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Karl Jenkins: Diamond Music
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Customer Reviews:

  • The music samples don't do it justice
    I bought it only for Palladio and the fact I couldn't get it on i-tunes. I'm still working through the rest of the music which sometimes sounds like a music class going through exercises and scales.

    However, I'm finding other diamonds in the rough (pun intended). Specifically, Adiemus Variation II (track 5) which is another beautifully put together piece. My only regret is that I wish there were more variations of Palladio like those that were done on the de Beers commercials (I recall 2 or 3 variants during the run).

    Aaron Copland is still the top composer of the 20th century, but Palladio alone puts Karl Jenkins in his company....more info
  • Sparkling Music
    Like most others I was attracted to this through the Diamond ad music. Not knowing who the composer was until heard it recently on satellite radio did I learn of this fascinating composer.

    The rest of the Palladio is brilliant in its differing facets. I too like others enjoyed much of his other music on this CD offering, such as the String Quartet No. 2 as well as the Passacaglia.

    Only comment that almost turned this into a four star review, was that much of it starts to sound similar, and it is all strings. Possibly this is only for these compositions, so will try and test this out with his other recordings.

    Fun to discover new, modern composer who was a double-reedist as well as jazz performer. Shows great breath and versatility....more info
  • When the entire lot of one hit whiners have come and gone
    I have concluded that people who are forced to listen to the music they might not voluntary listen to ought not to farm out their opinions to the rest of us. By that I mean, I have read some merciless criticisms of Karl Jenkins and Adiemus' work .... In stark contrast, I have read more evenhanded reviews of those who have purchased Karl Jenkins and Adiemus' music because they are fans of Jenkins' work or were turned on to his music by others who already had one or more of the Jenkins - Adiemus CD's.

    Personally, I think the man is a genius. I have heard music from his CD's that I have never heard anywhere else by any other musician/composer. There simply is no one to compare Karl Jenkins or Adiemus to, there are, however, many who copy his sound with some degree of success, but it cannot and will never compare to Jenkins' work.

    If you are not a fan of the mediocre drivel we are all forced to hear these days on the Top 40 chart, then you are bound to like Jenkins music. If you are one of the people who feel that the wrong people get Grammy's every year, or have grown weary of one hit wonders and whiny singers and singer-songwriters, then you will probably like any of the Jenkins - Adiemus CD's.

    To those self-proclaimed critics ..., please try to keep in mind that the music you review is just that, music ... not some major piece of legislation that needs to be voted down for the sake of national security.

    When the entire lot of one hit whiners have come and gone Karl Jenkins will still be around ... that I have no doubt about....more info

  • Excellent Rhythm
    All the songs on this CD are remarkable, but best are the Allegretto and Vivace movements of Palladio. The tempo is quick, the rhythm intense, and the theme is slowly built upon through the Palladio piece. Overall, very tempo-driven, if you're going to buy songs from this CD individually, buy these ones. They're unlike anything I've ever heard....more info
  • Beyond the Diamonds
    This CD contains the music from the "A Diamond Is Forever" TV commercial ads common in the mid 1990's, also known as the "Shadow" commercials.

    "Palladio," a three-movement concerto grosso a-la Handel, was inspired by the sixteenth-century architect Andrea Palladio, and musically personifies Palladio's hallmarks of mathematical harmony and order. Throughout the piece (especially the first movement, "Allegretto") can be heard various themes used in the popular De Beers ads.

    The "Adiemus Variations" are a reworking of Jenkins' own piece, Adiemus, from "Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary." The piece is in four movements, or variations, exploring different moods from the original music.

    The "Passacaglia" was written in memory of Karl's aunt, Evelyn Mary Hopkins, as a slow requiem dance with a repeating ground theme.

    The String Quartet No. 2 is a study in styles. "The Fifth Season" is a baroque movement in the style of Antonio Vivaldi. The remaining four movements, "Tango," "Waltz," "Romance" and "Bits," explore various themes using non-conventional styles and rhythms. The piece is a good fusion of baroque, romantic, jazz and neo-classical forms.

    Diamond Music has a depth about it that causes the listener to become one with the music and embark on a musical journey to places rarely explored. Karl Jenkins is a kind of modern Mozart in his depth of composition and the feelings he imbues into his music that attract the listener like an exquisite perfume.

    If you're looking for a truly sonic experience, "Diamond Music" will satisy your musical appetite....more info
  • Minimalist classic fails in subliminal messaging
    This is the popular music from the diamond advertisements on TV--the repeated string motif increases in urgency, creating a mood of excited expectation. I liked the music in the ad, and it's fun to have the CD.

    Sadly, I had hope the recording would contain subliminal messaging to coerce anyone within earshot to buy me lavish jewelry for birthdays and Christmas. I have to report that so far, even playing this judiciously at holiday times, it has not worked for me....more info
  • Diamond Music - wow!
    Love listening to this while preparing dinner or cleaning in my kitchen! ...more info
  • Diamond Music!
    I purchased this CD because I enjoyed the music in the DeBeer's diamond commercials on TV. I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed the music on this album, especially Track #1. The orchestral tones will have you tapping along to the beat. However, towards the end of the CD, the music is in more of a modern style, with more harsh chords. It did not suit my style, but I would still recommend this CD. If you are considering buying it, I would say, "Go ahead."...more info
  • very excellent indeed
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this Cd...I am a big Karl Jenkins fan anyhow, but this is definately worth the little money it costs....more info
  • Diamond music shines with brilliance
    This cd proves that Karl Jenkins is truly capable of composing memorable and emotional music. Honestly, my favorite piece is the music from the diamond commercial, which is played wonderfully of string instruments. The other songs are also unique and grand, but they lack some of the emotion present in the tune that first appeared on tv in the diamond commerical. Nevertheless, this is a great cd to play at any time of day....more info
  • good value
    It's not possible to have the whole CD as intense and dramatic as Palladio (the famous first piece).It would be very tiring to listen to 13 very intense songs.So I think after all it's welcome that more dramatic pieces alternate with soft ones. I do agree that some of the soft ones are REALLY soft.Overall a good value. I do not know any other work of Jenkins'.Of course, no comparison with J.S. Bach or Beethoven- these are titans of classical music.Nice shot, Karl!...more info
  • Diamonds are forever
    After searching for years for this music, it was quite gratifying to finally pop it in my car's CD player. The entire "Diamond" piece is quite melodic and amazingly Vivaldi-like. Some of the other cuts are a bit repetitious in form and tend to blend into each other, but the music is pleasing and great for relaxation....more info