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The Cross of Changes
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Haunting, evocative, mysterious, and magnificent, Enigma's Cross of Changes offers nine musical explorations of sound and sensation that dazzle and amaze. The songs unfold in rolling waves, each more complex and richly layered than the last, yet each fully capable of standing alone as a musically satisfying experience. The standout track on this disc is "Return to Innocence," which combines Native American chanting, Celtic harmonies, and a deceptively simple lyric to devastating effect. At once esoteric and elemental, Cross of Changes is a fine example of the best the genre has to offer. --L.A. Smith

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Customer Reviews:

  • Much Better than the last one but that guys voice.........
    If the guy didn't sing the CD would be perfect! His voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard, but the rest of the songs he isn't in are great! Nothing is as good as MCMXC A.D. !! But this one is worth buying used. It still has some good songs on it....more info
  • Enigmatic
    There was much controversy when the album was released.
    I have always enjoyed Enigma - it is haunting, sensual and relaxing all at the same time.
    I would buy any album of Enigma before listening to it....more info
  • Enigma CD
    CD arrived quickly, plays perfectly in good condition. Thanks,...more info
  • "..............."
    What can you say about a cd like this? Everything that could possibly be said has already been said. Its just that good.
    Judging by all of the reviews (which I was glad to see that they were highly rated) anyone who was unsure about what the music consisted of should know by now. I do not think I need to recover a topic that has already been covered so much. But I will go a bit into a subtopic of that.
    I have seen a few reviews here and there on the various Enigma cds (including this one) that have been negative towards the sound of Michael Cretu's voice. With the release of each new cd, Cretu has sung more and more on his tracks. In MCMXC a.D. the only track he really sings in is The Rivers of Belief (from what I can recall). By the time you get to Voyageur, his voice, in some form, is in about every song.
    For those of you who like his voice, this is great. But for those of you who despise his voice, this will almost surely destroy your listening "experience."
    His voice is rather hard to describe. He has a somewhat raspy voice and at times a fairly heavy German accent. Yet, there is still a somewhat of a smoothness to his voice along with the raspiness.
    For the most part, I do not notice his accent too much, but I can really pick up on it in the song "Out From the Deep." That's not a bad thing, as long as you like his voice.
    Personally I am in love with his voice. It reminds me Phil Colins or Peter Gabrial (not as good, but getting close to it). He just has a voice you either love or hate. This would be the only warning about this cd.
    I personally think everyone should own this cd, or a cd that is something like this. It is so relaxing. It puts you into a good state of mind and is good to play at night for you insomniacs. Unless you are very against new age music (which is basically what this cd is) you should buy it, no doubt about it....more info
  • the best album enigma has!
    this album rocks! i just bought thier 4th album, Screen Behind The Mirror and i loved that as well, but this album is the best by far! i love enigma! Tracks #2, #4 rule! #2 has great "dramatic" effects while #4 downright rocks and just soooooo sexy! it also has #7, "Age of Loneliness" which is in the movie Sliver ( a very sexy seductive song!) it is a must for enigma fans! what are you waiting for? go get it!...more info
  • Enigma- Chaper 2
    "Cross of Changes" is my favorite Enigma album, it's a great mix of beautiful ambient music. Michael Cretu had dropped the "Trademark" Gregorian chants and concentrading on other things instead. There is more variety here though, Native American chants on "Return to Innocence", Piano playing on "Dream of the dolphin" and horns on "Silent Warrior". On "Age of Loneliness" we'll hear a wonderful female voice and backround drums and some horns. But Cretu also sings ofcourse, we'll hear his lyrics on "Return to innocence" and on "Out from the deep". The album closes with a perfect song,the title track "Cross of Changes". There is no song that is bad here actually. I enjoyed them all. This album was also one of the absolute top albums of 1994. Flawless....more info
  • Enigma CD
    CD arrived quickly, plays perfectly in good condition. Thanks,...more info
  • One of my all time Fav's
    I've had this CD for a while. It was my mom's. Well, I use to be really close with my Mom. She loved this group, and this CD. Her favorite song was Return to Innocence, as well as mine. Well, my Mom died of cancer in 99. It was devistating for me. But now I focus on the memories. Whenever I hear that song, I think of her. The whole cd reminds me of her, in a good way, and in a sad way. The song is about strength, and weakness. It's inspiring and it's message is basically live your life, and follow your own way. "Don't be afraid to be weak but dont be too proud to be strong." I miss my mom, but I knew she wanted me to go on living my life and not think about how horrible it was when she died. This is one of my favorite chill out CD's. It brings back alot of great memories. Track # 6 I think was in that movie Sliver. That's also a great song. The indian vocals are great. They capture the emotion in the listener. If you dont have this album, you should get it. Laast but not least, The Lonliness song, is very long, and can put you into a trance. The singers voice is very deep, and depressing, but sweet. It's a good CD to relax to....more info
  • New Age Brilliance!
    In 1994 it was, perhaps, impossible to view VH1 at any given moment and miss the memorable clip for Enigma's "Return to Innocence". Opening with the peaceful death of an elderly man beneath a tree, the video unfolds in reverse exposition (a la Coldplay's "The Scientist") to weave the tale of that man's life all the way back to birth - the literal return to innocence.

    Fronted primarily by the gifted Michael Cretu and an insanely awesome bamboo flute, Enigma burst onto the electronica/new age scene in the early nineties with impressive bravado. For a few precious years, they accomplished the improbable and made new age sound rather swell.

    Then, as fate would have it, Yanni had his Acropolis deal in '94 and Enya released an album a year later. New age sunk back into its former state of what could be described as "cotton candy" music. Though it should be noted Enya did win a Grammy for her record, but a new age Grammy is pretty much a Gimme Grammy. Enya has racked up a win for nearly every album released. At last count, she is up to at least four or five.

    You see, it's not exactly a hotly contested genre.

    But I digress.

    With the release of MCMXC a.D. in 1990, Enigma catapulted themselves to stardom with a brilliant cohesion of Gregorian chants, sweet synth beats, and the aforementioned insanely awesome bamboo flute. Their work would be drafted into dozens of films, trailers, and television ads and have the distinction of featuring on my fifth grade mix tape.

    Their early albums, perhaps inevitably, sound a bit prosaic at present. It is probably difficult for first-time listeners to recognize that in 1990 the sound of Enigma was both edgy and stylistically nouveau.

    Fourteen years after release, there is still something innately special about "Return to Innocence" - indeed, the whole of Cross of Changes is an impressive piece of work. Never, before or since, did Cretu and crew combine their stock of worldly chants and electronica beats with such pitch perfect effect.

    That's why it will always remain a mainstay in my collection, and that's why it should remain in yours as well.
    ...more info
  • good, but not great
    I would assume I'm one of the many who bought this CD on the basis of their one "hit", and was dissapointed. Nothing wrong with the CD, it's just not as good as "Age of Innocence" was when it came out, and really seems dated now....more info
    This is (without a doubt) the best ENIGMA album ever released, though I haven't listened to the new one yet, this still is the best. Being the 2nd it allowed MC to lead on what the people wanted, and make things better, that the people didn't like in the previous album. THE CROSS OF CHANGES is #1 by far. To start off this album SLIVER the #1 movie ever made had producer Robert Evans go to MC and request a song written especially for the movie. So we now have CARLY'S SONG my #1 favorite song in the whole entire world. Re-Titled as THE AGE OF LONELINESS on this CD the cut on the soundtrack is better. But still AOL is the best song on this CD. If anyone has the CARLY'S SONG CD SINGLE with SHARON STONE on the cover (and is willing to sell it) PLEASE GET A HOLD OF ME! I have been trying to find it for a long time! Please Please E-mail me!...more info
  • Outstanding
    What can I say that hasn't already been said in favor of Enigma. My concern, however, is with a previous review where it was stated that Mr and Mrs Kuo didn't get credit for the vocals in "Return to Innocence" If that person would carefully read the credits within the pages of the cover of the CD, it clearly states: "Return to Innocence: Vocal chant 'Jubilant Drinking Song' arranged and performed by Kuo Ying-Nan and Kuo Hsin-Chu of the Ami Tribe, Taiwan, R.O.C....more info
  • best enigma cd
    this has got to be my favorite enigma cd... it has similar beats already heard in the past, but goes a step further by mixing it up a bit more... it has upbeat tracks and soothing ones, which are great to listen to no matter your mood... the standout tracks are "eyes of truth" and "return to innocence"...
    thank God for enigma; in this record, music is taken to another level :)...more info
  • The Hypnotic Sounds Of Enigma
    Enigma's second album, 1993's "The Cross Of Changes," continues this recording act's explorations in estoteric, spacey keyboard music, mixed with samples, slamming beats, ethereal vocals, and tribal chants (replacing the chanting monks from the classic first album from 1990). Enigma mastermind Michael Cretu, who also contributes lead vocals on a couple of tracks, has created another astonishing, dreamy soundscape where the music ebbs & flows, and simply takes your breath away. The awesome "Return To Innocence" was the big hit from the album, but there's many other delights such as the powerful "The Eyes Of Truth," the thrilling 9-minute extravaganza "I Love You, I'll Kill You," the Enigma signature "Age Of Loneliness" (from the Sharon Stone movie "Sliver"), the beautiful "Dream Of The Dolphin," and the triumphant "Out From The Deep." I just can't get enough of this awesome group---"The Cross Of Changes" is another hypnotic Enigma classic....more info
  • Enigmatic
    There is nothing to puzzle over for the second installment from Enigma, "The Cross of Changes". It is simply a great album. This is an album that flows from beginning to end without a single dead spot, or a single wrong note. The music is airy with, at times, a bit of an edge. The lyrics are perfect and the voice is used as an instrument whether it is just singing notes, Gregorian or Native American chants. This is a perfect album to turn off all the lights, turn up the stereo and just get lost in the music.

    There are many great songs on this album. "Return to Innocence" has a strong Native American feel to it with the chant that is interspersed with soft lyrics. The music is so good that it has been pieces of it have been used in movies. Most notable is the ending portion of "The Eyes of Truth" in the file "The Matrix". The guitar screams through a solo in "I Love You...I'll Kill You" giving the song one of the more heavier edges on the album. "Silent Warrior" uses chants throughout in the background. In the middle of the song, tribal drums come forward providing support to the lyrics.

    Enigma's songs are almost like stories. The song may grow and change as it progresses and many have several different movements to them. There is a beautiful blend of the different types of instruments in perfect proportions making the sum more than its parts. This is one band where you'll want to collect all their albums, and "The Cross of Changes" is a must have to any collection....more info

  • Personal Favorite
    Much as I love all the Enigma albums, this is my favorite. It is just so different from all the others, especially the debut. They went eastern with this. More Middle Easternish sounding, but we'll call it "eastern". Like the debut, a good album to relax to....more info
  • Enigma is just that..
    Cross of changes is another masterpiece of music, sound and rhytmetic flow from enigma. The only knock I have is that the cd's are not nearly long enough. Cross of changes is both mellow and driving at the same minute lulling you into a trance and the next putting you up on your feet with it's solid beat and guitar riffs....more info
  • Landmark 2nd album bears 'Cross...' well.
    Even though Enigma first made a name for itself with its single "Sadness Pt.1" off its debut album "MCMXC A.D.", it was the release of its sophomore effort, "Cross of Changes", that really established it as a major force in new age (and popular) music. The hit single, "Return to Innocence", is such a haunting and captivating song that it still finds radio play on regular rock/pop stations almost 10 years after its release. The tribal beats mixed with modern music and combined with an evocative choral solo power this simple song about realizing what's important in life (i.e. 'returning to innocence'). It still sends chills up my spine whenever it is played. The two bookend tracks to "Return..." have also found a wide distribution, although, not as radio singles, but as frequently used scores movie trailers. Track #2, "The Eyes of Truth" is frequently used in action film trailers, most notably for "The Matrix" (though, it did not appear on the soundtrack). Track #4, the chilling "I Love You ... I'll Kill You" has found play on such movie previews as Arnold Schwarzenneger's "Eraser". "The Eyes of Truth" is an amazing track as it plays slow, thumping beats before finishing with a flourish of a soaring chorus followed by a haunting female solo. There is one other truly standout track on "Cross of Changes"... "The Dream of The Dolphin". It evokes sense of spiritual peace with nature and is quite relaxing to listen to.

    The beauty of this album is that, even with the separate standout songs, it flows together as one complete journey with each song feeding seamlessly into the next. "Cross of Changes" provides a memorable musical adventure for the listener and foreshadows the greatness to come on subsequent albums "Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!" and "Screen Behind the Mirror"....more info
  • Pretty Darn Good, Minus the New Age-isms
    The music for the Matrix Trailer and Return to Innocence are powerful, moving, and standout. Overall an excellent CD which avoids 1 of the 2 major traps that 'New Age' music tends to suffer from, that being 'relaxing' to the point of being mournful or bland.

    On the other hand, this CD does fall into the second trap, that of the New Age song cliche. References to opressed Native Americans, dolphins, crystals, the pacifistic ideals...and a truly annoying track called 'Out from the Deep' which deserves to be scratched from an otherwise marvelous album.

    Taken as a whole, you'll like this CD (as I did, for most of it)if you like Enya, Celtic Music, Pink Floyd, or if you share a kinship with the first reviewer of this CD, 'Athena Sunwolf'. (Just love that New Age name!)...more info

  • I love you...I'll kill you
    Another album of unique sounds. This one contains a world renown classic "Return to Innocense". In addition to Return to Innocense, my personal favorite song contains the lyrics I love you I'll kill you...ouuuuu so dangerous....more info
  • It sets a pure mood.
    Even though to the new fan I'd recommend the "Greatest Hits", this is still a great disc for anyone. It does include "Return To Innocence", which may be their biggest hit ever, and though the rest isn't as catchy, it's very good. "Out From The Deep" is another stand-out, and "Age Of Loneliness" and "Eyes Of Truth" are both wonderful as well. This does remind me a bit of "Deep Forest", and of some things from "Peter Gabriel" too. It's a great mix of new age, pop, and world music....more info
  • Enigma--Great CD with Celtic/Native American Sounds
    Enigma's The Cross of Changes journey's into the spiritual mix of ancient haunting Celtic harmonies and Native American chants. Songs that stand out on the album are 'Return to Innocence,' 'Silent Warrior' and 'Age of Loneliness.' 'Age of Lonliness' referred to as 'Carly's Song' is the track song from the movie "Sliver." The lyrics and instrumentals are enchanting and rich in sound. It's a beautiful blend of two different tribal groups coming together to create a exquisite masterpiece of primitive music and gothic poetry. This is one of the best in World Dance genre along side Delerium and B-Tribe. It would be great for traveling music while driving in your car. It's entrancing you'll be at your destination in no time....more info
  • Cross of Changes-Cretu's Most Stunning Music and Videos
    "Cross of Changes "proved to be Cretu's greatest achievement. "Cross of Changes" was antithesis of his first release. The music theme was a far departure from his dark and sexual first recording. Cretu's mixing of Native American hymns, monk tunes, along with other worldwide chants made this music very unique.

    Like others here, this release contained my favorite songs from Enigma the guitar laden "I love you, I'll kill you" and "The Eyes of Truth". Others, the ever popular "Return to Innocence", the mesmerizing "Carly Song" and the native American theme " Silent Warrior" proved to be his best.

    Not only the music was spectacular but so were his music videos. The videos really enhanced his music. The best music video of all time, for me, is "Return To Innocence". The video wasn't direct rather it left the viewer to have his own interpretation. It was very thought provoking about life and death. "The Eyes of Truth" with its images from India and along with the music was absolutely stunning. "Carling Song" a floaty escape was another astonishing video. "Cross Of Changes" was Cretu's most spiritual and amazing work to date.
    ...more info
  • Not even the 2nd best!
    In your recent review of "The Best Enigma Album Of All Time", I would have to seriously dissagree with your choice. When it comes the the purest thought of pure erotic,neurotic,and sexually stimulating musical lust, nothing beats the very first Enigma CD-MCMXCAD.I call it "My personal Viagra on Opium" When the ladies hear its continuous mix of monk chants and hypnotic sexual overtones, just hope your ready for some serious "lust making", oops, I meant "love making". You Pick....more info
  • a little more in depth
    I hate reviews that rave and then never describe the music. So I set out to correct this. This was a pretty good album overall, with weak and strong spots.

    Second Chapter - a brief intro that is an Enigma trademark, flows nicely into Eyes of Truth, which is an excellent track. However, the unwavering repetition of the vocals in the 2nd track could have been changed to deliver more impact. Oh well, maybe next time.
    Return to Innocence is a classic, what can I say. Beat, voice, chanting, you name it, you got it.
    I Love You, I'll Kill You starts off slowly and dangerously, morphs into guitars that don't belong there, and then slide back into drums and vocals that save it and wrap it up. This better come back as a cool remix someday!
    Silent Warrior - this one was weak, with a 'rainforest' sound that don't match the mood of the whole CD. This one could get tossed
    Dream of the Dolphin is very piano-ish, I don't know where it came from. It doesn't fit either
    Age of Lonliness and Out From the Deep are both solid songs that echo the theme of renewal, innocence and change
    The Cross of Changes - good solid vocals and music. Does this sould slightly bitter to anyone? It fits the theme, but I would not have chosen to end the CD this way.
    Overall, the shining tracks are 2, 3, 4. The rest blend and fade into the background if you are not paying attention. Worth a listen....more info

  • >>> Wow! >> An all time classic >>> next to Dark Side
    This album is an instant classic. I can only put it in the league of the album "Dark Side of the Moon". This is an album that will still be sold decades from now... As a whole and individually, - every track works, - yet the whole, is so much greater than the individual parts.

    Its been extensively been used by Holywood movies, starting with Sliver in the early 90s, to recently hearing it in the Matrix. Probably close to a dozen movies have chosen this album in their soundtracks, - simply because, - it is genius.

    Essentially, you just have to hear this album - and you will buy it. It is a grand symphony of the human soul....more info

  • The eyes of truth
    Ever had that feeling where you can't remember if you had written a review for a particular album or not? Well "The Cross of Changes" is one of those cds. I decided to throw this cd into my stereo today and it got me thinking whether or not I reviewed this particular album. If I did, I probably wrote it when I first started posting my reviews on Amazon three years ago.

    Enigma is certainly one of my favorite ambient acts (I refuse to give them that horrible new age label, that label belongs to cheesy artists John Tesh and Yanni). Michael Cretu's compositions are very soothing and relaxing to listen to after a long day at the office with its tribal beats and gentle vocals often provided by Michael's wife Sandra. To be honest, the group's latest album "Voyageur" was somewhat of a disappointment to this long time fan. I definitely enjoy the group's earlier music, especially their last two albums. As much as I enjoy Enigma's debut album , I have to say that I like "The Cross of Changes" a lot more because it isn't so entrenched in Gregorian chants which often gets on my nerves IMO. What I like about "The Cross of Changes" is the blend of ambient and rock music which I think proves that Michael Cretu is open to diversifying his group's sound. What attracted me to Enigma's music to begin with was the timeless vocals of "Return to Innocence". I still get shivers listening to Michael Cretu singing on that song. My personal favorite song on "The Cross of Changes" is the gorgeous "The Dream of the Dolphin". The melodies are just incredible. I was incredibly moved by that song when I first listened to it. Too bad the song was only two minutes plus some long. There isn't one song on this cd that I did not like. I hope Michael Cretu comes back with an album that was less "Voyaguer" and more like early Enigma. "The Cross of Changes" is one of the reasons why I love the group's music so much....more info