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There's the requisite number of gorgeously melodic and deeply heartfelt songs here--the addictive "Sweet Surrender," the Hollywood-style ballad "I Love You," the sad, profound "Angel," the flat-out spectacular "Witness." McLachlan's not prolific, but this short, bittersweet album proves again that what she and producer Pierre Marchand do release is cut from the finest of cloth. --Jeff Bateman

Customer Reviews:

  • Now Here's A Woman................................................
    That knows how to sing. Sing to her poop's content I might add. And I did. Any amateur, crappy or overrated female vocalists out there, take notes from this phenomenal vocal talent. If you want to hear what a real woman's singing voice sounds like, look no further than Sarah McLachlan and this album. There are four shining standouts on this album for me and they would be Sweet Surrender, Building A Mystery, Adia and Angel. They feature some of the most gorgeous vocals I have ever heard. She is one of the only solo female singers I have ever given more than a glance in terms of listening. As a rule this isn't my kind of music but I will give it a listen every now and again purely because of how great her voice is and not really because of the actual music.

    Truly one of the best singing voices in existence....more info
  • SARH Mclachlan cd
    This was advertised with no box but when the print work and CD cames there was no try card. Price was right however....more info
  • One of my favorites
    This album is one of my favorites that I just leave in my CD player all of the time. It's great....more info
  • Surfacing (McLachlan)
    This is a nicely arranged vocal album. Not your typical elevator music. Quite an enjoyable album by a superb vocalist and composer. ...more info
  • Career Breakthrough Album
    Every worthy artist has a breakthrough album -'breakthrough' as in the means of creative, emotional, evolutional or commercial that gives the artist credit they deserve. This album is as like Christina Aguilera's "Stripped", Alanis' "Jagged Little Pill" and Mariah's "Butterfly".

    Every song on this album is meaningful, deep and introspective. Sarah McLachlan [not McLachglan] like Alanis Morissette are my favorite anarchic singer-songwriters, these two women are true rebels, not fake cliched Avril Lavigne. The most blatant songs on the album are "Building A Mystery" -deep and inquisitive song mixed with acoustic guitar chords, adult contemporary pop at its best. Also "Angel" is dark and haunting, both songs are cohesive with the album's theme "Surfacing" -dealing with all the messy sh*t people go through -religion, life, morals, death, and truly the most f**ked up thing; love.

    One song that really touched me is "Do What You Have To Do", just from the first line of lyrics, it really struck me as something special. It musically and lyrically blends to convey the song's tone and meaning. I guess I liked it so much because I experience not being able to be with the person you love. Another emotional manifesto I experienced was through the song "I Love You", it conveys so much emotion that I've felt before as its about an infatuation.

    There's "Witness" which draws comparisons to 'Fumbling Towards Ecstacy's "Hold On", interrogating and questioning the Semitic religions; Christianity.

    The only song that didn't capture me is "Black and White". I have heard of her old work, and conclude that this is the best Sarah McLachlan record. I find I understand Sarah's music more clearly and see where she's coming from, with this album. I have to say that "Afterglow" follows the Surfacing theme, and is really a part II more matured manifesto. I believe you will understand "Afterglow" (also great album) better if you first check out "Surfacing". Take my word, I am not a die hard fan, only a fan's fan, so this is the truth and not a superlative! I also recommend her live album "Mirrorball", as the song seem to come more alive, especially "Building A Mystery"....more info

  • "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan
    Sarah McLachlan is a truly talented artist and even if some people do not listen to her type of music they ought to appreciate it. Her album "Surfacing" is very peaceful with Sarah's soothing voice to go along.
    My favorite song off her album is "Angel" which was the first Sarah McLachlan song I had ever heard because it was from the movie City of Angels. Her songs are about real- life issues that many people are able to relate to. When my Grandmother was dying, this song reminded me of the emptiness that she must have felt. As a result, she must have had a desire to be released from the pain.
    Some may find Sarah McLachlan's somewhat depressing, however, she sings about the different emotions and circumstances that people have to deal with everyday. Overall, Sarah McLachlan's music has helped me get through many hardships because her music is so honest and people are able to relate to it. I think that Sarah McLachlan is very wise for her years and is exposing herself to the world....more info
  • '' angel'' song review
    This song makes me feel calm and relaxed. I think she's singing to someone who needs security and protection from themselves or their actions. I also think that she's praying for that person to be safe. "Angel" is the type of song you would play at the end of a stressful day at work or at school. The singer, Sarah McLachlan, makes the song truly beautiful and unique. It might make you feel calm and relaxed. For others it could make them realize something that they knew they never had. Such as a blessing, emotion or situation. Personally, I like this song it reminds me of rain drops on my window and long grass fields. I recommend it for anyone looking to relax.

    ...more info
  • The voice of a decade!
    Sarah MacLachlan was the creator of a decade of sound, and a plethora of influenced musicians. Her sound still echoes in the the music being produced today. She was a great writer of ballads. This album is one that can be so easily listened to. No pretense, no electronic covering. The moments of silence are held as highly as are the moments of sound....more info
  • Surfacing of artistic talents
    Sarah McLachlan is one of the best singers/songwriters within the music industry. Sarah McLachlan is very original in her art. One of the most recognized CD's from her musical career is Surfacing. It has officially become five times platinum in the United States alone, received recognition from the news, awarded two grammy's, four Juno's, and much more success. Sarah McLachlan and her wonder music talent truly shines within Surfacing.

    1. Building A Mystery: this song, awarded a Grammy, and was a single released from Surfacing, has a very catchy chorus that is accompanied by great instrumentation. The guitar creates such strong emphasis upon the piece. The vocal layering also creates nice texture and tonality. One of my favorite pieces.
    "You wear sandals in the snow, when a smile that won't wash away..."

    2. I Love You: this song is one of the weakest song within this piece. It took me many listens before I had got myself to like it. I would recommend to listening to Sarah's live performance of this track that for sure would spark the audience to give more initiative to listen, for it was remarkably performed. Instrumentation, extremely slow.
    "We meet at the lights, we stare for a while..."

    3. Sweet Surrender: this is my favorite song of the entire CD. Although I like the album version of Sweet Surrender, I much recommend the single that was released for this song, for it contains the "radio edit". The difference, the instrumentation, as well as vocals, isn't mixed and put together to create much of dramatic pose, as the "radio edit" does.
    "You take me in, know questions asked..."
    Album version: 4/5

    4. Adia: another great song that was released as a single. This piece is wonderfully structured by the piano and soft percussion. This song showcases the strength and the great texture of Sarah's voice.
    "I'll pull you from your tower, take away your pain..."

    5. Do What You Have To: this song is a nice ballad. This song has a very nice catchy melody as well, lyrics. This song was caught within the media as it was mention by Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and mentioned within the print out dialogue. This piece centers around the piano.
    "A glowing ember, burning hot, and burning slow.."

    6. Witness: this song is a soft rock song. It has a catchy chorus that is easily remembered. I also very much enjoy the lyrical content of this piece. The instrumentation is strong, as it is supported by the strength of the guitar.
    "Will we burn in heaven? Like we do down here..."

    7. Angel: the most memorable song within the media. The backbone of this song is definitely supported by the piano and the angelic voice of Sarah McLachlan. This song is very emotional and well put together. This piece alone shows the strength of what kind of artist that she is.
    "So tired of this straight line, and everywhere you turn..."

    8. Black & White: is a some what up beat song. This song has good lyrics and a catchy tune. There is nice rhythmic percussion along with good guitar structure.
    "Unravel me, untie this chord..."

    9. Full Of Grace: originally released on B-Sides, and Rarities, it has a great church feel to it. This piece truly showcases Sarah's Voice as well as the versatility of her artistic values.
    "If all of the strength, all of the courage, come and life me..."

    10. Last Dance: this is one of my favorite pieces by Sarah McLachlan. This instrumental piece creates such soothing melodies that never become redundant. This piece, award for best instrumental at the 1998 Grammys, has a soft theme that carries out the entire piece. Great.

    Sarah McLachlan truly showcased her talents within this CD. Surfacing is where McLachlan's talent has surfaced into the homes of millions of music listeners. A great musician, Sarah puts great emotional emphasis into each song that carries the listener into each song, making it a part of their lives. I know for sure that Sarah's music has become a big part in my life. This CD, along with Fumbling Towards Ecstasy and Afterglow, is something that I recommend musically inclined listeners to purchase, or at least sample, for rare original music. This CD, truly remarkable....more info

  • Mediocre effort
    This highly-anticipated and delayed follow-up to the breakthrough 'Fumbling Toward Ecstacy' (1993) proved to be mediocre at best. Although the Grammy-winning single "Building a Mystery", the successful follow-up "Sweet Surrender", and deliciously-quirky instrumental "Last Dance" (also Grammy-winning) are notable entries in her catalogue, the rest falls short as a set of phoned-in piano ballads, which (with the possible exception of "Angel") are utterly disposable. Gone are the superb vocals of "Ben's Song" (from 'Touch' (1989)), musical experimentation of "Black" (from 'Solace' (1991)), the lyrical edge of "Possession" (from 'Fumbling'), or the sheer power of "Fear" (also from 'Fumbling')?...more info
  • Sarah's best work to date...
    I'm a huge fan of Sarah McLachlan. From TOUCH to AFTERGLOW, her songs (and voice) continue to amaze and astound me, but I don't think she has ever topped her fourth album (her second successful US album) SURFACING. There is a variety of style in the songs. "Building a Mystery", the CD's opening song, is upbeat and amusing, whereas the very next song, "I Love You", is sultry, misty, and utterly hypnotic in its surrealism and vulnerable sensitivity. "Adia" is another slightly upbeat (and beautiful) song. "Black and White" and "Witness" are unique in their originality; their style is something Sarah never did before them. The album's "outro" song is "Last Dance", simply a piano two-minute instrumental, but its beauty really captures the whole album's feel and gently leads you out of her finest piece of work.

    All in all, if you liked any of her earlier (or later) works, you'll definitely fall in love with this album. There's something for everyone on it, and her voice remains triumphant. I really give it a 6 out of 5 stars....more info
  • An angel of a CD.
    The hauntingly beautiful voice of Sarah MacLachlan, along with the beautiful words and melodies make this an A-one CD. The song "Angels" is my favorite, and I listen to it over and over again....more info
  • Good Music, horrible recording
    I've been a big fan of the songs on this album for a long time and finally got around to purchasing this album. I had never heard this music on any real decent system before I purchased it. I have been very disappointed with this cd because it has tremendous amounts of dynamic compression that render the music flat and lifeless. Maybe i'm being a bit critical, because I do have a pretty good system with exotic audio cables and a high quality sacd/cd player, but this music simply does not sound good at all when played back at realistic sound levels. Sheryl Crow's Globe sessions sacd is an excellent example of a modern recording of female voice, the cd layer is good, the sacd layer sounds live. Surfacing is a not a good example.

    Summary: Good songs, Bad recording. Cd sounds like bad 128kbs mp3....more info
  • simply amazing
    I don't even know what to say about this cd. I am a HUGE music fan - not artist fan. I like quality, not quantity. This music is simply amazing. I wish I had 1/2 the talent of the writer of this music (not sure who wrote these songs), and 1/2 the talent of Sarah. She has such an angelic voice, and sings from somewhere deep inside her that most artists have not even found yet....more info
  • Music at its very best. 5 stars is a given.
    Sarah McLachlan truly inhabits one of the most beautiful voices I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I tend to think of her songs as if I'm out at sea in the middle of the night, gazing up at the stars while her music just seaps into my body. I just feel incredibly calm and relaxed whenever I put one of her songs on. The lyrics just seem to dance their way under your skin and linger there.

    This is just one of those CD's you *need* to own. I especially love the following songs: "Angel", "Full of Grace", "I Love You" and "Do What You Have To Do".

    You need to experience Sarah McLachlan's music for yourself to understand what I'm talking about, but trust me, there is no way you can possibly be disappointed with this CD.

    This is beauty in its purest form....more info

  • Beautiful moments
    The first track Building A Mystery has a definite rock feel with its prominent electric guitars, whilst I Love You is a breathy ballad with keyboards and acoustic guitars. A beautiful vocal arrangement distinguishes the mid tempo ballad Sweet Surrender. Adia and Do What You Have To Do are piano ballads in the vein of Carole King, whilst Witness has ethereal qualities with evocative keyboards and vocals.

    Angel is a slow and moving song with lovely piano, Black And White has a full rhythmic texture with impressive keyboard lines and drum pattern, whilst Full Of Grace is a tender and moving ballad. The album concludes with the atmospheric Last Dance, an evocative instrumental.

    On Surfacing, Sarah McLachlan definitely reminds me of Laura Nyro and the aforementioned Carole King. The mood is mostly introspective and personal while the style varies from rock to ethereal folk and torch songs. There are many beautiful moments in the music, but the melodies don't linger. Surfacing is a pleasant and occasionally rewarding listening experience but it leaves an overall impression of sameness, despite the stylistic variety.
    ...more info
  • Such a sweet CD to surrender to!
    This CD is great from start to finish! So I'll start from the begining with my critique.

    Building a Mystery has excellent lyrics and by the way it's "You stretch your Rastawear" not "You stretch your --- to wear" and the guitar work is simply beautiful.

    I Love You is my favorite song because it's soft and beautiful and full of meaning. Her voice sounds ghosted and it's lovely. "Oh but everytime I'm close to you, there's too much I can't say and you just walk away." How many of us have felt that before? Oh and listen for the wonderful guitar solo!

    Sweet Surrender gets played a lot and it's good! Very catchy and has excellent electric guitar intro. It's a good up beat number.

    Adia I do believe I failed you...Adia, I know I let you down. This song is great! I don't know who Adia is. I don't know yet what the song is about, but I want to believe that we are still innocent. It's full of heart!

    Do What you Have to do is beautifully soft vocally and the piano is also beautiful. I like when she breaks to the part that goes "Oh I had the sense to recognize that I don't know how to let you go." The beginning of each verse is hard to understand because she talks so quitely, but overall the song is very well done.

    Witness is not one of my favorites, but it's not bad. It's slow to start and slightly bluesy. The chorus is nice. "Will we burn in heaven like we do down here?"

    Angel is the whole reason I bought this CD. It's one of the best written songs I've ever heard. The lyrics are heartbreaking and the vocals are gorgeous! The piano playing is great as well. Sarah at her very best!

    Black and White is upbeat from the beginning and I like it. You can definetly move to it, and great drums!

    Full of Grace showcases Sarah's voice and does a good job of it. Slow and easy on the ears. Sarah is definetly full of grace.

    Last Dance is a nice piano piece that you will find yourself humming all day long if your not careful. It's pretty and a nice close to a classic album!

    Get it! You have to have it!...more info

  • Sarah's sweet voice
    Sarah's sweet voice comes through on her latest work. Emotional and lilting the harmonies and lyrics take you on a ride. Great album to put on for a romantic dinner and night with love....more info
  • Safe, but lovely
    Sarah McLachlan, for all her talents, isn't one of the great female artists of the 90's - she doesn't have the originality or impact of PJ Harvey, Liz Phair, Lucinda Williams, or Fiona Apple, and that's because, unlike those artists, she doesn't take much risks, push her boundaries much, or flirt with offending anyone in the attempt to get her work across. Still, Surfacing, while it's only a little bit of a stretch to say it could've been made by Celine Dion, is suprising comfort food. McLachlan, make no doubt about it, has the voice of an angel (that song, "Angel," may be an easier swallow if it weren't so successful in its cherubic minimalism - it gets played everywhere). So, on "Sweet Surrender," "Full of Grace," and especially "Witness," she proves her gentle purpose....more info
  • Another Excellent Sarah Album
    Sarah McLachlan is probably the most consistent artist in the business. Every single one of her albums are not only some of the best music you could possibly buy, you can also listen to them over and over. This album is no exception.

    This is probably Sarah's biggest hit. It spawned several hit singles and stayed near the top of the charts long after its release date. In a time when a huge chunk of the albums being released sell pretty much all they're going to sell in their first few weeks before falling quickly down the charts, that makes this album even more of an accomplishment.

    As always, the songs are excellent. Her skills as a songwriter have only gotten better over the years, and that is very evident here.

    1)Building a Mystery: the first single off the album. I love this song and it is the perfect way to start a spectacular album.
    2)I Love You: terrific love song. I think this was in the movie Message in a Bottle.
    3)Sweet Surrender: really cool song. Smart choice for a single.
    4)Adia: one of my favorite songs on the album. Her voice sounds excellent here. Whenever this was played on the radio, I always cranked it up.
    5)Do What You Have To Do: very good song. I love the live version that was on her CD Mirrorball.
    6)Witness: the highlight of the album. This is one of the best songs Sarah has ever done. The lyrics are great, and it is an incredibly moving song. She's rarely, if ever, sounded better.
    7)Angel: probably the biggest hit off this album. It was on the City of Angels soundtrack. It's been played a lot since its release, but it hasn't lost any of its power.
    8)Black & White: I love this song. Her voice sounds really cool here.
    9)Full of Grace: another great song. Everything works about this song.
    10)Last Dance: I like this song. The piano sounds very good here. A great way to end the album.

    I love this CD. It may be short, but here it's quality, not quantity, that matters. There is absolutely no filler here, just 10 great songs. What more can you ask for from an artist?...more info

  • A decade old and still fantastic
    Sarah McLachlan broke into my world years ago when I first heard the radio hit "Building a Mystery." There are few artists I would say impacted my life in any real way, and Sarah is among them. With a voice that should make anyone's top 5 female vocalists in the last ten years, McLachlan produces music that is deep, rich, and frankly moving. Her lyrics are well written and provocative. SURFACING is simply fantastic and should be in any serious music fan's library.

    Stand out tracks on this album:

    1. Building a Mystery
    2. I Love You
    3. Sweet Surrender
    4. Aida
    7. Angel
    9. Full of Grace

    It's rare when any album gets 4 songs on the radio like Sarah did with the first 4 tacks of Surfacing. Well deserved for an artist this good.
    If you don't own this album, don't hesitate. It is worth every penny.

    5/5 Stars. ...more info
  • Sarah's voice will touch the depths of your soul.
    All these reviews are accurate and useful, but if I may add one thing: few songs (much less anything in my life) are so moving as to make me cry, and "Witness" does it almost every time. Few albums have the raw, powerful, emotional quality that this album displays. Even the coldest heart cannot resist the penetrating vocals of Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing....more info
  • absolutly beautiful
    This is the cd with the city of angles theme, I bought it for my husband and now I love it as well...more info
  • Sarah Mclachlan Surfacing
    I enjoy the CD very much, it was a perfect addition to celebrating valentines day. I enjoy all the songs on this specific CD. I have had no bad experience with shopping with Amazon so far. Glad the option is availible.
    Jessica...more info
  • A talented artist
    Such beautiful songs. Sarah Mclachlan has such a beautiful and soft voice.
    This album is very emotional and soothing.
    The song-writing is excellent, and the songs evoke different moods and feelings.
    The album has a very warm and comforting sound.
    It is top-notch from top to bottom. I wholeheartedly recommend it....more info
  • Surfacing-Sarah McLachlan
    Surfacing has many of my favorite songs from Sarah. If you like this type of music you will definitely listen to this CD many times....more info
  • A classic!!!!!!!
    The best of Sarah. the best of 1997. the best. the best. Now i buy all of her album. Its that great!!!!...more info