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Rubber Soul
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Street Release Date: 08/09/1988

Rank 'em how you like, Rubber Soul is an undeniable pivot point in the Fab Four's varied discography no matter where, or how, you first heard it. The album was softened up in its original 12-song American edition to jibe with the Dylan/Byrds folk-rock sound, as well as squeeze money from the Parlophone catalog. The 14-song U.K. edition--the version now available on compact disc--is a different, more dynamic, and ultimately more accomplished achievement. So many classics: "Drive My Car" and "Nowhere Man" (both omitted from the U.S. edition) merge the early combustible Beatifics to a burgeoning studio consciousness; "The Word" can be read as a pre-psych warning shot; the sitar-laden "Norwegian Wood" and the evocative "Girl" (the latter written on the last night of the sessions) stand as turning points in John Lennon's oeuvre. George finally emerges too, with the McGuinn-ish "If I Needed Someone." --Don Harrison

Customer Reviews:

  • What the Hell is "Drive My Car" Doing on "Rubber Soul"?
    And more important, where the hell is "I've Just Seen a Face"?


    There is only one song with which Rubber Soul should start, and that's the joyous "I've Just Seen a Face", not the not-worthy-of-the-Beatles "Drive My Car."

    I grew up in the 60s and memorized Rubber Soul. It's just not right to pawn off another collection as "Rubber Soul."

    Maybe this was the UK version, but with all respect to the Brits, I want the record I HAD!

    ...more info
    In less than 3 years the Beatles went from releasing such pop music as "ps I love you" & "i want to hold your hand" to this album! With songs like Norwegian Wood, In my Life, I'm Looking through you (and on and on) this is what is rarely done in rock music...
    a masterpiece....more info
  • rubber soul
    what can i say, it 's the BEATLES and i got this for my 21 year old son and he just loves it, as do i!...more info
  • Rubber Soul
    Everything is just fine. We haven't tested it, yet, but it looks like it should work....more info
  • "The Beatles in transition"
    The year 1965 saw the Beatles' domination of pop music being challenged by the likes of folk-rock, Motown, Memphis/Stax, and R&B/Soul.
    Rather than quietly continuing to crank out single after single, the Fab Four chose to take on the competition with their own styles.

    R&B and soul musicians coined the phrase "Plastic Soul" to describe Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, and the Beatles chose to parody that with the title "Rubber Soul".
    The title may have been a joke, but the music certainly wasn't.

    John & Paul offered compositions that were a considerable leap forward from their previous album, "Help!".
    George also offered two fine efforts, while even Ringo co-authored a tune.
    14 tracks in all, that showed facets of all the music that challenged their chart success.

    The Tracks:

    Paul's "Drive My Car" opens the album, and turns things around instumentally, as Paul not only sings in the 2&3 part harmony, but plays the lead & slide guitar parts, as well as piano, while George lays down the bass line, doubling it with electric guitar as well.
    Paul & John harmonize the verses, while George joins on the choruses. It's a rock feel, yet soulful. A nice opening.

    "Norwegian Wood" (This Bird Has Flown), is John's tale of an extra-marital affair, that features his acoustic 12-string , and bridge harmonies from Paul.
    It is George, however, who supplies the key musical element; his newly acquired sitar,an Indian stringed instrument that produces an exotic buzzing sound that evokes visions of the mystic east.

    "You Won't See Me" is Paul's salute to the Motown vocal groups, both male and female.
    His lead vocal, backed by John and George's "ooh-la-las", give a 4 Tops type of sound, yet more rock and rollish.
    Roadie Mal Evans drones a single organ note during the last verse, as well.

    "Nowhere Man" is John's first "message" song, as he refers to himself as a "nowhere man".
    Glorious 3-part harmony, a solid bass groove, and the treble-y Fender Stratocasters (George's solo is outstanding) - along with Ringo's classic drumming make for one of John's top 5 all-time Beatles songs.

    George's first contribution "Think for Yourself", is a powerful number musically and lyrically.
    George's lead vocal is all but dripping with angst, with interjections from Paul, who drives home the anger with his new Rickenbacker bass plugged into a fuzz box. Powerful stuff...

    "The Word" has a musical inspiration from funky artists such as James Brown and Wilson Pickett.
    The choruses are 7add9 chords, shaped into a 12-bar blues, while the verses are written in a I-VI-III-IV pattern, with George doubling the bass line with guitar again. Producer George Martin contributes harmonium solos.
    Lyrically, John was foreshadowing "All You Need Is Love". Could this have been the first "hippie" song ? Hmm...

    "Michelle" has often been praised as a beautiful ballad.
    The fact's one big joke !
    Paul-back in the early 1960's, would take a guitar to artsy parties, play that tune and act like Maurice Chevalier, in an attempt to score with women.
    During the "Rubber" sessions, John told him to put words to "that silly French thing", and the words were just as silly, because the man in the song is in love with the French girl, but only knows one sentence in French ! Hilarious! The song was covered by many people, and the Beatles laughed all the way to the bank...

    "What Goes On ?" is Ringo's vocal contribution, and he gets a writing credit as well. A straight country-rock tune done live in the studio in one take. Rock on !

    "Girl" is John's Dylanesque folk ballad for Cynthia (wife #1) the "tit-tit" backing vocals were sly for the day, but went apparently unnoticed.

    "I'm Looking Through You" is Paul McCartney writing like Paul Simon, as many Simon and Garfunkel hooks were used, and to really give a different sound, Ringo smashes organ chords during the choruses.

    "In My Life" is a classic Lennon composition, about taking a look at one's life, and realizing that one true love is where it's at.
    Producer George Martin's vari-speed piano solo gives the song a baroque feel. Very nice.

    "Wait" is a leftover song from the "Help" sessions, and sounds it. It's not bad...just out of date.

    "If I Needed Someone" is one of George's best-ever compositions, and easily the most over-looked song on this album.
    Directly influenced by the Byrds' "The Bells of Rhymney", George's electric 12-string sets the folk-rock feel, as the melody is written around fingerings of the major chord.
    John and Paul add excellent harmonies, making this song one of the album's high points.
    "Run For Your Life" is inspired by early Elvis, although George's lead guitar is a bit more over-driven than Scotty Moore's guitar ever would have been.

    There you have it- "Rubber Soul": top to bottom.

    The Beatles started the maturing process here...and never looked back.

    5 stars out of 5....more info
  • Rubber Soul
    I bought this CD for "In My Life" but all the tracks are great. Just saw Colin Hay (formerly of Men at Work) perform Norwegian Wood live. Who doesn't love the Beatles? ...more info
  • Rubber Soul-Hearts of Gold!
    I had started a Baetles collection as when I was a teen, I had no use for any of the "British Invasion", as,I was a "Honkey-Tonkin", "Boogie" playing Guitarist who played the blusey styled brand of music that made you want to dance all night and we played as we would have played for free, which we often did, and all one had to say, was: "Would you guys want to play just a few songs"?, so we can hear what you guys do, and all of our stuff was out of the truck and on the lawn, or the patio, as we had to do what we did the best, "Blues", "Steppenwolf", "C.S.N.&Y", "Jimi Hendrix Exp.", many times over, and it took some time but we found the chords that "Jimi" used in "Purple Haze" and in "Foxy Lady" so we always wanted to rock the house, and we were ready at the drop of a hat (I wore a Derby [Bowler] Hat), striped Hip Huggers, long Tall Boots, and we had us a ball, and we wre hot all over the University parties,and we were paid to have the fun of our lives, but, when the Beatles started to get into their "Metal streak", then we started to introduce more and more of the Beatles into our lists of songs, like "Fool on the Hill", "Five o' Clock"and we took a lot from "Sgt.Pepper's" and "Rubber Soul", which were more of the adult natures of the bands that we imitated, for they were far from the three-chord stuff of starter-Blues, and the "E_A_B" songs that repeated the rhythm and just changed some words, while today, I still practice "White Rabbit" by the Grace Slick & the "Jefferson Airplane", as I play the lead and the chords on the Bass, and "Black-Magic Woman" as done by Carlos "Santana"..real Boss, and the "Beatles" then started to mean something to us after they got through their earlier stuff, which we just did not get into, and it was just that we got our inspirations from a different avenue, like "B.B. King", "Muddy Waters", "Clarence, "Gatemouth" Smith", and so many other "Black R & B" groups until we started using a mixture to satisfy more and more of our audiences in the venues that we were hired to play, and we did what we were hired to do, that was our jobs and we loved it all, and the Beatles started a rage that soon swept everyone into their "slipstream", including us!
    Now, my Beatle Collection is repeated, redundant, with copies of rarities from Polymor and ,more of their newer more mature, acidic, brilliant ideas from Paul, and John, and when George started with "Cloud 9" and his own stuff, then we knew that we were more than the usual kiddie tunes as we played and danced all over the stage, and grooved to the Beatles as they has grown ans now, I have this record, by twos and threes that I sold on eBay and many other places, and we just might use find the very best of these "British wonders", and may "George" and "John" rest well, for, in spite of John's "Jesus" statement, I understood just what he meant when he stated what he did at the time, and I never took offense as a "Rockin' deacon" of the 70's, as I saw John's point and I guess that he was correct when saying that their group was smore widely known (relatively speaking)
    than Jesus , for at His time the populace was what it was whe the "Beatles" were so popular and known by so many...and so was "Muhammad Ali", and many others during their time in the spotlight, as was "Jesus" Christ"!
    An easy point to understand in it's context! Geez, will they ever understand??? I really doubt it, as the popperazzi never get the point as the ones who love to "build cathedrals around statements" made by the famous personalities of their own times.
    Now, I am "willing to give the 'Beatles' the 'stars' that I gave them, for we did one thing: we caugfht up with them as they began to re-think the many meaningless "thoughts that many have who do NOT mean to say what those who say that they said this or that!" Can you dig that??? I finally did!~!~!
    Rick "Fourstrings" Lauzon...more info
  • Let the evolution begin with Rubber.....
    If I had just one sentence to describe this album it would something like "This album is the beginning of the unstoppable evolution of the Beatles". As they stepped in the studio and started to record Rubber Soul they started to carve a new whole definition for their music, the push forward all the existing barriers for a LP.

    They included some great rock tracks such as "Drive my car" which is always going to remain as a McCartney classic and "Think for yourself" a great rock track from George with the catchy fuzz bass, we also hear in this album an experimenting Lennon, he motivated the group to make the studio into a workshop, it is no longer just making a lot of takes and choosing the best one to overdub, now it is a whole new dimension, they could add more instruments to their music; they are no longer confined in the studio, now they have the authority to make whatever the feel like, why? Simply because they are The Beatles!. For me this is a fascinating idea, they could go the same direction as in "Help!" or "Beatles for Sale", but they decided to reinvent themselves with more complex tunes and lyrics. As an example, "In my Life" one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard, another example "Norwegian Wood (This bird has flown)" the inclusion of George's sitar elevated this track into a classic unforgettable category.

    If you are not a Beatles fan, I would recommend this album as a good starter for what the Beatles really were, after this album they release "Revolver" which is another gem, you can hear their evolution, their growing ideas and the perfection of Martin's production. When you hear songs like "Nowhere man", "The word", "Drive my car", "In my life" you'll understand why the Beatles have that place in music history they rightfully own. Another "must have" in any Beatles large or small collection......Buy it and enjoy, a splendid time is guaranteed for all!
    ...more info
  • One thing that everyone apparently misses about Rubber Soul
    For the first time in a Beatles' recording , Paul plays the fuzz bass on "You Won't See Me"....more info
  • Maturing Beatles
    Before Rubber Soul the Beatles were a great group, but this is the album where they go from being the beatles to being THE BEATLES! The difference between this and the albums that precede it is staggering. At times rocking and at others (like Michelle and In My Life) beautiful, this is ann all-time classic that easily ranks in the Fab Four's top five. ...more info
  • Sensational
    Not one dull track on this whole album. George Harrison shines with "If I Needed Someone" and "Think for Yourself", which has a great fuzz bass line. Every song is a classic...more info
  • The Beatles Evolve
    OK, I came of age in the mid-60's and the Beatles' music was an integral part of that time in my life. Their album "Rubber Soul" marked the emergence of their evolution as serious musician/songwriters. This was not the usual Beatles sound (i.e. "She Loves You" or "I Want to Hold Your Hand"). For serious Beatles fans of the time most of us will remember exactly where and when we listened to this album for the first time. This was an edgier album from what we had been used to from these four. It's hard to imagine that there is anyone not familiar with this particular album/CD, but for someone seriously interested in the music of that radically changing time in music this album/CD is a must. ...more info
  • Just what I needed
    I needed the song "In My Life" This was one of the few that had it for a reasonable price. Thanks to Michael J. (I'm pretty sure) you can't purchase any of the Beatles via Napster, etc. A friend really wanted it played during his 50th birthday party slideshow. The show/party went well, the music was just what he wanted so I'm pretty happy. I ordered it one day and it was delivered the next. Too bad tho, in this day and age we still have to buy a whole CD for just one song. Thanks alot Michael. When I was five, you were my 5 year old hero so cute and talented...Look at you now...Dude, REALLY...Sell the rights to Paul!...more info
  • Rubber Soul cd
    Totally satisfied with this purchase. A classic - a must have for Beatles fans....more info
  • The first experimental Beatle record
    Rubber Soul is the beginning of their journey into musical places no one else had been before. Can you imagine the first time Norwegian Wood was heard (what is that sound, a sitar?)? So many songs of creativity, reaching levels of beauty and talent never reached by a rock and roll band until this album. Great lyrics, a sophistication of sounds and songs far beyond "Hard Day's Night and "Love Me Do". Still only 22-25 years old, they made a collection of songs that still blows people away over 40 years later. A essential part of any rock or pop collection. I brought up my daughters (21 and 23 years old) on the Beatles, and they love this CD. 20 or 65, people of all ages and cultures recognize the quality of this recording. George Martin (the engineer of their music) is the best in the business, too. ...more info
  • Well, I can see what the fuss was about...9/10

    It took me a while to buy this album. To tell you the truth, it wasn't a high priority getting it. Unfortunately, it looks like I should have waited a little bit longer...remastered studio albums by the band are coming out in September of this year!

    There are some Beatles albums whose reputation precedes them, like "Sgt.Pepper". Listening to that album, after often reading that critics view it as the greatest album of all time, you cannot but help be bitterly disappointed by the lack of a great track list. In those Rolling Stone magazine lists years ago, of the greatest albums of all time, you'd get the critic who I assumed was trying to be different by voting an album like "Rubber Soul" or "Revolver" as the greatest album of all time. Well, now I suppose I have to join their ranks as greater admirers of Rubber Soul than of Sgt. Pepper (however, I rank Magical Mystery Tour as the band's greatest album). "White" is an album that I think fans of the band over-rate (I review White and Magical Mystery Tour at this site).

    Anyway, the motivation for finally buying Rubber Soul was that I am currently running a poll on the top 3 Beatles albums of all time. I knew that I would have Magical Mystery Tour in my top spot, but didn't feel it fair to vote for 2nd and 3rd position without listening to some more albums that are thought of as great, apart from Sgt.Pepper and White, which I'd listened to.

    Having listened to Rubber Soul, I'd say that it is my pick as their second greatest album, after Magical Mystery Tour, of the ones I've listened to now (recently listened to Revolver and Abbey Road). Here's why:

    The best songs on the album:

    Drive my car - a catchy, smart-alecky song, with a funky bass and piano. Features a cow bell or some such instrument too. This is a song which I think is worthy of inclusion in a "Best Of" compilation...the Red or Blue double cd compilation has it, fortunately.

    Norwegian wood - has that disappointing 'faux stereo' effect which you get on early Beatles albums (due to mono recordings being the standard of the day), with the vocals being biased to the right hand speaker. Has accoustic guitar on both speakers and their melody is catchy. Another contender for a "Best Of" compilation-like the song above, this appears on their "Red" double cd compilation.

    Nowhere man - another reflective song by the band. I'd couple this song with "Fool on the hill". Both have the sense of someone-an outsider-contemplating life's passing parade.

    In my life - more pretty, reflective lyrics. Pleasant, gentle song. Nice guitar melody, and a lovely harpsichord lick in the middle of the song. Maybe a Bachian type harpsichord melody?

    Michelle - a genteel song by McCartney. He occasionally speaks French on it. Pleasantly gentle drumming, accoustic guitar with electric guitar coming in later. Features early 50's style backing vocals. A love song.

    Girl - strikes me as a European style traditional folk song (but what would I know?!). Features some unusual sounding instruments...not sure, maybe Russian or Greek equivalents to the guitar? I like Lennon's overwrought emoting in this song too!

    I'm looking through you - made a note that the intro to this song reminded me of the Travelling Wilbury's song "End of the line", a band which featured Beatle George Harrison. Features a steel string accousting guitar. Nice hand clapping bit in the song. The song has a rock part which features electric guitar and keyboard.

    Those were the songs I found worthy of highlighting in this review of mine. Listening to this album last night, for the 3rd time, after not having listened to it for a few weeks, I have to say that maybe a song like "The word" deserves a special mention. It's catchy, about changing attitudes towards love, is sort of bluesy/funky in feel. Has nice variations in the vocals. Before listening to the album again last night, I had written that "You won't see me" was catchy. Not sure I find it as catchy now, as I find "The word".

    This album is also noteable for George Harrison's able song writing contributions: "Think for yourself" which is, you guessed it, 'catchy'! His other contribution is the nice, light and airy pop song "If I needed someone". A downside of the Beatles disintegration was that George Harrison didn't release more good songs which he wrote, by the band. Of course, Harrison still had more albums with The Beatles to write even better songs, before embarking on a note-worthy solo career.

    Lastly, I must mention two songs: Ringo Starr singing the country flavoured "What goes on" and the last track, "Run for your life". That last song is quite a bomb-shell, lyrically speaking, I think. It has a Bob Dylan type introduction (there is a photo of The Beatles holding Bob Dylan's album "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan". That's an album I've reviewed here and highly's Dylan's best album, I think). "Run for your life is a jaunty song, but with VERY disturbing lyrics...highly menacing sentiment behind them. I would couple that song with an equally weird Beatles' song called "Maxwell's silver hammer" off of their "Abbey Road" album.

    An excellent album. It really puts Sgt.Pepper and White in the shade. Deservedly so....more info
  • Love the Beatles
    I had this on tape and wanted the cd. I was so happy to find it on Thanks ...more info
  • Simple yet entertaining!
    The Beatles' songs revolve around little moments in life. The lyrics are simple and the music catchy and well-tuned to the message being conveyed by the lyrics. All the songs in this album were an instant hit with me and my wife....more info
  • Goodbye Silly Beatlemania, Hello Creativity
    "Rubber Soul" was the beginning of a time when The Beatles could be taken seriously for their music. They were developing as artists and their early Beatlemania days were just about over. Don't get me wrong, I like the early hits ("She Loves You," "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," etc.) as much as the next guy, but if you're a musician, it's also good to get variety and depth into your repertoire. The period of late 1965 through '66 marked that period of evolution, making the Beatles more than just cute faces.

    Every song here is good. "In My Life" could possibly be the greatest song Lennon ever wrote. The sitar on "Norwegian Wood" adds an interesting touch, because it was something different than just having bass and guitars. "Nowhere Man" proves that the Beatles were still able to maintain their unique harmonies. And others, such as "Drive My Car" and "Run For Your Life." are just plain fun to listen to.

    This album, and its companion, "Revolver," are the two best albums The Beatles ever made, in my opinion. Sgt. Pepper is a close second to these two. But then again they had so many good songs, it's really hard to pick favorites....more info
  • Not the album I had growing up.
    The songs are all in a different order and I've just seen a face" is not even on it. I don't know if it was a different release but the cover is the same. Very disappointing because the order of the songs on the album told a story, and this is just a mixed-mesh of Beatles songs....more info
  • SIgns Of Things
    I know it is sacrilege to not like the Beatles, and I actually do like the BEatles It is more though that I prefer the records where they started esatblishing more of their identity and what was going to come.

    Rubber Soul is the record that has them crossing both worlds and Norweigian Wood, Nowhere Man and Michelle are indicators of where the band was heading. No longer just a rock and roll band, the creative jump here was always to me one of the largest.

    The songs became more complicated Michelle portends more ballads, while Norweigian Wood and Nowhere Man the psycheddelia and lyric development.

    They grew up here....more info
  • Is this the best Beatles CD?
    This is a classic recording. One of the best Beatles recordings. Is it the greatest? I am not sure. I have all the original 13 CD's and some of the other stuff. If I was to choose three recordings of the fab four, I would take Rubber Soul, The White Album and well here is the problem. ...more info