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Falling into You
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Dion's breakthru classic album includes 2 tracks not found on the US version: "You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman)" and "Your Light".

Canadian thrush Celine Dion is primarily a singles artist, which is a good thing, because the soaring, epic style she brings to nearly all of her material is thrilling in four-minute bursts, but nearly overwhelming at album length. Falling into You is Dion's finest attempt to temper that approach--mixing low-key love songs and dance pop between showstoppers such as "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" and the Up Close and Personal movie theme, "Because You Loved Me." Dion's take on Tina Turner's Phil Spector experiment "River Deep, Mountain High" is game, but there's little doubt which singer hails from the Great White North and which one is from Nutbush, Tennessee. --Daniel Durchholz

Customer Reviews:

  • A five star, no doubt about it
    This cd is just awesome. It is THE best cd in my collection and probably the best cd around (otherwise i'm seriously missing on something). I can't describe the greatness of this disc.
    It's all coming back to me now is the best song i've ever heard. Because you loved me and call the man get a 9.8/10 when you consider a 10 perfect. (the only other song worthy of a 10/10 is true colours by cyndi lauper). I love you and falling into you are great songs 9.5/10. the rest of the disc is nothing to be too exited about, but still, songs like seduces me, your light and make you happy can't at all be considered fillers.

    This cd is just the best cd ever. I have all celine dion albums but none of them come close to this one. Deux, the colour of my love are both great cd's, but nonen of them are as perfect as this album. An absolute must buy!...more info
  • Love it, especially 'Seduces Me'
    Get it for 'Seduces Me' alone and its worth it. Celines whiskey raspy voice gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Absolutely the most beautiful song....more info
  • Awesome
    I can listen to her all day and night. Of course I know all the songs now :o)...more info
  • The Album That Made Celine Dion An International Superstar!
    In 1993, Celine Dion hit the big time with her album The Colour Of My Love. The album featured the massive breakthrough No.1 hit The Power Of Love, and the huge UK No.1 single Think Twice, which sold more than 1 million copies and spent a staggering 31 weeks on the chart. Expectations were high for Celine's follow-up album. Released in the spring of 1996, Falling Into You did not disappoint. The album has sold near to 30 million copies worldwide, and features some of the biggest songs of that particular decade. Celine Dion was now an international superstar, whose incredible vocal talents stunned the world. In comparison to her previous album, Falling Into You is somewhat more uptempo and joyous. The songs have more of a melody, and this works well for Celine.

    Falling Into You opens with the fabulous hit single, "It's All Coming Back To Me Now.". The song peaked at No.3 in the UK in October 1996, and is one of Celine's most memorable compositions. The song runs for almost eight minutes, but it doesn't seem that long because once this powerful ballad gets going, you just fall back and enjoy every moment of it. "Because You Loved Me" was another big US No.1 for Celine in June 1996, while it peaked at No.5 in the UK. The song is the theme from the film Up Close And Personal, and it is literally perfect. The lyrical arrangements are beautifully crafted, and Celine's vocals are gorgeous - truly the voice of an angel. "Falling Into You," the album's title track, is another superb song. This mid-tempo classic has a soft touch to it, and a feeling of ambiguity and mysticism as it opens with African drums. The song simply sways with simplicity, and Celine's vocals are awesome once more. The song rises and falls in the middle when Celine sings, "Catch me, don't let me drop. Love me, don't ever stop." We are then treated to a sensual saxophone which really spices things up. Excellent. "Make You Happy" is perhaps the best up-tempo song on the album. Celine sings about making her lover happy in this happy pop number. All these silly pop bands that crave attention in today's music terms should take a listen to this - it's truly pop perfection.

    "Seduces Me" is a staggering love ballad. Celine performs this classy song to her optimum best with vocal supremacy when she sings, "And if I should die tomorrow, I'd go down with a smile on my face." Great lyrics, even if she doesn't write them herself. "All By Myself" is...well, wow. This cover-version really does need no introduction. Celine sings for three minutes in a rather subdued tone about how she hates being all alone. Then the song rises, and Celine belts the song out from the bottom of her heart, practically smashing your CD speakers. Her voice is absolutely amazing, and I don't think I've ever heard anything so god-damn wonderful before in my life! Classic ballad. "Declaration Of Love" is another great pop song. This has a sort of old pop sound to it. It sounds very vintage with its (rather) corny vocal arrangements, but this is Celine Dion we're talking about and she can pull anything off. Celine's cover of "(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman" is not quite as good as the original, but her vocals rival even those of Aretha, not quite pulling it off, but very close. "Dreamin' Of You" is definitely an album highlight. This is pure pop personified, but Celine does it so well. The music is so relaxing and chilled out, and the backing singers highlight this. The verses are co-ordinated well, and Celine's vocals are rather average. This isn't a bad thing, however, as this is the kind of song that one desires to relax to - not to be distracted by epic vocals.

    "I Love You" is a great mid-tempo song. The song is more of a ballad, but it contains so many different musical styles that it makes it hard to decipher. Whatever it is, you're sure to love this wonderful love song. "If That's What It Takes" is not a very good song. This is basically a filler, but Celine's vocals save it from being terrible. "I Don't Know" is a spine-tingling chiller of a rock ballad. Celine's vocals echo, and you get the impression that she's singing it as she stands on the top of a mountain with the world at her feet. A saxophone and an electric guitar enhance the epic feel of this song. Definite highlight. "River Deep, Mountain High" is a good cover-version of Tina Turner's classic. This version is not as good, and Celine seems to try desperately to beat Tina in the vocal stakes. Besides this, the song has a modern feel to it, which is rather interesting. "Your Light" is a great pop song. This song is sung in a sort of country style, in which Celine's vocals seem forced to sounds traditionally American. Not bad, but not an album highlight. This album closes with "Call The Man" and "Fly." The former was the fifth and final single to released from the album in the UK, and it's not really one of my favourites. A bit too slow and moody. The latter is a short and sweet diamond in which Celine's vocals stay low and in a whispering tone. The song is about Celine's close relative, Karine, who died of Cystic Fibrosis.


    Falling Into You is a definite highlight album of the 1990's, and one of the biggest selling! There are only a few female albums of the 1990's that top Falling Into You in terms of sales, and these are Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill," Whitney Houston's "The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack," Celine's own "Let's Talk About Love" and Shania Twain's mammoth "Come On Over." It's quite an achievement when thinking of what Celine Dion has achieved in the past decade. She is a 150-million-selling, Grammy-award winning international superstar, with the talent, the family, the wealth and the looks to add to this. She is truly one in a million, and Falling Into You is essential for all fans of ballads, and even just for those who are interested in very good music....more info
  • Incredible
    Celine Dion has put out an amazing CD. I fell in love with "Because You Loved Me" and used to play it nonstop. Luckily, I stopped playing it so much, giving me the opportunity to play other songs on the CD. I started listening to "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" and although it's over 7 minutes long, I wanted it to keep going. So I listened to it nonstop. Eventually, I listened to every song and loved them all especially "Falling Into You" and "Declaration of Love". Her soothing voice and breathtaking vocal range made this CD so wonderful. There were quiet, almost cautious measures that were preceded by booming lines. Celine is spectacular and I suggest that anyone who likes love songs buys this CD. ...more info
  • One of my All time favorite Celine Albums
    I love Celine Dion music and this album is always one of my favorites. Even when Taking Chances came out recently I love that Album but this one is classic Celine. Some of my favorite Celine songs off this album are "Dreamin of You", "If That's What It Takes", and of course the ones that are more known; which are, "Because You Loved Me", "All By Myself" and "It's All Coming back to me now." I love this entire album. ...more info
  • One of Her Best!
    I have literally listen to this CD over and over. There are so many hit songs on this CD. You won't go wrong with "Falling into You."...more info
  • Love this CD, especially # 3 !!!
    This is such an inspirational CD! I love her voice, especially in number 3 - if you're a ballroom dancer, this is a beautiful Rumba! There are a couple other Rumbas worth listening to as well. Please give it a whirl first and you'll be enchanted by her, even if this is some of her early work....more info
  • GO! Celine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Love this whole album, well worth it. My favorite track is Dreaming of you. aaahhhhhhh.. enough said. celine dion is an encredible singer, Ive never seen her in concert yet, but someday. all her abums are good, And the other track is (I love you)..ooooohhhh. anyway dang this women she new what I was going through at the time I falling in love with someone, in 1996 this cd came at the right time.. go celine.. 5 stars indeed.....more info
  • Rock On Celine!
    Dear Amazonians,

    This album single-handedly made Celine Dion the 1996 artist of the year. Not surprising, when you hear the music on this CD. I remember in 1996, I was on vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands, when I bought this CD. I was captivated by Celine's mastery of the art of music. Celine's voice is sharp, and she has total control over the range of pitch that she can produce. Celine is truly one of the best artists of our time.

    Even though Celine has come back to performing after having a baby, as well as tending to some personal business, I think this CD remains the best album she has ever produced. It will be hard for her to break this record, but as anyone knows, only Celine can do it!

    Rock on!

    --Daniel...more info

  • What a masterpiece!
    This album is nothing less than exceptional!! I definitely see why this album was awarded the Grammy for Album of the Year. Each song on this album is better than the one before it. You will not be able to stop listening to this. It starts off with "It's All Coming Back To Me Now". If that song doesn't give you chills, there is something wrong with you. Buy this today!...more info
  • Celine Sings to Your Heart
    Celine is the finest singer of popular music in the world now. If that's not good enough, then what is? Her singing is flawless not because she hits the right notes everytime like an oepra singer (which she usually does), but because she sings from her heart - and that touches your heart. She brings each song to a higher level. Try singing the song yourself. Hear the difference. For those who can't appreciate her singing, I would suggest going for a formal hearing test (audiometry)by a doctor or audiologist before putting your comments down in print. This is her first big English album - which focussed attention on her 2 prior English albums - and its success in commercial sales just speaks for itself. 150 million sales later, this is truly one lady whose songs are truly well worth spending your hard-earned money on....more info
  • Used CD
    This CD plays and sounds as good as any new one that I have
    purchased, and best of all, cost VERY little. Shipped to me
    quickly. I am very satisfied with this purchase....more info
  • My Favorite
    This is my favorite Celine Dion cd with great songs from a woman with an amazing voice, my favorite song is "I Don't Know"...more info
  • A Passionate Piece of Work
    Celine Dion's 1996 release FALLING INTO YOU keep making it back to my CD player. This is an unforgettable album--a compilation that is full of passion. Dion vocalizes this passion thorough her strong voice. The album kicks off with the breathtaking 7:37 Track 01-IT'S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW written by Jim Steinman. The music will catches your attention right away and creates an element of suspense before Celine sings the first note. This original unabridged version is by far the best as the promo edit we have heard on radio was terribly cut. In fact the song doesn't even sound like it is 7:37 long.

    The most popular and widely aired piece from this album is Track 02-BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME (Theme from Up Close & Personal). You've probably heard it at wedding, birthday party and farewell function. Diane Warren wrote this affectionate piece and no doubt the song stayed in chart for quite a while back then. I particularly like the lyrics that is almost an ode to friendship. Very inspiring and heart-warming piece.

    I know many have commented on this album and some really like Track 03-Falling Into You. Honestly I do not really like this title track all that much. It might be a change of tone from the two previous tracks but I personally think both music and lyrics-wise this track is nothing compared to IT's ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW and BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME. I guess the major reason is that the song doesn't touch me as much as the previous two do. Track 04-MAKE YOU HAPPY and Track 05-SEDUCES ME are again somewhat dull and banal. These two tracks contribute to the reason why I have taken out a star for this album.

    Track 07-DECLARATION OF LOVE is a candid cute performance. The song is more upbeat and rock-n-roll like. My other favorites are Track 08-DREAMIN' OF YOU and Track 09-I LOVE YOU. These two songs are very similar that I didn't remember which one was which after listening to the album for a year. Both are very passionate expression of love and sentiment. I particularly like Celine's high pitch in DREAMIN' OF YOU.

    Talk about music that pulsates in your head and makes your heart throb, the two final cuts Track 13-CALL THE MAN and Track 14-FLY will just do. These two songs are beautiful in a very sad mood. I do not own all of Celine's albums but I can assure that this is a very well-done one. I'm sure it touches many souls....more info

  • Amazing, Superb and Awesome!
    Amazing, Superb and Awesome! are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe the women with the GREATEST voice on planet Earth. Perhaps the greatest voice EVER. Yes! you read it right... "The greatest voice EVER." I've been listening to music for over 50 years and I've never heard anyone that even comes close to being her equal. I'm just a little bit upset because you can only give 5 STARS. I wanted to give her 5 Stars to the 10th power. Would that be considered HYPERBOLE. Your damn right it would, but I don't care... Because I LOVE!! her music....more info
  • Just one of Celine Dion's great hits!
    Celine Dion, one of my all-time favorite music artists, is a wonderful musician and has an extraordinary singing voice. Her music has always been a soothing, relaxing sanctuary for me. When I've had a tough day or am in a bad mood, I can turn on any one of Dion's CD's and I know it is sure to help me relax and unwind. Celine Dion's soft, sweet voice combined with the deep and passionate words that express love and tenderness are a
    combination that is sure to move you.

    One of my favorite albums by Celine Dion, although they are all equally great, is titled "Falling into You". This CD, which contains some of Celine Dion's best written love ballads, sung with feeling and dedication is a CD I can not get enough of. It is no wonder this CD recieved a grammy award and has reached platinum status in sales.

    This CD contains the hits "Because you Loved Me", "It's All Coming Back to Me Now", and "Falling Into You", three great songs, well written and sung wonderfully. The hit "Because You Loved Me", sung so energetically by Celine Dion is a beautiful love song which words go beyond the meaning of love. The song, "It's all Coming Back to Me Now", is a heartfelt, deep song that will take you back to previous love affairs. "Falling Into You" is another great song that touches you so deep inside that your emotions will overflow and make you feel many different feelings. These three songs are only a sampling of just one of Celine Dion's great albums.

    The above songs are only three great tracks on this CD. "Seduces Me", "All By Myself", and "Call The Man" are three more great examples of Celine's Dion's amazing talent. These and the entire CD portray some of Celine Dion's greatest singing abilities that have never disappointed me.

    Celine Dion is one of my favorite artists. There has never been a song nor album by Celine Dion that has not moved me or made me feel like I am in another world. Her songs are meaningful, heartfelt and her voice is filled with emotion when she is singing. I know I can always expect great songs from Celine Dion....more info

  • Her most consistent album.
    Falling Into You by Celine Dion was a good album for its time but now this cd is pretty much throwaway pop. Songs I do appreciate include: Because You Loved Me, River Deep Mountain High, Call the Man, All By Myself, It's All Coming Back to me Now, and the title-track. The rest of the songs are filler. I used to be a fan of Celine's but after Let's Talk About Love album I lost interest, my music taste changed after that. Romantic album but nothing spectacular....more info
  • Celine's best
    Celine has been my favourite singer since the beginning of the 90s and this is her best work. No other album touched me more. "It 's all coming back to me now", "Falling into you", "Make you happy" and "River deep mountain high" are my highlights, but I love them all (except for "Seduces me"). And there's no greater song than " I love you ". Everytime I hear it I want to cry. Thank you Celine. Looking forward to another masterpiece (but please DO NOT SING R&B!)....more info
  • The Best Album I've Ever Heard
    This was the first album I ever bought and it will forever be my favorite album. This is Celine Dion's signature album. My Heart Will Go On will be the song she is remembered for, but she has never and will never produce a finer album than.

    It's All Coming Back To Me Now is a masterpiece. Dion displays a tremendous vocal range in this song. Once she starts singing, there are hardly any breaks in the song. Dion lives up to the task and is the complete driving force in this song. While often forgotten in favor of her movie songs, I would consider this her best song ever.
    Fly is an incredibly moving song on this album. She sings it to her niece, and you can feel the emotion coming through the song. They played this song at the ESPY Awards(espn's sports awards) in tribute to the football coach of Columbine High School and it was one of the most moving moments I've ever seen. It made athletes cry.
    This album is the only album I own where I enjoy listening to every song. There is not one song that I would even consider average for Celine Dion's standards.
    It is by far her best album ever and one of the best albums music has seen. It most certianly deserved to be Album of the Year at the Grammys....more info

  • A triumph...(4.5 stars)
    This album is a triumph, a great accomplishment. Each of its songs are wonderful, with the exception of "Dreaming Of You" and "Call The Man". I did not care for those two, but every other song was "music" to my ears....more info
  • Her most consistent album.
    Falling Into You by Celine Dion was a good album for its time but now this cd is pretty much throwaway pop. Songs I do appreciate include: Because You Loved Me, River Deep Mountain High, Call the Man, All By Myself, It's All Coming Back to me Now, and the title-track. The rest of the songs are filler. I used to be a fan of Celine's but after Let's Talk About Love album I lost interest, my music taste changed after that. Romantic album but nothing spectacular....more info
  • best album she's ever made
    Out of all her albums this one has to be my favorite. just saw her live in Portland. You wont regret purchasing this one!...more info
  • Classic Celine
    I have four albums of her's (her self titled debut, "Let's Talk About Love" and "All The Way..." along with this one) and overall this one is my favorite. It includes the hits "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" which is an extended version and sounds better then the Radio's. Also included is the hit "All by Myself" whic is a flawless remake of the classic Frank Sanatra song and the hit "Because You Loved Me" (Theme from the movie "Up Close & Personal"). Other standout tracks include the title track "Falling Into You", "Make You Happy", "Seduces Me", "Declaration of Love" and the concluding "Fly." Overall as typical in Celine albums, she does best in the beginning and close to the end...but unfortunatly has a case of "filler-itis" which is just songs that we could do without. (But she does however have good title tracks in her cd's) Otherwise this CD is a must have for Celine fans who want the Extended versions of her songs released on the Radio. I give it a B....more info
  • Celine's best album
    This is Celine's best album to date. Filled with powerful ballads and amazing lyrics, this is an album that after 12 years I still like to play like I just bought it yesterday.
    My favorite song is "If that's what it takes" which is the English version of the French "Pour que tu m'aimes encore" released in 1995, one of Celine's signature songs. The English lyrics are a breathtaking declaration of love and a promise to fight and even die for love of that special someone(I will risk everything, I will fight, I will bleed
    I will lay down my life, if that's what you need
    Ev'ry second I live, that's the promise I make
    Baby, that's what I'll give, if that's what it takes)

    This is album is Celine's masterpiece....more info
  • Every Track - Worth to be Listened....
    This album contains Sentimental, depressing, and happy songs. Every track is worth to be listened. This album shows Celine's versatility in being an artist. two thumbs up for you Celine.......more info
  • The Album That Made Her A Superstar
    Celine Dion was definitely already a well established star vefore this album. She was coming off the successful "Colour of My Love" album which had gone multi-platinum and given her her first #1 hit with "The Power of Love." But it was "Falling Into You" which made her a worldwide phenomenon. It gave her three monster hits which weren't only huge hits at adult contemporary *as most of her singles are* but they were all huge on pop radio too all making the top 5. "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" kicks it off with its original extended version. Celine's vocal performance is amazing and it's an epic song if ever there was one. "Because You Loved Me" became Celine's biggest hit to date going to #1 and has became a classic love song. "All By Myself" definitely stands out and is one of my favorite Celine tracks. She belts it out like there's no tomorrow and the composition is outstanding. Still, the highlight is without a doubt "River Deep Mountain High" which was originally done by Tina Turner. The song itself is icredible and it definitely displays Celine in her element. A classic. It's worth buying the album alone. But what makes this album so great is the filler is just as good as the singles. "Declaration of Love" is a fun sort of jazzy, upbeat track. "I Love You" is a 50's-ish ballad with sweet vocals from Celine and "Call the Man" is a gorgeous, catchy ballad with a great chorus. The album closes with "Fly" dedicated to Celine's niece who passed away from cystic fibrosis. A beautiful tear-jerker.

    This is a land-mark album in pop music. It represents everything that makes it so great. There is no excuse to miss out on such a great piece of work. Great work from one of the best voices in music history....more info

  • Maybe Celine's best.
    This album is from 1996, before the strong hit of "My heart will go on", maybe we can say that Titanic's song it's Celine's best (me personally I don't think so, the song is good but it was ALL day long in the radio stations) well as I was saying, this album has also big hits as the Top 10 "It's all coming back to me now" an INCREDIBLE song or "because you loved me" which won a Grammy award. Another great song is "You make me feel like a natural woman" I think that I don't need to say that this is a cover from A.Frankling. "Call the man" was a hit in 1997, the impact of the album was incredible, it won Grammy awards, sold nearly 20 million copies, topped The Hot 200 and charted for 150 weeks.
    My personal favorite songs from this album are: "It's all coming back to me now", "I love you", "Because you loved me", "If that's what it takes" and "Falling into you".
    Celine Dion is a great singer, maybe the world's best, but as a person who has her whole English discography, I think that "Falling into you" and "A new day has come" are her best albums....more info
    Celine's first North American release was a collection of songs about the rock 'n roll life style with a mild blend of blues, fusion, and polka.

    Who could argue that Celine would not be a singer to remember? During the 70's, rock bands like Heart, Peter Frampton and The Bee Gees ruled the air waves and to have a rowdy female for the 21st Century who sings songs about sinking ships, who wouldn't notice?

    Anyway the album is a boring classic!...more info

  • My first album, and by far not the last...
    Celine came into my life when I was in the Fourth Grade. I didn't understand her really..what she was saying, that Fly was about her niece...I did understand though...her can feel it. I don't mind her doing remakes, because I usually like hers better. I am generally not a huge fan of redo's...but she just puts the emotion in them. Some versions come with the songs "Sola Otra Vez," "Your Light," and "(You make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman." Australian versions are a little different. Japanese version also includes "To Love You More." A year before it's release in the United States. Sola Otra Vez is the Spanish rendition of "All By Myself."
    "Fly," "I Don't Know," and "If That's What It Takes" are English renditions of songs off of "D'eux." ("Vole," "Je Sais Pas," and "Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore.") There are FIVE cover songs on this album, which many people have been upset at. ("River Deep, Mountain High," "All By Myself," "It's All Coming Back To Me Now," "Falling Into You," and "(You Make Me Feel) Like A Natural Woman.") Overall a stellar CD...I think there's a reason it sold over 27,000,000 copies worldwide...;) (10x Platinum in the US!) In short: It's definitely a must......more info
    Every popular A-rated diva will always have one particular album where they did no wrong. it's that one album once you've achieved it, no matter what you do you can never repeat it again. thats what i think anyway. mariah had daydream, toni had secrets, whitney had bodyguard. celine dion had falling into you. although let's talk about love was good but i can never live up to the hype & genius of this album.

    i don't know what make this album so good, most probably the diversity and honesty that was imbedded during the making of this album. if you were to ask me to list my favourite albums of all time, this would be up there with the such of santana's supernatural, mariah carey's daydream, george micheal's older, alanis morisseete's jagged little pill & blur's 13.

    in here lies the greatest love songs ever written.
    IT'S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW - is probably on top of the list. its penned by jim steinman and to me will always be then most beautiful song to me. ever. the lyrics is beautiful, the melody captivating & celine sealed the deal.
    then there's TO LOVE YOU MORE that features taro hakase on violin, that fuses a very ethnical melody with western influence to create magic.
    FLY a song dedicated to her niece karine, is pure and sweet, which it's strength lies in its poetically constructed words.
    I LOVE YOU is the 1st song i ever liked from celine. it's nice and there's nothing more sweeter than an urequitted love that you thought wrong.

    The next are great songs (remember above are the greatest love songs ever whereas, this is just the beginning of the great song in this album)
    BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME which is penned by the great soundtrack queen dianne warren. it sfor the soundtrack of up, close & personal. it has been the lead single for this album. nice
    FALLING INTO YOU is the title track. the beauty lies in the exotic musical arrangement & the simplicity in it's words. of course celine's voice is self-explainatory.
    SEDUCES ME - breathlessly sensual singing style accompanied with a heartachingly beautiful tune.
    ALL BY MYSELF is a cover of eric carmen's hit & is the living proof of celine's vocal capability. when you listen to this song you could actually feel the greatest pain ever - loneliness.
    CALL THE MAN - just like it for no special reason

    just when u thought that she can't pull something upbeat, well she proved you wrong again
    i'm absolutely in love with DECLARATION OF LOVE, me thinks it's just a great track. period.
    MAKE YOU HAPPY actually achieved whwt it sought to do. to make me happy, heck it was once used for a children's cartoon commercial. tell me how happier can you get.

    I DON'T KNOW (darkly lingerince of not knowing how to live witout someone's affection)& RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH (nothing can stop you if you want it bad enough courtesy of tina turner) are nice.

    NATURAL WOMAN (originally performed by aretha franklin) & IF THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES, are okay tracks though it doesn't match up to the phenomenon of the other 14 tracks.

    YOUR LIGHT is not available in the asian version of this cd.

    you want a verdict. it is one of the best album of all times. it even nailed best pop album & album of the year at the 1997 grammy's. sold more than 20 millions all over the world. need more convincing. didn't think so. ...more info
  • Falling Into You is her best album yet!!
    Falling Into You is my favorite album by Mrs. Celine Dion!!!! She is the best singer, with the best voice. If you wanna know what the songs are like read the previews below:

    1. It's all coming back to me now - This song is 7 minutes long! It's a long song, but Celine shows off her vocals here.

    2. Because you loved me - I so love this song, it's a beautiful ballad!

    3. Falling into you - A romantic song!

    4. Make you happy - A poppish song, it sounds pretty good. I like it!

    5. Seduces me - A sexy romantic song, sung by Celine.

    6. All by myself - I love this song! It's really good.

    7. Declaration of love - This song is cool!

    8. Dreamin' of you - One of my favorite songs on here, i love the background music to it and Celine's voice fits it well.

    9. I love you - A wonderful song!

    10. If that's what it takes - The english version of Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore, i like both versions!

    11. I don't know - This is also the english version of Je Sais Pas, i like both versions!

    12. River Deep, Mountain High - This was Tina Turner's song but Celine re-did it her way, I like Celine's way!

    13. Your light - I love this song! It's another one of my favorites. It's only on canadian versions though, sry.

    14. Call the man - This song is a good ballad. Nice! I used to not like it along time ago when I first heard it on the computer. But now I love it!

    15. Fly - A sad song about Celine's niece Karine who died from Cystic Fibrosis in 1993.

    As you can see this CD totally rocks! I have had this CD burned for me by another Celine friend online, and she had the canadian version so thats how I got your light on mine! :) Anyways, I suggest you BUY this CD right away, don't wait! Celine you rock girl!
    PS. Any song by Celine is worth listening to!!...more info