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Major League [VHS]
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A baseball comedy and slob comedy rolled into one, this one actually works as entertainment, if not as a piece of cinematic mastery. James Gammon is the has-been manager hired to lead the last-place Cleveland Indians whose owner wants them to lose so she can sell them. But the team of has-beens and never-wases that he assembles (including Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen, and Wesley Snipes) develops a sense of pride and turns the team around. There's plenty of rowdy humor about sex, race, and whatever else they can make fun of. Look for Rene Russo (in her first film role) as Berenger's romantic interest; Snipes also had his first showy role as Willie Mays Hayes, the team's base-stealing ace. --Marshall Fine

Customer Reviews:

  • The Indians actually win?
    My husband, an ex-patriot living in Australia, loved this movie. It was worth the expense to get it changed to our format. Wish more baseball dvds were available in zone 4 format. Excellent baseball sequences with an excellent humourous storyline. Just loved it. The casting makes this movie really great....more info
  • Great baseball flick
    Luved this movie from beginning to end. All the characters are great esp Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger....more info
  • Make Way For The Most Unlikely Gang Of Ballplayers Ever.
    From the writer of "The Sting" and its atrocious sequel comes a story of the most ragtag people ever to assemble on a baseball diamond. Charlie (as in Sheen) & Tom Berenger star in "Major League." Co-starring Dennis Haysbert, Corbin Bernsen, deliciously villainous Margaret Whitton, real-life baseball announcer Bob Uecker and featuring future stars Rene Russo & Wesley Snipes in their feature film debuts, this movie is a HOME RUN. Combining sharp dialogue with the antics & fun of baseball, this movie is a classic. Rated R, but should've been PG-13 (hey, the language is tamer than an episode of "The Sopranos"; no offense to Tony). There's also an alternate ending, with optional commentary. Classic f---ing fun.

    Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the sequel, which was made in 1994. Though the main cast reunites, Wesley Snipes is missing and has been replaced by Omar Epps as Willie Mays Hays, for whatever reason. Plus, Rene Russo appears in a wasted cameo, when she had more scenes in the first movie. I read somewhere that the director (David S. Ward, who wrote both movies) was embarassed by the language in the first movie, so he toned the sequel down for a PG rating, and this idiotic decision is noticeable, particularly in a scene where a catcher says, "Goldarn it to heck." Stupid writer & director. Not only is that how baseball players talk (in the 1st movie), but it's also part of what made the first movie so enjoyable. Randy Quaid is enjoyable, but not good enough to save what was toned down to a PG rated movie. I've gotta give "Major League II" 2/1/2 stars....more info
  • wild thing I think I love you
    This is a really good fun movie I could watch again and again. Love all these stars and the script is timeless....more info
  • Major Fun
    No, you're not going to walk away from this movie thinking about how to achieve world peace or end poverty, but you will be walking away with a smile. MAJOR LEAGUE is a lighthearted, entertaining film that also happens to be hysterically funny. Throw the great sport of baseball into the mix and MAJOR LEAGUE is a win/win for those who love the game and those who just want to have a good laugh.

    There's nothing complicated about the plot. When an aggressive femme fatale (Margaret Whitton) inherits the Cleveland Indians from her late husband, her plan is to put together a team so bad it will lose its fan base and allow her to relocate. And so a band of misfits is put together: washed-up players, inexperienced players, headcases. Of course, predictably, her plan goes awry, but it's still good fun watching the antics of the Indians as they misfire and then come together over a long, long season.

    Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Rene Russo, Corbin Bernsen, and Wesley Snipes headline a great cast. Bob Uecker is absolutely hysterical. My favorite character is manager Lou Brown (James Gammon) who delivers the film's funniest line, but one I dare not repeat here (it would never get past the editors)! Grab a hot dog and a beer, pull up a chair, and let MAJOR LEAGUE put a wide grin on your face....more info

  • Just a bit outside.
    Well, thank god they finally updated this movie. The transfer and sound are the same, which is not bad, video is clear but could have used more. The extras are awesome! Tons of material from a very funny interview with Bob Euker?? to cast members then and now, plus a commentary track, alternate ending wich should have been left out and tons more. If you own or even don't own this movie, pick it up. The nice turf cover is cool too. Would have loved a pair of Rick Vaughn Glasses though....more info
  • Classic Baseball Movie
    This movie has a great cast and is a prequel to the funnier "Major League 2". Great movie!...more info
  • Major League...Major Hit!
    Just a few years prior to the release of MAJOR LEAGUE, Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen had starred in PLATOON whose characters were in opposite corners and literally going to kill each other. In sharp contrast, the two would star in this entertaining baseball movie as comrades-in-arms and their chemistry is excellent. This is a fun,entertaining,baseball film with quirky and likeable characters and a plot that's not too complicated, a little predictable (but who cares?), but engrossing enough to just make you smile and cheer. After the likes of some serious baseball films like THE NATURAL, EIGHT MEN OUT, FIELD OF DREAMS, and even the semi-serious comedy BULL DURHAM, MAJOR LEAGUE came out of nowhere and stated that baseball films can be fun again. Tom Berenger leads the ensemble cast of misfit baseball players who are going to win the pennant in spite of the new owner Rachel (Margaret Whitton) tinkering with the team to produce a loser so she can move the "Indians" franchise to Florida. With Corbin Benson, Wesley Snipes, Dennis Haysbert (tv's 24,tv's Now and Again) and supporting roles of Rene Russo and soon to be Baseball Hall of Fame announcer Bob Uecker as the beleagered Indian's announcer. Classic scene: Charlie Sheen as pitcher Ricky Vaughn coming in to pitch and the crowd roars and sings along to the Troggs' "Wild Thing"!--Excellent!...more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    Always loved this movie and will continue to love it. A true classic!...more info
  • Major League
    Funny movie. It had been years since I had seen it and it was great to see it again. ...more info
  • still one of my favorites! Very funny
    Major League is one of my favorite comedies and one of my favorite baseball movies. The fact that it is a baseball comedy only makes things better. The premise is that the Cleveland Indians have a new owner and she wants to move the team to Miami (because of the perks she'll get). To do this, the attendance for the season has to dip below a certain number (800,000 I believe). So, she gets rid of most of the regular players and invites a bunch of has-been and never-was players to training camp. She tries to build a team designed to lose, and come in dead last.

    Much is made of the fact that the Indians have not won a pennant in over 30 years and nobody expects them to do well. The team is stocked with over the hill players like Jake Taylor (Tom Berenger): a washed up catcher with bad knees who they found playing in the Mexican league, Roger Dorn (Corbin Bernsen): the third baseman who is scared of being hit by the ball; and players that never were stars like Rick Vaughn (Charlie Sheen): a pitcher with no control serving time in prison for stealing a car, and Willie Mays Hayes (Wesley Snipes): the centerfielder with blazing speed but can't hit, and Pedro Cerrano (Dennis Haysbert): a voodoo practicing slugger who can't hit a curveball.

    With this misfit team, we go through Spring Training and the regular season. As the season progresses the team starts playing better than the owner had hoped so she keeps taking away essentials like the team plane, the hot tub, hot water, and others. The team plays even better until the whole plot is revealed by the General Manager of the franchise. This gives the Indians the fire they need to be a contender and make a run for the post season (since this might be the only chance these players get).

    Major League is an incredibly funny movie and remains one of my favorites. I laugh at all the places I used to and I find the mix of baseball and humor in this movie to be nearly perfect. One thing to note is that there is a lot of swearing in this movie and repeated use of the "F" word, so if that is the sort of thing that bothers you: you have been warned. Otherwise, this is one of the best baseball movie and is a blast to watch and watch again....more info

  • 5 star movie, 4 star Blu-ray, a grand slam of comedy
    Major League is one of my all time favorite movies with most of the lines of dialogue committed to memory long ago (after the 40th or 50th viewing...) From the first time I saw the film I fell in love with the lovable losers that are destined to win one for all of the picked on losers out there. At the time the film was released the Cleveland Indians had been known as one of the sorriest franchises in all of major league baseball. Season after season the Indians found ways to miss out on being truly competitive. As if by magic when the film was released the Indians seemed to turn things around in the seasons that followed finally becoming perennial contenders in the 90's.

    The film itself is comedic gold. Full of cliches and silly jock humor, but also full of touching events that let the viewer care about the athletes they are watching on the screen. We pull for the players and want to see them do well because the film allows us to sympathize with these losers and hope they can become winners.

    Paramount released the Wild Thing Edition of this film to DVD a few years ago. I grabbed that copy when it was available since it promised the alternate ending that most of us never knew about. Having watched that ending you realize that without redoing a lot of the later half of the film that the film just wouldn't work with that ending and that what we got in the theatrical release was absolutely the way to go. That same alternate ending and the rest of the extras that were included on the DVD have been included on the Blu-ray edition of the film, though those extras remain in standard definition, matted (black bars around all edges). It would have been nice to see the extras upgraded to high defintion for the Blu-ray release, but in reality the important thing here is the film and it looks pretty darned nice. Not perfect, but very nice.

    The audio in the Blu-ray is fine though some would complain that it hasn't been upgraded beyond Dolby 5.1. Considering what the film had when it was released, I'm happy to have a sound track that holds to the original. As long as the dialogue comes through clearly as I'm quoting it back to the screen, I'm plenty happy with what I got. ;-)

    Recommended for baseball fans and lovers of comedy. Well worth the purchase for me, now having double dipped to own a copy on both Blu-ray and DVD. One of my relatives or friends will soon be inheriting that DVD copy as I treasure the Blu-ray that Amazon was so quick to ship out to me....more info
  • Excellent service
    I already knew the movie, but never had it on DVD.
    Excellent service, ease of order, and delivery....more info
  • Best ever baseball movie
    The best and most entertaining baseball movie ever, hands down. The sequal was also great. As for the third, well, if you liked the first two you may enjoy it. It wasn't so bad, just a different story. Anyway, back to the one that started it all. An all star cast headlines this comedy as the rag team team of the century go from chumps to (almost) champs. Follow along for the exploits of baseballs craziest set of characters. Major league is a must see for any baseball fan....more info
  • Best Baseball Comedy Movie
    A Major league team made up of misfits and losers are determined to go to the World Series....more info
  • Major League DVD (Wild Thing Edition)
    The DVD I ordered has the artificial turf on the cover. The DVD I received did not. I already had the DVD, but I wanted the one with the grass on the cover....more info
  • major league
    We received this movie promptly, and enjoyed watching it again it is a fantastic movie, thanks again....more info
  • "You trying to say Jesus Christ can't hit a curve ball?!"
    I love this movie, I really do. MAJOR LEAGUE, to me, hasn't lost an iota of its watchability factor. The uproarious humor, sometimes verrrry salty, still cracks me up. The underdog theme still gets me cheering wildly. Its unexpected moments of poignancy, still heartfelt. The big game at the end, still ridiculously stirring. In terms of its place in my personal hierarchy of baseball flicks, this one ranks right up there with The Natural (Director's Cut), Bull Durham (20th Anniversary Edition), The Pride of the Yankees (Collector's Edition), A League of Their Own (Special Edition) and Field of Dreams (Widescreen Two-Disc Anniversary Edition). Add in a low key but engaging romance, and MAJOR LEAGUE then boasts all the ingredients to be a pretty darn generous picture - if you're looking for laughs and love and baseball.

    So the plot, in brief, centers around the hapless Cleveland Indians, who haven't won the pennant in over 30 years. This season, the team is intentionally jampacked with a ragtag bunch of losers and headcases and newbies. The film tracks an unlikely season in Cleveland's history, as somehow the Indians climb out of the cellar and ultimately vie for the pennant. This, despite the duplicity of the newly widowed, ex-showgirl team owner, who schemes to relocate her team to Miami. She's not a nice lady.

    Absolutely, it's a predictable story, and the feel-good ending not much of a shock. But, man, just the sheer entertainment value oozing from this film! Factor in the excellent script, and take into account the really terrific cast. Starting with Tom Berenger, who keeps everything grounded with his broken-down character, who longs for one more day in the sun and who manages to keep his unruly crew together. Trickle down to Charlie Sheen's deadpanned juvenile delinquent pitcher (I think this was his first major comedic role), James Gammon's maverick, raspy-voiced manager, and Margaret Whitton's devilishly wicked (and sexy) Cleveland Indians owner. Rene Russo makes her debut here, after being a highly sought after supermodel. And, while she doesn't have too many scenes, she proves to be very memorable. Wesley Snipes (startlingly hilarious) and Dennis Haysbert were little known back then, and it's hard to recognize them as, respectively, the speedy showboat Willie Mays Hayes and the bald, voodoo-worshipping Pedro Cerrano. And then there's Bob Uecker, who is simply classic as the boozing Cleveland Indians broadcaster Harry Doyle. And how many of his lines can you quote? Does "JUST a bit outside!" ring a bell? Enough ESPN anchorfolks have used it...

    MAJOR LEAGUE, coming out in 1989, does a great job of capturing the essence of life in the big leagues and depicting behind-the-scenes stuff in the clubhouse, and that rough-and-tumble camaredie which bonds a team together. No, it's not as perceptive or wise as, say, BULL DURHAM, but it has its moments. Not much in the way of soul-searching here, no. Instead, MAJOR LEAGUE has a simpler mission, which is to make you snort with laughter (although BULL DURHAM also does this effectively). The soundtrack rocks, by the way. Randy Newman's "Burn On" nicely opens the movie and is an ode to a long-suffering city of Cleveland. Then there's that one great slow song (don't know the name or singer) which seranades Jake and Lynn up to her loft apartment. And X's "Wild Thing" provides the chills up your spine as Rick Vaughn at last comes to the mound for his big showdown with Yankees power hitter Clue Haywood. In fact, MAJOR LEAGUE has been instrumental in introducing the trend of closers entering the field to some dramatic music.

    So this dvd is the Wild Thing Edition and contains a pretty nifty set of bonus features, most of which are worth checking out: an informative audio commentary by the producer and the writer/director; "My Kinda Team" - the 23-minute-long Making Of segment (where, sadly, you can see how much Berenger has let himself go); A Major League Look At MAJOR LEAGUE - members of the real Cleveland Indians team talk about the film; Bob Uecker: Just A Bit Outside - a spotlight on Bob Uecker; an alternate ending with an introduction by the film producer - this scene purports that the owner Rachel Phelps actually had the team's best interests at heart; A Tour of Cerrano's Locker (dull); and a long-winded photo gallery.

    Let's see, off the top of my head: the Wild Thing's birth control glasses; Jobu the voodoo god (created for this movie); duct-taping the plane; "Hats for bats."; "How's your wife and my kids"; and, of course, "JUST a bit outside!" Just some of the stuff which cracked me up so much (and still do). And that's not even mentioning the riveting final game. Anyway, MAJOR LEAGUE proved to be popular enough to spawn two sequels, Major League 2 and Major League 3: Back to the Minors. The first sequel is pretty good, the other one is a tosser.

    Underdog films just don't get old. And if it's a sports underdog story, then all the better. MAJOR LEAGUE is raucous and off-the-wall and goofy and funny as hell. Ultimately, it's a feel-good movie that hits all the right notes. The characters are earthy and winning, for a bunch of sad sacks. Since this movie came out, the Cleveland Indians have fared much better in real life, even getting to the World Series in 1995 and 1997. Not bad for reality.

    But give me the movie every time....more info
  • Fast Service - Excellent Condition
    My DVD arrived very quickly. The packaging was in excellent condition. Then DVD itself was in excellent condition too. Great service all around....more info
  • Love at first "view"
    No matter how many times we watch this movie - and we caught it when it first came to the theaters - it never ceases to make us laugh. Loved Willie May Hayes!!!!...more info
  • The Adventures of 'Wild Thing' Ricky Vaughn & Friends
    Not much more needs to be said about Major League.It's one of the best baseball movies ever with very memorable characters and funny lines.The story is familiar by now, a group of cast offs and misfits are brought together by an owner betting they'll be so bad that she can move the franchise out of Cleveland to sunny Florida.Things start out bad but soon turn as they come together gradually over an exciting season to take the pennant from the defending champion Yankees.I highly recommend Major League for baseball fans!...more info
  • One of the great baseball movies of all-time
    As a baseball lover, I have loved this movie from the first time I saw it. It's the classic "cinderella story" of a worst-to-first team, with the twist that they were assembled because management thought that they would never be able to succeed. While the ending is pure feel-good 80's comedy, the journey is well worth the effort. Several scenes are absolute classic cinematic moments, and Bob Uecker's "just a bit outside..." will live forever in the lexicon of baseball junkies.

    Despite the light tone of the movie, the acting is good for a comedy, featuring younger versions of Renee Russo, Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Dennis Haysbert, and Wesley Snipes, just to name a few. I watch this movie every winter to remind me just what I love about baseball--that anything can happen. A joy to watch over and over again, although the special features are a bit weak on the DVD--all you get are a grainy trailer and some talent files. Then again, it seems that most of my 80's favorites get shortchanged when they go to DVD, so that's nothing new and different. I guess the studios are only interested in spending time and effort on new release blockbusters. Too bad, as this movie definitely deserves a Bull Durham-like re-release on DVD....more info

  • awesome movie
    when i watched major league, on vhs i liked it, seeing rookies
    like rick vaughn,willy hayes, the onwers wife rachel phelps
    trys to keeps the indians in last place. and move the whole
    team to florida. as charlie sheen as wildthing rick vaughn
    the whole team needed some major improvement. lou hayword
    does just that.. and get the indians back in the races
    to beat the yankees i like part 2 three was ok...more info
  • Original and funny,,especially for Baseball fans
    The best in the series of the Major League series. A little corny and predictable but entertaining. Berenger plays the role of a veteran catcher and Snipes and Sheen play characterful rookies.
    But I am a baseball fan and could be considered biased....more info
  • Blu-ray: A classic, enjoyable baseball film but if you own the DVD, is it worth the double dip for Blu-ray?
    Considered by many sports fans as "the greatest baseball" film that captures the excitement of America's past time, the 1989 sports comedy film "Major League" brought in over $50 million during its theatrical run.

    The film which was written and directed by David S. Ward (writer for "The Sting" and "Sleepless in Seattle") was known for jumpstarting the careers of Wesley Snipes ("Blade", "U.S. Marshalls", etc.), Dennis Haybert ("24, "The Unit", etc.) and Rene Russo ("Lethal Weapn 3 and 4, "Get Shorty", etc.) but also trying to capture the realism of underdogs sports teams and even Charlie Sheen (who was a former high school baseball pitcher), an actor throwing actual pitches. And possibly breathing new life into the Cleveland Indians baseball team (which did very well during 1990's) and giving significance to the number #99 and also athletes utilizing the song "Wild Thing" as their theme song.

    "Major League" is the ultimate sports film featuring a group of underdogs not expected do accomplish anything but in the process, becoming a team that has a chance of making it to the playoffs.


    "MAJOR LEAGUE" is featured in 1080p High Definition. And is actually a very clean and vibrant transfer thanks to the fact that the film was remastered several years ago.

    For a film that is 20-years-old, you realize how beautiful the actual picture quality is as colors pop, blacks are well done and although evident, minimal specks of dirt. Of course, as many films created back in the late 80's and mid 90's tend to have a softness to it, "Major League" also has that soft feel. But the amount of sharpness and color vibrancy makes this release much, much better than the 2007 "Wild Thing Edition" DVD release.

    As for audio quality, audio is presented in English 5.1 Dolby TrueHD (also French and Spanish Mono). The film is primarily a dialogue-driven film and only until you get to the last half hour of the film, where the stadium is finally packed with people and Vaughn getting his "Wild Thing" introduction, do you finally see the sound being kicked up a notch.

    Audio is front channel heavy, with some subwoofer usage during X's "Wild Thing" theme (even more pronounced on the menu selection). Rear surrounds featured a little stadium ambiance but nothing significant in terms of audio direction but overall, you hear things quite clearly.

    Subtitles are featured in English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


    The "Major League: WILD THING EDITION" Blu-ray Disc release comes with everything that was included on the 2007 DVD and all are in Standard Definition. Included are:

    * Commentary: Commentary by Writer/Director David S. Ward and producer Chris Chesser - The commentary for "Major League" was quite interesting. Especially how David S. Ward wanted to reshoot scenes, for example, Wesley Snipes final scene and by the time he was done, he was black and blue from sliding a lot. Also, Ward and Chesser discussing the crowd scenes especially in the championship game, shooting long hours to the early morning (which Russo cried because she was forgetting her lines because it was so late) and how CG wasn't used at all, especially during Charlie Sheen's pitching and more. Discussion of how the ending had to be reshot because it didn't test as well in front of the audience. So ,they had to travel to London to have Margaret Whitton reshoot her scenes as Rachel Phelps. Also, how both men were almost speechless because they were enjoying the film. Overall, an informative and fun commentary.
    * My Kinda Team Making Major League - (23:10) Interviews with the Director, Producer and cast of "Major League". How the film continues to stay strong and how David S. Ward is a true baseball fan and how he modeled certain characters from a combination of a few baseball players and working with LA Dodgers Steve Yeager who put the cast through a 2 week baseball boot camp and more.
    * A Major League Look at Major League - (14:27) Interview with several Cleveland Indians baseball players and staff who discuss similarities or differences from the characters of "Major League" and people who actually play in the big leagues. Especially how one minor leaguer watches the film each day he is supposed to start pitching.
    * Bob Uecker: Just A Bit Outside - (12:43) A look at Bob Uecker the baseball player, the baseball announcer and being on the film. Featuring cast of "Major League", Cleveland Indians players and staff and interviews with Bob Uecker.
    * Alternate Ending with Filmmaker Introduction - (4:18) In the original screenplay and for the film, it was supposed to be revealed that the owner Rachel Phelps planned it all along and that she had to use the baseball players that they had because the team had no money. But because it was tested badly among fans who despised her character, they had to reshoot the whole scene with her character.
    * A Tour of Cerrano's Locker - (1:35) A short segment with the character of Pedro Cerrano showcasing his vodoo shrine in his locker.
    * Photo Gallery - Still photos from the film.


    "Major League" still manages to have the enthusiasm as it did back in 1989 with sports fans in 2009. Many baseball players and even athletes talk about the film and how it ranks as one of their top sports films of all time and whenever its on television, they have to watch it.

    It's an enjoyable film but it all comes down to what your preference is for a baseball film. Are you looking for inspirational and serious films such as "Field of Dreams" or do you want a sports comedy film such as "Major League". It's also an honest film that even professional baseball players and staff have said it has its relevance because many elements from the film actually happen in real life. From veterans assisting rookies, players having their daily rituals before a game, relievers in their own element and the feeling of sadness and excitement for a fan of one's baseball team.

    Obviously, not all audiences enjoy sports films but for those who do, "Major League" definitely is quite fun and entertaining with its team of interesting to unusual characters but most of all, watching a group of people rising to the occasion as a team and most of all kicking some butt!

    "Major League: WILD THING EDITION" is worth checking out!...more info

    I recently ordered and returned (for not being unique or a two disk version as the description claims) "Major League: I Love The 80s," Major League. I also rented the original DVD version of "Major League" (ASIN: B00006F7IM) to better understand the differences between the various versions. While "Major League: I Love The 80s" has a unique cover and the description states that it is a two disk set, the fact is that it is the same DVD as the original "Major League" movie with a CD of four songs I have never heard of in a cardboard sleeve packaged in with the DVD. The original "Major League" DVD, Major League, is no different than the VHS version, Major League. Here then is a summary of the differences between the various versions of "Major League:"

    1) Major League (1989) VHS Version, Major League, is the original movie with no special features. Format: Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, NTSC. Language: English, French. Rating: R. Release Date: May 29, 2001. Run Time: 106 minutes.

    2) Major League (1989) DVD Version, Major League, is the original movie with no special features, but a DVD Version rather than a VHS tape version. Format: Anamorphic, Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, DVD-Video, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC. Language: French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), English (Dolby Digital 5.1). Subtitles: English. Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1. Rating: R. DVD Release Date: September 24, 2002. Run Time: 106 minutes.

    3) Major League (Wild Thing Edition) (1989) DVD Version, Major League (Wild Thing Edition), is the original movie with the following special features: 1) locking safety storage box; 2) Commentary by Writer/Director David S. Ward and Producer Chris Cheser; 3) "My Kinda Team;" 4) "A Major League Look at 'Major League;'" 5) "Bob Uecker: Just A Bit Outside;" 6) Alternate Ending with Filmmaker Introduction; 7) A Tour of Cerrano's Locker; and 8) Photo Gallery. Format: Color, Dolby, DVD-Video, Widescreen, NTSC. Language: French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), English (Dolby Digital 5.1). Subtitles: English. Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1. Rated: R. DVD Release Date: April 10, 2007. Run Time: 107 minutes.

    4) MAJOR LEAGUE: WILD THING EDITION / (WS DUB SPEC) - MAJOR LEAGUE: WILD THING EDITION / (WS DUB SPEC) OR MAJOR LEAGUE: TURF EDITION DVD Version, MAJOR LEAGUE: WILD THING EDITION / (WS DUB SPEC) - MAJOR LEAGUE: WILD THING EDITION / (WS DUB SPEC), is the original movie and special features (indeed the same box) of "Major League (Wild Thing Edition)," described above, with an Artificial Turf slip case. This limited release Artificial Turf slip cover is the only difference between this version and the "Wild Thing Edition" described above. This is primarily a "collector's" version.

    5) Major League (1989) [I Love The 80s] DVD Version, Major League is the original movie and a musical CD with four songs "from the 80s:" 1. "Lips Like Sugar" by Echo & the Bunnymen; 2)"Chains of Love" by Erasure; 3) "Need You Tonight" by INXS; and 4) "Take On Me" by a-ha. This version, sporting a new cover that states "I Love The 80s" across the top, is essentially an updated release of the original DVD version, although this disk has a baseball covering. Format: AC-3, Color, Dolby, Dubbed, DVD-Video, Special Edition, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC. Language: English 5.1 Surround/English 2.0 Surround/French Mono. Subtitles: English. Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 (Amazon lists this aspect ratio, but other listing do indicate that it is still in 1.78:1). DVD Release Date: August 5, 2008. Run Time: 106 minutes. No Extra Features were found or listed. THIS IS THE MOST RECENTLY RELEASED VERSION.

    UPDATE--OCTOBER 25, 2008: In looking over my reviews, I found that Amazon has apparently created a new listing (ASIN: B000MGBTQ6) for "Major League: The Turf Edition" (if one can go by the picture), eliminated the listing that this review was originally written for, and lumped it in with the reviews for all the other editions--an action tell me "helps" buyers to be aware of all the editions available, even if the review doesn't specify which edition it is for. Please see my review of item MAJOR LEAGUE: WILD THING EDITION / (WS DUB SPEC) - MAJOR LEAGUE: WILD THING EDITION / (WS DUB SPEC) to learn about the "Turf Edition."

    As such, then, this review is now relevant to "Major League (Wild Thing Edition)" ASIN: B000M343BM, which is the edition Amazon kept sending me when I ordered "Major League: The Turf Edition." While this review is also posted under "Major League: I Love The 80s" (ASIN: B0019GO5AU), a two disk special edition, clearly my comment cannot be relevant, as I do not own that edition, all be it the movie is the same movie. As to how this edition differs from "Major League" (ASIN: B00006F7IM), I cannot say, as I do not own that edition either--although this and all other reviews are listed for all these editions.

    Now for my opinion: Needless to say, as a Cleveland fan since 1959, the thrill of "what if" was great--and I own a copy of every version that I am aware exists. But, this movie--no matter what version you purchase--is an outstanding show. The performances by all of the actors show a sincere desire to make a great movie. In particular Dennis Haysbert (perhaps best known for his role as President David Palmer on 24) as Pedro Cerrano is awesome, while Charlie Sheen gives his best comedic performance. Wesley Snipes as Willie Mays Hayes, not quite as well known at the time, engrossingly demonstrates his ability to do comedy--he really needs to do more comedy.

    The baseball scenes are all believable and well shot; although more cameos by real players would have been even nicer. Having been to many games, I think that the movie does a very good job of portraying what is is like to attend a professional baseball game. Indeed, with Bob Uecker, I almost thought I was listening to a live game. If you like baseball, Major League is one of the best--for entertainment, not drama--and I highly recommend it.

    While I am no expert on judging true widescreen versions from "matted" widescreen presentations, the item description states the aspect ratio is 2.35:1; the description on the back of the box for "Major League (Wild Thing Edition)" states: "This Film Is Presented In "Widescreen" Format. The Black Bars On The Top And Bottom Are Normal." It also states: "Widescreen Version Enhanced for 16:9 TVs." (If the other versions are different, I cannot say.)

    Bonus features for "Major League (Wild Thing Edition)" include: 1) commentary by writer/director David Ward and producer Chris Chesser; 2) My Kinda Team; 3) Major League: A Look at "Major League"; 4) Bob Uecker: Just A Bit Outside; 5) An Alternate Ending with Filmmaker Introduction; 6) A Tour of Cerrano's Locker; and 7) a photo gallery. How many of these bonus features are on the other editions, I cannot say; although I would hope that these and more are on the two disk edition (ASIN: B0019GO5AU).

    As a realist--knowing that the language,etc. that led to the "R" rating is all around and often needed to make the movie as realistic as possible--I ignored the rating and started watching this movie with my sons (on VHS) when the youngest was only six (now sixteen). Major League remains one of their all time favorites, and we have watched it together several dozen times. In my opinion, children get the excitement of baseball and ignore the other "adult themes" found in Major League. Major League is a movie to watch with both family and friends, as it enhances the "being there" feel that the film provides.

    If this review was not helpful to you, I would appreciate learning the reason(s) so I can improve my reviews. My goal is to provide help to potential buyers, not get into any arguments. So, if you only disagree with my opinion, could you please say so in the comments and not indicate that the review was not helpful. Thanks. ...more info
    I first saw this movie many, many years ago.. and I still remember it very vividly because it was soooo funny!!! It has an interesting plot and all the actors performed admirably. I'm not even a huge baseball fan but this movie always puts a smile on my face. I will go buy the DVD version of this movie for keepsakes....more info