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Dark Side Of The Moon
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Street Release Date: 07/07/1987

Dark Side of the Moon, originally released in 1973, is one of those albums that is discovered anew by each generation of rock listeners. This complex, often psychedelic music works very well because Pink Floyd doesn't rush anything; the songs are mainly slow to mid-tempo, with attention paid throughout to musical texture and mood. The sound effects on songs like "On the Run," "Time" and especially "Money" (with sampled sounds of clinking coins and cash registers turned into rhythmic accompaniment) are impressive, especially when we remember that 1973 was before the advent of digital recording techniques. This is probably Pink Floyd's best-known work, and it's an excellent place to start if you're new to the band. --Genevieve Williams

Customer Reviews:

  • Brain Damage
    Anyone who gives this cd anything less than 5 stars is an idiot and your village does'nt want you back. This music collection is so unique that it has held it's popularity from generation to generation. (The only true test of greatness). This particular example of creative prog rock puts Pink Floyd up there in rarified air with all the heavyweights, like Mozart,Beethoven,and Tchaikovsky. Great music is intellectual , and that is why some people don't get it. The majority of people are looking for a cd chocked full of little 4 minute ditties because they have the attention span of a knat. Dark Side Of The Moon is meant to be enjoyed over an expanded period of time. You put DSOTM on and you light some incense, dim the lights, and then you do something that really takes dicipline, YOU LISTEN! Even after reading this some people won't get it, because they are afraid to leave the shallow end of the pool. So go ahead and continue to drink budweiser, watch t.v., listen to country music, and vote republican. Those of us with a brain will continue to enjoy Pink Floyd's best work- Dark Side Of The Moon!!!! ...more info
  • Mostly favorites
    Dark Side of the Moon has just about all "favorites" on it. You will not tire of listening to classic Pink Floyd. The insert along is worth the money with all the lyrics, pictures of Floyd back when, and who sings on each song and of course all the lyrics were written by Roger Waters. Great CD....more info
  • Phenominal Album - Timeless Classic
    There is a reason why this album appears on just about every "best of" rock album list ever published, and why it remained on Billboard's top album list for 14 years. It's awesome. The songs, the lyrics, the sound effects, the mix, the clarity - it's all top-notch. This album was released in 1973, but there is no hint as to when it was recorded when you listen to it. It is timeless and certainly a classic.

    Writing a review for such an acclaimed album almost seems superfluous, but I will take the time to rate each track. These are just my opinions; the album was meant to be heard all the way through.

    Track 1 Speak to Me/Breathe ****1/2
    Track 2 On the Run ***1/2
    Track 3 Time *****
    Track 4 The Great Gig in the Sky *****
    Track 5 Money *****
    Track 6 Us and Them ****1/2
    Track 7 Any Colour You Like ****
    Track 8 Brain Damage ****1/2
    Track 9 Eclipse ****1/2

    If you are younger and have never heard this album, I implore you to give it a try. You will discover the depth of a true classic rock album.
    ...more info
  • speaks for itself
    PF's Dark Side of the Moon still speaks for itself. no need for more words.......more info
  • how utterly dreadful!!
    For an album to be so meagre in depth there are many words to spend.
    To begin with, to claim this piece of crap is a 'messed-up-piece' only shows a severe lack of knowledge and wisdom, to take that Benny my man!
    Secondly for a CD so painfully preposterous there is no validation and right to exist under the sun moon and stars.
    How utterly dreadful that (again!!) the dumb masses be enchanted by this unwiped *** of an album.

    It is cruelly misappropriate to barf any cliched compliments over this swine of swines.

    I wish I could destroy this CD on the first day of its smelly 'breathe'.

    0 stars now and always.

    Andrew Stanford II 10...more info
  • a brite cassette for the Dark side of the Moon
    I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the quality of this cassette. My daughter has become a huge fan of this group but only has a cassette player in her van. Case was in very good condition,artwork coverslip also very-good, sound quality way above good. Thanks you soooo much. Have any more PF cassettes? Or Frank Zappa, Led Zeplin, Black Sabboth, etc, etc? kimberlylyn ( info
  • The best of the best
    My favorite album ever. The only album I know of that I wouldn't change a single thing. Perfect in every way. ...more info
  • Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
    The iconic Pink Floyd album in digital form. I have the Master Labs LP, but wanted a copy for the car - this is it....more info
  • Good, not as great as all the rave reviews
    When people talk about Pink Floyd. The album most often cited as their best album is this one. And I don't really understand why. It is a good album, I can enjoy it front to back. But most of the album is simply good, not great. There are only two stand out track in my opinion: Time and Brain damage. The rest of the album does an excellent job of transition but are not worth listening on its own in my opinion. For a starter Floyd CD I'd much rather recommend Wish You Were Here or Animals. The Wall has more moments of brilliance than this album as well, but the weaker part of the Wall are too weak in my opinion, so much so that I often skip half that album just to get to the good parts(Brick in the wall pt2, Mother, Young Lust, Comfortably Numb ect...)

    Track Rating
    Speak to Me 2/5
    Breathe 4/5
    On The Run 3/5
    Time 5/5*
    The Great Gig in the Sky 4/5
    Money 4/5(borderline 5/5)
    Us And Them 3/5
    Any Colour You Like 3/5
    Brain Damage 5/5*
    Eclipse 4/5

    *album picks...more info
  • The whole universe aligned for this one
    Forget all those people who have rated this under five stars. They are not to be trusted. What Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason achieved is of such brilliance it's even silly to review it. So I won't. I'm glad there's no light whatsoever on the dark side of the moon because then we should be able to contemplate the whole universe from there. All stars would be shining as bright as they could just like the music on this album does.

    ...more info
  • There is no dark side of the moon
    I never owned this CD (album) before, even though I've been in love with Floyd for many years. The sound is excellent, sweet and clear. I can't tell you how many times I have played the song "Time" in the past month. Thanks so much!...more info
  • dumplings for easter
    My my my this is the baddest reqord eye ever hurt!!!!!!!
    Not one deasent tragk here unless it's down by the river we go by Brian Springsteen,

    this CD is full of cr@p, nothing spagteckuler,

    Kevin Featherlite...more info