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Joni Mitchell's second album contains the first manifestations of her artistic brilliance. Where her debut, Song to a Seagull, has hints of greatness, Clouds displays the real thing. With her newfound control on melody and lyrical economy, she delivers songs that are readily accessible, instantly hummable, and virtually timeless. Her hippie excesses are still in view ("Songs to Aging Children Come" is untamed), but, for the most part, she has found her voice. "Both Sides Now" has become a lite-FM staple (thanks to Judy Collins's cover). While songs such as the incredibly idyllic "Tin Angel" (nicely covered by Tom Rush on his classic Circle Game), "Chelsea Morning," and "I Don't Know Where I Stand" have become modern folk standards. --Rob O'Connor

Customer Reviews:

  • A KEEPER for any collection!
    Let's be brief-this is a masterpiece. A wonderful addition to any collection. Enlighten yourself!...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    Some artists have the ability to establish a deep and lasting relationship with their listeners. Joni Michell never persuaded us to understand any pretensisive innocence; Joni won the hearts of her following with a patient, persistant, and often inspired songwriting, an angelic voice, and an honest and artistic reckoning with her formidable womanhood. Joni's work - embodied perfectly in this record - will hook you if you are in any way susceptible to her charm. This record really ought sold with a warning: The rapture it imparts to loving and vulnerable listeners does not fade with time. If you love this record, you will love it until the day you die....more info
  • Tragic beauty
    With a sole guitar and her voice, Joni Mitchell has achieved perfection. Showing lyrical power reminiscent of Bob Dylan, she has described some incredibly lovely and tragic scenes. Of course her original version of Both Sides Now is THE version, no disrespect meant to Judy Collins. The Gallery still gives me the chills. Listening to this depresses me extremely, though, to think of how Joni's voice is a bare shadow of this incredible work....more info
  • Good for the soul
    Joni's voice and its tone have become so rich and full over the years. We were glad to add this to our collection. The orchestra backing her is a wonderful accompaniment. It's a long way from Woodstock, but really not so far. A wonderful addition for any fan or anyone who enjoys deep, full sounds and lyrical vocals. The final track is awe inspiring!

    ...more info
  • A Unique Voice - and a Wonderful Artist
    I can never get enough of Joni's voice. She is the rarest element on the singer-songwriter chart.

    Listen to "Clouds" and you'll time-travel to an era when one voice captured the attention of a generation....more info
  • Quietly beautiful...
    I agree with everyone that Joni has made better albums, and that she was just discovering her greatness. However, I also think that with the exceptions of Blue and Court and Spark, there are no other Joni albums I would rather put in and listen to staight through. All of the songs fit together so beautifully that is is hard not to lie back and have a simple moment of perfect contentness while listening to this album. This is one of my favorite albums for when I just want to feel something powerful....more info
  • Great Early Joni Mitchell
    Songs to Aging Children Come is achingly beautiful & haunting, one of my favorite songs of any artist

    Chelsea Morning is one of those songs that I don't know how anyone couldn't like though I suppose it's possible

    Fiddle & the Drum is a spirited rebuke of militarism that would no doubt be considered silly and pretentious by many. Unfortunately it isn't and continues to be relevant through the years.

    Both sides now is simply a classic, about as deep as a twenty-something gets

    the rest is fine late sixties music, Joni Mitchell is an essential artist in anyone's music collection...more info
  • In A Bleeker Street Cafe...
    Watch Video Here: My name is Jeremy Gloff. I am a musician (check me out on Amazon!) and retro music enthusiast. If you enjoyed this review make sure to check out my Amazon user profile to check out my other reviews. I am always up for making new friends and discussing the music I love!!! ...more info
  • Haunting and lovely
    I bought the orginal album in the 60's and still have it. Now, I am buying the CD. I can now listen to it in my car. This music is both uplifting and sad, loves first heart break. Takes you to a different place. Buy it. Trust me....more info
  • Wonderful Early Album By The Diva Of Modern Pop-Folk Music!
    Whenever I hear the phrase "singer/songwriter", one of the first names that comes to mind is that of the incredibly talented, creative, and prolific Joni Mitchell. This is one of her first efforts, and one that contains a terrific number of well written, masterfully executed, and quite memorable songs on it. No one sings popular sixties type folk music better than Joni, and here she is approaching her genius with such wonderful tunes as "Tin Angel", "Chelsea Morning", and "Both Sides Now". I love all the songs on this CD, from "I Don't Know Where I Stand" about a lover too new in a relationship to say those three little words that will launch her into a momentous situation where turning back is going to be painful to "I Think I Understand", a philosophic ballad about the sources and consequences of fear and courage, and finding one's pathway of the wilderness of tears and terror we all create for ourselves. This album provides a unique early look at one of best and most popular folk superstars of the last half century, who burst onto the stage with songs from this and several other early albums to enchant a generation with her wisdom, wistfulness, and wonderful talents. Enjoy....more info
  • Simply beautiful, striking and full of depth
    Clouds is the perfect title for this collection of songs. On the surface are the beautiful, simple melodies and the airy voice of Joni Mitchell. Like the changing landscape of the sky, the lyrics have simple and deep meanings, that can change over time, but always remain meaningful. When this album was originally released in the 60's, my best friend and I sang the two part version of "The Gallery" in a cafe in Paris. Although few in the cafe spoke English, they all loved the music....more info
  • Three reasons to get this album: BOTH SIDES NOW
    I'll go out on a limb and say that Joni Mitchell is probably the greatest female musical personality of the last three decades. She's also an artist that still commands great respect in her career at a time when other female artists who quote Mitchell as an influence are the ones ruling the charts. Mitchell's latest appearance on ROSIE O'DONNELL should revive interest in her career at the very least. Those new fans looking for a place to start may wanna try out her second album CLOUDS. Her self-titled debut just hinted at the potential Joni Mitchell was capable of, but CLOUDS manifested it. Looking at the dates for songs like "That Song About The Midway", "I Don't Know Where I Stand", and "Tin Angel", these are quite insightful and advanced for a woman still in her mid-twenties. Of course, the two songs that most fans will recognize in an instant are "Chelsea Morning" and "Both Sides Now". Judy Collins may have been the first to popularize these songs, but when sung from their actual creator, they sound a lot better. While not hit singles more than standards, these could still be called the most popular tunes to come off of CLOUDS. While Joni Mitchell's later work can be difficult and quite idiosyncratic, CLOUDS is by far the best a new fan can get when starting out their collection....more info