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Cracked Rear View
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Cracked Rear View marks the commercial debut of these college buddies from South Carolina, and it sold an astonishing 13 million copies in its first year of release. With Darius Rucker's ringing baritone and Mark Bryan's muscular guitar framing Jim Sonefeld's bluesy, energetic southern folk rock tunes, it's easy to understand its success: It's the kind of thoroughly likable album people sing along with on the car radio. When Rucker demands, "Stand up and let me see you smile," there's something that feels real and convincing behind it; sure, it's a formula, but a sincere one, and it works over and over again. Songs like "Let Her Cry," "Hold My Hand," and "Running from an Angel" lay down the rhythm for a cohesive, feel-good collection. There may not be a lot of virtuosity behind it, but there's plenty of fun. --Barrie Trinkle

Customer Reviews:

  • Doesn't Age Too Well
    I will admit that I am perhaps viewing (listening to?) the record with a jaundiced eye (ear?), but as an occasional fan of Hootie and the Blowfish, it seems to me like this, of all their records, is the one that has aged with the least grace and comportment. That's not to say that it's a terrible piece of music, but rather that, at this point in my life, it is almost never what I want to listen to.

    Perhaps I should clarify. This record is overplayed in ways that only truly abnormal cultural phenomenae can be overplayed. This record is overplayed the same way that Stairway to Heaven (and pretty much all of Led Zeppelin IV) is overplayed on classic rock stations. I was an adolescent in the nineties, and between listening to this music on the radio and listening to it on my own, I'm pretty much done with it.

    That costs the record a star. Well, not just that. It's also not really the greatest musical adventure the group ever embarked upon. It's good, but I'm frankly a bigger fan of Fairweather Johnson (as an album) or Musical Chairs (for individual songs).

    But, buying recommendations are what we're here for. If you're just a regular person looking for pretty much every Hootie and the Blowfish song you want, this is the record to get. This is the one that launched the band, and the one from which most of their radio songs are still drawn. And, truth be told, it's a solid record and a good addition to any collection. If, however, you're looking for the best that the band's done to date (to the extent of my knowledge--I lost track of them during the hiatus after the failure of Musical Chairs), I'd go to Fairweather Johnson first. If you don't like pop music at all, I'd steer clear entirely--you'll find nothing on this album to transform your opinion of the genre....more info
  • EAT YOUR HEART Out Beatles+Stones!!HOOTIE RULES!!!!!!!!
    Wow! Cracked rear View is such a classic bursting at the seams with gripping monolithic piledriving rock n' roll.
    Songs like "Time" put to shame Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker" as Darius Rucker belts out his vocals like a man possessed with pitbull rabies and the crunching mind melting guitar axework would make Jimmy Page make a mess in his pants.
    Quick!!!! Get the huggies for Maestro Page.
    Ah yes!!!! Now we can NEVER forget the sublime melodic masterpiece that is "hold my bone" no..wait a minute,i mean "Hold my hand" with its dylan inspired lyrics that just rip into your soul and melt your heart.
    "I'm going to love you the best that the best that i can!!!!!"
    Surely John Lennon would have bowed down to this master tunesmith by the name of Hootie!!!!!
    Bob Dylan sure as heck couldn't deny the poetic bliss of "Only wanna be with you" with those surreal picturesque lyrics and that soul stirring axework.
    Here's a sample of some greatness
    "Now there's nothing i can do...i only wanna be with you!!!!"
    Now how can you not break down from the gut wrenching intensity when you hear those poetic words and to top it off the dolphins make him cry!!!!
    ME TOO!!!!!!
    I finally found my musical soul mate.
    Oh thank you rock gods!!!!!
    I must finally mention my absolute favorite tune here because it's a doozy and because i ALWAYS save the best for last.
    You ready???????
    "Let Her FRY"... oh no i mean "Let her Cry".
    I was thinking about the bacon frying up in my pan.
    But what a classic we have here.
    Indeed Darius Rucker must have been blessed by the rock gods when his crew came up with this molten lava savage piece of ballad and those vocals just put to shame good ol' Marvin Gaye and Al Green as they are UNWORTHY when compared to the soul LOVEMAN that IS HOOTIE!!!!!!!!
    You want a sexual healing then listen to "LET HER CRY!!!".
    Now let me tell ya that "Let her cry" makes me cry and then immediately i need a box of kleenex because i can't stop crying because this song moves me like a good laxative moves me!!!!!!
    Hey Jagger and Richards!!!!Listen up and take notes when Mr.Hootie delivers such heartwrenching anthems like this and learn something!!!!!!!
    Yes,Mr. Hootie is a gift to the public and they should never take for granted Mr. hootie because Mr. Hootie is a rock god.
    Bow down to the master all ye who enter the wonderful magical world of HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH and his CRACKED REAR!!!!!!!!

    ...more info
  • First CD I ever purchased
    I was 8 years old when this CD came out; I remember listening to this every night before going to bed. Many critics have missed the point, labeling this as just bar band schlock. I disagree, many bigger more well regarded acts can't achieve half the urgency and emotional energy found on this disc. There is something very soulful about Darius Rucker's voice; he really sells the lyrics. Often when I've had a bad day, I'll find myself humming the lyrics to "Time" quietly, or perhaps after a relationship has ended "Look Away." Is this pop? You bet; but it's pop of the very best kind. Nearly 15 years down the road this album has worn well in my very large diverse collection of music....more info
  • Love the Whole Album
    Cracked Rear View is definetley a very good album. This album has some pretty good songs like "Not Even The Trees" or "Hold my Hand" and "Hannah Jane" those are just a few of my favorites, but there is defientley more good songs then just the ones that were heard on the radio years ago. I gave this CD a 5 out 5 review because I Love Hootie & the Blowfish. You can't go wrong with Hootie....more info
  • does korny POProck get any better?
    hootie and the blowfish-from south carolina no less!!!who woulda thought these down home country boys from coumbia and charleston, sc would create an album that would craft several hits and sell over 16 million copies?darius has a voice that can soothe and the rest of the band complete an elixir-like rhythmic section."hannah jane" is a nice and quick upbeat track to open the album."hold my hand" was the song that got them on the map and it still stands as one of poprock's best anthems."let her cry" is the depressing and somber tune that was catchy enough to become a smash."only wanna be with you" is the lighthearted and fun track with the cool video."time" is another hit track that didnt garner as much success as the aforementioned songs, but still made an impact and fell in the wake of "let her cry".these guys still tour and play their music throughout, even though their popularity has all but dissipated.they are all very modest, as the guitarist of hootie is humble enough to take lessons from a local guitar guru that i know.this album is a staple in a collection of sleek and glossy fun rock, and should be a member of any person's collection.
    ...more info
    I go to the Used CD store and I see about ten of these in the new arrivals everytime I go. This is a sad sight because this is one of the best southern rock albums ever. No CD collection should be without it and everyone is trying to get rid of it.

    Hootie is one of those bands that you know will never break up because they have so much fun with their music. The songs on CRV are great. They are mostly about relationships, love, and that how we should all get along. It's wonderful.

    Some of the best songs are "Drowning," a song that speaks out against racism. "Hold My Hand," one of those loveydub songs. Also, "Only Want To Be With You." (Loveydub.) But all the songs are great. That is why CRV gets *points to five shooting stars* FIVE STARS!!!...more info

  • More than a college band's debut album
    It was a couple of years ago, I did get myself a copy of "Cracked Rear View" by Hootie and the Blowfish. Just the other day I was listening to it again and there was still new enthusiasm to discover on it, to me, it seems like on of those "press to play"-albums, although it certainly not was. "Cracked Rear View" is one of the greatest folk-rock albums ever done, great music performed by incredible artists. Somewhere in between the Mellencamp-like sound and the collegeband-feeling this album is rememberin' me of some good old days that used to be. If you like power- and sorrowful folkrock-melodies, a bariton lead voice and THAT feeling, when you drive your car down the street, the window open and the rain just about to fall and a sometimes fingertippin', sometimes footstompin' beat in the background, you should definitely get a copy of this great debut !!...more info
  • Hootie is a great band, I don't care what you say!
    Sure, they have fallen to the status of jokes now, but really, they are a good band. Their songs are catchy and solid. And Cracked Rear View must be agood album to have sold so many millions. If you don't have this album, then you are one of the few that don't. Sure Hootie may be our generation's Boston, but damn it, I like them....more info
  • Riffin' Blues
    This CD's real easy to listen to. I bought it purely for the
    single "Let Her Cry" but the rest of the album is sensational.
    The opening 3 Tracks set the tone. But 2 of the latter numbers,Bluesy "Look Away" & the stripped-Bare Ballad "Goodbye"
    are awesome stand-outs. Enjoy....more info
  • Debut album tops all others
    Although this isn't my favorite CD in my collection, I don't regret buying it. It has a lot of good songs, but the one thing it lacks is play time. If your looking for a not to hard rock CD with good lyrics and creative songs, this CD will definitly make a good choice. My favorites on this one are "Time", "Only Wanna Be With You", and ofcourse "Hold My Hand". I think that this CD is better than any other by the blowfish, and I reccommend it to anyone who is into this kind of music....more info
  • A Guilty Pleasure From the '90s.
    My title says it all. Back in late 94 & 95 you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing a track from this CD. Being from the Carolinas I was familiar with Hootie before this CD came out and bought it the summer of 94 after it's release before top 40 radio began playing "Hold My Hand" every hour on the hour. Nothing ground breaking about the music on here but it was just good time pop/rock. There were the fun songs and the more introspective tunes. It was a great listen. Unfortunately sometime around April or May of '95 after being bludgoned to death with radio stations that had become "All Hootie All The Time" I stashed this CD away for five years without it seeing the light of day much less my CD player. I took a trip back to Charlotte where I had lived at the time this CD came out and was feeling nostalgic so I broke it out to listen to while on my way there. After those five years of exile from Hootie I came back to realize all the things I had first loved about this CD. Simply put it really is one my favorite "guilty pleasure" CDs. As I said before there is nothing ground breaking here but it does have it's charm....more info
  • Very Well Done!
    As a fan of oldies and celtic music, I am proud to say that Hootie holds the distinction of being the only "modern" group that I listen to on a regular basis. Unlike many of today's groups, there is something very pleasing and refreshing about their sound. Although many of the tracks have a somewhat depressing theme, such as drowning, or the desire to be with or away from someone, the album itself is not depressing. Rucker and his crew manage to pace the album nicely, which only adds to the experience. The songs are very easy to relate to, and although it is difficult to understand what Rucker is saying at times, I still consider this one of my favorite albums. I encourage everybody to buy this CD....more info
  • Mission Accomplished
    This album is full of strong vocals, hard hitting guitar chords, and upbeat lyrics. This pop/rock band creates a great sound. This album does not have a rating. It has eleven tracks and a run time of 46 minutes and 43 seconds. The album, under Atlantic Records label, was released on July 5, 1994. "Cracked Rear View" is currently available for under ten dollars. The subtle mix of upbeat songs and slower ballads makes for a great album. The lead vocals, performed by Darius Rucker, are very baritone with a little raspy sound. The harmonies are perfectly placed within each song. This album sold over 12 million copies when it was first released and will always be a great album to have in your collection. Hootie and the Blowfish acommplished exactly waht they had set out to and they did it well....more info
  • Let It Breathe
    This is one of the best best debut albums ever released, along with such company as "Shake Your Money Maker" and "Appetite For Destruction". All of the tracks put on this cd are there for a reason, they evoke emotion and thought from the listener. Just put the cd in, and let it play, you will be instantly relaxed, and reminded of good times....more info
  • I liked it so much I bought it Twice!
    One of my favorite easy listening CD's. I bought it a second time, only to discover that I had it already and misplaced it. The album covers the range of experiences with love, from being with someone that just isn't good for you to break-ups due to family issues. Darius has such an expressive voice that it reminds me of some of other legendary vocalists such as Paul McCartney and Ray Charles. If you don't experience an emotional connection to at least a few of the songs, call the doctor because you must be dead.
    ...more info
  • Jesus was a Black man and he sang in my favorite band
    I will never forget the day...I was playing frisbee on the quad with some of my fraternity brothers from Alpha Beta when I first heard those sweet strains of electric/acoustical guitar, and atop them sat the voice of an angel. I knew some black guys from the basketball team (they always sat together in the cafeteria) but none of them sang like this! This guy was like the Tiger Woods of rock n'roll, but, you know, before Tiger Woods. These sweet sounds were coming from a pink radio that some girl had on her lap. I think I had sex with her, I'm not sure. Anyway, these songs were AMAZING. I felt as though my lungs were coated with asbestos, but the cancer I would later develop would be the result of something good, like musical asbestos, but not in my lungs, but first through my ears, and then the soul, where the fibers would forever remain. Oh man..."Only Wanna be with You"...I would quote this song everytime I wanted to bang a chick, and it ALWAYS WORKED!!! I should sue Hootie for all the STD's I came down with (he's the black one, right?). Long story short, I'm just glad I hear this song 8 times a day in my cubicle. I may be bald and fat with 3 snotty kids and a wife who hates me, but oh man, that song takes me back to time when I actually thought life, and myself, meant something.

    Thanks Hootie!!!

    P.S. Thanks Blowfish!!!...more info
  • At first listen......
    There was one tune that I liked.... For about five minutes. I have to believe the people that like this stuff have only heard it almost less than once. This guys monotone voice has the quality of scratching fingernails on a chalkboard. It is just flat annoying and is just enough to make your skin crawl with discomfort. Even worse it all, all sounds the same....more info
  • Plain and simple
    I swear, everybody is a critic. Great musicians aren't necessarily virtuosos. We sometimes forget why music is in our lives, and frankly, if diving into someone's ability to play their instruments like the best who have been, or to be able to write lyrics as memorable as, say, Lennon and McCartney, or write arrangements that are dead on, then we are missing the point. Sure, as a writer of both fiction or poetry, I tend to edit published artists and authors, in my mind, but I can appreciate the value of something based not on its virtuosity, but its ability to reach me in ways that often even my mind cannot fully understand. It touches me, touches my spirit. Music enlightens, entertains, and on the simplest level, it connects with our soul. That's what "Cracked Rear View" did for me. Over ten years later, it still does. Darius's melodic, emotional voice does it for me on every track, and the songs "feel good" because they are melodic in their own right, and easy to connect to. So go out and enjoy it like you did once; before you were shamed to believe otherwise. Enjoy music for what it's worth. This album is worth it....more info
  • Great start to awesome music!
    This album is awesome... There is a reason that it sold 16+ million copies. Unfortunately it was overplayed and backlashed on the band, as is most music today. I will today and will always say that this is one of the best albums from the 90's/00's, as are all 6 of their albums....more info
  • With a Little Peace, and Some Harmony
    The album starts out with an explosion of sound in Hannah Jane then transitions into the three big hits off the album beginning with the biggest of them all Hold My Hand. I remember hearing them performing the song as an unknown band on Letterman one night and made my way to the local record store the next day. The song, aided by David Crosby on backing vocals, slowly became an anthem for drunk people everywhere, especially frat houses. The song was followed by equally big Let Her Cry, the go to break up song of its time. Hootie got back to the upbeat pop with the next song, Only Wanna Be with You, whose ESPN themed video still remains one of the most entertaining videos of all time. Of course Dan Marino was featured to clear up the line, "I'm such a baby, yeah, the Dolphins make me cry" because crying for men is only socially acceptable when its sports related.

    Even beyond the big three, the album is very listenable and doesn't feature a song that worthy of the skip button. Running from the Devil, with its violin and bongos, give the song a down home feel, and I love how Darius delivers the line "I gave up on you along time a go, but there's something I want you to know." Every great pop record isn't complete without a monosyllabic chanting, and I'm Coming Home delivers that with it's, "Sha la la, sha la la," chorus. The song is another good down home sing-along. Look Away starts earnestly enough with, "Saw her standing there," and continues from there with a mellow look at a failed relationship that shouldn't be ending.

    Being in a pop band, Darius and the boys aren't afraid to talk about serious topics. Drowning deals with living as a black man in the South and asks the important questions such as, "Why is there a rebel flag hanging from the state house walls?" The song later features a line that has puzzled me for years, "PE's coming." I've been wondering since I've first heard it if PE stands for Public Enemy, another group that talked about the plight of the black man. Time, which I believe was the tenth single off the album, also deals with some tough subjects such as, "Children killing in the street, dying for the color of a rag."

    The album closes with a couple of sadder songs starting with my favorite track from the Cracked Rear View, Not Even the Trees. The song deals with the loss of a loved one. The song was very conforming to me as I lost a few friend and family around the release of the album. There were many times I would rewind the song to hear the lyrics, "Does he realize, he came down and took you too soon." I love hearing this song live as Darius slows this line down to give it an extra impact. The official closing song, Goodbye, is the perfect closing time anthem set against an elegant piano melody. Just a great, cry in your beer type of song that is easily relatable to any college aged person. "So baby while we're young, lets figure out together." The album really comes to a close after Darius gives a soulful acapella version of the old standard, Motherless Child.

    Over the years, people have drifted away from Hootie and the Blowfish in a case of being too big too fast and a natural backlash came. This was unwarranted as the boys never presented themselves as anything but who they were, a bar band from the South. All of their songs sound better in a bar as the album deals with great college experiences that will eventually happen in your local watering hole. Even though they haven't put out a quality album lately, the boys can still pull off a great live show as I seen them throw in covers such as Soft Cell's Tainted Love and Stone Temple Pilots' Interstate Love Song showing their strengths of a bar band. In fact, their cover album, Scattered, Smothered, & Covered, rivals their earlier albums in quality. And then there is the video Summer Camp with Trucks featuring a show circa their major label debut which is also worth checking out if just hearing Darius trying to rap. I still consider this group of songs as the most perfect pop-rock album ever made....more info
  • Get it.
    It's been years since the release of this album. The music is still great to listen. Darius has a very distinctive voice that I enjoy listening to in his music. Now that he's doing country, he adds another music genre to his repertoire. Check out his country album. It's got some great songs....more info
  • Hootie and the Blowhards
    This is perhaps one of the worst albums ever produced. While there are undeniably moments of pop catchiness, they fade within seconds. Furthermore, if you are masochist enough to subject yourself to any footage of the act, you will find a revolting arrogance that is so dreadfully misplaced that it will turn your stomach. The next time that you find yourself ever-so-briefly caught in that forgetful moment you will want to immediately destroy the device from which their putrid music emanates....more info
  • blowfish
    hootie and the blowfish? what kind of name is that? this cd blows fish. hootie and the blowfish is a prank...more info
  • What happened?
    With this debut album, Hootie & The Blowfish really showed promise. It sold millions and radios everywhere were playing their music. They even won a Grammy. And this, their debut album, was great and everyone couldn't wait for more. So what happened? They made other albums but nothing that came close to this one and it's too bad. Hootie & The Blowfish once played in Toronto and filled the Sky-Dome to capacity. Now they are returning to Toronto, but this time they are playing at the Guvernment, a real small theatre. But this album contains some great stuff, and let's hope they will soon be back on top again....more info
  • One Hit Wonder But What a Hit!
    This album caught many people by surprise when it first came out and has to be one of the best ever debut albums. The sound quality is also very good and there isn't really a bad track here at all. Rucker's voice is so heartfelt and sincere that you can't help but get emotionally involved with this album. "Time" is a really touching track but then so are "Drowning", "Hold My Hand" and "Let Her Go." An album to last and destined to be a classic. Too bad they were never really able to reach the heights that they achieved with their debut on their later efforts but still, this is a highly recommended album....more info
  • Instant classic, over 13 million sold for a reason, still awesome original music and sound.
    Being in college in the mid-90's , who didn't hear Hootie on their college rock station, and who didn't own this album. I dislike the fact that some people call this band a "one-hit" wonder. Yes, their first album (this one) was their most gigantic, but spawned 5 hits and other great songs. And their next album was no slouch either, selling 3+ million. Their sound is strong, original, and a great marker of that time, but it still is fresh today. A must have album in any collection of rock, many may try to imitate this sound, but nothing quite fits the nitch like Hootie and the Blowfish....more info
    This CD is one of the best Road Trip CD's ever made. You can listen to it all the way through, it keeps the energy up for the whole ride, and, if need be, you can listen to it multiple times without getting sick of it. Good times!...more info