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It's hardly a stretch to say that Antonio Carlos Jobim--the wonderful Brazilian composer almost single-handedly responsible for all things bossa nova--influenced some of past half century's best and most insipid musics, from bossa nova jazz to elevator Muzak. Wave, a collection of 1967 dates featuring keyboardist Jobim backed by an extensive orchestra, straddles that line: it's full of amazing original compositions, but the arrangements have a certain faux suave, late-'60s lounge feel that reeks of stale cheese. The result is actually great, the veneer of kitsch insidiously masking Jobim's trademark immeasurable sadness, which creeps up on you and leaves you unexpectedly affected. --Keven McAlester

24-bit remastered Japanese reissue of 1967 album packaged in a miniature LP gatefold sleeve, features ten tracks. A&M. 2004.

Japanese Limited Edition Gold CD in an LP-STYLE Slipcase.

Customer Reviews:

  • Wave CD, Antonio Carlos Jobim
    WaveAntonio Carlos Jobim

    If you like Jobim, you will enjoy this CD....more info
  • It's simply so good; that it's too short!
    I heard the music or Antonio Carlos Jobim in the 1960s, but I never heard his 1967 classic bossa nova elpee WAVE until WPAT of Patterson, New Jersey played the title cut in 1990, when I lived there. Innovative in its use of trombone, and string bass, "Wave" climaxed the bossa nova era as no other recording that I have heard from its twighlight years. Furthermore, the coolness of it makes it a compliment to jazz and any other category of pop instrumental then or now. "The Red Dress" is a piece over five minutes in length. Jobim demostrates his skill in longer numbers (which were becoming vogue in 1967) with sparkling touches of piano, soothing flutes, and orchestration that might weaken other "easy listening" compositions, Jobim transcends the label of "middle of the road" and ascends into the category of pop standard. Indeed, in the 1990s the title cut, WAVE, has been re-rcorded by rock instrumental combo Satan's Pilgrim's who, dispite their name, do a admirable job of it.

    By 1967 bossa nova had much faded in Brazil since the coming of its military government and was being superceded by Tropical. More political, and short lived, Troptical is at least hinted at by the choice ot cover artwork.

    Recorded in Los Angeles during the spring, Jobim, after being taken to see the Mojave Desert, composed the opening cut on side 2 which he entitles: Mojave.

    It's smooth flute, and bass driven melody that is soft, yet like a graceful whale in the ocean moves with easy unlabored power.

    The one vocal, "Lamento", has the characteristic bossa nova treatment called "the soft voice".

    It is a pop masterpiece that leaves one wishing that there was more. Fortunately for us Antonio Carlos Jobim made many more recordings.

    Of all his solo efforts in the 1960's, WAVE stands as the multi-imparvo, the acme of bossa nova from the man who helped, with Joao Gilberto and Luis Bonfa, to bring bossa nova to the world....more info

  • I had forgotten how good his music really is.
    GREAT!!!!!!!...more info
  • Incredibly mellow but sophisticated at the same time
    For a one disc collection, this is probably the best place to start with Jobim. If you already are a fan, spring for the beautiful 3 CD collection The Man from Ipanema which has many more songs on it, all in an incredibly designed box set. If you like bossa nova, you must add this CD to your collection as it is a pivotal one for the whole bossa nova genre. It just keeps growing on you....more info
  • Nothing less than a masterpiece.
    This album will always hold a special place in my heart as it accompanied me to college in the early 1970s. I would play it in the listening room with headphones on--over and over, again. Little did I realize back then how important or significant Brazilian music would become in my life.

    This album is one of Claus Ogerman's arranging BEST, by far. Each track is a jewel; my favorites being "Look to the Sky" and "Antigua". Having it on CD is a godsend after these years of hearing it with surface noise. Jobim's piano playing is masterful and just the way I like piano played--mostly single notes with a light, delicate touch. Though it's an overused cliche, this album IS a classic and belongs in every jazz or Brazilian music lover's collection.

    Incidentally, the credits for the drums/percussion listing on the album are incorrect and have never been amended, even for the CD versions (import or U.S.). Claudio Slon is the sole drummer on the entire album and Romao/Rosengarden are percussionists only. This was confirmed for me by Claudio Slon himself when I began work on his discography....more info

    It was a real treat to see some others appreciate the music of Tom Jobim. Wave was my first intro to jazz through a friend of mine in high school and so my first purchase was Wave in the Red cover which I still have and treasure. My all time favorite piece of music. Every song is wonderful with "Red Blouse" as my favorite....more info
  • Beautiful music
    I can't really add much to what has already been written here. This is one of my favorites of all time. Listening to it is like visiting with an old friend. Just makes you feel good.

    To describe it as a masterpiece doesn't do it justice.

    You must have this work in your collection....more info
  • Bossa Nova's Finest (5/5)
    Rio de Janeiro is one of the most striking destinations on the Pacific Ocean. Its exotic landscapes are as easily recognizable as anywhere I can think of. Some of the images that come to mind are: sailboats, cigars, warm golden sunsets, the ocean, good wine, great seafood, gentle wind, clean air, relaxing nightlife, the `70s, and beautiful people. With that short list alone, it's easy to see how Brazil could be responsible for some of the most gorgeous music in the history of the modern world. Bossa Nova, specifically, is the most globally recognizable form of music to come out of Brazil, and is partially accountable for a lot of the smooth elements in today's jazz and easy listening genres.

    Antonio Carlos Jobim is the artist primarily responsible for the Bossa Nova movement, and his album Wave is his unequivocal masterpiece. Outside of the famous Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz song, "Girl from Ipanema," no other song/album is as representative to the aesthetic of Bossa Nova music as Wave. Nothing else comes close to matching the heart-wrenching sophistication of the songs within this short 32-minute gem.

    For the most part, it's damn near impossible to think negative thoughts under the influence of Wave. The approach of the album is utterly amazing and light-hearted, while concurrently upbeat and erotic. It contains three basic elements; guitar, piano, and orchestration. Jobim contributes the first two, while longtime collaborator/arranger/conductor Claus Ogerman (along with Deodato, Ron Carter, and others) provides the delicate background orchestrations that lift this album to immeasurable heights.

    Wave is primarily an instrumental album, with the only exception of "Lamento," where we briefly hear Jobim sing with his raspy and sultry voice. Every song on the album is stylistically similar, but creates an overall mood that could, or should, last for much longer than it does here. Luckily, a few years after the release of Wave, Jobim released another album somewhat similar in style, called Tide. His first album, The Composer of Desafinado, Plays isn't too shabby of a recording either. Take any combination of these together and you'll have what could be one of the most peaceful music experiences ever. With Wave, in particular, you'll find repeated listening will become a must.

    Since music (specifically pop and rock) is becoming stale these days, why not search for something a little more artistic and meditative on the soul? Bossa Nova, while gaining much respect and recognition over the past two decades, is still one of the most overlooked genres of music around; especially by our generation. But that's no fault of ours, because it's certainly not promoted in any way. Ultimately, Wave is an album you only need to hear once before it will spark an interest that will uncover an endless list of albums by some of the world's most forgotten artists. Wave is the quintessential Bossa Nova album, and, consequently, remains one of the best albums I've discovered in the recent years....more info
  • Chillout, lounge... this is where it all began
    Close your eyes, forget about names and time. If you do that, you can picture "The Red House", the now-legendary "Triste", the 3/4 "Mojave" or "Lamento" being recorded by some of the 21st century's hottest chillout acts... but truth is that it's yet another revival (not implying that today's work lacks value or originality)... quite simply, Tom Jobim did this back 1967, with his new Bossa (Bossa Nova) in this follow through to classics such as "The Girl from Ipanema", "One Note Samba" and "Desafinado".

    Digitally mastered and engineered by mega-producer Rudy Van Gelder, this reissue of Jobim's 'Wave' blends in a perfect mix of downtempo, romantic tunes with upbeat tracks that bring out the best in Bossa Nova from the father of the genre himself, for the new generation and those who heard the music back in the days, to enjoy alike....more info

  • Very Annoying
    This CD contains some of the most annoying muzac I have ever heard. All the songs sound pretty much the same... none without that put-me-right-to-sleep synthetic keyboard stuff. I was disappointed, I really was expecting to get alot of Brazilian flavor from this CD, it just didn't deliver for me....more info
  • ..gives you happy feet...can't stop dancing!!
    This is a great background music CD. At one point, during the dinner party, my friends and I looked at each other and asked "are they playing the SAME song over and over?" Maybe it was the wine?? :)...more info
  • Great mix of jazz and bossa nova
    Mix jazz and bossa nova, and a little of love and sexy beats, and you get one of the best albums of Jobim.
    It's difficult to choose which is better, singing or playing keys. Not mention the incredible compositions. He is always the best...more info
  • Riding the "Wave"
    Far too short as far as I'm concerned. After the final song, I wanted more. I repeated it over and over again the day it arrived. Since then, it has not left my car stereo CD player and something even more monumental would have to replace it. "Mojave" is my new most favorite instrumental song of all time. Prior to that, Bach's Fugue in E topped my list. Simply put, the most interesting CD I own....more info
  • Everlasting
    Listen to the samples and you will not need anyone's comments. "Wave", "Tide", "Stone flower" and the rest of the albums with Jobim's music will live for ever. Smooth, relaxing, stylish....more info
  • every cut is outstanding, love it
    I found this album by accident and after listening to the audio selections, decided to buy it. WhenI played it, I was delighted with the whole CD. It is very relaxing and also, great background music. Ihad several people in the house when it was playing and they all liked it, and I am going to purchaseand send several copies to family. Thanksto the audio selections, which havemade the difference on several albums I have purchased....more info
  • The Primitive Sophisticate
    As a consumer, I appreciate Jobim's genius as a creator of wonderful music and great albums. In fact, this is the most romantic instrumental album I know of, great for setting a mood, heck, some of it just plain sounds like languid sex ("Dialogo"). As a musician, I am simply in awe of Jobim's unique blend of earthiness and sophistication--the melodies, the connection to nature, the "primitive" rhythms--combined with chords and chord progressions of the highest complexity. The chords to his songs are absolutely jazz to the extreme, and yet it is all grounded by the Brazilian natural world. Jobim was a musical genius, and the main thing he brings to the world of music was....beauty. I had the pleasure of hearing a band play that consisted of Jobim's son and grandson and his cello player from when he played gigs, along with an exquisite female vocalist. They did his songs justice. The music world is a better place because of Jobim....more info
  • Music to make you feel cool!
    I feel like a Brazilian playboy with millions everytime I play this CD. I can't explain it. These are so smooth and sophisticated arrangements by Jobin, they are especially good on hot, sultry afternoons. If you like Brazilian tempos with lush arrangements, this is your cup of cappucino. The only knock is that the CD comes in around 30 mintes. In the words of the Andrea True Connection when she asked "how do you like it?" ..I say "More..More...More.." This is excellent late 60's playboy lounge music. Yes, I'll have a cocktail...shaken, not stirred. ...more info
  • Really Nice
    I really enjoy listening to Wave. I find the sound relaxing and the songs enjoyable. I recently started listening to the famous Getz/Gilberto album and I wanted to pickup albums from some of the other artists featured on it, hence Wave. Good album and I would recommend it to anyone who liked Getz/Gilberto....more info
  • A Must Have
    This CD is a classic, no doubt about it. It's a release that I would have to recommend to anyone that's a fan of Bossa Nova and Antonio Carlos Jobim's music. To many, Wave is like the essence of Bossa Nova and a cornerstone in the genre. Simply put, you haven't heard all there is to hear of Bossa Nova if you haven't heard this.

    I love this CD - I can put it in no matter the time of day and unwind and relax. It has soothing orchestration, gentle touches of life and the musicianship is stellar, of course, and it's very romantic. It's almost like there's a song for each season of the year and once the music plays, you're taken to another place. Of all the Antonio Carlos Jobim releases, this is certainly an essential - along with Elis and Tom. So many artists have redone works here and it's safe to say that very very few of them capture the magic that the versions here do - with the notable exception of Elis Regina's "Triste" IMO.

    Definitely PICK THIS UP! It's worth every penny. But be warned if you're a bit new to Bossa Nova, this isn't so much about Astrud Gilberto, Stan Getz or Joao Gilberto so the versions here are very different from theirs. And if you do pick this up and like it, certainly check out Getz/Gilberto, Elis & Tom, Astrud Gilberto and of course Joao Gilberto and work by Joyce. Oh yeah, and check out "Tide", by Antonio Carlos Jobim too. Enjoy!...more info

  • Jobim Music Marvellous - Sound Reproduction Poor.
    Hello Friends:
    My title says it all.
    The music of Jobim is unparralled. His beautiful songs desereve five stars.
    However the quality of the sound is very poor. Possibly produced from old original recordings without sufficient modern technological correction and filtering. Very poor quality.
    L.Roly Jobin. ...more info
  • One of the Best Albums Ever
    I have been listening to this album since I was a child. I'm now in my late 30's and it never gets old. ...more info
  • Always fresh
    The vinyl copy I had back in the early 70s we would pull up the lever and let it repeat constantly all day long and NEVER hear a phrase repeated. It's fantastic music....more info
  • Claus Ogerman did the brilliant orchestrations
    From CLAUS OGERMAN by Gene Lees: "But he became best known and respected for a series of albums with Jobim. These amounted to far more than arrangements of the Jobim songs. This was a remarkable collaboration whose precedent, really, is that between Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, and it's hard to know where Jobim ends and Claus begins ... Tommy [LiPuma] is awed by the way Claus writes unison string lines that are somehow perfect. It sounds like a simple thing--after all, the violins are playing the same lines. But there is always something eerily beautiful about those lines."

    "Eerily beautiful" is an exact description of the crescendoing strings at the end of LOOK TO THE SKY. And at the very end you hear a brief piano passage played by Jobim himself....more info
  • The Music of Antonio Carlos Hobim
    Jobim Music is to float on a cloud of dreams. I have most of his music performed by all the great Brazilian artists including a
    a superb rendition by Frank Sinatra {not Brazilian}
    Ilove this CD.Although it is Instrumental The music is divine.
    Jobim inspires love and romance in me.
    From Arti a 24 years GUY...more info
  • One Enjoyable Track
    The title track, for which I bought the CD, was everything I expected. Unfortunately the rest of the CD was "ho hum". I'm going to donate it to the Public Radio annual CD sale....more info
  • A Wonderful Introduction to Bossa Nova and Jobim
    Although bossa nova was already known to the world with albums like Jazz Samba and Getz/Gilberto, this album (recorded in 1967 at Rudy Van Gelder's studio) helped establish Antonio Carlos Jobim himself as a known name. While Jazz Samba and Getz/Gilberto approach bossa nova with a smaller group, Wave has more of an emphasis on orchestration of stringed instruments, which is arranged beautifully by Claus Ogerman. However, instruments such as piano, bass, drums, and other percussion are still present.

    Wave features instrumental versions of 10 Jobim originals, and each one is saturated with Brazilian bossa nova rhythms. Most of the songs on here are not jazz standards like "Girl From Ipanema" is. In fact, the only songs I would say are jazz standards are "Triste," "Wave" and maybe "Look to the Sky." So, this stands as a great introduction to the music of Jobim. It ao serves quite well as an introduction to bossa nova, as this was the first bossa nova album I ever listened to. I have been hooked on the genre ever since.

    I would recommend this album to anyone wanting to investigate bossa nova because you'll get to hear some very famous songs with a very authentic bossa nova sound. But, you also get to hear very obscure Jobim songs such as "Captain Bacardi," "Mojave," "Dialogo," and "Antigua." I believe the obscure songs are more of a standout than the standards because they really translate the instrumental bossa nova sound wonderfully. I think if you want to know the genre better, then this is one of the first albums you should get....more info
  • Tom Jobim- Claus Ogerman- Creed Taylor 5 Star Collaboration
    It is undeniably true that the best Tom Jobim was recorded under Creed Taylor production on Verve ("The Composer Plays") and for Taylor's CTI, including this "Wave" - both blessed by Claus Ogerman arrangements, the same maestro who's worked with Bill Evans in the now-Jazz classic "Symbiosis". This is also a must-have in any serious Bossa Nova collection....more info
  • Masterpiece
    This album, outside of compilations, is possibly the best introduction to the fusion of traditions that is Bossa Nova. I have been exploring this genre for two years and there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Jobim was the finest exponent of Bossa Nova. May his legacy live long....more info
  • The ultimate bossa nova album, and Tom Jobim's best
    I just received this album, today, and I can't get enough of it! I had sampled listening to the tracks after being attracted to "Wave"'s unique album cover with the giraffe silhouetted in a 'green sky' background. (The picture on the back with Tom Jobim in silhouette is also nice, adding a haunting, dramatic touch.) I immediately fell in love with this album, and had to order it.

    All of the tracks on Tom Jobim's "Wave" are bossa novas - bossa nova being my favorite style of Brazilian music. One can't help imagine being on a Rio de Janeiro beach while listening to the tracks "Wave", "The Red Blouse", "Look To the Sky" (with its wistful, dreamy quality). For "Batidinha", the music is so breezy! When I listen to it, I like to envision a relaxed, lazy day on the beach (again, in Rio).

    The rhythmic "Mojave" sounds like an upbeat waltz. But it is too short. Just as you are beginning to enjoy it, the song is finished!

    And, finally, there is my ultimate favorite track, "Antigua". This should have been the last song on the album (In this case, I play the last track, "Captain Bacardi", first; then I conclude with "Antigua").
    When I listen to "Antigua" (at least, just this version), whimsical person that I am, I imagine Alexander Belayev's "Amphibian" Ichthyander romancing his sweetheart, Gutierre on an isolated beach on that Caribbean island. I see them tenderly embracing (and kissing!) at the surf.

    Okay, back to reality, and Tom Jobim's "Wave"!

    I sampled the tracks on "Tide", Jobim's follow-up album to "Wave". "Tide" is good, but many of the songs veer from the bossa nova sound. Which is why I'm sticking with "Wave". An Amazon reviewer mentioned that "Wave" is the better of the two albums. I agree. For me, it is THE BEST! Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Wave" is a must-have for lovers of standard bossa nova music, and for lovers, in general.
    ...more info
  • Oba Oba!
    Antonio Carlos Jobim is one of the fathers of bossa nova. This is his most popular solo album and a true classic of the breezy Brazilian style that influenced many jazz artists and caught the world by storm in the early 1960's. If I was going to be stuck on a deserted island and had a choice of ten cd's to have with me, this one would be on the list. Moody and intoxicating....more info
  • One of Jobim's best works
    I first became attracted to Jobim after purchasing a copy of the vinly "WAVE" a good many years ago. The music today is as romantic and fresh as it was when I first heard it played. The music seems to me to give a look into the mans heart and soul...more info