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Barry White - All-Time Greatest Hits
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Product Description

For those music buyers who have enjoyed Barry White's music since the early 1970s but may not be devoted enough for the three-CD box set Just for You, this 20-track compilation brings together all of White's major chart hits between 1973 and 1979, along with a couple of entries from his Love Unlimited Orchestra. White's distinctive vocal style--a deep, resonant baritone-bass that oozes sex appeal--was the icing on the cake for those hits; superlative string arrangements (courtesy of the late Gene Page) encased White in a lush setting, while White's hand-picked rhythm section (which included many of Los Angeles's top session players) created a groove that was hard to beat. The combination was lethal: hits like "Never, Never Gonna Give You Up," "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe," and "You're My First, My Last, My Everything" made White a chart staple and an early king of disco; his skill as a vocal interpreter was fully evident on a 1979 reading of Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are," another standout on this collection. On the evidence of that track alone, it's hard to believe that, according to legend, White never planned to be a recording artist in his own right and would have been happy to remain in the background as producer and songwriter! --David Nathan

The most hot-buttered of all soul singers, Barry White is an artist whose CDs come with a purpose. To say what that purpose is, is not for a family Web site--but it involves that thing that Mommy and Daddy do at night with the bedroom door closed. All-Time Greatest Hits collects the essential White and Love Unlimited Orchestra tracks onto a packed CD. Are 20 cuts too much? Not with Viagra. That's a kind of medicine that grownups take. --Gavin McNett

Customer Reviews:

  • Satin Sheeted Romance Music
    The man who taught me my way around a mixing board used Barry White's "Let the music Play" for his theme song. On the wonderfully inventive comedy Ally McBeal, Barry White music was a central theme. In one of the offices I work in regularly this album is in heavy rotation for mellow background music.

    But let's face it, music that can make a man the size of the late Mr. White into a sex symbol, is the kind of music that can get your sweetheart in the mood for love. This album has most of the hits by Mr. White that you might hope for as well as a wonderful cover of Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are"

    So here's the deal, if you are in the market for some "mood" music, you can't go wrong with this CD!
    ...more info
  • Good Barry White Sampler But....
    This CD is a good sampler of the maestro's material from early 70's to the end of that decade. The remastering here is excellent and it receives high marks for sound quality and the inclusion of Love's Theme in the compilation. The version of this cut is in its full format (unlike the truncated version on many various artists instrumental collections) However, almost all of the other cuts are edited single versions which by the way is not necessarily a bad thing but it does hurt in the case of Can't Get Enough. This version is weak and the drums and horns on it sound dull and muffled. The version on Greatest Hits Vol.1 is longer by about 30 seconds and the percussion sound much more full and crisp. The latter version is clearly one of the 10 best singles of the 70's. If it wasn't for this minor but important flaw, this CD would have rated five stars....more info
  • never got the cd
    its the second time in a row that this happens... so i don't know, amazon just lost a customer, even thou i don't think it will make a difference. ...more info
  • There Is Only One Barry White!
    Once upon a time, a 17 year old young man called Barry Eugene Carter jailed for four months for theft. After coming out he left the gang he was part of and dedicated his time for music, And I'm ever greatful for that choise. Eventually he apapted the name Barry White and became a song writer in the 60's, he only had marginal success writing songs for Bobby Fuller among others, but when he created the band "Love Unlimited" with 3 female vocalists he was ready for the next step. The band had some success in the early 70's, White wrote, arranged and produced the music, in 1973 they record company asked White to grab the mic and and go from backruond singer to lead singer. The rest is history.

    During the 70's Barry White gave us loads of great, romantic soul numbers, evrything from disco songs to slow jamz. With his deep voice "The Maestro" became a mythical romantic soul-singer and his music is still played heavily today, unfortunately he passed away in 2003 and there is huge vacuum left after him. Some of his biggest hits include "Can't Get Enough of Your Love", "Honey Please Can't You See" "Am I Qualified to Satisfy You" "I've Got so Much to Give" and uptepo disco song "Let The Music Play" wonderful romantic "Never Never Gonna Give You up" that was later covered by Lisa Stansfield. The Instrumental "Love Theme" that was a massive hit. "You See the Trouble With Me" "Your Sweetness is my Weakness" and ofcourse "You're the First, My last, My Everything"

    This collection pretty much covers the biggest hits from White, and they give a good look at his greatness with 20 diffrent hits. If you're new to his music, start here, but even if you want a good collection check this out....more info
  • barry has soul
    his music transcends time and is writer,arranger,producer,instrumentalist and vocalist he continues to explore diffrent paths.the strings on his music is solid and the guitar,drums kick his trade mark grooves into high's a trip it took some folks all this time to give him his props cuz they heard his music on ally mcbeal? but i guess better late than never.however i don't need a to tell me what good music respect his music depth just listen to the start of ectasy those first 30 or so seconds show the genius. you know the barry white sound rather he wrote the song or just the way you are.he has his soul stamp on his music....more info
  • Baby, feel the love, fall in love, make love guided by Barry White," the maestro". Who can forget his words? It's a trade mark.
    It is a wonderful album, 20 great love songs all arranged by Barry White. Any night, whether it's summer nights out with Friends or cold winter nights at home with friends and family, will be transformed into a magical night with this music playing in the background,.

    I often light some candles and play this music when I have family members or annoying couples arguing. Soon couples start holding hands and the arguments vanish as Barry White's healing message of love magically transforms the mood.

    Mr. White's music is timeless. I know that I will always have a place in my heart for the Love Maestro.
    ...more info
  • Great White
    The essence of soul is captured in this collection of grooves by the Maestro. Not only does his smooth bass voice resonate in the hits such as Can't Get Enough... and My First, My Last, My Everything. But he also slows it down on Oh What A Night for Dancing, as well as an excellent cover of Billy Joel's Just The Way You Are. If by chance you are the casual Barry White fan, You may not want to get to close, this disc will bring out the true Barry lover in you. To say this cd is hot is too much. Hot things seem to burn out quickly, instead Barry just simmers lasting as long as romance itself. If you want a quick fix look elsewhere. If you want Soul,R&B, and Funk wrapped in a pleasant package. You have arrived at your destination....more info
  • To the Marvelous Master of "Swoon" music; Barry's the best!
    What more need be said; of the master of the love ballad. Mister Barry White has the charm to soothe the savage beast in anyone! When I was just a mere lad of 20 years old! I'm 48 now, I'd let the master, serenade the woman I had my sights set upon. Barry White's music always worked its charm on the ladies. So "Heres" to the master of Swoon!!! Mister Barry White!!! Long may he live!!! And long May his love songs be sung!!! P.S. I'm also a Baritone, bass, Singer! And Guess What?!!! My Name is also Barry! Peace & Love!!! All us Barry's are good singers!!!...more info
  • Doc/"brain author" declares it as good brain food!!!
    Barry prescription for good romance!! Made to be listened to with a sensual woman and I almost believe one will appear if you are alone and listen to it. Alternatively, the one you're with will become that way beyond expectations. All the best to Mr. White...good brain food for what ails you...Kenneth Giuffre MD, author, "The Care and Feeding of Your Brain...more info
  • Thoughtful mixture of dance & soul
    "All-Time Greatest Hits" is a wonderful mix of funk, dance, soul, R&B, and disco, blended beautifully by White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra. The constant elements throughout White's music is class, elegance and style; his music is never a can of beer or a soda but always a glass of fine red wine. This is one of the few recordings made in the 70's that truly epitomize the soul/funk sound in its refined manner. Many of White's contributions on this compilation suggest that disco could have been more than a dancing craze, as songs like "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe" still stand strong after all these years. The music here is not to be blasted from your car stereo, but from an intimate setting. It's White's intention that you should be with the one you love.

    What makes White's music so compelling is the Love Unlimited Orchestra, because the orchestra appears in the songs to SERVE the song, not to display themselves. The strings & horns blend themselves well into the work. Marvin Gaye was to-the-point when he said White's work is both "street & sincere". That's what this is - sex & soul, tastefully done....more info

  • Essential Listening for Retired Shepherds
    The recipe of love: a few glasses of vino, a few scented candles, a slightly burned Judo costume and, of course, Barry White. Every time I seduce a lady, you can't keep Barry White off my stereo. Which is probably why it is smashed to pieces. Every time I hear Barry's sweet, sweet voice, I feel like shrinking myself to the size of an ant, with a special ray, and making a home out of an old babies shoe. This album invokes such powerful feelings in me. Whenever I hear "Love's Theme" I feel like I have fell in love with a cement mixer, all over again. The first time I made love to a mammoth skeleton, Barry White was on the radio. Again, whilst making love to a Trilby, I slipped on a teabag. Say no more. Barry White is the man....more info
  • If This is "Nostalgia," then I MUST be old!
    Aaaah, what a wonderful trip back in time this album gives me! Junior high and high school come wafting back to me with every well-loved song. Barry White was quite a versatile musician, and this album even taught me something about musical history that I never previously guessed. While I've always loved Barry's vocals, and always adored "Love's Theme" (the ultimate make-out song), I had no idea that Barry's own orchestra performed it.

    The quality of the recording is top-rate, and it really is a highly enjoyable trip down memory lane. I just wish people would stop referring to this sort of music as "nostalgic." I REFUSE to feel old enough to classify anything I danced to as a teenager with such a dry and dusty old word. And no matter how old the music on this CD gets, it will never be dry or dusty!...more info
  • Barry was great, this particular CD... Not so great
    This CD has all the great hits you either grew up on or are experiencing for the first time. These are all great songs. My only problem with this particular CD is that some of the songs are cut. "Never Never Gonna Give you Up" is cut at the beginning, no symbols. "The First, Last everything" the monologue part at the beginning is cut off. "Can't get enough..." is also cut in the middle. I think it's the 45 edit. My girlfriend has a better CD version of his greatest hits and they aren't cut.
    Not a great CD for the greatest crooner of all time. There are better versions of these songs on other collections....more info
  • Magic
    The greatest hits of Barry White, the Man with the Velvet Voice...nice. And what a voice he had, all of his songs had a smooth and sexy soulfulness that made seem to just reach in and caress your heart. This great album, has 20 great songs, including the great I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby, Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up, and Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe.

    These are great songs, just right for a quiet night in front of a low fire with your honey. I highly recommend this magic CD.

    (Review of Barry White - All-Time Greatest Hits)...more info
    Ever since I got this CD I become such a Playa. Every time I put this on, The Ho's come ova for a little bit of my butta'. Barry White is a genius and the king of love. DUNC ROCKS!!!!!...more info
  • timeless
    this man is pure genius.his string arrangements,and multi-guitars,drums,bass,keys and horns ring out his signature sound all the way thru.his writing is well known as is his voice.the man has been doing his own thing for many moons and very well.i don't watch ally mcbeal or any current tv show.i just know great music when i hear it and this is it.the song ectasy which though he didn't write has all his trademark qualitys all over it....more info
  • Great
    I'd rate this about 4.5 actually. Barry White has the most awesome voice but I was hugely disappointed that my favorite song, "My First, My Last, My Everything" didn't include that steamy introduction. Other than that I love All-Time Greatest Hits....more info
  • Good but not great
    I was really looking for all romantic/sexy type songs. Perhaps some people younger than I would consider these romantic, but not all of them are. ...more info
  • Can't get enough of this CD, Babe
    Barry is Da Man. When he belts dat deep satin soul, ooh da juices start flowin'. Let's get it on, yeah baby....more info
  • A few gems
    This cd has a few songs I'd hate to do without, but many of the songs are just hollow knockoffs of the truly inspired tunes. I wouldn't sit and listen to this straight through (as I would with nearly any Marvin Gaye disk), but I'm still glad to have it in my collection...more info
  • Barry is the master of soul, the guru of love.
    This compilation of songs is certain to put you in a melancholy mood. Barry has a subtle way of letting the woman he's talking to know exactly what he wants, without getting straight to the point too quickly. He tantalizes the senses, soothes the spirit, and calms the inner chaos, ever so slowly and deliberately. His voice is as smooth as the finest Italian silk, sure to put anyone in the baby-making mood. Um, um, um, so sweet.......more info
  • Can't get Enough of You, Barry White
    Oh, Barry White. Wasn't he great? I miss the big guy. I just felt he knew soul frontwards and backwards and every way in between and this CD proves it. He had such a great voice and really knew how to use it.

    It's such a shame that he's not with us still, but I know that the theme of his Life was and probably still is, Love. Love makes all things possible and Barry knew this at a deep, deep level.

    Keep on keeping on, Barry...we miss you....more info
  • That Voice! That Amazing Voice!
    Oh yeah! Oh yeah! That voice still works it's magic. No, I am not a huge disco fan but, Barry White's voice gets me up and moving in a minute. Try this instead of Prozac. You can't help but dance and smile....more info
  • Classic dance songs and bedroom ballads from Barry!
    I have heard this album several times since it came out in the '90s. They did a smart job compiling the hits from Barry White in the '70s. When I first heard him in 1978, I thought he was a new singer with that hit Ecstasy and You're The First, and I'm Gonna Love You. But little did I know that he had 5 years of hits at that time. And some of those songs were hits in 1973 and 1974, his two biggest years. Barry could do disco so very well and could smooth it out on those sexy bedroom ballads. He gave Isaac Hayes and Ron Isley of the Isley Brothers some stiff competition during that time. I like how he included some songs from the gorgeous Love Unlimited Orchestra on this album. Along with the hits, he included some songs that made it to #23 or #24 on the charts. And those songs are just as impressive as the No. 1s and top 5s. He was an excellent artist, arranger, musician and producer, a class act. He passed away in summer 2003, but his music will always live on in my mind. This is a fabulous collection covering his best musical period. ...more info
  • Barry is the Maestro!
    I have the cassette, and it has not come out of my cassette deck in 3 months!

    Need I say more?...more info

  • The Best
    Barry will be always the best, the only and the original...more info