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A Donny Hathaway Collection
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Customer Reviews:

    Donny is probably the most 'known' unknown artist. his style is smooth yet with feeling and soul. This is a reminder of when music was good.

    If you are a true classic soul fan you will indeed love this album. It doesnt include ALL of donny's hits..but it includes a lot of them. ...more info
  • you got the game
    Packaging and presentation was quite satisfactory
    selections could have been arranged differently with
    the more reflective songs could be placed later on
    the track
    pleased with time shipped and time delivered...more info
  • The Ultimate Collection
    I have always been a Donny Hathaway fan. "To Be Young, Gifted and Black" is a song with a message of pride. It speaks to the soul and is a message of hope, particularly for the young people! "Someday We'll All be Free" is a song that reminds us that today is better than yesterday, but tomorrow holds even more promise. "A Song For You" is a love song of great proportions. When listening to Donny's songs, especially the songs I have just mentioned, I find myself singing along with the music. I have studied voice and piano, so I have strong credentials. Without hesitation, add "A Donny Hathaway Collection" to your collection....more info
  • Welcome, American Idol viewers
    The previous posters have said it all with love, so YES, this is the singer that contestant Elliott was referring to, and YES, you can get a good idea of why he means so much to us by buying this collection and the wonderful, newly-expanded version of the live album, THESE SONGS FOR YOU....more info
  • Donny Hathaway CD
    This CD collection has more songs than I knew that Donny Hathaway did. Overall this CD has been a pleasant surprise and good listening. ...more info
  • This is a really excellent collection.
    Even if you don't know much about Donny Hathaway, this collection of songs is a fun mix and it's very moving. It includes some classics with Roberta Flack that are terrific. I enjoy it tremendously....more info
  • Donny Hathaway's reintroduction to the world through Elliott Yamin...
    I can honestly say I had never heard of Donny Hathaway until American Idol contestant Elliott Yamin sang 'A Song For You' on the show. Elliott introduced Donny's daughter to the audience (she is a backup singer on A.I.) & made it known how strongly Donny's music influenced him. In return, it piqued the interest of Elliott Yamin fans to find out about Donny's music...including myself. I must say, I do enjoy Donny's music & am grateful to Elliott Yamin for introducing it to me! THANKYOU!!...more info
  • There Will Never Be Another....
    When I listen to the music of Donny Hathaway it only makes me miss him more. I was a child when he was alive and probably too young to appreciate his work, then one day I was listening to a local jazz radio station, this guy was playing a rendition of "What's Going On" working the suitcase Rhodes piano, I've never heard a musician groove like that. I had to know who it was I spent days trying to find out who it was, after rediscovering Donny Hathaway, I must say that he is nothing short of a genius. To all of those who think that he sounds like Stevie Wonder you are WRONG! Stevie Wonder sounds like him, if you examine the work of Stevie Wonder his music takes this dramatic turn after the Fingertips album, Donny Hathaway is the reason why. Believe me this man has influenced so many people that it's not funny. Donny Hathaway defines an era of music that will always live on in the souls of those who love music that moves the soul. Donny your presence is missed upon this earth....more info
  • Sheer soulfulness in it's highest form!!
    Donny Hathaway. Remember that name. Too few know it but should. A wonderfully fluid voice which wraps it self around notes, while conveying the most heartfelt soulfulness. His phrasing is unique. He has a way of re-interpretting material as well.

    His duets with Robera Flack are well known and his part in them are underrated. He was the perfect counterpart in those and his subtlety in them is often missed. He knew exactly how to compliment Roberta in those. Roberta performed duets with other talented singers such as Peabo Bryson and Maxi Priest, but it wasn't the same. They were her equal and forceful but not the perfect compliment as Donny was. All of the duets are here in this collection.

    Then there are the other pieces which exemplifies why Donny should've had much wider recognition. One of these is, for me, the quintessential version of "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know", which is most closely associated with Blood, Sweat & Tears but that version is surpassed by Donny's amazing version. Donny nevers forces the issue with a piece like this which demands an emotional commitment by a singer, yet he gives it everything it needs. There is the passion and the longing conveyed truthfully. Yes, that's the word that describes Donny Hathaway. Truthfulness.

    Donny also tackles Marvin Gayes' "What's Goin' On' with surprising ease and a deft touch. This version is unique, with a live feeling. Again, he is true to the sentiment and purpose of the song.

    This collection is a winner. It should be required listening for many aspiring soul singers on their way up on how to do it right.

    He left us far too soon.

    ...more info
  • I will buy it when Elliott Sings it but...
    Until Elliott's CD is available...I need this one. This is a great old classic and Elliott brought it back up to date it never really went out of style. I can't wait to buy Elliott's CD and hear this great music in his version!! Love this CD!!...more info
  • True Trailblazer
    When you think of what music should do to you as far as emotion, intelligence, musicianship, and overall presence that surrounds a track, there are many that may come to mind. But very rare do you come across one that cuts you to the core and leaves you asking, "where did this dude come from?" From the absolute control over his versatile, vocal chords, down to the way he tinkled the keys, back to the way the songs were arranged, we are talking about being prolific!!!! Just as Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points, and it taking over 40 years for someone to come even close, so it is with Donny. He is in an area that few musicians can go ALL THE TIME. There will be no duplicates, but his influence truly lives on. Thanks Mr.Hathaway for the vibes. God bless your soul....more info
  • Donny Hathaway review
    I love Donny Hathaway's voice; hence I totally loved the CD collection. It was a fun rewind back to the good ol' days....more info
  • Soul stirring
    I had heard Donny Hathaway decades before on the Roberta Flack duets but never even paid much attention to his name - it was all about Roberta back then ( who is a rare talent!) and I just assumed he was a back up -type singer - how wrong ( and young ) I was back then.

    After being re-introduced to the great Donny Hathaway by Elliott Yamin of American Idol fame, I honestly can say that this is one of the VERY FEW male vocalists I want to listen to in addition to Elliott whose voice blows me away every time !

    Sure,I know A Song for You is a Leon Russell original and I have some old Leon Russell albums, not cds, that is vinyl . Leon Russell is great but I much , much prefer the vocals on this song done by Donny and Elliott - the passion, the intensity, the raspy smoothness - not an oxymoron descriving their voices - more like a phenomenon.

    Do yourself a great favor and buy this CD - it will lift your soul at every listen. ...more info
    For those that don't know who Donny Hathaway is, listen to Musiq, De Angelo, Alicia Keys and you will know. Donny was a SOUL LEGEND. Who if was still alive, would be right up there with Stevie Wonder. His talent is very underappreciated. It is sad that the way he died, has taken away from his artistry and musical creativity. For those that don't have A Donny Hathaway collection, you need to check it out. Someday We'll All Be Free, one of Donny's best, that can not be imitated. Let's not remember Donny for the way he died, but for the way he lived through his music!...more info
  • Thank you Elliott Yamin for bringing Mr. Hathaway's music to the forefront!
    Absolutely loved Elliott Yamin's voice! Fell in love with Donny Hathaway's music when Elliott performed "A Song For You" on American Idol.
    Would love to hear Roberta Flack and Elliott Yamin do a "Hathaway" duet!...more info
  • donny hathaway
    This is a great cd. Though I am embarassed to admit it, I just recently god into donny hathaway. He is such an incredible performer, writer...I place him on the level with the marvin gayes and jimi hendrix of the world. these guys were ahead of their time and it is evident as you listen to their lyrics. if you are an ol school fan of donny's. I highly suggest that you get his live collection. just like scotty from the whispers said in "a song for donny', he's got a voice like silk and it is clearly demonstrated in his live performances. ...more info
  • What a soulful voice!
    I bought this CD to explore the voice that has helped shape Elliott Yamin's performances. This man is incredible and I'm sad that he's no longer with us to share his gift. His version of "A Song for You" is so moving. I especially like the piano intro. "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" and "For All We Know" are also just wonderful. I prefer these songs to the disco-influenced tracks, though I do enjoy his collaborations with Roberta Flack. Elliott has excellent taste, that's for sure!...more info
  • D. Hathaway
    I have always enjoyed the singing of Donny Hathaway and still sad that he is no longer alive.

    His music is relaxing to listen to but also sends a message!...more info

  • I really missed Donny!
    This remix is good except the last song. What in world were they doing??? Somebody just put in a crazy, drum; CRAZY; STARTLING!!! It makes that song completely avoidable. Unfortunate. It is not Donny but the folks in the studio. ...more info
  • The Architect of Soul
    The world suffered a great loss with Mr. Hathaway's tragic death in 1979. Never the less, he left us only the best of soul music. His silky smooth, gospel-influenced tone and his God-given composing skills have influenced the cream of the crop of many of today's soul artists. Here, we have his essential songs from his active years of 1970-78, and though they don't compare to each individual album of his, it is still a great way to introduce yourself to the genius of Donny. From his timeless duets with Roberta Flack to his soulful solo hits, Donny's genius emotive skills bring out every emotion possible, from love, pain, longing, sadness, happiness, and on. Pick this treasure up and see who the REAL "American Idol" is......more info
  • Excellent Material, questionable sequence
    I've always taken issue with this collection; I find its lack of coherence stunning, and that's why it's docked two stars; this is not the fault of the long-deceased artist.

    I find it kind of startling to hear Hathaway's early tracks side by side with "Back Together Again," a mediocre 1978 disco romp with Roberta Flack. Eight minutes later, you're listening to "Someday We'll All Be Free". This comp should have at least been put in chronological order. That would have lended a little continuity to the record.

    Standout tracks include Al Kooper's "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know," rarity "This Christmas", Gaye's "What's Going On" and his 1971 burner "The Ghetto"....more info

    You must buy this CD. You don't get singing like this anymore, unless you listen to his daughter Lalah Hathaway, who sounds just like him. The only one that comes close to his version of "A Song For You" is Whitney Houston. Another favorite is "For All We Know". Roberta Flack is on this CD also. She is awesome as well. Get this will enjoy the whole will not be disappointed....more info