Return To Pooh Corner
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The appeal of this album isn't limited to children--though the gentle repertoire and soft acoustic musical accompaniment will surely soothe little ones at the end of a long day, adults will find the silky-smooth vocals, beautiful harmonies, and creative production just as engaging. Parents will enjoy listening to the metamorphosis of Loggins's 1969 Top 40 hit "House on Pooh Corner" to the updated '90s version. And with titles like the traditional "All the Pretty Little Ponies" and "To-Ra-Loo-Ra" and covers of Paul Williams's "Rainbow Connection," Jimmy Webb's "The Last Unicorn," and John Lennon's "Love," Mom might find herself borrowing this CD from the nursery when it comes time to kick back and relax after the kids are asleep. --Deborah Moore

Here is a collection of some of my favorite children's songs covering my many years of being a dad. I consider these mostly classic compositions, beautiful and simple; some written for movies, some haunting standards and a few written by contemporary singers for their own children. Of all the things my kids and I have done together, the quiet times of night-songs and bedtime snuggles will endure as my most precious memories. I can still see Crosby's face as a little one begging me for "more, Daddy, more, more" of "Winnie The Pooh" (as he called it), or rocking Cody to "To-Ra-Loo-Ra" (if he didn't fall asleep before we made it to his bedroom). And it's not over yet. I'm still singing to Isabella and on into the future to Luke. And I'm loving it. They're my best audience, even if my only applause is the deep slow breathing of a sleeping baby. Delicious. So at long last, the work of a lifetime. Here are the songs I sing to my children...should I say "part one"?

- Kenny Loggins

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Customer Reviews:

  • WOW!!!!!!!
    This is a great CD!! All the songs are wonderful! My favorite song is The Last Unicorn which I think is better than the song in the movie The Last Unicorn. I recommend this CD to people of all ages....more info
  • Still my lullaby CD
    I found this cd in my parents' collection when I was about twelve and fell in love with it. The songs are fantastic and filled with things from my childhood. I was raised on Winnie the Pooh, Willy Wonka, Peter Pan, and Kermit. When I recently moved away to college (an extremely long way away from home), I listened to this every night to get to sleep. The music is enchanting, beautiful, and relaxing. You don't need to have a kid to enjoy this album....more info
  • This has been a family favorite for years
    Our family has gone through two copies of this CD. It is a favorite bedtime ritual for our three children for more than five years....more info
  • My daugher's favorite bedtime CD
    I bought this CD because my daughter fell in love with the "winnie the pooh song" that I started singing to her some nights - and I wanted her to hear it from someone who is actually able to sing. I love that Too-ra-loo-ra is on this CD as well, another one I croaked out a few nights. But my daughter's new favorite is what she calls the "fievel song" - the mix of the songs from An American Tale and Peter Pan. And I personally fell in love with the rainbow song.

    ...more info
  • Love it
    This CD is excellent, my husband and son love listening to it together. The songs are peaceful, well written and set a very even mood....more info
  • Great lullaby music for young children; easy for adults, too
    I recommend this disk for several reasons:
    The songs are less childish and cutesy than most children's cds, and this one has a great way of helping my son get to sleep. Also, the performances are top notch.

    One reviewer mentioned not playing this cd in the car. It's true, the soporific effect is powerful, but this was intended as a lullaby cd and not road music.

    "All the Pretty Horses" is a lush duet with Graham Nash. "Make a Wish/Pure Imagination/Somewhere Out There" is a nice Disneyesque medley and duet. There's an update of Loggin's classic "Christopher Robin" song, with nice guitars and melodic counterpoint.

    Most of the songs feature guitar, keys, synths and vocals, with nice harmonies and interesting counter melodies. "St. Judy's Comet" is not the equal of Paul Simon's original, but a fine rendition nonetheless. I was surprised by the choice of John Lennon's "Love" over "Beautiful Boy," but the latter was a very personal song from John to Sean.

    The songs are crafted witha nice spirit toward children that does not speak down to them. The disk is a welcom addition to any parent's collection, and your younsters will soon ask for it by name....more info

  • Wonderful for all ages
    This CD is for young and old alike and can bring generations together for a long time. I used to sing "Return to Pooh Corner" and "All the Pretty Little Ponies" to my son when he was growing up and now he is many miles away in the armed forces and has a copy of this CD that he listens to when he is homesick. He says it makes him shed a tear, but also have a warm feeling in his heart....more info
  • Perfect Lullibies
    Our family loves this CD, Return To Pooh Corner. Kenny Loggins' voice is so soothing and comforting. Every parent should have this one. Too good to miss. ...more info
  • Incredible Collection
    It was pure joy when I discovered that Kenny Loggins, my favorite singer, had this album with some songs I had been crazy about! Kenny, I could of kissed you! First I noticed that he put "Pure Imagination", the incredible song from the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." The only bad thing is he mixed it with some other songs, I really would of prefered the song by itself. Also included are "Rainbow Connection", I love that song that Kermit the Frog sang in one his movies. And "The Last Unicorn", I love that song and the movie. Return to Pooh Corner, Cody's Song and Love are great songs also. I didn't buy this album for my son, I bought it for me!...more info
  • One of the best Children's CD's out there
    This cd was recommended to me by a friend. I play it every time my daughter goes to sleep. It's the perfect lullaby cd. All the songs are soft and beautiful. It doesn't go back and forth from slow to fast as some albums do. I would recommend this to anyone with children. It's a wonderful relaxing album....more info
  • Cuddle time
    Even a year later, after hearing it every day, and night several times we never tire of it. When he hears this music my son knows it is sleepy time and ussually drifts off during the second song!When he was six months old we took a road trip to visit relatives and we played it in the car at nap time and any time the baby got fussy. It worked like a charm and we didn't want to throw the tape out the window when the week was done. We still love it just as much....more info
  • Peaceful for parents and children
    I love listening to lullabies as the children fall asleep, but as beautiful as it is, Pachabel's "Canon" gets tiresome after a while. That's why I enjoy this CD: Loggins offers refreshing takes on familiar lullabies such as "Pretty Horses" and mixes in the terrific "Rainbow Connection" and that fabulous Paul Simon tune. Plus, "Return to Pooh Corner" is a delight whether it's the first or 1,000th time you've heard it.

    I agree with the person who said not to listen to it while driving because it will put you to sleep. So hang up the car keys, put it on in the nursery and watch it work its magic. What more could a mom want?...more info

  • Special part of Childhood
    You know how you hear sounds or smell smells that take you back in time to some special place? That is how we feel about this CD! My children (seven and ten) are STILL listening to this music! Kenny Loggins is wonderful. His voice is soothing, his songs sweet and not at all typical of children's music. We have all of his CD's and I highly recommend you get them too and let them become special to your family!...more info
  • Classic Songs, Not Pooh Related Execpt for the Title Song
    Great songs by Mr. Loggins accompianed by some great artists. The
    Musicians on the Return to Pooh Corner album: Kenny Loggins, Chet
    Atkins, Patti Austin, David Benoit, Gary Chapman, David Crosby,
    Nathan East, Steve George, Amy Grant, Loreen Green, Tris Imboden, Howard
    Levy, Brian Mann, Terry McMillan, Graham Nash, Terry Nelson, David Pack, Dean Parks, Greg Phillinganes, Kate Price, Kevin Ricard,Chris Rodriguez, Guy Thomas, Gene Wilder & Steve Wood....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I think this is one of the best lullaby CDs I've ever heard. I buy this for every new parent I know, because I think music is very important, and you can't go wrong with this CD. Return to Pooh Corner and Cody's Song are two of the best songs on the disc, though I find the whole album to be delightful....more info
  • Excellent
    Iappreciate the condition that the cd was in when I received it. It was exactly what I had hoped for....more info
  • Awesome CD
    The child development center where my daughter goes plays this music at naptime. It is magical....They all fall asleep to the music. ...more info
  • There aren't enough stars for this one!
    I'll make this short and sweet. If you want a CD for your baby and yourself to unwind to, this is the one. I received this as a gift when my son was a few months old. He is now six and when riding in the car he will still sometimes ask to hear this CD and will still fall asleep! This is music that as an adult you won't cringe every time you have to play it over and over.
    The songs are beautiful and the melodies are so soothing. Don't waste your money on anything else. This is off the charts!...more info
  • Music for the whole family
    I LOVE this CD. After buying it for myself, and falling in love with it, I have made it a "must" gift for my friends that are expecting a child. Its a perfect baby shower gift for the Mom or the Dad. I have purchased several, over the years and I always get great feedback. This is truly a CD the whole family can enjoy. ...more info
  • Amazing
    This is a wonderful cd. My mother runs a nursery school and one of her teachers suggested it to me for my son. We have been playing it for him since he was 2 weeks old (he's now 7 months)and it is the only cd that he enjoys from start to finish. Too-rah-loo-rah is his absolute favorite. If we play it when he is crying, he immediately stops.

    We now have 3 cds - one in my car, one in my husband's car and one in the house! Plus, I have purchased it for all of my friends. Amazing cd!...more info

  • a must have
    This is a great CD! My parents used to play this CD for me at bedtime when I was little. I loved it. All of the songs are very soothing and relaxing. Now I am 18 and I am buying this CD for my little cousin. This CD still relaxes me. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do!...more info
  • So nice and soothing for a little one's bedtime.
    This was given to me as a gift at my baby shower for my son. I thought the guy who gave us Footloose?, whatever. Man was I surprised! Really nice songs for bed time or play time, I prefer for bed. My first disc got ruined and so I liked it enough to replace it. Hope you and your little one love it as much as we do....more info
  • Love this CD
    I listened to this Cd long before I had children, and now my daughter (age 2) listens to it every night as she is going to sleep. This is probably the 4th or 5th copy I have bought as presents for new babies. I can't say it enough. This is the best lullaby/relaxation CD I have ever heard....more info
  • We call it the "Magic CD"...
    Long before I was suitable dating material, my wife bought this for her own enjoyment. With the arrival of our son, we've found the music to be powerful, calming lullaby magic in both the minivan and his bedroom. It is perhaps the most familiar sound to him as he passes in to dreamland. And we haven't gotten (too) tired of it either.

    There are a bare handful of albums that seem evergreen, even on repeated listens (I think of the Indigo Girl's first album, George Winston's December, the Jackson 5's greatest hits... your taste may vary). This is one such album. Buy it for yourself, and for your children. Sweet dreams. ...more info
  • 10 years and still a favourite
    I discovered this in tape form in 1994 when my eldest was 4 months old. He listened to it so much, we had to get a second tape and then the CD. (We are on CD #2 today). My daughter (almost 6) keeps the tape in her room and the baby (7 months)has the CD in his. It has become as much of a favourite part of our bedtime routine as the fuzzy sleepers and security blankets. We have even given it as a shower/new baby gift to our dearest family and friends. I know wherever we are, grandparents, hotels, the car, my kids will fall asleep to this without any fuss. I still love all of the songs on it and More Songs... . After reading the booklet notes, I discovered that Gene Wilder (one of my absolute favourite people) reprised his Willy Wonka role for Pure Imagination's introduction, making me like the man even more. Mr. Loggins sings with such sincerity and love on this CD, one can only imagine what wonderful children he and his wife have if they all listened to this voice singing these songs all of their lives. I know that if this CD is ever out of print, I don't know what I would do....more info
  • You won't find better baby music than this!!!
    I bought this CD when I had my first child. I have always been a Kenny Loggins fan so I was very excited that he made music for babies. This CD far exceeded my expectations, it was quickly a new favorite. My son was difficult to put down at times and resisted going down for a nap/bedtime. I would play this CD and he ALWAYS settled down, never made it through the first couple of songs. He would be fast asleep and most times, so would I--music to get truly lost in. The songs, melodies and arrangements are like no other. True genius this CD!!!! I now give it to EVERYONE I know that is expecting a baby....more info
  • Another "Must Have"
    I love this CD. It's one my kids ask for over and over and I love it as much as they do. My kids are now 9, 6, and 4 and we've listened to this since the first was born. It's what I always give at a baby shower. The only other CD for children that I recommend as highly is Lullaby: A collection (various artists). These two CDs will be an enduring musical experience in your home....more info
  • Danger Warning
    Under no circumstance play this album while driving a car. It is a dangerous soporific!

    This album does have two good cuts. The major fault lies in all the cuts so much alike. Just one long and not particularly good lullaby....more info

  • Return To Pooh Corner
    Loved this CD!!!Brings me back favorite childhood memories!!Kenny Loggins will put any child into peaceful sleep!...more info
  • trudi53
    I first bought this CD for my children. They loved to fall asleep with music and this CD was always their favorite. I recently purchased it for my first grandchild. I still have my CD and I frequently play it in the mix. Kenny is a favorite artist of mine and I have several of his CD's.
    When you are looking for some relaxing music, I would highly recommend Return To Pooh Corner!!!...more info
  • I must confess
    My children are 14, 13 & 9 - and *I* still listen to it every night to put myself to sleep. This is a staple that every parent should have for their self and their children. It breaks my heart that it is no longer in production, so if you can get a hold of a copy, do it NOW. Soothing beyond your greatest expectations....more info
  • I dont know who loves this CD more, me or my kids!
    I first heard this CD while on my first day of work at a Daycare and fell in love with it instantly. I had to have this for my children, as well as myself. There is just something about this Cd that appeals to adults and children alike. I had recently moved and the Cd was lost in the move, I had both "Return to pooh corner" and "More songs from Pooh Corner" and I hadnt had the chance to buy them again. Now that I am pregnant with our 3rd baby, I plan to buy 2 copies of each, for the new baby as well as for my other 2!...more info
  • A Treasure for Naptime
    I am a preschool teacher for children whose age ranges from three to four years old. This CD of Kenny Loggins "Return to Pooh Corner" is an absolute success. I play different lullaby CD's for the children but there is just something magical about this one. Within a few minutes my little ones are on their mats and relaxing. I would recommend this CD to anyone.
    ...more info
  • Best gift ever for a new mom or dad
    I LOVE this CD and buy it for all my girlfriends who are expecting. It's very hard to find in stores, though. The second one is readily available but I don't like it as much. Fairly slow and sleepy songs with sweet and tender messages. Classic Loggins and fun for all ages....more info
  • Return to Pooh corner
    i enjoy this music for my class room and my Grand daugthers take their rest time to this music. I will order more later....more info