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It took over 20 years for Van Halen to release a Best of album, and even then, the band downplayed the effort. Instead sticking to the original plan of releasing a two-disc set--one of material with original frontman David Lee Roth, and the other with his 11-year replacement Sammy Hagar--the band opted for a single CD chronicling their entire career. For the previously uninitiated, it's a golden introduction to a band that changed the face of '80s hard rock. Guitar-blazing old tracks like "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love," and "Dance the Night Away" segue into more commercial numbers like "Jump" and "Panama" from 1984. These in turn, set the stage for Hagar's slicker, more polished vocals on "Right Now" and "How Do I Know When It's Love." But while newcomers will be thrilled with the delights within, old fans will probably find little of use, since the two highly touted new tracks with Roth are pretty disposable. --Jon Wiederhorn

Japanese pressing of Van Halen's single disc Best Of Vol. 1 (originally released in 1996) featuring one bonus track: 'Hot For Teacher'. This was the compilation that essentially brought Van Halen to a close when the band drafted in original vocalist David Lee Roth to record two new tracks. This reunion was short-lived but it was enough to anger then-current vocalist Sammy Hagar into leaving the band. Hagar did tour with the band in 2004, but they've never recovered from the firestorm that this release sparked! 18 tracks. Warner. 2007.

Includes the Bonus Track Me Wise Magic.

Customer Reviews:

  • Too much ballads from Hagar era, lot of missed songs:(
    Okay, there is simple no good "best of" compilation until You burn your own!:)
    I'll write only about new tracks here, previously unreleased on VH albums:
    15 Humans Being - ITS THE BEST VAN HALEN SONG EVER!!!
    Classic powerful heavy metal (strongest VH song ever)with great guitar solos(repeated twice at the beginning and the end) super rhytmical vocals and screams and long instrumental part in the middle of the song marvelosso - 11/10!!
    16 Can't get this stuff no more - Very good guitar rock, but when compared to Humans Being, we can see the difference between Sammy and Dave. Dave is just leaguer;) 9/10
    17 - Me wise magic - another very good guitar rock, but the least favourite of mine - 8/10...more info
  • Missing a lot of songs, but..................
    A pretty good greatest hits compilation. Read on for my review of this:


    Except for the live album "Live: Right Here, Right Now" and "Fair Warning" (1983) this album contains material from all of Van Halen's studio albums from 1978 up until 1995: their self-titled 1978 debut album, their self-titled 1979 sophomore album, "Women and Children First" (1980), "Diver Down" (1981), "1984" (no need to say what year this album was released, but I will say that this was Van Halen's last album with David Lee Roth), "5150" (1986, their first album with Sammy Hagar), "OU812" (1988), "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" (1991), and "Balance" (1995, their last album with Sammy Hagar). What this all means is that this greatest hits CD will not only serve good for all Van Halen fans, but also for someone who is either new to Van Halen or is on a tight budget and can't afford the individual albums.

    Before Sammy Hagar left Van Halen in 1996, he wrote one more song with Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, and Michael Anthony. That song was "Humans Being", which was written and recorded for the hit film "Twister", and also appeared in the movie and the soundtrack for the film. That song is to be found on this album, so any die hard VH fans who hear about the song won't have to locate a copy of the soundtrack or buy/rent the movie itself and then be sitting through half of the movie, thinking "When will that Van Halen song appear"?

    1996 also happened to be the year Van Halen did a one time reunion with David Lee Roth, writing and recording the songs "Can't Get This Stuff No More" and "Me Wise Magic". Those songs have also been included on this album, which makes this album not only a Van Halen collector's item, but also somewhat of a VH souvenir.

    While a good amount of recognition is given to both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar on this album, more recognition is given to Roth, considering the fact that this album has ten Roth songs and eight Hagar songs. Some Hagar fans might not be too crazy about this, but it makes up for the fact that Van Halen has never released any songs that were recorded live with Roth and that there were only three Roth videos on Van Halen's "Video Hits Volume One" DVD.


    While this album has several Van Halen hits, such as "Runnin' With The Devil", "Dance The Night Away","When It's Love", "Right Now", etc,it is also missing several hits from both the Roth and Hagar years, such as "Hot For Teacher", "I'll Wait", "Finish What Ya Started", "The Best of Both Worlds", among others.

    I'm sorry I forgot to mention this already, but there are too many VH/Sammy Hagar love songs on here! Sure, Van Halen had some great ballads when they had Sammy Hagar, but there are too many of them on here, and counting "Right Now" as not a love song but a ballad, the only VH/Red Rocker tunes on here that are not ballads/love songs are "Poundcake" and "Humans Being".


    Overall this album has some great Van Halen music on it,but I recommend shelling your cash out and either getting Van Halen's Roth/Hagar era albums seperately and/or getting the Van Halen anthology album "The Best of Both Worlds". This compilation is just too uneven--if you can't get the rare Hagar track and the rare Roth tracks that I mentioned and don't have access to downloading them,then buy this CD,but otherwise,this compilation is just too uneven to be worth both the time and the money....more info
  • A great best of album with 2 new songs!
    This album has almost everyone of Van Halen's hits with the execption some of there covers. A great album what else is there to say. If your new to Van Halen I think you should get this, the first 2 albums, 1984 or Diver Down. This covers the David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar eras perfectly. I'll review the last 3 tracks because those are the 2 new David Lee Roth songs and the last song written with Sammy Hagar that only appeared on a movie soundtrack.

    15.Humans Being- 10/10 A great song with an excellent riff from Eddie Van Halen. Eddie's solo is great and very melodic. Good vocals from Sammy Hagar on this excellent melodic song.

    16.Can't Get This Stuff No More- 10/10 An excellent song. Classic Van Halen with an excellent chorus. David Lee Roth sounds as good as ever on this song. An excellent song from Eddie Van Halen who throws in some bluesy licks, harmonics, dives and tremelo picking. A great melodic 80's style song with a great vocal performance from David Lee Roth.

    17.Me Wise Magic- 10/10 A great classic Van Halen sound on this song. Excellent vocals from David Lee Roth and another excellent riff from Eddie and a great wah wah solo. Eddie's second solo is better than the first and has some blazing shredding in it.

    This is a great best of album and has 3 newer tracks that all sound like classic Van Halen. The album is worth getting for the 3 new tracks. Also if your new to Van Halen this album is probably the best one to get....more info
  • You can't please everyone all the time
    This is a "Best of" album, which means that someone has to pick some songs they consider best of, then put it to market. So unless this "Best of" contains every single song ever recorded, then this also means that inevitably there will be people who don't agree with the picks. Regardless, this album contains all great VH songs.

    There's no guitarist like Eddie van Halen. Not saying there aren't other greats, because there are many very very good guitarists. But Ed has his own style, and adds his own flavor to how he plays. That itself is controversial, but then if it didn't really matter then it really wouldn't matter. Meaning that if there wasn't really something to it then he wouldn't be controversial. There's no in between, it seems; either you love his style or you hate it. I love it, and the songs on this album are a good representation, and therefore it's a good "Best of" album. Not to overlook other important parts of VH's style are Big Al's drumming, and Mike's backing vocals, and all come across very well in each of these songs.

    I'm glad they included the non-album "Human's Being" because it was one of their very last recorded songs, and it's about as hard-driving a rock tune as you can find, and it's a perfect example of Ed's musical and playing style, and Al's distinctive snare sound.

    I'm sad they didn't include songs like "Mean Street" and "Pleasure Dome", because those are great musical numbers. But like I said, you can't make everyone happy with any "Best of" compiliation. This one works just fine in that sense, so if you're looking to get only one Van Halen album then you'll do OK with this. (Though you're much better off just buying all of them...)...more info
  • Halfbaked Greatest Hits from one of the Greatest bands
    This greatest hits album is entitled "Vol. 1", and yet it does not deliver upon the title. Let's face it, there have really been 2 Van Halen lineups, the original featuring the inestimable David Lee Roth and the second featuring schlocker Sammy Hagar. Sure, there was a third lineup with ex-Extreme frontman Gary Cherone, but that album thankfully disappeared after a mighty promotional effort.

    Volume 1 would logically mean a greatest hits album from the first lineup and Volume 2 would follow from the Hagar era. Why didn't they do this? Probably because (1) the boys are still pissed at Roth and (2) they'd sell almost no copies of volume 2 and (3) this would show them that their 11 year effort of going on without Roth was a failure (albeit a pretty good financial success for all the wrong reasons).

    This album could have been a classic: what's with only 2 songs from the debut? Ridiculous! Running with the Devil, Jamie's Crying, Ain't Talking About Love, You Really Got Me should be there, along with Dance the Night Away, Beautiful Girls, Unchained, The Cradle Will Rock, Mean Streets, Unchained, Little Guitars, Dancing In the Street, Pretty Woman, Jump, Panama, Hot for Teacher, I'll Wait plus instead of the tired "new" recordings, they should've thrown in a couple of live songs from their Roth era capturing the buzz that made them the best band in the world, before it got destroyed with Hagar.

    The conclusion? yet another listless collection of "hits" that don't capture the essence of the band in question. What can you do? Burn your own, baby!...more info

  • Solid
    1.Eruption 10/10- This is an incredible guitar solo, that wasn't even supposed to be on their debut album. Good thing they put it on to show Eddie's greatness!

    2.Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love 8/10- This song is good, but it's not one of my favorites.

    3.Runnin' With the Devil 10/10- One of their best debut songs. I love this song cause it's ass kickin'.

    4.Dance the Night Away 10/10- Another one hit wonder. My friend used to listen to this song when he had a crush on some girl.

    5.And the Cradle Will Rock... 9/10- You can hear the rock hardness. Not one of my favorite tracks though.

    6.Unchained 9/10- Another solid track.

    7.Jump 10/10- One of the greatest songs ever produced by Van Halen. GREAT SONG. And no, I'm not going to Jump.

    8.Panama 10/10- This was another big song, featured on their "1984" album along with Jump.

    9.Why Can't This Be Love 10/10- I love this song, it's incredible with how everything comes together. Still, Why Can't This Be Love?

    10.Dreams 10/10- One of my favorite Van Halen songs. The guitar solo in this is rated one of the top 100 ever. Fantastic
    11.When It's Love 10/10- Fantastic. I can see the art in this song, Eddie plays the keyboard and the guitar in this!

    12.Poundcake- 9/10- I like this song, but it's not one of my favorites on this cd. Still good though.

    13.Right Now 10/10- Van Halen is really sending a point through this song. Do your thing right now. "Hey, it's your tomorrow". You'll understand the point.

    14.Can't Stop Lovin' You 10/10- I think this is probably the most romantic song Van Halen came up with. Sammy Hagar really knows how to do this stuff. Fantastic. The guitar is also great.
    15.Humans Being 10/10- Great track, I still wonder where this came from. In the video, Eddie loves to stare at the camera.
    16.Can't Get This Stuff No More 9/10- Interesting track, but not really interested.

    17.Me Wise Magic 9/10- Better of the 2 tracks, but still not really interested.

    Well, if you want a "Greatest Hits" album instead of buying the Best Of Both Worlds, buy this. It's a solid cd. The Best of Both Worlds is still good.

    There's Half Roth and Half Sammy Hagar. This is a good cd because of the 2 singers are both on here. Notice how Gary Cherone is on neither....more info
  • Best of What?
    After the first three songs, this hard rock band is painfully rounded off into a top 40 esque collection. Seems like the VH bros. still begrudge David Lee Roth. When he left, we heard tunes like "Aint Talkin 'bout Love" turn into songs like "Why can't this be love". Why can't this be rock? Because you can't substitute "Mean Street" or "Take your Whiskey Home" with "Jump". I guess VH inc. all but forgot about Women and Children first, Fair Warning, & Van Halen II--the albums that earned their reputation....more info
  • How can you not like Van Halen
    What is wrong with you? Don't you realize that it is almost impossible to perform like Van Halen? It was a band full of virtuoso intrumentalists and kickbutt frontmen: whether Roth or Hagar!
    This Best of has good hits and sets the record straight, unlike the recently released Best of Both Worlds. I think it would be easier to have a pros and con chart:

    It's Van Halen's best songs!
    It has the most essential hits and three new songs: 1 with Hagar and 2 with Roth.
    There is no bad blood over the making of it.
    In fact just so nothing bad happens they didn't even have commentary in it either.
    The new songs kick #ss!
    All of the songs are remastered! (at least I think so.)

    Only 1 stinking disc: that means alot of the other essential hits like Jamie's Cryin', Beautiful Girls, Everybody Wants Some!!, Hot for Teacher, Love Walks In, Finish What ya Started, Runaround, and Not Enough aren't featured here.
    Too simple: it would have been alot better with one disc for Roth and one for Hagar instead of compiling it all onto one disc.

    A great buy for people who are just getting into Van Halen. I would recommend it over Best of Both Worlds even though it has more songs on it....more info
  • Dave had more of an edge, but Sammy was the better singer
    This is an album well worth having. The two "new" Dave tracks are, IMO, the best thing Dave has done in about fifteen years. These are awesome, powerful tracks proving 1) that DLR is as good a songwriter as the guitarist he is writing with and 2) a reunited Dave and Van Halen would be a great trip.

    Having said that, Sammy is the more powerful singer, and lots of his stuff is included here. Sammy wrote some great lyrics with VH, but sadly, they are not really represented here.

    And how could they have left off "Love Walks In" and "Summer Nights"??????????????

    Still, an album well worth owning....more info

  • Gayvid Lee Roth is NO Howard Stern!
    His show is pathetic. Gayvid Lee Roth will never be as good as Howard Stern on the radio. I predict his show will be YANKED off the air by June. Oh, and this album? My rating: no stars.
    ...more info
  • vanhalen best of vol 1
    the cd was okay but the two new songs with dave are just awful. his voice is so muffled you can barely hear what hes singing about. but besides that its a fare effort. to say it was complete. or that there was hits left off they could have had put on. yes but oh well. still a pretty good effort. i say if you gotta computer and the vanhalen collection make your own. save your self some dough. either way you would have to buy the best of both worlds collection. i think thats a better collection than this rip off....more info
  • Perfect for the casual fan
    I always equate this album with like minded releases such as ZZ Tops' best of or any of the one hundred or so Aerosmith best of albums that have been released in the last five minutes. They provide a perfect way for the casual fan, the lover of the tunes they hear on the radio, to get their hands on a wad of great tracks without spending half of last weeks paycheck.

    For the relative novice, there is a display of Eddie Van Halens wonderful ability to bend those six strings like nobodies business in the very first track, Eruption. From there the album proper kicks in with hit after hit and both the earlier David Lee Roth fronted band and the Sammy Hagar fronted incarnation are given space. Purists may scoff at the inclusion of more Hagar vs Roth pieces, but to be fair to all, the Roth albums were albums - you'd have to listen to the fuller work to get the point whereas with Hagar the band was even more commercially successful. So I can see both sides of the argument.

    Amazingly, the pieces all fall into place, the production sounds consistent and the couple of new tracks with Diamond Dave are a nice addition and pretty good in their own right even if it's common knowledge that by this stage of his career Roths voice was pretty much a studio only proposition.

    Real fans have most of the albums and make their own 'all killer no filler' album. Casual fans will probably love this - it can sit on your shelf next to likeminded albums....more info
  • A disapointing greatest hits!
    Like the last person said, there where better hits then alot of what is on the collection of crap! I bought this expecting that the songs i already knew "eruption" "pannama" "jump" ect would have songs just as good? but i was wrong, maybe if it had a second disc, or a greatest hits 2 with it it would have been more worth the while? one that was not mentioned tho that i beleive shouldve been there was "good enough" ..... so basicly, where the hell is "you really got me?" "Pretty woman" "good enough" "hot for teacher"? this choice of songs was not thought out very well!...more info
  • Where's Jamies Cryin'?
    Where in the heck is Jamies Cryin', I mean this song really rocks, but intstead they decide to put in some of their lesser known songs. This CD is great, but it is missing "Jamies Cryin'" and "Love Walks In". I just wish they could have Jamies Cryin' because that is definitely one of my favorites. If you don't really like Jamies Cryin', then you would probably like this CD. It's still a great CD, but It's just missing a couple of songs.Anyways if you don't mind spending $15 bucks, and you don't mind having Jamies Cryin', Pretty Woman, Girl You've Really Got Me Now, or love walks in. Then I reccomend getting it!C'mon wheres the 2 disc Van Halen's Greatest Hits Collection? I'm sick of this Van Halen Best Of Volume 1 crap! They could of least had come out with Volume 2!...more info
    If you've read all the reviews on this page, you've come across mine, of course (the one where I was called 'Melodi Jackson'). But that was my first one, and there's more to it than was written. Even More of Van Halen's 'greatest hits need to be added. Here they are:

    1. Black and Blue
    2. Mean Street
    3. Beautiful Girls
    4. (Oh) Pretty Woman - lamented.....WHY???????????????????
    5. Love Walks In
    6. Amsterdam
    7. Little Guitars - intro and all
    8. Dancing In The Street
    9. Cabo Wabo
    10. Top of the World
    11. Without You &
    12. Fire In The Hole (since 'Van Halen III')
    13. In 'n' Out
    14. Won't Get Fooled Again (LIVE)
    15. Feels So Good
    16. The Dream Is Over
    17. Summer Nights
    18. The Seventh Seal
    19. (okay, I give in!) Ice Cream Man
    20. Judgement Day

    There you have it! All but one song that I listed were hits (I just added "In 'n' Out" 'cause it's frickin' awesome, and it was on an album that made it to #1). Now, looking over these
    songs and the songs listed on my other review, (which were also hits), how can you not agree that there needs to be a "Van Halen, Best of: Volume 2" & "Volume 3'?!?!?...more info
  • A robust rock band!
    Five important bands cornered the musical scene in the eighties: Metalica, Van Halen, Police and Marillion and Iron Maiden. . Of course the question about the fugacious appearing of groups as the Sex Pistols or the full musical development of others not necessarily born in the eighties are not included just because the relevance and late influence of new associations like Pantera, Alice in chains, INXS.
    That list my dear reader is not pretentious and is far from being definitive. It obeys simply to a particular appreciation about what's going on in those moments.
    Van Halen constituted one of the heralds to bring back the rock new airs, after half decade of full
    heavy rock and a sort of taut in the most of the bands between 1976 and 1981 obscured by dense clouds of the now forgotten but intoxicating Disco Music that literally saturated practically all the conceivable spaces.
    His best known and most commercial themes are Jump, Can't stop loving you, but Ain't talking' `bout love, Runnin' with the devil, Unchained, the riffs in Why can't this be love, Right now,
    are superb and worthy of mention at the moment to consider the originality, expressive force and hard beating of this enviable well synchronized and balanced heavy sound ensemble.
    I regret deeply the exclusion of his well made remake of Pretty woman
    ...more info
  • Apocolypse Now
    Can it really REALLY be 20 years since Van Halen hit it big?! And can it really REALLY be true that I went out and bought this one since the twenty year cycle has taken over and nostalgia for 80s HAIR METAL settled in?! Perhaps The End, is in fact near for one and all!

    I admit it, I went into this with a certain degree of prejudice. Me? A mod/punk rock Jackie O listen to this garbage?! But, I realize now that as we live in an age of instant nostalgia it's only natural. Everything rotates, and this is no exception. And hey, they were good songs. I admit, had I been a "real fan" I guess I would've prefered the ones when good ol' Diamond Dave was the frontman. It's become a guilty pleasure, their radio singles (Jump, Panama, etc.). And it's 20 years later and they're going to be immortalized in the Rock Hall eventually. Have fun with it!...more info
  • Some omissions, but still a great disc
    Best Of albums can never quite satisfy everybody. A disc from a band like Van Halen is going to have to omit some songs; there just isn't room for all of them. That being said, where are "Hot for Teacher" and "Jamie's Cryin'"? It's just criminal to leave those off in favor of the two new Dave songs, "Me Wise Magic" and "Can't Get This Stuff No More." I think the new cuts are pretty good, and it's nice to hear Dave back with the band (even if only for those songs), but they're not anywhere close to being the Best of Van Halen. A double-disc set probably would have been the best approach, followed by MWM and CGTSNM on a TRUE Van Halen III with Dave on lead vocals.

    Some have complained about the omission of "You Really Got Me," "Ice Cream Man," etc. I think the logic behind that move is that this is the best of _Van Halen_, so no covers are included. I think I can live with that.

    I think the disc is solid overall. It's a decent retrospective, and it served as my introduction to the band, but if you really want to get into the band, check out any/all of their albums, starting with their masterpiece, Van Halen I....more info

  • 4 STARS, A General outLook On The Career Of Van Halen
    This basically shows the Very Best songs of van halen but they are still missing some songs. If they truely wanted to show the Very Best of Van Halen they surely should have added "Hot For Teacher" and possibly the cover of "Pretty Woman". Not that "And The Cradle Will Rock", is a bad song but it isnt really a big hit of Van Halen and they probobly should have left it out. The Album also has 3 new previously un released tracks, heres what I think of them.

    15.Human Beings (3/5)- an okay song
    16.Cant Get This Stuff No more (3/5)- Features Roth On Vocals
    17.Me Wise Magic (3.5/5)-The better of the 3 unreleased tracks, also features Roth on vocals.

    If you are looking for the total Van Halen Experience buy all of the Roth albums aswell as 5150 and F.U.C.K.. If you want just there very good songs but more in depth than this compilation, buy The Best Of Both Worlds.

    If you like this album youll probobaly also like:
    ZZ Top- Rancho Texicano:The Very Best Of ZZ Top
    Def Leppard- Vault:Def Leppards Greatest Hits
    Motley Crue- Greatest Hits
    Ozzy Osbourne- The Essentiel Ozzy Osbourne ...more info
  • Takes Me Back . . .
    Great mix of songs from my high school years. Having the hits all in one place lets me get great value. Jump! I think is my all time favorite Van Halen song. Great product....more info
  • Looks like a wedding ring
    I wish I were blind. Instead of bonkers. Pheromones have got me all locked up. Will be right back ~ D for C, kept in my pocket all day, good luck. I'm decompensating. Won't you be my Yoko Ono? Fairy tales (with cut-n-paste dolls; and fresh bread). Icicles. Again, I can't emphasize enough the, uh, pheromones part. "I have no problems" (Burroughs). So why am I dancing four hours straight at the set-up station? Inordinate. Looks like some sorta bird mating behavior. As you said, you move me. ...more info
  • good for the price.
    Even though I am not a Van halen fanatic, I do see that some very good songs didnt show up here. I would have loved to see Respect the wind here (absolutely breathtaking instrumental. the guitar absolutely sings) as well as standing on top of the world, and a few others, but for the price, not a bad deal. the mainstay favorites are here from 1984, Running with the devil, eruption, unchained, humans being. Some of the stuff I wasnt familiar with, but I know most Van halen fans would be. Overall Id say its a good buy....more info
  • I love 'Jump'.
    Jump is one of my favorite songs. It's great, and the way they play that background sound to it is incredible. I used to be able to play guitar like them but then either they got better or I got worse. Either way, they'll always be one of the best bands from the 80's. True, they left out some songs here that should've been, but that's just peoples' opinion. Some people think this collection is perfect, others (Like me) think some songs were missing. Still, I would've chosen all these songs if I'd been the one to compile this CD. I'd give this album 10 stars, if I could. ...more info
  • Great story of Van Halen
    I bought this to listen to as I work out in the Gym, but found myself playing it at home too, as it contains a great varied mix of tunes. Some good fun tracks mixed in with some darker stuff. I never get sick of the blistering solo on " Jump "
    Brings back a few memories from the early 80s.
    Even if you only like a couple of this bands songs, try this album, I think you will like it.
    Some of the less well known tracks really grow on you after a while too.
    Well worth adding to you shelf of CDS...more info
  • vol. 2 should've been released as a supplement
    This collection is ok, but it gives a poor insight into all of Van Halen's songs. There are way too many hit songs that aren't found on this album. Van Halen could've made a lot more money on this album had it been released as a 2-CD set. But Vol. 2 is bound to show up. So here's my wishlist for Vol. 2:

    1. I'm the One
    2. Jamie's Cryin'
    3. Feel Your Love Tonight
    4. Ice Cream Man
    5. Beautiful Girls
    6. Everybody Wants Some!
    7. Dancing in the Street
    8. Oh, Pretty Woman
    9. Hot for Teacher
    10. I'll Wait
    11. Love Walks In
    12. Best of Both Worlds
    13. Finish What Ya Started
    14. Feels So Good
    15. Black & Blue
    16. Top of the World
    17. Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)

    Now, combine that with Best of Vol. 1, and you have one fine, wholesome Van Halen greatest hits collection. All the songs from the Sammy Era are indeed Top 40 hits that were unfortunately cut from the CD, as are many of the Roth era songs. Nevertheless, they are all rock n' roll classics and deserve their place on a hits collection of some sort....more info

    This is one of my favourite VH compilations containing stunning classics like runnin with the devil,jump and panama.I REALLY LIKE THE VAN HALEN ALBUMS WITH DAVID LEE ROTH WHO I THINK HAS THE BEST VOICES.highly recommended.FIVE STARS....more info
  • Pretty Good
    If you just wanna see if you like Van Halen, this is a good cd to purchase. I really started to like them after listening and plan on purchasing the rest of their cds some time. Great CD with lots of good songs. I listen to 8 of em all the time. 5 stars....more info
  • Not Nearly As Good As Expected
    After it took FOREVER for van halen to come out with a greatest hits album you expected it to be incredible but it is not. The two hyped new DLR songs are only okay and there is waaay too much hagar on this and not nearly enough DLR. My recommendation is to buy van halen 1 instead which is a CLASSIC album that changed hard rock forever....more info
  • Woefully Lacking Van Halen Collection
    As one of the greatest hard rock bands of all time, anthologizing Van Halen is a tough task. This is proven by 1996's "The Best Of Van Halen, Volume 1", a measly 17 track, single disc collection that leaves much more than it includes.

    It's not that the music is bad. Almost all of the first 14 tracks are essential for any Van Halen fans. As a matter of fact, no hard rock fan can be without "Eruption", "Runnin' With The Devil", "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love", "Dance The Night Away", "Jump", "Panama", "Why Can't This Be Love", "When It's Love" or "Right Now". I also liked that the producers chose to include underrated tracks like "Dreams" and "And The Cradle Will Rock". The fact is, there isn't enough. There are so many classic songs left out, both from the David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar era. Here is a partial list.

    Hits/Chart Singles:
    -"You Really Got Me" (number 36)
    -"Beautiful Girls" (number 84)
    -"(Oh) Pretty Woman" (number 12)
    -"Dancing In The Street" (number 38)
    -"I'll Wait" (number 13)
    -"Hot For Teacher" (number 56)
    -"Love Walks In" (number 22)
    -"Black And Blue" (number 34)
    -"Finish What Ya Started" (number 13)
    -"Feels So Good" (number 35)
    -"Top Of The World" (number 27)
    -"Not Enough" (number 97)

    Notable Album Tracks:
    -"Everybody Wants Some"
    -"Best Of Both Worlds"
    -"Jamie's Cryin'"
    -"Little Guitars"
    -"Summer Nights"
    -"Mean Streets"
    -"Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)"
    -"Ice Cream Man"
    -"So This Is Love"

    The new songs do absolutely nothing to help. In fact, they are terrible. "Human Beings", the last thing they recorded with Sammy Hagar until their 2004 reunion (more on that later) is loud and messy. Sammy obviously left the group on a low note. 1996 was when the group did a one time reunion with David Lee Roth. But what could've been a special moment in rock history turns out to be forgettable, as neither "Can't Get This Stuff No More" or "Me Wise Magic" are any good. If I had my way, I would have dumped these three tracks as well as "Unchained" and "Poundcake" to make room for some of the better tracks left off.

    For a far better representation of Van Halen's, pick up the two disc "Best Of Both Worlds", which has 36 of their best songs (not all the best, but close. Its new recording are much better, three new tracks by Hagar, who is now backin the group. The one advantage that this cd holds over "BOBW" is that it's done chronologically. Other than that, this is a forgettable affair.
    ...more info
  • Disappointing
    Van Halen has always been a bit of a mystery. Eddie Van Halen revolutionised the art of playing the electric guitar. His techniques were so unique that in the live setting he used to play solos with his back to the crowd so no one could see what he was doing. Alex Van Halen can be a stunning drummer when he's given space to move. In David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, the band had two of the most amazing and flamboyant front men in Rock. Um, and bass player Michael Anthony could play bass with his teeth. With all that in their favour, Van Halen should have been the best band ever. Well, Van Halen is a pretty big band, and has been since first blowing Rock fans away in 1978, but they have never consistently been the best.

    See, what I don't get is, despite the guitar maestro and larger-than-life frontmen, Van Halen has recorded a lot of awful, weak songs over the years. This "Best Of" has concentrated a number of them all in one place.

    OK, this may seem harsh, when you look at some of the songs here. "Eruption", "Runnin' With The Devil", and "Panama" all leap out and hit you between the eyes. In a word, these songs rock. All the essential elements of good Rock songs are there, and then there's those solos. The solos which launched a thousand air guitars, the solos which broke the spirit of legions of aspiring guitarists, knowing they'd never match them, the solos from heaven and hell. For some reason, possibly copyright or label related, the band's breakthrough hit, a cover of The Kink's "You Really Got Me" isn't included, and even more disappointing is the omission of the school boy romp "Hot For Teacher".

    But then, inexplicably, Van Halen developed a taste for writing insipid synth-Pop mush. Sure, Eddie and Alex decorate a few of them with solos and flourishes of their own, and said tunes allowed the frontmen to shine, but they just didn't rock. In fact, a lot of them suck. Take "Jump" for example. It's one of the band's biggest hits ever, but do you instantly recall any of the solos or guitar work? There's some there, if you listen, but it's not what catches your ear. Despite the popularity of the song in sporting stadia the world over, "Jump" is still little more than middle of the road Pop mush. It's safe and sanitised, and hardly shows off anything which originally made Van Halen rock so much. "Poundcake" is equally as lame, as are pretty much half of the tracks listed here.

    Ultimately, the good time Rock songs in Van Halen's occasionally impressive repertoire are badly overshadowed by the poorly done Pop songs. Van Halen. Great musicians, terrible songwriters....more info
  • 3 Great New Songs but that's it
    The good news is the 3 new songs are awesome (especially the two with Roth).

    The bad news is the rest seems just thrown together. One of the big reasons is that this package caused a rift between Hagar and Eddie. Hagar didn't want anything to do with a greatest hits package. So what you get is a greatest hits package that really doesn't cover all of their best songs. Where's Jamie's Cryin'?

    Bottom line for the fan:
    If you have everything else then buy this for the following tracks:

    15.Humans Being
    16.Can't Get This Stuff No More
    17.Me Wise Magic

    If you're new to the band and want to properly experience them then go straight to their first two cds.

    If you just want a small handfull of their hits then you should consider this release (just remember there are a ton of other songs out there and you'll probably end up wanting more)....more info
  • 4 stars for the music, 0 for the compilation, but...
    ...I read on that Van Halen will get a new best-of compilation (with one new track, "It's About Time" with Sammy Hagar) due in June. But here's what this compilation should have been instead (one disc with David Lee Roth, and one with Sammy Hagar):

    Disc 1 (w/David Lee Roth):
    1. Eruption
    2. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
    3. You Really Got Me
    4. Runnin' With The Devil
    5. Jamie's Cryin'
    6. Feel Your Love Tonight
    7. Dance The Night Away
    8. Beautiful Girls
    9. ...And The Cradle Will Rock
    10. Everybody Wants Some
    11. Mean Street
    12. Unchained
    13. Intruder/(Oh) Pretty Woman
    14. Jump
    15. Panama
    16. Hot For Teacher
    17. I'll Wait
    18. Drop Dead Legs
    19. Can't Get This Stuff No More
    20. Me Wise Magic

    Disc 2 (w/Sammy Hagar):
    1. Why Can't This Be Love
    2. Dreams
    3. Best Of Both Worlds
    4. Love Walks In
    5. When It's Love
    6. Feels So Good
    7. Finish What Ya Started
    8. Black And Blue
    9. Cabo Wabo
    10. Poundcake
    11. Top Of The World
    12. Right Now
    13. Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)
    14. Amsterdam
    15. Can't Stop Loving You
    16. Humans Being...more info

  • 5-star material! ...well, almost...
    As far as I am concerned, this is one of the best "greatest hits" albums ever. Dave and Sammy are equal when it comes to vocals. I must say, though, I subtract 1 star from my rating because it is missing too many 'greatest hits'. Maybe if it were a double-disc? Missing hits include:
    1. You're No Good
    2. Jamie's Cryin'
    3. Hot For Teacher
    4. You Really Got Me
    5. I'll Wait
    6. Finish What Ya Started (it was a Top 15 hit, for heaven's sake!)
    7. Runaround
    8. Everybody Wants Some!!
    9. Best of Both Worlds
    10. D.O.A.
    11. Bottoms Up!
    12. So This Is Love?
    13. Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)
    14. Not Enough
    15. 1984 (or) Spanish Fly, considering 'Eruption' was on the first one.
    But the album within itself (besides the added tracks with Roth at the end) is gold. Maybe if a 'Van Halen Best of, Volume 2'? ROCK ON, VAN HALENS!...more info
  • undisputed champion
    this cd has it all, from eddie's masterpiece eruption, to the hi pitched screams from david lee roth. you canno't find a better cd period...more info
  • Not quite the best of.
    I have to be honest and say that I am a pre-Sammy Hagar Van Halen fan. None of his tracks are that good in comparison to the Roth era. This album would have been better if it had concentrated sole on the roth era and then the Secong best of concentrated on the Van Hagar era. So 3 stars cause for all the cr*p tracks by Hagar....more info