.

    If this is not part of your music collection, do yourself a favor and do so. And if you don't wanna spend your pennies, go download track 15 "tomorrow"...tears of power and hope WILL come. My favorite song EVER....more info
  • Brandy's 2nd Album Never Say Never-Her Coming-Of-Age
    I remember this album when I was 11. This album brings back memories. This album is a pleasure to listen from beginning to the end. This album sounds like a young lady taking control of her art and her life with a melodic force unparalleled in contemporary pop-R&B. Never Say Never is a document from the soul of a young woman on the move,figuring out the winding roads of romance, the sure-footed initial steps to independence,the exhilaration and freedom of her own soaring vocals. This album has been certified 5x Platinum.
    Remember,this was 1998.

    ...more info
  • This was a solid effort!!
    From the intro to the end...this was a great CD! You don't get multiple songs on CDs to much anymore,let alone continuous song after another that makes you wanna sing along.

    I enjoyed each and every song on this young ladies CD...and played it heavily and from time to time will still pop it. I am no spring chicken, nor do I want to be one..but I give credit where credit is due. I used to work out to this entire CD, everyday. Now how often can you say that......more info

  • A Hot Album!!
    I bought this album a while after it came out..It is a really good album and one of my favorites from Brandy..The reason why I gave it 4 stars is because I dont listen to the last 3 songs..But the rest are a wonderful mix of Pop-influenced R&B..I thank Brandy is a great singer and Im glad that she's still someone I can depend on for good music......more info
  • sophmore
    great sophmore effort. Way better than her first album, and definetly more personal. I definetly think she should have released more singles off this album. The whole thing was great....more info
  • Beautiful!!!!!!!
    This is her best album ever and will always will be. The mixing is excellent. Her vocals are more mature and has feeling that her 3rd album doesn't have (aside from "Nothing") but that's a different story. Every song is meshed with her soulful vocals and relaxing music that makes want to continuously listen to this album from 1 to 16. I love the fact that many of her songs run together to give that feeling of a story told by Brandy on a music album. If you're thinking about getting an album by Brandy, buy this one, if you're into real R&B. Full Moon is techno feeling. Her 1st album sounded popish. This is a keeper!...more info
  • 3.5 stars
    I love brandy and I have all her CD's. When this CD came out I was playing it all the time, but now that I listen to it, though I love some of the classics she and rodney co wrote on this CD, she sounds vocally weak on this CD, and for that fact alone I would rather listen to her first album and full moon where she sounds beautiful and on which she displays more of her vocal range. I do love this CD for the musical production best though....more info
  • And so my Heart Melts...
    Brandy Norwood..Songstress Actress Model Writer and Producer has unleashed her vocal ability and her creativity with her second album, Never Say Never.The album boasts 16 superb tracks.
    A great display of her vocals, style and passion for music.

    The album contains a mix of track 'types'..Slow soothing Ballads and sorrowful heartfelt songs of love and anguish. Her smooth rich and loving voice is perfect in carrying the emotions. Then she comes at us with fast melodical beat rocking tracks..sure to get you in the mood to shake you tush..

    Widely argued as her best album, the tracks give weight to that argument, the album has great songs which leave you yearning more.Brandy has consistency, a vital trait for the music industry, she is consistent with a high quality level for all of her songs, from the slow to fast.Something else that struck me was her 3 page long 'Thank You' section, a sign of a songstress who is aware of how much she owes those who got her where she is,also a long passage for her fans, conveying her gratitude.

    Angel in Disguise- superbly sung, great vocals with feeling and soul.
    The Boy is Mine- the self styled cat fight, earnt the NO.1 spot for 9WEEKS! This is a great track amongst others on her album
    Learn the Hard way- Nice beat and etchy deeper vocals
    Almost Doesnt Count- a sad track, slower and reminsicing. Good vocals with a slower soothing beat.(' cant keep on loving you one foot outside the door')
    Top of the World- Brandy dispells rumours of her character, she affirms that she is as real as she ever was. Great collaboration with Mase! Terrific beat another great single.
    U dont Know Me- upbeat booty shaking music with great vocal style
    Never Say Never- an important message to all.Perservere and you can achieve.The song has a unique beat and the vocals are good
    Truthfully- A terrific track, one of her slower and more sad songs.Touching vocals,deep etchy and soothing
    Have You Ever- Terrific! great lyrics and unique vocal presentation, with a great beat..makes you want more
    Put that on everything- Reminiscent of music in her days..another good track
    Happy- Yum Yum! A booty shaking,fast and powerful.Wicked Vocals!!
    One Voice- Stunning Vocals..childlike and innocent sung.
    Tomorrow- Another Fantastic track, so raw passionate and full of bitter sweet sorrow, Brandy conveys these with her emotional voice so suited to these songs.
    Everything- Unique and smooth. Another accomplishment.

    Brandy conveys through Never Say Never that she is able to do whatever she puts her mind to. And she does just that,this ablbum was made through a hectic period,she was at her peak in Moesha and had other Acting commitments, she was nervous with singing and took stage fright.Yet she persevered and did it..and so we have another great album from her. IT is NOt good, it is NOt alright its Stunning, Fantastic, Real and Hot. A definate buy for those who appreciate Good Urban RnB music.
    ...more info