Highlights From The Phantom Of The Opera: The Original London Cast Recording (1986 London Cast)
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Street Release Date: 10/10/1988

Highlight versions of cast recordings are by definition a compromise, and this reduction of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera is no exception. Weighing in at 59 minutes, it's over 40 minutes shorter than the two-disc version, excising many musical scenes that convey the flow and impact of the show (which include, admittedly, a lot of patter and screaming). On the other hand, all the hits are here--"Think of Me," "Angel of Music," the title tune, "The Music of the Night," "All I Ask of You," "Masquerade," and "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again"--and Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman are still on hand to make their distinctive contributions to the original London cast. So if you're looking for a convenient, inexpensive single disc that will let you enjoy Lloyd Webber's scrumptious melodies without having to immerse yourself in the action, this just might be for you. --David Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • #1 Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (theatre version)
    This is the #1 Soundtrack to have for the theatre version of Phantom of the Opera. It skips the minor scenes and gets to the meat....more info
    Well, if you want the fast-food version of 'Phantom of the Opera', then this is the CD for you. Most of the songs are there in this 'Highlights' release but, in my opinion, NONE of the depth. Alas, I cannot fault this particular release for those who just want to be-bop along with the favoured tunes.


    For those for whom 'dining' is an experience not only not to be missed in life, but actually cultivated as often as possible, then you will want to take a pass on this 'Highlights' CD and purchase the Full-Length version of the Original Cast recording. Therein will you find yourself back in the theatre reliving the opera as it was written and performed. To enter into such depth repeatedly is a joy as it quite effectively whisks you away to the labyrinthine drama that once stunningly unfolded before your eyes and ears. The plus in this is the unequivocal ability to inject yourself into the heart-wrenching story and sing along its various parts.

    To reiterate, if you're interested in RELIVING the story, including ALL the evocative musicality that goes along with it, then get the Full-Length version.

    If you're only interested in the 'hit' songs, then buy this 'Highlights' CD. (But be aware of this: 'Music of the Night' is changed in this CD. It is not the same rendition of the original song. For me, this alone makes the 'Highlights' CD less-than-worthless)....more info
  • Can't stop playing this one!
    Love listening to Michael Crawford, he sings with such passion. I could cry because I didn't get to see him on stage as the Phantom. I have watched all the youtube videos I could find, but that sure isn't the same. ...more info
  • Quick delivery
    Have not tried the CD yet but delivery was fast, wrapped safely. Happy with transaction so far. ...more info
  • Very good album !
    Very good album from the British musical masterpiece. Nevertheless, the song "The music of the night" has been replaced from the original score. It has some little changes in its lyrics but is good. In order to have a good souvenir from the recording and for the whole performance, I recommend the 2 CD box set with the original cast....more info
  • Really good!
    I gave it a four cos it isn't the whole thing but in all it is perfect with the perfect phantom and christine. This CD is uncomparable with all other highlights. Just be prepared to listen through it all the way cos it only has ONE track. but that shouldn't be problem if you are a real phan ;)...more info
  • An Incredible CD
    I'm currently a student in a small choir group. I've owned this CD for an extremely long time (or rather my parents have), and I never listened to it except to prep for our concerts. As soon as the first notes of the Overture played, I was hooked. The tantalizing lyrics, beautiful melodies, incredible voices, and heartbreaking storyline just totally captivated me. From there on, I was obsessed. The book, the movies, the show- in London. The Phantom of the Opera is a masterpiece, and although younger children might be frightened by the loud noises and screams, you will still cry every time Crawford sings "It's over now, the music of the night..."...more info
  • Simply Terrific, not to mention terrifying!
    I have yet to buy the complete CD version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's haunting musical version of the classic love story The Phantom of the Opera, but my copy of 'Highlights' is nearly ten years old...and I still love it.
    Michael Crawford was not only the first man to play the title character but in my opinion he must be the best. Surely, it's impossible for anyone to be better than him. His voice is magnificent, his cackling laugh keeps me up at night and even on a recording his sorrow and anger seem so real.
    Although I've heard she's not much of an actress, vocally Sarah Brightman is amazing as Christine, a talented opera singer and the object of the phantom's desire.
    Steve Barton sings the part of Raoul, Christine's old friend and love interest. He's very good which is why it's a shame his career didn't get more of a boost out of his performance.
    In fact the whole cast is simply amazing. In songs like 'Masquerade' it becomes very clear to even be in the chorus of this spine-tingling musical you have to be very, very good.
    Some will appreciate this CD more after having seen it live, but in my opinion every single person should own a copy of this tremendously good recording....more info
  • Great!!!...
    If you just want to listen to the songs from Phantom Of The Opera I highly recommend this CD, it doesn't follow the storyline, cause it's just a highlights CD, if you want to hear the whole operetta from beginning to end you have to get the complete soundtrack, but this CD had all of the main songs from the Operetta on it like Wishing You Were Somehow here Again, Music Of The Night and the theme song Phantom Of The opera along with others. This is the best production ever, and after seeing a production of this play last year, I know there will never be another one that can match this one. Sarah Brightman and Micheal Crawford are the best!!!......more info
  • My favorite CD
    I have almost 400 CDs of all types of music and I can easily say this is my favorite. Michael Crawford is awesome - his voice is haunting - the perfect phantom. It's a fantastic CD because it's one of those you can easily listen to from beginning to end - a true album. With this CD you just want to sit on your couch in a dark room and feel the music and emotion.

    I heard this CD and then went to the broadway show in NY and was unfortunately disappointed - after hearing Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, even though the show is still amazing, the performers in their place were a letdown.

    If you even suspect that you like contemporary opera, you will love this CD....more info

  • Fantastic
    After seeing Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece for the second time a few nights ago, I absolutely had to have the soundtrack. The highlights version is of the same precise quality and content as the full version, containing the well-known Overture and Music of the Night, to name a few. Michael Crawford shines in his rich, tenor melodies, harmonizing perfectly with Sarah Brightman's sopranino range. If you've heard of the musical, buy the CD, and if you haven't, buy it anyway, because this is one piece of theatrical mastery that cannot be missed...more info
  • One Phantastic Soundtrack
    I saw The Phantom of the Opera nearly three years ago, and I remember it like I just saw it yesterday. The acting is superbe and the music is magnificent!! The entire soundtrack (it's a double cd) is great, but if you are just looking for the "main" songs, then the Highlights CD is just as good. Every time I listen to this CD, the play vividly comes to life, and I feel exactly what all of the characters are feeling....especially the Phantom. The play is wonderful...the music is even better!! You will definitely not be sorry that you bought this soundtrack....more info
  • Exellent introductury collection to the music of the musical
    As the Amazon reviewer pointed out, this "highlights" disc is only 59 minutes long, 40 minutes shorter than the entire two-disc cast recording.

    But this suits some people. For one, again as pointed out in the Amazon review, the hits are all here - I especially like the title tune, "Think of Me", "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again", and the entr'acte. For another, this is a tad bit cheaper than the two-discer (compare the retail prices - for this, it's $18.97; for the complete set, it's $35.97. That's a $17 dollar difference!) And the best part is the music! I especially like "The Phantom of the Opera", "Think of Me", "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again", and "Entr'acte." I can't stop playing them - they're adictive, I swear! (::laughs::)

    I'm going to the musical in a few months when it tours where I live, and this inexpensive disc has given me a good introduction to the music, without me having to pay $17 more for the whole recording. This collection will make you a Phantom Phan, I bet you, even if you haven't seen the musical (yet), like me. I simply can't wait to go see it!...more info

  • I want to listen all the time
    My name is Daniel and I'm going to be 6 years old soon. I like to listen to all the songs in the car. I make my mom put it on all the time. I dressed like Phantom on Halloween and I sing the songs from the Opera all the time. I love all kinds of music and I especially like this CD. I want to see Phantom on stage soon....more info
  • Immensly pleasant piece of art!
    Phantom of the Opera is what I consider to be Andrew Loyd Webber's masterpiece. I have seen many musicals, but none so grand. I was only about 14 when I first saw this, in dutch, but I remember it very well, I immediately loved it, and went out and bougth the dutch version of this cd, with the little bit of pocket money i had saved up. Not too long after I also got this cd and the complete version. It takes a little getting used to the voices, because they are so different in the different performances I have seen and heard of this musical, but this is without a doubt one of the best, if not THE best.

    If you loved the musical so much you simply want to hear the whole thing over and over again, you migth want to get the long version, which has everything on it, but this CD is just as wonderful. It is a collection of all the music, beautifully edited. Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman have beautiful voices, and all i have to do is close my eyes, and the whole musical repeats itself before my eyes when I listen to this.

    Even for those who have not seen the musical (yet), this is a wonderful cd, with all the famous songs from the musical on it. I have had this CD for years now, and still listen to it very regularly, it never becomes boring, over and over again it gives the same intense feeling. This CD is immensly pleasant to listen to, especially with your eyes closed, but it could just as well be used as background music for when you have guests over, people are bound to love it!!!...more info

  • Fabulous music
    I really enjoy the music and singing of the original Phantom of the Opera. I have been looking for just the musical CD for sometime. I play it alot whil I am cooking, cleaning etc. The sound is great and so are the voices of Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford. The original soundtrack is the best and it gives me such a lift to hear such beautiful voices. I have recently bought a CD of Sarah Brightman just because I have the recording of the Phantom. ...more info
  • Condensed and Very Good
    Very good condensed version of Phantom of the Opera. Transaction was speedy and quality excellent....more info
  • Excellent compilation
    This is an excellent compilation of the best songs from this production performed by the original performers....more info

    I first got the whole phantom CD, and was bored by all the speaking and segways. The songs even sound different. Especially "Music of the Night" I thought they were two different singers till I got the highlights CD. SO much better! I never saw the musical, I think sitting through all that might be kindof boring after listening to the long version. THIS IS GREAT! Music of the night, and all of it sounds perfect. SO GLAD I got this CD! ...more info
  • The music caresses you.

    The highlights from Phantom are some of the most beautiful music of our time. Phantom is one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's finest moments. The performance is a joy. I love the bombastic orchestral effects and the tender vocal phrases. The popularity of this work speaks positively of the musical and artistic taste of our generation....more info
  • Best CD ever~!
    I'm completely obsessed about this CD.. I mean I listen to it every night! It is great...the best!! Buy it!...more info
  • Excellent Doesn't Describe This!
    This tape is truly magnificent and really highlights the remarkable talents of the entire cast, particularly Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, who bring to life the spectacular music of Andrew Lloyd Webber.
    Crawford IS the Phantom and Brightman IS Christine! Crawford's feelings of love and pain come through and literally strike the chords of one's heart, and Sarah......oh, what an angelic voice, whose "All I Ask of You" literally brings tears of love to one's eyes.
    One only wishes a video tape could have been made of one of the Broadway performances and released to the general public! This is the next best thing. A MUST for any Webber fan!...more info
  • The Phantom of the Opera Rocks
    They rock the phantom's voice is so echoing like a true phantom and i can't believe how high carlotta's and christine's voice can go but christine's voice is really moving and so is the phantom's. When u listen to it u juz feel like u can't stop I love the songs, " Angel of Music, The Mirror(angel of music, All i ask of u, Past the point of no return aand Down once more/Track down this murderer, and The phantom of the opera and Wishing u were some how here again. Raoul is such not nice, christine is a bit mean and MICHEAL CRAWFORD RULEZ!...more info
  • Great!!
    I don't own the CD but I do have the really really old cassete from 1988 that still works, and I like to listen to it.
    For those of you who complain about "not all the songs being on the CD" take a look at the top of your page. See the word "highlights"? If you want the longer recording, get the 2-CD set.
    Nothing can compare to Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, who are in this recording. Their voices are amazing.
    Great music, great acting, great voices and great story!!
    Also, this recording is from 1988, not 1986. That is why the Music of the Night lyrics are different.
    I recommend you buy....more info
  • Loses coherance without the rest.
    This is a good collection of tunes from the famous musical. My fav's are "Think of Me" "Music of the Night" and "All I Ask of You". Beautiful. This IS a good place to go if you never plan on seeing the musical. Otherwise, you will probably want to have the complete thing in one set rather than just a collection. Having seen Phantom, this is good, but not enough....more info