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Tragic Kingdom
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No Doubt's 1995 release, Tragic Kingdom, brought Southern California's ska scene to a national stage while elevating the band to star status. An irresistible mix of reggae, punk, and power pop, Tragic Kingdom scored several hits, among them "Spiderwebs," "Just a Girl," and "Don't Speak." Singer Gwen Stefani's looks made the group MTV shoo-ins, but her soaring voice is the real star, as evidenced by such songs as "Happy Now?"--a classic you'll-regret-you-dumped-me anthem that recalls Blondie--and the bouncy "Sunday Morning." Despite recurring themes of pain and regret, Tragic Kingdom manages to somehow feel sunny throughout. --Courtney Kemp

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful second album
    I just love Tragic Kingdom it has to be the best No Doubt album to date. It has four great singles Spiderweb, Just A Girl, Sunday Morning, and Don't Speak. This has to be the best album of the 90's and of '95 if you ask me. The whole album is a true rock album so don't think twice about getting this album because you might just miss out on a great thing. If you are looking for a great rock album it has to be No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom. Put this one in your collection today or you might miss out on a real true rock album....more info
  • This Is Pretty Good, But Tracks At the End Drag It Down
    I like this album, even thoguh it's really old (almost 10 years)

    1. Spiderwebs- Really good way to start the album, really energetic. 9/10
    2. Excuse Me Mr. Not as good as previous song, but still pretty good. 8/10
    3. Just A Girl- First single, and I can understand why! It's so good! 10/10
    4. Happy Now- Not too good, but stil ok! 7/10
    5. Different People- Favorite song! It's not even as fast as the others, it's jsut really good. 10/10
    6.Hey You- Um, this song is very interesting. 8/10
    7. The Climb- I think this was too long but it's stilkl a decent song. 6/10
    8.Sixteen-The guitar is so cool! 10/10
    9.Sunday Morning- It starts out really weird but it's still a great song! 8/10
    10.Don't Speak- The verses are good, the chorus is awful. 5/10
    11.You Can Do It- This song is ridiculous, sorry No Doubt. 3/10
    12.World Go Round-This album's second half is proving to be bad. 3/10
    13.End It On This- Way better then the 3 songs before. 7/10
    14. Tragic Kingdom- YAY! Perfect! 10/10...more info

  • No Doubt Tragic Kingdom - A superb CD!
    Gwen Stefani is making her way through magical `Spiderwebs' and runs across a stranger and she says to the man, `Excuse Me Mr.' `But I'm Just a Girl' and are you `Happy Now' that there are `Different People' who continue to enjoy No Doubt's magical musical success?" He says, `Hey You,' little girl but it's `The Climb' to the top that's difficult and with this CD you've made it but if you were only `Sixteen' and it was `Sunday Morning' I'd tell you `Don't Speak', `You Can Do It' while the `World Go' Round' and `I'll End it On This', the `Tragic Kingdom' you've made for yourself is a wonderful world, you go girl!"

    I don't and won't pretend to say that I'm completely up with all the terminology of today's music and such, I don't even know what the term ska means. What I will say though is that when it comes to tooling down the highway, no trip is complete without listening to this particularly superb CD.

    Often times, a group such as No Doubt will produce a CD and there'll be but a scant few exceptional songs on them and the rest are a spurious waste of time; that is simply not the case with "Tragic Kingdom!" Every song on this CD is a superb wonder and highly enjoyable to listen to.

    Adding to the extraordinary flavor of this CD is not only the beautiful voice that the extremely gorgeous Gwen Stefani possesses but also the eclectic nature of the songs on this CD. From punk to reggae to pop, "Tragic Kingdom" is replete and an overwhelming joy to listen to from the first song to the last! I highly recommend this CD to any and all fans that enjoy this type of music! {ssintrepid}...more info

  • Breakout, no doubt!
    No Doubt deservedly hit it big when they released Tragic Kingdom. Their upbeat ska, punk, and rock influenced music stood out among the post-grunge crowd. There are several radio hits here, and the album has a lot more to offer. It's definitely a CD that is worth a spin if you like what you've heard of them before. A classic 90s album!...more info
  • best
    this is the best rock cd i know of. between just a girl, sunday morning, and don't speak there is a song for everyone!...more info
  • Welcome to the Tragic Kingdom!
    This is the best album No Doubt has ever made. I still remember in 1996 when don't speak was No.1 for long weeks. I thunk this song is the best No doubt has ever made. A performance deserving a standing ovation. The rate lies down:

    1. Spiderwebs. A great intro. This song is what defines No Doubt style to my opinion. I love this one. 10/10

    2. Excuse me mr. I don't like this song that much. I think ''Sixteen'' should have been released as a single instead of this one. The lyrics, don't make much sense, but the piano sounds good. 6/10

    3. Just a Girl. A very nice song about teenager girls. The guitar sounds great. 10/10

    4. Happy Now? This song sounds good. I like it.9/10

    5. Different People. Nice intro. The rest, isn't that bad. 8/10

    6. Hey You. The first time I saw this song title, before I listened to it, I thought It was a remake of Pink Floyd's. This song is the strongest one. It's just rock. Doesn't have any reggae, pop or ska rythm. One of my favourites. 10/10

    7. The Climb. It didn't have to take much time. This song is the boring slow one. Is actualy quiet good, but is the longest one, and it wasn't necessary at all. Up to 6 minutes!! 8/10

    8. Sixteen. One of my favourites. One of the best rock songs No Doubt has ever made. It had been released as a single and I bet it would have reached the number one for weeks! Starts great, is the song that makes you stand up and jump. I was 16, and I felt like this song was to me. I felt identified with it.''You're only sixteen and you're feeling old...'' And it ends when Sunday Morning starts, with the drums. 10/10

    9. Sunday Morning. I love how the song sounds, it's geat! but the lyrics doesn't help that much. But I don't care, I like it! One of my favourites. 10/10

    10. Don't Speak. I have no words to describe this song. The lyrics, the sound, everything on this song is great! I think this is the best No Doubt song on their 5 studio albums!
    A strong ballad. ''As we die, both you and I, with my head in my hands I sit and cry...''.10/10

    11. You can do it. Doesn't sound that good. This song shouldn't have been included on this album. Is just the worst. I don't like it. 3/10

    12. A very nice song. ''We gotta fing another way to make the world go 'round.'' The lyrics are great. Is just about rality. I love this song. 10/10

    13. End it on this. A good one. Not that bad. 9/10

    14. Tragic Kingdom. This song is like the cherry on the cake. I like the intro when it says "Permanecer sentados por favor" in Spanish. Welcome to the Tragic Kingdom! 10/10

    Be sure you pick a copy of this album up. This album is No Doubt's best ever.
    ...more info
  • No Doubt This Albums definitely not Tragic
    This album is a sample of No Doubts finest work. With it's rock ballad 'Don't Speak' and the bouncy 'Sunday Morning' there's something for everyone. Tragic Kingdom has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide. Tragic Kindom was No Doubts third Album but second album with Interscope. It hit number one all over the world and there's no surprises there.
    Unmissable Ttracks: Just a Girl, Sunday Morning, Don't Speak, Different People, Spider Webs.
    Skip: Nothing...more info
  • NO DOUBT Tragic Kingdom CD
    I Love NO DOUBT, the best songs on this one are Spiderwebs,Just a Girl,Sunday Morning and Don't Speak...more info
  • Take This Pink Ribbon Off My Eyes...
    Man, I sure wish Gwen Stefani was still making music like this! I remember purchasing this album back when it was new after hearing "Spiderwebs" and "Don't Speak" on the radio. The album remained in constant rotation on my CD player for many years thereafter and I count it as one of those "special" albums where everything about it seems to work it its favor. Gwen sounds fabulous and her vocal range is well displayed, the band is tight, the song lyrics are quirky and unique while also being intelligent and thought-provoking, the album doesn't sound overproduced, and it has a high re-listenability factor (read: you want to listen to it over and over again). Simply put, "Tragic Kingdom" is a modern classic that still sounds fresh today and remains a document of a time when all of the elements came together for No Doubt. It has a very positive, energetic vibe, helped in large part by Gwen Stefani's gutsy, theatrical vocal delivery. She was the alterna-chick that every high school girl wanted to be, with the platinum hair, brightly colored midriff-revealing clothes, and signature red lipstick. And I must admit that I cannot listen to this album without mourning, in a sense, the Gwen of yesteryear...

    After "Return To Saturn" and "Rock Steady", the beginning of Gwen Stefani's solo career marked a change in her musical direction, and unfortunately not a good one. While I was initially intrigued by the idea of a solo Gwen, both of her solo albums so far seem to have proven how self-indulgent music can sometimes be and the pitfalls that can sometimes happen when one member of a band strikes out on his/her own. Silly songs with juvenile, pretentious lyrics, some of which are just plain dreadful, and a strange obsession with how much she likes her clothing line L.A.M.B. (which, sadly, was not only the inspiration for the title of her debut solo album, Love.Angel.Music.Baby, but was also featured in at least two songs, one of them on her second album). The whole solo career thing just seems so corporate and disposable, right down to the aviator sunglasses, the flat ironed hair, and the gold necklace she wears on the cover of "The Sweet Escape." When untempered by her bandmates, a little bit of Gwen goes a long way. She used to make music that mattered and now she just makes fluff. I liked the old Gwen, before she had a clothing line and before she let her fame go to her head.

    But all is not lost. We still have "Tragic Kingdom" to remember her by. Gwen, come back to us! It's time to take the pink ribbon off for real now....more info
  • just plain good!
    This is one of those CDs that everyone will love....more info
  • No Doubt, one of my favorite bands of all time.
    Tragic Kingdom is my favorite No Doubt CD. It's what made them big on the music scene. I can listen to the entire CD and I love all of the songs. Favorites inclue Different People, Sunday Morning, and my all-time favorite song, Don't Speak. Don't Speak is my favorite love ballad of all time. Not to mention that Gwen Stefani wrote it herself, based on her brothe leaving the band and breaking up with Tony Kanal, the band's bass guitarist. That just makes it all the more personal and real. Tragic Kingdom is definitely not a CD to overlook....more info
  • Not So Tragic
    Before No Doubt released Tragic Kingdom they weren't well known. They actually just released this so they could get their songs out, then they would go on with their lives. Luckily their first single "Just A Girl" hit well and they didn't have to do that. Tragic Kingdom in my eyes is No Doubt's best work, filled with all good songs. I don't there are many cd's where I happen to enjoy all hits, but this is definitely one of them.

    The cd starts of with "Spider Webs" which is an ingenious song. One of my favorite songs in No Doubt history is "Excuse Me Mr." which is just an awesome song. Next is "Just A Girl" which was their first single and possibly the "star" of the cd. Another one of my favorite songs from no doubt is "Different People" which is just so awesome. Then later comes their other hit from the cd, "Don't Speak" which is still getting radio play today. "You Can Do it" is also a fun song, though it kinda sounds like something the Spice Girls would sing. Then comes my favorite song on the whole cd..."Tragic Kingdom". It's so fun, heavy, deep, imaginative, and basically has a nice flow.

    The whole cd is just loads of fun and I would suggest it to anyone who has only heard their new stuff....more info
  • I had high expectations for this.
    Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt is highly overrated. The songs released were pretty good but after all these years, this album is dated and annoying now. This disc is heavy in ska which is no longer popular, no wonder they had to change their sound after this album. Don't Speak was a great ballad but after you hear it 30,000 times you get sick of it. The only track I still appreciate is Sunday Morning, great hook and chorus. This album is considered their masterpiece, but I've heard better....more info
  • Gotta Love It
    Amazing CD. It is a must have for any No Doubt or Gwen Stefani fan. ...more info
  • It Doesn't Blow Me Away
    Tragic Kingdome seems like the most hyped recording by No Doubt. With all those singles: Don't Speak, Spiderwebs, Sunday Morning, etc.... I thought that this CD would be a classic. Somehow, it is not.

    The thing is that in addition to the five singles there are ten other tracks. And many of them just do not do anything special for me. I think the hooks are less memorable as on Rock Steady and The Beacon Street Collection. Sixteen is an exception as its a fairly catchy new wave rock tune. Different People has a nice jazzy beat to it with good horn arrangements. And the title track has some interesting textures to its style.

    Therefore I count the recording as about a fifty fifty split between good songs and nothing special ones. Therefore three stars seems like the right rating....more info

  • No Doubt this is a must have fan cd!!
    Wow this cd is classic cd of No Doubt that no fan should go without. It includes the single "Don't speak" and a lot of other "sca-like" beats that'll have you groovin right along with Gwen and the band, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! :-0 :-)...more info
  • One of my favorite CD's ever!
    This CD is amazing! It is so high energy and fun! This is No Doubt at it's finest and it's most fun! The songs on this CD make me get up and jump around like nothing else. I would recommend this CD at anyone looking for something amazing, fun, and full of attitude.

    Bottom Line : Buy this CD! You won't regret it! :)...more info
    This is one of the best albums ever laid down.
    It's up there with BLOOD SUGAR SEX MAGIK and HIGHWAY TO HELL.
    It's that good....more info
  • I LOVE THEM! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THEY ARE DOPE!!!!!!!
    5 STAR STUFF~! *****...more info
  • Magic Kingdom, No Doubt!
    I'd like to start by saying that this is one of the better albums of the 90's and the No Doubt album that is most popular among the fans. It was also the band commercial breakthrough album, although it was acually their second. No Doubt from Anaheim, CA was defenitely a fresh and unique band when they came out in 1995 with this one. They mixed Rock with Ska and Reggae but were also able to create good hooks on most songs and occasional tear jerking ballads like "Don't Speak". No Doubt with lead singer Gwen Stefani was some kind of new wave band of the mid 90's just like Debby Harry and Blondie had been in the 80's. Although they were diffrent musically, the 2 singers had something in common. Needless to say, "Tragic Kingdom" is No Doubt at their best and nothing short of excellent. It's fun, catchy and with a fresh and unique sound that certainly got the attention of most people at the time.

    It all starts with the excellent hit single, "Spiderwebs" The song is about a relationship that is almost like a spiderweb and the song is a trademark No Doubt song with all the Ingredients they mixed to create their special sound. Gwen's energy is amazing. "Excuse Me Miss" is slightly slower but doesn't lack the goodies either. "Just a Girl" sound alot like "Spiderwebs" but it's more of a girls anthem. It was their first single and a very good one. "Happy Now" is very good too, a very energic song with good guitars. "Diffrent People" is the opposite, a happy mood song. "Hey You" is another No Doubt standard in midpace. "The Climb" shows that the band also can make ballads. "Sixteen" is perhaps for a younger audience, a song about teenagers with an energic hook.

    The upcoming two songs are 2 of the best. First comes "Sunday Morning" that also was released as a single and is one of the more rock influenced songs of the album. "No Doubt" is my personal favorite and infact one of the best ballads of the decade, can you believe a band that sang ska-pop on "Just a Girl" could make something so diffrent like this one. A beautiful and tear jerking ballad. The song is co-written between Gwen and brother Eric and is about her previous relationship with bandmember and bassist Tony Kanal. Tony broke up and the song was made to cover the pain that Gwen went through. It still gives me goosebumps. "You Can Do It" sound disco influenced, it's odd but who's surprised?. "World Go Round" is a mix between Ska, Jazz and pop, It's really catchy but a typical album song. "End it On This" and "Tragic Kingdom" the title track both are solid standards that melt into the album concept well.

    Overall, Classic 90's album that was and is special in it's own way with the bands Ska revival, some reggae, some rock and pop. It got diversity, energy, it's fun and catchy. If You are new to the band start here cause it's their best album and the one that made them famous too. 5/5 stars....more info
  • Brilliance!!
    Tragic Kingdom is a very terrific album. The noted songs include Spiderwebs (my personal fave), Just a Girl and Don't Speak, the song that put No Doubt on the map.

    Every song is very fun and good, and it's an all around brilliant album that will leave you shocked and stunned! A must buy!...more info
  • Fun!
    You can't go wrong with this CD. It's just fun! Gwen's voice, the lyrics, the music is all good stuff!...more info
  • One excellent Ska album
    No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom is really a great album and worth your money. Literally every track on it is well done. In my opinion its the last good No Doubt album. My personal favorite song is The Climb, mainly because its written in 12/8 as opposed to 4/4 time, like most popular music. Unfortunately, every other song on the album is 4/4, but it is something of a treat to hear something different. This album is really good all around and everyone can like at least one track on this album. ...more info
  • Good Listening
    I am just doing this so AMAZON stop recommending this CD to me. I wish there is just a button that says I already own this but not interested in giving a review. Geez...more info
  • Not bad but..... Just Not Very Good
    In Tragic Kingdom, No Doubt gets 2.5 stars for being super catchy and having a lot of style. However, I can't give them any more stars because over-all, this album is very unsatisfying.

    Yes it this album left me feeling unsatisfied. I listened to it about four times, trying to figure out why that is. Here are the reasons as much as I can figure:

    1. All the songs are the same tempo, or at least almost the same tempo. It makes Tragic Kingdom seem very static after a while.
    2. I love Gwen's voice; it has a lot of character. But her voice sounds the same, no matter what emotion the song is trying to convey. When she sings about being heartbroken, her voice doesn't show she's heartbroken. When she sings about fighting her way to the top, her voice sounds the same as when she's heartbroken. The emotions aren't real; they are part of a performance. It was like she was lying to me through the whole album.
    3. The lyrics are on the idiotic side. Not painfully bad (Styx) but not incredible either (Tom Waits).
    4. No Doubt never once puts themselves on the line. They never go out on a limb or do anything dangerous with their music. Their sound is good, but accessible and easy to sell.

    This album is good for when you're waking up in the morning and just want something super catchy that doesn't require thought or concentration. It's definitely not the album for you if you want something thought provoking that will give you the chills....more info

  • This album got me hooked on No Doubt
    So many good songs on this one! Try tracks 1, 3, 7, 9, 10, 14. Whether they're doing punk or pop or jazz or whatever, No Doubt makes it sound good. Gwen Stefani gets compared to Madonna, which embarrasses her, but she's a cute little blonde chick with Italian roots, so how could we not picture her as a mini-Madonna after Don't Speak, even though some of us can't help but gag at the comparison LOL

    David Rehak
    author of "A Young Girl's Crimes...more info

  • i LOVE this cd!
    This is a great CD! In my top two No Doubt CD's for sure, but I don't know if it is one or two. Every song on here is great... my favorites being the powerful Don't Speak, Sunday Morning, I'm Just a Girl, and Happy Now, loving every other song on this CD as well, of course. A must have in every No Doubt fans collection, it is deffinetly a No Doubt classic....more info