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"Well I guess it would be nice, if I could touch your body...." Given George Michael's restroom hi-jinks in early 1998, those words from "Faith" sound pretty funny, but they sounded fresh and exciting blasting out of car radios all over America in 1987. Michael's stunning solo debut (after four years in the lightweight British duo Wham!) sold seven million copies and yielded six Top 10 hits. Some of those were among the decade's best pop, including the hiccuping title track, the heartfelt ballad "Father Figure" and the wicked R&B groove of "I Want Your Sex." Unlike so much 1980s treacle, this disc hold ups surprisingly well--even if Michael hasn't always done so himself. --Michael Ruby

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Customer Reviews:

  • his best album
    this album is one of the few from the 80's that still holds show cases a good vocalist,good song-writing,and production.this man is still very talented it's that this album seems to have captured it the best for me.though his other releases have some good songs this one best highlights his many talents....more info
  • You've Got To Have Faith!
    It's tough breaking away from a cheery pop outfit and becoming a serious solo artist. Will people take you seriously? Will you still dwell on your group? Not in the case of George Michael, who to this day, has made one of the finest breakout debuts. I have to hand it to him, he did a killer job, writing all if not most of the material and singing the hell out of it. The "Choose Life" T-shirts and "Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)" seem but only a distant and embrassing moment in George Michael's life. "Faith" brought bigger and better things for him, such as spawning a numerous crop of hits ("Faith", "I Want Your Sex", "Kissin A Fool", "One More Try", "Father Figure", "Hard Day" and "Monkey"). I like the fact that "Faith" isn't your ordinary run-of-the-mill pop album. There are twists and turns in music, such as going from the rockabilly hit "Faith" to the soulful, gospel tinged "Father Figure" (my favorite) then jetting straight into the controversial and oh-so-sexy funk/pop fest of "I Want Your Sex". The ballads even contrast from the soft, suttle and blusey "One More Try" to the jazzy, smoky nightclub-ish "Kissing A Fool". The only very basic pop song featured here is "Hard Day", still it's a grooving piece that will be sure to please. "Faith" also touches on some heavy topics, like the beautiful piano driven, "Hand To Mouth" which hints at the Reagan-era America, another rockabilly/pop tune "Look At Your Hands" focuses on domestic violence as the funky bass-line of "Monkey" tells of a relationship revovling around the use of drugs. Also the second (Brass In Love-funky, funky, funky!) and third (A Last Request-cool and calming and verry seductive) parts of "I Want Your Sex" are featured here which kind of gives an ongoing theme to the album.
    Admist the socially concious, soul searching and romantic/heartbreaking cuts and the numerous jumps into pop, funk, soul, jazz and rock, this album remains consistant and a very enjoyable listen. At times it doesn't even feel like it was released in 1987, it sounds fresh and sharp. George Michael has a heavenly voice and he has such immense talent, I'm amazed that he hasn't done anything today that America (I don't know about the Brits) has taken notice. This is a classic, tried and true, and it will be on heavy roatation on my CD player. You have got to have "Faith"!

    StarSprinkles05 Top 5
    1. Father Figure
    2. Kissing A Fool
    3. I Want Your Sex (1,2,3)
    4. Hard Day
    5. Hand To Mouth...more info
  • As solid and amazing as a pop/rock album can be!
    I picked up "Faith" on cassette tape last year, and have been obsessed with it ever since. Never before have I encountered a sound as unique and amazing as "Faith"; its blend of pop, rock, techno, funk, and who knows how many other styles is as ingenious as it is inspired.

    "I Want Your Sex, pts. 1 & 2" is the standout (amoung many standout songs). Its blend of classic 80s synth-pop, jazz, and rock is complimented by its delightfully written lyrics (not as dirty as you think they are!).

    "Faith" and "Father Figure" are standouts as well, featuring great vocal performances by George Michael along with strong arrangements. My other favorites are "Hard Day," "Hand to Mouth," "Monkey," and "Last Request (I Want Your Sex pt. 3)."

    This is classic 80s at its best. Every song is solid, nearly all of them are standout tracks, and even though you may eventually get tired of 'em, they stick with you forever. You'll be amazed by the quality of this album, if you haven't discovered it yourself already.

    Easily one of the best of the 80s (and with the Grammys to prove it).

    My Grade: A...more info
  • Do Always Have " Faith "
    { INTROLUDE } Year: 1987. Place: US. Everybody, ok... almost everybody, were crazy for Michael Jackson , Prince as still known as Prince, Madonna ( at the time of no black crowes, red geisha costumes, etc. ) and this recently broken-up superduo, Wham ! Everybody, ok... almost everybody, predicted that both George Michael and Andrew what's-his-face would sooner or later vanish from the scene. Well.... they were only half right. Law of averages has it that a cute-looking singer / front man who emerged from a lightweight pop duo, then released his first solo album which certainly was expected by self-proclaimed gurus, critics, etc. to either be something quite like those Wham! days stuffs or something that could be a hit or a flop but for sure, in all cases, would disappear in a short period of time to come. Well... in Michael's case it couldn' t be MORE wrong.... { THE ALBUM } Faith: The representative of Elvis-esque style of music in 80's... Father Figure: The sexy heartfelt, seductive ballad that shows both sensitive, feminine side of Michael and strong influence from American R&B music and, for me for some reason, some kind of Arabian flava too... Monkey: The funkiest number in this album with full extent of utmost satisfaction guaranteed ( For those who like TOO FUNKY, you will for sure LOVE this one )... One More Try: For those skeptics who have reasonable doubts in Michael's vocal talents, listen to his angelic sound of vocals and be enlightened by his stunning crooning talents normally reserved by those Afro-american talents only... Kissing A Fool: Blue-jazz style that you will love singing along. Oh.. by the way, if i' m not mistaken, Michael played bass on his own to this song too... I Want Your Sex: The most UNFAIRLY controversial, state-of-the art R&B song containing verses like " Sex is natural / Sex is good / Not everybody does it / But everybody should..."... Hard Day: Shep Pettibone's Mix with hip hop flava that shows you that you don' t have to be in mid-90's to love hip hop; you could be in mid-80's when Run DMC ruled and still love hip hop by a non-black hip hop talent... Look at Your Hands: Who says you could find great piano / keyboard solo in Billy Joel's or Elton John's only ?; you'll find it right here too. Hand to Mouth: Sarcastic yet intelligent lyrics. Lovely yet not too loud beat. Great, manipulated sound of vocals. Great bridge with great, corresponding keyboard on the background. What more could you ask for? Just be my guest and feel free to dance. { The Final } With more than 5 top 10 hits from only one album on the most prestigious music chart in the planet, namely, Billboard Hot 100 Single Chart, the record set as the first solo male singer whose more than 1 million copies of album in CD format had been sold in US alone, the stunning, WOWs results of Grammy Awards ( using former numbers of categories )and American Music Award, the latter of which included that / those category (ies ) traditionally reserved for Afro-american talents only, this album is like a state-of-art Greatest Hits one. The only main difference is that you don' t have to wait for the record company to compile all songs from several albums by the same artist into one Hits album... Michael, with no doubts, proved that you can create an almost, if not, perfect album herein full of only great numbers only if you are as talented as he was ( is )... And to do so, you don' t have to be aggressive, anti-social, depressed type singing about racism, semitism, hatred, suicidal, etc. either. For those of you who have never listend to songs in this album, chances are you are now in your early teens and / or did not buy Ladies & Gentlemen ( his Hits ) either. I DO RECOMMEND this album for you, if you like quality pop music in 90's you will also at least enjoy some, if not all, songs in this album. Have a nice day of Listening Without Prejudice. Shin H. Piyakulkunakon ( MICHAEL )...more info
    I was a little sceptic of buying this album because of the album cover, but, differences aside I bought it. The first track, 'Faith' is one of the best on the album. The guitar is so great and the lyrics are fun to sing with. It is a great song, one of the best of the 80's! The next song, 'Father Figure' is probably the catchiest song on the album. The chorus is great! My favorite song is 'One More Try', the sadest song and the song with the most talent on the album. George Michael has so much talent, he is exploding with it! Listen to FAITH, God will bless you!...more info
  • Excellent debut; artistic in its musical vision!
    George Michael's Faith album is still a wonderful debut for him! What I liked about this album is its diversity; no two songs sound the same. Songs like the country driven Faith, the torch ballad Kissing a Fool, the funk of I Want Your Sex, Hard Day, and Monkey, the smooth R&B soul of One More Try, and the smooth pop of Father Figure. But another favorite that I love to play a lot, which was a B-side on one of the Faith singles is Look at Your Hands. I love that song, one of the best 80s songs that should have been a single from the album. It's very thought provoking. And One More Try even kept Johnny Hates Jazz' Shattered Dreams (another favorite) from No. 1 in June 1988. Kept it stuck at No. 2, so George was very dominant through all of '88. That George played all the music and instruments on the album is remarkable. This is a lot different from what he did in Wham! His partner Andrew Ridgeley's debut album flopped, but while it's sitting in $5.99 bargain bins, George's Faith has continued to sell in the millions over the years! I'm sure it's sold between 10 to 15 million since late 1987 when it came out. His later albums are all solid, but they're no contest to this very artisic debut. I was so happy that it won a Grammy for best album (don't remember which category he won it)! A dynamic and excellent album from one of the best male singers of our present time....more info
  • 5 O'Clock Shadow Sexuality
    This album is without a doubt one of the most important releases in recent history. George's combination of catchy melodies and provocative lyrics provide the listener with an experience not unlike Taoist meditation. Listening to this album in the dead of night with eyes closed allows one to imagine that they reside within the bustling yet relaxed culture of a place not unlike Manhattan at 3:00 a.m. If you are interested in sensuality with a hint of over-the-top entertainment, this release is highly recommended....more info
  • A stellar first solo effort
    Shedding the image of a teeny-bopper is virtually impossible in the music industry. Only a select few have managed to accomplish this almost impossible feat. George Michael is one of them.

    "Faith" was the first of a series of changes in musical direction for George Michael. The music is adult and mature in comparison with the material on any of Wham's albums. Many of the songs are replete with sexual innuendos and yet are tasteful.

    "I want your sex" - the first single off the album offers the first glimpse of the controversial element that has prevailed throughout George Michael' musical career. It is a slick dance track with the guy being as blatant as it gets.

    "Father Figure" is a smooth love song that could potentially send chills down anyone's spine. It is one of George Michael's finest love songs.

    The other highlights of the album include "Kissing a fool" (great song to sip Martinis to while looking at a city skyline), "Monkey" and "A last request".

    On the whole, Faith is a solid effort and the beginning of fantastic and soulful music from one of the greatest singers/songwriters of our time.

    Songs for the casual fan: Father Figure, I want your sex
    Songs for the George Michael fan: Faith, Father Figure, I want your sex, Kissing a fool, One more try
    ...more info
  • Keeping The FAITH
    "FAITH" was George Michael's first album after WHAM! and one of his finest. From its reverential opening notes of the title cut,"Faith", "Father Figure" (among his most remembered) precedes his (then scandalous) "I Want Your Sex, Parts 1 & 2". This jazzy, funky tune is a true '80's gem that has weathered the test of time. Even today it crops up in clubs nationwide. "One More Try" mellows the mood of the album with it's ballard-like melody. George's vocal range is well explored in this piece (a personal favorite). "Hard Day" cranks the rhythm back up and proves to be the perfect prelude to "Hand To Mouth" (another personal favorite) a great "slice of life" song about personal struggles. "Look At Your Hands" and "Monkey" keep the tempo strong. The delightful "Kissing A Fool" (my favorite cut) is a mellow tune that brings to mind smokey, low lit jazz and blues clubs. It is also the perfect vehicle for George who's vocals here are smooth and almost seductive. "Hard Day" (Shep Pettibone Remix) and "Last Request (I Want Your Sex, Part 3) round out the album nicely. Altogether, this album is a work of musical art and a showcase for every '80's nostalgia buff....more info
  • Surprisingly awesome after all these years....
    There have been many times I wanted to get rid of this CD/album, but I never did. I decided to investigate why I didn't get rid of this by breaking out the album again after a long time, and found out I think it's a brilliant album. It's from the late 80's, but it doesn't feel like it. You can still listen to it today and be impressed with the great pop hooks, the good (and sometimes great) lyrics, and the overall production values of it.

    The title track is really fun. It's a signature song by Michael, and it's still great. Father Figure is still a brilliant song, with Michael's vocals really cut through you. It's an incredibly powerful song, one of the best he ever recorded, and arguably my favorite of his work. Monkey is an underrated gem here, with another powerful vocal by Michael. It's got a powerful vibe like Father Figure. I Want Your Sex is still quite listenable and it's funny to listen to the song now considering the furor that it caused back in its day. The PMRC, Tipper Gore's old outfit that was going to "clean" up America by getting rid of smutty pop songs like Sex (and others of its ilk), was freaking out over the song. Listening to it and comparing to the vile garbage on TV and rap music, I Want Your Sex is actually a pretty well constructed song and is still cool to listen to. It is also good to note that there isn't any profanity in the song at all. The only "evil" word is SEX.

    It's a shame that Michael is known for his tabloid exploits more than his music, as this album showcases his real talent. He's only made a handful of albums after this, but I hope someday he'll return to a real, full time solo career, and not hang out in public lavatories where paparazzi camp out. ...more info
  • Out of the Loo
    This is pre-bathroom escapades GM at his finest - the first in an endless string of one word album titles, that are sure to bring a tear to the eye and smile to the lips - of nobody!...more info
  • Focus on Love
    I give this CD five stars for the song 'Father Figure' alone. Blending Asian intonations with pop, singing from the heart and with real emotion, piquant guitar riffs and rhythms, and lyrics that focus on what lasts in time- love- this song is nothing other than masterful and moving. So we've all heard this song a million times before and thus may just brush it off as 'cheezy' or 'weak'. Well, listen to it again- with fresh ears and a fresh heart, and you might just find it to be a timeless one.

    There's some other fine songs on this CD- such as the 'Fool in Love' number that has the haunting piano and jazzy vocals, and the first song 'Faith' is a pretty good jam. But admittedly, other songs have too much of that synthesizer 'bang' noise as pioneered by groups like Frankie Goes to Hollywood or Duran Duran. When George Michael sticks to the heart and does not go too far off into danceville, this CD is great! The dance stuff is just sort of corny. For bumping dance music, check out some Orbital or Opus 3....more info

  • A masterpiece?
    When Faith first came out, I wouldn't give it the time to listen to it. (I was 21 then) I was of a mentality that real popular music had musicians with long hair, drummers with 10 pound drumsticks, and of course, no synths.
    My head was up my [butt]! Now that I have grown up a bit, (a tiny bit) I appreciate this recording fully. There is so many different styles. R&B. Pop-dance. Slow-cheek-to-cheek. Gospel. You can clean the house to it or make love to it. This album lends itself freely to what you are in the mood for. Did anybody else do edits like this in 1987? I have to ask, beacuse I wasn't listening then!

    I don't listen to much of the pop competition of the time, I still don't find much value in most of it. Somehow, Faith is different and meaningful.

    To those that say it sounds like he is in a well, yes, it is kind of over reverbed. But at least it is clean and noise-free with lots of dynamics. This is amazing for a 80's pop recording. Most pop recordings of this time were flat, compressed and dull sounding. Faith is vibrant and polished.

    To those that say the bass is recorded too hot, I reccomend a better system. It rocks if you have the gear! This CD is capable of reproducing a seamless frequency response, seismic dynamics, and sweet micro detail. A pop CD that even ardent audiophiles with golden ears can't scoff at.
    Sony must have rolled out a prototype A/D for the mastering of this album. A masterpiece? You bet. I don't care what he did in restrooms or how he shakes in his pants. In the studio, he lays it down with true talent....more info

  • In hopes that George might read this: LOVE YOUR ALBUM! But..
    (I write this review in hopes that George Michael himself might see it and handle a specific request I mention here which will make his already-classic album even better. Or at least *I* personally think so, anyway. I normally don't write reviews in such a fashion, but as I grew up listening to this man from the beginning it sort of feels like I'm dropping a note to an old friend in a way, if you know what I mean.)

    What's that, I hear everybody on here who loves this album to pieces as much as I do (and George as well?) say? Why am I only giving it four stars after I grew up with it, just as I have been growing up with this ingenious one-man music machine's material ever since "Bad Boys" hit the radio? Why give one less star to an album I rushed out to buy on its very first day of release and then proceeded to play to death for the rest of my life? Why do so when a song such as "Kissing A Fool" makes me break down and bawl like a child every single time I hear it simply due to its overwhelming beauty? How can I commit such an offense as to not give it five stars?

    Well, I must admit, rating it with only four *does* hurt me personally--it's a fun, beautiful, moving, moody and all-around breathtaking album starring the man whom I feel has the best male vocals in the business right now...(man, I would *die* to be able to sing like that!) ...but there's only one reason, and one reason alone, why I do not give it a full five. And I keep hoping and praying ("gotta have faith", if you will) that this reason might be changed... please bear with me as I explain...

    You see, before this album came out the notorious single "I Want Your Sex" was a hit--and it had a 12" extended single which I eagerly purchased as soon as I could get my hands on it. That extended single is, of course, parts 1, 2 and 3 combined in their entirety.

    Now, when the cassette (which was considered the big norm format in those days--the CD wasn't quite "huge" yet) was released, George decided to make the cassette even better by adding all three sections of "I Want Your Sex" as well as a remix of "Hard Day" (which weren't contained on the so-called "normal" vinyl version), thus balancing out the two cassette's sides into being as even in length each as possible. A great idea for the time, except for one thing... the third section of "I Want Your Sex" was lopped off from the rest of its two accompanying parts and placed instead at the end of side two.

    Now, of course, it could be argued that George wanted to make sure the album ended on a pleasant note if he couldn't end the album with "Kissing A Fool" with all the extras added, and I'm all for that. The man has the right to market his album the way he personally desires.

    But these days, with the CD now being the norm and everything, it simply no longer works--take it from me, the entire "I Want Your Sex" composition works best as a complete whole, and I never got used to its being "pieced up" in this manner--especially when "Part 2" ends with a fadeout ruining my favourite part of the whole portion! (The dramatic horn climax, that is. I would have accepted it much better if the fadeout had occured *after* that part had ended--during the moment when all you hear is the percussion.)

    So I keep hoping that maybe someday George will oversee a re-released version of this wonderful CD which will finally feature the whole "I Want Your Sex" composition in its entirety. Or even just releasing the extended single itself on CD would be fine if nothing else.

    But I still love your album, George. I really do, I cherish it just as I know I'll always continue to. But please... can something be done about the above sometime for us? It would be much appreciated....more info

  • Faith
    The grammy award winning album "faith" was probably the most successful album by George Micheal although thoughout his career he has produced what I consider to be the best music of his generation. This album really contains the music from the hieght of his career. It's an album that no 80's era music enthusiast should be without....more info
  • If you do not like this Cd, you do not like pop music.
    A classic. One of the best albums of the 80s. Or any other era actually. Easily Michael's best album....more info
  • Spectacular Pop Debut
    George Michael split from Wham! and released his first solo record, "Faith," in 1987. "Faith" was a massive hit, ultimately selling over 10 millions copies in the United States. Even the Grammys embraced George - awarding him with the coveted Album of the Year for "Faith."

    A string of terrific singles followed, starting with "I Want Your Sex," which was also included in the movie "Beverly Hills Cop II." The song was considered pretty racy at the time and ended up being banned by many radio stations; nevertheless, it soared all the way to #2 on the Billboard Top 100. The next single was "Faith," which spent an amazing 4 weeks in #1. Powered by a catchy guitar intro, it's become George's signature song, no doubt aided by the memorable video which focused mostly on his rear.

    Three subsequent singles also hit #1. "Father Figure" (2 weeks) and "One More Try" (3 weeks) are both atmospheric ballads; whereas "Monkey" (2 weeks) is perhaps the most danceable song on the CD. The final single was the retro-sounding "Kissing a Fool" (#5), which sounds like it could have been recorded by Frank Sinatra three decades earlier.

    Ultimately, 6 of the 9 songs (the 11 tracks include a remix of "Hard Day" and an alternate version of "I Want Your Sex") were released as singles! The three other songs on "Faith" are also solid, and "Hard Day" in particular could easily have been a hit. In sum, "Faith" is first-rate 80s pop that stands up remarkably well. Unfortunately, George initiated a prolonged battle with his record company and changed his artistic direction after "Faith." His subsequent records have been more serious and less successful.

    ...more info
  • Goodbye Wham! , Hello to "Faith"
    " Faith" is an AMAZING album! I just purchased it today and listened to most of it. Out of 11 songs, there were only 2 that I wasn't blown away by. As a newly converted George Michael fan, I would most defintely suggest this CD as a good introduction to his music. His voice is incredible and in this album, he is able to show how truly talented he is ( can not only sing, but play all kinds of instruments as well!). What I really enjoy about " Faith" is that many of the songs have different genres. Some have some funk, pop/rock and maybe a jazz sound to them. George Michael has proven that he is extremely versatile as a musician, as well as producing music that is absolutely timeless.

    Album Cover: A+++ ( This is one of the greatest CD covers I have ever seen :) )

    Faith: 5/5 - Love the catchy lyrics and the guitar is great
    Father Figure: 5/5 One of the best songs on the CD
    I Want Your Sex: 4/5 - It's cool, but it will still have to grow on me for a little while
    One More Try: 5/5 A Beautiful Ballad showing off his beautiful voice
    Hard Day: 5/5 The Bass line is awesome and it's a pretty good song
    Hand to Mouth: 2/5 I just can't say that i like this song much. It just doesn't really do anything for me and it's one of the weaker tracks on the album imho.
    Look At Your Hands: 3/5 It's alright, and again, not one of the stronger tracks
    Monkey: 5/5- This is one of my favorites! Very upbeat and catchy lyrics.
    Kissing A Fool: 5/5- Gorgeous Ballad
    Hard Day ( Remix)- 4/5 Pretty good, but there's not much difference than the original track
    A Last Request ( I want your sex pt.3)- 4/5 Like the first 2 pts, it will still have to grow on me some more...more info
  • Pure Ecstasy.....
    The first time I ever really listened to George Michael's song, Faith, on the radio, and then as a music video, I found myself short of breath, my heart pounding, and totally and unexpectedly, turned on! And, it wasn't his looks, though admittedly, he is VERY, it was just that i found his voice the most utterly sensual thing I'd ever heard, and it rendered me helpless! THEN I bought the album. After backtracking to some of his most enjoyable songs from Wham!, I found this album utterly hypnotic, and totally incomparable to anything he's done before or since. The fun and excitement of his "naughty" side are there, in a totally delightful mix with his heartstoppingly beautiful ballads, and starkly brooding view of life's darker side...all of which is utimately suitable for an AWESOME dance experience!

    "Faith" is truly Mr. Michael's signature album, and something to be absolutely and forever proud of. An enduring classic like this is a fresh and rare find....more info

  • George is an Icon
    George Michael is a legend. He is a man of his own art.Original, he opened doors for a whole new world of music....more info
  • One of the best records, period.
    I knew from the moment I first heard George Michael's magic voice when I was 9 (!) that I had found something special.

    Years of Wham! songs that I knew backwards and forwards kept me captivated. But it wasn't until 1987's "Faith" that I was convinced that I was right.

    This disc is George Michael discovering himself, and allowing his creative genius to run wild for the first time. Steeped in a deep appreciation for American R&B but with an ear to current pop sensibilities, combined with his flawless songwriting, this disc was easily a musical masterpiece not heard since Prince's "Purple Rain" or Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

    The disc finds Michael stepping away from the uptempo bubblegum pop that Wham! had forced him into; instead, he spreads his wings and explores the sounds that move him. You'll find everything on this disc from hard-funk grooves that out-Prince Prince ("Hard Day") to a smooth velvety piano lounge track ("Kissing A Fool.")

    His biggest successes on the record were when he was just himself -- his amazingly creative, talented self. "I Want Your Sex," the first hit track, was unlike anything on the radio, full of lustful percolating beats, electronica before it was fashionable and taut lyrics. "Faith," the title blockbuster song, finds its roots in simple rockabilly with a simply catchy melody and lyric that will have generations singing for years to come. By turns, "Father Figure" was an infectious, haunting ballad that took "soulful" to a whole new level and still does today; "One More Try" is a moving gentle gospel-tinged ballad that draws its unbelievable power from George's voice.

    What you'll find on this disc is the genius work of a true artist -- a disc of self-penned tracks, sung by one of the greatest voices ever. Not only did George write the lyrics and the music, but he arranged them... produced them ... performed the majority of the instruments ... co-designed the cover... the inner artwork... the look...

    The result was a pop icon that would dramatically change the look and sound of pop music forever. This is one of my "desert island discs." This belongs in every music fan's library. As George himself says, "You gotta have faith." :-)...more info
  • His Best Album Ever!
    A CD full of totally unenjoyable songs. By this time, his ego had exceed his talent....more info
  • Plays like a Prince tribute album.
    Let's be serious. While he'd put out some good work later on, much of which went unnoticed, this album represents Michael's co-opting of several Prince styles ("Faith" was a reconstituted "Kiss," etc. And "Father Figure"? "I will be your preacher, teacher, anything you have in mind"? Come on.)...more info
  • A brother like no other!
    When listening to this CD you come to realize that there is no one to compare this guy to. He is in a league all by himself! All of GM's CD's are as strong today as when they were originally released. I think it's because his heart is in every written line. He sings pages from his life. The voice quality is like no other as well. He is blessed with such a beautiful tone. It is a pleasure to listen to. You simply do not get tired of it. If one listens to what's currently out there that calls itself music, and then listens to a GM CD, it's like night, and day. The songs of Faith are brilliant in composition, and phrasing. "Father Figure" what female wouldn't love to hear these words? "One more Try" I really would like to know who the teacher is? "Kissing a Fool" is just beautiful. "Monkey" has the Most hard hitting sound. It pounds you down in a good way. "I Want Your Sex", I really wanted to have a smoke after listening to this one. All the songs on this CD are worth the price of admission so to speak. By the way, for those die hard GM fans, he is letting you inside just pay attention. ...more info
  • Not too good...
    I really hate almost everything about this CD, but I really like "Kissing A Fool" alot....more info
  • Listen Without Prejudice!
    Folks, what is the complaint about this finely crafted album? It's easy listening stuff, not hard rock; and it doesn't pretend to be. It's emotive, well produced, and catchy. I can see where critics fell over each other trying to pin George with apeing other rock music styles (see Amazon's review, above)...but that's a comment on the genesis of the songs, not on their inate quality...which is abundant....more info
  • Faith-George Michael
    This is George Michael's most known album in the US. George at his best, every song is fantastic. Had it in a record album format in the 80's, needed to update to the CD format. Love it, love it, love him!!!...more info