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Nick of Time
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Nick of Time is the watershed moment in Bonnie Raitt's recording career, the sound of a survivor finding new focus and purpose in her art after nearly 20 years of generally superb, commercially underachieving recordings. An exquisite interpretive singer and formidable guitarist who'd long ago honed her bluesy chops, Raitt raised the stakes by mixing the usual gourmet spread of smart cover choices with her own candid songs--and she knocked one over the fence with the opening track, the album's title song and a moving confession of a boomer's anxieties about age, death, and the impermanence of love. "Nick of Time" catapulted a feisty rock tomboy into a new station that made her as admired by female fans as the stage door johnnies who'd long loved her rock technique, and she covered the bet with other outside songs from John Hiatt ("Thing Called Love"), Bonnie Hayes ("Love Letter," "Have a Heart"), and Jerry L. Williams ("Real Man") that resonated with her persona as a tough, smart, but ultimately tender woman. --Sam Sutherland

Customer Reviews:

  • music is life
    This album was my introduction to Bonnie. It's good. I have another which was not optimal for me. Bonnie is good with the blues. For beginner's I would recommend this ALB as you can lay back and just enjoy....more info
  • Lucky to have it
    It's been years since I bought this, and I still love it. I love the music and the lyrics. Bonnie Rocks!...more info
  • Bonnie Raitt at her finest.
    Usually when I buy a CD there are a few songs I tend to skip...not on this one! I listen to them all. ...more info
  • Bonnie makes me believe
    a cold winter day in NYC or a warm summer night in Savannah, GA. This album full of wonderful tunes makes me remember how a singer/songwriiter can elevate the blues and make you feel like the true thing IS ringing in your ear.

    I feel in love with my wife to this soundtrak of Nikc of time in 1990 and we have it always to remind us...more info
  • New listener !!

    Bought for Nonie and loved it my-self will order second c.d. for sure....more info
  • Some great songs/Some safe for the supermarket
    The beginning of this recording is not promising, the title track sounds like the worst of soft rock, safe for any supermarket. There are a number of songs that follow this format, ("Cry on my Shoulder," "Have a Heart" "Too Soon to Tell") but the good stuff compensates for the dross. John Hiatt's "Thing Called Love" gets a great work out, and Jerry Williams's contributions ("Real Man," "I Will not be Denied") let Bonnie show she's no softy. Not quite a balanced work, but the good songs make it worthwhile and when Bonnie gets motivated with that slide, a good time is guaranteed....more info
  • Wow!
    Unless you were born after 1989 or else have dropped in from another planet since then, you have probably heard the song "Love Letter" from this album. It's only the most gritty, earthy, and outstanding torch song in rock. It was also the lead single from this album, and the rest of the album is no letdown. The songs here run the gamut from experienced toughness to aching vulnerability, hitting a lot of bases in between. Raitt's expressive singing and first-rate guitar playing take these quality songs and drive them home very effectively.

    "Nick Of Time" dominated the Grammy awards and the charts in 1989, and rightfully so. It is one terrific album and earned Bonnie Raitt recognition that was long overdue. She labored long in relative obscurity before hitting it big with this one. Built on solid rock tinged with blues and country overtones, the songs here all feature mature lyrics delivered with real feeling. Listen to the title song. Nobody over thirty can fail to identify with those words. "Love Letter" is my personal favorite song, but I also especially like "Thing Called Love", "Cry On My Shoulder", "Nobody's Girl", "Have A Heart" and "I Will Not Be Denied".

    This is a truly outstanding album. Give it a listen and I think you'll agree. Very highly recommended....more info

  • Bonnie=Scottish for lovely,an understatement!
    I was fortunate to cook for this diva. What a nice lady. With a priveleged vantage point I witnessed a tear on her cheek as a Scottish pipe band played happy birthday to Bonnie and a Bonnie sight it was.A humble woman with a gift from above who touched all our hearts.There will soon be a greatest hits c.d. and it will have to be a 2 c.d. set miss it and it is your loss. A wee note to the independent reviewers, if you ever use your own cash (perish the thought) just what would you buy if you do not rate this ladies work?...more info
  • Good Solid Disc
    this Album is very Good.Bonnie Raitt sounds Good on this set.The Title cut is one of her best ever.Her voice&guitar playing is Solid here....more info
  • Top of her game
    I was into Bonnie long before this album was released.This album garnered her a pile of Grammy awards and rightfully so.I consider this to be one of the top 20 albums in Rock history.If you only own one Bonnie Raitt CD this is the one!...more info
  • album and songbook:a great combonation
    if you are a guitar player,you will want both the nick of time album and songbook. that way,you can play along with the songs thing called love, loveletter,nick of time,have a heart,nobody's girl,i will not be denied,real man,and the road is my middle name.the album and songbook go great together,so get both,strap on your guitar and have some fun. ed wilson...more info
  • This lady needn't worry about Time...
    Bonnie Raitt just gets better with age. An old adage that could've been written for her. Her physical beauty, her love for her craft, her passion just get stronger, truer, more penetratingly *honest*.

    She is one of the best blues guitarists I've ever listened to; her playing is pure emotion - not just technical skill.

    Her talent makes her unique in a world of copies. She sings the powerful, sexy, yet purely feminine song of any woman, all women. Her music speaks of things we all know: love, pain, failure, regret, loss, but also growth, self-discovery, getting older, getting wiser. Renewal.

    This is one of her best CD's to-date, though perhaps not *the* best. I believe Bonnie still has more songs to write... in her life as well as her studio.

    A gifted musician....more info

  • Great album
    I had heard the name Bonnie Raitt before, but wasn't familiar with her stuff at all. Then a few years ago, I saw her video for "Have a Heart" and loved the song. That was my introduction to her...I bought this album, and since then I have bought a few of her other albums too. This is one of those albums that is great from start to finish, not one song that could be called 'filler'. Bonnie can do rock 'n' blues as well as Clapton. She's great...if you love blues rock with a touch of country, you will love this....more info
  • Are You Ready For A Thing Called...Bonnie Raitt?
    Hmmm. With a review title like that, you can see why my career in marketing was short lived.

    But marketing savvy obviously wasn't lacking at Capitol Records in 1989 when they released this, Bonnie Raitt's breakthrough album. Question is: What did they do that Warner's failed to do? Warner's had had her under contract for nearly two decades, released nine of her albums to generally solid reviews--but somehow never managed to make this talented (and likeable and ULTIMATELY marketable) connect with the mass audience. When she carried home all those Grammies in the spring of 1990, they must have been kicking themselves (or lopping off each other's heads).

    But that's the business end. Artistically, Bonnie has proven a consistently strong artist/performer throughout her entire career. Yes, some of the albums were stronger than others, but she could always be counted on to put out interesting, engaging work. As a vocalist, she had the advantage of being able to "sing pretty," but with character and style. No one could put over an LA ballad better than Bonnie, her slight rasp gave those numbers a certain ache that few other singers could hope to duplicate. Her version of "Love Has No Pride," a number recorded by just about every female singer around in the 70s, was considered by many to be definitive (though I personally like Tracy Nelson's just as much). Why the raves? Well, she could bring a little attitude to a ballad that some might otherwise find maudlin (and others might find the story of their lives). Her straightforward, sincere-but-never-sappy readings of that song and all her other ballads could win the hearts of even the most hard-boiled critics.

    And of course, she could turn right around and play a mean slide guitar on a blues or rock number. She should have been a star from the get-go. In fact, for those of us who weren't carefully monitoring such things, she WAS a star--or at least as big a star as she wanted to be. I mean, I was aware that she wasn't going triple platinum, but I always thought she had a solid career and a loyal following. And after a few albums, she even mustered a Top 40 hit in "Runaway," a song I've always loved even if some critics--and even some fans--didn't go for it.

    So what was new with NICK? Actually, not all that much. You couldn't really say that Warners had no clue what to do with Bonnie all those years. This wasn't like Aretha's tenure at Columbia. Bonnie Raitt was recording the albums she wanted to do. The conventional wisdom was with the new contract at Capitol, she finally hooked up with a producer (Don Was) who knew what to do with her. Well, it certainly IS a well produced record (one of many to come), but the earlier ones for her old label weren't exactly dishwater either. Was did have a feel for texture that was unsurpassed: the sound is layered and crisp and designed to bring out Bonnie's unique vocal style to the best possible effect.

    And of course, there's the material. Bonnie Raitt never claimed to be a great or especially prolific songwriter, but actually she has always been a consistently good one, as her compositions here evidence. The title track was just about as perfect an expression of aging boomer anxiety as you will find. The verses about hearing the bio-clock ticking, seeing one's parents (and one's self) age before one's eyes, and maybe lucking out and finding true love "in the nick of time" may seem even more poignant now in light of the subsequent loss of the singer's dad and the ultimate dissolution of her marriage to actor Michael O'Keefe.

    No one could argue that her career took off pretty much "in the nick of time." Bonnie was by this point, a mature woman just entering her 40s, and while hardly "washed up" by any means, mass stardom was probably getting less and less likely with each passing year. Of course, there had been Tina Turner's remarkable career renaissance a few years earlier. And Grace Slick was enjoying greater commercial success (if much less critical acclaim) than just about at any time in her career. But in Bonnie Raitt's case, one got the sense that her grown up status was an actual selling point and not something to be glossed over with a spiky do or outrageous duds.

    She still rocked out of course, as she proved on some of the album's other tracks, including the hit single "Thing Called Love," a witty John Hiatt number, and even more so on the harder rockers: "Real Man" and "I Will Not Be Denied" (both from the pen of Jerry L. Williams) and her own closer, "The Road Is My Middle Name"--and I always thought it was "Lynn." She had lost none of her spirit and spunk facing middle age. In fact, she was rocking out harder than ever.

    Her ballads on this record were as sensitively performed as ever, with "Cry On My Shoulder" and "Too Soon To Tell" being real standouts. Her reading of "Nobody's Girl" is spot on, and "I Ain't Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again" serves as proof that in another life, she could have easily been a smoky voiced chanteuse. But it's on the mid-tempo numbers where Bonnie really hits her stride. The two numbers written by namesake Bonnie Hayes seem ideally suited for Bonnie Raitt. "Love Letter" and "Have a Heart" are among the CD's true gems. If the former's lyrics make it come off as a kind of distaff "Every Breath You Take," its slow funk groove makes the tune much more playful than predatory. As for "Have a Heart," well, what can you say about a song that begins with the lyrics, "Hey, shut up!..." and still manages to be as emotive as any of the sensitive tunes in Bonnie R.'s repertoire.

    Strictly speaking, NICK OF TIME was probably not a bold step forward artistically. But its solid production values, excellent song selection and confident performances augured well for the success it ultimately proved to be. That and the fact that she finally had a record company that got behind her.

    ...more info
  • LOVE The Roads My Middle Name
    I absolutely LOVE The Roads My Middle Name (11th song on this album) Why is it that we have never heard of this song or why it didn't go to #1??? As a blues singer myself, I am definitely working on this one and I know it will be well accepted and liked. I am so hooked....more info
  • Good mix of songs, even if they aren't all edgy
    This may be the first album where some critics accused Bonnie of "going soft" and losing her edge - the album where she went mainstream in order to sell albums. Some songs, like "Nick of Time" and "Have a Heart," are quite soft, but they are undeniably catchy. Other songs are funkier or more bluesy - "Thing Called Love," "Love Letter," "Real Man," and "The Road's My Middle Name." Most of the others are less remarkable, but the only one I don't like is "I Ain't Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again" - it might be stripped-down and emotional, but it's no "I Can't Make You Love Me" (which is from Luck of the Draw - an even better album).

    Like another reviewer says, it has a mix of some good music and some music "made for the supermarket" - but, hell, some of them are damn good "supermarket" songs. One thing I must say is that the album does not just sound all the same, unlike so many albums I've listened to recently. And as always, her voice is amazing....more info