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Andre Bocelli is no opera singer, but he shows far more potential in this album than does another pop-vocalist tenor-wannabe, Michael Bolton. For one thing, he can shake off the crooner mannerisms and really sing when performing music that calls for it. At his best, he has a rich, dark timbre and an easy, unforced top. At other times, however, the tone turns dry and thin and the high notes are constricted, the inconsistency suggesting a lack of technique. Never does one get the impression that he could be heard over a medium-sized orchestra without amplification. This isn't bad singing per se, but there is much better out there, readily available on disc. --Sarah Bryan Miller

Exclusive Australian Gold pressing released to coincide with his first public appearance in Australia. He'll be performing at the opening ceremonies and then onto to tour the land down under. His back catalogue will be released & re-packaged in slipcases with his signature on them as well as all of them pressed on gold plated CD's. This pressing includes 17 tracks, all sung in his native Italian Tongue. 1998 release. Standard jewel case.

2005 Second Edition of the 1998 Hit Album from the Popular Italian Tenor. This Set Adds Two Tracks: "The Pearl Fishers" (Duet with Bryn Terfel) and "di Quella Pira".

Customer Reviews:

  • Another masterpiece!
    This man is beyond talented. His voice sings to the soul of a true music & art lover. There are truly no words to describe the emotion his performances evoke. If you don't appreciate his incredible talent, check your pulse!!...more info
  • Of course it's not perfect, but it's beautiful
    Let's not try to analyze every phrase, every note, every sustained pitch. Let's just listen to a tenor who sings from the heart. Pavarotti, he is not--but who is? Domingo he is not--but who is? In fact, who else is Bocelli?
    As a tenor fanatic, I try to listen to as many tenors as I can--even some for whom I do not care (see my review on Carlo Bergonzi). There is enjoyment in all of them.
    Now, one comment specifically on this recording. I have not been enthusiastic about some of Bocelli's other repertoire. But this entry into operatic arias ranks at the top of his list.
    ...more info
  • Andrea Bocelli - Sogno
    I am 45 years old. The reason why this is something I am mentioning, is to let all of you reading my review know what age group I am in. It might be important to the age you are in knowing what I have to say. I have four Andrea Bocelli CD's and they are all wonderful. I love each of them. My mom turned me on to him, and, since I love Josh Groban, I decided to listen to Andrea Bocelli and see what all her fuss over him was about. I'm glad I did. I am half Italian and half Spanish. I don't know either language, but when I listen to both Andrea and Josh, I don't have to. They make the music tell a story, and instantly, you understand something about the words from just the sound of their voices. If you love Josh Groban, then Andrea Bocelli is someone you should give a listen to. His voice is soothing, powerful, and romantic. I am looking forward to getting more of his CD's. Great Stuff!!!...more info
  • Not bad!
    What I have heard about Andrea Bocelli is bimodal--some think that he is not up to the operatic repertoire and is way overrated; others see him as a fine singer, from a nontraditional background and career path. What I hear on this CD is fine singing, with some limitations. He was once a law school student; he played in piano bars. He took lessons from the great Franco Corelli. Some examples of his work illustrate his skills:

    "Questa O quella" is a nice romp. His smooth voice moves through this aria nicely. His voice is not a big one. On the other hand, his musicianship seems fine (thank goodness none of the sobbing and catches that some tenors adopt).

    In Puccini's "Che gelida manina" (from "La Boheme"), he again sings smoothly. He has a nice sound to his voice. The high note is a bit thin, but certainly not as bad as some critics would have it. A serviceable version, in short.

    Then, the twin arias from "Tosca"--"Recondita armonia" and "E lucevan le stelle." Both are well sung. His version of "Recondita armonia" compares well with other versions. He certainly has no reason to hang his head. When he amps up the volume, his voice is not quite as rich as many other tenors, bit it is still fine. Top notes, as observed before, are a bit thin, but--again--hardly reason for lamentation. This is nicely sung. My notes for "E lucevan le stelle" simply say "Ibid." That is, one could write a very similar set of comments.

    The last piece is from a different tradition--a selection from Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor," "Tome degli avi miei." Smoothly sung. A bit thin on higher notes. Overall, though, a nice job.

    As I listen to his work, I think that Bocelli does a good job in the standard tenor repertoire. Is he a great tenor? No. Is he a good tenor? Yes.
    ...more info
  • pleasure to lilsten
    This album is a pleasure. The selections are spirited and well executed. I was very satisfied with this purchse and would recommend it to any one who enjoys opera....more info
  • great voice, great music
    this CD contains the greatest arias that i have ever heard, the words of those arias are so emotional and romantic. i would like to thank andrea in person for that cd if i ever got the chance to see him. I would highly recommend this CD for all the world to hear.. his voice is truely a voice from heaven.. and hearing this CD is really a reward for all dreamers on earth......more info
  • "You obviously don't understand, they said pityingly."
    Ah, yes, we of the uncultured and unlettered class of society don't understand, 'tis true, why we love Bocelli's voice. It is difficult for us to fathom why we love this CD. Yes, it may be beautiful to our untrained ears, but wait, if someone had only explained how inferior it was first...certainly then we would have understood. It is always so much better to defer to those who know these things. That way, we peasants who love Andrea's voice wouldn't have discovered that yes, some opera music really is beautiful. Oh, if only we had been spared from buying more of it (and finding that we liked it, too). How much better off we and you would be. Is there not a large element of absurdity in despising a man who has done so much to bring well deserved attention to a beautiful art form? The comments so many of you have written make it seem as though we're comparing a velvet painting of Elvis with a Rembrandt! Please, supress the urge to protect us from ourselves....more info
    Thanks to Rick Holden ( for showing Ms Miller how to write a proper review. Having listened to the album myself I can only agree whole heartedly with his comments. Unfortunately there are too many critics out there who try to analyse music note by note and impress us with their technical jargon. The joy of music is all about liking what you hear, and whether or not the music moves you. How can anyone enjoy listening if they're listening for flaws or mistakes instead of enjoying what they hear. Perhaps Andrea Bocelli isn't the greatest Opera singer, I don't know, but I can say that he has one of the most wonderfully melodic voices I have ever heard and he sings like a man who is enjoying every note he delivers. His background or his potential for the future don't bother me, he is the man of the moment, and that's all that matters. I recently watched a video performance of his 'Evening in Tuscany' which I would reccommend to all fans. Maybe Andrea will never be a great Opera singer, but who cares? He can move audiences without all the fancy dress. VIVA ANDREA!...more info
  • Proof
    Thinking this CD is anything other than successful but unfortunate marketing is proof of a deficient aesthetic sensibility. Enjoy your mediocrity. In short order, people will be saying "Andrea who?"...more info
  • Lifting
    I once went to niagra falls with a companion who attempted to describe my feelings of awe by explaining the chemical processes going on in my brain. Maybe that satisfied them but it did little for me.

    Andre is more than a label or a piece of vocal engineering, he is a man (and quite a man if you know his story). He seems to one of those who can touch the ear of the soul and lift one from the reality of now into another dimension of being where one is just glad to be alive to experience it and perhaps touch something of the here-after. The rest I will leave to the engineers....more info

  • Humanizing Opera
    If anyone has a doubt about Bocelli's operatic ability, I urge him/her to get "The Opera Album". It is powerful. Some of you critics may want to get your equipment checked....more info
  • Let Bocelli remain a POP singer!
    There is nothing wrong with indulging Bocelli's passion for opera, especially since his blindness precluded him from the stage career. But why exaggerate? I'm assuming that Bocelli is a talented pop singer (for I am blissfully unaware of what he sounds like outside of his "Opera Album."). But why does it also follow that he is a great OPERA singer? Why not evaluate his singing in two separate genres separately? Please, stop carping on SBM; and please stop referring to anyone who dares to be unimpressed with Bocelli as a snob. If a three-year-old came up to you and criticized you for something you did (something you're really good at: e.g., what you do for your career or a hobby), how would that make you feel? Would "snobbism" be the word to describe your reaction? Or perhaps "professionalism" would do better?...more info
  • A wonderful intro to the world of Opera
    When I first heard this album, I was taken by it and bought it at once, even though I've never listened to Opera. After reading the glorious lyrics to the songs, I started wanting to know more about Opera and in particulaur about Verdi & Puccini. Now I am thoroughly in love with Opera! Bocelli is NOT the best voice out there, but this album is a great intro to Opera and, having heard all his albums, I feel his best work. I recommend you Amazon shoppers to check out the wonderful "Puccini For Pasta"; another great collection of Arias. Many are even better versions of arias appearing on this Bocelli album!...more info
  • Sarah Bryan Miller, SHUT UP!!!
    How SBM can compare Bocelli and Bolton is beyond me. I hate opera! I love Bocelli! Read the customer reviews and then decide.I don't know what this man has, but his voice moves me. Most people listen to music for the way it makes them feel. Listen to the samples and decide for youself. Everyone's a music critic. Don't let your decisions be driven by one snob critic. Think for yourself, then enjoy!...more info
  • This is the best opera CD I have
    Thanks for all the people who gave the 5 stars review on this CD so I bought it. It is the best opera CD I have and I love it very much. I am very upset by the review from I have one comments to, please be very CAREFUL to select KNOWLEDGEABLE people to write review next time, it will affect your sales, I am serious....more info
  • Bocelli - Aria
    Introduced me to arias that were not known to me, and I find to be
    quite beautiful. As usual, Bocelli does not fail....more info
  • Why...?
    Why is there all this continuing controversy after so many years about whether or not Andrea Bocelli is - or is not - Operatically sound? All I know (and that's not saying much for me in this genre), is that after having listened to's sampling of the music on this Audio CD a few moments ago, I wept. Andrea Bocelli always makes me weep - because of his profound spiritual depth. And I don't care what anyone thinks on that issue. All I do know is this. The man sings from his soul...and nothing could surpass that - ever....more info
  • Moderately good singing; poor aria selection.
    I bought "Aria" from a couple days ago, and I just listened to it an hour ago. I was surprised at how good Andrea Bocelli's operatic singing voice is. I'd read many reviews giving him a rating of 0 or 1 out of 10, so I was prepared for the worst. But this fellow is actually pretty good. I'd say, 7 out of 10. Not as good as Placido Domingo or Luciano Pavarotti, but then, no one is. On the plus side, Bocelli's operatic tenor singing voice is rich and sonorous, capable of fluid vibrato and good pitch range and dynamic range, and he nicely avoids the highly-nasal resonance so noticable in his pop singing. On the negative side, his highs sound a little forced and a little raspy, and sometimes his vibrato reverts to the fluttery sound he uses in his pop music. All in all, Bocelli is a good, but not great, opera singer.

    I didn't like the music selection on this album, though. Whoever selected the music should have put some more emotional, evocative arias in here. None of these arias really move me very much, and none have the emotional clout of truly great arias such as Nessun Dorma from Puccini's Turandot. I'd dearly love to hear Bocelli attempt Nessun Dorma; that would be fascinating. But there's nothing like that on this album.

    Bottom line: I give this album only 3 stars, because while the singing is good, the music selection, in my opinion, is weak....more info
  • Mass Hypnosis
    The only thing that can account for the acclaim that some have lavished on this album is mass hypnosis. Signor Bocelli's publicists have declared that he has 'the most beautiful voice in the world' and people believe it. I agree with the reviewer who described listening to this cd as painful. Everything sounds the same---like sandpaper. If he were not adorable and blind, this fellow would not have a career even as a pop artist, never mind opera singer. If you want to hear what opera sounds like at its best and most real today, check out Ramon Vargas, Juan Diego Florez, Rolando Villazon, Marcello Giordani and discover the difference between creme brulee and instant pudding....more info
  • Bocelli can too sing! Theresa (Lackawanna, NY)

    I have been an opera lover all my life ( even when I thought rock and roll was cool in the fifties) thanks to my father who introduced me to it at a very young age. So I know the difference between opera singers and opera singer wannabes; therefore I am purchasing this album in spite off all the mean (and may I say not too intelligent) things written by some of you other reviewers who do not know pure vocal talent. Andrea Bocelli can sing opera and popular unlike some of the other tenors of our time. His duets with the divas are just as moving as his duets with Celine Dion and Sarah Brightman to name some of his popular partners. Don' sell him short. It's hard enough to sing with music, so think of how much more talent this man has without ever having read a note. Buy this album; you won't be sorry. ...more info
  • Andrea Bocelli: The Opera Album
    Andrea Bocelli is not an opera singer? You must be deaf! Or perhaps just dumb!...more info
  • The most beautiful tenor voice on earth
    Andrea definitely has the most beautiful tenor voice on earth. I am not saying that he is the greatest tenor, but he certainly brings passion into all his music.If your looking for some good pop music than buy "Sogno",but if your looking for opera please by all means buy "Aria".I have been an opera lover all my life,and Andrea's voice has made me love it even more.I am studying voice myself and happen to know that his high notes are not "constricted" or inconsistent.I would like sarah to listen to pour mon amore again and tell me if those high "C" sharps are constricted. The album is a must and I recomend it to all opera"dummies" as well as to all opera lovers....more info
  • Sarah Bryan Miller: You Go, Girl!
    Your excellent reviewer, Sarah Bryan Miller, is too nice about this terrible CD. Bocelli is bland, boring, ill-equipped for opera. He doesn't give a clue that he understands what he's singing about. He got slaughtered for his performances as Werther, and no wonder. This guy is just a creation of hype and PR. Miller knows what she is talking about better than most. Anyone who thinks Bocelli's a real operatic tenor should first clean out their ears and then listen to some genuine artists....more info
  • When a full CD in Duo with Sarah Brightman?
    One thing is sure, every CD produced by Andrea is reviewed by more than hundred persons with an incredible passion! Maybe Bocelli is not an outstanding opera singer, but who care! Who don't like him shouldn't even bother listening, because all they are going to find and write is something wrong and very subjective and injust. If they don't like him, why are they even looking at his recordings? And also listening & then getting nervous about his performance? Andrea Bocelli has a huge capacity to communicate what he likes the best ie the beauty and the emotion the music can procure for the most ignorent persons who are sensible enough. I am so happy to be part of this group and adding one more opinion to the large number already produced. Sarah Brightman procures the same sensation: she is a pop, popular singer and sometime opera cantatrice! Some does not like and the other loved her. Personnaly i find her voice amazing and far better compared to the popular Celine could do. She has been singing with Andrea a famous song: when both of them add their talent together for a complete CD and it will be interesting to see how many comments will come, and with how many stars? You know why? because the record will be so outstanding by the two singers who are not prime opera but certainly have the most beautiful voices you may associate for our pleasure and emotion. And i hope they will sing aria opera also!...more info
  • What's a key, anyway?
    Bocelli is a source of great debate in our home. My wife loves him. To me, he sings like he thinks a key is something you stick in a lock. We've decided not to talk about it....more info