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Award-winning country superstar George Strait personally selected the 72 cuts on this epic boxed set. Spanning 1981-1995, this set includes 30 No. 1 singles, 11 rarities and three new tracks, including a never-before-released duet with Frank Sinatra.
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Street Release Date: 09/12/1995

When the hits come as effortlessly as they do to Strait, it's easy for an artist to lose interest. The man who ushered in country's hat-act era has spent a career bouncing from lifeless and fluffy to hard and soulful. This four-CD box tells the story from 1976 (when he cut the first of three singles for Houston indie D Records) through 1995. At his best--"Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind," for example--he defines the modern heart song, but lightweight stuff such as "Hollywood Squares" won't win him new converts. --John Morthland

Customer Reviews:

  • George Strait CD's
    My items were shipped to me in a timely manner. Everything was in good condition. ...more info
    This set is incredible, Disk 3 is as good as music can possibly get (And Disk 2 is not far beind) So many great songs: "If You Ain't Loving You Ain't Living, "Baby's Getting Good At Goodbye", "Bigger Man Then Me". "Hollywood Squares" (Despite what some people think, a funny song right up there with Jerry Reed's "She Got The Gold Mine And I Got The Shaft" and Alan Jackson's "I don't Even Know Your Name" as matrimonial mistake songs.),"You Know Me Better Than That" and "I've Come To Expect It from You", are 6 of my top 10 favorite Strait songs (Out of 18 on that disk) (Throw in "Ocean Front Property" and "When The Sidewalk Ends" and you get 8 of them in one set. Let me mention this to doubters. I have a friend of mine who teases me about loving COW MUSIC, and not liking smooth Jazz, but she too has this set (Knowing how good it is). George Strait (Along with Toby Keith and Alan Jackson) is what is left of quality popular country music, and you will find more quality songs on this set then the cumulative output of everyone except these three, this decade in Nashville. This set is a must have....more info
  • Buy This, now!
    What can you say? Just about every single he's every released (and some that weren't) on 4 discs. You can't beat it.

    After listening to some songs, you'll want to get the original album, with all the other songs. And the amazing thing is in another 5 years he'll probably be able to put out another boxed set, with just as many good songs.

    George Strait is truly a legend in his own time, and anyone who likes real country music should buy this set. It's truly a blessing someone out there makes so much good music....more info

    George Strait Box Set is a have to get. Turst me. Every single song is great and fun to sing along to. If your a country or anykind of music fan this a must to get. George is the undesputed King Of COUNTRY. Classic songs like Unwound, Blame it On Mexico, Fool Hearted Memory, Lets Fall To Pieces, The Chair, Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye, Heartland, and Check Yes Or No are just a few of the great tunes on the box set. I think every thing on the Box Set is great...GET IT...more info
  • Best of the Best of THE BEST of country!
    I've heard country music since I was little...and even though I didn't know ALL the tunes in this set, I love each. George Strait has managed to package enough great music in this set that if I were to be stranded on a deserted island and could only take one thing with, I'd grab these 4 CD's (and a way to play them of course) without hesitation. A wonderful mix of old and new. WOO-HOO!...more info
  • Good collection
    this collection has so many hits. then it has songs from his early days (pre MCA) which are great. the only short fall is it came out in 1995. but i bought this because of someone review of the "50 number ones" CD that they have out. it said they trimmed the songs to fit on the discs.
    if you are a George Strait Fan buy this! you won't be disappointed...more info
  • The Strait and Narrow
    Few mainstream artists can honestly say that every album or song they have cranked out truly represents them. George Strait can. This boxed set is what all other boxed sets should be measured by: top-notch hits, sentimental favorites, and songs from throughout a career. This set is the perfect introduction to Mr. Strait for anyone who wants to learn more about him. The liner notes alone are worth the cost. Strait gives personal commentary on each song and why it was put in the set. He tells you his likes and dislikes, as well as reasons why he prefers to sing songs written by others and not himself. You'll find out that "Marina Del Rey" has something in it that doesn't sit quite right with Strait.

    Disc-wise, all four have something on them that is sure to please. Big hits are included as well as a few early tunes written by Strait. I could go into detail about the songs, but all I really need to say is that every song in this set belongs for a reason.

    Strait's sound never really strays too far from formula, and that's special, because most artists today come out with one or two solid efforts that don't really catch on with the mainstream crowd and either they or the record company changes them into some silly wannabe pop act or something along those lines. The only time Strait really changed was for the "Pure Country" soundtrack, but even songs like "Heartland" fit Strait's persona. That album also gave us a real gem in the song "Overnight Male." That song single-handedly woke up a bland pop-country audience and introduced them to some old-time, dirty country that seems to be lost today.

    Granted, some people may say that Strait made a few gimmicky songs that helped push his career along, but all of these songs have their place in the Strait catalogue. None of them sound out of character, unlike some artists(LoneStar, Shania Twain, Faith Hill, etc.)who find they can make their wallets fatter by putting out so-called country that easily crosses over into the pop category. I'll bet good money that you won't here the words "They call me the fireman..." uttered on a Top 40 station.

    In closing, if you want a taste of a real country artist with mass appeal and who never sold out, get this boxed set. It will let you hear what a legitimate country superstar is....more info

  • The best country music boxed set EVER!
    Well, this box set has it all. Virtually every single George ever released until 1995 is included. I think the only exclusions are Down And Out, Overnight Success and You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody, which are not must-haves. You can really hear how George's voice has matured through the years, and the improvement in phrasing and nuances in his singing. It in fascinating to see an evolution take place right before your ears. George has achieved greatly at both the up tempo rocker and the soft ballad. He packs his lyrics with emotion and yearning.

    George also hand-picked the twenty-something album cuts that were not singles that are included in the set. This is a major Strait strength. I've always said that any yahoo can string together a few hits. It's the fleshing out an album with strong tune after strong tune that is the hard part. Whenever a new Strait album comes out, I find myself challenged to choose the imminent singles, since there are always 6 or 7 potentials to choose from. One of his most popular non-singles, Blame It On Mexico, and my personal favorite, 80-Proof Bottle, are included. He's great at the fluff songs, like Hollywood Squares, as well as the "meat and potatoes" ones, like Lefty's Gone.

    The unreleased tracks feature one of the best songs to hear on the radio in some time, Check Yes Or No. Can't miss duets include Big Balls and Six Pack. Fly Me To The Moon is not my cup of tea, but I appreciate him challenging himself. The earlier songs are admittedly rough around the edges, but still very listenable.

    If you don't have the money to throw around on collecting all of his CDs like I've done, Strait Out Of The Box is a great purchase and bargain....more info

  • A good beginning to understand George Strait
    Having this set as my own...I can't compare it to another: it stands alone. It gives listeners a wide range and moods of Strait's music and provides a good idea of what one would receive from his other albums. Songs ranging from the upbeat "The Fireman" to the more somber "So Much Like My Dad", this set never once has listeners lose interest with "The Man". A must have for die-hard Strait fans and general country music fans alike....more info
  • The true box set
    Over the years so many country music singers have released box sets sometimes they are good but there is always some songs you don't like. But then when the King of country music releases a box set you are guaranteed a good time with George Strait. This collection is incredible with the great hits that he released to his personal favorites. If you own all of George Straits albums it is very intresting to see which non singles he liked. And then I guess those other songs are unreleased music from the mid 70's of his early career and there are also some new songs that came out on this set. This is a timeless collection from one of the greatest singers in music. Every cd seems to just get better and better but anyone would recommend not to listen to all 4 cd's in row you probably would go crazy but this is great to listen to in different pieces and cd's 3 and 4 have got to be the best. I believe only 2 singles did not make it and those are Down and out a song that George Strait claims he hated. Also missing is Overnight Success for whatever reason. Also a great book full of 72 pages and pictures. Nice box and everything. The nicest box set I have ever seen....more info
  • Keeping Country Music Alive
    Anyone who has even a slight interest in 20th Century pop music should purchase this concoction because, to the best of my knowledge, it is the only place to get George Strait dueting with Frank Sinatra on "Fly Me to The Moon." That unimaginable pairing, alone, is worth the price of the box set.

    Country fans definitely will need this in their collections because it contains more country music than can be heard in a week of nonstop listening to a so-called country radio station these days. It is difficult, if not downright impossible, to conjure up an image of Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Faith Hill or the rest of those misdirected rock and rollers interpreting any of George's Straits tunes. With an oeuvre as strong as his, its no wonder that George Strait has broken all the rules. Not only is he still scoring huge hits with songs that owe more homage to Hank Williams than Mick Jagger, but he's one of Nashville's few singers over the age of 40 (he's closer to 50) still receiving heavy airplay.

    Keep these CDs nearby when listening to the radio. As soon as a non-melodious song by the Dixie Chicks or Kenny Chesney come in, turn it off and listen to George Strait descant genuine country music....more info

  • Strait Out Of The Box George Strait
    I Love this album. It is the best of George. It offers everything you could want from a George Strait collection. He is the best of country music. Thanks Gail...more info
  • Head Strait to the Checkout to Buy this Bargain Set!
    Flawless box set, some rarities and previously unreleased tracks but it's the generous collection of ALL the hit singles to date that make this an absolute must for anyone who wants to delve into country music from the past two decades. Great book too!...more info
  • The Man
    Does he entertain on stage like Garth Brooks? No. Does he write great songs like Alabama? No. Let's just say this. You could put any one of these CDs (or any combination of them) on your stereo and you could listen all day, without having the urge to change it (them). He can sing with feeling like no other. Not just for one song, but every song. I've seen him in concert three times. and all he does is play a bunch of music, no B.S. If Amarillo By Morning, I Can Still Make Cheyenne, The Cowboy Rides Away, I Cross My Heart, etc. don't give you goosebumps, have you pulse checked. If Gone As A Girl Can Get, Heartland, Unwound, and Check Yes Or No don't make you want to turn it up, then you're not paying attention. George is the most pure, most sincere country singer in the last 20 years. Get the boxed set, you won't be sorry....more info
  • Great Hits
    Some of the best songs to be performed by a legend. If you enjoy George Strait this is a must have CD collection. If you enjoy country music this is a must have collection. You can leave these CD's on play and not have to skip around because there are so many wonderful songs....more info
  • OMG!!!
  • George Is The Best.
    One Of Country Music's Most Succssful Singers Released His Box Set In 1995. From His Debut Single "Unwound" To "Check Yes Or No" George Strait Can Really Sing. This Set Contains His Greatest Songs From 1976-1995. Some Of His Songs On This Set Are From The Soundtrack To The 1992 Film "Pure Country". Like The Romantic Ballad "I Cross My Heart" To The George Jones 1965 Classic "Lovebug". This Guy Can Sing Like His Long Time Friend Reba McEntire....more info
  • Country at it's modern best
    This is a great set of music by the best Country Music singer since Merel Haggard was in his prime in the '60's and '70's.
    George Strait's phrasing as a vocalist is natural and pure and he doesn't try to sound like a country singer like so many of those who have followed.
    Only Randy Travis during the late '80's and early '90's has been as natural during Strait's generation.
    However, what makes Strait so good is that he sounds traditional and contemporary at the same time depending on the song.
    This set covers all his hit's up through early 1995.
    If you buy this and then the "Latest Greatest Straitest Hit's" which came out in 2000 and covers all the hit's after the box set and up through 1998 and a couple of songs from 2000, you will be good up to that point.
    After that you can either buy his 6 individual cds that have followed or wait for the next greatest hits which should cover 1999 through 2006.
    ...more info
  • Not bad but not good either!!
    I'll admit when this set came out, I got it. However, it has too many "filler" cuts in here that you could just do without.If you truly want the ultimate George Strait collection, look over htis set and get his new 2 CD Set "50 Number Ones" instead....more info
  • Love Without End, Amen
    I've heard many of George Strait's songs but my favorite is Love Without End, Amen. My son asked me what I wanted for the song for he (the groom) and I to dance to at his wedding. I chose this song because it depicts so truly the love his father and I have for him. He had a bit of rough time in his teens and even earlier, but he's turned into a beautiful man. Through it all, we loved him just the same and love won through. George Strait has the ability in his songs to say what so many feel in their hearts but don't have the right words. His is a wonderful talent and we always need his and others' talents to help us speak the language of our hearts. Thank you Mr. Strait....more info
  • The King Of all Box Sets From The King of Country!
    The box sets of all box sets from the king of country. This set features every big hit George has released. 1976-1995. Favs include Blame it on Mexico,Baby Blue,Marina Del rey,I cross my Heart among many many others. If you dislike strait you don't know country music....more info
  • The best modern country has to offer
    George Strait's music doesn't quite have the emotional power of some his musical heroes, most notably, Merle Haggard. Still, given the state of country music today, he is considered the modern benchmark for authenticity in a genre of music that is increasingly moving toward the bland and the pop. There are a number of reasons for this. First, Strait controls his own music, choosing for himself which songs he will record, which producers to work with and how his music should sound. He has also refused to compromise on some issues, most importantly refusing to dilute his music with pop-style production methods, and is just about the only country performer today (outside of Haggard, who is considered too country for country radio) to incorporate western swing influences into his music.

    The music here is great. This is the best modern country has to offer (at least in its radio-friendly version). This box set includes virtually all of Strait's big hits (up to the time it was produced) and a number of others that you may not have heard of. Given that George Strait doesn't write his own songs, the consistency of the music is impressive. (The four songs he did write early in his career are included, and they aren't bad efforts. One wonders why he never wrote more). There are a couple of duets with Asleep at the Wheel and Frank Sinatra. The latter was recorded for Sinatra's duets album but was cut from the final version.

    The liner notes provide a good description of his career and give the reader an insight into how the business of Nashville works today. For example, one learns that radio stations refused to play Strait's cover of the Hank Williams classic "Lovesick Blues" because they said he yodeled on it and fans today wouldn't like that. Both statements are inaccurate. What Strait did can hardly be called a yodel (the song was meant to be sung with some of the syllables stretched) and it's hard to believe that there isn't an audience for such a great song, performed by the premier country artist of the day. Nonetheless, Strait chose to compromise and decided not to 'yodel' on any more songs.

    There are only a couple of really bad things to say about this set. First, it continues the annoying recent tradition of adding a small number (in this case 3) of new or previously unreleased songs to a greatest hits collection. Serious Strait fans who have most of his albums either miss out on these or have to buy an expensive box set that already duplicates much of their collection to get them. The other downside is that each CD is less than an hour long. They probably could have put the music here on three CDs instead of four and reduced the price.

    There is better country music being made today, but you have to search to find it. George Strait is the best country radio is willing to play and this box set represents his career well....more info

  • Great hits
    This is an awesome gift for someone who loves George Strait... I can't get enough of him. I've played my cds so much.. some of them have gotten scratched:(.. now I have to buy a new set.
    Monroe, LA...more info
  • I wish I could give it 6
    What can I say about this box set. If you're an avid George Strait fan you'll come to realize that this Box Set has almost every single George Strait song available. The only exception is "You can't make a heart love somebody" which left me disappointed because it was not added on this CD. New songs of George's have been added as well as songs that came around before George became big..kind of like songs he recorded before he was anyone. Lefty's Gone....leaves you chilled to the bone while an early song "her goodbye hit me in the heart" breaks your heart. "My baby's gotten good at goodbye" is probably where George gets his strongest. There isn't a song on this album that is not catchy or worth listening to. George knows how to pick em which has made him the master of country music with Alan Jackson a close second. Go get this CD. It's the greatest of the greatest....more info