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Yourself or Someone Like You
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The sound of Southern rock gets a facelift for the '90s on Yourself or Someone Like You, the record that made Florida's Matchbox 20 a success story. Rob Thomas's charismatic and passionate vocal delivery carries this collection of captivating, personal-story songs, based on honest, heart-felt lyrics rich with cathartic emotion. Anyone who's felt so scarred by love that they can't imagine taking the chance of getting hurt again will relate to a song like "Push" (an exhilarating feminist anthem disguised as just another relationship-on-the-rocks song). A much-needed break from the alternative pack. --Gail Worley

Customer Reviews:

  • best
    this is one of my favorite cds since i was younger if you dont like rock buy this anyway because u will like it ...more info
  • Great Album
    Even after almost 11 yrs. after its release, I still love listening to this Album. There is alot of good songs on this cd. my favorite's are: "Push", "3 AM", "Girl Like That", "Back 2 Good" and "Real World"....more info
  • excelent example of 90s rock
    Great 90s band who is still making music today.

    This cd has half a dozen great songs that you could listen to over and over again.

    It is hard to catagorize: Easy rock, hard pop but basically it keeps you entertained but does not promt other people around you to turn it down.

    The first 5 songs are the best....more info

  • Not the stereotypical Cookie Cutter Alternative Rock Mold
    As the 1990s music landscape progressed into the second half of the decade, music that was categorized as Alternative Rock was now becoming mainstream. One band that emerged from the pack was Matchbox 20. Much of this is due to their talented lead vocalist Rob Thomas - who also is their songwriter. In addition credit can be given to a very talented supporting band - that helps bring out the best in Rob Thomas. Matchbox 20's debut album "Yourself or Someone Like You" was an album that helped put them ahead of the pack of Alternative Rock bands. While I wouldn't categorize this collection as a revolutionary or groundbreaking album, there still is some good music on here - and that helps set Matchbox 20 apart from the others.

    As far as Alternative Rock goes. This was originally a term that was a "catch all" to describe those genres of music that didn't fit into the mainstream. In the 80s, you had Punk, New Wave, College Rock, Underground music, etc. All of these were considered Alternative Rock. One genre that evolved as an offshoot was Grunge. Nirvana really was leading the movement here. I looked at Grunge as integrating elements of Guitar Based (to a minor extent acoustic elements) with some of the elements found in the various genres that fell into Alternative Rock. Many called Grunge, "The Seattle Sound". As Nirvana led this revolution in the industry, they helped bring not just Grunge - but the entire Alternative Rock movement into the mainstream. One such band that emerged were the Gin Blossoms. I think the Gin Blossoms took the next step in this revolution of the Alternative Rock movement. While Nirvana brought Alternative into the Mainstream, the Gin Blossoms steered them to the front of the pack. The Gin Blossom's emergence meant that Alternative Rock was something that could no longer be ignored. However, I think there was a backlash with the Alternative Rock movement - a backlash that has probably lasted almost 10 years. This backlash has been the emergence of the "cookie cutter" artists. In other words much of the Alternative Rock music that started to emerge in the late 1990s began to sound almost the same - whether it was the vocals, the guitar chords, or drum beats. This is where I feel Matchbox 20 has the sweet spot. Despite what many critics have said, they have avoided becoming another "cookie cutter" artist.

    Matchbox 20 seems to adopt a very simple formula for this album - simple songs. The titles of the songs themselves are real simple. No song has a title more than 3 words and 8 songs (if you count 3am) have 1 word titles. Most of the content of the songs are simple - basically tracks about everyday life. There basically are no political or personal agendas in the music. With this simple formula, Matchbox 20 may seem primed to fall into the "cookie cutter" formula, but they don't. This is where the talent of Rob Thomas comes in - as a vocalist and as a songwriter. Thomas as a vocalist has a basically has a cross between a soulful and raspy voice. It is one of the most unique in the business. Many people know Thomas for performing lead vocals on Santana's "Smooth" (argubly the best record of the 1990s). Thomas brings the same high level vocals to "Yourself of Someone Like You". One other thing to note - Rob Thomas is one talented songwriter (Thomas also wrote "Smooth"). He might not write very deep lyrics, but he does an excellent job at putting together some very catchy lyrics.

    Don't forget about the rest of the band - they are able to support Thomas' talent very well. Matchbox 20's sound is heavily guitar laden. These guitar efforts are led by guitarists Kyle Cook and Adam Gaynor as well as Brian Yale's Bass. They also have an outstanding drummer in Paul Doucette.

    The collection's best track is the opening one. "Real World" is simply an outstanding track. This song deals with dreaming about being someone else and then coming back to reality. The lyrics are simple, but catchy - (when Thomas sings lines like "I wonder what it's like to be a super hero" or "I wonder what it's like to be the head honcho" - that's as catchy as you can get) The real strength of this track is the terrific guitar work that takes place. This was a big radio hit. This collection also contains songs "3 am" and "Push". These two tracks aren't quite in the class of "Real World", but are good tracks. Both tracks have more of an acoustic feel to it as the song starts as the electric guitars come in at the chorus.

    Matchbox 20 also shows they do things outside the box. An underrated track is "Back 2 Good". For this song there is a woodwinds section that plays in the background. This gives the song a unique feel. While not the best track by any means, the last track "Hang" is interesting. Thomas and Cook swap roles with Cook taking the lead vocals and Thomas playing guitar. Other tracks like "Long Day", "Girl Like That", "Kody" and "Damn" are very good as well. The other tracks that I have mentioned aren't quite as strong, but there are no bad songs in the collection

    The liner notes contain all of the lyrics to each of the tracks. All of the musician and band credits are listed. There is a "Thank You" section where the band thanks a bunch of people - including individual "Thank Yous" by each of the five band members. Again, while I don't think this an all-time great - it is a good collection. Matchbox 20 showed a lot for a debut band and are able to break from the Alternative Rock mold. The potential is there for greatness. I'd recommend checking this out....more info
  • Best of MTCHBX 20
    One of the best Albums I have bought and the download is great and less expensive...if you like RT's voice and like guitar music this is one of the best!!!!!

    Forget all the CRITIC writings just listen and you will enjoy it immensely!!!...more info
  • Great CD!
    I like this first cd of Matchbox 20. I had to reorder it because my original was worn out from playing it in the car. This is a great cd for playing while driving....more info
  • Pure Genious
    Whoever voted this album as a 1 must be a classical/polka/rap fan or something, because it's impossible not to fall inlove with these 12 songs. YOSLY is proof that Rob Thomas is a musical genious. "Back 2 Good" is amazingly written and performed. By far my favorite song ever.

    "everyone hides shades of shame, but looking inside we're the same, we're the same and we're all grown now, but we don't know how
    to get it back to good"

    The first 4 songs are radio hits and "back 2 good" is one as well. "Push" and "3am" are simply amazing as well as "Real World" and "Long Day". This album is Matchbox twenty's best.

    This album alone sold 12 million copies in the US. You won't be dissapointed.
    ...more info
  • one star was a gift
    If there was an option for no stars this would definatelly be the CD to use it for... childish riffs, childish percussion and lame lyrics- it's no wonder MB20 sold so many albums to the youth of America... if you fall in the category of "I actually payed money for this album" I ragret to inform you that there is no hope for you ever attaining any sort of respectable status amongst people that actually pay attention to what the hell they are listening to. If you are reading this and are insulted.... good, that is my intent. Band's like this make a mockery of real music and should be cast away and insulted, if you enjoy this album, good for you and please don't try and wrap your mind around real music because it will only confuse you and make you watch more TRL and listen to more top 40 radio, which will in turn keep you the hell away from my music!! ...more info
  • A group that doesn't have much to say in titles
    This is probably one of the most interesting phenomenon to happen where the words in the title of a song are mostly one or two words long. Well the production is fairly sparse, and the guitars are not too fuzzy sounding, but it qualifies for adult alternative. Mostly an alright collection of songs, but it's alot of hit and miss with miss winning more. "Real World" and "Push" will probably be my all time favorite M-20 songs, the rest are either in the deep realms of my memory, or I just plain hated them. "3 A.M" is one of them. A passible beginning, but I would've wanted them to continue in this vein before releasing Mad Season. ...more info
  • Maybe the best album of the 90's
    This CD showcases Matchbox 20 before they became the Rob Thomas show. It's still very listenable in 2004. Only a few other albums can hold up this well from the mid to late 90's...more info
  • Pop mizzasterpiece!
    Ah, I just love going back into da oldschool days before dah grizzeatest music like Chingy, Lil Romeo, Van Halen 3 & 50 Cent came :D The Real World & Push are clizzassicz! 3 AM is a little overrated and overplizzayed, but still good once in a while. The rest is awzsim too....more info
  • fine debut
    I have been listening to this album nonstop for about 8 years now and I must say that I like every song immensley. I really never get tired of this album unlike the band's last release "More than You Think You Are" this one isn't a chore to listen to and it seems as if every song could have been a single. If there's one album I'll remember when I'm old it is this one. It seems so rare for an album to really catch your attention but this album and Dave Matthews Band's "Crash" both band's really hit the nail on the head and released classic's.

    I'm sure by now most everyone that will buy this album has already heard half of it on the radio, but if you are one of those people that still don't have this album then I would encourage you to pick it up because the song's that never made it to radio are just as good if not better than song's that did....more info
  • Probably my favorite CD ever
    Every song is great. Listened to the CD so many times and I still love it....more info
  • Probably the BEST MB20 CD
    This CD is awesome! This is a CD where EVERY SINGLE SONG is great! If you're a person who wants to only wants to buy one Matchbox 20 CD, this CD is the one to go with. The CD called Mad Season only had a few good songs, and the band's third CD, More than You Think You Are, is a close second to this CD.

    Yourself or Someone Like You has a variety of songs, from the slower songs like "3 AM" and "Hang", to more upbeat songs like "You're so Real". The three I just mentioned are my personal favorites. The 2 most played songs from this album are "3 AM" and "Push", both excellent songs. Matchbox Twenty is great on any of their albums, but this showcases their talent the best....more info

  • Very Nice Album
    I'm a new fan to Matchbox Twenty. I started getting into them with the "More Than You Think You Are" album. I loved that album and it almost never left my CD player. Then I bought "Yourself Or Someone Like You." At first I liked MTYTYA better, but YOSLY definitely grows on you if you listen to it a couple of times the whole way through. I think the album was well put together overall, although I think "Busted" is slightly creepy although still a good song. Anyways, I like every song on both albums, some more than others. But to really see how they've evoled, you gotta listen to ALL FOUR albums that they have. MTYTYA and YOSLY are great together and interchangeable. Overall, I think it's worth the money, especially since they both almost never leave my CD players....more info
  • Yourself Or Someone Like You
    This album was like my first album to own as my collection started to grow. I got this album about 8 years ago, and it's a classic. Rob Thomas is an outstanding song writer, and he gave us all a preview of what was to come later on. This is a great rock album. It has a mellow side to it, with deep emotional lyrics with "Hang". It also has a straight up rock n roll side to it with "Push" and also a post grunge type of feel to it with the song "Busted". This is one of the few albums in which has a variety of different styles....more info
  • Great intro to MB20
    Its the cd that got me into the band in the first place. It was given to me and i had never heard of them before that. I had heard "3 AM" before and enjoyed that but hadnt heard anything else of them before that. Each song brings out a different aspect of the band and led by excellent vocals by Rob Thomas and everything else by the band itself. Also has a knack for writing some pre tty good songs as well. Like "Push", "Back 2 Good" and "Girl Like That"

    MB20's debut wasn't like the average run of the mill band. I still enjoy listening to it to this day and recently had to buy because the original cd got misplaced. I didnt mind though with a cd like "Yourself or Someone Like You". It bears repeating and many listens regardless. ...more info
  • Album of Perfection
    This album is absolutely incredible. From hits like "Real World" and "3AM" to lesser-known tracks like "Hang" and "Kody", this album is non-stop perfection. From the captivating voice of Rob Thomas to the amazing guitar of Kyle Cook, Matchbox 20 is without a doubt the best band in history. I recommend Yourself or Someone Like You to everybody!...more info
  • very impressive
    This is the first cd that I can listen to in it's entirety and not get bored with any song.. I love this album, it's very solid. Many of the tracks went mainstream at one point. I really couldn't even pin point a favorite if I had to.. This CD rocks! I recommend it to anyone... anyone at all.. :)...more info
  • I love matchbox twenty!!!
    I am a huge mb20 fan, and I've been one for a while. I've simply been too lazy to write a review... So, now that I'm doing one, let me tell you about this album. It is simply amazing. There is some great stuff on here.

    I've had this CD for a couple years, and the best part about it is that it never gets old. Every time I listen to the CD, I notice something I didn't notice before. There is just so much emotion and life packed onto this one disc.

    Rob Thomas has a stunning voice. You can feel the emotion emanating from his voice. Kyle Cook, the lead guitarist, also has some nice riffs on YoSLY.

    Here's a quick break-down of the songs:

    1. Real World - This was one of their original singles, and it really took off. It has a simple but catchy riff that you hear throughout the song. Plus, I think everyone can relate to it - "I wish the real world would just stop hassling me." Overall, it's a great, solid song.

    2. Long Day - It starts with Rob and an acoustic guitar, but by the chorus, some electric guitars and the drums have joined in. The intenstiy keeps building through the entire song. This is one of my favorites on the CD.

    3. 3 a.m. - This is another one of mb20's singles. It has some great lyrics and guitar work. Everything just seems to click in this song. Rob's voice ties up the song together very nicely.

    4. Push - This is another one of my favorites on the CD. Some people say that Rob is talking about abuse, but listen to it people!! He isn't!! If you pay attention to the lyrics, you'll find out that it's a great song. Also - another catchy guitar riff during the intro.

    5. Girl Like That - This is a...bouncy song. I don't really know how to describe it. But believe me, it's great. It's another song that a lot of people can relate to. Another stroke of Rob's genious in writing lyrics.

    6. Back 2 Good - Another single that is much quieter than "Real World" or "3 a.m." It's a good, solid song. I've heard mb20 call this the "ultimate cheating song." It's much more subdued than the previous songs.

    7. Damn - This isn't a bad song, but sometimes I feel like it blends in with "Back 2 Good" a little. But, hey, that's just me. And it's not like I don't like the song - it's good, but it's not my favorite.

    8. Argue - This is a short song, but it definitely packs a punch. It has the same intensity and volume as some of the songs earlier on the album. Again, everything simply clicks.

    9. Kody - I have two absolute favorite songs, and this is one of them. Rob wrote this about when he was homeless. It's a simple song to play on guitar, but it's so beautiful. It's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head, but it never gets annoying.

    10. Busted - A much more hard song than the others. I like to think of it as a hard-core version of "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls. Still, I love this song. Rob really has a knack for writing great songs.

    11. Shame - Again, it's a song that everyone can relate to. It sounds much different than the rest of the songs, but that's to mb20's credit. It is a fabulous song with some brilliant lyrics.

    12. Hang - Rob's vocals really shine on this song. It begins with just Rob and an acoustic guitar. You can really feel the emotion bleed through this song. Also, Kyle Cook is singing the chorus. It took me a while to realise that, but it sounds great. It's a quiet, sensitive song, but it really is quite good.

    So, there you have it. You can probably tell I'm a diehard mb20 fan, but even if you aren't as crazy over them as I am, you'll still love this CD. There's something for everyone on here....more info
  • worth listening to over and over
    I have had this one in my car for days and can listen to the whole thing over and over without skipping many tracks! Rare for most CD's!! Best Matchbox 20 CD overall. ...more info
    This is one of the best CDs I have ever listened to. Matchbox 20 is great and this CD shows how they started out. The opening song, Real World is my favorite on the whole CD. The second song, Long Day is another classic while 3 a.m. is interesting along with the video for it. I don't like much of the songs after it though. After Back 2 Good they just songs that are single-titled with one word. Damn, Kordy, Busted, Shame, and Hame are my least favorite songs. Other then that I love this CD. Their second album is Mad Seasoon....more info