Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow Right!
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  • Some Early Gems From the Master
    Even though this album was released in 1963, these comedy pieces more than stand the test of time. Bill Cosby's comic genius shines brightly throughout, especially in the three-part "Noah" sketch. Overall, it is well worth the money....more info
  • And the rest is history right!
    OK a few tidbits to set the scene. This is Bill Cosbys first album and even after all these years (it was first released in 1963!) it's a darn good listen. Just quality quality quality all round as Cosby presents a very funny look at ordinary life and with his inimitable X factor chutzpah makes the mundane seem hilarious. Some of the sketches are fairly short and to the point while others show how Cosby could take an idea and develop it. And he could deliver a line with great timing which is so essential for punch lines etc.

    Given the quite reasonable prices many of his albums are available for - my copy is from a Warner Archives series - well there really is no excuse for not collecting as many of these early classics as you can. They can be enjoyed by the whole family from your father to your own children. Comedy that time has been kind to....more info
  • Very Funny
    This is classic Bill Cosby. I first heard it on an LP when I was a youngster, and still laugh at the routines today. The ones about Noah are hilarious....more info
  • Little Tiny Hairs-Growing Out My Face!
    Okay, if you've heard this, you get the title. The very early Cos gives his then-unique style of monologue and comedy performances to various secens from everyday life and the movies. Even if you never saw "Hud," you cannot help but laugh at the bit with the cows conversing about hoof-and-mouth disease. The sound effects of Noah sawing during his talk with God is also a real knee-slapper, as well as the guy who tries to practice karate on a midget who threatens to "blow him in the kneecap" with his gun.

    They key thing with this Cd is imagination. Before Cos settled into his current routines about family life, you'll see how varied his subject matter was in his early days. I would recommend this and "Wonderfulness" for Cosbyites.

    Incidetally, another bonus point is that these routines are quicker and more concise than the overlong, rambling monologues that often marred the Cos' later work.

    And for those who have asked about a possible DVD of this material, it exists (sort of). One of the few truly entertaining portions of The JACK PAAR COLLECTION DVD has Cosby's wonderful 1964 appearance in it's entirety where he performs some of these routines....more info
  • The one that introduced Bill Cosby
    Bill's Noah is a classic. Nut in Every Car is a wonderful bit about his experiences in a NY subway car. It's probably a better description than John Rocker's ignorant ravings about NY subways. It's a must for every Cosby fan....more info
  • Bill Cosby *IS* a Very Funny Fellow -- RIGHT!
    I used to have ALL of Bill Cosby's recordings on LP when I was a kid, including this one. My brothers and I listened to them over and over again, and we would laugh ourselves silly each time. Our mother could never understand how we could listen to the same routines over and over and over again and still find them funny, but we DID! We listened to them so many times, we had them all memorized, and we never got tired of them.

    I don't know what happened to my old albums - I think my Dad got rid of them - but I sure am glad to see this recording here! I listened to some of the snippets and laughed myself senseless all over again. Bill Cosby's humor never gets old....more info

  • Bill Cosby
    This was a cd that I had heard when I was a young girl. At that time it was an album. The quality of the cd was as good as the original album. I'm so thankful that Amazon had the cd....more info
  • Not as strong as some of his other recordings
    While the Noah routine is wonderful and the "Nut in Every Car" is pretty funny (especially the winos talking to each other), most of the rest of this recording is disappointing. The primary reason for my disappointment is that the producer simply spliced together a bunch of "bits", complete with applause fades and pauses between cuts. As a result, the recording never gains momentum. Bill is at his best when he's telling stories of his childhood. If that is what you're looking for, buy "Revenge" is a MUCH stronger CD....more info
  • Cosby, Finding His Voice
    This early album from Bill Cosby was a warmup for the classics, like "Wonderfulness" and "Revenge" that would come later. Cosby was usually at his funniest as a standup comedian when talking about childhood, and there's not much of that this time around. Instead, most of the material is standard standup stuff, relationships, other drivers, etc., that have been well worn. The set piece to this recording, Cosby's three bits about Noah and the Ark, are mildly amusing, but don't have much of a payoff. Nevertheless, if you like Cosby's standup material, you will probably find this an enjoyable album....more info
  • A Nut on every CD! Bill is Great!
    I love the "Nut in every car!" "What I thought was a karate demonstation turned out to be two old ladies taking a seat from a whino!" Yes Bill you are a nut and the world is a better place because of it.

    And by the way, "What is a cubit?" (Noah never does get an answer and this CD prompted me to go look it up.)...more info

  • Good, clean, Funny
    I grew up with Cosby albums and played this for my kids. They, too, got some good laughs and can relate to his stories....more info
  • Bring on the Funny
    Listening to any of Bill Cosby's comedies never cease to make me laugh no matter how many times I have submitted myself to his works. This album has always been a favorite of mine. My reasoning for this is quite simple although some may find its contents disrespectful due to his interpreting Moses' feelings, thoughts, and conversations with God in building the ark. But other than the religious ties that are mentioned, this album is still a thigh slapper in all aspects. Even if you don't beleive in religion, as ussual Cosby adds his own twist to life and everyday experiences to make them not only humorous but unique as well....more info
  • The first and very best Bill Cosby.
    This was Mr. Cosby's first comedy album, at a time before the success of "I Spy" and the wonderfullness that would soon make him every American's favorite Black comedian.....without doing racial humor: he didn't need it. You can listen to this album and never be drawn into political correctness or Civil's just wonderfully funny........more info
  • Hilarity for any generation.
    The thing I appreciate the most about Bill Cosby is that he appeals to so many types of people. He can be hilarious to a person of any age, which is very rare nowadays. Part of the reason is that he's always been a clean comic; no turning the air blue like so many others do. I am in my 20's and I think he is great! I bought this album about a year ago, but I'd heard many of the skits when I was six or so because my mother had them and I thought he was hilarious then! As you get older, you realize that there are some jokes that only someone older would get, but everything is done tastefully.

    This album features Bill's very famous Noah and the Lord routine, which I've loved since the first time I heard it. "Superman" is one of those jokes that has a tinge of adult humor to it and it is great! "Hoof and Mouth" is a short, clever little skit that makes it seem that cows aren't as dumb as they look. "Karate" is my personal favorite on this one. It just gets funnier and funnier as it goes on.

    Every routine is a classic as is this album, Bill's first. What an awesome way to start! If you like funny jokes that don't require offending the listener, than this is for you. HIGHLY recommended!...more info

  • Fond Childhood Memories
    My parents owned this album, and multiple others. This one was one of the funnier ones with the Noah stories....more info
  • CD Bill Cosby is a very funny fellow - Right
    Enjoyed the content but a bit disappointed. The original was a 33 1/3 RPM Recording that had a lot more content. I judge this CD to only contain about one-half of what was on the recording....more info
  • Cosby's first is still brilliant.
    Most comedians' first records sound dated or subdued. Not Bill Cosby, who took America by storm in the mid-Sixties as the more approacheable answer to Redd Foxx (and funnier, too). This is his first disc, and it's still brilliant: it hasn't dated in any real way, which is rare for comedy, and it has moments that are so explosively funny you can't even figure out why.

    I mean, why should hair tonic or hoof-and-mouth disease be funny? Because Cosby knows how to look at it and find humor in it, and make it all make sense, that's why. Nichols and May were working in some of the same vein (and Cosby even credits them with a good deal of influence), but Cosby is more spontaneous, more flexible, and more interesting to listeners of all persuasions.

    "...Funny Fellow" has some of Cosby's most timeless and penetrating material, especially the three-part "Noah" skit, which says at least as much about rebellion against God and social roles as it does anything else. The punchlines ("HOW LONG CAN YOU TREAD WATER?") have entered into the cultural consciousness.

    "The Difference Between Men and Women" is also telling, because it allows him to make fun of sex roles without sliding into the marriage-is-one-great-big-pain p.o.v. that dominated and dragged down so much of his later material. "Karate" is a great showcase for his powers of mimicry and frantic delivery; "A Nut in Every Car" is still a valid piece of New York humor; and even a one-off like "Superman" is worth hearing.

    Cosby excelled at delivering ordinary life in extraordinary ways (and not only that, but he did it in a G-rated way, which is saying something to this day). Anyone seriously interested in comedy or Cosby should or probably already has this record....more info

  • Child's point of view
    It was funny and understandable to me. I listened to it over and over again. The part about the kid and the football player seemed like everyday life, but Bill Cosby made it funny.

    Ally, age 10...more info

  • A Very Funny Fellow!
    Bill Cosby is indeed a very funny fellow! We truly enjoyed this CD of Bill Cosby's old record--a great comedy performance that shows that the best comedy is not crude or profane. ...more info
  • Classic...
    There's really nothing I can add to what has already been written about this album. I just love it. Cosby is in the same class as Monty Python and George Carlin; three very different but equally brilliant comedy acts. Here's all you really need to know about this cd: it's very, very funny....more info