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They still had plenty of covers to fill out the running time, but the Lennon-McCartney writing team was gathering steam and beginning to knock out pop classics as if they were pulling them out of thin air. "All My Loving" and "I Wanna Be your Man" come from this record, issued hurriedly to capitalize on English Beatlemania. But even when they were laying into some classic Chuck Berry, by this time the Beatles had acquired a unique sound in the blend of John's and Paul's voices, while George was coming on by leaps and bounds as a guitar player. While not absolutely essential, as a snapshot of a band in a place and time, With the Beatles is good for a smile. --Chris Nickson

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Street Release Date: 08/09/1988

Customer Reviews:

  • I can hear this cd all day long , you should have it

    Seriously , if you really like the beatles you must have this cd it's not only the second beatles's cd it's also (in my opinion) betwen the 5 best cds of the beatles it has ballads , and also rock and roll's songs but most important it has the beatles

    It won't be long is an excellent song , this song make the cd start with the right foot , 10

    All i've got to do , it's a good ballad , but it's a little bit repetive but is also good , 9.5

    all my loving is a classic song , the lyriccs , the rythim , everything makes it a great song , 10

    don't bother me , a George Harrison's song , George make a excellent job writting this song , it's very good , the lyrics are very coherent , i can't complain of this song , 10

    Little child ,it has rythim this is true rock and roll , anothe good song by the beatles , 9.5

    till there was you is a ballad that i can hear all day the , all the song is great , all cd needs a good ballad , the cd has like four or five ballads and all of them are great but especially this , 10

    Mr. Postman , one of my favorites , i can hear this song 16 times and i still want a lot more ,it has all that a good song should have , this is a song tha the day i hear it , i said to myself , the beatles rocks !!!! , 10 (and more)

    roll over bethoven , it's a good son , but this is only a taste of the beatles , 9

    hold me thight , it feel so right to hear this song , thats all i got to say because it's true hear this song is very nice , 10

    you really got a hold on me , a very good ballad , this song is another reason that you should buy this cd , i like the piano of the song ad also the lyrics , it's great , 10

    I wanna be your man , it's a good song but the beatles can do it better , so much better , 8.5

    she's got the devil in her heart , another good song i like the guitar , but everything is good with this song , 10

    not a second time , i only can say that its good song , but i would like this song , to be the last one , because this song has the rythim to finish thi cd and it's better end that money , 10

    Money , a good song bu i think that this shouldn't be the last
    it should be not a second time , but this song is good , 9

    if i could change something of this cd , i wouldn't chanche nothing because although i wuold prefer not a second time like the last song i like the cd exactly like it is , the beatles is the best group that have been in the earth and that ever will be , i only can say , buy this cd , and you will feel like if you were " with the beatles "...more info
  • You've really got a hold on me
    "With the Beatles" finds the boys a little streamlined and thus a little less ravishing, but hardly less attractive. Again, fourteen tracks of classic rock 'n' roll, which equal fourteen tracks of rollicking fun. I especially like their cover of "Please Mr. Postman" and George Harrison's "Don't Bother Me." They get points for fun, points for consistency, and points for rocking and rolling--even if it is a little too refined....more info
  • "It was our policy to give our fans their money's worth"
    This was the Beatles' 2nd album in the UK. Like the debut, Please Please Me, most of this album was recorded in one session. The cover was inspired by the works of Astrid Kirschnerr, whom the Beatles became friends with while in Hamburg. I heard a few takes of "Hold Me Tight" where Paul's voice cracks slightly on take 23, "Let me go on... ohbloodyhell!" (he was even the perfectionist back in 1963). Of course, the engineer (running out of patience) screams "24!" as the Beatles seem to get it right on the take used. On With the Beatles, the Beatles give a nod to Motown with their readings of "Please Mr. Postman," "Devil in Her Heart" sung by George), "Money (That's What I Want" and "You Really Got a Hold on Me" (I recall the latter being on the Beatles' animated series, produced by Al Brodax, where a snake is tightly coiled around Ringo). The Motown influence would be realized on original songs like "Not a Second Time" (part of a trilogy of "no 2nd chance if you blow it the 1st time" songs, including "You Can't Do That" and "Run For Your Life" on later albums; John sang lead on each of the 3) and "All I've Got to Do" (with jazz progressions on the intro). This album also features George's writing debut "Don't Bother Me," a slightly bitter lament over unrequited love, which if he didn't get back, he certainly wasn't going to give any other girl a piece of his affections. "Little Child" is a simple song which recalls the influence of skiffle (folk and blues) with a harmonica played by John. "All My Loving" became famous as the 1st song the Beatles sang on Ed Sullivan. Paul croons sweetly "Till There Was You" from the 1950's show The Music Man. Ringo sings "I Wanna Be Your Man" which, though written by John and Paul wrote this, was 1st recorded by the Rolling Stones as their 2nd single. George sings lead on Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven." Finally, opening the album, John sings lead on the catchy and exquisite "It Won't Be Long" with an impressive closing chord progression. In the USA and Canada, most of these songs would make their way onto Meet the Beatles (which used the same cover photo) and others would find their way onto The Beatles' 2nd Album, both released the following year.
    ...more info
  • Oh yeah!
    With the Beatles was The Beatles second album. This cd has a lot of covers but the band did a fantastic job with songs like Money, You Really Got a Hold On Me, and Please Mr. Postman. You get some Beatles penned tunes as well like Don't Bother Me, All My Loving, and It Won't Be Long. Great cd, I highly recommend it!...more info
  • A Big Step towards Beatlemania
    This album is a big step up from PLEASE PLEASE ME for a number reasons. Firstly the cover is very memorable, nothing cheesy or light hearted about it and it is an artistic triumph. Also is this the first album by any artist not to yield a single? Very revolutionary and it shows the abundance of ideas they were creating at this time. It also grabbed the attention of The Times newspaper with its classical music critic, William Mann reviewing the album and The Beatles as if they were classical composers. (See below).

    As for the songs, there are six covers and eight originals, icluding one Harrison composition. George also sings on a few other numbers. His first recorded composition, DON'T BOTHER ME is not a bad song by any means and is a praiseworthy first effort. His covers however, are not so sucsessful: ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN and DEVIL IN HER HEART show the limitations of his voice and he does not have the rock and roll voice that John and Paul posess.

    All the Lennon-McCartney compositionsare of a high quality. ALL MY LOVING, LITTLE CHILD, NOT A SECOND TIME, I WANNA BE YOUR MAN (sung by Ringo), IT WON"T BE LONG and ALL I GOTTA DO are teriffic. The only so-so song is HOLD ME TIGHT. It is catchy but not very well sung by Paul.

    They take other artists songs and put their unique interpretation on them. PLEASE MR.POSTMAN, MONEY (both sung by John), YOU REALLY GOT A HOLD ON ME(John and George), TILL THERE WAS YOU (Paul) are all great renditions and the only two that are sub-par are the two covers sung by George mentioned above.

    With this album The Beatles were really establishing themselves as a very differnt pop group from all other British acts. It is worth buying for the amazing songs,but the truth is out. I bought the album for NOT A SECOND TIME, after reading Mr. Mann's review: "...so firmly are the major tonic sevenths and ninths built into thier tunes, and the flat submediant key switches, so natural is the Aeolian Cadence at the end of NOT A SECOND TIME (the chord progression which ends Gustav Mahler's SONG OF THE EARTH)." Oh Yes, that is what The Beatles had in mind!!!!...more info
  • 9 out of 14 songs are five star caliber in my iTunes...
    This is a completely subjective review - not an in-depth analysis:

    So I've had this playing in my car CD player for some time now, and I decided today that I'd sit down and assess the album in my iTunes - rank each song, and whatnot. It seems that a whopping 9 of the 14 songs I have felt worthy of receiving 5 stars - and I only give songs 5 stars if I feel they are worthy of repeat listening.
    I regrettably do not have 'Beatles for Sale' as part of the catalogue of theirs in my iTunes, but looking at the other albums it seems as if I've rated more songs with 5 stars on this album than any other Beatles album with the exception of 'Abbey Road'. This does not mean that I think 'With the Beatles' is one of their artistic best, but it does give an indication that it is definitely worth owning due to its awesome listenability factor - you could give this album many repeat listens without getting bored of it. Here are the songs that I have rated 5 stars:

    It Won't Be Long
    All I've Got to Do
    All My Loving
    Til There Was You
    Please Mr Postman
    Hold Me Tight
    Devil in her Heart
    Not a Second Time
    Money (That's What I Want)

    I will say my least favorite on here is their surprisingly bland version of 'Roll Over Beethoven'. And with the large number of covers (exactly half of the album), it might be a turn off for some folks, but really, if you haven't heard them do stuff such as 'Till There Was You', you are missing out.

    'She's got the devil in her heart
    Oh, no, no, no, this I can't believe...' and with this, it seems I've finally gotten Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida' out of my head... thank you, George....more info
  • i wish this were re-mastered...
    i now have all the official beatles cd's...i only regret emi and the fabs have not remastered these for us...maybe someday......more info
  • "So young, fresh & vital". Newsweek, 1963
    I arrived in Canada in April, 1963 having just attained the age of 14. The Beatles had released two relatively successful singles (Love Me Do, Please Please Me) in the months before my emigration. Their first LP was released at the end of March as I headed north to Liverpool to board ship. I arrived in Toronto and enjoyed the many pop music stations dotting the AM radio dial. In the UK we had, at that time, just ONE station playing music for the teenagers - Radio Luxembourg. It really did emanate from the continent. Even in the south of England the reception was often poor. However, whilst I loved the accessibility of so much music I did miss the British voices that I had grown up with. I subscribed to NME. I read about the new breed of music exploding from Liverpool and else ware. The problem was that, in those days, Britmusic hardly got a spin in North America. This was about to change!

    In November, 1963 Capitol released "Beatlemania! With The Beatles" in Canada. It wasn't until 1990 that I realized that the first US release was so different. Anyway, this cd plays as I remember it. As I listen now and hear the last note of one song I know exactly what follows! It must indeed be disconcerting, as some have written, to listen to the cd and have different songs in a different order.

    Eight of the fourteen songs are Beatles originals. Those that aren't disclose precisely who influenced the fledgling Beatles - Motown's Holland, Berry and Bradford, Chuck Berry, Smokey Robinson. Although the boys do a more than creditable job with the covers the highlights of this record are the originals. From the opening chorus of It Won't be Long to the closing notes of Not a Second Time it was obvious to everyone that a new era had begun in popular music. These lads were English, wrote their own best material, played their own instruments and looked completely different. To a fifteen year old today the look of the Beatles as shown on the album cover is unremarkable. In 1963 the look was revolutionary. We thought that their hair was just so long! We fought our parents when they insisted that we fans get our hair cut before it reached such lengths. And the music. It was truly like nothing that had preceded it. There are rockers & ballads. The rockers are carefree, let it rip, two minute blasts of youthful exuberance. There are no wasted seconds here. You could always rely upon the Beatles to start and finish their songs efficiently. No long and tiresome fade-outs here.

    So how do you rate such a landmark recording? As an eight song EP of purely original material this would undoubtedly be worth five stars. Although they do a solid job with the six covers, when all is said and done, they are just covers. So, let's say four stars. I suspect that this may be the last Beatles album meriting only four until Let it be.

    ...more info
  • Beware!
    Though I am pleased with the CD, I mistakenly thought I was buying "Meet The Beatles". The covers look identical to the orginal LP, which apparently is not available in a CD....more info
  • The most influential debut album ever released...
    This might be the only album that changed the music biz and then initiated a change in global culture. In fact, it's possible to locate and date pop music before and after its release. Major pop stars, like Frank Sinatra and Elvis, had to adapt or retire.

    Although there are some differences, this is much the same album as the Beatle's first US release (Meet the Beatles). Pop culture and fashion would never be the same.

    It's also worth noting that the Beatles were the first pop group that was a band. They played their own instruments in the recordings. We take this for granted now, but when the Beatles first hit the scene, every other pop group was backed by studio musicians.

    This allowed the Beatles to create a unique sound that had never been heard before. Their strange harmonies were anchored by a deep understanding and command of American pop music, under the guidance of a producer with serious classical roots. And yet, there's a savage undertow that would fuel rock music for decades. Add John, Paul and George's insightful lyrics, and the result is the most influential debut album ever released....more info
  • With the Beatles
    I really enjoy this album. It has some of the Beatles early sound that made them the greatest rock group ever....more info
    Recorder and produced only four months after PLEASE PLEASE ME, this is an example of what a powerful guys the Beatles were; with seven LENNON-McCARTEY compositions, the first GEORGE HARRISON number (DON'T BOTHER ME, a nice tune), and six excellent covers (some of them better than the originals like DEVIL IN HER HEART and PLEASE MISTER POSTMAN), this album marks the tremendous effect of BEATLEMANIA; great songs like ALL MY LOVING, LITTLE CHILD and ALL I'VE GOT TO DO; beautiful ballads like TILL THERE WAS YOU and YOU REALLY GOT A HOLD ON ME, a number for Ringo (I WANNA BE YOUR MAN, great!) and much elaborated compositions like NOT A SECOND TIME... and this was only the beginning!!...more info
  • Disappointing
    I has this album in the sixties, This CD one had a different mix :(...more info
  • with the beatles cd
    fresh music from a legendary band that is easy to enjoy. This is truly one of the group's finest albums....more info
  • No Beatles fan should be without this
    Okay, so it's utterly lightweight, and not a shred as innovative as the Beatles' later albums. Normally, things like that matter. However, the exception is With the Beatles. Why, you ask? Because it's loaded with thirteen solid pop-rock gems. Sure, the cover of Till There Was You was a bad idea, but that's it: originals It Won't Be Long; All I've Got to Do; All My Loving; Don't Bother Me (Harrison's first, and most underrated, composition) and Ringo's showcase I Wanna Be Your Man are loose, fun, joyful, and bound to stay in your head forever. And those covers, they friggin' rock. Roll Over Beethoven's been covered by everybody, but nobody (except, of course, Chuck Berry) did it like the Beatles; Money and You Really Got a Hold On Me are also stellar, the latter being my favorite song on the album. And on Devil in Her Heart and Please Mr. Postman, the boys pull off convincing girl-group impressions.
    Please Please Me gets most of the ink, but this is my favorite pre-Rubber Soul Beatles album - in my mind, Please Please Me had some great songs, and several rough places. With the Beatles for the most part smoothes those places up (Till There Was You being the exception). This one's bound to put a smile on your face!...more info
  • There Is Nothing Like Classic Beatles Music
    The albums starts with a huge bang with the great song "It Won't Be Long" and doesn't stop. Even though some of the songs from Meet the Beatles aren't here, this still has a great selection of songs and some big hits (such as "All My Loving" and "I Wanna Be Your Man"). There are a lot of covers on this album, but I love them all. The Beatles version of "You Really Got A Hold On Me" is absolutely fantastic and probably my favorite cover they do, but obviously not their most famous cover. I just really love that song. ...more info
  • Not a second time, this is even better than the first one
    John and Paul are writing better songs and the band sounds tighter on this one and less nervous. ...more info
  • The album has its moments, but it's early days.
    'With the Beatles' was the 2nd album recorded by the Beatles and the follow up to their promising debut 'Please, please me', both recorded in 1963. Although this album was less raw, and better recorded, it still very much had the 'merseybeat sound', and like its predecessor featured a number of cover versions of older material.

    Another difference was that the Lennon/McCartney compositions on WTB were a little weaker overall. The opener 'It won't be long' is a pretty good start, and so is 'All my loving', the most famous track on this album. Also George Harrison's 'Dont bother me', his first song recorded on a Beatle's album is ok, but doesn't give any clue as to how he was to develop over the next few years.

    But there was only one other notable Beatles tune here, 'I wanna be your man', a fast and simple rocker sung by Ringo. It was shortly covered by the Stones as their 2nd single, and a pretty inferior job they made of it. The remaining 4 Lennon/McCartney songs, 'All I've got to do', 'Little child', 'Hold Me Tight' and 'Not a second time' were nothing much to write home about, and that's where the album PPM scored better over WTB. However there were some decent cover versions included. The best of them were 'Please Mr. Postman' with strong vocals by Lennon, a rousing 'Roll over Beethoven' with George Harrison taking over lead vocals, and the slower 'You really got a hold on me', with Lennon and McCartney harmonising throughout. Also there was a laid back acoustic version of 'Till there was you' with Paul in romantic mood with some pleasant guitar fills by George, giving it a slight Latin feel. It sounded nothing like the Beatles, but then neither did 'Yesterday'. The best cover was 'Money (that's what I want)', with John Lennon belting out the vocals in rasping style. Even more impressive than 'Twist and Shout' on PPM, this rocker made a fitting close to the album. So all in all, not a bad album, but not great either. In those days the Beatles were not expected to write every track on an album, and they seemed quite content to record and perform other artists' material. However all this was to change within a year, when 'A hard day's night' came out in 1964, and their songwriting prowess stepped up by 3 gears....more info
  • A great album , often overlooked
    This album is great. Some people dismiss it as one of their worst but don't listen to them. This album contains some of the Beatles best early records.
    Songs like 'It Wont Be Long', 'All My Loving' and 'All Ive Got To Do' are classics. It's worth buying for those three alone.
    Sure, there are a could of turkeys (George's first solo effort springs to mind) but they are small potatoes when you compare them to the others. Even the 'filler' is better than most peoples A-sides -- songs like 'I Wanna Be Your Man', for example - which the Rolling Stones took into the Top20.
    This is definately their best album during the 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah' period. Deep and meaningful it isn't, but as a great slice of happy, catchy pop it's hard to beat....more info
  • Money Thats What I Want
    Don't ya just luv those Beatles.Now this is a classic second album that took the world by storm.Starts off with It Wont be long,which is a great tune,that and some of my favorites on the album are,All I've Got to Do ,All My Loving,Don't Bother Me,Till There Was You,Please Mr. Postman,Roll over Beethoven....i'm just about naming every song i know,probably the weakest song is Little Child which would have been a hit for any other band,Hold Me Tight is another brilliant one,you just go through these albums and there is so many sensational songs like You've Really Got a Hold on Me or I Wanna Be Your Man or Devil in Her Heart or Not a Second Time,and it ends with Money which is what i want alot of also....more info
  • The Best Of The Old !!
    This was a very original album...I love it ! It's on MY wishlist too. This was really a turning point in The Beatles lives...Put them up to the top !!They're at the top of my list.You've got to buy this... !! ...more info
  • With The Beatles
    With The Beatles ***1/2

    It is almost impossible to review Beatles albums without going track by track because their albums are always full of brilliant tracks. But what makes it even harder is you have to divide the albums into their sections, John's, Paul's, and George's.

    This being their second ACTUAL lp it was generously filled from front to back with tracks in a time where usual six to eight tracks were included on an album.

    The originals on the album are a mixed bag really. Lennons' 'It Wont Be Long' is among the groups all time greatest and forgotten tracks. His signature wail is chilling, while the next 'All Ive Got To Do' is decent at best, though Harrison does play a great country twanged solo, sure to have influence the Byrds. Admittedly I am not a great Paul McCartney fan as I find him more fit for Broadway than rock n' roll, his 'All My Loving' is easily the strongest track on the album. 'Don't Bother Me' being the token Harrison track is also among the strongest. 'I Wanna Be Your Man' is classic early Beatles with Ringo on vocals and doing a stellar job at that, while 'Little Child' is a poor attempt at a Chuck Berry number, and 'Not A Second Time' may have been nice in 1964 but runs boring today.

    As far as the covers, or 'personal selections' as they called them then they are all fantastic. 'Please Mister Postman' could rival that of 'Twist And Shout' as Lennons best vocal. 'Roll Over Beethoven' haunted Harrison and Lennon that they couldn't write something like it. 'You Really Got A Hold On Me' is almost better than the original Smokey Robinson version, and it sure is sung with more soul. 'Money' is decent however and could have been done better but is still pulled off thanks to Lennon.

    With The Beatles is an early Beatles classic. They still hadn't found their niche and become comfortable with themselves but still pulled of a great rock n' roll record none the less....more info
  • Lightning!
    If you describe this album as "light weight", you either were not there or you've forgotten what it was like in early 1964. The Beatles' music later became more sophisticated, but this is the record that struck like lightning. ...more info
  • Another Beatle Goodie
    My best Beatle album is Rubbersoul but, for a first album this is a great place to start. It won,t Be long, not a second time, and All my loving are timeless songs. GodBless...more info
  • Great Album from the Greatest Group
    This is a four star album in that is does not come close to the classics that would follow in the Beatles catalogue. This was one of my first exposures to the Beatles and there really are some wonderful songs on this album. All My Loving is worth the cost of the CD alone. Enjoy....more info