Rumble! The Best of Link Wray
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  • Link Wray destroyed and reinvented rock & roll in '58
    Link Wray lost a lung to TB in Korea, and his doctor told him to go light on the singing. As a result, he became one of the first real guitar stylists of rcok & roll; and, for my money, the greatest. While everyone else in R&R at the time was trying to get as clean of a sound as possible, Wray was poking holes in his amp with a pen and getting that truely nasty fuzztone. And he was strumming dissonant power chords while the Ray Men raced along at twice his tempo; then he would start playing fast. This is oversimplification, or maybe overcomplication, of one of the most fascinating sounds ever produced by a rock & roll guitarist. It's well represented in this, the most consistent of the Wray discs out there. But if you're like me, you'll need more!...more info
  • Let's get ready to rumble!
    This is a compilation of some of guitarist Link Wray's best songs. It does a good job of covering some of the highlights of his career. Most of the songs are instrumentals, but there are three songs that feature Link's bluesy vocals. Link played guitar in a "dirty" style with a lot of feedback, but there is actually a wide variety to the instrumentals here. This is a solid compilation. I recommend it to fans of rock instrumentals....more info
  • Link Wrocks!
    I bought this CD, purely for the reason that I was looking for the song "Rumble" for a long time, because it is the one great song missing from the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack. The rest of the CD is really brilliant too....more info
  • 20 hunks o' tooth-smashing instro rock goodness!
    It's pretty simple: If you fork over your hard-earned cash for this disc, you will be happy. That's all there is to it. I mean, seriously, where else are you going to find such raucous genius? This stuff makes the Sex Pistols sound like a knitting circle (and a tame one, at that). This is rock `n' roll as it was meant to be played- loud, brief, and brutal, an electrified thunderstorm of barbed-wire guitar chords and menacing rhythms. This is the kind of back alley raunch that'll kick you in the teeth, steal your wallet, sweet talk your girlfriend and swipe your hubcaps, all the while making you feel grateful for the experience. You owe it to yourself to buy this album. Thanks, Link!...more info
    I can remember "The Hound" on WKBW Buffalo opening his show with Rumble when it first came out and playing it six or eight times throughout his program. We budding guitar players fell in love with Link immediately and quickly added a shaky version of Rumble to our bag. If you're a hard core Link Wray fan you'd want at least the Epic sessions along with this CD. But if you have to own just one Link Wray CD this is the one! A great overview of his work. There was nobody like him. Way,way ahead of his time is putting it mildly! Great stuff!!...more info
    If you really dig r-n-r, you probably already have this, or some approximation of it (Johnny Burnette, Carl Perkins, Lightnin' Hopkins, Stooges, ... This guy rocks-this is r-n-r! Metallica/VH and other pretentious snoozers wish they could rock like this fella!...more info
  • This is some wild'n'crazy boppin' rockin' boogie jive
    I'm a rockabilly maniac, with pomadour hair, ducktail, and sideburns, and you can't seperate me from this cd, it is my favorite for strollin' boppin' and jivin'. Man if you can't dig this, then there's nothin' that you can dig, cuz' this stuff is rockabilly, pure and unadulterated, wacky beboppin' good time jitterbuggin' billybop!...more info
  • Instrumental rawk & roll maddness...
    Some words to describle Link Wray's guitar: Dirty, nasty, crude, rude, gritty, mean, snarly, growly, and oh yeah, genius.

    One of the innovators of the surfy-garage rock sound Link Wray is everything rock & roll is meant to be, loud fast, and out of control...

    Buy this find out why Link rocks better than anyone today....more info

  • My favorite "Best of" album
    Link pounds out raw and crude rockabilly rock 'n' roll tunes like none other. I'm surprised he isn't considered one of rock 'n' roll's greatest guitarists. He is certainly one of the most influential, and is the father of the power chord. The songs are perfect for a gang stroll, and remind me of the countless AIP juvenile delinquency schlockers that were so popular in the late 50's and early 60's. Better than the Stones when it comes to primal rock 'n' roll....more info
  • Remember the "Hoods?"
    What a discovery to make on Amazon -- the one and only Link Wray, guitar hero of the high school hoods of the late 50s! (The "clicks" were listening to Doo-Wop.) I remember hearing Rawhide and Dixie-Doodle when I was about 10 years old (and haven't seen those 45s since. These were the years when rocknroll was born. Before the Stones introduced white America to the Blues and what was then called Rhythm & Blues, Link Wray was doing an almost one-man job of it. Well, Elvis gets a lot of credit, too. In any case, this is a classic anthology by an important link in the chain....more info
  • Link Ray Jack Up
    It's hard to belive this is from the late 50's. Folks must of thought he was from another planet. The Batman theme is awesome. Link really captures the Robin toadie part....more info
  • A desert island CD
    Yep, if I could only take five CDs to that mythical desert island, this would be one of them. Essential for an understanding of raw, loud rock n roll. And where rude guitar comes from. The only other CD I play this much is the Monks' "Black Monk Time."...more info
  • The Dual Tone Dynamo!
    Link Wray is one of the biggest influences in rock & roll that you've never heard of. The "power chord" is basically Link's brain child. Call him Surf, call him Rockabilly, call him what you will - but don't call him tame. Even by today's standards, Link Wray is one bad motor scooter. You've probably heard his biggest hit, RUMBLE, and didn't know that it was Link who played it. In addition to RUMBLE, this CD covers the whole spectrum of the "Dual Tone Dynamo" from beginning to end.

    Take for instance...

    Track 1. RUMBLE What better way to start off the 'best of' album than the song that started it all. RUMBLE is hands down one of the greatest rock & roll songs ever written. Blues and rock are brilliantly fused to create a song that harkens back to the days of pompadours, switch blades, fast cars, and even faster women.

    Track 6. AINT THAT LOVIN' YOU BABE Holy smokes! I've heard a lot of blues artists in my time, but Link shows you the way it is. I love the low-down dirty guitar licks, and Wray's voice is definately one of a kind. There is more feeling on this song than most bands have on a whole album.

    Track 7. JACK THE RIPPER Once again, Link has created one of the heaviest (and grooviest) songs to ever come out of the 50's. If you've seen the movie "Desperado" with Antonio Banderas, then you've heard this scorcher. It is the song that was brilliantly picked play during the first shoot-out in the film.

    Track 10. RUN CHICKEN RUN If you could possibly imagine a better song for a fist fight, I'd like to hear it.

    Definately add this one to your CD collection. Link Wray will never go out of style. I also suggest checking out the movie THE ROAD RACERS starring David Arquette. ROAD RACERS is basically a tribute to Link Wray. The soundtrack is almost entirely Link Wray music, and it gives you an idea of what type of people liked Link's music back in the late 50's....more info

  • You'll feel like your car broke down in the Ozarks
    A few years back, a friend made me a mix tape that opened with Dick Dale's "Nitro" & went on to include Link Wray's "Rumble" along with some Satan's Pilgrims and other surf. Recently, I was looking up some Dick Dale and came upon Link Wray again. I remembered being spellbound listening to "Rumble" open the Blow soundtrack. It was one of the great jazz musicians who once said that anyone can make things complicated- that's easy- but to make things elegantly simple... now that takes true talent. The whole record is filled with progressions that sound so simple you're thinking how can it sound that incredible? How did he think of that? The music's raw and driving. It reminds me of the Makers on their earlier records like Howl & Hunger. Sometimes when I buy records from decades past, I find that some of the songs meander beyond the realms of my taste. Like on the Ventures in Space album where "War of the Satellites" & "Out of Limits" shine brightly but the rest is less stunning. Not so on the Link Wray record. Every song makes sure you're insulated from disappointment. You'll feel like your car broke down in the Ozarks and you walked into this trashy dive where a shadowy band is playing this distorted, raspy, exhalting music with everything they've got. You'll feel like the luckiest person alive.

    This record's also got comprehensive liner notes....more info

  • THE Classic Link for new listeners
    This is a masterful compilation of most of Link's hits from Rumble on up to the 80's. The liner notes are informative and entertaining and the music is pure, uncut Link Wray. This is the BEST collection of the King of Buzz out there!...more info
  • old school raunch and roll
    Link Wray isn't fancy or a screaming virtuoso the likes of Satriani, Vai, or Petrucci. What he is is a good old-fasioned axe slinger that knows how to turn a simple melody, a few power chords, and a little groove into great rock and roll. You can hear in his playing a clear connection to many more modern styles of rock from punk to metal to well just about everything. It's a perfect summertime listen and a lesson in rock guitar 101 for anyone that's ever picked up the instrument....more info
  • {{{{{{ C O O L }}}}}}
    After a bad night at work (2nd shift) feeling tired, get in the car, plug in Wray CRANK UP Run Chicken Run or Jack the Ripper I can go another 8 hrs Nooo Problem!!...more info
  • Filthiest, nastiest guitarist of his time, godfather of modern guitar
    Link Wray is the greatest unsung pioneer of modern guitar-based rock, not only the inventor of the power chord and crazy new forms of distortion, this original axe barbarian combined rockabilly-tinged aggression, amped up blues, and uniquely insane new sounds. What Wray was already doing full force in the late 1950s and early 60s would influence generations to follow: metal, surf, electric blues, rock instrumentals, etc. This fine collection of rare singles and album selections provides a perfect overview. Here is the classic "Rumble" and variations of it ("Ramble"). The raucous, strutting 1962 "Big City After Dark" (Wray was playing Jeff Beck nastiness, before Beck), the 1960 "Ain't That Lovin You Babe" (a wonderfully filthy cover of a Jimmy Reed blues, a Yardbirds/Rolling Stones sound pre-dating those groups, with a vocal by one-lunged Link that sounds like Mick Jagger), and the 1966 "Hidden Charms", a raunchy Howlin Wolf cover that sounds like the Doors, channeled through punk rock.

    ...more info
  • Rumble! The Best of Link Wray
    Link Wray! What can I say. Before Los Straitjackets there was Link Wray. One of my most fav CD's I own....more info
    Last summer i picked up this cd, jammed it in the player in my vette and cranked out a 130 mile per hour blast down I-55 out of chicago. This is raw, brutish, nasty, locked and loaded rock. 5 stars to Link Wray....more info
  • Father of guitar distortion
    This is an oldie but goodie. Link Wray DEFINED guitar distortion and you can find bands he influenced from the Pixies all the way to Nirvana. Some of the songs are just so-so, but the gems make the album a must have for anyone interested in the history of rock and roll....more info