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Often overlooked as it comes between Young's career-defining 1977 three-LP set Decade and the decade-ending Rust Never Sleeps, Comes a Time is a gentle album that includes some of Young's most soft-spoken material. "Lotta Love" became a hit for Nicolette Larson, who adds harmonies throughout the album, and tracks such as "Look Out for My Love" and "Human Highway" are indicative of Young's divergent styles. With four producer credits, six studio listings, an orchestra, and Crazy Horse all on the same album, Comes a Time is an interesting pastiche of all the things that make Young tick. Lacking his usual conceptual thrust, you'll just have to settle for some great songs. --Rob O'Connor

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    A while back, Warner Brothers Japan re-released 12 Neil Young titles. The surprise was that remastered content appeared for the first time on most of them.

    The titles & WB-Japan catalog numbers are:

    Neil Young WPCR-75086
    Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere WPCR-75087
    After The Gold Rush WPCR-75088
    Harvest WPCR-75089
    On The Beach WPCR-75090
    Tonight's The Night WPCR-75091
    Zuma WPCR-75092
    Long May You Run WPCR-75093
    American Stars n' Bars WPCR-75094
    Comes A Time WPCR-75095
    Rust Never Sleeps WPCR-75096
    Live Rust WPCR-75097

    I picked up most of these, A/B'd them, and found them to be superior to the domestics. However, having purchased the domestic 2002 remasters of "Beach" and "Stars n Bars", I declined the Japan versions of those two titles.

    Unfortunately, while the Japan version is remastered, Live Rust is not restored to the original LP's running form, and remains still the bastardized version.

    If you own the U.S. versions, and you're a NY fan, I would seriously consider replacing them with these....more info
  • Polished Young
    Comes a Time is arguably Young's most polished and commercially astute album. It combines the dark, anarchic artistry that sets him apart from his talented colleagues Crosby, Stills, and Nash with the songcraft and production skills they possess, skills that Young shares, but which he only chooses to demonstrate on occasion. An example of this combination from the album is "Look Out for My Love," one of Young's finest compositions. Comes a Time appears almost effortless, but its value is highlighted when set beside his later "follow-ups" to Harvest, Old Ways and Harvest Moon, which, apart from significantly weaker songs and lyrics, appear forced in comparison.

    ...more info
  • strong neil young release.
    this is a somewhat neglected album from neil young that is among his strongest overall sets. except for the rocking "motorcycle mama," this is a gentle cycle of songs, laid-back and pleasing in its entirety. if you are a neil young fan and don't yet have this, get it quick. if you have no neil young cds (really?) this is a fine place to start digging his quieter side....more info
  • A Personal Favorite
    I can't say anything bad about a Neil Young Album, so this is no different. However, this one is a personal favorite of mine. In these songs Neil shows a more mellow easy-going contented side. This music just makes you feel good. It has an "americana" feel to it that takes you back to better and less confusing times. The title song "Comes a Time" conveys the message of how Neil was feeling at the time of this album. If when the world all around you is crazy, you have to think about the basics like the love of a woman and children, and a realization that there is a time for doing what comes naturally. Some people have even tagged this one as a kind of sellout or safe album for Neil, and I can understand why, but when Neil has covered so much ground in his career, it seems only fitting that he would cover the good times with good time music. This one is worth having especially for the real fans. ...more info
  • A lot of good music here....
    I bought this album back in '78 when it was first released and my college roommate and I played it until we wore the grooves out. I've been a Neil fan a long time and I have a lot of his music, but this album has always ranked near the top for me....more info
  • check this out too
    I am a huge fan of catchy, country-folk music with insightful lyrics. If you enjoy this album then I strongly recommend that you check out the following:
    1) Ghosts Of The Great Highway by Sun Kil Moon
    2) Kings Avenue Joe Kile
    3) Subtitulo by Josh Rouse
    4) Banjos and Sunshine by Sixty Acres...more info
  • Neil Young Unplugs, And Tops HARVEST
    With COMES A TIME, Neil Young delivers his mellowest album since HARVEST, but this album is much, much better than its 1972 counterpart. Whereas the earlier album was mostly sentimental jingles (with the exception of the anti-racism "Alabama" and the cautionary "The Needle And The Damage Done", which in its studio version, and even more so in the live recording on LIVE RUST, made me realize I should look at pictures of pretty actresses before making certain decisions regarding food and drink), COMES A TIME seems to be an album of reflection on past mistakes, and speaks of a need for personal change. For example, "Goin' Back" (an original, not the Goffin-King song) and the title song describe, for me, why I let my hope of looking good for the young women from TV's BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, as well as several other pretty actresses, lead to me skipping food-related functions at my old school. Even "Lotta Love" (later unctuously covered by Nicolette Larson) has more of a feeling of urgency than most of HARVEST. The fact that Young, like most rockers of his generation, believes that the young Australian tourist jailed in Indonesia on drug-smuggling charges was wrongfully convicted makes this CD/cassette an essential purchase for both your ears AND your conscience....more info
  • Phenomenal album
    I have difficulty expressing how good this album is. One of the perfect elements is Nicolette Larson; no one besides Emmylou Harris has been able to sing harmony with Neil like Nicolette (RIP)). "Comes A Time" and "Lotta Love" alone make this one of the greatest albums out of the '70's. I am unable to understand how a musician can put so much emotion into a single breaks and mends the heart in a matter of seconds. Phenomenal....more info
  • (3.5 stars) Strong effort, but Neil's done better.
    Okay, so I still don't like the syrupy title track, popular as it is, but I still get a lot out of this album. Not as much as I do Neil's classic albums, though - there is a lot of cheese, other than that title track ("Field of Opportunity"; "Human Highway"; "Already One"). Still, it's a lot of fun, and it's a lot more consistent than the last one: nothing rises to the level of "Like a Hurricane", but there are more good songs here: the country-rocker "Motorcycle Mama" is one of Neil's best ever; I also really like the gentle folk "Look Out for My Love"; the soothing, romantic "Lotta Love" (okay, maybe "romantic" isn't quite the sentiment Neil's got in mind... but I still like the song a lot); the nostalgic "Goin' Back"; and the emotional cover of "Four Strong Winds". So, right, it's a pretty good album. But I'd hesitate to put it in the ranks of Neil's country-folk holy trinity: Harvest, Harvest Moon and Prairie Wind. It's a heck of a lot better than Silver and Gold (bad) and Old Ways (uneven). There are better Young discs (the aforementioned; After the Gold Rush; Rust Never Sleeps; Tonight's the Night; On the Beach; Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere; Freedom; Ragged Glory; the extremely underrated Broken Arrow, and that's just scratching the surface), but I like Comes a Time just fine. ...more info
  • There Comes A Time Neil will change again when you least expect it
    Good album. Plays like Harvest Part 2, but more polished. Contains a few leftover Crazy Horse tracks that sound out of place here. ...more info
  • My Favorite Neil Young Album
    Handyman declares :"Comes A Time" is the most nearly perfect single Neil Young album .
    Timeless, simple tunes perfect for a group of friends sitting around the proverbial campfire, strumming and singing.
    Timeless "rockers" that Neil continued (and continues) to perform on stage.
    Neil's first recorded vocal duet w/female.
    The only thing missing(?) is Neil detouring down strange musical alleys as he has been known to do.

    If I remember correctly,at the time of it's release, the critics gave this album a thumbs across. "Harvest" was a tough act to follow, no doubt.

    In my book "Comes A Time" has stood the test of time and has come out on top....more info
  • Cannot imagine anyone not finding this album amazing
    There are five absolute first-rate Neil Young songs on this CD. The sleeper of the CD is its last track -- "Four Strong Winds"-- which is my all-time favorite version of any song.

    Harmonies with Nicolette Larson are perfect....more info

  • One of Neil Young's Very Best
    This is one of Neil Young's best albums. I originally bought this on vinyl when it first came out and it's still great. With the exception of the miserable "Motorcycle Mama" ("Motorcycle Mama won't you lay your big spike down . . . ") this is a collection of strong, listenable, mostly acoustic songs. Many of these songs would fit well with the acoustic side of "Rust Never Sleeps".

    From the peaceful sounding "Goin' Back" to the more upbeat "Comes a Time" to the edgy (with great guitar work) "Look Out for My Love" ("Look out for my love; it's in your neighborhood; I can tell things are gonna change; But I can't say bad or good."), Neil Young has put together one of his best albums from beginning to end.

    "Peace of Mind" (a beautiful song), "Human Highway" and "Already One" ("'Cause we're already one, already one; Now only time can come between us; 'cause we're already one, our little son; won't let us forget.") are more-than-solid efforts.

    "Four Strong Winds" is a cover of a great Ian Tyson song. It fits perfectly with the rest of the album."

    I would highly recommend this CD to all Neil Young fans and to anyone else who likes great songs....more info
  • Folk Masterpiece
    Amazing, fabulous, excellent, super, ultra, etc...
    a Folk-Rock masterpiece!!!!!!!!

    GOD Bless Mr. Young, forever and ever!!!!!!

    And go for peace of mind
    Like when you treated her kind
    It's hard to face that open space.

    You're lookin' for peace of mind
    Anywhere you can find
    Still searchin' for peace of mind.

    You know it takes a long, long time
    You know it takes a long, long time....more info
  • Excellent!
    "Comes a Time," "Lotta Love," and "Four Stong Winds," are gems. Nice CD. Very well done. These kinds of albums are better than his "rockers."

    ...more info
  • Comes A Time
    Comes A Time by Neil Young is one of his all time best. Few records in Neils cannon are better then this one. Every song flows perfectly into the next, well almost every song. The lyricism is bright and in someplaces uplifting. The acousitc musician ship is amazing. Neil's backing band is right on que and takes this already amazing work of music to a whole nother level with just a few beats of the drum and some simple plucks of the bass. For Comes A Time, think, the Harvest album, but better and the complete opposite of themes. Harvest was dark and self wollowing in some places, while this whole album is bright and a whole hell of a lot happier... which makes for a better album in this case.

    While Harvest was good and the message felt more personnal, Comes A Time is much better. The recording for one thing is amazing compared to the other. Everything is Crytal clear and loud in your speakers which makes for a nice listening experince.

    There are not that many song on the album that went on to become classics or get regular play on te radio but for Neil fans almost every song on the album is a classic. 'Piece Of Mind' 'Human Highway' and 'Goin Back' are all Neil staples and are concidered by many to be three of his best songs. The rest of the songs are astounding as well.

    The one thing that somewhat threw me about this album was 'Motorcycle Mama.' Its a great song and has killer guitar but it doesnt fit in with the album. If he would have put it on American Stars N' Bars it would have fit better. But he put it on here because he thought that it would make the B-side of the album stronger. Well the B-side was already plenty strong, unike Harvest where 'Alabama' was needed. It doesnt take anything away from the album but I just feel it is slightly out of place. But it does show that Neil cant go to long with out really rockin' out! I think thats a good thing.

    So in the end Comes A Time is a really good album, maybe even Neil Youngs all time best. One things for sure there comes a time when everyone should own this album....more info
  • quiet, peaceful, and different
    Don't you get the feeling Neil Young was beginning to settle down as early as the late 70's when this album was released? I probably would have been in shock if I was around back then and heard Comes a Time for the very first time. It's constantly so relaxed and similar to many soft rock bands around during that time, and sounds like something a really older musician would create and release. Like someone who's been around for over 30 years and was ready to settle down permanently.

    Fortunately that wasn't the case, but for the time being, Neil Young wanted to focus on a soft rock album. The title song rules (though I've heard live versions that were better) and really, the rest of the album has a similar vibe. A quiet, mature atmosphere to the entire thing. You could have told me "Lotta Love" was by the Orleans and I wouldn't have known the difference had it not been for Neil's distinct voice. "Motorcycle Mama" is a pretty cool song. I do enjoy the tunes on this album- I'm just a bit surprised Neil Young wanted to create something like this so early in his career. ...more info
  • The perfect music and soul albom
    This is probebly one of the best. Alltho' it had some stupid county bits some time - it is so true - so real - the perfect music ex. It brings back memories of us... I love you neil - - - Keep on rocking in the free world....more info
  • Comes a Good Time
    This is probably the Neil Young most people know and appreciate. It is also his most consistent country-rock album. Strangely, the best cut is his brilliant cover of "Four Strong Winds."
    Not many people realize that Young sometimes records songs that he has written years, and even decades, before; "Human Highway" is one example of this. Even when this artist seems simple he is complex....more info
  • Comes A Time brings back memories of another time...
    Grey hairs are now the only ones left on my now shiny dome, but this album brings back memories when I had a full head of hair, a great stereo, and no responsibilities...I agree, one of Neil's best efforts ever!!!!...more info
  • It's a Classic
    You can't go wrong with this classic Neil. Not to mention the very reasonable price for a cassette which works in my 1997 vehicle!...more info
  • Back to Great Folk-Country sounds
    Having recently purchased the DVD " Heart of Gold " I wanted something that had my favorite songs off that DVD on a CD. " Comes a Time " was it, and I was surprised how fast the delivery was, even out here in Australia. The title song is perhaps my favorite Neil Young number, and I play the CD all the time now. It's great to be able to listen to some great music, and especially with a great backing vocalist in Nicolette Larson. I'm one very satisfied customer....more info
  • This is the lyrical and acoustic Neil Young at his best
    A few months ago I bought a replacement copy of this title and was surprised by the quality of the music. Although I have everything done by Neil through the years - multiple copies and almost all formats - a "Neil Young" album just was not "NY" unless it had a few songs which could start earthquakes with the fury of his amazing lead guitar... coupled to some amazing lyrics.

    So this is the one which slipped through the cracks of my memory.

    It is definitely his best acoustic lyricism, and that is very very good. Neil Young, Glenn Frey, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, (at one time) John Prine, David Crosby... are the only people still able to write the words and take them to the world.

    Also, hearing Nicolette Larson reminds me of how much we lost so recently....more info

  • My Second Favorite Neil Young Album
    Neil is amazing in how he succeeded in bands (Buffalo Springfield, CSNY) and as a solo act. Then, he can succeed as an electric rocker or a gentle acoustic folkie.

    I like so much of his work, but Everybody Knows This is Nowhere remains my favorite. Close on its heels, though, is Comes A Time. Brilliant and thoughtful songs that establish a mood and a place, except for the odd "Motorcycle Mama" which is best omitted....more info
  • l'incontournable ...NEIL YOUNG!!!
    comment vous dire...IL EST CELUI VERS QUI ON REVIENT TOUJOURS,inlassablement....more info
  • His Best
    I own every Neil Young CD, and in my opinion this is his best...more info