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Hello, I Must Be Going!
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If you are considering divorcing a rock star, let Hello, I Must Be Going! serve as fair warning of what you're likely to face once the papers have been signed and the settlements made. Collins got the last word on sundering his relationship with first wife Jill (he actually addresses her by name on the album!), and managed to deliver it to millions of homes via this album, which contains one blistering diatribe after another: "I Don't Care Anymore," "I Cannot Believe It's True," "Do You Know, Do You Care?," and "It Don't Matter to Me." The mood is tempered a bit by a lively remake of the Supremes' "You Can't Hurry Love" and "Like China," a sprightly rocker celebrating new love. Yet as listenable and engaging as it is, Hello, I Must Be Going! has to be regarded as one of the angriest albums in mainstream rock history. Great stuff, when you're in the mood for that sort of thing. --Daniel Durchholz

Customer Reviews:

  • Hello I Must be Going
    For the first time in ordering on Amazon I was very disappointed with a CD that I purchased. The CD is not in the best condition, which is counter to the description that I read. Admitedly, it is used, but not in the condition it should have been.

    I would have returned the CD, but I didn't realize how scratched up it was until after I had it for a while and I had already thrown all of the packaging, etc. away. Not all of the artwork was with the CD -- the back art was missing.

    ...more info
  • Hello,he must be coming!
    In 1982,Phil Collins managed to put out his second solo album immediately following FACE VALUE the previous year. Hits include I DON'T CARE ANYMORE and a cover of the Motown classic YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE. The latter was first recorded by the Supremes and was a hit for them in 1967. THE WEST SIDE is mostly instrumental. We hear PC's voice on that track but no words at all. He goes "Ohhh!" only. When PC's next album NO JACKET REQUIRED was released in 1985,he'd rise to superstardom and do very little with his band Genesis which he'd eventually leave. Also he'd become an actor as well,starring in 1988's BUSTER and having a short role in 1991's HOOK....more info
  • Or call this No Vest Required--the prelude
    Another Genesis album, Abacab, was followed a year later by another Phil Collins solo album. Hello, I Must Be Going was a clear indication of the Earth, Wind, & Fire type soul-pop that would yield the Grammy-winning No Jacket Required. For the most part, gone were the "weird" songs like "In The Air Tonight" or the cover of "Tomorrow Never Knows." His note-for-note cover of the Supremes' "You Can't Hurry Love," which went to #10, is ample evidence of the pop/soul direction that would hit pay dirt later on. It's still infectious and has its place in the 80's, a decade and a half before the original hit #1.

    The closest thing to "In The Air Tonight," with the airy synths, is "Thru These Walls," of how loneliness feeds upon the need to listen with a glass to the wall or stare out at the window at goings on, where a genuine need to touch someone isn't an option in the cold world. Next up is the disgust and apathy of being ridiculed and having one's name dragged in the dirt of "I Don't Care Anymore," which made it to #39. However, there was none of the haunting eeriness which made "Air" a hit. The slow "Do You Know Do You Care" has a droning synth and guitars, with Collins' vocals overlaid on that airy soundscape. It sounds more like later day Genesis, come to think of it.

    The third single, the upbeat "I Cannot Believe It's True," only made it to #79 despite the snazzy horns. This is puzzling given how similar-sounding singles by him shot to the Top Ten in later years. The Phenix Horns, his brass band, gives this song, and others like "It Don't Matter To Me" quite the kick.

    Two piano ballads are "Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away," which gains a bit of momentum with his steady drumming, the strings matching the pounded piano chords, and the sad but tender "Why Can't It Wait Till Morning," which is Phil on piano, the strings, and nothing else. Another singleworthy song and one of my favourites here.

    Collins was also at the producer's helm this time, with assistance from Hugh Padgham, the brains behind Face Value and the Police's Synchronicity, and would continue with him in his Grammy-winning triumph. And Daryl Steurmer, whose snarling guitar would be most noticeable in "Don't Lose My Number," has guitar chores here.

    Whereas Face Value showed many sides of Collins, this is basically a prelude to the hit that No Jacket Required would become. Maybe call this No Vest Required? Yet one can't help but think that Collins' solo success also fed upon the success of his group. Following this, Genesis would gain their first Top Ten hit with "That's All," and during that time, Collins would pave the way to superstardom with a few non-album hits and some big events. So, goodbye, I must be going....more info
  • I Do Believe Its True
    This is a good Phil Collins solo recording based on some nice pop flavored arrangements. Some tones are more cheerful. Others like I Don't Care Anymore have a bitter angry tone. But many of Phil Collins' tallents as a singer and drummer are utilized here.

    The album closer, Why Can't It Wait Until Morning is a perfect song to fall asleep to based on the reassuring tones. After a hard day's work, Phil's gentle tones are a perfect antitdote. You Can't Hurry Love, Thru These Walls, and I Can Not Believe Its True are other album highlights.

    Some of Phil's later solo work is a bit spotty, but this one is quite strong. It is certainly worth a listen....more info

  • Great tunes
    I originially bought the CD for the single,"I don't care, anymore," and to see what else he might have created.While hooked on the lead song, I am now also hooked on the entire CD,being continually amazed that a drummer could create all that he does....more info
  • Hello, I'm Phil, And This Is My Second Album!
    On his second solo album, 1982's "Hello, I Must Be Going," Phil Collins shows two sides to himself: the happier man with a new ladylove in his life (the woman named Jill in the album credits), and the bitter man saying his last goodbyes to his first ex-wife. The end result is a powerful album, mixing tough rock with delectible pop, with a generous dose of horn-driven jazz/pop as well. It's one of Phil's best discs. The big hit from the album is Phil's faithful cover of the Supremes' "You Can't Hurry Love," and while Phil does great justice to the song, it's his own compositions that really stand out here. The angry "I Don't Care Anymore" & "Do You Know, Do You Care" are brilliant, powerful songs, with Phil's harsh lyrics, vocal & drumming attacks on both making these songs among his greatest recorded moments. "Like China" is a very humorous song (with Phil sporting a Cockney accent) about a young bloke who wants to make it with his girlfriend, but she keeps turning him down. The album's secret weapon, however, is the atmospheric "Thru These Walls," an outstanding song about a lonely man in desperate need of physical contact, but has to make do with hearing his next-door neighbors making love. It's one of Phil's strongest pieces. "I Cannot Believe It's True" & "It Don't Matter To Me" are both fine, upbeat jazz poppers, and "Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away" is an excellent mid-tempo ballad. Phil includes a great jazz rave-up with the instrumental "The West Side," and closes the album with the beautiful love song, "Why Can't It Wait 'Til Morning." Every song here is first-rate, as is Phil's work & production. "Hello, I Must Be Going" is a terrific second effort from Phil Collins....more info
  • Only Buy for Nostalgia
    If one of the many mediocre hits on this album was the theme to your senior prom buy it. Otherwise why pay $10 for dated light pop?...more info
  • Fine Record - I wish to correct the review though
    The review of the record notes that Phil mentions the target of his lyrical ire by name -- Jill. It's a minor point, but facts is facts, brother. The woman he just divorced was Andrea. Jill was his new love. If you want to hear the songs about his breakup with Jill, you've gotta buy Phil's Both Sides CD....more info
  • A Highly Personal Album - and a true masterpiece
    Phil Collins' second solo album "Hello, I Must Be Going" is a highly personal album. Just about every song on the collection centers around relationships and most of it around the breakup of his marriage to his first wife Andrea. It had been reported that Andrea ran out on Phil, who had long been entrenched in his career. In a lot of ways, this album is a continuation from his first solo album "Face Value". On "Face Value" a lot of what was written on the hit song "In the Air Tonight" was his bitterness toward his first wife. On "Hello, I Must Be Going", Phil expands on the theme of the breakup - but not just with the bitterness. Phil gives his own perspectives on things and also will acknowledge his own faults. On the "Face Value" album, there are three central themes that are also carried out to "Hello, I Must Be Going": 1) He continues to integrate horns into the songs (although a little less on this album); 2) There still what I term a "dark psychedelic" element. The best way I can describe this is this is the kind of music you might hear on a quiet, dark city street - with a touch of psychedelica; 3) The Thundering, Haunting Drums of Phil Collins continue. With the "Hello" album, Phil also introduces a fourth element - the use of keyboards and pianos. This gives "Hello" a more of a mainstream pop element. Don't let that deter you, this is one terrific album and it shows that Collins had the confidence to grow his solo career while still being an integral part of Genesis.

    The titles of the songs really tell a lot of the story of Phil's feelings about the breakup. "I Don't Care Anymore" is one of those songs with the dark psychedelic element" and Phil's haunting drums. Lines such as "Get out of my way, let me by, I got better things to do with my time" tell the story. Another song with that dark psychedelic element and haunting drums is "Do You Know, Do You Care?". This song has some trumpet in it. Again the references to the relationship are pretty clear - especially when he says "I'm sick of all the cheating". The song, "Thru These Walls" also falls into the same category. In this song, Phil sings about his feelings on what is going on with his estranged wife and her lover. A mellower song is "Why Can't It Wait Til Morning"- which can be interpreted different ways. Is this a song about Phil possibly reflecting on what could have been with his relationship; or is this Phil's feelings to his new lover (soon to be second wife Jill), apologizing for the anger? Finally, although not nearly a psychedelic song - but still with a bit of the "dark" side", "Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away" is one of the better tracks on the album. It basically is a message to his first wife as she is walking out the door on him. It's a powerful message to her, but Phil acknowleges his own faults by saying "I've been thinking and I know it was me leaving you lonely."

    There are really three horn based songs. One is a near instrumental called "The West Side". Not really much in the way of vocals, but Phil does echo some "yeeaah" - sort of in the flavor of "Hand in Hand". The song "I Cannot Believe It's True" is probably one of the best songs on the album. The horns add a great dimension to the song as Phil basically tells the story when his marriage broke up. This song charted in the UK, but never hit in big in the U.S. The third horn song "It Don't Matter to Me" was a B side to "You Can't Hurry Love", but could have easily been a released song on its own. More ill feelings toward his first wife as Phil basically tells his wife now that they are done, "It Don't Matter" anymore to him.

    The two "pop-like" songs that don't directly reference the breakup, but still fit into the theme nicely. "Like China" is another song that is terrific. This has a nice mix of keyboards and drums (both played by Phil thanks to the magic of mixing). This could either be a song as he reflects on how he met his first wife (Andrea) or his second wife (Jill). Phil's British accent is terrific in the song. The remake of the Supremes' "You Can't Hurry Love" reaffirms Phil's connection with Motown. Although no horns, the mix of keyboards and drums once again makes this a very fun song that also discusses relationships. The thing about "Like China" and "You Can't Hurry Love" is we start to see the more humorous side of Phil Collins. This is something that wasn't evident on "Face Value". I believe this humor really provided a nice launching pad for what soon would be the peak period of his career. The lightness of these two songs also add a nice other side to what could be considered an album that covers such a depressing theme as marriage breakup.

    The version of this CD I have does not have the lyrics for the songs. There are production and studio musician credits listed in the booklet. Phil also gives a thank you to his second wife Jill "for putting up with it all". In general, a disappointing thing is that (today) Phil Collins doesn't do much of the material from this album live - and that is a shame because this album really showcases Phil Collins at his best. There isn't anything I would change about this album - it's a pure masterpiece both lyrically and musically and it is highly recommended!...more info
  • Absolute rubbish
    Very few artists have made abums this bad. The thing about Phil is he included covers on many of his albums as if he could not be inspired enough to write all his own songs and even did the covers poorly and focused on quantity or more then quality. If you want to hear a good artist focussing on the opposite get Security by Peter Gabriel released the same year as this absolute rubbish....more info
  • Phil Collins' overlooked solo effort of the 1980s is his second best solo album IMHO!
    Genesis singer and drummer Phil Collins released his second solo album Hello, I Must Be Going! in November of 1982.
    Phil made Hello, I Must Be Going! during a busy 1982 which saw him play on ex-Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant's first solo album Pictures at Eleven, tour with Genesis that summer, produce an album for ex-ABBA singer Frida and drum at the very first Prince's Trust Concert for Jethro Tull, Pete Townshend, Kate Bush and Robert Plant that busy year.
    Like his previous solo album, 1981's Face Value, Phil plays drums and percussion, does all vocals and keyboards (save "You Can't Hurry Love" where Peter Robinson plays them) and is joined by co-producer/engineer Hugh Padgham, Genesis touring guitarist Daryl Stuermer, bass player John Giblin (and Mo Foster on tracks 6 and 7) and the Earth Wind and Fire horn section a/k/a The Phoenix Horns for another superb solo album.
    We start with the great rocker about the disgust and apathy of being ridiculed and having one's name dragged in the dirt called "I Don't Care Anymore" which was a huge rock radio hit and still gets airplay on classic rock stations aside "In the Air Tonight". Next is the upbeat "I Cannot Believe It's True" which is a great number despite the fact it flopped as a US single. Next is the great rocker "Like China" which has Phil superbly singing in a Cockney English accent and superb solos from Stuermer. Next is the atmospheric rocker "Do You Know Do You Care" which has droning keyboards, exploding drums and guitars and Collins' vocals overlaid on that airy soundscape. He also made his trumpet playing debut on this track. The first side ended with his faithful note-for-note (but a step and half lower than original) cover of The Supremes' 1966 hit "You Can't Hurry Love" which was Phil's first US Top 10 single reaching #10.
    The second side of the album starts with another US FM rock radio favorite at the time of the album's release called "It Don't Matter To Me" which has a nice horn riff from The Phoenix Horns and great guitars and drums. Next was the album's first single in the UK (which flopped in the UK), the haunting "Thru These Walls" which tells of a weird man's need to either listen with a glass to the wall or stare out at the window at goings on, where he wants to touch someone and cannot in the cold world. Next is the piano ballad "Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away" which was released as a single in the UK but flopped and was overlooked in the US for years, great number. Next is the instrumental "The West Side" which is one of Phil's best instrumentals and has great sax work from the late Don Myrick. We close with the sad but tender and beautiful ballad "Why Can't It Wait Till Morning" which is Phil on piano and vocal and the strings, and nothing else.
    Hello I Must Be Going reached #9 on the US album charts and would go Platinum upon its release and Multi-Platinum a short time later and rightfully so as Phil proved he was not a one hit solo album wonder and would go on to bigger things with both Genesis and on his own as the decade wore on.
    HUGELY RECOMMENDED!...more info
  • Essential for Genesis fans
    ALthough Phil has this stereotype surrounding him that he just does formulaic pop, I was so pleasantly surprised to put this one on and hear cool prog songs. This album kind of makes up for the 1982 gap in the Genesis catalogue. 'I don't care anymore', 'Like China', 'Do you know, do you care' and 'West side story', which reminds me of 'Brazillian', are all solid, progressive songs. Okay, they're not 'Suppers Ready', but they're as progressive as say the material on 'And then there were three'. Not only that, I love this version of 'You can't hurry love' [a great pop song] and 'I can't believe it's you' is mature and interesting enough to not be dubbed 'formulaic pop' [I actually love that song]. I love side one of the album. Side two isn't as good, IMO. I've never liked 'Doesn't matter to me' and the ominous 'Thru these walls'. But there's a couple of fine ballads and the afforementioned West Side Story and it's solid enough to fill that gap in the Genesis catalogue from '82. I'll also be on the look out for 'Acting very strange' from the same year....more info