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Terrific sales of their independent Cheshire Cat got Blink-182 signed to a major label (MCA) for 1997's Dude Ranch, which led to radio hits ("Dammit," "Josie") and platinum sales. No "sell-out" on the band's part, though, as Dude Ranch simply features another infectious collection of snotty vocals, punchy rhythms, vivid lyrics, and aggressive chords. San Diego producer Mark Trombino shines some of the scuffed edges, but this is still good ol' Blink at its sunny, effervescent best. Nice "emocore" spoof here ("Emo"), plus an odd knack for crafting bass-lines that recall--seriously!--New Order, and vocal harmonies that owe debts to the Beach Boys. --Mark Woodlief

Customer Reviews:

  • Broken
    This one arrived with the case broken, so, i expect next time the transport will be safer....more info
  • Loses authenticity.
    Dude Ranch by Blink 182 was a cd I liked about ten years ago but listening to it now, this type of music is childish and pointless. Dammit and Josie are the best songs on the album, the rest are filler and lame. The lyrics was this band's downfall, the harmonies are not there either. Great for its time but ultimately this cd gets thrown out after the novelty wears off....more info
  • Pop-punk as it should be
    In a fit of nostalgia I pulled this CD from the pile and listened to the entire thing today. High energy like poppy-punk should be, it doesn't take itself at all seriously and it really made me miss the mid-late-90s. This CD pre-dates Travis Barker joining the band, and as much as I appreciate his technical precision, I have to say that I prefer my Blink with the more unpolished garage sound of these earlier performances. Even if post-2000 Blink reminds you of the phony, drunken frat kids that wore it out, don't let that keep you from trying Dude Ranch. It will become one of your favorites too....more info
  • assville
    ok blink rocked hard. boring is the best song, untitled is also sweet.

    other blink songs; obvious, stftk, give me one good reason, reckless, dumpweed, asthenia and also not now.

    ...more info
  • Very Good!
    A must have album.If you're new to Blink182, then this is a good album to start out with.Awesome songs like "Dammit" "Josie" and "I'm Sorry".Most of their songs are sex jokes."Voyeur" is...well, the name it's self explains what the song is about."Degenerate" is about Tom Delonge (Blink182 guitarist) is running around in the middle of the night drunk,naked,passes out and is found later in a guter.Later on in the song he sings about going to a farm to tip some cows.Finding that he left his pants down.He bends over to pull them up and finds a farmer pointing a gun at him.So mostly the songs are kinda "inapropreat"

    The album Cheshire Cat is no different.In one song they sing about wetting themselves all the time.

    But mostly you will find in allmost all of their songs that they're all about girls and love.Very "Pop-Punk"

    But if you enjoy that kinda stuff and a good laugh then this album is for you.If you like Fall out boy and Panic!At the disco you'll probably like this band....more info
  • The best Blink album?
    I totally agree with the early dude, blink isnt close to the sex pistols, the ramones, the clash or any of the old really good "punk" bands. What blink is, is a new styled verson of punk, it may never touch the early "punk" predecors, it is still really good. This album, in my opinion is the best Blink CD ever made. The good 'ol classic, Cali-Punk sound, with their old drummer, Scott. BUY THIS CD, youll thank yourself, cause its kick ass......more info
  • one of the best blink cd's of all
    This cd is really good, it includes their first hit song, 'Damit"...more info
  • This isn't "punk", kids!
    Ok look all you dumb little 15-year-old kids who worship this band- Writing about how much you hate your parents because they won't let you go out with a girl, or how much you hate the troubles of growing up, is NOT "punk"! If this is considered "punk",, where are the songs about anarchy & the problems of society & standing up to have your voice heard?? yep, there's NONE! This is pop with guitars for 9th & 10th graders to think is "hard, rebellious, hardcore PUNK!" I'm so sick of people saying that "This cd is Blink 182 back when they were good"- WHAT???? I hear no difference between this and that "Take Off Your Pants & Jacket" garbage! Same old stupid, lame, ear-damaging songs that sound like the Backstreet Boys with distortion... i hear no difference between "Dammit!" and "First Date"

    Why did Blink 182 have to come out??? Ever since their horrid arrival, along came tons of other ear-damaging pop-punk crap(ie: New Found Glory, The Ataris, The Starting Line, and God forbid, Good Charlotte)

    We must bring an end to all this unholy, filthy, horrible, ear-damaging pop-punk crap... gimmie Bad Religion, The Dead Kennedys, Pennywise, Black Flag, or Minor Threat over this filthy garbage ANYDAY!...more info

  • blinks best!
    this is one of blinks best. this cd is the old school punk cd i didnt expect from them. this is before travis,you know the old drummer scott.i dont know why, but im starting to think scott is a better drummer than travis. people call me crazy for that but thats the truth.travis is a amazing drummer but scott, i dont know i just, i dont know like this feeling that he is. he wouldnt run around naked so thats one thing. this is a awesome album, buy it!!!!!...more info
  • this cd is great
    I really like this cd its not as memorable as "Take of your pants and jacket" but it is a good cd with great songs like "growing up" a must have for any Blink fan...more info
  • blink at their best
    Blink's best cd. it sounds gruff, yet melodic. Better quality than their earlier stuff, but not as clean as Enema. It's the perfect mix. I don't know what else to say besides this is my favourite album, and I think everyone should hear it....more info
  • The Best of all Blink182's albums!
    Dude Ranch rocks, it is the best of all Blink182's albums all the songs are fu**in awesome!...more info
  • Should have had an explicent label :Good CD though:
    Well...it was a great c.d. but here are my reviews for each song and swears in it
    Pathatic:B Good song. Has one F-word
    Voyeur:C+Sort of annoying. No swears
    D*****:A for great guittaring,vocals and drums.1 f-word,title
    Boring:A-Good.No swears
    D*** Lips:B-good guitaring but two swears in one line is dumb.1-s word,1 a-word,title
    Waggy:B+Decent.Not bad but 1 d-word
    Enthused:A+Awesome.1 f-word
    Untitled:C annoying intro.No swears
    Apple Shampoo:A Catchy. 1 f-word
    Emo:A+ Very catchy guitars in beginning. Great song.No Swears
    Josie:A Another very catchy song.No swears
    A New Hope:B+ Ends the catchy guitar wiffs.No swears
    Degenerate:D Ugh! Hated it! Lots of bathroom humor which makes up for the swears.
    Lemmings:C O.K. Two f-words right at start of the song.1 S-word also.
    I'm Sorry:A+++++++++++ This is so good, it deserves way higher grade then a A+.No Swears
    Totals:6 F-Words
    2 S-Words
    1 A-Words
    2 D-words
    Mentioned dick a couple times
    Parents, If you are buying this album for a gift for your young ones for cristmas of there birthdays.Be advised.
    Overall album rating:A...more info
  • Nice!!~~
    I bought Cheshire Cat , which was great. I bought "Dude Ranch" expecting it to be alright. Whoa I was in for a suprise. This cd kick some serious ashpalt. I love every song on this. "Dammit" prolly is my favorite. Get this cd because they might not be there tomorrow. A punk dreamer's dream lived thru blink 182...more info
  • Dammit!
    I wasn't sure what CD had the song "Dammit" on it, but then I found it! I really like this song and usually listen to it at least once a week. It is a great song to unwind to....more info
  • Love it
    !Heather's Teenage Son!

    I got this and Cheshire Cat because I wanted to hear some old Blink-182. I was pleasently suprised by this album. It's much more dirty than Enema of the State, TOYPJ, and their self-titled album, which made it quite funny at times. Quote from the song Waggy: "I guess I'll jack off in my room until then." Plus there is a really funny sketch inbetween two songs with a dog drinking out of the toilet Mark had just peed in...I was rolling! My favorite songs on this album were Pathetic, A New Hope, Boring(short, yes but it's cool), and Josie. Immature lyrics and raspy voices will allow you to have alot of fun listening to this album. BUY IT!...more info
  • amazing
    i bought this album because i heard a ton of good things about it i was so glad when i did. this whole cd is aweosme. anyone can relate to it. its wayyyy better than their new cds... awesome guitar riffs, mark sounds aweosme on this... haha it is so catchy and overall..it just kicks some major a$$.....damnit is def the best one on there.. neone that had a tough break up can relate...untitled adn lemmings come in a close second and enthused has an amazing begening....get it kiddies.. amazing.. worth every penny you wont be sorry when you get it ...more info
  • OK but not as gd as take off your pants + jacket.... etc
    all of you gays who say that blink where better before they got big, wat the f*k you on about? this album is not as gd as any of the NEW STUFF, and as a listener of all kinds of music such as the cure, the clash, the buzzcocks etc... the only TRAK that stands out for its musical integrity so far is dammit...more info
  • the sold out after this....cheshire cat was ok........
    yeah i agree with like how like blink 183 totally sucks now....it was kind of all down hill after this...bit before this there was Cheshire Cat, whish was pretty good...at least for blink 182.....but they like totally sold out...and now they suck........more info
  • My favorite blink cd
    This is my favorite blink 182 cd. I like every single song on this cd, and still listen to it all the time. Definitely recommend this cd....more info