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Pieces of You
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Media Type: CD
Artist: JEWEL
Street Release Date: 02/28/1995

Jewel's debut album, Pieces of You, reveals a special voice--strong and focused on both the whispery verses and the hooky choruses. The recording also exposes an unfortunate tendency to present trite, hackneyed sentiments as if they were oracular visions from a young prophet to a jaded world. For the most part, Jewel sings to her own acoustic guitar accompaniment, but she has a lot more in common with, say, the Indigo Girls or Lisa Loeb than with Judy Collins or Nanci Griffith. Despite her soft soprano and pretty melodies, her songs have an iconoclastic edge which make her more of an unplugged alternative rocker than a folkie. Her songs too often betray their origins as written verse in their hard-to-sing meters, unmusical phrasing, and diary-like pronouncements. Nonetheless, a few numbers, such as "Morning Song" and "You Were Meant for Me," show a spark of humor about romance, and hint that Jewel may yet write songs worthy of her remarkable voice. --Geoffrey Himes

Customer Reviews:

  • ehh,here and there...
    I'm a casual fan of Jewel. Casual fan, meaning that I check out her music once in a while, but i'm not nuts about her. Jewel has potential. I'll give her that. She also has a voice that is very pure and crystalline, very well suited to the style of music she sings. while her voice has the power to enrich and enhance her songs, many times, she goes off into some wierd wailing mode which does not suit her, and which takes away from the music. I wish she'd just sing simply without going off into wailing territory. Also, Jewel is much better off when reminiscing on personal experiences. She may not be a stunning lyricist, but when she writes about things close to her heart, the picture of what she wants you to feel comes out clear. However, just like with her voice, Jewel goes off into territory she shouldn't, and when she starts making "political" statements, or "viewing our society" she comes out sounding trite and overwrought. Jewel is a sweet songwriter with a good ear for melody. Her songs are as bare boned and as simple as it gets, both melodically and instrumentally, but that's ok, because sometimes, music like this works. This cd showed some promise.It was pure folk, and at first I was thrown off by how stripped and natural the whole things sounded. There are a few gems, Foolish Games-her best song. I prefer the version on the cd to the one she released as a single. The version on Pieces of You is stripped down to just piano and vocal. This song paints an unforgettable picture in your head, and makes you feel things that you may haven't even experienced. Her emotion comes through her voice on this album. Everything about this song just flows. Near You Always is an irresistable little number which is just so appealing in all its sweet passion.You can't help but smile when you hear this song.It's ridiculously simplistic and almost cute. Morning Song, in the vein of Near You Always, is a sweet little tune which lights up the room. The three final tracks flow together nicely, and make good for listening. Angel Standing By is a stripped down accappella.rather nice actually. All in all, this is not by any means mindblowing.It's just cute, and sweet, and showed a performer who wasn't breaking down any barriers, just making sweet music. It has its moments....more info
  • Beautiful
    This is Jewel's first CD and I enjoyed it especially Foolish Games and You Were Meant For Me. I can't wait for her latest....more info
  • With Strong Lyrics and a Nice Voice....
    With Strong Lyrics and a Nice Voice Jewel's debut album remains, in my opinion, her very best. Her poetic lyrics are deep and personal and they are set to the acoustic guitar, which she plays very well. Coming from someone who does not particularly like the genre of pop, I found this cd to be beyond my expectations. Other albums put out by her, particularly the newest ones, lost it's acoustic charm and meaningful lyrics. I recommend purchasing this album before her others. It relly is the only one worth buying. From one who likes very much lyrics that reach down into the soul as much as they can, through the deep words of artists such as Kurt Cobain, I do recommend this album if you would like to get away from trashy pop and into something more meaningful....more info
  • Crossover Country
    The artist Jewel is really a country- pop crossover, sent in several years after its actual 19994 release to clean up MTV and be the main American-Euro rock star. Her material here is incredibly simple, not even basic folk music. A following release This Way just defined country, but this here is the major label debut. I like it, not love it, This Way is much better, it just defined country. ...more info
  • Pieces of my Soul
    Who Will Save Your Soul: Nice instrumentals and a very good song. Really fun to listen to. "Another day, another dollar, another war, another tower went up where the homeless had their homes." 4/5

    Pieces of You: This is really raw music. Not at all filed down for the ears of the regular people. I admire that Jewel knows how to do this. "Do you hate her cause she's pieces of you?" 4/5

    Little Sister: A wonderful song but rather painful to listen to. The lyrics are so powerful. "Hey little sister, I heard you went to Mr. So-and-so, knocking on his door last night, said you needed it bad." 3/5

    Foolish Games: The most amazing song Jewel's ever written. Beautiful, heart-wrenching. Jewel's voice is really mature. "In case you failed to notice, in case you failed to see, this is my heart, bleeding before you." 6/5

    Near You Always: Jewel is really humble in this, talking about what love can do to anyone. An enjoyable listen with a fine line. "And when you look in my heart is in your hand." 3/5

    Painters: A lovely and sad ballad with a nice tune. You get really into it. "They were painters and they were painting themselves a lovely world." 5/5

    Morning Song: An interesting song. I wish it could have taken a different turn, since the title is so intriguing and the song turned out so typically. It's kinda cute though. "Let the phone ring, let's go back to sleep." 2/5

    Adrian: Really sad. Not divinely enjoyable to listen to but the lyrics are involving enough to keep the song going. "People talk, people stare, oh, Adrian come out and play." 3/5

    I'm Sensitive: A drifty, fun song. Great lyrics. "I was thinking that it might do some good if we robbed the cynics and took all their food. That way what they believe will have taken place..." 4/5

    You Were Meant for Me: A great song all around. Hard to find anything wrong. "Break the yolks, make a smiley face...even after you're gone." 5/5

    Don't: Rather a duplicate of Near You Always, switched around to the negative view. A fine song. "Don't let me fall in love with you again." 2/5

    Daddy: A very angry, frustrated song that really gets going. "Gonna make you just as vulnerable as I was, Daddy. What's that say about me?" 3/5

    Angel Standing By: Slow, moving, and beautiful. Something you just keep listening to. "Telling you you were never anything less than beautiful...I'm your Angel standing by." 5/5

    Amen: Really wise lyrics. A haunting song with whispered tones that grow and subside. "Some are being beaten, some are being born, and some can't tell the difference anymore...Hallelujah." 5/5...more info
  • Unmatched Debut
    Jewel is without doubt one of my favourite artists alive today. I have this CD over 10yrs now and have just starting listening to it again. It brought back all of the feelings that I got from the first time I listened to it. There is somthing pure and naive about this album, but the lyrical content and beautiful melodies defy that fact that she was only 16yrs old (i think!), when she recorded it. Tracks such as 'You Were Meant for Me', 'Pieces of You' and the beautiful 'Foolish Games' do stand the test of time and are heart rendering. Classic debut, unmatched in it's entirity by anything she has written or recorded since. Thoroughly Recommended..I don't give 5-Star ratings easily..Enjoy...more info
  • Great songwriter, serious musician
    Getting away from the typical "diva" category that many female vocalists are limited to, Jewel is a serious musician, singer, song-writer, and shows a depth to her style that indicates serious study of her craft.

    She Brings a fresh, easy sound that has a light acoustic instrumental drive, allowing the lyrics to stand out and be appreciated. Not beautiful, happy songs, but songs with soul. Jewel's vocal style shows influence from diverse artists such as Joni Mitchel and Bob Dylan. ...more info
  • my favorite Jewel album
    I was one of those people who knew about Jewel way better most people. I was already a fan in 1995, '96. After I got this debut album, I fell in love with her and listened to it every day. I can't say enough good things about these songs and lyrics and how her voice and melodies moved me. I was constantly reminded of the young Joni Mitchell. Jewel lived a life of happy poverty in a car for years before making it big as a recording artist, and now this Alaskan angel has captured the hearts of many with album after album.

    David Rehak
    author of "Poems From My Bleeding Heart"...more info

  • 14 years and still my favorite...
    This is truly Jewel at her best and most honest. Her haunting voice, the simplicity in the music.

    I celebrate Jewel's music most because she writes ALL of her own work. She truly is a of the few surviving....more info
  • Excellent Service!
    This CD was published in 1995 and it is 13 years ago. However, I still got a brand new CD from and it is really worth to buy CDs there. Thank you....more info
  • It Makes All Other Music Seem So Shallow
    I listened to this CD the whole way through only today. I started off knowing about Jewel as a recommendation from a friend and finding the videos online - Who Will Save Your Soul, You Were Meant For Me, Standing Still, etc. I liked what I heard, but didn't like "Intuition" as much as the rest. Nonetheless, I bought "0304" and liked it, but my opinion soon changed as my radio station on Launch played older Jewel songs and I saw the true depth of her old songs. Some of the lyrics are confusing or cliched, but the emotion in her voice brings them out. I love the way her voice can seem mature and little girlish in the space of one song - such a contrast but so easily merged together.

    Who Will Save Your Soul -- A fun song, the depth in the lyrics is slightly disguised by the music. 4/5

    Pieces of You -- Her voice is especially emotional in this song, it really makes you understand something, whether you know it or not at the moment. 5/5 "She's a pretty girl, does she make you think nasty thoughts?"

    Little Sister -- A short song, but still moving. 4/5

    Foolish Games -- I find this song slightly tedious, but its still a good song. 4/5

    Near You Always -- 4/5

    Painters -- Rather long, but it has a sad story in it. 4/5

    Morning Song -- 4/5

    Adrian -- An extremely sad song, very thought-provoking. 4/5

    I'm Sensitive -- A little annoying; cute. 3/5

    You Were Meant For Me -- A very good song! Simple yet awesome. 5/5

    Don't -- 4/5

    Daddy -- My favorite song on the album, very deep and angry. 8/5 "I'm gonna rip your heart out, the way you did mine."

    Angel Standing By -- A pretty song, but a little - I don't think I can even use the term, because I love this whole album deeply - boring. 4/5

    Amen -- 4/5...more info
  • Jewel's Best By Far
    I am 12, and I have a copies of all of Jewel's album, minus the Christmas one, which I have no interest in buying. Jewel is not my favorite artist-Tori Amos is-but she is one of them, about equal on my favorites list with Alicia Keys. If you think that the likes of Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan are the best you can get from teen singers, you haven't heard Jewel. Some voices get better with age, but Jewel's was at her prime when she was nineteen. In my opinion, Pieces of You's best track is the title song, which is not asimilar to Fat Boy, off of Spirit, Jewel's sophomore release. Jewel's guitar playing is dark, and her voice is crystalline. It has great lyrics. Daddy is another lyrically brilliant song, this time about white supremacists. Sampling: "'Cause I'm your creation/I'm your love/Daddy/Grew up to be and do all those sick things you said that I would do/Well last night I saw you sneak out your window with your white hood/Daddy".

    Who Will Save Your Soul would be a five-star songs if not for the somewhat offensive religious overtones. But it's cute and swingy, and also very, very easy to get stuck in your head. Painters is the saddest song I know; it always chokes me up a little. (Great Line: "They thought blueprints were too sad/So they made them yellow.") But the song is also the album's best track vocally. On Adrian, Jewel's voice takes on an Impressionistic tone (Impressionistic, in case someone doesn't know, means intentionally naive and/or childlike) which seems to really fit the song's mood. On You Were Meant For Me, it becomes full and choky, seemingly to call that lover back to her, whoever he was.

    In general, this is the only Jewel album comperable to This Way, which was my favorite until I heard Pieces of You, and the only Jewel album comperable to Tori Amos's Boys For Pele, my all-around favorite album. But it also sounds very different from all of Jewel's other albums-for example, the number of all guitar tracks is whittled to none over her 5 albums. It's also the raciest-ex. the poetry in the jacket. But it's an incredible collection of songs that people from all ages and genders can appreciate....more info
  • Pieces of "Jewel".
    Despite the fact that this had a few hits like "You Were Meant For Me", "Foolish Games", and "Who Will Save Your Soul", most of this album is not radio friendly. It's good, but mostly kind of pop-folk. Just her, singing/talking her poetry over acoustic guitar. Most of the songs are very pretty and pleasing. I like "Adrian" and "I'm Sensitive" alot. "Angel Standing By" is another standout. Many of them do kind of blend together though. Still, if you like that cute-young-girl-singing-in-a-coffee-house sound, you should love this....more info
  • Good solid first effort
    Although too many of these songs sound like precocious high school poetry set to music, I also found much to enjoy here, and Jewel's voice is beautiful throughout. "Foolish Games," "Little Sister," and "You Were Meant for Me" are the standout tracks. "Adrian" is haunting and sad but, at seven minutes, just a tad too looong. ...more info
  • Jewel is a beautiful re-education
    Jewel is one of the most magnetically attractive women, but even more stunning is her singing ability. Actually, I've never not enjoyed her singing solo with just her guitar. So I finally picked up her first CD. It is a beautiful re-education about the very intelligent and sensitive teenage woman. A lot of the shocking wisdom and maturity of youth here, but that rich voice could probably sing the phone book and I'd say "Yeah."

    And remember, parents, teachers and older siblings: "We are everyday angels, be careful with us cuz we'd like to stay that way." ...more info
  • Fantastic Debut
    I've always been a fan of Jewel, but until last year I didn't even own this album. I had Spirit, This Way, and 0304, but I never got around to getting this CD. I had heard that the big hits from this album didn't sound the same as they did on the radio. But after listening to 0304, I wanted to hear how Jewel sounded on her first CD. I'm not saying I didn't like the direction Jewel's music had taken, but that's something for another review. I bought this album and I have loved it ever since.

    The production on this CD isn't top-notch. Many of the songs were recorded live, giving them a rougher feel than you'd expect. Having said that, I think it is that imperfectness that makes this such an enjoyable CD. Some of the music made today is too glossy for its own good, and it's nice to hear music that sounds like the artist is playing right there in front of you rather than making it sound perfect in the studio. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy that kind of music, but occasionally you want to hear music like this, and it doesn't get much better than this CD for acoustic music.

    Some critics complain that Jewel's earnestness and sincerity makes her music unenjoyable. I feel that Jewel really means what she's saying on this album, and to me, that is enjoyable. You can tell she really feels the emotion in each and every song on this album.

    As for the singles being remixed to appeal to a bigger audience, obviously that paid off because people continued to buy this album even after they heard that. Simply put, this is good music and it deserved to sell millions of copies. The other songs are also very good. Songs like "Painters" and "Adrian" tell stories that really move you, and others like "Little Sister", "Daddy", and the title track really make you think. Jewel sounds terrific on the hymn-like "Angel Standing By". Anyone who says she has a bad voice should listen to that song, because she sounds great and, yes, angelic on it.

    I highly recommend this album. Jewel would go on to perfect and refine her sound, but to me, this is her best album because this is the one I listen to the most. Jewel has so far not enjoyed the kind of success she had with this album. Sometimes great CDs sell millions of copies, and this is definitely one of those cases....more info

  • "So don't you worry, I'm your angel standing by."
    Jewel's debut album, Pieces of You put this gorgeous singer-songwriter on the map. What a beautiful album this is. Well ok, You were meant for me is awful here, buy the CD single version instead, but the rest of the tracks are great.Morning Song, Pieces of You, Near You Always, Angel Standing By, Foolish Games, and I'm Sensitive are my fave tracks. I love her song-writing, so poetic and graceful. She is a true talent. I can't wait til her new CD comes out, Goodbye Alice in Wonderland. I used to hear this album everyday when I came home from school, I bought this album when I was in the 8th grade, hard to believe all that time has passed and I am still a huge fan of Jewel. Love her poetry as well although critics hated it. There a few live tracks on this record, she is at her best live. Jewel is a rare artist, she used to live in her van before she was discovered. Pieces of You is simple and timeless....more info
  • A Gem of an Album
    This album is truly a mixed bag. It has sweet 90's pop confections like "Morning Song", "Near You Always" and "I'm Sensitive", and then suddenly changes gears and moves into brutally honest and moody songs like "Pieces of You" and "Adrian". The real highlights of the album are definitely the darker ones, as they are the ones with the most substance. Some of the best are songs like "Painters", which has a subtle sadness to it, and never fails to bring a tear to your eye even after you've heard it 80 times. "Adrian" is a haunting little tale of a boy in a coma, but the song never seems to get old. I've had the album for years and this song always leaves me with a bit of a chill. The gems on this album are those songs that just irritate and disturb you a little bit. You find yourself thinking about them long after the song has ended. They make the album hypnotic, and when paired with cute fluff like "Don't", the album takes you on quite the emotional roller coaster, but a very pleasing one at that. From its gloomy material it seems like Jewel thought why not add some sickeningly sweet stuff to cool people down after an angry, gritty self-portrait like "Daddy"? There is a slight battle between the sweet and the sad, but basically in the end these songs balance each other out, making for a great album. This may be one of Jewel's best. It shows her versatility and showcases her poetic songwriting and great guitar work. She's brutally honest and morose and real, and it definitely showed that she had some amazing skill.

    This is the reason why I couldn't believe my eyes when in the past year she had gone from being what felt like a real musician with opinions to a sweet pop-tart. She had never been a real teen idol, and for obvious reasons, her first albums being so mature. But last year, with her pop hit "Intuition" and her new image as a sweet, cosmopolitan, pop culture icon, she had become everything we were glad she wasn't when "Pieces of You" came out in '94. Thank god her songs are preserved on this album. It truly is great....more info

  • Well-Written
    This is an extremely well written d¨¦but (especially regarding lyrics), and what's even better is that Jewel wrote all of the tracks, minus two that she co-wrote with Steve Poltz.

    The first track (and the first single to be released), "Who Will Save Your Soul?", has a good swinging riff, with lyrics about the modern way of living, a theme that is carried on to "Little Sister", about the materialistic and drug-ridden ways of the world. Meanwhile, "Amen" questions nature and religion - a theme also used in the opening track.

    The title song, "Pieces of You", has sad guitar music, and the lyrics centre on do we judge people in a certain way because they remind us of ourselves? And "Daddy" has a slow swinging guitar melody that suggests that something is wrong. This fits in with the lyrics, which are at times sarcastic and vengeful - one of the best tracks on the album.

    Two tracks tell stories through song. "Painters" is of a pair of artists who face tragedy, and "Adrian" is of a boy damaged at camp who comes home, where the townsfolk believe his life support should be turned off.

    Though not all tracks are focused on confronting lyrics. "I'm Sensitive" is a fun little song, while "Angel Standing By" makes the perfect lullaby.

    While the standard of lyric writing is high, there is something to be improved upon in the form of music writing. Although the chords and notes used are different and may be played at different paces, there are definite patterns in the music. There seems to be two different groups within the album - the first one consisting of "Who Will Save Your Soul?", "Morning Song", "You Were Meant For Me" and "Daddy"; and a smaller group with "Angel Standing By" and "Amen". Tracks on the following album, "Spirit", also carry on with these similar music styles.

    Overall, it's an impressive d¨¦but with the emphasis clearly on lyrics. Though this trait fades as Jewel's albums progress, it is a quality that undoubtedly has made this album worthy of anyone's music collection....more info

  • powerful and honest
    Defenatly Jewel's finest, Pieces of you is very powerful with strong, honest, and sometimes brutal lyrics, the best example of this is in the title track "Pieces of You" lyrics like "You say he's a jew, do you wanna kick his face in?" the whole album is wonderful and moving...more info
  • Peices of You
    I found this album buried in my parents CD collection and fell in love with it as soon as I turned it on. Deffinatly a moving and in depth album. Jewel stands back and takes a look at what we are doing wrong and the positive things we can change it with.

    Save your soul: Nice beat deffinatly goes into the human mind and life explaing how we think and act and how we can change ourselves for our own benifit. 3/5

    Peices of you: The lyrics are so simple ,yet if you think about it, are compelling. Its on how we judge people on how they look or what they do and how in the end they are not that different from us. 5/5

    Little sister: More to the teen side of life on how we get addiced to like and comforment 2.5/5

    Foolish games: Funny everyone seems to love this song. Its fine for me but not inspiring or anything. The melody is nice but...deffinatly I think not the best on the CD. I need moving lyrics and these just don't do it that deeply for me. 3.5/5

    Near you always: Cute and simple explaining on how much she is in love and is afraid she can't let go. One of my favorites. 5/5

    Painters: Not inspiring but beautifully written paired with absolutly beautiful music it make a tear jerker. One of my fav songs. Its a love story we all aspire for 5.5/5

    Morning song: Fun and brings up the mood after painters. Its every lovers dream saterday morning. 5/5

    Adrian: Simple and childish. It gives the illusion of that anyway. Another sad story on loves loaylty and streangth. 3/5

    I'm sensitive: I personaly think this song is hilarious. I picture two 12 year old kids having a make-believe and deep conversation most adults have trouble with. 5/5

    You were ment for me: Once again another popular one which is fine but not my favorite. Although I enjoy listening to it very much. Its soulful music and notes touch my heart almost physically. 4.5/5

    Don't: Anxtious and shy and full of an underlying pain. I like the music more then the lyrics. 3.5/5

    Daddy: No one likes this one cause its raw and emotional. I enjoy her ability to say how she feels and put pure emotion into her song and bring them to life in a way no one else can. How she sings show she is part of the song and not just singing it. 4.8/5

    Angel standing by: Musicbox like, it floats above you like, well, an angel. Pure love and devotion echo in her lyrics and beautiful voice. 5/5

    Amen:I like the tune and music, unfortunatly I can't understand all of the lyrics. I like parts of the song but I adore part of it as well. Its moving and deep and even though I can't understand its true meaning it still effects me. Her voice purity is shown in pure excellence here. 4/5...more info

  • Deep album
    This was a surprise when I listen to this cd. I love all of her single but the rest of the cd is deep. My favorite is Little Sister....more info
  • Flawed To Perfection!
    "Pieces Of You," as many people on Amazon have pointed out (both rationally and [mostly] irrationally) is definatly not a perfect album! Jewel herself said she cried the first and only time she listened to it and compared it to student art. So, yes it is a flawed album. What most people miss is the raw and honest energy that radiate throughout this album. Most of the songs were written while she was a teenager and she is very young here which provide for quite an awkward album. Still for someone so young it is a very thought provokeing and entertaining album. Screw perfection pick up "Pieces Of You!"...more info
  • Pieces of us die everyday...
    I can't believe all the crap this album has gotten. All the 1-star reviews, just ignore them. I suppose they are all teenyboppers who listen to J.Lo anyway. Yeah, music is subjective. But this album is just... wow. It hits you really hard. Everything is painfully honest. What I love about Jewel is that she doesn't just sing about love. She expresses her views on the world and society, which I find refreshing. Especially from all the 'I love yous' or 'I love you but you don't love me' junk you hear on the radio nowadays, polluted by talentless pop-punk and R&B acts. My personal favorites are 'Who Will Save Your Soul', 'Pieces of You', 'Little Sister', 'I'm Sensitive', 'You Were Meant For Me', and 'Daddy'. So much anger, so much emotion are expressed in her lyrics. And Jewel can really sing. She could probably rival Celine Dion. Buy it. And if you don't like it the first time or two, give it about 5 more listens. You have my word....more info
  • Seems Like Poetry Put To Music...Pretty Good But Flawed
    Jewel Kilcher made her debut, "Pieces of You" in 1994 at the age of twenty. The album, while being released around the same time as RnB/pop favourites like Monica, Brandy and Aalyiah, took on a more subdued, folky acoustic style as opposed to catchy danceable songs that most pop singers preferred. Also, Jewel's lyrics, which she penned herself, were meaningful yet simple and Jewel's voice was rich yet innocent however she still did not have much mainstream success, barring a couple of singles. As mentioned in the editorial from Amazon, Jewel's songs on this album often seem like poetry that was later put to music and do not showcase Jewel's true songwriting abilities.

    The album starts off with the single and candidate for best song on the album, "Who Will Save Your Soul". The lyrics are extremely well-written however it is the way that the song is sung that puts me off sometimes. The verses sound extremely quiet which makes them hard to hear at times however Jewel's rich voice is really shown off during the chorus. After comes "Pieces of You" which, though I'm probably reading too far into this, I find a little offensive. The lyrics speak about judging people because they may be "pieces of you". However, it was the types of people Jewel used in this song ("ugly girl", "pretty girl", "[homosexuals]" and "Jews"). I do understand what Jewel is trying to say in this song however I think at the very least she should have left specific religions out of it. "Little Sister" comes next and is a decent song but has a kind of awkward sound to it as though it shouldn't have been put to music. It basically sounds like a poem read quickly to keep up with a tune. However, had it been sung in a way that listeners could actually hear the lyrics, it is a great song.

    Next up is my personal favourite, "Foolish Games" which has stunning lyrics and almost haunting music. This song showcases Jewel's abilities the best, both in songwriting and in singing. It is also one of the most heartwrenching songs Jewel's written. ("These foolish games are tearing me apart. Your thoughtless words are breaking my heart. You're breaking my heart."). Besides "Hands" from Jewel's sophomore album, this is possibly Jewel's most well-written song. (I say possibly because I haven't heard her album "This Way" yet). After comes "Near You Always", which is a mediocre love song. Like many songs on the album, it is sung too quietly to fully enjoy the lyrics. The lyrics, while poetic, are somewhat clich¨¦d as well. Afterwards is the poetic yet somewhat confusing "Painters". The lyrics to this one are once again beautiful and seem to be telling a melancholy love story, however they are sung far too quietly. The song is also far too long considering we cannot hear what Jewel is singing most of the time.

    Next up is the mediocre "Morning Song" which has subpar lyrics ("put the phone machine on hold, leave the dishes in the sink"). This song sounds a little country-ish to me and, possibly because the lyrics aren't as good, is not very memorable. After that is "Adrian" which seems to be telling a story however, and I don't know if it's just me, the story seems kind of unclear. I think it's talking about a boy who had an accident and never fully recovered. "I'm Sensitive" comes next and seems to be talking about going against what people think. ("I was thinking I might fly today, just to disprove all the things that you say"). The lyrics are somewhat simplistic and Jewel seems inconsistent with her rhymes. The lines in the first verse rhyme however after that lines only rhyme once in a while. It just seems like an odd style. "You Were Meant For Me" comes after and is also sung extremely quietly so it is difficult to hear except in the chorus (simlar to "Who Will Save Your Soul"). This was also a single I believe, and it one of the standout songs on the album. The lyrics are simple in the verses although its hard to tell because they are sung so quietly however the song has something kind of captivating about it that makes it stand out.

    The last four songs, "Don't", "Daddy", "Angel Standing By" and "Amen" are not very memorable in the long run. "Don't" seems to be sung extremely slowly to make it seem longer considering it only really has three verses of three lines each and the chorus repeated multiple times. "Daddy" seems to be a commentary about how Jewel's father treated her. While I understand that this is a personal song, it could have been written much better. The lyrics range from trite ("sometimes I sleep past noon, daddy") to just violent ("sometimes I want to rip out your throat, daddy"). This song is one where you can really feel Jewel's emotions however I think the lyrics could use a rewrite. "Angel Standing By" is an incredibly short song that seems more like an interlude sung slowly to make it longer. It is lyrically beautiful but far too short. Lastly there is "Amen" which is merely the obligatory religious song. The lyrics are quite meaningful but are once again sung far too quietly.

    Overall Mark: 3/5

    Overall, Jewel provided a meaningful debut that was, unfortunately, seriously flawed. Jewel definitely has songwriting talent and a good voice however much of the material is not sung in a way that these skills are showcased. For one reason or another, Jewel's entire album seems to be recorded too quietly to be heard so the listener cannot really hear her (usually) meaningful lyrics and her vocals tend to blend into the background. Most people were blown away by the depth and honesty of this album and maybe I would have been too had it been recorded better. Aside from the singles, very little is memorable.
    ...more info
    THIS IS GREAT! I have never in my life heard a better album. With songs like WHO WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL and FOOLISH GAMES which are sure to be classics this album can not dissapoint. This girl has gone far and i hope she doesnt stop. The best lyrics i have ever heard. FANTASTIC!!!...more info
  • Beautiful Lyrics+Beautiful Vocals= Beautiful Album
    "You took your coat off, and stood
    in the rain, your always crazy
    like that "

    I am listening to "FOOLISH GAMES"and it is so beautiful, I love the lyrics.
    These lyrics are so poetic and beautiful, ok some songs might get boring cuz they are so poetic but its so beautiful.
    This is Jewels first major jewel, this album went Diamond (for people who dont know what th@ means is, it Shifted 10+ Million copies in the U.S, actually its 12 mil!), "Who will save your soul?" is one of the catchiest debut songs ever, and "Foolish Games" is one of the most beautifully lyric'd follow-up-to-a-hit-song-ever! lol

    ** It has gone Diamond (12 + Million)
    ** "Who Will Save Your Soul?" Is a Top 10 Hit
    **"Foolish Games" is a Number 1 hit
    ** "You Were Meant For Me" Another #1 Hit for her, is actually her most famous hit believe it or not!
    **Some of these tracks are live, I didnt really like the "Foolish Games" live verison but its really nice, I think the Spec. Ed has the normal tracks
    Key Trax:
    Who will save your soul?
    Foolish Games
    Pieces Of You
    You Were Meant For Me
    Little Sister
    Morning Song.

    "I hear The Clock , its 6am."...more info