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Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits
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Product Description

From \""Born to Run\"" to \""Streets of Philadelphia,\"" this is a boss collection of classic Bruce, featuring 17 songs, including new music with his legendary E Street Band.

  • Track: 10: Glory Days,
  • Track: 11: Brilliant Disguise,
  • Track: 12: Human Touch,
  • Track: 13: Better Days,
  • Track: 14: Streets Of Philadelphia,
  • Track: 15: Secret Garden,
  • Track: 16: Murder Incorporated,
  • Track: 17: Blood Brothers,
  • Track: 18: This Hard Land,
  • Track: 1: Born To Run,
  • Track: 2: Thunder Road,
  • Track: 3: Badlands,
  • Track: 4: The River,
  • Track: 5: Hungry Heart,
  • Track: 6: Atlantic City,
  • Track: 7: Dancing In The Dark,
  • Track: 8: Born In The U.S.A,
  • Track: 9: My Hometown
    Media Type: CD
    Street Release Date: 02/28/1995
    Genre: ROCK/POP

    About as complete a selection of fan and artist favorites as any single-disc Bruce collection could be, this is a surprisingly coherent listen given the many stylistic and attitudinal shifts it charts. The inclusion of only four of Born in the U.S.A.'s seven Top 10 entries leaves space for less obvious choices like "Atlantic City" and four new cuts, among them songs recorded by a briefly reunited E Street Band. The pace lags a bit near the end--"Secret Garden" is turgid enough to take its place on a Sting album--but Greatest Hits earns its place in the car CD player with stuff like "Born to Run," "The River" and "Dancing in the Dark." --Rickey Wright
  • Customer Reviews:

    • The bones are here, but where's the meat?
      If it weren't for the four previously unreleased songs, this seems like a collection thrown together by somebody who knows the bare minimum about Sprigsteen, for somebody who knows the bare minimum about Springsteen. This means his career apparently began with Born to Run, rather than Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. - suffice it to say you can forget about seeing Blinded By the Light, Sandy or Rosalita (to say nothing of Spirit in the Night, For You, Lost in the Flood or Kitty's Back). And this set tears through his at-that-point over twenty years of recording in the bat of an eye, completely slighting important albums like Born to Run, The River (two tracks each), and Darkness on the Edge of Town (one). And it's not like Jungleland, Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, Backstreets, She's the One, The Promised Land, Prove It All Night, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Independence Day and Wreck on the Highway are obscure trifles. Nebraska is overrated, but the title song, Reason to Believe and Johnny 99 are all among Springsteen's best (and best-known, thanks to Johnny Cash's cover of the latter). Born in the U.S.A., however, is treated exquisately (other than the absences of Bobby Jean and Darlington County), and this easily covers the key tracks on Tunnel of Love, Human Touch, and (other than its title track) Lucky Town. Streets of Philidelphia (released for the soundtrack to the movie of the same name) is a key addition to the Springsteen catalogue, justly nailing a Grammy. Sadly, I can't get excited about the four new songs (other than Murder, Incorporated) - three of them should've been canned. ...more info
    • Good introduction, but...
      ...there are too many hits missing, and the sound quality isn't always so good (the early tracks have not been remastered). It would be great if Columbia Records made "The Essential Bruce Springsteen" as a doubleCD set, featuring all the missing tracks ("I'm on fire", "Nebraska", "Darkness on the edge of town", "Jungleland" etc.) plus "The ghost of Tom Joad", "I wanna be with you", "Sad eyes" and something from "The Rising"....more info
    • good selection of music,but some sogs are missing
      bruce springsteen's greatest hits has a good selectoin of songs,but some are missing. you get songs like born in the u.s.a.,dancing in the dark, glory days,born to run,thunder road,briliant disguise,human touch,and better days. you also get 4 new songs. those songs include secret garden, this heart land and murder incorarated. the new songs were recorded with the e street band! you don't get tunnel of love one step up, i'm on fire,or i'm goin'down but, hey,it's a good collection anyway. ed wilson...more info
    • A superb collection of hits
      I am quite aware that this album takes its fair share of flack from critics and fans for not including some quintessential favorites, but I don't agree. First of all, this is not titled "The Best Of...", so it seems perfectly fine that Bruce opted not to include earlier works such as the always amazing crowd-pleaser "Rosalita" or "Blinded By the Light" or "Spirit in the Night" or....I could go on. The songs on this album are his greatest HITS (being the most important word), though, so work on his pre-"Born to Run" albums would not honestly make the cut. While they were two great albums, they did not provide sales to warrant anything close to a greatest hit inclusion. I also think that the songs chosen to be on this record mold perfectly together in a showcase of an overall summary of Bruce's work over the years. It flows in a way that it couldn't possibly with additional songs added in. If someone is just looking for a sample of the flavor that is Bruce, I think that this record is perfect for them. Anyone who wants to find out the true mastery behind the man with the Levis backside will, and they will discover the gems on his other records.

      That being said, I do have a special attachment to this record because I was a first-time fan once, too, and this album was all that I had. I was ten years old when this came out and it truly opened up the door for me, so I could never write it off as being anything less than a masterpiece. This album was the sole reason that I bought my next and the next and the next until my CD collection had clearly been taken over by Bruce. And I look at this record as being that great stepping stone for someone else, not as a disappointment. I mean, we are his can we complain about "Greatest Hits" when we all probably own every other album anyway? We all have our individual "greatest hits" and most likely CD burners by now, so we should create our own disc instead of tearing his down....more info

    • The Legend
      I'd never known much about Springsteen so I decided to buy one of his CD's because of all the hype about him doing the Super Bowl. I got a recommendation from my BIL (who has seen Bruce in concert a zillion times) to start with this CD. It was ok, but I would not buy anything else Bruce did. I guess he's just not for me.

      I couldn't understand all the lyrics and the music seemed somewhat trite at times. He does display enormous energy....more info
    • Bruce the Best!
      Nothing superfluous and unnecessary.This is exactly the Bruce Spingsteen.You gotta work a lot to realize that....more info
    • The Best of The Boss
      Bruce Springsteen is probably one of my favorite all-time musicians ever!!!!

      His sound is just so unique. This CD is perfect. All his great hits on one CD. I listen to this all the time - in fact, it's probably going to get worn out.

      If you love (classic) Rock-n-Roll, you'll love this Springsteen collection of great songs like Glory Days, My Hometown and my all time favorite hit - Born to Run. ...more info
    • One collection of the Boss' greatest hits
      Anytime a major artist releases a CD labeled "Greatest Hits," all bets are off! There will always be disagreements over what is (or should be) on the CD. Surely no difference here, as one can see from the variety of reviews already posted.

      However, my own sense is that this is not a bad collection of Springsteen's hits. It opens with a song that helped propel him to greater fame and renown than previously--"Born to Run." One of the best rock songs around (and one nice aspect of this CD is that the lyrics show up, so that people can see the actual words of the songs). Other top notch songs appear on this CD: "Thunder Road," "Badlands," "Hungry Heart," "Dancing in the Dark," "Born in the U.S.A." and so on.

      The collection captures the range of Springsteen's work, from the hard rockers to more introspective songs, from the sound of the E Street Band joining him to sparer instrumentation.

      Questions? Sure. Nothing earlier than "Born to Run"? There were some very nice pieces before that iconic tune. Also, I could see other songs as candidates for inclusion--"10th Avenue Freezeout," "Jungleland," and so on. Nonetheless, this works well as a Greatest Hits compilation for Bruce Springsteen. Fans may have all his CDs, but it's sometimes nice to have a compilation available of some of the best works available. And if you don't have a lot of Springsteen's works, then this is "must hear music."
      ...more info
      Overall this is very good collection of Springsteens greatest hits- but it is missing some classics
      1.Born to Run- 5 out of 5 stars
      2.Thunder Road-4.2 stars
      3.Badlands-3.9 stars
      4.The River-4.4 stars
      5.Hungry Heart-4.6 stars
      6.Atlantic City-4 stars
      7.Dancing In The Dark-5 out of 5 stars
      8.Born In The U.S.A.-5 out of 5 stars
      9.My Hometown-4.5 stars
      10.Glory Days- 5 out of 5 stars
      11.Brilliant Disguise-3.9 stars
      12.Human Touch-3.5 stars
      13.Better Days-3.2 stars
      14.Streets Of Philadelphia-4.5 stars
      15.Secret Garden-3.9 stars
      16.Murder Incorporated-3.9 stars
      17.Blood Brothers-3.5 stars
      18.This Hard Land-3.6 stars
      Good CD but missing some tracks - Overall 4 stars/Worth the Money...more info
    • Greatest Hits In Need of Sound Improvements
      Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits has most of the songs you would expect, but several flaws were noticed.

      The sound quality of the first few cuts, including "Born to Run" and "Thunder Road" did not jump off the CD like I had hoped. Bruce's early anthems have received no improved production and are a simple rehash of the original studio cuts. I remember getting an electric rush off the LPs I bought back in the 70's. The sound quality seems muted compared to many recent Greatest Hits albums and reissues by other artists.

      Secondly, I would have eliminated the new cuts off the greatest hits album. They are decent songs, but act as a little false advertising. I know it is a common approach among the record studios when issueing GH albums, but spending the money on going back to the master tracks would have been worth more than the not hit cuts included...more info

    • My favorite Springsteen
      I am buying this CD to replace my well worn tape and old scratched cd. Hopefully my kids will take better care of this one than my previous copy. This is my favorite Springsteen album - but I have not heard all of Magic....more info
    • Perfect collection..
      Bruce Springsteen is my favorite Rock N Roll artist and this is his best greatest hits compilation. I recommend it....more info
    • The boss
      This item arrived sooner than I had expected it to. The condition of the merchandise was as described in the offer for it. I am pleased with the service that I received. ...more info
    • "Hits" but not Greatest
      Although this is a greatest hits collection, Bruce always poses a problem for compilations of this kind. Namely, his songs are alost universally better live. And his "Hits" are not close to his Greatest songs.
      There are exceptions: Thunder Road, Born to Run The River come to mind immediately. But this leaves out too many of his staple great songs to be worth a purchase. If this is your only Bruce purchase, your understanding of his music and why his fans are who they are will never come to be. Without Rosie, Jungleland, Sandy, Incident, and others, you are missing the Bruce mythos.
      Spend more money, go buy Live 1975-85, or buy Live in New York City. You will get a better overall picture of The Boss, and those albums are just magical....more info
    • He's not even an American, people!
      Greatest hits? How about renaming the title to Bruce Springsteen: Songs Nobody Listens to Anymore. Ever since Bruce changed his name from John Cougar Mellencamp his career has gone down hill fast.

      Also, what's with the guitar on the album cover? Sure, he's decent at playing piano, but trying to make him into some rocker who plays guitar is a bit of a stretch.

      While Born In the U.S.A. is a great song, and it's been widely used in political campaigns, the song is ludicrous considering this man is a Canadian citizen. His single claim to fame is a song about being born somewhere that he wasn't.

      Don't buy new, buy one of the 300,000 used copies for .99 cents if you must....more info
    • Some questionable selections for sure, but this music is top notch
      Bruce Springsteen's "Greatest Hits" compilation, released in 1995, is not a very well selected compilation. For one thing, no tracks from his classic first two albums, Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. and The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle are included. For another thing, his latter day, fairly suspect albums like Human Touch are granted as much representation as his rock n' roll standards Born to Run and Born in the U.S.A.. Also, three of the four previously unreleased tracks have absolutely no business on this tracklist. But enough with my complaints. "Greatest Hits" showcases in my opinion the greatest performer and songwriter of rock 'n roll history over his long and winding career. All his musical artistry, lyrical power, and sheer entertainment are perfectly evident over the eighteen tracks. From the hard rocking "Badlands" to the inspired "Brilliant Disguise," from the rock n' roll standards "Born to Run" and "Thunder Road" to the Born to Run-cut "Murder Incorporated," from the anthemic "Dancin' in the Dark" to the subtly moving "Atlantic City" and "Streets of Philadelphia," these songs rock. This isn't a perfect compilation by any means, and in this day and age when anyone can create their own compilations, some might steer clear. But this music is purely top notch here. For those just getting into Bruce or others just hoping to get some of their old favorites in the collection, this might be the one to buy....more info
    • "Greatest Hits", not "Greatest Songs"
      There is a difference between a hit song and a great song, and it's a difference you should bear in mind when considering this collection. (If you are after a more comprehensive collection, check out the 3-disc "The Essential Bruce Springsteen"). My favourite songs on this collection are "Born to Run" (surely one of the greatest rock songs ever), "The River" (to not like this song is to not like Bruce), "Atlantic City", "Brilliant Disguise", "Secret Garden" and "Blood Brothers" (which to me, sums up everything that Springsteen's music is about). I know that Bruce has written far greater songs than the 18 presented here, but when I need a quick fix, I pop this CD in and have a darn good time listening to it!...more info
    • Most of his "greatest" are not on this CD
      In my opinion, Springsteen's greatest work was on his early albums with the E Street Band (in order of preference): Born to Run, Darkness on the Edge of Town, The Wild & The Innocent, and Greetings from Asbury Park. I think these albums reflect the real Springsteen. His later work seems driven more by appeal to the mass radio market (e.g., Born in the USA).

      Therefore I don't think it's accurate to call the songs on this album his greatest hits. It only includes one song, "Badlands," from Darkness on the Edge of Town, and no songs from Wild & Innocent or Greetings. How can you make a list of his greatest songs without including songs like "Lost in the Flood," "Jungeland," "Incident on 57th Street," "Rosalita," or "Backstreets"? Any one of those songs could easily replace most of the songs included on the "Greatest Hits" CD. If you want Springsteen's "greatest", I believe you would get much more for your money by buying "Born to Run," "Darkness on the Edge of Town," and "Wild & Innocent."...more info

    • Not A Bad Retrospective Although Deserves Follow-up And Soon
      If you like Bruce Springsteen and are in a middle-aged class as myself or older, this so-called Greatest Hit gathering offers none favorites you wouldn't already own or have access to in your collection. However, if you are a high school or college listener who can't stand tolerating today's air-droned Pop scene, this release would be an ideal introduction to the 70-80's classics from The Boss. Unfortunately, whatever age group may represent yourself, something undeniable remains a burden influencing this CD's content: the song listing excludes probably an entire disc of memorable greats (with the final new tracks not providing much inspiration either). Hopefully after their latest studio effort, E-Street makes available an organized track gathering to support such the songs left out here. This volume if released should include It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City, Rosalita (Come Out Tonight), Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, The Promised Land, Prove It All Night, Cadillac Ranch, Fade Away, Cover Me, I'm On Fire, I'm Goin' Down, Pink Cadillac, War (Live), Tougher Than The Rest, Tunnel of Love and maybe a couple of tracks from THE RISING now available among others. THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD really was a decent/respectable CD recording yet more a personal or introspective Springsteen accomplishment and as such didn't spawn popular hits. More recent Live CDs also didn't promote anything new or original on their own either, unless you get some `This is just beastly, man!` high believing you're front row center at a sold-out concert of the past. I guess for conciliation there is the option to spend your money on the TRACKS box set but even that only offers one then previously unreleased cuts and not any leftover famous tracks waiting for their longtime overdue gratification/resurgence......more info
    • Born To Run Out Of Gas...and new methods of environmental conservation

      I remember this LP in the 70's as one of the most important rock albums since Bob Dylan (not my personal favorite). I do like Bruce and still can't figure out why he would not let fellow Jew Bette Midler record Pink Cadillac, claiming at the time that it was not a song meant to be sung by a woman. He "changed his tune" a few years later by allowing Natalie Cole to do a disco version of the song and score a top 10 hit with it.

      It just seems to put in perspective, a new meaning to the original thought. Is life fair?...No. Are the Democrats and Republicans the same? Yes! It's all about contradiction~
      It's hard to listen to this CD with the free spirit I once had in my youth. When now I hear how I am mislead to follow the leader. So hard to shake the ashes of the past from my feet!

      ...more info
    • The Boss
      This is Springsteens Greatest Hits, it is pretty much a no-brainer. If you like the boss then you'll like this disc. ...more info
    • Bruce Springsteen: one of the best American songwriters!
      My story with Bruce Springsteen's music is quite funny, actually. There was this friend of mine who was absolutely crazy about him. He would play Bruce's records in the car and I would go "Jesus, how can he possibly like that? The guy screams most of the time!". This was around 1997; I was only 14 years old and didn't know much about music back then.
      Then, this year I bought the April issue of Uncut magazine and there was Bruce on the cover. I wasn't interested in reading about him, but I decided to listen to the record that came with the magazine, with Bruce's songs sung by various artists (Ed Harcourt, Heather Nova, The Hollies, etc.) and I just thought to myself: "Hey, this is GOOD!".
      I travelled abroad recently and I got this "Greatest Hits". OK, I know that compilations are always controversial, but I think this one is a good introduction to Bruce's work and it has wonderful songs such as "Born To Run", "Thunder Road", "Dancing In The Dark" and "The River". There are some nice songs missing, like "Growing Up" and "Lucky Town", but this is no serious fault, in my opinion. It still is a good overview of Bruce's career and it shows what a great songwriter he is. "The River" almost brought me to tears, with its story of lost innocence and lost dreams; same thing with "Streets of Philadelphia". His songs about escaping (and this is one of Bruce's big themes) seem to have been written specially for me. That's what's so nice about Bruce: his songs are ever so honest, so heartfelt, that it's impossible not to relate to them. And it's really hard to find artists like this, isn't it?
      Now I find it really funny that I used to think of Bruce as an "all-American dude" - in the worst possible sense. Actually, many people think just like I did because of his big anthemic songs like "Born In The USA" and stuff like that, but don't let that fool you: "Born In The USA" is a critic to the Vietnam War, and many of Bruce's lyrics are quite introspective. Besides, he's always cared very much about the American working class - he's an "all-American dude" in that sense. And that's not negative at all.
      Because of all these things I've written here, Bruce Springsteen is now one of my favorite male singers. I strongly recommend anyone who's interested in nice songs and even nicer lyrics to listen to his work. And this "Greatest Hits" seems to be a good start....more info
    • Springsteens greatest hits, AMAZING!
      This is an amazing CD. One of the best purchases I have made in years.
      If you like the "Boss", you HAVE to have this cd....more info
    • Take it on The Road
      I have been a Springsteen fan since the Filmore days and that is a long time ago. So when we took a trip to see the "old folks" I bought this to have a little driving music. With four adults in the car and one of them likes only angry rock and rap you have to be careful about what your putting in other peoples ears. I put this in and I had a twenty year old know-it-all asking me to play it again. When we got home I couldn't find it and then I spotted it on the seat of his van. Look it may not have your favorite Springsteen song on it but it does have the best and what more can you ask for.
      Dangerous Dan...more info
    • Great
      Any song that Bruce sings is OK bye me,Hey" I just love listening to the guy sing,As far as Im concerned he is one of the best singers in the USA,I'll buy all his CDs, What can I say' The guy is GRRRReat,...more info
    • Sounds extremely dated and misses the best song
      "Nostalgia is death," Bob Dylan said in an interview once to Robert Hilburn. You can see it in this collection. Springbean was a product of the late 1970s and ever since has just been repeating himself. As Phil Spector recently said about Springbean's career, he has "protected himself with three new songs and 25 old ones." With minor variation to the quote, it could serve for this release.

      It's a cynical compilation of the multi-millionaire working-man-poseur's most superficial songs, with a few previously-unavailable numbers thrown in to entice die-hards to spend their money.

      The new "modern" mastering of it is wretched, from the engineering school of "Turn everything up in volume and boost that treble to 11."

      The best Springbean song that's missing here? "On the Dark Side," which Stephen King recently put in his list of all-time best rock and roll songs. If that had been included, they could have eliminated half of the selections they did pick....more info
    • Bruce, Bruce, Bruce...
      Why, Bruce, Why? I used to think you were lookin' out for the workin' man like me. Now you seem a bit like the kind of person you used to protest. I have nine of your albums now, and I just needed a Greatest Hits to complete a library of the Springsteen songs I grew up listening to on the radio.

      Unfortunately, you didn't deliver what you promised in the record's title - Greatest Hits. Had you at least been forthcoming and named the record "A Few Hits, A Few Of My Favorite Album Cuts, And A Few So-So New Songs," I wouldn't have felt quite so disappointed.

      Thanks for "Born To Run," "Hungry Hearts" and "Dancing In The Dark." But on what planet was "Blood Brothers" a hit, or in any way worthy to include instead of "I'm on Fire?" Why the tedious "River" instead of "Tunnel Of Love?"

      If this were just a "Great Songs" record, I would still ask why the new throw-aways "This Hard Land" and "Murder Incorporated" are included, rather than the brilliant "Tougher Than The Rest" or hard-to-find "Trapped?" I should probably add a star for not adding the nauseating Tom Cruise dialague to the beautiful "Secret Garden."

      Honestly, why put 18 tracks on a Greatest Hits record, and only include 7 of your 12 top 10 songs? I concede that part of the your problem is having such a wealth of great material, but that fact only makes this record more frustrating. If you were a "one hit wonder" instead of a legend, it might be understandable to release a Greatest Hits record stuffed to the gills with filler.

      "Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits" should have been one of the best records ever, period. Instead it is one of my biggest disappointments ever. Actual "hits" are replaced by personal favorites and unmemorable new recordings.

      Oh, so disappointing....more info
    • Revised Greatest Hits
      I have an idea for this album in lieu of WalMart's. Keep the first eleven cuts as is and add Tunnel of Love and the following songs from the new century- The Rising, Radio Nowhere, Last to Die, Working on a Dream and Kingdom of Days. If you want to make it eighteen cuts as it is now you could add Prove It All Night early on. That leaves an eighteen song set that never lets up and does justice to his new music. Jon Landau are you out there? ...more info
    • Some of his "Greatest Hits".
      I think everybody knows that there's as much missing here, as is included. But it is just one disc, and does a decent job despite that. This could have been better had it just dropped the new songs, for maybe "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out", "I'm On Fire", "Tunnel Of Love", and if I really had my way "Pink Cadillac". Not that the newer songs are bad, they're just not "Greatest Hits". Of what's here though, it's all classic "Bruce", and should be fine for the casual fan. For those more than casual fans, there's the new "Essential Springsteen" collection with twice as many songs, but still not quite perfect. Either collection you choose will go great with your "John Mellencamp" and "Tom Petty" cd's....more info
    • greatest singles from the Boss..
      for the die-hard Springsteen fan, no, this collection does not have all the songs that you would hope for. It is mostly a collection of his top charting singles with a few questionable choices thrown in SECRET GARDEN? which is a great song but I wouldn't pick that over JUNGLEAND or REASON TO BELIEVE. But still pop it in the car cd player and crank it up because this is a great cd with high rockability factor and Springsteen songs are perfect for listening while you're driving. The continuity of the collection holds up pretty well considering Springsteen albums are put together almost as a storybook. I'm a Jersey boy and Springsteen fan for life so this collection is as fine as any Greatest Hits collection we could hope for. ...more info
    • Most of the Greatest Hits
      As others have pointed out, there are better tunes that should have found their way here. The live version of "Fire" and "Pink Cadillac" to name a couple. Yup, they're covers, but incredible covers. And how about his version of "Blinded by the Light"? It would be a real eye opener for new listeners to Bruce's cranking, rhythmic telecaster work....more info
    • Incomplete Collection For The Boss, But It's Great Music
      Bruce Springsteen is one of the hardest artists to anthologize, since his music went through so many changes over the years. He started out as a Dylan - esque folk singer, then reemerged as a pop superstar, and finally a soft rock staple (thanks to the hit "Streets Of Philadelphia" from the move "Philadelphia"). "Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits" is an 18 track collection of his career up to 1995, and tries to give a brief overview of each stage of his career. It succeeds to a point, since it does leave a lot out, and makes a good starting point for beggining Springsteen fans.

      Unfortunately, his early years (1975-80) are represented by only three tracks. "Born To Run" is an obvious opening track, and it still remains one of the greatest rock songs ever written. I can honestly admit that I never really enjoyed "Thunder Road" but I do think "Badlands" is an excellent song. However, I was extremely disappointed that thye did not include my favorite song from this era, "Rosalita". This omission is almost unforgivable and I almost deducted an entire star for this omission.

      His pop years get the most representation. This is probably my favorite Springsteen era, since it includes all of my favorites: "Hungry Heart", "Dancing In The Dark" (the song with the video with Courtney Cox) and "Glory Days" rank as my all time favorite Springsteen songs. I also really like "Brilliant Disguise". There are some other big hits that should be here (namely the top ten hits from "Born In U.S.A." left off as well as "Tunnel Of Love"), but I'll get to those later.

      His later years are covered well. "Streets Of Philadelphia" is a great song, and I like "Human Touch" as well. The three new songs with the E Street Band, however, I didn't really get into, with the exception of "Secret Garden", which became a top twenty hit two years after this album came out.

      As I said, this collection is far from perfect. There are many hits left off, including "Rosalita", "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out", "Fade Away", "Cover Me", "I'm In Fire", "I'm Goin' Down", "War", "Tunnel Of Love", and "One Step Up". Here's my idea for "The Best Of Bruce Springsteen":

      1.Born To Run
      2.Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
      4.The River
      5.Hungry Heart
      6.Atlantic City
      7.Fade Away
      8.Dancing In The Dark
      9.Cover Me
      10.Born In The U.S.A.
      11.I'm On Fire
      12.Glory Days
      13.I'm Goin' Down
      14.My Hometwon
      16.Brilliant Disguise
      17.Tunnel Of Love
      18.One Step Up
      19.Human Touch
      20.Better Days
      21.Streets Of Philadelphia
      22.Secret Garden

      I do understand that some of these tracks will have to be edited to fit onto one cd, but that's fine with me, since it will be the definitve Springsteen collection. Until then, however, this collection will do just fine.
      ...more info