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Evil Empire
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As the vitriol spewed from Evil Empire, Rage Against the Machine's long-awaited follow up to their 1993 debut owes much to Chuck D.'s polemic fury and rapid-fire urgency--though as always the band rages without hip-hop machinery in favor of the heavy-duty power tools of rock. But no matter if Rage against the Machine amounts to revolutionary rap, protest metal, or a combination of the two, the band's command of sonic rage makes Evil Empire a powerful assault in any musical language.

But wait, there's more to the name. Raging against the machine, like yelling at the TV, is woefully misdirected. Lyricist Zack de la Rocha is clearly someone with strong political views--particularly when it comes to the plight of fellow Mexicans on both sides of the border. He vents his indignation sharply at times ("Vietnow," "Without a Face"), rather clumsily and artlessly most others. Music this angry should be aimed at something more specific than an entire race or nation or government, or else it risks sounding like the empty rants of confused postpubescent rebellion. If only Rage against the Machine's raw musical muscles were grinding over a focused message, lord knows how potent they could be. --Roni Sarig

Customer Reviews:

  • This band sucks
    This is the best band of the 90's,ha!!!Admit it they were sellouts who sang about anti establishment then partied with president of treir record label in his mansion.They were corny then and crappy now, thank god they broke up on my birthday which made an excellent b-day present. Tom Morello was an overrated guitarrist who used elestronics to hode the fact that he can't play guitar.Zack de la Rocha was a horrible singer thats why he had to rap instead. The rhythmic section was a lame excuse, just lame.Skip this band, overrated,overhyped and undertalented. Hell linkin park and limp bizkit made way better bands. ...more info
  • a Remarkable acheivement
    When rage against the machine released there self titled disc in 1992. i purchased it listened intently and enjoyed the hell out of it. i thought no heavy metal album could ever top such an epic. but that changed when i discovered the very BEST album of the 90s and one of the greatest rock\rap albums ever released. evil empire is quite simply better than the debut. the writing is itteligent and incredibly dynamic. nearly all the lyrics have a dramatic sense of style to them yet still hold a good amount of truth. and toms guitar has only gotten better troughout the 4 years spent recording this classic. the thundorous funky tunes have been lifted to create a louder more aggresive bite. listen to tracks like- bulls on parade. vietnow and revolver to understand where im coming from. evil empire isnt great because it sounds like classic 80s heavy metal though. while its predecessor shined because it brought the best out of guitar and drums and the basic sound and brought heavy metal to a nearly flawless state. evil empire is great quite simply because it dosent sound like anything else out there. the funky screechy guitars are masterful because of there distinctive sound. as it is many have pointed out this cds songs couldnt be confused with the songs from any other album. the bass and drums are also terrific. the thundorous basslines almost pitch out the drums at times. but you know brad wilks excellent style never lets us down. as all four members of the band are individaully excellent but when blended together create an essential album. overall evil empire is no short of a masterpeice. and if youre even slightly intrested in heavy metal i urge you to go out and buy this album right now. ...more info
  • There are a lot of naive listeners here
    At first when I listened to the album, I was all in for the good riffs and the angrish rage. But I did not understand the meanings or their aim. If I kept this perspective, I would have blindly reviewed their material and commenting only on morello's guitar talent, or the potential this band could have, or zack's political rants. But, as I did some research over the meaning, and this is what I found on zack's site.

    People of the Sun
    This song was first written about the original California Chicano natives. But as the song developed more, the lyrics changed to focus on the Zapatista Movement in southern Mexico. The Zapatistas, an army of indigenous farmers in Chiapas, Mexico, launched an armed uprising on January 1, 1994.

    Bulls on Parade
    Bulls on Parade discusses the American structure of force -- from the armed forces to the C.I.A.

    This song slams right wing AM radio shows such as "The G. Gordon Liddy Show", "Rush Limbaugh" and "The Laura Schleschinger Show". With completle media control, these programs are able to dominate airwaves with propaganda of the right. Fear is what controls those who listen to these programs.

    Zack describes the horrific conditions of domestic violence u.

    01 (Hugh Pouliot): The struggle and sorrow of being revolutionary.
    02 (Phillip Lomax): A snakecharmer controls a snake and the song is about you being controled and used by people who say they are your friends, but these people are lying and dont want to know you when something new comes along example lyrics:- "Your friendship disapears when the wind re-directs!" This song could also point to you being used by your government!

    Tire Me
    Zack has said that this song was written to "celebrate the death of Richard Nixon". I think it's rather self-explanatory.

    Rollin' Down Rodeo
    The poor people in the ghetto must direct their anger toward the class which causes their misery. This is most easily done by rolling down Rodeo Drive with a shotgun in hand. The lower classes only kill themselves by destroying eachother and their neighbourhoods. also this song is about racism against rich blacks, and how they are unofficially banned from places like rodeo drive "these people ain't seen a brown - skinned man since thier grandparents bought one"

    Without a Face
    Explaining the plight of Mexican immigrants in America. United States officials and representatives build Berlin Walls across the border to preserve the 'purity of christian values'.

    Wind Below
    This was based on the essay, "The Southeast in Two Winds" by Subcomandante Marcos. Marcos describes the Zapatistas, and the Chiapas as "the wind below" it is rising up, and a storm is brewing. This song is about the movement, and the EZLN's fight for justice. The United States media silences the movement.

    Roll Right
    "Send them to the seventh level" is referring to Dante's nine levels of hell, the seventh being the place where war-mongers are sent.

    Year of the Boomerang
    Frantz Fanon coined the phrase "Year of the Boomerang" in a speech about the time when violent uprisings will come back and nail imperialists in the face. ...more info
  • Breath of fresh air
    While any casual Rage Against The Machine fan knows the mega hits "People of the Sun" and "Bulls on Parade", Evil Empire has at least two more tracks that give the previous two songs a run for their money. "Snakecharmer" and "Down Rodeo" are a breath of fresh air for someone who has never heard this album. I did not get into Rage until The Battle of Los Angeles was released, and have enjoyed purchasing their previous two albums. Evil Empire is not as good as the previously self titled album, but is still better than anything else out today....more info
  • The Joy of Rage
    RATM's sophomore effort is a worthy followup to their incredible debut. I can't say that I enjoy this album quite as much as their first , but it still has a great collection of tunes. People of the Sun, Bulls on Parade, Vietnow, and Down Rodeo are some of my favorite Rage songs. I absolutely adore RATM's blend of politics and music. It is so great to hear intelligent music with an intelligent message behind it. I must say that I strongly disagree with Roni Sareg (author of Amazon's editorial review above). I don't find Rage's message misdirected at all. Zack, as he said on their first album, knows his enemy. Rage is against the entire global capitalist system. There is nothing empty or ranting about this. It is a much deeper and more philosophical political message than just railing against the President or the war or whatever would be specific enough. To me, the uncompromising opposition to the system that spawns so much destruction is a much more powerful message that gives RATM a uniquely powerful quality. Rage Against the Machine provides some of the best rock out there today. I highly recommend all their albums, both for the music and the message contained within the music....more info
  • great stuff, not the best though
    Once again, I see people docking Rage for being political.NO ONE ELSE DID THAT IN THE 90's. They used MTV like a puppet to get their message across. These "reviewers" then push the flag-waving, , democracy rules philosiphy, then diss the band because they can't admit their talet and they're biased against hip-hop. While a good amount of rage listeners are slack-offs, nearly all of thier intellegent fan base now that they're not around is made up of college kids, musicians, and activists trying to CORRECT the flaws in the system, not blow everything up. But to those who are yelling, just remember that the only people whose minds you are going to change are people with a lot of free time, nothing to do , and an internet connection. Not really a way to reach the key audience for your rants. Try Alabama.

    Musically this album is really good. rage had something their contemporaries didn't: MUSICAL ABILITY. Morello invented the pedal-heavy solo but he made it unique and interesting. Unlike the three note "solos" we get from "metal" bands like Korn and Linkin Park. Timmy C.'s bass is the main problem. He stopped slapping, which (for me at least) made the music a lot less powerfull. But I can tell that they didn't want to sound like they were copying the Chilli Peppers or 311 so they decided to *gasp* TRY SOMETHING NEW for the decade and play actual bass parts along with following the guitar. The drummer's fantastic, hip-hop meets funk-rock. Great sound. Finally, Zack's lyrics are less direct and urgent than on the debeut. But that's a byproduct of the fact that the band sounds a lot tighter musically. A great set-up for the battle of L.A.

    For those who still want to diss Rage for the whole Major-Label thing: "If you want to fight Empire, you first must become a part of it."-George Orwell
    I read that in school....more info
  • I don't know what you people are talking about...
    This is by far the best rage CD. I started with The Battle of Los Angeles, but now i barely listen to it anymore. Bulls on Parade and Down Rodeo are definitely the best Rage songs. BUY THIS CD!!...more info
  • Grammy winner!!
    it took me a little while to get into this album, but when I did I enjoy it, It is just really good, the sound, the feel, it is a great second album for Rage!! totally should buy it, it is so good I have no words to describe, Has to be heard to be believed!!...more info
  • One of my favourite albums.
    It amuses me a lot to read some of the reviews which give this album one star because Rage hold political views that arent mainstream. Its as if these people automatically feel threatened, or are offended by anything that is remotley left-wing. In fact you shouldnt buy this album if you dont agree with what Zack de la Rocha raps about.
    Anyway this is a brilliant album and it has continued to grow on me (and i've I had it for years). The "Wind Below" is one of my favourite RATM songs. This album is also very distinct when compared to Rage's other albums. Zack's rap is amazing and unlike many bands he preaches messages which have meaning. ...more info
  • Power is fleeting, hip-rock isn't
    Its funny how so much of this is the opposite of true rise-up music in retrospect. Rage was a great group, and EE is as consistent an album they made, but (as with all their work) besides for a few key songs where the concentrated elements fully come together, verse/chorus simply drift by on autopilot, dressed-up with de la Rocha's pre-packaged temperament of sometimes sterile emceeing, though driven, of course, with Morello's ambitiously distorted manifestos and anchored by the rest. ...more info
  • Few flaws, but still a standout
    After 3 to 4 years, Rage released this "more metal than rap" style album. Evil Empire doesn't have as much talent as the debut with the exception of a few songs(People Of The Sun, Bulls On Parade, Down Rodeo), but it's still better than Renegades. Battle Of L.A. Is better than this, but this isn't far behind. Tom Morello takes the guitar skills to the next level on Revolver, People Of The Sun and Roll Right. Zack De La Rocha really gives it the young Phil Anselmo style voice on the vocals on the songs like Snake Charmer and Tire Me. Well, here's the song-depth review:

    1)People Of The Sun(2:30) - Shortest song, but really heavy. Pretty cool, sounds better live. This is a standout track. 4/5

    2)Bulls On Parade(3:52) - My personal favourite on the album, much like everyone else. Seems really cool, no cheesy starts, just goes straight to the action. Not as good as Guerilla Radio from Battle Of L.A., but the best song on Evil Empire. 5/5

    3)Vietnow(4:39) - Well, it's not too bad, but it's very average. A bit like Take The Power Back, only less good. Unfortunately it's my least favourite. 2/5

    4)Revolver(5:30) - Long, but heavy. This is tied with Down Rodeo for 3rd best song. It's soft, much like Settle For Nothing and Born Of A Broken Man, but then it gets heavy with a lot of screaming. This is a song that never gets old. Standout. 5/5

    5)Snakecharmer(3:55) - 2nd best song. It's nice, It's a fast song with a lot of screaming, much like Revolver, but shorter, heavier and more creative lyrics. Another standout. 5/5

    6)Tire Me(3:00) - 3 minutes exact. This is the closest song to being much like 13 Steps To Nowhere from Pantera's Great Southern Trendkill. Perfect, but just loses to Down Rodeo. Still good. Zack really makes this a different Rage. This is the only song that even comes close to being heavy metal. 5/5

    7)Down Rodeo(5:20) - Nice guitars. A pretty good tune. Nice screaming near the end. It's a very creative song, that doesn't drag on, despite the fact that it's 5:20. It's a perfect song. 3rd favourite with Revolver. 5/5

    8)Without A Face(3:37) - Not bad. Just doesn't seem as good as the likes of Tire Me and Bulls On Parade. But still, you just can't skip it. 2.6/5

    9)Wind Below(5:50) - Longest song on the album. Although it does tend to drag on, it's got a pretty cool guitar riff, courtesy of our dear friend, Mr. Tom Morello. Zack's vocals really make it seem like a lullaby when it becomes soft, but the chorus really makes him shine. 3.8/5

    10)Roll Right(4:22) - OK, this isn't bad at all. Tom really shines here, as does Tim Bob. Zack shines again here. A combination of People Of The Sun and Down Rodeo, kind of. It's not a favourite, but it's listenable. 4/5

    11)Year Of Tha Boomerang(4:00) - Nice, we end on a good song. Although not as memorable as Freedom, or the latter War Within A Breath from Battle of L.A., it really shines here. Screaming and rapping again. Nuff said. 4.3/5

    That's Evil Empire. Go get it now, or start with the debut and work your way up. You might be disappointed, but it's still a good buy. Get it now....more info

  • Another fine album from a great band
    Sophomore albums can be tricky, but the band only goes through a sophomore slump if their debut was a success. This was the case with Rage Against the Machine; their self-entitled, 1992 debut was a great one, so Rage had to be careful when it came time to write the new album. But great bands do great things, so "Evil Empire" was another great album.

    RATM were a great band on several different levels. They formed to spread Zach de la Rocha's political message, but since they (especially guitarist Tom Morello) are such great musicians, the were capable of appealing to everybody, including those who didn't agree with their lyrics. That's how I became a fan, actually; I heard their songs on the radio and I thought they sounded awesome, so I picked up their C.D.'s. And only then did I start to pay attention to, contemplate and appreciate the lyrics.

    But Zach and Tom were also great because they were so innovative and influential. Zach was about the first vocalist to meld rap and rock...but he sure wasn't the last. And, if you listen closely enough, you'll hear a lot of bands (bands from Limp Bizkit to Meshuggah) imitate Tom Morello's picking.

    I believe Rage Against the Machine were a hard rock band because they were always inspired by something, and always pissed off. This may explain why Audioslave is almost an alternative metal band (they don't have as nearly as much anger to vent). And it's too bad Audioslave is quite a bit softer, because I think Tom was meant to play hard rock. It's also too bad that Rage disbanded, because, with recent events, I'm sure Zach de la Rocha would have plenty of things to write and rap about.

    "People of the Sun" has a famous opening guitar riff and an unusually loud, beeping bass. Zach eventually launches into the first verse, which is a very political tirade about the Mexican people's revolution against the government. Tom makes some sound effects, letting Zach run wild-filling this song to the brim with angry rapping. This is more of a rap song than metal.
    -Best lyric: "Yea, never forget that the whip snapped ya back/ya spine cracked for tobacco."
    "Bulls on Parade" is one of Rage's most recognizable songs. It has groovy, "ner nah ner" sounding guitar noise, which periodically change to wah-wah guitar riffs, and more pissed off rapping (about people who run around shooting everybody else). The real highlight to me, here, is the guitar solo. What is that guy doing to his fret board?!
    -Best lyric: "They don't gotta burn the books/they just remove `em"
    "Revolver" begins with a low, humming noise, before the guitars and the beat explode around forty seconds in. Zach is, at first, almost whispering, and I enjoy the almost galloping beat which leads into the chorus (which has some downshifting riffs and more of Zach's famous yells). I also enjoy the ten second, thumping bass drum solo following the second chorus.
    -Best lyric: "Hey revolver/don't mothers make good fathers?"
    "Snakecharmer" is very catchy. It has a lunging beat with stop-start riffs, at the end of which Zach yells "Yeah!" Plus, there's a small hand drum solo thrown in, as well.
    "Tire Me" has another great, bending, up and down guitar solo,
    and "Down Rodeo" has catchy, beeping guitar riffs and another audible, lowly rumbling bass. Zach does his usual thing in this song, but then a great, abrupt beat change kicks in and Zach starts yelling "Just a quiet, peaceful death!"
    -Best lyric: "These people ain't seen a brown-skinned man since their grandparents bought one."

    So, "Evil Empire" is another classic, standard setting album which finely displays Rage's talent. Ultimately, it's not as groundbreaking as their debut, it's (musically) not very far removed from their debut, and it is, in my opinion, RATM's least inspired disc. Even still, "EE" is an excellent C.D. and I recommend it to all hard rock/rapcore/political rock fans. So what's that say for Rage Against the Machine (that "Evil Empire" might be Rage's worst disc, but it's still great)? It means that they were a truly great band which lead a remarkable and nearly flawless career....more info
  • Brilliant!
    This is a great album. There is an unbelievable energy captured on this record. Maybe for the fact that it was mostly recorded live, in the studio. It took me a few listens before I truly recognized the quality of this album. But I keep listening to it for over 10 years now, and it's still very powerful....more info
  • Rage Fan
    This cd does not live up to their self-titled album. However "People of the Sun", Bulls On Parade", and Vietnow are great tracks. I definately suggest buying this cd....more info
  • 3 1\2 stars actually
    Rage against the machines 2nd effort evil empire is a good cd but not as good as there first. dont be fooled its still a good album although its uninspired compared to there first disc it stll packs a punch. The only really good songs on here however in my opion are people of the sun. bulls on parade. revolver- which is excellent. and year of the boomerang. those four songs are almost reason enough to justify purchasing this. and revolver and bulls on parade are as hardhitting or more so than anything youll find on the self titled album. down rodeo is tolerable. but most of the other 6 songs are kind of average and mired by repitition and ultimately sound uninspired and formulaic. especially such bores as tire me. wind below. roll right. and snakecharmer. not all of it is as bad as it sounda at times though the album starts out superbly with people of sun nd bulls on parade. however it kind of loses it edges with vietnow but gains it a song later with the great revolver. down rodeo is a song that seems to reveive high praize here at and even though i found it had one of the most irresistible midsong guitar diversion i found the good of it largely boring. as i did with. vietnow. tire me. snakecharmer. wind below. roll right. and one of my least favirote rage songs ever without a face which i found a waste of time. all the songs i metioned there might be good on there own merits. but compare them to self title album stars. like bombtrack. killing in the name. bullet in the head. or wake up. and you wind up feeling very unsatisfied. even against fistful of steel they falter. anyway evil empire is not all good. its certainly not at all bad though. 4 really really good songs almost save it entirely. but i found most of the other songs quite boring and repetitive compared to works in there self titled album. so if you already own rage against the machine then maybe you should consider taking evil empire out for a spin. its all at least intresting and id recomend it over battle of los angeles and renegades. however if you dont own there debut i suggest getting to know the band with that album first. i hope this reveiw was helpful. ...more info
  • Rage's strongest album
    This is, hands down, the BEST politico-funk album ever made. Every track is strong, angry, and smart. De La Rocha by this time had reached his lyrical pinnacle, with less repetative and more flowing, diverse, and venomous rhymes than any of those on the self titled debut. As a whole, the band is just a massive, unstoppable, protest machine, these guys were unbeatable when this came out, unparalelled, simply unparalelled. Regardless of who you are, this charged sophmore album is a must have....more info
  • Great Album
    I ressurected this album from a bin of used cd's in my local record store. I had owned it previously and just as I remembered, it lights you up and makes you want to hit somebody. To be honest, I never pay the lyrics much attention which is unusual for me because I usually pay a great deal of attention to lyrics...they capture me. But Rage to me is just something I can kick back and get mad to myself...vent some anger. Oh gets 4 stars. A five star disc is rare and for me to give a cd five stars means it is perfect, and every song captivates me. Can't say that with this album but it truly is a great cd. Happy listening....more info
  • Flippin' excellent
    I can't believe it's taken me 12 years before writing this review. What I am glad of though is that I didn't write this within a year of buying "Evil Empire"; when this came out in 1996, I - like many - was expecting a bombastic array of accessible riffage, heavy ranting and slick production similar to RATM's debut. What we got however was a grimy, dark and sinister effort that better showed off RATM's hiphop and punk influences. This was a shock. And it probably explains why it took me a while to get into. Now however, I listen to this album with a huge amount of satisfaction. Everything about it is great: Zack de la Rocha's voice is so aggressive, so vitriolic and just so downright convincing; the guitars and bass (oh, the BASS!) tap very different frequencies so each is heard equally, even though they often play the same thing; and the drums - although not jaw dropping - support everything perfectly. The only thing missing was Tom Morello's speedy guitar shenanigans - but even these aren't missed terribly because the music doesn't cry out for them in the way their first album did. Listening to this album on headphones while walking down the street is as close to what it must be like on heroin - makes you feel 10 foot tall and that bullets will bounce off you. I don't know what else to say - words literally fail me at the sheer greatness of this album. Together with Mr Bungle's "California" and Soundgarden's "Superunknown", I have my desert island discs (and probably the best slab of 1990's rock). An essential purchase for rock connoisseurs everywhere. ...more info
  • How could you ratm?
    as a long time fan of rage against the machine i was stunned at how there potential was put into making this sloppy mess. The first album was a masterpeice. anyone who considers it anything less is just probally jealous they dont own it and have to make it seem smaller than it is. i listened to the finely crafted hard rock masterpeice about 30 times a year. There inexplicably good self titled album really should be in the home of any whod consider themselves a fan of rock. i anxiously awaited the followup and even preordered it. but after listening to possibly the worst album ive ever bought i feel cheated and am wondering if its by the same band. The first album had outstanding guitar and bass work. great lyrical preentation. excellent pacing and a vareity of amazing solos. evil empire has none of this. it cotains annoyingly grating buzzes from the guitars. really this sounds creative to some people it just sounds like a humvee with a roaring engine to me. theres simply no musical direction to be found in any of these songs other than revolver the only good song on the album. most of the songs are intensly repetive and just seem to drag on. there are plenty of terrible songs like tire me. snakecharmer. vietnow. roll right. and that god awful album closer year of the boomerang. the lyrics are all weak. there are no quotable lines in the entire album and theres simply too much screeching and distortion in this album for me to enjoy anything about it. When i heard bulls on parade i was honestly wondering whether people praizing it were getting paid off or not. It was just so not that good. Compare it to killing in the name. bullet in the head. wake up. bombtrack or even fistful of steel from the debut album it dosent come CLOSE. this a terrible cd thats tied with nirvanas nevermind as the most overated metal album of all time. if you want some GOOD rage against the machine go with there self titled album or for that matter go with any of there cds besides this one....more info
  • soundtrack for a RIOT
    i will say it again: this band is thee greatest rap rock band ever. intense with huge musical muscle and plenty of venom to fuel thier rage. phenonimal musicians with a phenonimal frontman, with a strong sense of musicianship and still melodic enough to hum the melodies. basically it is black sabbath meets public enemy.
    zach is an intense frontman with great rapping ability and plenty to say. i agree with amazon that sometiems he is too broad in his message and sometimes you cannot understand his words but thats why I read the lyrics in the booklet. still, he is a force to be reckoned with. his lyrical bombs are angry and potent. he rages while he raps, part rock scream and part rapper and all the while lighting fires and leaving a trail as he explodes.
    the band is an inferno. brad and tim funkin it up in the back drop as tom morello uses his guitar to create soundscapes, riffs and chords to dazzle. he is a very different guitar player, combining both traditional playing with some off the wall playing. at times the sounds he creates sound almost like a DJ.
    this album may not be as radical as thier first but it is more more intense. there was nothing on their first album that sounded as furious as REVOLVER. the band explodes behind (and along with) zach and the four of them together are one of the most furious and incredible forces ever to create music.
    this album has some of the most accesible music. songs like PEOPLE OF THE SUN and BULLS ON PARADE are pure melodic rocked out and funked up bombs. this album was (for lack of a better word) the most accesible the band has ever been....more info
  • Great, but could have been better.
    "Evil Empire" is an awesome CD, but doesn't really match their first album. What could, with that much to live up to?
    The Lyrics, though, are well written, if unintelligible as Zack de la Rocha screams them out. And as always, Tom Morello takes the whole thing with his guitar solos....more info
  • Great Empire.
    Rage Against the machine was one of the first and no doubt best Rap/Metal bands. And this is my favorite Rage Against CD it was the first one I bought and it remains my favorite, all the songs are great I think and I realy dont undrestand why so many people dont like this as much as the first album.
    The songs are yust as good as the ones on thire debut album I think, but no mather what seriusly all Rage Against 3 albums are classics and must haves for any Hard Rock lover....more info
  • Strong Sophomore album
    Evil Empire lacks the intensty of Rage's self-titled and Battle of LA, but still packs a powerful punch. Brad Wilk's drum work on Evil Empire is amazing, and the best work he has done in any of Rage's four albums. Tim Commerford has fanatastic baselines all throughout Evil Empire (i.e. Without a face, Snakecharmer, and Roll Right). His work doesn't stand out as much compared to Take the Power Back or Calm like a bomb, but after a few listens, the bass stands out more and more; and that is not a bad thing. And then their is Tom Morello's distortions, they also don't stand out as much at first, but they still are great. The guitar in Bulls on Parade, Tire me, Without a face are fantastic. And their is the unique use of the guitar in the last track, Year of Tha Boomerang, which adds to the greatness of Morello. Evil Empire also proves that Zack de la Rocha could be superstar in the rap scene. His lyrics are creative, and his delivery is perfect.
    My favorite tracks: Bulls on Parade, Snakecharmer, Tire me, Down Rodeo, and Without a face....more info
  • not what I ordered
    I ordered and was claimed to have recieved an audio cassette but when it arrived it was a cd. I have a tape deck in ym truck can't shove a cd in that...more info
  • Nice!
    I like it a lot. But is not my favorite one....more info
  • very impressive follow up, but a little unfocused
    like all of their releases, Evil Empire is a blast in your ears. it is extremely funky, more so than RATM's other releases, and shows Tom Morello furthering his wizardry of the guitar. I always find myself using this to test headphones and stereo equipment; its a little tradition that I use to reference how good the music should sound. Each of the Rage albums has a little bit of a different sound, and this one is kind of a funky assault type thing. Zack is not very focused on any one particular issue in his songs, which is kind of annoying. Also, you can't really tell what he is singing sometimes, which is always important to know, especially with RATM. This cd is still terrific, and was brought to great popularity on the strength of the single "Bulls on Parade," a hard driving chugging song. Definitely get this cd, it is just as strong as anything else they have released. Everything by this band is exceptionally strong material, pretty much because the band backing Zach D is one of the most powerful bands to ever grace the rock scene. You'll see why they invented a genre with albums like this one!!...more info
  • Fantastically Good and Fantastically Relevant
    I was going to review this album but listen for yourself (to the samples) and you'll see how great it is.

    I was going to review it and then I did a bad thing, I read that USELESS editorial review.