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Born in the U.S.A.
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Born in the U.S.A. is an album painted in big, broad strokes. But it was still too subtle for some--namely politicians who tried to tap the title track as a jingoistic anthem when it is in fact a bitter diatribe by a Vietnam War vet whose country forgot him. The rest of the album is a glorious grab bag of radio-ready populist anthems--his best display of pure pop songwriting ever--including "No Surrender," "Dancing in the Dark," "Bobby Jean," and "Glory Days" alongside more circumspect numbers such as "My Hometown" and "I'm On Fire." It's not true that there's no arguing with success, but in this case Springsteen's widespread acclaim was warranted. With Born in the U.S.A., all those predictions from a decade earlier--that Springsteen was the future of rock--had come true. --Daniel Durchholz

Customer Reviews:

  • Bruce, Thank you for standing up for what's right!
    Being from Monmouth County NJ I've always been a fan of the Boss [...], and I saw him on his 1984 Born in the USA tour. Though not quite up to par with Born to Run, this is a great album full of simple hits.
    The best track is definitely Kerry's all time favorite song the inspiring anthem he used on his campaign: No Surrender. It took courage for Bruce to stand up for what was right this year and his support for a man who would have been the greatest President ever as well as his opposition to the worst.
    The title track is about a lost Vietnam Vet with no support from a government he fought for. "I'm on Fire" is another good haunting passionate track. And of course the big hit was "Dancing in the Dark". Get this album for a piece of rock history and know there is another America that has nothing to do with Bush/Cheney's version.
    [...]...more info
  • The Boss goes big time
    "Born in the USA" was in 1984 the stamp that Bruce wanted to put on his work that he could produce commercially successful music. While many fans can agree that his work from the past such as "Born to Run", "The River", and "Nebraska" was more in-depth and had more substance, "Born in the USA" reached out to more fans than ever before. The results include a multiplatnium album with seven top ten hits and more awards than ever before.

    The title track, mistakenly taken by many Americans as a sign of patriotism, was in actuality a song about an American who gets shipped to fight the "yellow man" against his will. "I'm on Fire" sounds like it belongs more on his older albums than on this one, with it's more midwestern sound. The guitar licks are perfect. "Cover Me", "Dancing in the Dark", and "Glory Days" are fun rock songs that are easy to dance to. "My Hometown" is an introspective number one hit about the past, present and future.

    This album is easy to press play and listen to from beginning to end. While some songs have more of a socially conscious message, the others are songs about good times. This is a rocking good time and a good way to meet the boss first hand. Pop it in, press play, and enjoy....more info
  • Mr. Springsteen is a true Patriot
    For those few misguided who think it unpatriotic to voice your opinion - especially when it is in dissent. I think they need to go do a lot of reading from the letters and speeches from our founding fathers.

    If any of them happen to be Republican, I would invited them to read this letter from former President Theodore Roosevelt (R).


    "The President is merely the most important among a large number of public servants. He should be supported or opposed exactly to the degree which is warranted by his good conduct or bad conduct, his efficiency or inefficiency in rendering loyal, able, and disinterested service to the Nation as a whole.

    Therefore it is absolutely necessary that there should be full liberty to tell the truth about his acts, and this means that it is exactly necessary to blame him when he does wrong as to praise him when he does right. Any other attitude in an American citizen is both base and servile.

    To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.

    Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or any one else. But it is even more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else."

    -- Roosevelt in the Kansas City Star, May 7, 1918...more info
  • 80's gold
    Born in the U.S.A. is one of Bruce Springsteen's best albums, and trust me, I'm not a guy who normally obsesses over what radio stations play all the time. I really gave other Springsteen albums a chance, and I simply believe this is still his best album.

    I have a lot of good memories connected to Born in the U.S.A. I remember when this album came out, and I was barely starting kindergarten. Back then it almost seemed natural that this commercial album would be the next direction Bruce would take his music, and a HUGE feeling came over many of us before this album was released that his incredibly popularity was just around the corner. It's a feeling I've had for years, and one I've never forgotten. This album just feels like it was meant to exist.

    I love every song, especially "cover me" and "dancing in the dark". Meanwhile, the songs that didn't get as much attention on the radio end up sounding just as good and melodic to me anyway.

    I believe Bruce Springsteen has lots of good songs on other albums released both before and after Born in the U.S.A., but I will always remember when Born in the U.S.A. came on the scene, and it seemed to stun the music world for a while. Great times. ...more info
  • Born in the USA CD
    Very happy with the product. Great price and was sent to me very quickly. I am always happy with Amazon service. I always get what I order in perfect condition and speedy delivery!! Thank you!!...more info
  • Springsteen's 15xPlatinum Transition from Fiery Youth to Reflective Middle Age.
    "Born in the U.S.A.", released in 1984, was Bruce Springsteen's 7th studio album and his most commercially successful. It boasted 7 Top 10 singles, tying the record, which still stands, for the most Top 10s from one album: "Cover Me" (#7), "Dancing in the Dark" (#2), "Born in the U.S.A." (#9), "Glory Days" (#5), "I'm Goin' Down" (#9), "I'm on Fire" (#6), and "My Hometown" (#6). It is also remembered as the first CD to be manufactured in the U.S., as previous releases on CD were manufactured in Japan. The songs are a mish-mash of styles, sometimes self-consciously poppy and seemingly engineered for commercial success. A more processed sound, characteristic of the 1980s, is emerging. Thematically, "Born in the U.S.A" is a transitional work, a bridge between the fiery youthfulness and intensity of his previous albums and the more world-weary, contemplative tone of his following albums, beginning with 1987's "Tunnel of Love". As we might guess, Bruce Springsteen was nearly 35 when this album was released, leaving behind the last remnants of youth.

    I remember being puzzled when Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign asked to use the title track "Born in the U.S.A." in 1984. I think everyone was puzzled. The song is about a disillusioned Vietnam vet. Springsteen declined the offer. "Downbound Train" covers the familiar territory of lost love but is particularly affecting. The smoldering sexuality and intense longing of "I'm on Fire" alone is worth the price of the album. "No Surrender" looks back on the energy and intensity of youth with an irresistible dance beat. "Bobby Jean" is classic Springsteen fare, a lament of a relationship lost to time and big decisions. "I'm Goin' Down" is bummed out over lost passion. "Glory Days" captures the spirit of getting older by articulating -and perhaps mocking- nostalgia for youth. "Dancin' In the Dark" bemoans life's drudgery and longs to start that fire and get into the action again. 12 songs. 48 minutes of music. "Born in the U.S.A." isn't among Springsteen's best albums, and the juxtaposition of styles is awkward. It's his "mass appeal" album. In that, it succeeded spectacularly, introducing the Gen X to one of America's great songsmiths. Lyrics are included in the cover art booklet....more info
  • Born In The USA
    First off, before I say something about the record...

    "It's because of this chronic miseducation that Springsteen has been victimized as the sucker and ensnared to subordinate MoveOn's and "America Coming Together's"--whose proceeds were raised at anti-American, Hitler/Kerry-youth rallies of "Vote-for-Change" concerts--ulterior motive of destructively extremist socialism!!!!"

    ... as said by Malcontent Colosses yada yada. I find it pretty amusing for a guy that thinks he understands political theory to compare Kerry and "socialism" with Hitler. Hitler was a fascist, therefore the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of a socialist. So, really, Hitler should be compared to Bush. If you want a negative comparison to Kerry, go with Stalin.

    If Springsteen's anti-Bush policies dissuade anyone from purchasing his music, please realize that he is anything but anti-American. Songs like "Born in the USA" show how he is proud to be an American, but unhappy with the way his current government is operating. He fervently struggles for what he considers a better America! And that's all you can ask.

    Anywho... this is definitely a classic album, but perhaps his most "bombastic." It seems to have come at a moment in his life when he was feeling particularly defiant. Personally, I prefer his works like "The Ghost of Tom Joad" or "Born To Run".. In the case of Ghost, more introspective. And in the case of Born to Run, more fun. This just seems to comes across as his "pop" album....more info
  • I'm On Fire
    I purchased this cd JUST to get a copy of "Im On Fire" and sadly, it's the shortest song on the disc and the volume is 'low' in comparison to the other cuts! If you're a FAN of Mr. Bruce, you'll enjoy it all the same. :)...more info
  • What was overrated is now underrated...
    Alright, I've finally got to throw my 2 cents in on this album...

    This album gets a bad rap nowadays for being too... radio-friendly.. which is not necessarily a bad thing. Every song on this album seems like it was tailor-made to be a single (with the exception of "Downbound Train"). However, it doesn't lose that greasy, gasoline-tinged effect that Springsteen's music is known for.

    If you're older than 18, you've more than likely heard at least a couple of these songs before. And trust me, if you liked those, you'll like the rest of the album.

    The album starts with a bang, and cthen proceeds to explore the grit, dirt, and agony that is working class life. Some songs have to do with love, some with labor, and some with just getting out and escaping.

    The only problem I have with this album has is that it has a minor dip towards the end. "No Surrender" and "Bobby Jean", although good songs by themselves, interrupt the flow of the album as they are more generic than the other songs and causes the album's support to collapse momentarily. This, however, is redeemed with the 1-2-3-4 punch that is "I'm Goin Down" -> "My Hometown."

    Very good album overall. The only two Springsteen albums I like better are "Nebraska" and "Born to Run" (and I've heard them all)...more info
  • In the wink of a young girl's eye
    Please, let this one day be remembered as the sound of the 80's. Otherwise, music historians will reflect back on "A Flock of Seagulls" and "Men Without Hats" with a sort of clinical bemusement normally reserved to the examination of the clinically insane.
    "Born in the USA" came along when most of us needed it the most. Like he did in the deep, dark disco days, Springsteen ignored the new clamor around him and stuck with his magic formula. With "Born in the USA" came a new round of unpretentious songs about working Joes, war veterans, aging Romeos, jilted lovers and reflective fathers.
    There is nothing new I can say to add to the already stratospheric acclaim of the New Jersey rocker. Pop the title song into the stereo and even elderly, tired men will rise to their feet and pump their fists in the air. It is not a patriotic anthem, but a tribute to the men and women who fought hard for their country and then were forgotten.
    Not that Springsteen is all doom and gloom. As he always has, The Boss delivers his poignant messages while compelling even the casual fan to sing into an empty beer bottle or to emulate the big man on air guitar. Consider "Glory Days," the tale of a man approaching middle age and reflecting on the high times of youth. It's a significant message but one that comes with a lively beat. You can take this ponderous tale or leave it. It's the music that gets you and who does it better than Springsteen?
    "Dancing in the Dark" serves as the theme for the men and women who are frustrated with the treadmill grind of their lives. "I'm on Fire" is a sexy, smoldering and occasionally filthy song of carnal yearning. "My Hometown" is an achingly sad glimpse at traditions past from father to son; a song about the endless roll of generations and the way towns grow and change just like people. "Downbound Train" is a sing-in-the-shower catchy tune about loving and losing.
    Springsteen has dominated many generations by simply going out and doing his thing. When his fans are old and gray, they will remember the site of The Boss' denim clad ass with the battered ball cap hanging from the pocket. It's a much a symbol of an era as the music from this phenomenal album....more info
  • What made him a legend
    The "Born" CDs were what made the Boss' legend. Those were the ones you'd hear on the radio no end back in the day. I admit, I prefer "Born to Run" over "Born in the USA".

    This is a great early day Bruce CD and I think still a must for any Boss fan. My favorites:

    Born in the USA
    Dancing in the Dark
    Glory Days

    Rebecca Kyle, August 2008...more info
  • BORN AGAIN ! (like Born To Run a decade before it, Born In The U.S.A. is a Bruce Springsteen masterpiece)
    Is Born in the U.S.A. too commercial? A sellout? No way! If you remember the 1980s like I do, the songs from Born in the U.S.A. (1984) were like lifelines to authentic rock n' roll on the radio for us die-hard 1960-70s rockers. Sure, the album had an updated sound that now sort of makes it a product of it's times, but that's one of the things that makes this album so special. Born in the U.S.A. plays a big part in defining the life and times of the 1980s in many people's memories. And clearly, Bruce Springsteen is still The Boss here.

    The album is Springsteen's most commercially successful by a long shot, and it's also one of the most successful albums in history (it had seven top ten singles which tied the all-time record for a single album). While Born in the U.S.A. isn't quite the masterpiece that Born to Run is, it still is a masterpiece and one of the best albums of Springsteen's career.

    The anthemic title song starts things off and lays the foundation for the rest of the album. A song about a Vietnam veteran who, after going overseas and fighting in a war for the U.S.A., is forgotten by his own country when he returns home. It's an angry and disgusted battle cry against the injustice of it all. The underrated and guitar rocking Cover Me follows, and I think this is one of the best songs Bruce has ever done. Energetic, desperate and lonely, it picks up where the title cut ends.

    The whole world is out there just trying to score
    I've seen enough, I don't want to see any more
    Cover me, come on in and cover me
    I'm looking for a lover who will come on in and cover me

    Downbound Train is a real heavyweight here, too. Although it wasn't released as a single, it's gotten a lot of airplay on AOR radio, and has become a fan favorite over the years. It's a minor-key dirge that laments a life falling apart. When Springsteen sings a song like this, his compassion draws you in and makes you feel the reality of the situation.

    I'm On Fire is madly quiet, spooky and full of shadowy lust. Bobby Jean is an upbeat rocker that celebrates a close friendship and love, but also bids a tragic and sorrowful farewell.

    Now I wish you would have told me
    I wish I could have talked to you
    Just to say goodbye, Bobby Jean

    I'm Going Down, Glory Days and Dancing In The Dark were all monster hit singles, and they're great songs, too. Classic Springsteen. Don't let the synthesizers in some of these songs turn you away from this great album. The E Street Band's rocking guitars, Clarence Clemons' expressive saxophone and Bruce's desperate, raspy and dramatic voice are still the main attractions here. And Born in the U.S.A. includes some of The Boss' most compelling songwriting ever.

    The album ends with the classic My Hometown. The song wistfully reflects on growing up in America and living with the hopelessness of a town's economic blight and jobs forever lost. Springsteen isn't looking through rose colored glasses on this album, and the U.S.A. that he sings about is not picture postcard perfect. But while the image of the America we see here is framed with hard times and disillusionment, the portrait itself is really of the perseverance, compassion and hope of the American spirit.

    Last night me and Kate we laid in bed
    Talking about getting out
    Packing up our bags maybe heading south
    I'm thirty-five we got a boy of our own now
    Last night I sat him up behind the wheel
    And said son take a good look around
    This is your hometown

    ...more info
  • that's not a STAPLER, Dan!
    Born in the USA is definitely one of Bruce's best ^^. It's got all kinds of poppiness and chiming guitars and drums that sounds like.... they're from the 80's. Every track is dang good...... except for Cover Me..... uhhhh, it always kinda suprised me it was a hit, it's obvious filler to me, bah, that's the only thing wrong with the record though. Every one of these songs either were hits or they could or SHOULD have been. I'd have to say my favorites are No Surrender, Bobby Jean, and Dancing in the Dark. ...more info
  • Great CD
    This is a great cd with many good songs as it is one of my favorites and bruce rules!...more info
  • The premier rock album of the 1980s
    Bruce Springsteen's seventh LP, 1984's "Born in the USA" is one that marks a change in the rock legend. On this album, he makes the change from a working class underdog to a bona fide American rock star. Bruce has represented many different things throughout his long and winding career, and "Born in the USA" is among the most interesting for sure. Here, he tends to move away from the tales of the depressed New Jersey working class and instead appears to comment more on America as a whole. He deals with the war, growing up, and relationships in a more broad and accessible manner. However, the songwriting on "Born in the USA" is arguably the finest of his incredible career. "Born in the USA" is chock full of pure rock anthems, the kind with the slamming drums and squealing guitar that made them so memorable. The band is at their finest here, with the sax of Clarence Clemmons and contributions of Max Weinberg and Gary Tallent. "Born in the USA" also has its share of slower, subtle tracks that are equally as effective. From a lyrical standpoint, from a musical standpoint, "Born in the USA" is the perfect rock album and arguably the finest of Bruce Springsteen's discography.

    The album begins with the classic title track, an anthem of epic proportions. Musically, it's quite simple and repetitive, yet effective. Bruce narrates from the view of a Vietnam vet, who despite his troubles with family, war, and country, still proudly proclaims to be "Born in the USA." This song is really moving from a lyrical perspective. "Cover Me" is an excellent upbeat rock n' roll song, very memorable and catchy. "Darlington County" is a happy, summertime song, evoking an earlier Sprinsteen. "Working on the Highway" is easily one of my favorites, a fast, simple number with great guitar and organ instrumentation. I also absolutely love "Downbound Train," a depressed yet hopeful and inspiring song recounting a relationship gone sour. The short "I'm on Fire" is subtly ingenious, beautiful and touching. "No Surrender" and the very sad "Bobby Jean" bring a classic rock spirit, while remaining with the album's theme. "I'm Going Down" may be my favorite Springsteen song at least musically, it's so underrated. It almost has a country vibe to it, it showcases one of Bruce's finest performances and the songwriting is just great. The album closes with three of his best known songs. "Glory Days" is the anthemic look at the past through the eyes of one man. The amazing "Dancing in the Dark" is one of the best arrangements Bruce has put together, providing an inspired performance through his verses and a unique musical approach. Lastly, the slow "My Hometown" is a moving conversation from a father to a young boy.

    It's incredible that so many huge hits and incredible singles could have been on one album. Looking back twenty years later, at least five or six of these songs still receive constant radio rotation and are remembered as classic rock singles. But "Born in the USA" is more than just a rock n' roll monster, it's an inspired take on American life and the way people live. This album is simply a must have for anyone....more info
  • Born in a Free Country
    Born Bruce is to Born with a tremendous heart! Don't know if this is his Best - Perhaps Nebraska is - Who knows? Who cares? What happens in this CD is a timeless classic American album with Songs, very good songs! Who else write American good songs such as Downbound Train, Im On Fire, No Surrender, Dancing In The Dark, My Hometown... just to name a few. Also this album cover - I think - is one of the best ever! Photographed by the spectacular Annie Leibovitz! Bruce and the E-Street Band are just great! This IS a major work! Only Hits in this CD! I like Hits! I Like this music! I like this CD... a lot!...more info
  • Don't fall for the right wing bible of jargon
    Obviously the individual that wrote the last review has his head so far in the sand that he has absolutely no clue about the world. You can listen to war loving, psychotic and uninformed ravers or you can analyze the truth and critique all with full understanding. I find it almost ironic that people who preach patriotism have no idea what the word means or what it represents. In fact, this yokel has everything backwards. He criticizes Bruce Springsteen and others for voicing their opinion on the injustices of American life. Is this act of political freedom Anti-Americanism? I think not! I have a question to ask you, pal. Was Thomas Jefferson or George Washington Anti-American? The answer is a resounding NO! The founders of this great country made crucial point to encourage opinion and dissent from the American people. Despite what many believe now, we do not live under King's rule. The First Amendment grants freedom of speech for this exact purpose. We have the utmost freedom to question those in power that do not follow the constitution or the will of the people. With that being said, don't be fooled by goofballs with hidden agendas. Don't hate others for having opinions that differ from yours. Most importantly, don't let your voice be silenced. Finally, terrorism, much like Communism or Fascism is just a key word to have all the people fear for their lives. This technique is a powerful tool used to create war. Understand and evaluate history so that we can protect ourselves from those that want to supress true freedom.

    Politics aside, Born in the USA is a fabulous album. Just take a look at the number of songs that had widespread radio play. A phenomenal record from a true American treasure. Long live the Boss!!!...more info
  • A Great Album From a non-Springsteen Fan
    Let me say this straight out - I am not a Bruce Springsteen fan. Never have been and never will be. However, I purchased this album for two songs - Born In The USA and Dancing In The Dark. There are times that I hear a song that speak to me - an artsy phrase too often thrown around. However, do not be fooled - this album nothing about being proud of America. In fact, it is a slam against this great nation. ...more info
  • An Essential American Recording (and it's not patriotic!)
    Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. is an essential American rock record. Every song is top-notch, including the big hits "Dancing in the Dark," "Glory Days," and the title track. Beyond the best-known singles, "I'm on Fire" simmers with a subdued but powerful vocal, while "My Hometown" includes subtly striking lyrics. Up-tempo tracks like "Cover Me," "I'm Goin' Down," and "No Surrender" are irresistibly catchy. Pay close attention to the powerful lyrics throughout the LP; this is far from the patriotic record many consider it to be. The tales of hard times and heartbreak throughout ring unfortunately true today. Don't miss this extraordinary album. 5 Stars....more info
  • A true masterpiece; there's a reason he's "The Boss".
    What can possibly be said about "Born in the U.S.A." that hasn't been said countless times? It's a legendary album, and it deserves every bit of praise. Despite the synths, the catchy hooks, the songs that still have regular radio airplay, and the hype in general, this is not a pop album, and these aren't pop songs; it just SOUNDS that way.

    There's not a single weak track here, every song is brilliant in it's own way. There's an abundance of catchy, memorable melodies and refrains, but don't be fooled; these songs really say something. There's an actual meaning behind everything here, you just have to, you know, actually listen to the lyrics to find that out (the title track, as has been pointed out countless times, is a prime example of this). "Dancing in the Dark" isn't really a dance tune, it's an angst filled story in which the singer isn't just looking for love, he's looking for the possiblility of love (after all, you can't start a fire without a spark). Who hasn't wanted to change their clothes, hair, or face at what point or another? "I'm on Fire" is a short and beautifully haunting song about the pining of one man for an unavailable woman (and it has to be noted, this song received one of the greatest music videos of all time, whether it's recognized as such or not. A true work of art). And "Working on the Highway", it's not primarily about road construction, it's about a guy running off with a MUCH younger girl (a fact made even more abundantly clear in the working version of the song titled "Child Bride", which, like this album's title track, was recorded during the "Nebraska" sessions, but obviously never released on that album)!

    The fact that Bruce can make a record sound so commercal, yet mean so much, is just furthur proof of why he's "The Boss" of rock. And you know what's even more amazing? This isn't even his best album! Arguements can be made for "Darkness on the Edge of Town" and "Nebraska", but as far as I'm concerned, "Born to Run" is not only Bruce's best, but the best album ever made period. But really, Springsteen's first 8 albums (his entire 70's and 80's output, of which this is the 7th) is incredible; each record a separate masterpiece, brilliant in it's own way.

    Still, there can be no doubt that "Born in the U.S.A." is one of the greatest albums of all time. In an era of throwaway music laced with empty lyrics and/or sexual innuendo but no real heart (and yes, that's a trend that continues even more shamelessly today), Springsteen released a record that most certainly had heart and soul. It's importance and impact have not diminished these 20+ years, nor will it diminish. This is rock and roll magic, pure and simple....more info
  • Bruce proves he can "do commercial." I'm glad he stopped.
    "Familiarity breeds contempt." So the saying goes and that's what happened to me with BORN IN THE USA when it came out. Everywhere I turned you heard people misinterpreting the title track, (Reagan wanted to use it for his campaign-It's fairly obvious he never heard anything other than the chorus, if that much.) and the rest of the album was always on the airwaves. I had to leave it alone for quite awhile before I could appreciate it again. There are a lot of good numbers here once you get past the bombast. The fast moving double of "Darlington County/"Working on the Highway," the Cash-like "Downbound Train," the creepy "I'm on Fire," and the pain behind the rockin' beat of "I'm Goin' Down," all work as well as anything Springsteen has done. It's the obvious "Glory Days," the very un-Springsteen like "Dancing in the Dark"(which could have been featured in Eddie and the Cruisers without missing a beat) and the over the top title track (which would have works really well as an acoustic version) that end up leaving a sour taste. But enough time has passed for me to appreciate the good songs on this one.
    ...more info
  • Hits in the U.S.A.
    I won't say this is his best album, but it's easily his most popular and best selling. Many a casual fan has probably gotten either this album or his "Greatest Hits". To be honest, I'd almost take this one first. Besides the SEVEN hits from it, including "Dancing In The Dark", "Glory Days", "My Hometown", and the title track, every non-hit is great as well. I love the songs "Working On A Highway", "I'm Going Down", and the excellent minor hit "I'm On Fire". This album is just impossible not to like. I guess that's why I have it on cassette, cd, and vinyl. It'll go great with your "Tom Petty" and "Mellencamp" albums....more info
  • Past due for remastering
    This album needs to be remastered. I'd also like to add that if & when they ever get around to it they need to put as a bonus track "Pink Cadillac" since it was the b-side to "Dancing In the Dark" and gained it's own claim to fame on Radio & in Clubs. You can't find the song anywhere, not on the Greatest hits or the Essential Collection...what a shame....more info
  • "Born in the USA"
    It's by far the greatest Springsteen album yet. It has the studio versions of the best dozen songs. The only songs I'm surprised it doesn't have are "Badlands" and "Born to Run." Overall, it has good quality music from Bruce's original versions of all the songs....more info
  • Born to Run, Born in the U.S.A.
    The definitive 80s album from the Boss. Born in the USA is a satirical song talking about Vietnam. Reagan blithely used it as a campaign song. Cover Me , he was covered before, right? Darlington County is the lowkey. Working on the Highway is rock n roll. Downbound Train, I'm on Fire, No Surrender, Bobby Jean, I'm Goin' Down, Dancing in the Dark,My Hometown. All in a row....more info
  • Top rock albums of all-time!
    This is clearly one of the top rock albums of all-time. The one that put Springsteen's orbit into the top echelon of rock superstar. For years this 1984 release played out on the radio with BORN IN THE U.S.A.(Reagan's choice for a campaign song which was wisley declined, Reagan must not have really listened to the lyrics), GLORY DAYS, DANCING IN THE DARK, MY HOMETOWN and it just goes on. I saw the Boss in concert that year in Philly. The man played for almost 4 hours, giving all he had in one of the greatest concerts I've ever seen. The Boss was definately Born to Play Rock and Roll. ...more info
  • Much more than just the title song
    Born in the USA was one of the first albums I remember getting really excited about (I'm 33 now, was about 10 when it came out). It still feels as fresh and exciting today in digital form as it did on that scratchy cassette in my mother's kitchen so many years ago. What's most interesting to me at this stage is my response to the songs that were never hits back in the day. Sure, the first track and title song is a stadium anthem, even if it's still widely misunderstood as red-state patriotism, but songs like "Darlington County" are what get me. I feel like I'm right there in the passenger seat with the Boss himself, "rock and roll music blasting off the t-top." Even more emotive for me is "Downbound Train," which taps into something dark and tragic in the American soul without ever straying from the simple vernacular Springsteen has such an ear for: "She packed her bags left me behind/She bought a ticket on the Central Line." And, despite its unfortunate use as a political theme song during John Kerry's failed presidential run, "No Surrender" is a rousing cry to stand firm in the the face of great odds, not to mention that it contains what must be the essential rock n' roll line, "We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school." If you know the hits from "Born In The USA," you only know half the story. Take another listen....more info