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1996 album for EastWest by the acclaimed vocalist. Features 12 tracks, including the hit duets 'How Can Heaven Love Me' (with Chris Thompson), 'Something In The Air' (with Tom Jones), her smash 'Time To Say Goodbye' (with Andrea Bocelli) and the singles 'A Question Of Honour' & 'Heaven IsHere'.

1995's Fly May Represent Sarah Brightman's Foray Into the World of Electronica. Features a Duet with Andrea Bocelli, 'Time to Say Goodbye', which as a Single Experienced Massive Runaway Success around the World.

Customer Reviews:

    "FLY" is a fantastic recording. The mercurial & timeless Sarah Brightman produces a wondrous soundscape once again. I might add that "TIME TO SAY GOODBYE" was added to the recording to give new fans an idea of her contemporary classical sound. But it happens to be out-of-place in this space opera. Some of the tracks such as "HOW CAN HEAVEN LOVE ME" give the imagery of a (yet to be written) epic space opera/musical, this is an incredible duet. Another infectious tune would be "GHOST IN THE MACHINERY" & "FLY". Sarah Brightman is a solid recording artist running & conquering the gamut of many soundscapes. You must love her as a whole....more info
  • Buy Fly, then stop
    Sarah Brightman rocks the house in Fly, but if you're looking for more like it in her other CDs, be very, very, careful. I've bought a handful of her other works and they are uniformly treacle. I've not found anything yet that touches Fly. ...more info
  • Fly carefully, Sarah, because...
    I received this album as a Christmas gift. Nice cover with spideresque backgrounds look like she wanna dance. To an extent, she delivers more pop than dance. My favorite song on this 1996 European smash hit is "A Question of Honour." This clearly is reminiscent of Sarah's disco days with Hot Gossip and of her future hits like "Time To Say Goodbye" at the same time. Otherwise, it would be better if Sarah made a Greatest Hits album with that song on there....more info
  • Different but interesting
    I really enjoy this CD, although after having heard Sarah sing classical music and new agey stuff such as in "Dive", it took me a while to get into "Fly". This particular CD proves that Miss Brightman is an incredibly versatile artist. The only thing that I regret is that in some songs her voice doesn't really come out well. Having such a marvelous voice is there any reason to let it drown in the music ?...more info
  • "Things that happen just once....."
    This album is a wonderful departure from Sarah's normal style of music. I have no idea why "Time to Say Goodbye" is on this CD since it is already on another album for which it is the title track, but more importantly throws off the entire scheme of the album.

    My favorite track is "Question of Honour" which is a great mix of opera-style which then launches into a more rock beat before ending angelicly again. Kind of like an approaching thunderstorm that soon passes. "You Take My Breath Away" is another excellent track with a ancient/tribal sound to it that really compliments the lyrics....more info

  • Unbelievable!
    I can never say enough about this woman's voice! The diverse styles will please many. And where did "A Question of Honour" come from? It is beyond belief and needs to be heard. Just incredible. What's up with American radio? There is so much good on this album. And not even a Grammy yet! Just goes to further discredit the reputation and credibility of the Grammy association.Are they deaf?...more info
  • Fly !
    This Is A Great Upbeat Album ! Oh Sarah Could Sing To Me Anytime . The Women Is Beautiful And The Music Is The Same !!! ...more info
  • Brightman is the ultimate eclectic diva
    I first heard Sarah Brightman's voice when I was a child & my parents bought the "Phantom" album. Fifteen years later, I got this album. Brightman never ceases to amaze me. I amk so sick of people who condemn her for not having a wide vocal range like many accomplished operatic singers. What I admire most about Brightman's work is not the vocal qulaity (which aint bad) alone but the versatility of her albums. She is one of the few artists who seems to be able to do all types of genres in a seemingly effortless manner. She is arguably the best at this. If she's doing classical, rock, pop, techno or Broadway, the quality is there. This album is simply amazing. My favorite tracks are "How Can Heaven Love Me?" and "I Loved You". Move over, Shania, Whitney, Mariah, Faith... none of them could hold a candle to this true diva....more info
  • I Was Unappreciative - But Now I Understand . . .
    I originally wrote that Sarah Brightman sounded like the piece "Barbie Girl". However, after careful inspection of Sarah's voice, I now enjoy this CD very much. My opinion was uninformed due to a terrible MP3 download of this album. However, after purchasing it, I feel that I should retract my opinion - Here is the CORRECT review!

    1.) Time to Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) - Amazing song, although it doesn't really belong on this album. However, Sarah originally made it a duet for Henry Maske, so I guess she felt that she had to put it on this album. It's still a beautiful piece!

    2.) The Fly - Weird lyrics make this a great piece. This album is sort of off-centered, which makes it cool. Sarah places some synth at the beginning and throughout the song, and the lyrics are interesting as well. A fun piece to listen to!

    3.) Why - Pretty good song! The lyrics are sort of poignent, and it makes the song more interesting, seeing as the melody stays the same all of the time. Luckily, the layering of new sounds freshens the piece after each verse!

    4.) Murder in Maryland Park - Oh My God! Amazing! Cool synth and sound effects at the beginning, with Sarah's voice singing haunting lyrics. How can you not love it?! The song ends up about a woman being murdered, and Sarah's earthly voice makes the lyrics even more haunting! I'm in love with it!

    5.) How Can Heaven Love Me (duet w/ Chris Thompson) - Great piece, originally with German lyrics! Sarah's voice is a little bit high during the chorus, but it's still a great piece! Chris Thompson has an amazing voice!!! It's perfect for this duet!

    6.) A Question of Honour - A mix of "Ebben, Le Andro Lontana", with synth, and then some pop! This is Frank Peterson's (Sarah's producer) first great song mix! It was written and used for Henry Maske's boxing matches, and it's great! A little opera Sarah, then some pop, and then opera again! Amazing!

    7.) Ghost in the Machinery - Good song! The lyrics are sort of weird, which is cool! However, the song never changes! The bass line stays the same all of the time, so it gets sort of annoying to listen to! However, making it in this way makes it REALLY catchy! I'm humming this song all the time!

    8.) You Take My Breath Away - Intersting music and lyrics. The beginning is pretty good, with some "oohing" and "ahhing" by some unknown voice, then a verse from Sarah about journeys and stuff, and then the title of the song being repeated over and over again, with more layers of synth being added and Chris Thompson doing a minor duet! Really interesting collaboration of this piece!

    9.) Something in the Air - This piece has a duet with some man that I've never even heard of! However, he's pretty good! The song starts off sort of classically, with some strings, and then busts out into a European pop piece. Sarah's voice is a tad breathy, which adds depth to the lyrics! The bass line also stays the same, and it's catchy, just like "Ghost in the Machinery".

    10.) Heaven is Here - A beautiful pop ballad with Sarah singing with a chorus! This piece is simply beautiful! You've got to love Sarah!

    11.) I Loved You - A really Up-Tempo love song, just talking about the history of the world and love. I love the synth in it - it makes the song really interesting! It's great to listen to!

    12.) Fly - Just one verse from the original track "The Fly". It's states:
    Across a harvest of stars and constellations,
    We'll drink a starjuice on Mars,
    Miss our connection and cry,
    Cause I don't know why,
    I am a fly,
    It's a pie in the sky!
    This version is a little bit darker than "The Fly" I love it!

    I'm sorry for the MIS-review of this album! It truly is a great buy for any devoted Sarah Brightman fan!

    ...more info
  • A very happy accident
    I ran into this disc completely by accident about a month ago and ever since, I can't get enough. I will admit that this disc takes a little while to get used to, being that it's probably Sarah's most diverse work to date, but nevertheless it is absolutely fabulous, and not to be missed. This is a very dark and powerful masterpiece blending techno/alternative/rock vibes with Sarah's haunting vocals. Although each track is a totally different journey, this album seems to follow the same theme, Fly, as all of Sarah's pop albums have followed their own particular theme. Along with most of the other reviewers my favorite track hands down is "A Question of Honour." This track is phenomenal. Only Sarah could pack that many wonderful surprises in a 6 minute song. Another song that really stands out is the eclectic "You Take My Breath Away." This track blends Hindi and African vocals added to a soundtrack filled with exotic rhythms and beautiful vocal arrangements. I was very surprised to see Tom Jones' participation in this album, but once again, Sarah Brightman shows us that she can participate in any genre of music and still manage to make herself belong.

    Way to go Sarah!...more info

  • Haunting and beautiful and a break from the norm @}->---
    I love Sarah's voice. She is truly unique and distinctive. This album is another stunning and haunting piece of work. It's so good and amazing and you've really got to hear it.
    One of the best songs on here (although it's an unusually placed song - it doesn't seem to fit into this style of cd) is Time To Say Goodbye. It's so beautiful. The Fly is one of the more unusual but fun songs. It starts with the sound of a buzzing fly and it's a cool and funky track. There is a good mix here of slower and faster music and her voice never faulters throughout.
    If you are a fan of Sarah Brightman (or even if you aren't), you really have to hear this. It's one of her best cds. I always love the covers of them, and this is also one of the best covers. Please treat yourself and go buy this....more info
  • Fantastic Unrestrained Super music!
    I'm so glad my girlfriend bought this CD! What a treasure. She found it by digging through the internet and listening to some MP3s. I'm glad she did because this is one of my favorite albums. It is a unique artistic achievement. As one of the other posters said the songs evoke Mind Movies. "A Question Of Honour" to me evokes a clash of wills such as in a great competition such as a Championship Heavyweight Boxing Match. You have to crank up the volume on this song....the rest of the album is the same. Just a great album that you can listen to from beginning to end!...more info
  • Transcends To New Highs For Sarah Brightman
    This is one of Sarah's most unique albums full of classical opera, pop, and even electronica. This will transcend your mind, if you lay in the dark and listen to this, it feels like it's taking you to another place or time. I absolutely love this album, which is dark, moving and haunting (in a good way). Overall this album transcends to new highs for Sarah Brightman. Anybody just getting into Sarah should pick this one and "Dive" as the first two, because they are so creative.

    1. Time To Say Goodbye (with: Andrea Bocelli)- the music & the singing on this song is absolutely beautiful and moving, no wonder it was a hit song. Later went on to "Timeless: Time To Say Goodbye" which went better with those songs.

    2. The Fly - Is a Pop song, that has a hit of electronica, it's fun and very listenable, very easy to get into.

    3. Why - is almost like "The Fly" it's another song full of pop music. In the begining of the song it sounds like it has a sample of one of "The Who's" Tommy movie songs.

    4. Murder In Mairyland Park - I always liked this one, it's weird, it's calm in the begining and at the middle the song gets moving thanks to wonderful music instruments like the Saxophone. P.S. - it's very Bj?rk.

    5. How Can Heaven Love Me (with: Chris Thompson) - Fun song, at the same time will give you goosebumps, I love it!, one of Sarah's best pop songs.

    6. A Question Of Honour - I think this was a hit song, even though there's hardly any singing on it, it's still one Sarah's best songs and one of the best on here, not to mention a fan favorite.

    7. Ghost in the Machinery - Another weird song that can not be passed up. It has rhythm, even though it's not emotionally moving, give it a try, you'll like it.

    8. You Take My Breath Away - Beautiful song, that is kind of a misfit on this album, it went so much better with Sarah's album "Harem", still it's a great song that's very moving in music, singing voice and in message.

    9. Something In The Air (with: Tom Jones) - I never liked Tom Jones, I think he's very cheesy, but on this album thanks to the music and Sarah, I liked him, it's pop with rock, I like it, not to be passed up even with Tom on it.

    10. Heaven Is Here - is one of the best songs on here, totally beautiful song, something that I can imagine a Angel singing in Heaven.

    11. I Loved You - Is the only song I skip everytime, because Sarah is not good at doing rap music, yeah I said rap, she should stick to songs that
    would showcase her great voice.

    12. Fly - Sounds like a reprise of "The Fly", however it's much noiser, due to the rock middle - end, I have mixed feelings about this song, I listen to it, but never really got a good feel for it and probarly never will....more info
  • Fly
    Wow! This CD is very impressive. I was very nervous about getting a Sarah Brightman 'poppish, techno, and rock' CD, but her voice is just beautiful ringing through the air. The Fly, Why, Murder in Mairyland Park, How Can Heaven Love Me, A Question of Honour, Ghost in the Machinery, You Take My Breath Away, Something in the Air, Heaven is Here, I Loved You, Time to Say Goodbye, and Fly are awesome! I Loved You and How Can Heaven Love Me are very poppy, same with most of them on there. But Heaven is Here is very relaxing - feels like you are lying on a cloud in heaven. A 10 star CD.

    Jeff...more info

  • Hit-or-Miss.
    DISCLAIMER: I'm not familiar with Ms. Brightman's other works; I bought this record because I found the cover to be intriguing.

    When this disc is good, it's [real] good -- ie. "Fly," "Why," and portions of "A Question of Honour" but when it's [bad], it's some of the worst I've heard from anyone ("Something in the Air" with a constipated-sounding King of Sleaze Tom Jones).

    Pretty standard Eurodance circa 1995....more info

  • An Intense Album That Makes You Feel Like Your Flying.
    Although the first song in this album "Time To Say Goodbye" seems out of place, the other tracks have the feeling of soaring through air. ("Dive" made me feel like submerging under the sea). My favorite tracks were "Heaven Is Here", "Ghost In The Machine", and "How Can Heaven Love Me"--but all the tracks stand on their own....more info
  • The best written
    This c.d. is clearly Sarah's best written and recorded c.d., with Eden being a close second. "Fly" is a c.d. of songs "that are written," not just recorded. Too much of Sarah's stuff are songs of her singing "words" and not songs (perfect voice singing a conversation- no beat or rythm). This one, Eden, and Dive are what you should start your Sarah Brightman collection with- "oh"- and Harem. I would rate Harem a notch above Dive, but Dive IS a great c.d. as well.
    Plainly- "this girl is the Goddess of the Univers," and if you get these 4 (or even 1 of them), you will clearly see why (but it is necessary to get at least Fly and Eden to get the full picture). The other stuff (Andrew Lloyd Webber stuff) is for the opera and Play fans (opera songs and songs they sing in plays), it doesn't have any feel at all (except for only a couple- like "3 cornered song" on 'The Songs that Got Away', but the rest on that c.d. is "feelingless," but very respectfully, professionally done- it just depends on your vice, what you like), and that is about it. :))))...more info
  • Modified from the original?
    It would appear as though this, the 1997 reissue, differs slightly from the original 1995 issue. Aside from the addition of "Time To Say Goodbye," it also appears as though the original version of "How Can Heaven Help Me" was replaced with its video version. I have not heard the original version, but information I have read indicates that the original version is less "rock heavy." It's not bad, but the editing leaves something to be desired. It's as if they forgot to add a fade-out.

    All that aside though, I am just irritated at this trend of modifying albums any time they're reissued. I have the same complaint over Rhino's reissues of a couple of Chicago's albums (LP versions were replaced with their radio edits)....more info
  • This album does something Eden and La Luna probably did
    Are you new to Sarah? If not, you know her already. If so, I only want to say that this album, which was released in Europe, the UK, and Russia (but not elsewhere), does something her more recent works Eden and La Luna probably did. A style once attempted by Andrea Bocelli on his 1994 d¨¦but album, Il Mare Calmo Della Sera, you know, what you like to call "crossover," is showcased to fine extent here, but aside from A Question of Honour (the best example of "crossover" on this album), it demonstrates SO MANY different sides of Sarah at once that it's hard to determine the category in which this album REALLY belongs. To wit: the selection "I Loved You" is hip-hop; A Question of Honour techno-disco-rock-opera; How Can Heaven Love Me (one of few singles released for this album) more on the pop-rock side; and Something In The Air industrial. Just awesome except for the sly mixing. And in case you were wondering why Time To Say Goodbye (speaking of Andrea Bocelli) got its way in here in 1996 as track 1, maybe it's because of the man to whom the song was dedicated, namely Henri Maske.

    Interestingly enough, A Question of Honour had been dedicated to him months before, so the two songs have a straight connection to each other and, more than I can say for Just Show Me How To Love You, Eden, and Who Wants To Live Forever (certain Sarah singles in my collection), those two singles are also my favorite singles by Sarah for that reason. Similarly, this era and the Time To Say Goodbye eras are the two eras I feel sorriest for out of all Sarah's eras for the simple reason that the Dive, Eden, and La Luna eras get to be shown all over the place. And a whole lot more.

    You might be wondering as I sit here writing about how such-and-such a song was made into a single, "Where can I get those singles you're talking about?" Well, if you don't have ANY of those singles (note that they're all out of print except for TTSG), please e-mail me at and I can tell you where you may be able to get them. Oh, and another thing: the front cover. One of the BEST front cover photo shoots I've seen of the girl. Take a look at the Favorite Item List titled "Oops, my favorite album covers revised" and you'll see what I mean. It AND Time To Say Goodbye (the album) work extremely well for me. To all new SB fans, in addition to those, I would also recommend (even though they're not my favorites) Dive, Eden, and possibly even La Luna. Yes, and Fly II, which is sold only at her La Luna tour.

    I've said enough....Happy New Year, everybody!...more info

  • "A Question of Honour" is worth this one!
    I received this album as a Christmas gift. This was Sarah's first major European hit, and my favorite out of the four hit singles issued from here is the techno tune "A Question of Honour." I took off one star because on most of the songs, horrendous mixing by Tom Lord Alge dominates. Also, the unnecessary inclusion of "Time To Say Goodbye" (with Andrea Bocelli!) is another reason for its four-star rating. Anyway, this is its re-release version...and the rest is history....more info
  • Sarah or Sandra ? Frank Peterson or Michael Cretu...
    For those disappointed that Brightman's '93 Dive release was too mellow for the pop-rock,dance,techno medium, they need to listen to Fly. It is an amazing collage of ethereal synthesized and orchestral sounds that take the listener to quite a few surprising places.

    The only way to compare this Brightman effort is to listen to a Sandra (Enigma) album titled Fading Shades,Close to Seven, or Paintings in Yellow (all imports and very difficult to obtain). While Sarah is linked to Frank Peterson and Sandra Cretu is the wife of Romanian/ German producer/artist Michael Cretu of Enigma fame, the similarities to both artists musically and material-wise are astonishing. However, Sandra's voice is more suited for pop than opera. Whereas Brightman can almost go anywhere vocally ! The point is that any listener familiar with the German pop star Sandra or Enigma may find striking resemblances in sound and style to this Brightman project ! Another comparison is Fly to Brightman's current smash La Luna c.d. But, La Luna takes the opposite approach where it opens with La Lune and Winter In July (ethereal pop/ambient tunes)and the rest of the album is mostly operatic or ballad-like in nature. Fly (the second version) opens classically or operatically and then goes into the pop-rock,dance fusion dreamscape of sounds,styles, and effects !

    Critics should not dismiss Fly or Brightman as a sell out who thinks she can conquer almost any style or genre of music; It may surprise many that maybe she can and does !...more info

  • A nice digression from the ALW dynasty
    Those of you looking for the strong, powerful arrangements that the ALW years delivered may be disappointed with this album. This CD is not of an operatic nature but rather a synergistic hodge-podge of classical and pop fushion that has made Ms. Brightman such a tremendous smash in Germany and elsewhere. Her voice, as always, is aquiline and supersonic. And the delivery is nothing short of paramount. From the haunting "Murder in Mairyland Park" to the upbeat, sexy duet with Tom Jones on "Something in the Air", Sarah's voice commands the room whether playing on a hi-fi or churning from a garage sale boom box. If you're looking for something a little different from the Phantom of the Opera, this is definitely a must have. If you've purchased the album Dive and enjoyed it, you'll probably like this one as well. Sarah even gets to rockin' on a few of the songs. Watch out for "How Can Heaven Love Me". It will sneak up on you and have you hitting the repeat button in no time flat!...more info
  • Fly-Version 2
    Originally East/West Records GmbH (Germany) released this CD without the song, "Time to say goodbye". The version that is being sold here is the 2nd version which includes this song. Yes, the song doesn't match the format of the original CD; but due to the popularity of the song and no new CD to be released for a while, the 2nd edition was released.

    I love the CD, I find it very exciting. My girlfriend hates it because it's not the Sarah Brightman she likes from "Phantom". It is because of the variety of material that Ms. Brightman can make her own that makes her so exciting.

    FYI, this CD was released before Timeless (Time to say Goodbye-US version). So, did the popularity of the La Wally intro lead to the the Timeless CD or were these recorded in around the same time?

    I am disappointed that there was no domestic release within the US for this wonderful CD. At the time, Sarah had no US contract. A re-issue seems very unlikely, since we are talking about an EMI company.

    I hope there are plans for another release of pop/dance music. The classical is great; but who doesn't like to dance or just enjoy a great beat?...more info

  • great cd
    Great songs, Sarah Brightman proves that she has the range to sing almost any type of music...more info
  • A must-have!
    I bought this CD to round out my wife's collection. Actually I think I like Ms. Brightman's music more than my wife does, but if pretending I'm buying the CD's just for her serves to make us both happy, so be it.

    To get to the point, I am very happy with this CD. Although "Time to Say Goodbye" doesn't fit on the album AT ALL, it's the first track, so it's easy enought to skip it and enjoy the CD for itself. I'll make this very short and say that the high point for me is the haunting "Murder in Mairyland Park," while the low point is "Question of Honour." I suppose all of the rave reviews for the latter song had me expecting something more than what it turned out to be. Which, too me, is a very unmemorable song. Her duet with Mr. Thompson in "How Can Heaven Love Me," however, was stuck in my head for hours, as another reviewer pointed out.

    This CD, which is a German import here in the States, is definitely worth picking up. I would, however, suggest buying it "Used and New" instead of the full import price. You'll save your pocket money and help out a small business at the same time....more info
  • Where have you been all my life?
    I grew up with Sarah. I somehow missed this album(I was going through an adolescent phase at the time). Anyway finally got a copy and I love this album. Very cool interesting sounds. Her music always moves me, takes me to a place and this album is no exception. It is a true gem.
    ...more info
  • Something went wrong!
    I was very disappointed with this album! Nothing wrong with the music or the way Sarah sings it, I simply dislike the content, the lyrics! A song about a fly is hardly my cup of tea! The only song I did like was Question of Honour.

    If you are a fan of Sarah and don't have my prejudice, then you will undoubtedly love this album!...more info

  • Sarah's Best Pop Album!!! 10+!!!
    This is one phenomenal album! Every song is excellent as usual. Another stellar performance from a living legend!!! ...more info
  • Really Good CD!
    This is one of her best cds of all time! Even though it isn't Harem (her best which i really recommend), it has one of Harem's songs, you take my breath away which got scratched on my Harem album. the only thing that turned me off about this album are the two duets. the two duets were un called for. And i finally get to hear a Question of Honour w/o all the clapping in the backround. overall, a wallet plunger, but totally worth it....more info
  • Prog-Rock Brightman style; for true fans only
    My wife is a true SB fan; I enjoy her music but not in an "SB-can-do-no-wrong" mode. "Fly" is Sarah Brightman's take on Progressive Rock. Unlike her earlier pop album "Dive," on which the music is merely an accompaniment to her voice, the music on "Fly" is complex and overproduced. Many times the music threatens to overpower her voice, and prog-rock guitar solos, overdubbed backing vocals and synthesizer blends are not why we buy Sarah Brightman albums. "Time to Say Goodbye" is a bizarre anomaly on this album--its style is completely different from every other track....more info
  • sarah FLY IS SWEET and IT ROCKS !!!!!!!! november 3 - 03
    i LOVE IT!! i to hereing a operaic soprano . Who can allso do rock and pop varey will. Allso i love the orchestra it is vary diffrent from whan she did the trees they grow so high in 1988.The fly cd is like the dive. But the dive cd was more of a happy blue sky.And in the fly cd it is a sky full of rock liteing!!!!!!!! LOOK at her NEWIST cd harem....more info
  • A stunning demonstration of Sarah's range!
    This album is yet another concept album in Sarah Brightman's repertoire. Using more of a rock feel throughout all but one of the tracks, she once again shows that she can do just about anything! It was released after the brilliant Dive album, and is basically the natural evolution of Dive's sound. Sadly, Fly never saw the light of day in the States, but fortunately, it's not a difficult album to come by. The rare one is the 2-disc version of this record (disc 1 is the regular album sans "Time To Say Goodbye" and disc 2 are rarities and b-sides).

    Fly begins with "Time To Say Goodbye". Many people are puzzled why this Italian operatic song is even on here. The reason is that the American version of Time To Say Goodbye (the album) was released overseas as Timeless, without "Time To Say Goodbye" (the song). Since Fly was only released overseas, they included the song on there since it's not available on any other album (except the Best Of album released years later).

    Fly begins with the new-wavelike "The Fly", which sets the mood for the rest of the record...dark and haunting. Her voice is is top form, although she only breaks out into her opera voice on the brilliant "A Question of Honour", which is probably the best track on the album. Another noteworthy song is "Murder in Mairyland Park", which begins quietly with just Sarah's childlike voice against a piano, then bursts into a fantastic, surreal guitar solo reminiscent of Pink Floyd. It ends way too soon.

    If you're a fan of Sarah's and would like to experience a different kind of sound, then this is a great place to start! You won't be disappointed....more info
  • A different taste of Sarah
    Sarah uses her 2nd side in this album. At first, I thought this was a B-side album, but it is an album from her German label EastWest. The material differs from the '93 album "Dive". Sarah's style is much more pop rock. The album was produced sometime in '96, by Frank Peterson. The record label never released this disc in america, therefore making it an import. "Fly" starts exactly like Sarah's album "La Luna". To me, the album is like the preview of "La Luna". The entire album reminds me of Sarah's creative/fantasy world. Here is my review of the album, track by track.

    "Time to say goodbye" appears as track 1. I have no idea why. Either Peterson decided to change the pace, or this was to be the preview of the song. Track 2, "The fly", is space-age. It starts with a fly buzzing too. The musical arrangements are fantastic. "Why" is very rock/pop. The songs are mostly upbeat, as with this one. The guitar solo is great. "Murder in mairyland park" is almost totally boring, except for her latin chant "agnus", repeated 4 times. Track 5, "How can heaven love me", is one of the best. She duets this track with Chris Thompson. The last minute of the song is my fav part. NOTE: Before I continue, out of 12 tracks, eleven are done ¨¤ la Kate Bush.

    Track 6, "A question of honor", is absolutely amazing. If anybody had to complain about Sarah being drowned out by the orchestra, singing "La Wally" in "Time to say goodbye", then eat your words. This track is haunting, breath-taking and Sarah has reserved her full opera voice for it. The orchestra and sound effects are simply outstanding. I can picture her in a huge gown, standing on a mountain top, doing this video. The high notes are to die for.

    "Ghost in the machinery" is good too. There's a lot of rock/pop here. The lyrics are thrillingly haunting. "You take my breath away" is great to listen to at full volume. You can see her in another world, lost in her paradise. Her voice is soft & sweet. This track should be used for a travel tv ad. "Something in the air is vibrant, with Tom Jones' crooning powerful lungs. Simply breath-taking. "Heaven is here" is one of Sarah's toned down tracks. She's relaxed and little girl-ish. The soft tones of this song make for good wedding reception music. "I loved you" is oh so different. This is what you call Sarah-rap. The beat & style are funky, giving a bouncy, airy feeling. "Fly", the last track, is a sequel to "The fly". It's spacey, andI can picture her looking at a huge chunk of amethyst, turning in a showcase, as she's singing. She builds my imagination every time I hear the track. I love the way they loop

    The over all feeling of this album give me a free feeling. There are no holds barred, when Sarah creates music. She is my #1 idol. This cd is great for collectors, for one, it is an import. 2nd, it is Sarah....more info

  • coming up for air, but flying a little too high perhaps?
    now don't get me wrong, i just ordered "fly" and i'm awfully sure that it will take a day or so to REALLY grow on me but, at this point, i think that this disc is a bit of too much. granted sarah brightman sings anything she wants only as an angel/diva truly can, but i have to admit that i find alot of the material incohesive and scattered. like i said, don't get me wrong, it's sarah, and it's fierce all the way, but if you listen to it as a progression from "dive" (which obviously screams "concept recording" to me) then it somehow seems as if miss brightman is trying to take on too many different styles at once. discs like"eden" and "dive" have a smooth, evolving feel that this one seems to lack. still in all, it's very good and i'm glad it's part of my permanent collection. personal favorites are: murder in mairyland park, a question of honor and you take my breath away. "con ti partiro" is way out of place on this cd!...more info
  • An amazing piece of work
    The only way to review a work like this is to go track by track. "Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) [with Andrea Bocelli]" is hopelessly out of place here, but is a beautiful classical duet nonetheless. "The Fly" is a strange dance-pop song that starts off with the buzzing noise of a fly. Sarah hits notes with this one that are incredibly high. This song, and a few others on the CD, however, seem to have lost Sarah's voice in the mix. Very much audible, but would have been nice to bring it to the forefront. "Why" is a rock-dance song that includes a catchy chorus but is a tad too long. "Murder In Mairyland Park" takes awhile to get into, but there is a very operatic, gothic middle section which is very well done. "How Can Heaven Love Me [feat. Chris Thompson]" is a great pop-rock-dance track co-produced by Alex Christensen (from German techno group U96) and includes a fantastic pop chorus that will be in your head for days. "Ghost In The Machinery" is another pop-rock track which also has a killer hook and has a sort of mystical feel. "A Question Of Honour" is one of the best tracks on the CD. It starts with "La Wally", from her "Timeless" CD, and then it segues into a fantastic techno track. This was also co-produced by Christensen. "You Take My Breath Away" is a very Egyptian-influenced song but runs way too long. "Something In The Air [feat. Tom Jones]" is a great dance-pop song which features a mix of sweet vocals by Brightman and a bombastic vocal by Jones. "Heaven Is Here" is a nice sweet track with oboe featured. "I Loved You" sounds so unlike Sarah, but creates an amazingly catchy pop tune. Could have been a major radio hit. "Fly" starts with Neil Armstrong's famous speech and then morphs into a reprise of "The Fly". All in all, a great CD and well worth your money. The one star taken off only because the bad mixing job on three or so of the tracks. Buy it now!...more info
  • This will be one of your favorite Sarah Brightman CD's!
    Given as a gift from a friend who found this in England, I was amazed at how different yet still beautiful this CD was. Sarah with TOM JONES? Yes! And it is hot!! All the songs would be catagorized differently with Sarahs' voice taking on surprising values....more info
  • Very refreshing change
    I realise that Fly is now 13 years old, but, I just got my copy today, and here are my thoughts :

    Sarah Brightman is one of those artists who simultaneously draws me in and repels me in the same breath. I've got nearly all of her albums - saving for the collections that are related to Andrew Lloyd Webber and the early classical stuff. I absolutely love "Dive", "Eden", "Time to Say Goodbye, and "La Luna". Sarah, on these albums, is the perfect mix of everything I want out of her - her gorgeous, soaring vocals, her mix of pop and classical material, and the common thread to all the songs.

    "Symphony" and "Harem" fell a little short for me, and turned me off to Sarah for a while. Both albums are solid, but I find myself skipping through them a lot. So, I had the previously mentioned ones to get me through.

    I put off buying "Fly" for the longest time. It had gotten mixed reviews and I was never able to find a copy in a store for less than $30. However, I broke down and bought it, and I love it! It's got everything you want - a theme, Sarah's voice, and the Gothic Punky Pop edge that you love about Sarah. It fits in with "Dive" and "Eden" to complete an early trinity of perfect works.

    I adore Sarah, but I feel like her later work has just fallen a little short. So, if you want a boost and a reminder of how great she is, I recommend splurging on a copy of "Fly" for some good old fashioned Sarah Brightman fun.

    Stand out tracks : 2) The Fly, 5) How Can Heaven Love Me, 6) A Question of Honour, 8) You Take my Breath Away...more info
  • Excellent
    This is an absolutely excellent CD. The only fault I can find is putting "Time to Say Goodbye" on doesn't flow with the rest of the of that song and others like it should purchase the album of the same name (aka Timeless). Other than that, it is an enchanting combonation of pop and Sarah's voice. My favorite songs on here are "You Take My Breath Away" and "A Question of Honour"....more info
  • Fly Away from this new CD :(
    I honestly cannot stand the fact that people think that this CD is one of the greatest from Sarah Brightman ever! I cannot stand her singing like the 80s song "Barbie Girl". Her voice is now so "nasaly" that it's almost impossible to listen to her. The one and only best track on the album has to be "A Question of Honour", for it shows off Brightman's operatic ability. I just can't take the Pop Sarah! Please, someone convince her to go back to classical! I would dissuade you from buying this CD because it is almost unbearable to listen to! If you want something that sounds like the old Sarah from The Phantom of the Opera, then purchase the sound track or buy Surrender - The Unexpected Songs. ...more info
  • Sarahs Exclusive Import "Fly " is a Must Have Album
    Sarah Brightmans Fly album is right up there with
    Laluna & Eden. I should include Time To Say Goodbye which
    is classical music. Fly starts off with the beautiful
    but misplaced "Time To Say Goodbye" which is a classic
    duet with opera great Andrea Bocelli. "The Fly" is a trancey
    track & starts off with a fly buzzing along with
    sounds so hypnotic you soon get lost in it. I believe Fly
    is about astral projection & of being a fly,
    which flies so high in outer space just traveling.
    Its an OBE about space travel.
    WHY #3 is techno with some spiritual words on mysery of life &
    Tell me why
    Those innocent lies
    Tell me why
    The mystery
    Of love is to live
    #5 How Can Heaven Love You
    This is a duet which is strongly sung with passion
    & its a rock/dance sound.
    #6 A Question of Honour
    Hypnotic sounds with opera & Sarah singing along a chorus
    The chorus sings
    Two men collide, Two men collide
    if you win or you lose, its a question
    of honor. And the way that you choose, is a question
    of honor.
    Sarah sings a few lines about the question of honour
    involving when two men who collide. Very powerful song.
    #7 Ghost in the Machinery- is kind of spooky- Decent.
    #8 Take My Breath Away-Very soothing eastern sounds & nice
    but a little lengthy. It's actually really good.
    #9 Something In the Air- Duet with Tom Jones is about having
    hope, love, & healing for tomorrow & forever- Inspiring.
    #11 I Love You- Sarah raps with funk sounds. Similiar to
    Madonnas sound when she raps. Nice pop song.
    #12 FLY Part II - Simply a continuation of the first Fly
    Across the harvest of stars
    and constellations
    We'll drink a star juice on Mars
    Miss our connection and cry
    cause I don't know why I am a fly
    It's all Pie in the sky

    "Fly" is this unusual like album & a treasure to hear.

    ...more info