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Home of "Smoke on the Water" and "Highway Star," Machine Head blends proto-metal density with epic arrangements, resulting in a record that's far more grandiose than the sum of its parts. --Jon Wiederhorn

Japanese-only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) paper sleeve pressing of this classic album from the British Heavy Metal icons, originally released in 1972. SHM-CDs can be played on any audio player and delivers unbelievably high-quality sound. You won't believe it's the same CD! Warner. 2008.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Classic....... forever!
    I believe that anyone who is a serious listener / player in different styles from Rock, Fusion, or any other type of music must have a copy of "Machine Head". As in my point of view, is one of the milestones of rock history, particularity Electric Guitar history.

    Tracks like "Highway Star", "Smoke on the Water", " Lazy" have classic guitar work, that no serious guitar player nor a music fan should miss. The album has a blend of Rock'n'Roll, Rock, Heavy rock, classical Bach style and elements of Jazz, all molded together in a form that is known to be Deep Purple. One of the great things about Purple, that they were unique in their own style, to an extent that they have never been cloned by anyone else. This was due to the fact of their virtuosity as players and the great mix of styles and different elements in their music.

    It is the ultimate representation of Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Gillan/Glover or what is know as MKII, and a forever classic that should be in every serious music fan's library. If there was more than five stars to rate, I wouldn't have hesitated....more info

  • Makes the DVD Audio player worth every cent
    In my opinion, this is one of the all time great rock albums.
    The music is lots of fun. "Lazy" is a nifty jazz influenced piece. It starts with a back and forth interplay between the keyboards and guitars. It has a kind of laid back easy going kind of groove which builds into a straight out rocker. "Highway Star," "Smoke on the Water" (the big hit), and "Space Truckin'" all have a tight drum beat and bass line anchoring metalic guitar riffs and organ breaks and crisp vocals. Clean, straight forward, hard driving rock - the kind music to listen to barreling down an open stretch of freeway at 90 miles per hour.

    Why buy the DVD-Audio? Aggressive, progressive metal needs clarity, warmth and lots of headroom. CDs are dry and edgy sounding. They accentuate the edge in metalic rock and make the music seem harsh and brittle. DVD-A fixes this problem. If you have a DVD system, even just a regular dolby digital system pumped through a stereo, you will be amazingly impressed with the sound quality of this DVD-A. If you have a 5.1 surround system, you will be in the center of the music, much like being present when it was recorded because this album was not recorded in a studio. It was recorded in the hallways of ground floor of the Grand Hotel in Montreaux, Switzerland. The 5.1 surround mix gives back an intimacy which is lacking in a two channel mix. It is like sitting in the hallway with the band as they recorded the album. In addition, the DVD-A significantly improves sound reproduction. The bass is more tangible, the guitar and voices are alive and stunning, and the high end of the drums and cymbals are more lifelike. If you have the CD, you will never want to listen it again. But, you will play the DVD - a lot. A must have album for any rock collection....more info
  • Hard Rock Masterpiece
    This CD from 1972 was from one of the early hard rock groups that were helping to form heavy metal and then metal. While the titles of these songs may not necessarily ring a bell, fans of early hard rock will recognize at least one of the three most well-known tracks, "Highway Star", "Smoke on the Water", and "Space Truckin'".

    Listening to "Highway Star", you can hear one of the roots of 80s rock of various genres. Music similar to this would later be called glam rock or big hair rock or art rock. Whatever you call it, this song has a driving, fast paced sound with crunchy guitars for sure, but it seems like everything crunches in this song.

    "Maybe I'm a Leo" has a slower and thicker beat than "Highway Star", and seems to have a harder edge because of the backing bass. The lyrics are sparse for a nearly five minute song, relying more on the music to carry the theme. This song compares well to music that at that time was contemporary with Black Sabbath.

    "Pictures of Home" is another hard driving song. The guitars are nearly attack instruments on this song, pounding out chord after chord, dueling with an organ for dominance; hard rock that influenced contemporary groups such as Emerson, Lake and Palmer. It is sometimes difficult to tell who influenced who because of the pace at which rock was advancing during this particular time frame. Sometimes the influences went both directions. "Never Before" falls into a similar vein.

    "Smoke on the Water" is likely the best known Deep Purple song. The song starts with a riff that makes the song instantly recognizable. The instruments all work together on this song and create a hard rock masterpiece that has influenced many other groups.

    "Lazy" is the longest song on this CD, and I suspect it owes some influence to King Crimson and possibly to Led Zeppelin. While most of the music on this CD is definably hard rock, elements of progressive are occasionally evident. In this song there is a strong progressive element, as well as a notable jazz element. When the lyrics kick in about four and a half minutes into the song, the lyrics are sung blues style, and a backing harmonica enhances the blues styling.

    The CD finishes with "Space Truckin'". This song kicks off with heavy guitar crunches and hard driving drums, and there is a hint of echo or reverb in the vocals, with a dominating organ. We once called this type of music acid rock for the electronic effects used as well as what we perceived to be the drug-oriented theme of the song.

    This music is best played with a good stereo system that will bring out a good balance of the bass and treble. With a really good system the potential to annoy your neighbors for at least two or three blocks is pretty high. While it is possible to listen to this music turned down lower, you tend to lose a lot of the sound that is available, which is often a characteristic of hard rock. More seriously, if you like early Led Zeppelin, or consider yourself an aficionado of hard rock, this CD is a must have. The three songs mentioned earlier are staples of stations that play classic hard rock, as well as 70s rock. Deep Purple was influenced by a number of contemporaries, and influenced them in return. Some of Deep Purple's riffs found their way into 80s rock, and you will occasionally be reminded of various 80s groups on some songs. However, remember that this CD was from 1972 and Deep Purple was there first. Five stars for a great early hard rock album....more info

  • An overshadowed but awesome album
    So many times you'd be out in public and Smoke of the Water Comes on, and so many people will say, "Hey, its that song." What most people don't realize is the band behind it. Most of these people, sadly, are the youth of America, under 25. Sadly, I'm in with that bunch, but I don't think like them. It's horrible that so many people my age listen to rap and crap like that. But, I can safely say, this is an album of raw rock that just might turn some of em' around. For that, this album is great, an album of pure rock, with some cool bass solos I might add!...more info
  • Masterpiece of 70s hard rock
    It is kind of disheartening to read about how Deep Purple are under-appreciated and less known than Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin. I don't think this is true unless you are a 20-year old living in the States. In the rest of the world DP enjoys huge commercial success and enormous crowds of fans, clubs, cults and whatever... Let's get back to the album and we'll see that every (read my lips: every one of them!) track is at least very good.. and some are masterpieces like "Highway Star" or "Pictures of Home" or perennial favorite "Smoke on the Water" with that famous riff which is by now known to approximately 73 billion people... wait... what... oh! I meant 74 billion of course, then. Kidding aside, this is no Blue Oyster Cult for you buddy - this is hard and heavy and loud and oh goodness even with jams and big chunks of progressive artsiness through in for the good measure in "Lazy" and "Space Truckin'". I probably listened to this at least 15 times during first 3 months of my proud ownership of that precious piece of vinyl called LP. Go do the same right now! and when you get back check out other albums by Jon Lord and colleagues....more info
  • Machine Heads like to speed
    This is a hardrocking studio masterpiece by one of my favorite bands. With Highway Star you are taken to a truck on the highway and believe me you feel you are inside that truck speeding and you are the king of the road. The second, third and fourth songs are not as good as the memorable riff of Smoke On the Water. Lazy and Space Truckin' rock hard as they jam. People keep on saying that the riff of Smoke on the Water is a mark in metal community. Space Truckin' is to be covered by OVERKILL in their Coverkill album.
    ...more info
  • ' I'm a Highway Starr......rrrrrrrr
    'Machine Head' is an album which never fails me even after constant listening. If 'Highway Star' wont do it'Picturs of home' will if 'Space trucking' can't do it then 'Maybe I'm a leo' will. This album is amazing great music great tunes and great vocals. The album is the most blusy of the Mark-II line up and the guitar work by Ritchie Blackmore is amazing. There are so many classic solos and riffs here that one can keep changing their favorites.

    'Highway star' is the real classic Deep Purple song on this one, a real fast paced number with the typical fast car/girls lyrics. The solos duel on this one between Ritchie Blackmore on Guitar and Jon Lord on the keys could be one of the best ever in Rock 'n' Roll history.

    'Lazy' is another song which is realy great with killer guitar work by Ritchie and a bluesy feel from Ian's Harmonica and vocals.

    "Never Before' is the only average number on this CD and it ain't too bad. Even a simple sounding song like 'Maybe I'm a Leo' is made more interesting by Ian Paice where he constantly keeps changing the Drumming to keep interest (and this one has two solos by Ritchie with such flowing blusy feel).

    Too bad another blusy ballad 'When a blind man cries' Which was recorded by the band during these sessions did'nt make it to the original album. It is however present on the 25th Anniversay edition.

    Though not as Inovative or path breaking as the earlier two albums 'Machine head' was the classic mix between high quality music and commercial success.

    Buy it as you will never get a better fussion between hard rock and commercial melody with no compromise on musicmanship.

    By the way 'Machine Head' is also where the original 'Smoke on the water' features.

    ...more info
  • Their best
    As boring as classic rock can be, sometimes it can be great, like this. This is the most famous Purple album, as it should be. It's pretty basic metal (for it's time). "Lazy","Smoke on the Water","Highway Star", and the fantastic "Space Truckin'" are the radio hits, and they are the best songs on here, but the others like "Maybe I'm a Leo" are all in exactly the same style. If you like what you've heard, you'll like the ones you've never heard of too. It's commercial as hell, but kinda dark too....more info
  • Original Smoke on the Water Still Kicks
    Machine Head (1972) is getting close to being 40 years old, but it still sets the mark for the early rock years. This album is special in that it brought out Highway Star and Smoke on the Water, both if which went on to be super hits, especially Smoke on the Water which is included on many rock collection sets. ...more info
  • CLASSIC!!!!!!
    Forget about Led Zeppelin IV, Black Sabbath's Paranoid and all the others! This album is THE classic rock album of the 70's!( and of all time)
    Great songs from the first one to the last(( except maybe for "Never Before" that is just good)
    If you're looking for real guitar playing this is a must have! one of the most influential guitar players of all time( just ask all the 80's shredding kiddos, like Yngwie Malmsteen, Van Halen and Randy Rhoads......) at his best

    ps: I really think the original version is better than the remastered one...more info
  • The best Deep Purple album just got a lot better in dvd audio
    I will no longer elaborate the merits and history of this great classic rock album. Without hesitation I can say that this is one of the greatest rock albums ever made. But Machine Head just got a lot better with the dvd audio format. The disc comes in two sound formats, the multi channel and high fidelity format. The full multi-channel surround sound of this album can be heard in high fidelity PCM creating a sound field with the ambience and fullness of a live performance. Imagine listening to this album as if Deep Purple is performing in front of you.This sound format is good witha 5.1 speaker system. The second sound format which is my favorite is capable of accurately represent an analog signal in digital form it has a Sample Size of 24 bits and a Sample Rate of 192KHz (24/192),The PCM stereo sound format of this album is capable of reproducing an audio signal with a frequency range of 0 to 96KHz with a dynamic range of 144dB. But in order to enjoy this format one should have a DVD AUDIO PLAYER. Machine Head is Deep Purple's greatest album it just got a lot better with this. This album is essential not just for Classic rock fans but for music lovers in general. ...more info
  • A scorching slab of classic metal.
    I've listened to Deep Purple In Rock and that was a great album too, but I'll be damned if I didn't say that this was the best and most consistent Deep Purple album ever. The band had cemented its best-ever lineup of Jon Lord (organ), Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), Ian Gillian (vocals), Ian Paice (drums), and Roger Glover (bass). The result was the '72 classic Machine Head.

    Yes, everybody and their mother knows Smoke On The Water and its oft-imitated classic riff. It's a strong track to be sure. However, that's not what makes this album a standout.

    Machine Head opens up with the scintillating Highway Star, an ode to the opposite sex and breaking the speed limit, probably my favorite track here. Then it goes to the slower, grooving Maybe I'm A Leo and the underrated rockers Pictures Of Home (opening with Paice's breakneck drumming) and Never Before. After Smoke On The Water, the long jam Lazy asserts itself with Lord's organ playing. This is a great song, with some really tasty organ and Blackmore's guitar work playing off each other. It may be close to 8 minutes, but it never feels that long. Finally, Machine Head ends with the trippy Space Truckin', an exuberant finish to an awesome album.

    Machine Head stands as not only Deep Purple's best effort, it also ranks among the best metal releases ever, despite the fact that it's a little short (and yes, Smoke On The Water has been played into the dirt). Along with Black Sabbath's Paranoid, Machine Head is a seminal metal album and an essential recording for all....more info

  • no
    led zeppelin was much much better! i don't like this album at all! this was a commecial album! no good songs!...more info
  • Heavy Metal Must Own
    Deep Purple was an English band, known as much for the technical expertise as their sheer volume. Singer Ian Gillam shows amazing ability to hit clear high notes, and was also selected as the lead for the "Jesus Christ Superstar" album. His screams on "Highway Star" are unbelievable, as are organist Jon Lord's Hammond runs, Ian Pace's thunderous drumming and Ritchie Blackmore's shredding leads. "Smoke On the Water", the classic hard rock anthem, first appeared on this disk, but "Lazy", "Maybe I'm a Leo", "Pictures Of Home", and "Never Before" are also great cuts that were overshadowed by the hits that received radio airplay. The closing cut, "Space Trucking" has even higher, more urgent, vocal screams near the end, which are the perfect dynamic conclusion to another racing heavy metal standard. This is one of the definitive hard rock albums, a must own for every collection....more info
  • Perfectionists...
    I just recently got this and only had In Rock to compare this to. Overall, Machine Head has more solos, puts less emphasis on intensity (vocals and keyboards are not as dominant or heavy) but instead adds in the variety department... the album is a bit calmer, but just as intelligent. It is generally more upbeat, but does not let up in terms of musical perfection. The double solo (keyboard and guitar) on Highway Star is very catchy and passionate at the same time. Maybe Im a Leo has a very laid back, bluesy feel and a real cool riff. All tracks really are fantastic. Lazy has that classic, bluesy riff, with solos coming out of everywhere and Space Truckin' is more simplistic but has a real heavy riff for the time, and sounds very energetic. Smoke on the Water is just a masterpiece period. Basically, what makes this album great is the variety displayed in each and every song, as well as the songs' unpedictability, and how well all the instruments are orchestrated. DP also displays a lot of passion in their play, they poured a lot of emotion into each song. The production is cleaner and more vaired than on In Rock. The only thing one can feel is missing from the album is just the chaoticness of In Rock but hey, Deep Purple is obviously a band that wants to progress. I'm looking forward to hearing Fireball next....more info
    With this album Deep Purple became, if they haven't before with 'In Rock' and 'Fireball', one of the ultimate and classic rock acts. 'Machine Head' is their most selling record, containing their most well-known and anthemic song 'Smoke on the water'. But it isn'n just 'Smoke' that holds water here, offcourse.
    This album is their most influential, along with 'In Rock' and 'Made in Japan'. Maybe does not have that heavy edge of those two records, it is of sound a little bit polished, but Purple here didn't lost any of their heavy sound here. In fact, this sounds so 'classic' and recognizable, that may be the number one DP album to get. They continued to develop here, and influences like classsical, blues, and even jazz are melted superb here, with so recognizable, huge sound of Ian Lord organ and Ritichie Blackmore virtuoso guitar.
    Every song stand by itself like a classic. 'Highway star' with its pumping intro and screaming vocals is great way to start this classic album, and guitar solos (twin guitars) are must-learn for any serious guitarist. And are such a joy to play! 'Lazy' is my favorite album track, maybe even favourite DP song. From great prog-rock intro, it develops in fast blues with jazzy feeling, and it becames hard rock as Ian Gillan delivers some of his trademark vocals in the climax of the song. Just fantastic groove, as whole album is. 'Space trucking' is fantastic hard-rocker closing the album, and it was a stellar performance in concert.
    And how hany guitarists started with that eternal riff from 'Smoke on the water'...?...more info
  • Hard Rock Brilliance
    One critic has written that this is one of three in the 'Holy Trinity' of metal albums, with Sabbath's Paranoid and Zeppelin's ZOSO. Though this album tends to be the most underrated out of the three. This album is such a classic and has influenced so many hard rock bands that its importance is incalculable. "Highway Star," "Maybe I'm A Leo," "Smoke on the Water," and "Space Truckin" are legendary songs, and this lineup of Deep Purple (Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillian, Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Jon Lords) put out some of the greatest hard rock ever with Machine Head. Recommended totally if you want some bone-crunching, riff-based rock with amazing solos by Blackmore and Lords....more info
  • Screaming
    This is a good place to start if you've never heard any Deep Purple. Machine Head has a 70's sound, but that's good. It's a 70's sound that still sounds good now. I don't rate this a 5 like the others but it is still worth getting and some of the songs really get down. I think "Space Truckin'" has aged the best. "Lazy" always sounded good, and then there's "Smoke on the Water" which I think got overplayed. This isn't real intricate, complicated stuff but doesn't need to be. It plays well loud and sounds like Deep Purple should. It's definitely not as "heavy" as Deep Purple in Rock but it's still one of their best albums....more info
  • The Definitive Album
    This is the all time Great! I use this album to check out systems from records, 8-track, cassette, stereo, quadraphonic, CD, DVD, and home theater. This album gets better as the technology that delivers it gets better. The only other ROCK Albums that I think could be used in the same way are Edgar Winter's "They only come out at Night" or Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"....more info
    not to many words here quite simply......................... THE GREATEST ROCK ALBUM EVER PERIOD!!!!!

    Buy it twice in case one breaks...more info
  • the most under rated, unknown, underplayed 60s band
    deep purple dont get the recognition that they truly deserve. they have timeless tunes that get stuck in your head for days. another great band that still has tons of fans....more info
  • Deep Purple's 'In Rock' blows this away
    The liner notes on this album say something like '2 out of 3 music critics agree: Heavy Metal was born in 1972 with the release of 'Machine Head'. I totally disagree with this. I would have to say it was born in 1970 with the release of Deep Purple's 'In Rock'. 'In Rock' melted ears, and probably scared a lot of people to death. Ian Gillan's animal-like screams, Ritchie's explosive guitar chords, Lord's psychedelic organ, and the ground-pounding rhythm section of Ian Pace and Glover became a force to be reckoned with. Songs ranged anywhere between 3 and 8 minutes long and were jam-packed with long mesmerizing guitar solos and siren-throated screams.

    Machine Head, in my opinion, was a cold, dry and over-calculated affair; It was recorded in a hotel lobby and it definitely shows. Ian's powerful shrieks are almost nowhere to be found in this album - perhaps once in 'Highway Star' and 'Lazy' and twice in 'Space Truckin' Ritchie's manic, spontaneous, fuzzed out guitar tone is replaced with a consistently drab, clean yet somewhat distorted, Fender rock-a-billy tone. And Jon Lord is just too... loungey on this record. With 'In Rock' his playing was just as crazy as the guitar pyrotechnics (sample 'Livin' Wreck'). On 'Machine Head', his playing passes for some good backdrop music for a dude in a 70s leisure suit holding a martini trying to pick up chicks (sample the keyboard solo in 'Never Before')

    I'm sure a lot of people think this record is a wondrous classic - since a few of it's songs get a lot airplay (including the long yawner 'LAZY') but that's just it - it's tame enough to get airplay. Nothing on 'In Rock' gets airplay and that's because it's still too lethal for weak, untrained ears - 38 years after the fact.

    I would even prefer to give the progressive leanings of 'Fireball' a spin before listening to 'Machine Head'

    ...more info
    This album Rocks! , classic songs like (smoke on the water) (highway star) (space truckin) and many more , it has to be one of the best metal albums ever made. Highly recommended....more info
  • Deep Purple in their prime!
    "Machine head" from 1972 shows Deep Purple at their prime, and is without competition the best album in the bands career. From the opening "Highway star" (usually a concert opener) we get a feeling of what to expect. The following "Maybe I'm a leo" and "Pictures of home" are among the best Purple songs ever. "Never before" is good but not outstanding. Then comes "Smoke on the water" (the world's most known song?) that of course doesn't need any comment, followed by a blues tune: "Lazy". The album ends with "Space trucking" - the only one below average.

    If you only want one Deep Purple album, this is the one!...more info

  • A truly great masterpiece
    Machinehead is most certainly the greatest deep purple album and contains my favourite songs in HIGHWAY STAR,SPACE TRUCKIN and SMOKE ON THE WATER.very very highly recommended....more info
  • Purple's Magnum Opus
    What can I say about MACHINE HEAD that hasn't already been said? Just buy this album,BUY IT NOW! Play it and play it LOUD!!You won't be disappointed....more info
  • one of the greatest hard rock albums
    machine head is amongst my favourite hard rock albums.deep purple is my favourite band and this is their masterpiece.this classic album contains all their hits like highway star,space truckin and smoke on the water which is one of the greatest rock songs ever made.ignore the one star reviews and get this brilliant album.hugely recommended....more info
  • You need this one!
    Sorry, this reveiw should be for the ALBUM, not the dvd...

    "Machine head" from 1972 shows Deep Purple at their prime, and is without competition the best album in the bands career. From the opening "Highway star" (usually a concert opener) we get a feeling of what to expect. The following "Maybe I'm a leo" and "Pictures of home" are among the best Purple songs ever. "Never before" is good but not outstanding. Then comes "Smoke on the water" (the world's most known song?) that of course doesn't need any comment, followed by a blues tune: "Lazy". The album ends with "Space trucking" - the only one below average.

    If you only want one Deep Purple album, this is the one!...more info

  • A genuine classic
    Once in a while you'll pick up a supposed "classic" album and wonder what all the fuss is about.
    Not with "Machine Head", though. This album is widely seen as Deep Purple's finest moment, their answer to "Paranoid" and "Led Zeppelin IV", and with good reason.

    "Machine Head" is filled with catchy, instantly appealing, melodic hard rock songs - not just the ever-present "Smoke On The Water"; "Highway Star", "Never Before" and "Space Truckin'" are classics as well.
    Jon Lord's organ adds a distinctive flavour to the songs, and in Ian Gillan, Deep Purple had found one of the very few rock vocalist who could compete with Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant.

    This album should not be missing from any collection of classic rock music....more info

  • Minot ND, The "Windmill." 1971.
    There I was in Minot, stationed as a Airman Security Policeman. My friends and I sneaked (snuck?)into the Windmill at the tender age of 18. Fake ID's, of course and for the sake of security, I shall not divulge our Tactic for nasty fakes. (I know, a lot of you are laughing right now...)

    The first song I heard was from Deep Purple and a great evening ensued.

    Oh, the stories...

    This is simply a CLASSIC!

    ...more info