The Songs That Got Away
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For those Sarah Brightman fans who didn't spring for The Songs That Got Away when it was a pricey import, this domestic release will be a must-buy. Originally recorded in 1989 shortly after she achieved international fame in The Phantom of the Opera, the album spotlights obscure American and British musical theater songs that either were removed from shows or were "lost" when the shows themselves slipped out of the repertoire. (Of course, some of the songs aren't nearly as obscure as they were in 1989--the opening track, Stephen Schwartz's soaring "Meadowlark," has since been claimed by Liz Callaway, Patti LuPone, and Betty Buckley, while Stephen Sondheim's "I Remember"--well suited to Brightman's glasslike tones--is now recognized as one of his most gorgeous and haunting compositions.) Brightman performs well on this diverse collection of entertaining and often lovely songs, including an early draft of Frank Loesser's "Fugue for Tinhorns," here sung as a triple-tracked, lilting waltz, and the Puccini aria "Chi il bel sogno di doretta," which foreshadows her later, more ambitious crossover projects. There's also a tune from Jeeves by then-husband Andrew Lloyd Webber, who produced this album not long before he and Brightman divorced in 1990. --David Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • Magical
    I purchased this CD many years ago and loved it. I hadn't listened to it in a while and brought it back out again. I love it just as much now. My personal opinion is that Sarah's voice on this CD is far lovlier than it is on her more recent works. It is so clear and expressive. And, for the most part, I really love the songs that were chosen. Meadowlark is very theatrical. The Puccini area is breathtaking. But my favorite is the Lloyd Weber tune, Half a Moment. Sarah is sublime, and most of the songs on this CD should be revived....more info
  • Songs That Should'nt Have Got Away
    I'm sure this album won't appeal to everyone but personally I love it. The standout tracks here (for me) are: Meadowlark, Mr. Monotony, Dreamers, Three-Cornered Tune, Away From You & If Love Were All. This album should appeal to lovers of obscure musical theatre songs and to fans of Sarah Brightman. I think this album shows that she is far more versatile a singer than people give her credit for. The reason I have given this a 4 star rating instead of 5 is because the album was recorded on a lower volume so you have to turn it up a bit, but that is a very small quibble about an otherwise great album....more info
  • For Fans of Broadway (Sondheim, Hamlisch & Bernstein e.g.):
    This is an interesting and surprising production that showcases the vocal prowess of Sara Brightman. It is not however, representative of the new and highly overproduced vocal productions that constitute her newer recordings. Although this production really allows the listener to hear a very melodic and unencumbered vocal performance, as it is pleasing in it's simplicity, yet meant for the more discriminating listener. Fans of Irving Berlin, Andrew Lloyd Weber, and Richard Rodgers will feel right at home here. For those seeking another major sonic production as in Eden, La Luna, Dive, or The Harem Tour this is not it! My criticism is not of her vocal prowess or production values but the apparently endless array of previously released material offered as a new and different recording. But I suppose that this is rather due to the greedy objectives of of A&M Records just trying to go to the bank, often and laden heavy with dollars. Nothing that any label wouldn't try to do. My advice with Sara Brightman is "caveat emptor" (buyer beware) check the disc carefully for redundancy of tracks within her discography. If you're a fan of this genre of music, you will probably respond quite well to this recording....more info
  • The songs that didn't get away
    This is one of my favorite albums by Sarah. She surprised me with her ability to go from light opera to jazz. Here we don't find the over-produced albums such as Harem, just a superbly trained voice. No little girl breathy tunes here, just solid performances. This is the Sarah Brightman that I like to remember and enjoy. If you see this album and you're a Sarah Brightman fan, pick it up and treasure it. I'd like to see her do more of thisgenre, where she showcases her voice. Who ever thinks that Sarah has a small voice will be convinced otherwise by this album....more info
  • Songs that showcase Sarah's theatrical gifts
    Before experimental albums like Dive and Fly, as well as the ones where her classically-trained voice enchanted millions, Sarah Brightman did a collection of musical and theatrical songs originally released in 1989, but reissued when she made it big with Time To Say Goodbye. Her vocal style leans towards the theatrical Broadway side, but more mellowed. But on songs like the strings-laden mid-tempo "Meadowlark" from Stephen Schwartz's The Baker's Wife, the way she would later do splendidly interpret Lloyd Webber's songs is in the making. Here are other highlights, including those that were reissued on Sarah's Encore album (2002).

    Stephen Sondheim's "I Remember" is a sad ballad told from the POV of a window mannequin remembering the sights it has experienced throughout the seasons, but the memories are now hazy and at the end, it sings, "At times I think/I would gladly die/for a day of sky."

    Some songs like "Lud's Wedding" from Bernstein's failed bicentennial musical, only seem to work due to Sarah's voice. Ditto for the simple "Three-Cornered Tune." Consisting of three verses, each repeated twice. However, Irving Berlin's "Mr. Monotony", a tune understandably cut from Easter Parade, is not a particularly inspiring song.

    Marvin Hamlisch's "Dreamers" is one of my favourites here, as I have affinity to it, and I'm sure Sarah is one at heart as well. "Only dreamers have wings with which to fly far away", as in their own fantasies, but unfortunately, "sometimes dreamers are forced to leave their dreams far away", i.e. the harshness of reality. However, it paints them in a positive light and states that everyone needs to have some sort of dream "to take time to find treasures and mountains we can climb."

    "Silent Heart" really showcases Sarah's voices, on how some things the heart is best left silent, as in things that really thrill it. "If I Ever Fall In Love Again" is taken from The Crooked Mile and is a nice love song Sarah really wraps herself in.

    "Chi Il Bel Sogno Di Doretta" from Puccini's La Rondine is a great showcase of the operatic voice that would come into full bloom on Time To Say Goodbye. This song would be reissued on Encore.

    "Away From You" by Richard Rodgers, and taken from a musical biog of Henry VIII (!!!). "The clocks are frozen and time's a traveler who's lost his way" is one of the sentiments Sarah conveys effectively. Also reissued on Encore.

    "If love were all, I should be lonely" sings Sarah from Noel Coward's Bittersweet, "If Love Were All" was the one song that stood out for me when I first heard this CD. The ability of a talent to amuse is seen as a solid standing for mental security. A definite standout here.

    From Lloyd Webber's Jeeves, the lush strings of "Half A Moment" features the vocal stylings familiar enough to those who have Sarah's Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection. It focuses on how important the capture of a moment to bright up a future rainy day is. Also reissued on Encore.

    Initially, I dismissed this as the songs that should've stayed away. Although they lack the magical punch of Time To Say Goodbye or La Luna, it's still a worthwhile collection, because Sarah's clear birdlike theatrical/musicals voice makes it all worthwhile....more info

  • Too bad they didn't get away
    I am a true Sarah Brightman fan but this CD was a total waste of money and the time I spent listening to it. With only a couple of exceptions the songs, (and Ms. Brightman's renditions) are totally forgettable. I will never again buy a Sarah Brightman album without first listening to it....more info
  • Best of Sarah
    I have to admit from the beginning that I'm not a much of a Sarah Brightman fan. I find her "new" style of operatic singing to be very affected. I also have a hard time watching her sing because of the strange things she does with both her arms and mouth. (Having had extensive classical vocal training myself, I can't really understand how she gets the sound she does with how she holds herself and positions her mouth.) However, this album was recorded before her voice teacher, with some very strange and old-school ideas, got hold of her. Her voice is very fresh, and the songs are fun. If you enjoy less-familiar tunes, both Broadway and opera-operetta, this CD is for you....more info
  • Worth getting for the voice
    If you want to hear SB's voice as it was prior to her operatic training, get this. She is exquisite on this album, though not all the songs are. For example, "Mr. Monotony" is downright strange - no wonder it was cut from three different musicals. But "Meadowlark" is glorious, "Silent Heart" is lovely, and the Puccini aria has those clear high notes, neatly hit with *no cheating* (voice sliding into the upper range, which is what you hear on almost all of her opera pieces recorded since). It's also refreshing to hear her singing with straightforward orchestral backup, as opposed to all the electronica on her later albums. Don't get me wrong - the electronica is cool, but this album is a nice change of pace....more info
  • Definitely worthwhile for Sarah Brightman's true fans
    This CD undoubtedly is of more limited appeal than most of Sarah Brightman's other recordings. That sure isn't to say it's not one you'll enjoy...that depends on your tastes.

    In most of the songs, you can still hear the genius of the composer. These are not the best examples of these composers, but they still possess the style and talent of the likes of Irving Berlin, Leonard Bernstein, Marvin Hamlisch, Stephen Sondheim, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Noel Coward, and of course Andre Lloyd Webber. Each has a certain charm.

    Favorites are Sondheim's "I Remember" from the TV presentation Evening Primrose; Irving Berlin's "Mr. Monotony" cut from several musicals; Marvin Hamlish's "Dreamers from a London production.

    Don't expect this to be Sarah's best, but fans will like it....more info

  • The Real Voice of An Angel
    I'm a major Sarah Brightman fan my first introduction to her beautiful angelic sounding voice was the first time I listened to my Phantom of the Opera cast recording and she totally wowed me! They call Charlotte Church The Voice of an Angel she is ok but I didn't picture an angel when I heard any of her songs and I was a little disappointed with her albums. There are only a few singers who when I listen to them sing I imagine that is how an angel would sound like and Sarah Brightman's voice makes me think of angels. I very highly recommend this CD!...more info
  • worst of the best
    From a true fan, my preferences puts this album/CD as the WORST of her many other BEAUTIFUL recordings. Had to do over, money better spent would go towards purchases of her others! Very very beautiful voice has Sarah!...more info
  • a whole bunch of Broadway
    Okay, maybe I'm just a walking oxymoron, but of all of the things Ms. Brightman does, her Broadway repetoire impresses me least. It just isn't my thing. I still love her work, don't get me wrong, just know what you're getting into when you buy this. If you love Broadway-musical stuff, this is for you....more info
  • A Facet of Sarah's Repertoire
    Although this is not my favorite Sarah Brightman CD, I can't imagine my collection being complete without it. This is a collection of mostly obscure show tunes. Unlike her performances of recent Lloyd-Webber songs, these pieces are a bit older.

    In my opinion, some of the songs deserve to rest in obscurity while others are very nice. I find myself skipping around the CD to listen to four or five favorites. Sarah's renditions are, of course, uniformly beautiful.

    I enjoy hearing her sing things in the George Gershwin/Irving Berlin genre and would recommend the CD to dyed-in-the-wool Sarah Brightman fans. Those who only like to hear her sing operatic or new age material will probably want to pass on it....more info

  • Not my favorite but still good
    I consider Sarah's last recordings (Dive, Surrender, Time to say goodbye, Eden, and La luna) her best. This recording shows how Sarah's voice has changed over the years of training. Her opera aria "Chi il bel sogno di Doretta" was recorded when she started singing opera and her quality is not rich but still good. In this recording her voice does not sound nasal like it did in the original Phantom of the Opera, that I do not like so much. Her present performances of the songs from Phantom are great. Try Surrender. That recording is excellent. You will hear a Sarah in the splendor of her voice. This is not a bad recording but is not her best either. Mr. Monotony is great!...more info
  • A wonderful album!
    I am a big fan of Sarah Brightman's and have almost all of her
    albums. This is one of my favorites. It's beautiful! I'd give it ten stars if I could. I especially like the song "Meadowlark....more info
  • Sarah, dear, you can really do much better than this
    I'm a HUGE fan of Sarah Brightman, but I was very dissapointed by this cd. Most of the songs didn't have a good melody, or lyrics, actually, I only liked the first song, Meadowlark. Sarah Brightman has a beautiful voice, but she didn't put it to very good use with this cd. Listen to it once and you'll know why these songs got away. Sorry Sarah, one star....more info
  • A heroine....a LANDMARK?
    Now, don't think that I'm trashing Sarah Brightman; I respect her as a heroine with attitude, no goddes but just an average person with unique styles. However, I don't think this CD is really up to it like her later releases are. There are some good tracks but most of the rest don't cut the mustard. Only really recommended for die-hard theater and SB fans. She's got better works out there....more info
  • BIG disappointment
    Well, they should have let these songs stay lost. This was not very good at all. I did not like the song selection. Her voice was good, but the songs were rather limp; not what I call easy to listen to or to get into. I love it when she sings opera though, so maybe that is why I don not like this one at all. I suppose if you like show tunes that never were popular, you might like this CD. I should have listened to the previous posts!!!...more info
  • several keepers
    Although much of the songs on this cd are disappointing, I simply had to give it 4 stars if only for the absolutely astounding version of 'Meadowlark' Ms. Brightman delivers. It will truly send chills up your spine by the time it is over! I strongly encourage you to buy this cd if only for that track. The only other song I really listen to is 'I Remember'....more info
  • Disappointing
    I have been a Sara Brightman fan for many years and was eagerly looking forward to this CD. I can honestly say that although Ms. Brightman's voice was, as always, excellent, the songs were disappointing and did not hold my interest. I have never written a "review" and I wish this could have been more favorable. But, there are many other brillant and rewarding recordings from Ms. Brightman for all to enjoy!...more info
  • Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Collection Of Songs
    I love Sarah Brightman. Eden is my favorite CD. My friend recommended the TSTGA CD, so I gave it a try. Boy, was I glad I did. Her voice sounded fuller than her recent releases, much like the voice of Christine in The Phantom Of The Opera. I highly recommend this CD to all fans of Sarah Brightman or lovers of broadway tunes....more info
  • Now I know why they got away
    I am a big fan of Ms. Brightman and own and enjoy a number of her CDs, but this one, frankly, is disappointing. She just cannot rescue music that lacks orignality and excitment. As a result, her deliveries are uninspired. There are few tracks on this CD worth listening to more than once. Alas! This case will be gathering dust unitl my next garage sale....more info
  • Sarah got those songs back!
    I didn't really know what to title this review. The music is so different from what we're used to hearing from Sarah. The cd was created when Sarah and Andrew Lloyd Webber were together. "The songs that got away" is a collection of forgotten tunes of yesteryear, brilliantly written and perfect for Sarah's voice.

    You'll only hear one operatic song. This song is "Chi il sogno di doretta". The opera quality in Brightman's voice is not very rich. Yet, this cd is beautiful in many ways.

    The breakdown of the CD? Well, personally, track 1 "Meadowlark" has to be the best. As for the rest, the songs are either folk or broadway. This cd has a lot, variety-wise, recommending it to listeners with a "serious" ear.

    Upon purchasing "The songs...", I already had the U.S. version of "Eden". My expectations were not met. I admit there was some disappointment. That's only because my ear for Sarah was much more operatic. Over time, the songs grew on me. I would have rated the cd 5 stars, but there are a couple of tunes I'm still not used to.

    The material on "The songs..." is worth giving attention to. Some songs will take time to grow on you, like many artists' material does. Don't take my word for it. Buy this cd for the selection of material.

    Did my review help you?...more info

  • First Album Of Hers For Me And Quite A Discovery
    I am not a theater-goer so had not heard Brightman prior to seeing her on a DVD with Andrea Bocelli. They did a duet together that was out of this world on "Night In Tuscany." So I decided to give her a try alone on an album and she is equally as great here. These are gorgeous songs and she has an incredible voice. As a first time listener, I couldn't be more pleased and now count myself as a fan. This may not appeal to rock and roll fans or jazz fans, although I like those categories too. Brightman's is a voice in a much more classical vein though and that is the only reason I can think why someone might not be taken with her....more info
  • I donyt know what to say....
    Since I bought this album, I wondered if it could outrival "Time To Say Goodbye" ("Timeless," whatever) as Sarah's best. Best songs on the album: "Meadowlark," "I Remember," "If I Ever Fall In Love Again," and "Away From You." Worst songs on here: "Three-Cornered Tune," "Lud's Wedding," Irving Berlin's "Mr. Monotony," and Puccini's "Chi Il Bel Sogno Di Doretta" (an unnecessary inclusion, if you ask me). My recommendation: buy "Timeless," "Time To Say Goodbye" (same as "Timeless" but with the title track as the first song), "Eden," "Surrender," or "The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection" instead....more info
  • The best Brightman CD for a special reason!
    Alright, I am a huge fan of Sarah Brightman's. I have almost all her CDs and have all the rest of the songs by way of mp3s. Okay, this CD was made right after her debut as Christine in PTO. Basically, this is at the height of her vocal richness and fullness. Sarah's voice was beautiful, a budding coloratura soprano in Phantom and here you can completely here the full and classical quality that can't be heard on any other CD except PTO Original Broadway or London Cast Recording. Everything afterward was after her voice lessons which took away her bright, full voice and left a breathy, somewhat dim voice. She can still sing beautifully but it's very light and very hard to hear on most of her new stuff including Dive, Eden, Fly, and Time to Say Goodbye. So basically, this is the only album you'll find where you can hear her fully. If you listen to Eden's Nessun Dorma by Puccini, the last note is drowned out by the accompaniment. I saw her in concert and she really does have this techno / electronic voice -- it's cool but not as beautiful as when she made this CD....more info
  • Why The Puccini Aria?
    Sara Brightman's pleasent but limited voice finds a good home in the wonderful world of Broadway.However, she has no business singing Puccini's "Chi il bel sogno di Doretta"! She completely lacks the volume, power, and musical espression essential to convey this song effectively. Listen to a clip of Renee Fleming performing this masterpiece and you'll see what I mean!...more info
  • A rare treasure in my collection
    I have had this CD since its original (imported) release in 1989. It is a perl of great price, and a rare one. Just as this is a collection of little-known gems from somewhat-forgettable musicals, this is a little-known gem in a vast wasteland of forgettable CDs and popular music. Definately one of the most used resources in my house due to its delightful arrangements and Brightman's enchanting and addicting voice. Yes, she was much younger when she recorded these, and her voice was not as rich and bold as it is today, but she is clearly talented and endearing while performing The Songs that Got Away....more info
  • Excellent addition to a SB collection
    For those of you used to Sarah's voice from her albums "Eden" and "Time to Say Goodbye", you're in for quite a shock. This album is 10 years old and Sarah's voice is very young here, similar to when she was in "The Phantom of the Opera". This CD is a collection of songs that "Got away" from musical theater for some reason or another. Some of the songs are truly enchanting, like "Meadowlark", "I Remember", and "Silent Heart". For others, it's easy to see how they got away. Not worth the $ I paid for it some 5 years ago, but now that it's been released domestically with a reasonable price, it's worth a shot....more info
  • Excellent
    I bought this cd because of curiosity after listening to Eden it is one of her best cds i like Meadowlark,Mr.Monotony,and Dreamers!...more info