Dazed And Confused (1993 Film)
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Tellingly, director Richard Linklatter's Dazed and Confused was released 20 years after American Grafitti and offers a similar story of troubled young personalities lurking beneath an oversaturated pop culture veneer. Like Lucas before him, Linklatter clearly relishes that gloss and wields it like an ironic chainsaw. His soundtrack is a raucous, authentic collection of mid-70's radio fare, be it sharp-edged pop (Sweet, the vastly underrated Rick Derringer), nascent metal (Black Sabbath, Deep Purple) and out-and-out hard cheese (Foghat, Black Oak Arkansas). Dazed and Confused is the real sound of 70's teenage America. --Jerry McCulley

Customer Reviews:

  • I just am speachless!
    For what it is worth, I cannot believe a compilation like this exists...Every song jams and the movie even lives up the soundtrack! Get it !!!!!!!!...more info
  • The 70's...What a Larf!
    It's been famously suggested that if you remember the 1970's, then you weren't really there. Or was it the 1960's? I forget.

    One thing about those ten years that can't be obscured by cobwebs or short circuited by misfiring synapses is the music which, despite general malignment from blog-happy kids who weren't even a single cell in their daddy's nut sack at the time, is an endless parade of addictive melodies, guitar riffs, and vocal somersaults from men in tight satin trousers trying to be boys by flirting with teenage hearts, each one grabbier than the last.

    Of course the 1970's also gave us a lot of blow-dried twits singing witless mush about their overwhelming love blotting out everything else in life, but I've always rationalized away their very existence as the perfect background music for the kind of person who whispers "I love you" to a one-night stand. Some things I can't explain away are the Bee Gees' cover of The Beatles' "A Day in the Life," how Boston blew up enough to warrant a gig at the Pontiac Silverdome, Dan Hartman leaving the Edgar Winter Group for a career in disco, and why The Dictators weren't massive. When I snap my fingers, move on.

    This soundtrack may alternately be viewed as a treasure trove of teenage-boy, air-guitar bliss, a howling vortex of everything inherently evil about corporate mainstream rock, or, in today's overcompressed, sterile, tarted-up music biz, the aural equivalent of Cro-Magnon knuckledraggers celebrating the discovery of fire. For those who grew up with the music, it's nothing more than an average 60 minutes of rock radio from 30 years back in the haze which - truth be told - we used to rail against for everything from excess advertising to excess Led Zeppelin, safe programming, and station managers who had the gall to send their laid-back DJ's to MC punk gigs.

    Although you could quibble all day about what desert island tracks should have made the cut (BTO's "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet," Golden Earring's "Radar Love," the studio version of REO Speedwagon's "Ridin' the Storm Out," or anything from Starz or the J. Geils Band would have all fit nicely), it's hard to argue with what did, most of them working wonders over the years to quell suburban-kid anxiety.

    Foghat's thumping "Slow Ride" sounds as if it has OD'd on Sominex but slakes the thirst for a loud, simplistic, English boogie band, the heavy-metal blaze of Deep Purple's "Highway Star" still burns like gonorrhea, and Sweet's "Fox on the Run" may seem slightly out of its league, but stakes its claim as a bug-eyed glam anthem.

    Elsewhere, we get a quick taste of ZZ Top before their 80's detour into the ether as leering, synth-drunk hucksters ("Tush"), Rick Derringer's turn as a hard-rock David Cassidy ("Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo"), a just-fed-with-clean-newspapers-in-his-cage Ted Nugent ("Stranglehold"), the Kiss Army patch on the album's jean jacket, "Rock and Roll All Nite," and Alice Cooper's rebellious "School's Out," which starts at punk desperation and ends at bubblegum bliss.

    For better or worse, much of the Clerasil rock on display here lives on in the brawny roar and smudgy guitar distortion of a thousand nu-metal bands, the retro slouch of a backwards-leaning Kid Rock, and the cocky power stance of Buckcherry.

    Adolescence is tough, especially when you don't grow out of it....more info
  • An Excellent Soundtrack For An Excellent Film/Decade
    I was born in 1976, so I didn't really grow up listening to these songs. However, many of them still get heavy airplay on classic rock stations. Not one song on this album is bad. Personal favorites include "Cherry Bomb" and "Tuesday's Gone." Other solid tracks include "Low Rider," "Tush" and "Love Hurts."

    If you've seen the film, you already know that it lives and dies by the music that's constantly played in it. Much like "Swingers," "Dazed And Confused" is a very good film, but the soundtrack selection makes it great.

    I gave this album four stars because there are some key tunes missing (most notably "Hurricane," by Bob Dylan). Also, the classic rock vibe is broken up by "Jim Dandy," which doesn't quit fit in as well as the rest of the tunes. It's still a good song, though. This is an excellent album, and if you enjoy classic rock or grew up listening to these tunes, I'm sure you'll enjoy it (and the film). Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Flashback
    Loved the CD. The music is a much fun as it was the first time I enjoyed it!...more info
  • Dazed and Confused soundtrack
    I loved the movie and I love the soundtrack. Contains all those songs from the 1970s that were very "feel good". Also highly recommended is the companion CD which contains more songs that this one couldn't fit. Recommend both of them....more info
  • Soundtrack to one of the greatest movies ever!
    After my first viewing of "Dazed" at the age of 15, I became absolutely obsessed with the film, and soon bought the movie on DVD. I've watched it so many times since, I've lost count, and it quickly became one of my favorite movies of all time. It has awesome dialogue (Slater's story of how George Washington was in a cult who were into aliens is CLASSIC!), hilarious scenes (I love the "trash cans meet mailboxes" scene, cracks me up every time), great characters (Don Dawson, Wooderson, Slater, Pink), excellent acting (by all of the cast), and most of all, KICK A** MUSIC! This was one of those rare films where the soundtrack CD sales out performed the movies box office sales, but the movie is still great!

    Tons of great songs on this soundtrack, but for me, the standouts are "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath, "Strangehold" by Ted Nugent (features an awesome guitar riff) and "Slow Ride" by Foghat, three hard rock classics. Unfortunately, the film's opening track, "Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith, and Bob Dylan's "Hurricane" are nowhere to be found on either of the film's soundtracks. If you like this soundtrack, check out it's "sequel", Even More Dazed and Confused....more info
  • Soundtrack of my youth
    I don't own this CD. I don't have to own it to review it, because this music is the soundtrack of my high school years. I lived this music. I listened to it while cruising the local shopping center indulging in - er - various activities. Half of the bands on this CD I had the privilege of seeing perform live in the 70s. THIS is what FM radio sounded like back then. Every single song on this CD was well known to me and my friends. Yes, even Black Oak Arkansas (hot and nasty!), Nazareth (get Hair of the Dog CD for more), and the Runaways (hot babes!). Oh, and I love the movie too. Party on, dudes!...more info
    First of all, when I first saw this movie I was about fourteen. I was crazy obsessed with it and watched it (literally) like every day. Still to this day I can recite the whole thing word for word.

    Secondly, although I haven't owned this CD in many years I will honestly say it is THE GREATEST cd to put on at a party. These songs truly capture the vibe of the movie into music and will liven up any scene. (The second volume, not so much)

    Thirdly, I used to bitch about the absence of "SWEET EMOTION" and "HURRICANE" myself but whatever. I have those albums anyway. I was introduced to a lot of great stuff via this disc that I otherwise may never had known about. TED NUGENT: STRANGLEHOLD, NUMBER ONE EXAMPLE! OH YES THAT SONG ROCKS! It's uncut too!
    But Rick Derringers Hoochie Coo, Sweets Fox on the run, THE Runaways cherry bomb and the Black Oak Arkansas track run in my head due to this album.

    The only real problem I ever had was "Love Hurts" and a friend and I even went so far as to try to scratch the song off of the disc. ( I think that may be why I don't own it anymore.)

    Anyway, it's great stuff that provided me with lots of memories and hopefully will for you too.

    ...more info
  • Great list of songs but.....
    Why didnt they use the song Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin? I mean isnt that where they got the title for the movie. Oh well....more info
  • "Try one out and spread the news..."
    As of right now, Dazed and Confused is my favorite movie. It's got great cars (THE JUDGE!), great characters (WOODERSON!), and great lines ("I love them redheads!"). But also, it's got great '70s music... that's where this soundtrack comes in. It just might be the best movie soundtrack out there... a collection of great '70s rock 'n' roll! Here's a track-by-track analysis:

    1. RICK DERRINGER - ROCK AND ROLL, HOOTCHIE KOO: When I first saw the title, I was put off by it ("Hootchie Koo"?), but now it's actually my favorite song on here! It's just catchy with a good, funky beat and some good guitar work. 10/10
    2. FOGHAT - SLOW RIDE: Love it. This is actually a big part of why I bought this CD... is there anyone out there who HASN'T heard this song? The perfect song to cruise to! Also, you should know that this is the short version of the song... the original is about 8-9 minutes long. Still, though... great stuff. 9/10 (took off 1 point for being the short version)
    3. ALICE COOPER - SCHOOL'S OUT: Gotta love the Coop! This is the ultimate last day of school anthem. You can't help but get excited at the rebellious lyrics and tone. 10/10
    4. BLACK OAK ARKANSAS - JIM DANDY: The only song on here I do not like. What were they thinking, putting this on here? They should've replaced it with "Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith or "Hurricane" by Bob Dylan (both in the movie, neither on either soundtrack). Oh well. 1/10 (1 point because it's still more standable than Chingy)
    5. ZZ TOP - TUSH: Another great one. Short but sweet, one of ZZ Top's earliest hits. You'll be singin' along in no time... 10/10
    6. NAZARETH - LOVE HURTS: Not one I was especially seeking, but still a good ballad with relatable lyrics about being heartbroken. 8/10
    7. TED NUGENT - STRANGLEHOLD: Oh yes, it's the Nuge... good song, kind of setting the stage for late '70s/early 80's rock (REAL rock, not Poison or the like). 9/10
    8. THE RUNAWAYS - CHERRY BOMB: At first I didn't like it, but now I do. "Hello daddy, hello mom, I'm a..... CHERRY BOMB!" Kind of punkish. 8.5/10
    9. SWEET - FOX ON THE RUN: Doesn't sound too much like "Ballroom Blitz", but still a good foot-stomper. 8/10
    10. WAR - LOW RIDER: YES! Who hasn't heard this one? "All, my, friends, know the low rider!" One for your cruise nights... 10/10
    11. LYNYRD SKYNYRD - TUESDAY'S GONE: Good southern rock ballad. RIP Ronnie Van Zant. 9/10
    12. DEEP PURPLE - HIGHWAY STAR: Not bad, not bad... not as good as "Smoke On The Water" though. 7/10
    13. KISS - ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT: If you've never heard this one before... go back to under the rock, please. I'm not a huge KISS fan, but this one's catchy, with a familiar shout-along chorus. 8/10
    14. BLACK SABBATH - PARANOID: Love this one. See also my review for Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" album for further analysis. 10/10

    Anyway, if you like classic rock, or you love the movie, pick this one up. It's a great CD to slap "New York Minute" in the face with!...more info
  • AWESOME CD! Gotta' buy it!
    I've had the cd for awhile and I never listened to it and put it in a box with all the other crap I own. Then I took it out and I'm, like, seriously into retro and 70's stuff so I played it and it was awesome! It's the first cd I play when ever I listen to CDs. You have to buy it because, it ROCKS! The only song I'm creeped out and dissapointed by is "Jim Dandy", I hate it, I don't know the reason that they put it on there. They should've at least replaced it with AC/DC or Aerosmith. Other than that it rocks so hard, BUY IT DUDE/DUDETTE! :D ...more info
  • Pure 70's Rock
    This Soundtrack is one hell of a mix. The music is one of the things that made "Dazed and Confused" such a good movie in the first place, because it set the mood of that corner of time. I can honestly say tat I don't hate one song on this entire album. There are a lot of major hits, ex. "Rock and Roll All Night". There are also some very good undeer rated material too like The Edgar Winter Groups "Free Ride" whose popularity seemed to fade as the 70's ended. I have seen a lot of complaints that Bob Dylans song "Hurricane" isn't on this soundtrack. The reason for that is because that song was actually made in the 90's for the actual movie and the producers of the soundtrack wanted to make it a strictly all 70's music album, which is quite a bit of dissapointment I know. But Besides that the album is flawless. Be sure to check out the soundtrack "Even More Dazed and Confused" and "Detroit Rock City" there are some tasty licks on there as well....more info
  • One of the best soundtracks out there
    I'd have to give this album 4.5 out of 5 stars. I posted 5,but 4 wouldn't cut it. Just about every song rocks balls out. But there is one MAJOR disappointment: "Jim Dandy". Man,this song & the band,(Black Oak Arkansas), is beyond crappy. It's the only song I skip while jamming on this album. I have NO idea why Linklater,the movie's director,put this band's material in the film. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I throughly enjoy Nugent's unedited "Stanglehold", it jams. There were,however,two missing songs that would have just put it over the top. And yes,those songs are "Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith,and "The Hurricane" by Bob Dylan. After I saw the movie, the first thing I did the next day was go by the soundtrack. It was on top of my "to-do" list. IT'S THAT GOOD,TRUST ME!! Its companion, Even More Dazed & Confused, rates about a 3.5 in my book. That cd has some of the weaker songs....more info
  • Very Good
    I thought that this album was great, but some of the songs weren't my favorite. And to the guy that is wondering about that Dylan song it is called Hurricane, and yes I missed that song too....more info
  • rip off.
    yeah, i thought this soundtrack was gonna be all kool and everything but when i looked at the track listings there was one song missing the only song i really wanted. yeah that Bob Dylan song is not on this soundtrack, you know the one that plays when matthew McCoughnehey's character walks into the Emporium. you know what i'm talking about? if not you should watch the movie again and listen to the song that plays when matthew mcconehey or whatever walks into the emporium you know when he looks all kool and the pool room is all smoky. anyways yeah that song is by bob dylan and i don't know what it is called and i don't want to buy a bunch of Bob Dylan cd's looking for it because personally i don't really like his music, i like that song on the dazed and confused movie though that song rawks hard. but yeah bob dylan is boring and depressing and i think that is probably the only song by bob dylan that i like because it kicks so much balls. and i wanted to buy the soundtrack to listen to that song but it's not on there so i think the soundtrack blows. but there are some really good songs on there though but i still only give this soundtrack 1 star the soundtrack people could of at least put that song on there but they left it out. yeah whatever....more info
  • great soundtrack....
    Simply put, the Dazed and Confused Soundtrack 1 and 2 is the best 70's rock compilation ever put together....more info
  • So Close but yet So Far: WHERE IS BOSTON?
    First off, the movie is great. I could relate to so many characters and situations in this movie. I graduated in 1977 and you can feel the vibe of that time in this flick...however, It is impossible to remember that time in high school and not to remember how important Boston's debut album was to that era. Their music dominated those high school days (daze) like nothing else! This soundtrack is great, don't get me wrong - and so is the remastered sound, but to leave off a Boston track is unforgiveable....more info
    First off, the movie is in my top 3 movies of all time right behind BLOW and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The movie itself is awesome, but Rich Linklater did and awesome job of throwing in an absolutely bitchin' soundtrack. The vibe of this CD is unbelievable. So mellow yet at the same time you wanna run down PCH ripped on crazy pills.Buy this album along with the Vol.2 one. This cd got me into GOOD 70s rock. I suggest this highly. You wont be bummed in the slightest wheather you're into punk(like me and i still loved it),hiphop,classic rock,raggae,or psychodelic stuff. Nice ear snack after/during summer break, a party, or just chillin'(especially at the beach)BUY THIS NOW!!!...more info
  • 14 tracks of commercial free so-so classic rock.
    I don't think this is that bad, it's just the kind of classic rock that I usually don't want to hear, even when I want classic rock. Maybe when the movie came out I thought this was a perfect 70's sampler on one disc, but since then I've come to realize that there's a thousand other groups that are better, and could have been on this soundtrack. Even the primo bands on this are represented by their absolute biggest hits, which means you've heard them WAY too many times. Plus seeing as the movie is "Dazed and Confused", you would think they would have more "stoner" rock included. What I do like on here is "Love Hurts", "Stranglehold", and "Low Rider". Unless you've just got to have the songs from the film, I would suggest something like "Pure 70's" or a similar compilation. Or I could go a step further and just tell you to get some "Stones", "Doors", and "Neil Young"....more info
  • I Wonder if this Comes on Eight-Track?
    I'll be the first to admit I'm a little biased in reviewing the "Dazed and Confused" soundtrack, because "D&C" is one of my all-time favorite movies.But I have to say, this CD is suberb as both a soundtrack recording and as a compilation of 1970's hardrock/pop.Filmmaker, Richard Linklater (who helped produce the album) did an excellent job of picking songs that really conveyed the joyful spirit of both his nostalgic film and the mid 70s in general.The songs perfectly match the mood of the movie, which explores what it was like to be a teenager in the 1970s, when the most important things in your life were hanging out with your friends, going on a date with a 'hot'looking girl and making sure you were early in line to get good seats for the Aerosmith concert.Great songs include Rick Derringer's "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo", Alice Cooper's "School's Out and Foghat's killer "Slow Ride". My personal favorite is Lynryrd Skynyrd's anthemic ballad, "Tuesday's Gone" (which Linklater puts to excellent use in a scene showing a huge outdoor party slowly winding down).As a compilation of '70s hard rock/pop, this CD totally works.There really arn't any songs that are out of place or that you could call 'filler'.This was a perfect mix of tunes for any '70s teenager to blare over the stereo of his GTO while heading out to the local beer blast.Over twenty-five years later this music is still just as fresh and fantastic.I would highly recommend the CD "D&C" and it's co-soundtrack "Even More Dazed and Confused", which offers more of the same great music....more info
  • SOLID!!!!
    This is quite possibly one of the best "albums" I have ever heard. I grew up in the 70's and remember when all these songs came out for the first time. They were a rush then, and they are now. Every time period has had their "what were they thinking..." moments, and say what you will about the 70's, but there were some really good things about that time. The music, fantastic "album" covers, custom cars/vans, and yes, I too believe, the girls were never more pretty. Cruising was everything.(What gas crisis?) This "album" and it companion "album" are must haves. There has never been a more creative time in music than this. We live in such a hostile and hateful world now that it makes 'back then' that much more special. The sky was the limit, and even then, you could go beyond that. I truely miss all the good things associated with the 70's. If you also 'lived it' then, buy this "album'(and companion) now. Dust off that lava lamp, get out that old Farrah poster, polish and gas up the car and enjoy the music of better days. It's on The Medicine Label. How perfect. The perfect tonic for what ails you. An excellent reminder of real music and a great 'escape.'...more info
  • Almost Better than the movie!
    One of the best things about the film Dazed and Confused was the killer soundtrack that we heard while watching it. With artists like Foghat, The Runaways, War, Alice Cooper, and Black Saboth, just to name a few, they made the movie about the 70's....more info
  • Great 70s compilation
    The music on this album is great...crunchy, fun 70s rock. The weak spots are the slow numbers and the uncut version of Stranglehold, which seems to go on forever. The other stuff is absolutely terrific...it's almost a perfect soundtrack, a rarity these days. The film "Dazed and Confused" was so packed with music, they released a second equally good soundtrack....more info
  • GROOVY!!
    EVERY FREAGIN SONG ON THIS CD KICKS MUCH BUTT. WITH THE EXCEPTION OF "THE RUNAWAYS - Cherry Bomb"....which ive never heard of in my life...and could have gone on without ever hearing it again. But every OTHER song is a MUST. Very good CD!!...more info
  • Buy it
    I love to listen to older music like this, and this soundtrack captures almost the whole 70's era!! Its great!! if you are an adult, im sure your kids will love it!!! So dont sit here and read reviews all day! BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Can't go Wrong
    The Dazed and Confused sdtk perfectly captures the spirit of the movie and the time period, collecting all of the best tracks from the film(with the exception of Dylan's "Hurricane"). Every track here except for Jim Dandy is a true classic and having them all on one album is quite a treat. If you liked the movie and don't own this album, buy it, and if you haven't seen the movie go out and rent it right now....more info
  • Rock N' Roll Hoochie Koo, Indeed
    It really doesn't get much better than this as far as various artist compilations or soundtracks go. There's no real use explaining what the songs sound like because, chances are, if you're checking this album out, you've heard at least most of the songs on here. Most are staples of classic-rock radio (esp. "Tush", "Slow Ride", "Rock and Roll All Night", "Paranoid"). Thanks to this movie, an excellent movie if you haven't seen it, whenever I hear "School's Out" or "Hurricane" (an omission from this soundtrack, most likely legal reasons), I visualize the scene from the movie when they came on. While there are a couple tracks on here that I would have left off (not my call, so I'm not complaining), what's here I can't argue with. Most of the tracks on here are, plain and simple, great and good timey classic rock n' roll. The stuff that's not good-timey (i.e.: "Paranoid", "Stranglehold", "Love Hurts") is still great rock, and, interestingly enough, my second-favorite songs by each of those groups (the #1's are "War Pigs" (Sabbath), "Great White Buffalo" (Nugent), and "Hair Of The Dog" (Nazareth)). Most important about this album is the fact that it's a true soundtrack to the late 70's, all of the songs on here are, more or less, time-appropriate for the movie (the songs that aren't are in the movie anyway, so it all works out). Though I wasn't in high school in 1976, I listened to this stuff (amongst other kinds of music) in high school and still do now, it's timeless. Overall, this soundtrack is my favorite soundtrack out there, and "More Songs from Dazed & Confused" is an essential purchase if you're going to buy this one....more info
  • Great music for a cool movie
    I loved the soundtrack to dazed and confused. My favorite song has to be "Jim Dandy" because it is so fun to sing and dance to. Everyone who is a rock fan should by this album!...more info
  • Great CD great cast
    Wow can you belive it I bought this CD just to have the back cover of the CD w/ Milla Jovovich on it? The CD turns out to be really good too. For you Milla fans, buy and listen to her album The Divine Comedy, a really cool CD too....more info