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Jar of Flies
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While not their most definitive album (that honor belongs to 1992's Dirt), Jar of Flies represents an important step in Alice in Chains' recording career. Witness "I Stay Away," which is made up of equal portions of hummable guitar riffs and the spookier, scarier, more grinding elements that most fans associate with Alice in Chains. This song most clearly delineates the dichotomy that was a highlight of the band's sound--Jerry Cantrell's listenable tunes and often gorgeous arrangements (just listen to what he does with "Whale & Wasp"!) and Layne Staley's growling vocals, which are just the teeniest bit flat. The collection as a whole, brief as it is, has an elegance that's unusual for metal. --Genevieve Williams

Customer Reviews:

  • Jar of Flies/Alice In Chains

    Alice In Chains at their best.Excellent all around.Layne Staley had one of the most unique singing voices I've ever heard.He is missed....more info
  • 4.5 Stars - Great release. There's no excuses for not buying this EP
    Jar Of Flies (1994.), Alice In Chains' second EP release

    Alice In Chain's for me, were the band that produced THE album of the 'grunge' era in their 1992 masterpiece 'Dirt'. 'Dirt' was the masterpiece which immortalized the group and gave them much deserved acclaim. However, as many bands have faced, the follow up to a masterpiece is always a massive challenge. Alice In Chains spent 3 years working on their self-titled follow-up album however, in between they released this 30-minute EP, Jar Of Flies. Over the past decade, this EP, the first to feature new bassist Mike Inez has come to be a massively respected effort amongst Alice In Chain's fans; so much so that it is held in as high an acclaim as their great studio albums.

    I was not a bit disappointed by getting this EP. For me, and many other fans, AIC hit the mark perfectly with this 'Dirt' follow up release. Why is that ... they produced a set of songs completely in a different mold to that you see on 'Dirt' or any of their previous releases for that matter. 'Jar Of Flies' has no heavy-riffed, ultimately metal sounding tunes; it is melodic, thoughtful and quite experimental but the AIC style is undeniably there in the lyrics and music's emotional conveyance. Staley throughout the album gives a diverse and equally chilling vocal performance with lyrics (penned by both himself and guitarist Jerry Cantrell) in a cynical, downcast and depressing vein; all in all, the classic AIC message. The EP has mellow epics with diverse guitar play (i.e. Rotten Apple'), haunting passages and a bit of experimentation with country and swing. Sean Kinney's drumming is more highly assured on this album than previously and the recruitment of experienced bassist Mike Inez is a great addition. 'Jar Of Flies' succeeds just like any of the previous AIC releases, however impressively from a completely different sounding angle.

    'Rotten Apple' is a seven minute epic to open the album. The guitar playing is relaxing and atmospheric. Staley's lyrics and his vocal performance is powerful right away. This song is almost hypnotic. Next up is 'Nutshell', with a beautiful acoustic opening leading into a song about being mentally trapped and deserted. The short guitar solos here are classic. 'I Stay Away' follows, another acoustic opening. This song cleverly adopts string instruments to backdrop a wailing vocal performance from Staley. For the EP's big hit, we have 'No Excuses'. A catchy riffed song with some nifty drumming. The harmonising on the track works well and the guitar driven chorus is awesome - you can see why this song was popular. After this is the album's instrumental. By no means a throw away, 'Whale & Wasp' is a short, brooding guitar session with some striking chords. 'Don't Follow' is another stirring vocal performance from Staley with more great acoustics. The song develops a bit of a country side as it develops with use of the mouth organ; the pacy section later in the song works brilliantly. The EP then closes with 'Swing On This'. The EP's weakest track; and the reason why I don't think 'Jar Of Flies' warrants 5*. Its a fun song with some catchy beats and great slapstick drumming but the whole atmosphere of the song is out of touch with the rest of the album and the song quite honestly feels a little out of place. Still though, it doesn't really marr this great AIC release.

    'Jar Of Flies' is a classic follow up to a masterpiece album. By altering their sound, diversifying and toning down the amps for this EP, AIC kept their fans more than interested in their music. This EP is powerful and still has the AIC style to it just without the heaviness. A must for any fan of the band or grunge, don't hesitate to get this EP....more info
  • This album is no rotten apple!
    This is my favorite of all Alice in Chain's albums. If you're a Chain's fan, there's no doubt that you'll enjoy this album! Enjoy!...more info
  • Alice in Chains' gem.
    This is one of my favorite albums. I find it, shockingly enough, to be better than Dirt. This album is defined the amazing acoustic atmosphere, and the haunting harmonies that Layne and Jerry produce. This is another album by a Grunge artist that seperates the hard core fans from the average fan (see Pearl Jams' Vitalogy, or Nirvanas' In Utero)

    The album starts off with "Rotten Apple", a song with haunting vocals, a rigid, driving bassline, and some creative fretwork from Cantrell. Next is "Nutshell", which, in complete honesty, is one of the best songs I've come to hear. Driven by a subtle acoustic riff, Staley adds inspired vocals and lyrics, and Cantrell tops it off with one of his finest solos. Majestic song throughout. "I Stay Away" sounds somewhat uplifting during the verse, but when it enters the second part....oooh, I get this feeling running throughout the hollows of my bones. Utterly chilling. Staleys vocals are as powerful as ever when he reaches the chorus: "IIII STAAAAAAAY AWAAAAAAAY". "No Excuses" is one AIC's more popular songs, and it does not disappoint. Creative drums, and great harmonizing. "Whale & Wasp" is an excellent instrumental song, with a great guitar tone. "Don't Follow" sounds like a Christian song, with lucid vocals and harmonica. Perfect song to campfire-jam to. "Swing on This" is a "fun" song; great way to top off this fantastic album.

    Overall, "Jar of Flies" remains one of my favorite albums, and definitely my favorite of Alice in Chains. Don't let the fact that their are only 7 songs on this album mislead you. Each of the tracks is completely worth it....more info
  • JAR OF FLIES An Ultimate Alice In Chains Experience...
    Alice In Chains DIRT was the masterpiece collection of their catalog, detailing a harrowing depiction of drug addiction and darkness. It was another heavy album in the vein of FACELIFT with a slight hint of alternative thrown in. JAR OF FLIES comes pretty damn close to being the pinnacle Alice In Chains album, a mostly acoustic affair with flourishes of electric guitar to add some texture. It's a startling album, one that depicts the junkie struggling and one of hope, a hope that's refreshing and not found in much of alternative metal these days.

    "No Excuses" is perhaps the most shining example of the best alternative song ever written. Alice In Chains are smart songwriters, and "No Excuses" was perhaps one of the many great examples of stellar songwriting, with a jangly mix of acoustic and electric guitars and some very moving words (and if we change/well i love you anyway). Then you have another song like the starkly dramatic "I Stay Away", which is probably the most angsty cut you're likely to find among the seven tracks featured here. "Rotten Apple" is a seven-minute atmospheric opener with haunting vocals from Layne Staley. "Nutshell" itself is a heart-wrenching song that will nearly jerk tears from you, but it makes you think and Layne's stellar vocals add color to the strong guitar performance Cantrell delivers here. Drummer Sean Kinney keeps a very steady and solid backbeat throughout, and bassist Mike Inez was introduced on this album after Mike Starr left the group, and he more than holds it down. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell really shines on this record, and he is one of the best guitarist out there. "Don't Follow" is a heartbreaking and haunting little ditty, which is followed by the nearly jazzy and upbeat "Swing On This" which ends the collection on a happy note. And one cannot forget the beautiful instrumental "Whale & Wasp", which showcases some of Jerry Cantrell's prowess on the guitar.

    So while it may be too short a collection and it goes by all too quickly, it's also a little more powerful than SAP (SAP was still a great ep). JAR OF FLIES became the first ep to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Charts and is still the only EP to do so to this day. It's collection of songs is starkly powerful, making it a must-own for any Alice In Chains fan. This is more like a jar of the sweetest peanut butter than a jar of 'flies' because it will stick to you just like that....more info
  • One of my Top Ten CDs..
    Got into AIC late but now its among my most-played stuff... Of course Nothing Safe & Unplugged are also great.

    BTW, saw the "new" AIC @ the Elect Factory in Philly and while some may say its sacrilege I really enjoyed the show. Hey, they deserve to make a living & they seem to be trying to stay true to the originals... They also incorp a tribute to Layne. ...more info
  • Jar of Alice in Chains!!
    This is one of my favorites from them, it's to bad the lead singer died.
    "I stay away" on of their best songs!!
    Not a clone band totally original, I would recommend this album!!
    I rate this album a 8 from 1to10!!...more info
  • Who keeps stealing this thing from me?
    I'm gonna kick your ass! Quit stealing my CD, motherf**ker! This is one of my favorites and if I catch you stealing my s**t again,I will kick your ass!...more info
  • Jar of Flies
    I had previously owned this recording, but it was on cassette and I had lost it. I really missed it and kept looking for it in stores on CD, but could not find it. I would highly recommend this album to anyone who even minimally likes Alice in Chains. ...more info
    My dad has always liked Alice In chains but honestly. This Band is the best. and MY MOST FAVORITE SONG IS "I STAY AWAY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really geats my adrenaline going and keeps me motivated when iam feeling down.

    ALICE IN CHAINS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Buy it for the sleepers
    While "I Stay Away", "No Excuses", and "Don't Follow" are great songs that got lots of air-play, I really purchased this disc for "Nutshell" and "Rotten Apples." These are two amazing, albeit depressing, songs. The instrumental and vocal sound on these is incredible. This disc is a must-have for anyone who appreciates AIC....more info
  • Beautiful.
    After the relentless nihilism of Dirt, AIC gave their fans a break with the haunting Jar of Flies. This is basically a full length album, as it has as many songs as Deep Purple's Machine Head and is longer than Slayer's Reign in Blood.
    There are no filler tracks on here, everything is awesome. A highlight of this album is Don't Follow where Layne Staley belts his ass off in the middle of the song....more info
  • Perfect
    Simply one of the best releases of the 90s. 'Rotten Apple' is a gloomy, slinky dirge, some sort of desperate atonal poem. 'Nutshell' is pure, naked misery and desire, haunted by quiet guitars and embellished by one of Layne's most affecting vocals. The middle of the album benefits greatly from two of the best songs in rock, hands down, the remarkably sombre 'I Stay Away' which marries dirge and the soporific, massively high in the mix vocal harmonies that so define their sound, and 'No Excuses' with that high pitched, unforgettable chorus....more info
  • The Best
    Alice in Chains is definitely one of the best bands to have come out during the 90s. I can listen to their songs non-stop, over and over, without ever getting tired of their songs. Every song, in every CD is good or excellent. No, nothing bad at all about Alice in Chains....more info
  • Alright...
    Like what has been said, this album is amazing. Alice in Chains is the only band that I can listen to non-stop and absolutely love. I can listen to the same song over and over, or once every month with the same reaction (if not better). Nutshell is one of the best songs I've ever listened to....more info

    EP's used to be an art in themselves. A smaller collection of music than an LP, for a smaller price. Nowadays they are usually a single with a few extra B sides.
    NOT THE CASE with JAR OF FLIES. This is as complete as a full album, which is why it is no suprise that it was released as it was.
    This peice is a bit softer edged than most ALICE IN CHAINS, but it will surely hold your attention strait thru.
    Nothing short of excellence here, could possibly be the bands best songwriting ever. If you don't have this one, dont delay.

  • Alice In Chains' greatest accomplishment.
    Dirt is regarded as Alice In Chains' best album for many reasons. It rocked. It was depressingly introspective, but still catchy. Singer Layne Staley poured his heart and soul into every track, which made it a cohesively strong LP. It came out in the middle of grunge-mania, so it wasn't hard for the album's sludgy subject matter to find a warm home on mainstream radio. And it spawned a lot of hit singles.

    Yes, Dirt is a great album. But Jar Of Flies... man, THIS is a masterpiece. It's like if somebody were to throw an Alice In Chains party, all the casual fans would chill out in the living room and listen to Dirt, whereas the more seasoned fans would be inclined to quietly retreat to the basement and listen to this EP in total darkness (which is, incidentally, the best way to listen to this band's music). I think this is, bar none, AIC's best album.

    It's a softer, more melodic album than it's blockbusting predecessor. There's little nuances spread throughout the album that make it a bit more "thoughtful." It paces itself perfectly, and there isn't a single weak track to be found in the bunch. There's even a two minute instrumental in the middle of the album (that's eerily reminiscent of Metallica's "Orion") to let the listener catch a breather before the last two songs finish out this masterwork.

    They've rocked harder on their LP's, but this 7 song EP is the cornerstone of the Alice In Chains legacy.

    RIP - Layne Staley...more info
  • Another side of Alice in Chains
    This is a great album. Technically it's an EP, but it's 30 minutes long. Even 10 years before its release, that would've been considered full album length. Therefore, I consider it a studio album, and arguably the group's best. Either that, or Dirt. Dirt is one of the few genuinely chilling albums in my collection, but Jar of Flies is the exact opposite. Like Dirt, it's depressing, but unlike Dirt, the protagonists of these songs actually have some hope for the future. It's also a textured, subdued affair, again unlike Dirt: every track features acoustic guitar.
    My favorite song on this album is a totally obscure one, but I don't mind: I LOVE Don't Follow. It's one of the group's best songs. And it's friggin' pastoral in mood! I'm serious! It's lazy, it's subdued, it's tender, it's got a harmonica. The rhythm section doesn't even enter until halfway through! It is so unlike your stereotypical AIC song. Another one of the best is No Excuses: Staley and Cantrell's signature distinctive, weird harmonies drives it. And the chorus is one of their best. Rotten Apple is the longest song on the album, at seven minutes, and it's another one of the best! I mentioned "texture" in this review before, and Rotten Apple has lots of it, with little flourishes of electric guitar here and there. I Stay Away takes the same approach for the same effect, and it's actually a hopeful song! Yeah, that's right, a hopeful sludge-metal group! It's got strings and a hard rock guitar solo, and it doesn't sound totally cheesy '80s power ballad. In fact, it isn't cheesy at all. By contrast, it's absolutely beautiful. Nutshell and Swing on This aren't as good as those, but both have really solid lyrics and would've been highlights on any other album. The instrumental Whale and Wasp isn't great at all, but it's only two minutes, so I'll let it slide.
    It's amazing that a group who started off as a hair-metal band (and opened for Poison - all this happened before they actually put an album out, of course) could make music as powerful and wonderful as this. This is quite an impressive album. I recommend it.
    Oh, and if you caught the reference in my title, good for you. Come on down to claim this week's prize....more info
  • The Jar Has Been Opened
    Jar of Flies is quite possibly the most beautiful album i've ever heard. You may ask yourself why not buy a different Alice in Chains album for roughly the same price and a few more songs. Well the reason this one is the best is because there isn't a single filler to be found on it. Every moment of every song has a powerful vibe behind it and shows a lighter side to AIC. I actually prefer this album over their 1992 classic Dirt. Rotten Apple drones on with a powerful bass line that chills the spine. Nutshell really describes the troubles AIC singer Layne Staley was dealing with and shows a tortured man's soul. Perhaps my favorite AIC song ever written is the mezmerizing I Stay Away. Simply genious acoustic guitar mixed with the cellos and violins create a song that kind of make you look at things from a whole new perspective. No Excuses is nearly as good as I Stay Away with a more radio friendly feel (perhaps AIC's lightest work) yet it's just as meaningful. Whale & Wasp is a great little instrumental in which you can hear the moans of the guitar (whale) and buzz of cellos (wasp) work together in harmony. Don't Follow is a bluesy song with great harmonica parts and a catchy riff, this also is perhaps one of AIC's most underrated songs. Finally finishing off the perfect 7 is Swing On This which shows that the band isn't all depression but has a side of humor and this song is great in it's own respects as well. Overall this is one of rock's greatest albums, and is the only EP to make it to #1 on Billboard's charts. Give it a listen and i promise you won't regret it....more info
  • The best EP ever released.
    Everyone has heard "No Excuses" and "I Stay Away", and those two songs make this worth buying. But this more acoustic side of Alice In Chains is just as gripping as their heavier stuff. "Rotten Apples" and "Nutshell" are both haunting and catchy, and it is just a must-have album for fans of AIC and rock music in general. Plus, you can get it for pretty cheap, so there is no reason not to have it. I recommend this and all of their other albums. ...more info
  • Best EP Ever.
    While Alice In Chains made a great deal of angry metallic hard rock, they also made two EPs worth of equally emotive music. Both Sap and Jar of Flies are melancholy EPs that find Alice in Chains at their most vulnerable. While Sap was a fun outing, it was also a little unsure of itself. Jar of Flies, however, perfectly articulates what it is trying to say without missing a step. What makes it so appreciable at first listen is how different it is from any other Alice in Chains release, in that none of the songs have the heavy crunch that the full albums do, and instead rely on texture and simple melodies to do their work.

    Launching with Rotten Apple and Nutshell was a dangerous move. These are two of the band's most well put together songs, and one would think that putting them back to back would make for too difficult of a beginning. But their juxtaposition only does them good. Rotten Apple is the albums foremost statement. Everyone is at their instrumental prime here. Layne Staley works layered vocals like no one else can in wispy flourishes, Jerry Cantrell presents an almost funky sounding guitar solo while alternatively strumming complex but warm chords, Mike Enez's bassline is the strong supporting undercurrent of the song, and Sean Kinney delivers a knockout drum performance. All of this comes together to make quite a start...sad and affecting, yet somehow fun and digestible, as Cantrell's fun riffing at the end suggests.

    If Kurt Cobain ever wanted to heal the fully realized articulation of what it means for "comfort in being sad," we can only wonder if he heard Nutshell before his suicide later in 1994. This is likely the saddest song committed to recording, mostly due to Layne Staley's vocals. His delivery is completely earnest and believable, and when he says that he would be better off dead, we know he means it. Kinney's steady rhythm sounds almost like the crackling of a campfire. Enez's bassline is once again the core of the song. Cantrell takes the cake with a memorable chord progression and a muscular solo.

    From here the album hits its emotional extreme with the second single from the EP, I Stay Away. This is about the hardest and softest the EP gets, all within the same song. After a short delicate string intro, the song starts its light, emotional verse. Each verse is interrupted what feels like halfway before it should to make way for an angry alternate second verse, which sounds like a slowed down Dirt outtake. The song teeters in this schizophrenic style until it finally reaches its chorus only to be once again interrupted by the angry second verse. When the song finally does hit the entirety of its chorus, the full force of the violin melody does its emotional damage. This song is the blends the sadness that precedes it with the recovery that proceeds it.

    And that recovery comes with No Excuses, the disks first single, which pulls the listener up by their collars into something more happy. Instead of settling for despair like the songs before it do, No Excuses, much like Got Me Wrong from the Sap EP, seems to offer a constructive solution to the problem, and therefore lyrically feels very accomplished. It also helps that the song might just be the catchiest single in Alice in Chains' library. Once again, the performances all around the board are perfect, and by this point we can trust the band. Also notable here is Jerry Cantrell's excellent backup vocal performance. It is hard to not think of Staley and Cantrell as being one of the best vocal duos in rock history.

    Whale and Wasp is the EP's odd duck, in the sense that it is an instrumental. However, it is just as well constructed a song as any other piece on the disk. Like its title suggests, it also deals with extreme contrast, like I Stay Away, albeit somewhat more softspoken. The song alternates between a minor toned guitar strum that is complemented by sharp, haunting solo tones, and a more happy chord progression that is complemented by a cello solo part. By the end of the song, both parts meld to make a lush major toned melody that acts as a compromise to the conflict that came before it.

    After this we have the most tender song on the album, Don't Follow. The song is a lullaby, the basis of which is a lightly plucked melody on an acoustic guitar from Jerry Cantrell that develops into a gospel piece with Layne Staley's finest vocal performance on the disk. And finally, the EP is capped off with the funky sounding Swing On This, probably the most positive song Alice in Chains ever made. In fact, Layne Staley does say "I'm okay," halfway through the song, albeit in his signature haunting doubled vocals, but we believe him here as much as we believed him on Nutshell. The speaker finally gives up being alone and says that it is time to come home, which is a proper resolution to listlessness, confusion, and recovery present on the rest of the album. Jerry Cantrell ends the disk with a similar funky guitar solo to that which ended Rotten Apple at the beginning of the EP.

    The magnitude of excellent songs on Jar of Flies would have been enough to make the EP be one of the best ever. These songs are completely confident of themselves and understanding of complex emotions. But its development is what makes it truly striking, and an easy pick-me-up for me when I feel sad. I used to think Sap and Jar of Flies should have been combined to make Alice in Chains' finest full album, but I see now that this could not have worked. Jar of Flies is perfect on its own. It tests the limits of the artistic possibilities of the EP format and succeeds in revealing a wealth of conclusions of its strengths and boundaries, as well as being a perfectly formed album. And it ended up being one of the top selling EPs of all time, and also being the first to reach number one on the Billboard Top 200. Those numbers don't lie. This is likely the greatest EP of all time and Alice in Chains' definitive statement....more info
    This album combines classic AIC with some great accustical melodies. My number 2 rated album behind dirt for AIC.Jar of Flies Try and COP THE ORIGINAL LIMITED EDITION with the plastic flies in the cd case spine!! A rare find. GOOD LUCK!...more info
  • Reviewgium Classic: 10/10
    What can I say about this album? Only that I have been listening to it on a consistent basis since practically the time it was released, and I enjoy it as much now as I did then. My musical tastes have changed much since 1994, but one thing remains constant: my love for this album, and indeed pretty much anything and everything done by this band. The strange thing is, it contains what is probably my least favorite Alice In Chains song ("Swing On This"), and yet I still consider it my favorite album by the band, and I still feel confident in giving it a perfect rating.

    Yes, I still remember back in the day seeing for the first time the video for "I Stay Away" (you know, back when MTV was kinda-sorta good...compared to now anyway), and being completely entranced by what I was seeing and hearing. I barely knew the band back then, but somehow I felt that I had known them forever. It was everything I wanted and needed to see and hear. And so I discovered Jar of Flies. From the haunting opening bass line and ghostly vocal harmonies of "Rotten Apple," and the heart-wrenching melodies of "Nutshell" and "Don't Follow," to the catchy rhythm of "No Excuses," and the mystifying wailing of Jerry's guitar in "Whale and Wasp," I knew from the very first listen that this was something special...something that would be a part of me forever. There is so much passion at play on this album from all members of the band, and I feel that with Jar of Flies, they were really truly pouring their hearts out in a way they had never done before. Indeed, I feel that "Nutshell" is the defining song of Layne Staley's life, and every time I hear it, I shed a tear for him. It was the first song I heard, the very moment that Layne's death was announced that grim morning years ago, and that will always be the first thing I think of whenever the song graces my ears. I consider this album to be perfect. Perfect in that everything syncs together in such a genuinely meaningful way; perfect in its blend of acoustic and electric; perfect in that it displays the constant progression Alice In Chains had by releasing albums that each had a completely authentic sound that was never repeated.

    I have never successfully compiled a satisfactory list of what I would call my "top ten albums of all time," but I know for sure that Jar of Flies would be on that list, and quite high at that, despite the fact that it is not a full-length album. Obviously, this album means a lot to me in a personal way, but all that aside, I feel that this is an absolute must-have in any serious music lover's collection....more info
  • Short and sweet.
    This short E.P. from Alice In Chains was released after Dirt, contrasting the ferocity of other AIC albums, Jar of Flies shifts the music down several gears and the results are fantastic. The openers Rotten Apple and Nutshell are so hypnotic, drawling and brooding that from the very first time I heard the open bass lick, I was instantly hooked and thanks to the paring down of the guitars we are finally given Cantrell and Staley's harmonies at their most intimate and most haunting. This album is obviously more mellow than their previous ones and has a certain sound to it that is pure brilliance. The song I Stay Away has some orchestral violins that complements the song beautifully, the following song after that is No Excuses which in my opinion is one of Alice In Chains best songs ever and anyone who disagrees is probably an idiot ;-). No Excuses is an epic acoustic number with catchy lyrics that get stuck in your head and in it's MTV Unplugged version sounds even better, it was definitely a masterpiece and 'Whale And Wasp' is a fine example of how to do an instrumental right and doesn't become boring like some do and has some nice arrangements with some brilliant guitar work. Don't Follow was a nice acoustic ballad which slows down the pace abit but is nonetheless one of the main highlights on this great cd. The album then closes off with the bizarre but brilliant Swing On This, I think it's more of a jazzy acoustic number. Overall Jar Of Flies was a short but brilliant and amazing album from AIC, it's good to kick back or chill out to this enjoyable cd and the reason why I listen to it after work, buy this NOW!!!. ...more info
  • Greatest Alice Album
    IMHO, this is without a doubt the best Alice in Chains Album they have ever produced. I find myself listening to it over and over and this is after having owned it for a decade. No fan of 90s rock should go without this album. If you like Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, even Nirvana, then you will love this CD, get it today....more info
  • Pleased and informed customer
    This cd is truly amazing. However, you must love the musical stylings of Alice in Chains to enjoy. The product was exactly what I was looking for, and who would have thought there were still original collector items from early 90's that were unopened. Truly happy with the purchase!...more info
  • Say goodbye don't follow
    Grunge no doubt provided some incredible moments when it came to music, but not many equal the magnitude of Alice In Chains' Jar Of Flies EP. There are no songs like Would? or Rooster, the songs featured on here are more in the acoustic vein, and after seeing AIC's Unplugged performance, I welcomed this EP with open arms. Layne and Jerry's voices play off of each other so well that it never takes away from the song's feel, if anything it sets the emotions higher. The acoustics on here are wonderful and the sound effects only help the outcome of each song. I love Dirt and Facelift, and hold those releases in the highest regards, but Jar Of Flies topples even them as AIC's finest work to date.

    Jar Of Flies starts off with one of the best tracks on here, Rotten Apple. The verses have a flow that not many acoustic songs can rival. Jerry and the gang sound at the top of their game and hold that integrity throughout the seven tracks offered. I heard the Unplugged performance before I bought this and when I first heard Nutshell I was stunned at the emotions Layne portrayed through his voice. When I learned that song was on Jar Of Flies I was a bit timid because I wasn't sure if his voice would measure up. I was way off, if anything, his voice, and the band, sounds just as good. I Stay Away is a song any casual fan has heard at least once on the radio, but I still say that the use of strings was nothing short of a great idea. No Excuses is another track any brand of fan surely knows. It sounds slightly more upbeat than the other songs featured but don't let that even begin to turn you away, the chorus is great. Whale & Wasp is an acoustic track that I'm very glad was included. I think bands should show what they can do with their instruments when the main focus is on them, not their singer. And, as expected, it's an amazing outcome. For me, the best song on Jar Of Flies is Don't Follow. Rotten Apple and Nutshell are two very close seconds, but this song isn't something I expected AIC to ever make. One thing that sets Don't Follow apart from the rest of the songs on here is the fact that they incorporate a harmonica in the mix, and it fits fairly well. I'll say this though, the song doesn't really pick up and show true promise until the 2:30 mark passes. Layne really proves his worth as a singer as this song progresses. Swing On This is yet another solid track. The chorus is the most powerful part of the song but it doesn't slack at all, it's still a great song.

    My favorite songs are Rotten Apple, Nutshell, and Don't Follow. In my eyes, this is essential listening for not only the grunge fan, but also the rock fan in general. For being an acoustic CD, this stands up, song for song, alongside Pearl Jam's absolutely amazing acoustic show at Benaroya Hall. Any band that can play acousticly and sound just as good as they do when they play normal, shows the signs of a great band, and Alice In Chains was one of the greatest for me....more info