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Weezer (Blue Album)
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There's a classic episode of The Little Rascals where one of the gang can't join everybody else on the ballfield because he has to stay home with his younger brother, who has the croup. "I can't come out and play," he whines. "I've got to stay home and grease Wheezer!" Nobody at Geffen Records knows whether this was the inspiration in naming Weezer, but it makes sense. Like many of their peers, the members of the Los Angeles quartet seem to have spent their formative years in front of the TV; when they were a little older, they were just as entranced by college rock. Finally, ala the Rascals, one of the gang said, "Hey, kids, let's put on a show!," and the result is Weezer's uplifting, unpretentious, and extremely endearing debut.

The self-titled Weezer is lean and mean at 10 short, punchy tunes, but nearly every one is powered by a larger-than-life chorus or a simple but effective lyric. "Undone-The Sweater Song" uses an unraveling sweater as a metaphor for a relationship on the rocks; "Buddy Holly" pays heartfelt tribute to the '50s rocker, and "In the Garage" paints a scene of suburban teens jamming while surrounded by posters of Kiss. Producer Ric Ocasek of Cars fame pushes the vocals and rhythm guitars, and this bare-bones approach may earn comparisons to fellow garage-pop band Green Day. But Weezer has more in common with the late, lamented Big Dipper, another group of slacker wiseguys that you just had to love. --Jim DeRogatis

Japanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD - playable on all CD players) pressing. Universal. 2008.

Customer Reviews:

  • An all-time great
    I have seriously listened to this album over 500 times in my short life of 22 years. It's one of those cd's that can play from begining to end without getting on your nerves... while you sing (or play) along the whole way. I would compare this quality to Dark Side of the Moon....
    I wish artists would go back to making albums, not just songs. This album has soul. not traditional soul... but soul all the same. ...more info
  • Pop & More
    I recall "Buddy Holly" as the first Weezer song I heard. I was unsure as to whether I like it or not. It was too catchy and poppy. But then I realized it was fun and I found myself humming it. As I heard the other songs on the radio I decided I actually like Weezer and bought the recond.

    The album is pop ear candy with catchy melodies and music - the chorus of the then overplayed Buddy Holly is a good example. But this makes the record one that is just a great one to put on. But there is more to the record than just pop and the lyrics are very good and are not pure pop candy and delves into stories.

    The record an interesting mix and is just not another pop album or Buddy Holly....more info
  • Irresistible pop-rock perfection
    I love Weezer's 1994 self-titled debut. At ten tracks, this is a piece of focused, irresistible pop-rock perfection. The LA quartet, led by Rivers Cuomo, emerged a universally appealing band for their pop sensibilities and underdog perspective. First of all, this is some of the plain catchiest music you'll ever hear. With the simple guitar lines but impeccable production, each song is capable of sticking with you for days at a time, even from first listen. But even the simple writing and catchy hooks don't overshadow the fact that Weezer is not only talented musicians but excellent songwriters. Weezer shows they are masters of the pop-ballad, and Cuomo is so endearing because everyone can comprehend where he's coming from in his lyrics. He is a nerdy, emotional optimist, who has problems with love and relationships just like the rest of us. "Weezer" does not have a weak spot on it, and with ten tracks is among the most immediately appealing pieces of 90s rock to be found. I highly recommend "Weezer" to all.

    With "My Name Is Jonas," the album opens with a timeless song, which brings energy, great lyricism, and the irresistable guitar lines that pervade throughout the record. "No One Else" is an endearing, understandable and immediately catchy song. One of my favorites is "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here," a post-breakup number with the sort of emotion that everyone can appreciate. The excellent tribute "Buddy Holly" precedes the conceptual gem "Undone (The Sweater Song)," a clever metaphor that maintains the ingenious pop sensibilities of the rest of the album. The optimistic and appealing "Surf Wax America" comes before the masterpiece "Say It Ain't So," which from the opening bars is a classic rock song, the one that made me want to own this album so long ago. "In the Garage" is plain lovable, a song about the awkwardness of adolescence and the haven of garage rock. "Holiday" and the eight-minute closer "Only in Dreams" end the album perfectly.

    This album is a perfect blend of catchy hooks, musical artistry, and lovable lyricism. Weezer's debut set the stage for their long and fruitful career, but despite their other fine LPs I feel they have yet to top their wonderful debut. Regardless of your musical leanings, there's no doubt you can get into this album. I highly suggest a purchase to everyone....more info
  • easy listening album
    this album is great! standouts are buddy holly, say it aint so and of course the sweater song but each and every song has something to offer. i think this band was was overlooked due to the huge popularity of nirvana, pearl jam and stone temple pilots. i got into this album years after its release and am glad i finally picked up a copy. the album is short, little over 40 minutes with 10 songs (why i gave it 4 stars). also check out their green album. ...more info
  • Changed it all for me...
    I must say that this CD is a milestone in my taste's in music! I wasn't really sure of what sort of music to like when I was younger. I listened to whatever my friends burned for me and there were a few bands I knew I liked, but I wasn't sure how to find new bands or what "genres" were or which ones I liked. I was meaning to borrow this CD from a good friend of mine for a long time and I was a little surprised when I finally heard this CD. It took a few listenings to get used to but this CD and Weezer as a band totally changed my outlook on music. I was listening to garbageo like Linkin Park only beacuase my friend liked them and wanted me to. The Blue Album really opened up the world of music to me and it is the point in my life where I really loved and appreciated all sorts of music out there. I first heard Weezer's "Blue Album" about 2 and a half years ago and they still remain to this day one of my all time favorite bands. There's some sort of magic behind their music and this CD especially that you can't help but love. Original lyrics, guitars that are catchy as all get out, bass that is delicious, drumlines that are original. Blue Album is like the ultimate "garage band" feeling that we all know and love. It's like the band we love in our own hometown and shows that we can sincerely believe in such underdogs that truly are rock gods and awesome deep down! Buy this CD, the average rating of 5 stars amoung so many reviewers is a sign people!
    Ty...more info
  • Honestly one of the best albums i have ever heard
    Up their with Led Zeppilin IV and Pink Floyd's The Wall. There is no weakness to this album and it was possiblly the best of the 90's. The songs are all so interesting and different from the next.

    1.My Name is Jonas: great song, with better chorus
    2.No One Else: "Weakness" of album but still not bad, acoustic version is amazing though.
    3.The World Has Turned and Left Me Here: good song about a broken relationship.
    4.Buddy Holly: Still a classic, catchy and up-tempo, video won multiple awards
    5.Undone-The Sweater Song: One of my favorite songs of all time, with phenomenal lyrics.
    6.Surf Wax America- fast paced, good but not great
    7.Say It Ain't So- great song, underrated, good lyrics
    8.In The Garage- nerdy, about insecurity and growing up in a garage band, but a very good song, improved by opening harmonica.
    9.Holiday: Song that turned me on to the album, much much better than Green Days Holiday.
    10.Only in Dreams: Long but extremely good, great bass, about trying to get the girl whos out of ur league....more info
  • A must own for any fan
    This is where it all began and it's one of the best indie albums out there....more info
  • "What's with these homies dissin' my girl?"
    This is a hell of a record - clear, concise, crisp, catchy power-pop, it's a small wonder it caught on the way it did. The ubiquitous single "Buddy Holly" is here, and its charmingly gawky lyrics, vocal hooks most bands would die for, and brilliant Happy Days video make it one of the best songs of the '90s. But the other singles - the nervy Hollywood send-up "Undone (the Sweater Song)" and the personal, bitter grunge song "Say It Ain't So" (which, thanks to its inclusion in the apparently difficult singing tutorial in Rock Band, has led to an inside joke amongst my friends: "I hate `Say It Ain't So'!") - are just as good, and there are a bunch of other churning guitar-pop gems for your pleasure ("My Name is Jonas", "No One Else", "The World Has Turned and Left Me", "Surf Wax America", with a bizarre drop-off in volume; "Holiday"), and the mercurial Rivers Cuomo (at least as strange as his name, given the infamous Harvard story) paints himself as the quintessential dork on "In the Garage", which makes it easy for me, another dork, to identify with even if I don't like KISS. The lengthy "Only in Dreams" totally throws off the momentum, but it's only one song and it's the last one besides. You know, they're right when they call this one of the best of the '90s. It really, really was....more info
  • Overrated
    The best songs on this album were the ones I've heard on the radio a million times. Don't waste your money on this CD. Just flip on your local rock station or rip it off the net....more info
  • Simple Review
    I will be totally honest with you and give you a short review so you dont need to read a huge one. This album is a must own. There is not one song on here that doesnt rock. Seriously if you dont like this cd then you really dont deserve to listen to music. Any one that doesnt agree with me just take your car to work and ill take my board. Ha ...more info
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best weezer album ever my favs are My Name Is Jonas,Buddy Holly,Surf Wax Amercia and The World Has Turned And Left Me Here I listen 2 it non-stop almost all day IT ROCKS(...) ...more info
  • Awesome!
    I am relatively new to Weezer, and if you asked me a month ago who they were I couldnt tell you. My sister got an Ipod and didnt need her CD's any more so they were passed along to me. As I was listening to the CD's this one caught my ear. Within the first 2 songs I was in love!

    Weezer is a great band! I love them, and if you dont own this album BUY IT! You will LOVE it!...more info
  • 90's was a great year for alternative rock
    Weezer was a great rock band because they really stayed away from the rock and roll image (anti-rock star) and gave the alternative scene a great taste of geek rock than wasn't seen since The Descendants (Milo no doubt had influence on River's image). I don't approve of River's hating his fans for no reason (at least some of the good ones who don't ask for anything), although I sometimes did (the stalker type of fans who always want something).

    The music, it's great music, it's not very technical, but they do great musically, so what do I care? The lyrics are decent, they don't take much time to figure out but their points are real and there isn't a single hint of fake (unless of course they are making an imaginary scene) emotion. Weezer is not an emo band either, there's a difference between emotion in rock and roll and just __________ emo. Weezer is the first. Weezer have plenty of emotion, yet these guys do like to have fun too. You can trust Weezer than they aren't pulling your leg with fake emotion.

    Besides the lyrics, the music makes Weezer, _______ Weezer! IT's not technical, but the guitars are melodic and catchy. IT's also easy to sing along with Rivers, who never whines, and just sings. They might be compared to Green Day, although they are slower, and put a lot of melody onto their music instead. Weezer sound like a band that can be easily imitated, but it's actually so hard to do.

    It's not the best album ever, but I enjoyed it. I took some stars off because I don't think it's always easy to dive into, it takes a bit of a mood. I reccomend buying it, and especialy Pinkerton, which is a bit unusual, yet totally different, but still Weezer. That's one of the best things a band can do.

    Don't forget to try Milo Goes To College by The Descendants when your done.

    8.5/10...more info
  • Stands the test of time
    I have had this record for over 13 years and I still love it. I was blown away by the song Surf Wax America, it was a fusion of alternative rock and The Beach Boys. The track in the garage, is just a feel good quasi nerd anthem. A few of the cd's tracks such as only in dreams and the world has tuerned and left me here are a fusion of upbeat,quirky love ballads. This album is unique blend of diffrent music genres such as the 50's,60's, 70's and 80's made to stand out in the alternative music scene of the 1990's. This cd is rare gem because every song on the cd is excellent. There is nothing sub par about the blue album. ...more info
  • Simply one of the best albums of the 90's
    Ok I wrote a huge review but went back while previewing it and it was gone. Gay...... So I'm gonna summarize the whole thing in incomplete sentences.Here goes:

    Only 13, mad that I missed the 90's, great 90's music is Smashing pumpkins, nirvana, chili peppers, metallica, radiohead, pearl jam, and yes weezer. this album rules, Say It Ain't So has really creative guitar work and i like to play the tab and solos, Buddy Holly is the best song of the 90's, my name is jonas, undone, surf wax america, in the garage, only in dreams are other good songs, if you like Make Believe then you might not like this, Weezer rules, this album is a must for any 90's collection.

    Ok sorry if you dont understand this i just wanted to get my opinion out there. Peace!!!...more info
  • Best album ever.
    Not only is Weezer my favorite band, but this is my favorite album of theirs. Every song on this CD is GREAT!...more info
  • This is the best album ever made
    I know Sgt. Pepper's, Zeppellin IV, Paul's Boutique, and The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan might be right up there, but dang it if I just don't get tired of this thing. This album is perfect from start to finish. I've owned it for years and I still listen to it all the time. Buy this album. I recommend buying the 2-disc special edition, though, because some of the songs on the second disc are outstanding, too (even if you weren't into them back in 1994).
    ...more info
  • Great Weezer album
    The Blue Album. Ah. so many memories. the first time i heard this album was the first great dork rock album I had ever heard. Weezer put out one of the strongest debuts of the past 20 years with the Blue Album, and almost immediately got large amounts of critical acclaim and steadfast fans. For me, the ultimate weezer album will always be Pinkerton, but they are definitely known best by this album.

    It starts off with a kick with My Name Is Jonas. It is actually one of the weaker songs on the album, but it is a decent intro. No One Else is my favorite song on the album. It is a slow but catchy song about wanting a girl who is completely devoted to the singer, Rivers Cuomo. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here is a slow, depressing, but spectacular song about feeling left behind in the world, a feeling we have all felt at some point. The next song is one that everyone knows, Buddy Holly. It is an anthemic and poppy song, and just generally a fun one. One of the best on the album. Next is the Sweater Song. ok, so here's the thing. I hate this song. Everyone knows it, everyone loves it, but something about it just grates on me. So we just wont talk about that song.

    Surf Wax America is a fun, summery song that I always like to put on driving on a nice day. Say It Ain't So is a big slow song, and is definitely one of my favorites. In My Garage, though, is my favorite on the album. It is another song about feeling alone in the world, and hiding in a place where you can feel safe. Such a great song. Holiday, while being a good song, is another low point. Only In Dreams, however, is a great closer, beautifully written and wonderfully performed. The end of that song always leaves me happy, reminding me of the first time i ended this album. One of the more influential albums in life for me

    in the end, this band is expert at pop arrangements, catchy songs, and universal lyrics. we all have some things in us that respond to weezer's songs, and for me, this album will remind me of all the good times i had in the past 10 years or so. highly recommended for anyone interested in indie, dork rock, or just weezer in general...more info
  • One of the greats of all time...
    I was a freshman in high school when this album came out, and, actually, I had to let it grow on me after I bought it. Now, 13 years later (damn, has it been that long?), it is, in my opinion, one of the greatest rock albums ever made. I listen to it only once in a while now, but every time I am blown away by the sheer quality of every track. The nuances of the guitars crunching through some old-school amps, the un-engineered sound of the drums, the genuine-ness of the vocals (does anyone else think Rivers is trying too hard on all their other albums?), all combine to make a perfect rock sound.

    No band or album has ever had a bigger influence on my musical preferences. The only album that even comes close is Jimmy Eat World's 'Futures,' mostly because I deeply relate to most of the lyrics (it's a great album - listen to it).

    'Only in Dreams' is epic, with one of the most spectacular slow-build crescendos ever and some sweet guitar and drum-work. Truly every song on the album is fantastic, and I have a really hard time picking out my favorite, because it changes every time I listen to the album.

    Enough hyperbole. Listen to this album. Loud. Then listen to it again. And again....more info
  • No Joke
    The listeners and reviewers building this album up are not exaggerating: This is purely one of the best rock albums of all time. If you haven't heard it or don't own it, buy it now. You will not be sorry....more info
  • Top 10 of the 1990s
    Where Nirvana was the prologue, Weezer was the start of my intrest in music.

    I grew up in a town called Groningen in the north of Holland. When I was 15 I spend most of my days listening to either the local radio stations or the alternative music shows late at night. I heard the first Weezer songs there. When the magazine of the legendary Vera club put the album on the top of their charts it really started coming. I had the song on a tape and listened to it all day. Besides 'Orange' by the Blues Explosion and 'crooked rain' there is no album I have to listened to more than Weezers debut album.

    There is not a bad track on the album. Starting off with 'My Name Is Jonas' Banging on the drums and the powerchords, singing along with "The Workers Are Going Home" with the great acoustic intro and outro.

    "No One Else" is the first nerd song, about the singer only wanting the girl for himself, afraid to lose him. For someone who is 15 the uncertainty, dreams and weird interest and social awkwardness are so well expressed in all the songs.

    The feeling of solitude after a break-up can be felt the best in the downbeat song 'The World has Turned and left me here', perhaps the best and most mature song on the album.

    That 'Weezer' maybe the teenage album of the 90's is also thanks to track 4, the now classic 'Buddy Holly'. Who doesn't want to be a star, a star like Buddy Holly. Besides the lyric it's also the song you can sing along with the easiest. And the little 9 tone break is a stroke of genious, as is the little difference in chors that follows it and leads in the end of the song.

    An easy picking guitar and some voices lead in 'Undone', also a great song.

    Teenage fun starts with 'Surfwax America', It has a thumping verse but the melody really starts in the chorus. The melody changes somewhat when the singer starts feeling the undertow and he is afraid he will never grow old. A great middle part with just voices and some keyboards repeats the never grow old part. But it ends well after all.

    I never liked 'Say it ain't so' so I won't talk about that song

    The funniest song must be 'In The Garage' the nerdiest song of all. Dungeon Master, Kiss etc. However, the theme of teenage awkwardness pops up again. 'In the garage, i feel safe, no one cares about my ways, in the garage where i belong no one hears me sing this song'

    'Holiday' can be a song about spring break, however it is not about a booked holiday in a hotel. To me it always meant to freedom of just going away when you felt like it.

    The album ends with the long and musically most interesting 'Only In Dreams', about the boy not getting the girl.

    Maybe now 12,5 years after it was released do I really realize how great this album still is. Weezer still make good albums but none of them has reached the overall standard of their debut which I really think it was on the best debut albums of the 1990s. Their follow-up 'Pinkerton' was certainly not bad but sounded a little scrappier.

    Every guitar on each song might make this album seem monotone but it's how it was meant. Also the order of the song is perfect, no wonder that when they first toured Europe they played this album from track 1 to 10 in that order.

    A classic, a real real classic....more info
  • Arguably their best and most accessible album - Weezer and emo fans will love it!
    Personally I'm not the biggest Weezer fan, but if there's one album by them that I'd consistenly enjoy hearing it's definitely this one. It's easily their most accessible and catchy-yet-creative album that they have recorded thus far. Perhaps it's not as creative as "Pinkerton", but it's still great in its own right. Though most casual music fans wouldn't know much of this band, emo bands were heavily influenced by Weezer. Ask any emo person you know and they will most likely love Weezer (at least, that's what my ex-girlfriend told me...). Anyways - Rivers Cuomo does another great-yet-slightly-annoying vocal delivery here which I think some people might not like (mostly just non-emo fans and those without an open-mind). The most well-known track off this album is definitely "Buddy Holly" which almost every person growing up in the 90's heard at one point or another. The lyrics are surprisingly good and are very catchy and memorable for a mainstream band - you'll probably enjoy listening to them carefully. Once again the band sounds distinctively Weezer with their fuzzy guitar-sounding indie rock. No other band that I know of sounds like Weezer (so they were at least the first to start this style). Emo, punk-pop and Weezer fans will love this album, though I'm not sure whether others will. Overall, though, this is highly recommended!

    Highlights include:
    the entire album!...more info
  • The Perfect Weezer Album
    Weezer really does debut with a bang. The Blue Album is absolutely fantastic. It is pure Rock with elements of Punk thrown in. With songs like "Say It Ain't So" and "Undone", how can this album do anything but Rock?!

    I have been a fan of Weezer for many years and I recommend that everyone who is interested in this incredible band buy this record first. This is Weezer in it's rawest form and it definitely has excellent songs. My personal favorite song on the deluxe edition is Susanne. Some other greats are No One Else and In The Garage. So many fantastic songs, it's hard to pick favorites. A brilliant Rock album....more info
  • never got it
    If I ever got the CD I could say something about it! It's been over a month since I ordered! Amazon says to wait more....more info
  • Weezers first, and best
    deffinately weezers best, pinkerton and the green album are ok but maladroit and especially make believe have sent weezer down the drain and into mainstream new sound crap, but still this album shines in the dust.

    My name is Jonas: 10/10 great opening song gives you a feel for weezer.

    No one else: 6/10 worst on the album, just aint my cup a tea

    the world has turned and left me here: 7/10 emo song about being dumped

    buddy holly: 10/10 their run away hit that rocks

    undone: 10/10 another great one the guitar riff rocks shows the geekyness of the band

    surfwax america 8/10: a surf rock song

    Say it aint so: 10/10 Weezers best, great guitar work and lyrics extremely good

    garage song: 10/10 another emo feeling song, but non the less a great one the distorted bass and harmonica make it even better.

    Holiday: 9/10 better than green days holiday

    only in dreams: 10/10 great bass and very long

    ...more info
  • The most important album of the 90s
    This album single-handedly made me want to rock out in a garage and form a band of my own. I think people will look back at this album and see it as better or at least just as good as Nevermind. There is just a sense after you listen to all the songs together that the album you just listened to meant something. I still can't pinpoint all the ways it affected me, but it holds a huge place inside my musical world. I think Weezer's strongest asset was their accessability. You might have heard them on the radio, the doctor's office, heck they even put the 'Buddy Holly' video on the Windows 95' sampler! They took all the great parts from all their influences; huge guitars from Nirvana and Boston, soulful solos from Queen, melodies from the Pixies, the synth rock of the Cars, vocal harmonies from the Beach Boys, and shred from Quiet Riot. What was unique was Rivers' personal introspective lyrics. He could be called the founder of emo rock, but I doubt he'd appreciate or acknowledge it. I would never in a world call Weezer emo, but it's funny how much their lyrics sound like some of the new stuff. This album has fantastic guitar work and musicianship. Moreover, if there was one album in the 90's that I could listen to tracks 1-10, no skipping, over and was this one. The songs are all amazing; cleverly crafted pieces of ear candy that make you want to come back for more. But there's also a real depth, in songs like The World Has Turned And Left Me Here which appealed to me as a confused young teen at the time or the epic , and I mean epic, Only In Dreams. Those solos are like fireworks at the end of that song all the way to classic let the bassline finish out the song. Speaking of basslines, let me just say I respect Matt Sharpe for what he gave this band. His basslines are awesomely simple, but he throws fills in that are sometimes hard to hear and they are tasty. As many know, he left the band after the only album that compares to this one, Pinkerton. I think if Matt Sharpe was still in the band that they would have their edge still. He would jump around and just give off pure energy at the live shows, something Rivers REALLY needs to get back in the habit of doing. I think Say It Ain't So is the quintessential song from this album though. I still can't describe what is sounds like to me. I mean the chorus and solo are face melting, but then there's the tender, jazzy clean solos that Rivers pops in between the verses and the upstroke, almost reggae rhythm guitar with the slinky, slow bass line. Awesome song, INCREDIBLE album. Just take a look at this albums stats for christ's sake. There are barely any 1's, 2's or 3 stars for this. Out of 500 some reviews, 440 go for 5 stars. That truly has to say something. And I whole heartedly agree with those 440, count me as 441. Old school Weez forever! (flashing =w=)...more info
  • "Where I belong.."
    For a little while, at least, Weezer were one of the great bands of the 90s- their sound was a delicate and irresistible blend of crunching power pop, fragile indie introspection (with, admittedly, a few hints of emo fluttering in the background), and amped-up guitar rock. The whole thing was shot through with a delicate vulnerability and a disarming sense of humor. Weezer were the shy, nervous, and secretly brilliant souls who somehow managed to out-cool just about everybody else.

    This aesthetic is very present on the group's self-titled debut (referred to by fans as "The Blue Album"). It features some of the band's finest songs and most beautiful performances- there's "My Name Is Jonas," which opens the album with a churning flood of melody and guitar chords, with some great lyrical imagery. "No One Else" is a chunk of ragged, bitter pop, and "In The Garage" is a disarmingly offbeat and genuinely touching anthem for loners and outcasts everywhere. "Only In Dreams" is a quietly and unstoppably hypnotic rush of melody and nervous energy, while "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here" has a lulling, irresistible melody. "Undone (The Sweater Song)," is a subtly barbed kiss-off with a weird little guitar line, and "Buddy Holly" is a catchy, hilarious, and heartwarming classic, an unapologetic nerd-rock anthem that deserved ever ounce of its success.

    This is a just plain great album, and it belongs in every half-decent music collection....more info
  • This Album "Awakens Ancient Feelings"
    I'm not sure that this album's impact was entirely realized when it came out back in 1994. While grunge bands were in full swing testing the limits of "music" with heavy reverb and little substance, Weezer showed up with something completely new. They showed that it was in fact possible to write good songs with catchy melodies while still keeping your amp's cranked up to eleven.

    The opening track "My Name Is Jonas" starts off with a pretty acoustic riff before hitting you in the face with a jackhammer of electric guitar. The two sounds compete throughout the remainder of the song. "No One Else" is an uptempo rocker with a catchy chorus, and "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here" follows in Jonas' footsteps but has a better melody. "The Sweater Song" and "Buddy Holly" were the radio hits. "Surfwax America" is another pounding rock nugget, and "Say It Ain't So" is a sad yet beautiful song that still finds room for a fantastic, loud riff in the chorus. "In The Garage" is another song with an easy, catchy melody, and "Holiday" might be the highlight of the album, where Weezer flexes every rock and harmonic muscle. "Only In Dreams" is a slow-tempo closer featuring heavy guitars struggling to stay under wraps.

    "Weezer" is a fantastic album that sounds as fresh today as it did during its heyday. Looking back, the album signalled that something new was brewing in rock 'n roll that eventually put grunge out to pasture. Give the album a listen and then write down how many other bands have copied this formula...the list is staggering.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic and iconic power pop
    Luis Mejia - Weezer debut album is a perfect swing from a classic 90s' experience. When everyone was producing independent, underground, distorted garage-like rock, Weezer twisted this tiresome face of music with their melodic power pop, specially noticed due to the album's heavy guitar use; and yet it is simple and catchy. And rather than used-up rockers, the band's mood was fresh and innovating, with their classic-guy looks (some may say it's geeky, but the music is very distant from this) mixed with normal laid-back style gives off the band's unique and lovely personality. Songs like "Buddy Holly" "Undone-The Sweater Song" can stick into your memory very smoothly, and so both became later recognized icons in 90s' music, while the greatly arranged pieces, specially "My Name Is Jonas" and "Holiday", break the monotony and makes the album much more worthy and delightful. The band's honest sense of humor, chill-out mood, mixed with a non-usual power pop style makes Blue Album simply perfect; take it as you may, it always ends up being incredible. Even if you don't go far with Weezer from here, this is the album anyone can listen to in their repertory....more info
  • Fond Memories
    When I was fifteen I had two friends that loved Weezer. We'd walk home together and pop in this CD and they'd dance in their socks around the house. Listening to this CD brings back fond memories of that time when we were all innocent and finding our way in the world.

    Every song is just great. They're very youthful and evocative of a certain time, but they're also very transcendent. "Say it Ain't So" is one of my favorite tracks. It is melancholy, but it is also one of those songs you can't get enough of. "In the Garage" is the perfect follow up track, because it embodies tranquil happiness. It flips your mood back upside down and leaves you with a good taste in your mouth. Other songs are just as optimistic. "Buddy Holly" is just as silly as the pop tunes of the jazz age, but its innocence is what makes it appealing. "The Sweater Song" is another example; even though it is seemingly sad, the subject is lighthearted and therefore fun to listen to.

    I don't know lots about music, so I can't comment on the musical quality. All I know is that this CD strikes a strong chord with me, and I listen to it often....more info
  • Memories
    This album is one of a few albums that holds the most memories of the best times in my life. I was usually having a lot of fun when I was listening to this album....more info
  • Weezer
    I will start off this review by saying that Weezer's blue album is one of the most solid efforts I have ever heard in long while. Every song is simply A+ quality material. Every song from "My Name is Jonas" to "Buddy Holly" to "Holiday" and back are just great songs, simply said.

    There is not a bad track on this album. A very rare thing in this day and age. If you're looking for a good, solid rock CD, go and pick up Weezer's blue album. It will not disappoint....more info