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Street Release Date: 09/28/1993

As Basil Bunting wrote about Ezra Pound's Cantos, "There are the Alps... you will have to go a long way round/if you want to avoid them." Led Zeppelin's work is the central fact of 1970s rock & roll; in its loving homage to and shameless piracy from the blues, its glorious and wretched excess, its transformation of hippie and folk-rock graces into a foundation-shaking kaboom, and its offhanded myth-making, the band turned everything caught in its wake into a reaction to it--or against it. The three non-album tracks the box includes are grace notes rather than lost jewels, but the point of the set is to be a Rosetta stone of album rock, the stairway to a gaudy paradise that they constructed. --Douglas Wolk

Customer Reviews:

  • Drop everything and buy this collection. You owe it to history!!
    Never in the history of rock n roll has one mega group produced such inovative and creative music that is as fresh today as it was 35 years ago. Hit after hit after hit after hit is the line up of Led Zeppelin I and II. CD's I and II are worth the $100 in itself in my opinion. How can you put a price on John Bonom's drumming or Robert Plant's incredible vocal range. I really would have paid over $500 for this collection. Without a doubt. There are a few groups I need on a deserted island, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. When you need timeless real rock, however, Zeppelin stands alone. For your mental health, for humanity, this and enjoy.
    ST...more info
  • Wonderful
    I bought this Led Zeppelin Box Set for my son for his birthdy and he loves it. ...more info
  • review
    One of the most phenomenal music collections ever released. Listening to it in a relatively short period of time will ensure a breathtaking response and the recognition that what the Zep accomplished in less than a decade remains one of the greatest achievements in rock and roll history.

    After listening to this 10-CD set, I decided to see what had to say. Get this...they gave it 3 out of 5 stars, which is on par with, say a mediocre Barry Manilow record. I'll stick with Amazon reviewers who clearly know a supremely eminent recording when the hear one.

    ...more info
  • The ultimate Led Zeppelin studioalbum collection
    I wanted to buy a complete overwiew of Led Zeppelins studioalbums; and that's exactly what this boxset offers. It's a boxset with a nice cover en 5 nicely digipak dubblealbums whit all the original artwork included.
    The CD's sound superb and the music is perfect. It's sad that the dead of their drummer John Bonham made an and to such a succesfull band.
    A must have for LZ fan's....more info
  • Nicely done! Encapsulated Classics!
    Now I can toss my collection of cassettes! Sorry to see them go but I'm jammin' in remastered style now.

    Must have if you appreciate the immortal sounds of this band....more info
  • What more praise can be given?
    I came of age while this music was fresh and current. It was all around me: on the radio, at parties, at friends' houses, college dorm, bars, restaurants ... everywhere basically. My affection of their music was rekindled with the publicity surrounding their reunion on 12/10/07 and I downloaded the bootleg online. Shortly after, I purchased MOTHERSHIP but after giving those disks a few spins, I realized there were too many gaps that needed to be filled and this set was the only solution. The only way it could have made this better would be if it were packaged in an LP-sized box so that the album artwork was in its original size rather than thumbnails....more info

    CLASSIC ROCK FOREVER. ...more info
  • Zeppelin Can't be Put Into Words
    While I've long been familiar with Zeppelin's tunes from old days of classic radio, I've never been a fan of the group, or even a casual listener. I admired the acoustics of Stairway To Heaven, not even sure I ever listened to the song all the way through. Desperate to discover real music in today's industry, I've started going backwards in time musically. Looking for old classics I never paid much attention to. My musical hey-days were the 80's, not 70's Rock & Roll. WOW have I missed a LOT! But discovering Led Zeppelin now, in the sound quality offered here, I can't say I regret the delay. This set is absolutely awesome in presenting this material to listeners new and old. Forget the compilation sets- this music is better experienced, absorbed & studied as a whole body of work. The best 100 bucks you'll ever spend on your music. ...more info
    Led zeppelin are without a doubt the best hard rock band in the world along with Black sabbath and this is great as music can get.If you dont have this in your collection,get ot today.this box set smokes and gets FIVE STARS....more info
  • LOL!
    I have to say, after reading Cincinnati "Bengals #1 Fann"'s review, I laughed for a good 10 minutes straight. It was freakin hilarious. And when he listed those crappy bands at the end, pure gold. Ashlee simpson, LOL! The review was obviously a joke, and funny as heck!...more info
  • Difficult packaging is a real drawback
    If you're considering buying this set, there's a more than decent chance that you already know most if not all of the music, and you know how you feel about that. Overall, I'd give the music here a four star rating; there are classic records here and arguably three or four masterpieces -- nothing to be sneezed at -- but there is also less than perfect stuff: Presence (underrated, but not great), In through the Out Door (not bad), and Coda (self-explanatory title). Those drag the overall rating down.

    So why do I give the set three stars? The packaging. It's attractive, certainly, but whoever designed it hadn't thought much about its function. CDs are paired off in slipcases which need to be returned to the box with some care; the cardboard slipcases are like drawers, and the box has a number of slots or runners, so it's a little awkward. Worse yet are the cardboard sleeves themselves, which hold onto the discs so stubbornly you can't help but know that you risk scratching them -- smudging them is a certainty -- each time you wrestle the platter out of the sleeve and then on its return. That's difficulty enough with play at home; I can't imagine trying to manage the operation when driving on the highway.

    So the packaging itself actually discourages play, which is a pretty big and obvious conceptual problem. And since the package is what you're buying here -- not just the CDs -- I have to dock this box one star.

    My suggestion would be that if you want to buy this box, order a number of empty jewel cases as well. The cover art won't transfer from the cardboard sleeves' booklets (not without some scissors, anyway), but at least the CDs themselves will be accessible, and that's what all this should service, anyway: the music....more info
  • Best of the Best for Led Zeppelin!!!!
    I have been a true Led Zeppelin fan since the 70's and this box collection is FANTASTIC!!! Not only does it represent each album ever released, but they are also in the order in which they were released! With the addition of Jimmy Page's unbelieveable remastering skills, it just doesn't sound any better than this!! Even the box they come in is very handy as it holds the discs in the proper order for easy access. I could go on & on about the band itself as I believe they were the GREATEST band ever! By listening to these CDs you can experience their AMAZING talent!! If you are an original fan, such as I am, it will take you back to the 70's to relive their music with the best sound ever!! If you are new to Zeppelin, this is a fantastic way to hear them in all of their glory! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this set!! It is truly a way to experience LED ZEPPELIN AT THEIR BEST!!!...more info
  • After reading all the 1, 2, 3, and 4 star reviews...
    I read all the negative comments and agonized over the decision for a long time wondering if I would find the same dissatisfactions. In the end, I bought it and I'm glad I did. I don't find the remix to be guitar-centric as some have said. I don't find the packaging to be a problem. My CDs are a bit hard to get out of the sleeves, but they certainly don't fall out as some have said. Conversely, I agree with all the good things people said so I won't repeat them.

    One plus over the original individual CDs is that, in addition to the original albums' play lists (those which were on the original album covers), there is an additional play list for each album that is easy to read and contains authors, play time, date, and location where each song was recorded. Another plus is the booklet that contains the history of the band with many photos....more info
  • WOW!
    Ten discs of the finest rock music from arguably the greatest heavy metal band ever.This is pure greatness and a treat for the ears.very highly recommended....more info
  • Excellent way to get all of Zep in one go!
    Led Zeppelin's The Complete Studio Recordings was released in September of 1993.
    Before I review this boxed set I have to address those who have or will give this one star, your counter immature reviews are old and if you don't like don't review here and go to your Green Day or Britney forums(two hacks who only care about money and not their fans).
    Back to this Led Zeppelin box set, this is a great box set featuring all NINE of the band's studio albums in one place instead of spending an extra $30 or so buying them individually.
    The real treat on this set is the 1982 outtakes album Coda has four bonus tracks which were four of the five bonus tracks on the two separate Led Zeppelin box sets released in 1990 and 1993. The bonus tracks on Coda are Baby Come on Home(which was on Led Zeppelin Boxed Set II) and the tracks from Led Zeppelin Boxed Set 1 which were Travelling Riverside Blues(excellent and was a rock radio hit in 1990 and MTV promoted the Zep box set when MTV was good), White Summer/Black Mountain Side and the long-lost B Side Hey Hey What Can I Do.
    The sound of the albums as a whole never sounded better, especially Presence and Led Zeppelin III(my two favorite albums of theirs) plus Led Zeppelin IV, Physical Graffiti(2 CDs), Hell all of their catalog sounds crystal clear on this box set.
    Also, the albums in this set come with the original vinyl artwork(save the Atlantic and Swan Song picture labels on each record) and excellent liner notes courtesy of former music writer now movie director Cameron Crowe.
    This set is well worth the $100 price tag(10 CDs for over a $100, a bargain) and was also a Platinum seller despite the fact it didn't chart.
    Hugely recommended! ...more info
  • Can Ya Feel The Whole Lotta Love?
    Led Zeppelin were the progenitors of an entirely new approach to hard rock music that continues to influence the work of recording artists to this day. They seamlessly fused a diversity of musical styles into a coherent new sub-genre of rock and roll. Robert Plant's vocals were more than just lyrics with melody - he used his voice as a contributing instrument that augmented Jimmy Page's versatile (and sometimes mind-blowingly complex) guitar riffs. John Bonham's brutal drum onslaught remains legendary to this day. He played the drums like he lived - fast and hard (and he died way too young). John Paul Jones' bass playing was only the tip of the iceberg with regard to his talent and skill. A true multi-instrumentalist, he was also Zeppelin's keyboardist, he played mandolin, ukelele and sitar on some tracks, and the recorder (sounds a little like a flute if you're unfamiliar with it) on Stairway To Heaven.

    While I can see what other reviewers are talking about when they make mention of the cardboard sleeves that the cds come in, it doesn't seem that big a problem to me. I make back-up copies of all my cds as soon as they arrive and put the originals away for safe keeping, so sliding them in and out of the sleeves repeatedly isn't going to be a major issue for me.

    This is an excellent box set of Zepp's studio recordings. Granted, it would have been nice to have "The Song Remains The Same" included, but even without it, it's a set well worth the money. Highly recommended!...more info
  • THE studio recordings
    So awesome to have all the recordings in one spot at one time. The production sounds great and I dont have to worry about scratching my records!...more info
  • Sheer Brilliance
    This band was my gateway drug into great music. My younger brother got really into LZ when he started learning guitar, and his interest was contagious! My only regret is that I hadn't dicovered them sooner =) Even if Led Zeppelin ever made it onto iTunes, I would still shell out for this set, because even a broke college kid like me wouldn't hesitate to use their textbook money to patronize such a legendary, amazing group (or at least who's left of it)! For those of you who still get chills whenever Stairway comes on the radio, made up with your first flame to Dy'er Maker, fall asleep with a smile to No Quarter, this definitive collection is for you. ...more info
    Led zeppelin's box set is one of the best.They are one of the greatest hard rock groups ever.If you have a good taste in music,you should possess this.FIVE STARS FOR THIS BOX SET....more info
  • Three stars for the quality of the music, not for sound quality or packaging
    Led Zeppelin is arguably the most overrated band that I can tolerate - of course, there were other overrated ones that I can't stand (cough Eagles cough Dire Straits). But I still have somehow managed to get my hands on all of their albums. Are they all essentials? No. In my mind, all the Zeppelin albums you need are the Early Days & Latter Days compilation along with II and Houses of the Holy, plus I and Physical Graffiti aren't quite essential but still good to have around. Okay, I'll give album-by-album comments, going chronologically although the boxed set does not.
    1. Led Zeppelin: 3.5 stars (out of 5). A good debut, but in desperate need of improvement. Still, it had some great songs, such as Good Times Bad Times, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, You Shook Me, Dazed & Confused and How Many More Times. But you had to suffer through Your Time is Gonna Come, Black Mountain Side, Communications Breakdown (hit or no hit I never cared much for it) and their butchered version of I Can't Quit You Baby.
    2. Led Zeppelin II: 4 stars. A huge improvement over the debut, not perfect but no Zeppelin album is. Zeppelin started adding folk touches to their music, as heard on Thank You and Ramble On (incidentally, two highlights from that album). But all you headbangers out there will be satisfied by Whole Lotta Love, What Is and What Should Never Be's chorus and Heartbreaker. Only problem? Second or third-rate tunes Living Loving Maid, Moby Dick and Bring It On Home. A whopping SIX classics: Whole Lotta Love, What Is, Thank You, Heartbreaker, Ramble On and Moby Dick.
    3. Led Zeppelin III: 3 stars. By now the naming scheme had worn thin, but Zeppelin changed their sound considerably, adding folk touches. But since it's a transitional effort, it's uneven, but there still are highlights: Immigrant Song, Gallows Pole, That's the Way and Celebration Day.
    4. Led Zeppelin IV/ZOSO/Runes album/Untitled: 3 stars. Zeppelin's most overrated album, no denying it. Sure, it's got three indisputable classics (Rock and Roll, anthemic Stairway to Heaven and When the Levee Breaks), incidentally the three best songs on there. Still, there is some bad stuff: Black Dog has a cool stop-start riff, but the lyrics are poor even by Zeppelin's standards; folksier pieces Misty Mountain Hop, Four Sticks and Goin' to California (A reference to the California soft-rock scene?) all suck.
    5. Houses of the Holy: 4 stars. My favorite Zep album for several reasons: they finally put out some folk-rock that was not only listenable, but excellent (the wistful Over the Hills and Far Away, arguably the best song in the Zeppelin catalouge, Dancing Days), wrote some decent lyrics (No Quarter) and as expected, contributed great hard rockers (The Song Remains the Same, The Ocean). Still some fillers (D'yer Ma'ker, the Rain Song) but it's better than anything else they ever put out.
    6. Physical Graffiti: 3.5 stars. All over the map, which very well works to its advantage. Besides contaning radio songs Trampled Underfoot, Houses of the Holy and Kashmir, there are some other highlights, including several underrated songs: Ten Years Gone, Bron-Yr-Aur, Boogie with Stu and Night Flight. Still, I doubt anyone outside the Zeppelin faithful will be spinning tunes like The Rover, In the Light, Down by the Seaside, The Wanton Song or Black Country Woman anytime soon.
    7. Presence: 1.5 stars. AAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the worst albums ever. Once you get past Achilles Last Stand, there's literally nothing good here, low points including Hots on for Nowhere and Tea For One. Plus it lacks the little quirks that made Physical Grafitti such an interesting record, it's just seven rockers. No acoustic guitars or even keyboards. If you like Zeppelin for the heavy rock, you may enjoy it. I, for one, don't.
    8. In Through the Out Door: 2 stars. Slightly better than Presence, this time containing two good songs rather than one (the goofy Hot Dog and overlong Carouselambara). But it also has three embarassing hits: All of My Love, In the Evening and Fool in the Rain.
    9. Coda: 3 stars. A weak odds-and-sods collection. Some good stuff, though: Traveling Riverside Blues especially, plus Hey Hey What Can I Do, Bonzo's Montreaux (or something like that), Poor Tom and Wearing and Tearing. This is the only place you can get Hey Hey What Can I Do and the boring live medley White Summer/Black Mountain Side, not counting bootlegs.
    3 stars overall....more info
  • Makes for a Happy Husband
    Differing musical tastes is often one of those small compromises made in a happy marriage.

    While I'm not a meg-fan of Zeppelin, I'm no hater either.

    This was a gift for my husband who, after much debate, convinced me of his intense devotion to the band's influence on his musical orientation. He was wide-eyed and VERY happy with this item.

    I'd highly recommend it as a gift for any Zeppelin fan in your life....more info
  • Best for those who love Led Zeppelin!
    Before buying this complete set of recordings I had started my passion for Led Zeppelin but didn't know all of their songs. If you are a true Zeppelin fan and or want a really cool set that is one of the greatest examples of true rock and roll, this is the set for you. I listen to it all the time and it comes in an awesome case with photos and information on the band! Great buy hands down!...more info
  • Great Led Zeppelin Package
    What a great deal this is! All nine stuido albums "Led Zeppelin" (1969), "Led Zeppelin II" (1969), "Led Zeppelin III" (1970), "Led Zeppelin IV" (1971), "Houses Of The Holy" (1973), "Physical Graffiti" (1975), "Presence" (1976), "In Through The Outdoor" (1979), and "Coda" (1982), each with remastered sound, are featured here.

    I don't think this awesome, influential band needs a big introduction but let's name the band members which were Robert Plant (vocals/harmonica), Jimmy Page (guitar), John Paul Jones (bass/keyboards) and John Bonham (drums). As you listen to each album chronologically, you can hear how the band evolves from their initial blues-rock act to incorporate a lot of different styles like funk, reggae, folk, and some eastern influenced songs. That's one of the reasons why this band still sounds fresh today!

    Also included in the "Coda" album are four interesting bonus tracks: "Baby Come On Home" is a great outtake from their debut album, then there's "Travelling Riverside Blues" where Jimmy Page utilizes slide guitar comes from a BBC session and is based on an old Robert Johnson tune, "White Summer/Black Mountain Side" was recorded live for the In Concert BBC program and shows Page's eastern influence in his playing, and finally the most memorable of these is "Hey Hey What Can I Do" which goes in the folk direction so prominent on their third album. Easily the best of these four songs!

    The only minor complain might be that the live album from 1976 "The Song Remains The Same" was left off. So don't forget about it!
    Try to get both versions of it if you can though. That is the original CD issue and the new 2007 remastered & expanded edition because apparently there are some edit differences between them!
    So the best thing is to get both and also don't forget about the "BBC Sessions" and the other excellent live album "How The West Was Won" too!!

    In conclusion, this is a must buy for the Led Zeppelin fan!
    Thanks for taking the time to read!
    Later......more info
  • always a led head
    From the very first time I heard Led Zepplin I thought they were great. Having everything at one time is a dream come true. I probably had every one of these albums but at different times. And the remastered whoo! Its like hearing them for the first time. Thank you for letting me have a say. ...more info
  • Absolutely Essential
    This box set is where my love of music, and certainly my love of Led Zeppelin and rock and roll in general began, so the following review might seem a bit biased, but oh well.
    Anyway, if you are a curious new fan of this excellent band, than this set is not the best place to start, as that would be the "Early Days and Later Days" boxed set, as it contains most of the big hits that are on heavy rotation on the classic rock stations. After that, if you are hungry for more, which chanses are that you will be, than you'll find an enormous feast of great, almost peerless music in this boxed set. You should check out the Runes album, Houses of the Holy and Led Zeppelin II first before you listen to Led Zeppelin I and III, and then try Physical Graffiti on for size after that, not because the music is worse by any strech of the imagination, they just aren't as accsessible as the the other three. After that, you might want to consider listening to Coda, In Through The Out Door, and Presence, because they are sort of an acquired taste.
    I can't vouge for the live albums, since I have not heard them yet, but I hear that they are great. As for seasoned veterans, it would be less expensive just to buy the individual albums that you want instead of putting down the money for the set. For anyone else that wants all of the studio recordings, than this set is obviously the thing to buy. Anyway, on to the music!

    I am a massive fan of this band, so I love almost all of their songs, about 85% in fact. I can honestly say that these albums were all I listened to for about six months, and I'm still not sick of them! So, if you want some excellent music that you will probably like for the rest of your life, than this set is one of the best purchases you can make. Certainly worth the money....more info
  • bargain
    all the recordings for half the price of the more recent release. This is the way to go. Album art is neat but , after all isn't it about the recordings ?...more info
  • The greatest band ever!!!
    Every household should own this box set. It's a complete documentation of all the studio albums by the one and only Led Zeppelin. Some albums, in truth, are not as good as others--that's only expected. For me, In Through The Out Door is their weakest effort by far. My favorite is their first album. Most people will probably say IV, but for me, I is it! Can you imagine what rock fans thought when they heard such a full, sophisticated, hard-rocking production in 1969?? There were a lot of jaws dropping, for sure! Their take on classic blues cuts propelled them to an unprecedented level of musicanship, intensity, and production quality in the world of rock. Led Zeppelin still rules as the greatest rock band of all time!! BUY THIS FOR SURE!!...more info
  • Great Buy
    If you want all the studio albums and all the original artwork for each in one package at a great price, just get this product. Even though this set does not contain The Song Remains the Same, it is a much better buy than The Definitve Mini-LP set which is about double the cost.

    Although some reviewers have pointed out certain deficiencies in each, I personally found both the sound quality of the discs as well as the packaging to be very satisfactory.

    Overall this set is well worth the cost. ...more info
    This is the best collection to buy of Led Zeppelin , it has there very first album all the way to there last studio album , in through the out door , it also has an album called Coda which has song's that were unknown until 1982 it also includes (only on this boxed set) previously unreleased song's that were also unknown until this box set came out in 1990 , so far there hasn't been a good greatest hits collection from Led Zeppelin so don't waste your money on incomplete hits collections , buy there complete collection of all there great songs ,A++++++++++++++++ , highly recommended. ...more info
  • Still the best and convenient way to get all of Zeppelin's studio albums in one pass
    Led Zeppelin's first box set of all of their studio albums in one box entitled The Complete Studio Recordings was released in September of 1993.
    Th Complete Studio Recordings by Led Zeppelin is a great box set that includes all NINE of the band's studio albums (Led Zeppelin I, II, III, IV (a/k/a Zoso a/k/a Runes a/k/a Four Symbols), Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti (a double album/2-CD set), Presence, In Through the Out Door and the rarities collection Coda) all in one place instead of either spending an extra $30 or so buying them all individually or buying the recently released mini-LP sleeve box set (which has all of those aforementioned albums (plus The Song Remains the Same Soundtrack album in its 2007 re-issued form) all packaged in mini-LP sleeves with original LP labels) although that set is still nice to have as well).
    In addition to having properly remastered versions of all of Led Zeppelin's studio albums, the real treat on this set was the expansion of the 1982 outtakes album Coda which has four bonus tracks which were four of the five bonus tracks on the two separate Led Zeppelin box sets which had been released in 1990 and 1993 respecively. The bonus tracks on Coda on this box (and the 2008 mini-LP box apparently) are "Baby Come on Home" (which was an outtake from Led Zeppelin I and first appeared on 1993's Led Zeppelin Boxed Set II) and three of the four previously unreleased on Zeppelin album tracks from 1990's Led Zeppelin Boxed Set 1 which were "Travelling Riverside Blues" (recorded at the BBC in 1969 and excellent and was a rock radio hit in 1990 and MTV promoted the Zep box set when MTV was good), "White Summer"/"Black Mountain Side" recorded at the BBC in 1969 and the long-lost B Side to 1970's "The Immigrant Song" and a long time radio staple "Hey Hey What Can I Do" (recorded during the Led Zeppelin III sessions).
    The sound of the albums as a whole have not ever sounded better, especially Presence and Led Zeppelin III (my two favorite albums of theirs) plus Led Zeppelin IV, Physical Graffiti(2 CDs), Hell all of their studio albums sound crystal clear on this box set (the mastering was done at the time of the 1990 box set and still best sounding of Zep tracks).
    Also, the albums in this set come with the original vinyl artwork (save the Atlantic and Swan Song picture labels on each record (those are on the 2008 Mili-LP sleeve box set as is the 1976 concert film soundtrack album The Song Remains the Same)) and excellent liner notes courtesy of former Rolling Stone music writer and now famous movie director Cameron Crowe (Mr. Nancy Wilson to Heart fans).
    This set is well worth the $100 price tag (10 CDs for over a $100, a bargain) and was also a Platinum seller despite the fact it didn't chart.
    Hugely recommended! ...more info
  • If you have a soul, this will change your life
    I always liked Led Zeppelin, but when I got the boxed set in the mail and listened to it straight through I couldn't get enough. I am a drummer that loves rock music, and being able to hear Bonham on drums, and all the different styles he played is inspirational. This was the best music purchase I ever made, and It's great that they put each album on its own CD, so you can enjoy the sound of each individually. It only makes me sad that I will never get to see them live in person....more info
  • All Led Zeppelin, All the Time
    This is BY FAR the best Led Zeppelin boxed set out there. I wanted to have all the Led Zeppelin albums, but I didn't want to spend a fortune on 3 different box sets. This set has all 10 studio albums, and they are digitally remastered. The sound is great (I'm assuming they're better than the originals). My only minor complaint would have to be about the packaging. The actual box and cases aren't crappy or anything like that, but I would have liked to see the CD's with the original album art. However, at the same time I guess its nice to have all 10 albums numbered from 1-10 if that is your cup of tea.

    This box set taught me that I didn't know squat about Led Zeppelin. I thought I liked about 20-30 of their songs, and I figured the rest weren't anything special like most bands. Of the 80+ songs on these albums, I'd say I now listen to at least 70 on a frequent basis, which I think is a testament to how great this band was....more info
  • A Zep fan's dream come true.
    Finally a set of all the studio recordings! Page did a great job remastering them. Make sure you listen on a decent stereo, not just you iPod!!!...more info
  • Led Zep One Stop
    The first album I ever purchased was Physical Graffiti, This collection is clearer, cleaner and a one stop shop to immerse yourself in Led Zep... Gone but not forgotten...more info
  • Totally awesome
    I've had this set before and I practically wore it out. So when I saw it on Amazon, I had to have it again. The price was unbeatable for such a fantastic collection. I would recommend it to anyone who is even the slightest bit interested in the timeless music of this amazing group....more info